The Quiet Boy

by Caleb  Wilson









The Dream


He was fifteen years of age and waiting impatiently for the approach of his sixteenth birthday, which was due in four weeks time, when at that time school would be over and he would be free for six whole weeks for the summer break. When he could laze about the house, not having the tedious task of having to be up by 7.30am Monday to Friday. He would be able to do as he wished within reason, as long as he didn’t untidy the house too much while his mother was at work. He would also be free from having to put up with the sympathetic looks he received from various sources at school, even though he’d been attending the school for the past two years.




He looked up at the boy who was about four inches taller than himself and stockier in build, walking beside him and thought, “You’re the only friend I ever had Jake Brodie and hope you never leave me,” and he quietly continued his walk alongside his friend. They approached the school turned into the gates and into the main building, after storing the necessary items in their lockers the two boys headed for their class.


Inside the room they went to their respective desks which were adjacent to each other the shorter and slimmer of the two boys’ desk being by the window.


The chatter in the class subsided with the entry of Mr. Lawrence. With the desired silence he requested and obtained Mr. Lawrence called the morning register, and as each boy, or girl’s name was called it was answered with a, “Here sir,” till the name William Scott was called, there was no sound Mr. Lawrence raised his eyes from the register to look at the boy by the window with raised arm, and nodded his acknowledgement at the boys presence and continued with the register. William Scott lowered his arm looked across at Jake and smiled then focused his attention on Mr. Lawrence, as he began his Maths lesson with the reading of the register finished.


At times during the lesson he would glance across at Jake out of the corner of his eyes, he never tired at looking at him ever since they had become friends on his first day at school.




William was in the Principal’s office awaiting the arrival of the boy the Principal had sent for. The boy, Jake Brodie was to be William’s chaperon for the day and to show him around the school.


Outside the Principals office Jake stopped and in a loud voice asked “Do you mind if I call you Billumm,” and his voice was cut short by a hand being placed over his mouth, then the boy clasped his hands over his ears and grimaced indicating to Jake that his voice was too loud.


Jake lowered his voice to a normal tone saying, “Sorry didn’t realise that your hearing was okay, is it alright if I call you Billy.”


William Scott nodded and gave Jake the thumbs up sign, and from then on the boys became firm friends. Jake with a flick of his head said, “Come on Billy I’ll show you around we’ve fifteen minutes before classes start,” he took Billy around the various places that he needed to know and in some cases being Billy’s voice explaining that the new boy didn’t speak, and this became the norm for Jake, being Billy’s voice when needed.


As their friendship blossomed Jake decided to take lessons in understanding sign language, so that he could communicate with Billy’s a lot easier, and in the space of a few weeks was quite proficient in understanding Billy, when he signed his thoughts.






School had finished for the summer break and William Scott now sixteen was in his room getting ready to go out when his mobile vibrated, he took it out of his pocket and smiled at the text, “What’s up Billy.”


He text back, “gng 2 the mall,”


The reply came. “c u in 20.”


Billy switched off made sure the house was secure then made his way by bus to the town centre. Once inside the mall after purchasing his book from Smiths bookstore he made his way to the Mega Game Outlet. He waited outside the premises which was the usual meeting place, as it was Jake’s favourite shop and they invariably ended up inside it when they came to the mall.




He stood outside the shop looking expectantly towards the area from which he knew Jake would be appearing, suddenly his eyes lit up when he saw the mop of blond hair approaching then he frowned seeing Mary Rawlings hanging onto Jake’s arm. When they reached him outside the shop with the throng of humanity around them he signed his greeting to Jake and Mary then indicated to Jake that he was heading home.


“We’ve only just arrived Billy what’s the rush, I thought we were going to hang-out together this afternoon.”


Billy looked at Jake and shook his head, then turning slightly so that the girl couldn’t see he signed, “Two’s company three’s a crowd.” Then waving to the two of them he disappeared into the mass of people in the walkway.




Once he was home after making himself a cup of tea and consuming it he went to his room lay down on his bed and started reading his book.


He read the first few paragraphs then put the book down he couldn’t concentrate on it, his mind kept on bringing the image of Mary Rawlings into focus, hanging onto Jake’s arm and the way she was smiling and looking at him.


He felt devastated, he knew the way he was thinking was not realistic only his own personal desires, but he had difficulty in trying to separate the realities of their friendship from that of his daily fantasies he had about Jake.


