Naptown Tales
by Altimexis


a Naptown Tales Sequel

Broad Ripple Blues
Back To School Jitters
A Dance To Remember
Educating My Parents
Halloween Hero
My First Thanksgiving
The UnChristmas
A New Year Resolution
All My Heart
Class Election
The Gym Incident (prequel)
  Chronicles of A Lonesome Teen
  The Spare Jockstrap
July Fireworks
Summer Camp
You Can Go Home, but Should You?
So Close and Yet So Far

Home is where the Heart Is

Spring Break - A 5-part Novella
The Future Starts Now
Summer Internship - A 12-part Novel
Halloween Redemption
A Blizzard in Iowa
Winter Holiday
A New Beginning

Scouts’ Honor

’Til Death do us Part - A 7-part Novel