Current Serial Novels

Taz & Kodak III by Rick Beck - Chapter 8  04-23
The Mardi Gras Murders by Mark Peters - Chapter 9 04-23
Rumors of War by Cynus - War Of Heaven - Chapter 12 04-23
Act II - Dance of the Wicked Boys by FreeThinker - Ch 8 04-23
Tom Browning's Schooldays by Joel - Chapter 84 04-19
Leopard Skin Cover by Graeme - Chapter 12 04-19
Bryce & Damon IV by Pertinax Carrus - Chapter 20 04-19
A Time When It All Went Wrong by Colin Kelly - Chapter 11 04-09
Livestock by DJ - Chapter 29 03-29
The Tull Unification by Dabeagle - Chapters 1-2 02-22
Shattering Fate by John Francis - Chapter 1 02-08
Case: Black by James Savik - Part Three 12-07
Lives in Periphery by EleCivil - Chapter 3 11-27
Operation Hammerhead by James Savik - Chapter 15 10-23

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AwesomeDude Turns Ten!

A number of AwesomeDude authors have written special stories to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of this site.
We are proud to publish them!

Bruin Fisher Turning Ten
Colin Kelly Fifteenth Birthday
Nigel Gordon Turning Ten On The Road To Kamping
Cole Parker 2 x Ten
Chris James The Other Side
Cynus As The Clock Turns
Alien Son The Worst Day
Nigel Gordon Turning Ten Twice
Steven Adamson Chains
vwl-rec Pyrrhus
Mihangel Sweet and Ten
Altimexis Homecoming
James Merkin Jesse's Journey
Camy Ten Years On

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