He knew he had become very fond of Jake from almost the moment they had met. He had hidden his emotions as best he could and not given Jake any indications of his true feelings towards him, in the hope that one day Jake would feel the same way as him. But seeing the way Mary Rawlings had clung to Jake’s arm and the way they had laughed and talked together, had blown all his dreams out of the window.




Now lying on the bed he felt his that his world was crashing down around him again. He thought back to when he’d been ten years of age and he began to tremble.


He’d been standing in the local Building Society premises with his father chatting away as they waited to draw out their money for their coming holiday. There was one other customer who was being served by the only cashier at the time and they were the next to be attended to. Suddenly the door burst open and a man with a hood covering his face, with holes for his mouth and eyes ran in, pushing the elderly woman to one side he pointed a gun at the cashier.


The moment he did the cashier pressed a button and steel shutters came down and the doors shut isolating them, and the gunman from the rest of the premises.


The gunman panicked and grabbed the elderly woman and yelled at the top of his voice, “Open the doors or he’d blow the woman’s fucking head off.”


There was no response from the staff and as his father saw the man exerting pressure on the trigger he acted and lunged at him, the moment he did the gunman moved his gun and fired point blank at his fathers face.


The shot boomed out in the room his father flew backwards with blood and bone splattering outwards. His body shuddered, as he remembered feeling the warm droplets of blood splattering against his face then his father who he didn’t recognize lying at his feet. He silently stared down at the corpse as the gunman now fired the gun, emptying it into the glass fronted door shattering it and making his escape out into the street.


When the police arrived he hadn’t moved, he had remained where he was staring down at his father’s body not uttering a sound. The police tried speaking to him but got no reaction, they then got details of what had happened from the elderly lady before trying once again to speak to him without any success.


The staff at the Building Society couldn’t put a name to the body so the police went through the pockets of the dead man to get identification.


Within a minute they had the man’s name, home address, and telephone number and at once dispatched a car to see if anyone was at home, and to inform them of Mr. Graham Scott’s death, and also to help them with the boy.


Fifteen minutes later Mrs. Scott in the company of a policewoman entered the scene of the crime. She went straight to her son who had by now been moved to a chair away from the body that was now covered by a sheet. Mrs. Scott knelt down in front of him and wrapped her arms around her son and hugged him to her bosom. William Scott neither spoke nor cried; he just buried his head in his mothers shoulder and felt safe once more.




After a month of examinations by doctors and specialists they were no wiser as to why William had stopped speaking or for that matter uttering any sound at all.


At first knowing that he’d been traumatized by the experience of witnessing his fathers horrendous death, they thought that he would eventually with counselling get over the events and begin to speak again. But after three months when he still remained silent, the doctors advised his mother to take him to a special school to learn sign language. So that the William could communicate his wants and continue with his everyday life.




That had been six years ago he’d been a loner since then, and it was only when he’d come to the new school two years ago that he found real friendship in Jake.


He knew of Jake’s popularity with the other kids of both sexes, and it was unrealistic to think Jake would see him in the same light that he saw Jake, but he lived in perpetual hope that one day he would. They met on a regular basis after school at weekends, and holidays, but this was the first time when they had planned to meet that he’d brought a girl along, it had always been just him and Jake.


Shit, he thought, Jake is entitled to go out with anyone he chooses, and he broke off his chain of thoughts picked up his book and started to read.




He read for another hour until his eyelids drooped.


His mother’s voice came from the kitchen asking him, “If he wanted to have his lunch.”


He made his way to the kitchen and indicated that he would eat now and sat at the table while his mother served his food. He was on the verge of starting his meal when the door chimes rang; he looked at his mother, who said, “Carry on with your food I’ll get it.”


A few moments later she was back with Jake following her, “William, Jake’s here, I’m going out to your grandmother’s to help her with her shopping, make sure to lock up the house if you decide to leave after I’ve gone, giving her son a peck on the cheek and after saying goodbye to Jake she left.


As soon as Jake heard the front door close he rounded on the boy eating his food, “Why the hell did you fuck off so quickly Billy, when we planned to meet up at the shops.”


“I told you outside the store two’s company three’s a crowd,” Billy signed, “I thought that you wouldn’t want me around if you had something planned with Mary.”


“Yeah well I didn’t have anything planned with her, she latched onto me when I met her on the way to meet up with you.”


Billy dropped his cutlery signing, “Well how did you expect me to know that, I saw the two of you sort of really looking good together so I decided to leave you alone with her.”


“What,” Jake yelled, making Billy clamp his hands over his ears, “Oops sorry Billy I forget sometimes about your hearing being so sensitive. Anyway I don’t fancy Mary Rawlings.”


Jake saw Billy frown, “If you don’t fancy her then who do you fancy,” he signed


“Umm uh, no one in particular, mind you Janet Stevens is really cute wouldn’t mind getting to know her better.”


“Yeah and who else Mr. bloody heart throb,” Billy signed before continuing with his meal.


“Well there is someone else but he’s a bit pissed off at the moment,” Jake smiled and looked at his silent friend who’d stopped eating and sat with eyes wide looking at him.


Billy rose from the table his food forgotten and walked quietly over to Jake; he stood in front of the boy who he’d become emotionally attached to after the first week of knowing him.


He couldn’t convey his emotions to Jake verbally, but standing in front of him he let his eyes do the talking as he stared into the face that was continually on his mind.


Jake saw the intensity of emotion in Billy’s gaze as he stood silently looking at him, the brown eyes that seemed to have a film of water over them that seemed to be looking into his very soul. Lowering his head and taking Billy’s face between his hands he leaned forward and kissed the smaller boy first on one eye then on the other, “It’s always been you Billy from the time I walked into the Principals office, you’ve been the only one I’ve really cared about.”


Billy just sighed and leaned into Jakes body wrapping his arms around him and leaning his head on his shoulder.


“You okay with what I said Billy.”


He just nodded his head and squeezed Jake harder then lifting his head his eyes searched for Jake’s, looking into them he blinked squeezing the tears of happiness that had collected in his eyes to cascade down his cheeks.


Jake again taking Billy’s face in his hands gently brushed the tears from his cheeks with his thumbs then lowered his head and brought their lips together to seal their love.


As the kiss continued Jake moved his hands, his left arm encircled the smaller boy the right hand moved to the top of Billy’s track-suit bottoms then under it and also under the waistband of his boxers. Billy shuddered in Jake’s grasp as he awaited the inevitable then it happened. He felt the hand caress his balls sending feelings of exquisite pleasure coursing through his body making him cling to Jake even harder. The hand now moved upwards and stroked his painfully hard erection that was already dribbling from the tip. The fingers encircled his cock and gently squeezed and stroking it at the same time, and Billy lost it.


He broke the kiss and buried his head in Jake’s shoulder, his hips started to pump uncontrollably, as the spunk blasted out of his cock, into his underwear and then over Jakes hand.


His eyes flew open, his thoughts erupted, “Fucking Hell, Oh shit! Not another wet fucking dream,” he moved the book that was on his chest and gingerly got up from the bed, and stood beside it. Reaching out he acquired some tissues from the box on the bedside locker. Then lowered his clothing carefully to clean up the mess that he’d made in his groin area and then to change his boxers.


The task completed he looked at the clock 5.10pm, his mother would be home in half an hour after work, Better go and tidy up in the kitchen, he thought. Don’t want her getting all uptight, especially as tomorrow is Saturday and if Jake calls for them to go out, I don’t want her to have an excuse to keep me in.


He washed and dried all the plates and cutlery he’d used during the course of the day, tidied up in the lounge then sat and awaited his mother’s arrival.








Part 2


The Meeting


He waited all through Saturday for a call from Jake but it never came. By 5.00pm he accepted the fact that Jake had found other interests and that it was futile for him to think that Jake might suddenly need his company out of school hours, reluctantly he settled down to watch the box for the rest of the day.




Sunday he decided to go out to the shopping mall just to try and get Jake off his mind. He walked around aimlessly not really achieving what he had set out to do, and was on the verge of returning home when not really looking where he was going bumped into another boy. They stood there momentarily looking at each other, then he made signs to convey his apologies to the boy, the boy smiled seeing who it was.


The boy signed “Its okay Billy.”


“I’m sorry I don’t know your name but how do you know me, and you don’t have to sign I can hear and understand speech.”


The boy grinned “I’m David Spencer, I go to the same school as you but I’m a year behind you. I found out who you were when you first came to the school two years ago.”


“Okay David," Billy signed, "Sorry about the bump, I was miles away.”


David was just about to sign his reply then remembered, “No problem, so where were you going?”


Billy shrugged his shoulders, then signed, “Just wandering around, how come you know sign language?”


“My whole family knows it, my two cousins have a hearing defect and because we see them all the time we all learnt it. That’s why I started signing when I saw you sign, just through force of habit. So if you’re not doing anything in particular can I hang out with you?”


Billy’s face broke out into a smile, “Sure what do you want to do, I was just walking around and if I hadn’t bumped into you was going to go home.”


David’s face lit up, “You want to come to my place we can grab something to eat then if you want we can do a movie this afternoon.”


“I’ll have to text my mum first David, and ask her permission.”


“Well do it from my place Billy, and if she wants she can speak to my dad or me to make sure all is okay, then after we grab something to eat we can do the movie.”


Billy signed, “Okay let’s go,” and the two boys made their way out of the shopping mall.




They were both the same height and with the same light brown hair, but David, although a year younger was a bit broader in the shoulder and chest.


With David showing the way they hopped on a bus and ten minutes later were at David’s home, one of a set of terraced properties. Opening the door he ushered Billy in then led him to the sitting room. Inside the room his parents were watching the Sunday afternoon Omnibus edition of East Enders.


“Mum, Dad, this is Billy a friend of mine from school”


“Hello Billy,” they responded, and when they saw Billy sign his greeting, they were about to sign their apology when David stopped them saying.


“It’s okay Billy can hear you but he just can’t talk. Mum, can Billy and I grab something to eat then go to the movies?”


“Alright come into the kitchen, the Sunday lunch is ready you can eat now we’ll eat later when your brother gets home.”


“Where is Damien?”


“He’s gone to the park with some of his friends to play football.”


The two boys followed Mrs.. Spencer into the kitchen, David offering Billy a seat at the breakfast table. Shortly Mrs. Spencer set two plates of roast beef, roast potatoes, mixed vegetables and Yorkshire pudding in front of the boys. They both thanked her one verbally, the other by sign language.




They finished the meal and David went to the fridge and took out a carton of chocolate fudge ice cream, he didn’t have to ask Billy if he wanted any, just the smile that creased his face said it all. With two liberal helpings in each bowl they attacked the ice cream and in seconds were sitting back content.


“You want something to drink Billy,” Billy shook his head, then signed, “Do you really want to go to the movies we can always do it another day when the weather isn’t so good.”


“So what do we do, you want to go to the park and join my brother and his mates in a kick around?”


“Okay, but I’ve got to warn you I’m pretty crap at football.”


“Well so are my brother and his mates only thing is they don’t know it. Anyway you don’t have to be good to beat them, they’re only eleven, you can just nudge them with your hips and they’ll fall over, then you get the ball run at goal and score. It’ll be us against them and the kid who normally plays in goal is only about four and a half feet tall if that, so all you have to do is lob it over his head and it’s in.”




The boys said their goodbye’s to the adults, David telling them they’d changed their mind about the movies, and instead were going to the park to meet up with Damien and his friends.


Five minutes later they entered the park, there were quite a few people there but only one game of soccer being played across the other side that Billy could make out, and assumed that it was David’s brother and friends.


As they walked over to the group of boys David yelled out, “Damien.”


A small boy with hair the same colour as his brother stopped running and looked around then waved on seeing his elder brother. The game stopped as the younger boys waited the approach of David, and Billy.


“Can we have a game?” David enquired when they reached the boys, “Us two against you five but one of you has to stay in goal all the time.”


“Okay what’s your mate’s name,”




“Alright we’ll be Man. United.”


“Okay we’re Chelsea.”


“Why don’t you let your mate decide what team he wants to be.”


David turned to Billy, “Chelsea okay with you.” Billy gave him the thumbs up.


“Doesn’t he bloody talk?”


“No, but he can hear so watch your shitty little mouth.”


“Sorry Billy didn’t know.”


Billy smiled and signed, “Its okay.”




After making sure that their goal was not too wide David grabbed the ball, “Okay, seeing that there’s only two of us we’ll kick off.”


He centred the ball and invited his team mate to kick-off. Billy passed the ball to David who immediately took off with the ball at his feet. There was no subtlety or finesse to his game he just crashed through the younger boys then blasted the ball past the keeper, then jumped and punched the air screaming “Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh Goooaaal.”


The younger boys collected the ball centred it and kicked-off, Damien had the ball and was running down the centre of the pitch heading for goal till David nudged him with his hip knocking him arse-over-tit. He collected the ball and started making his way goal-wards with Damien screaming foul, which David ignored till he had scored a second goal with the same celebration.


Damien came running over screaming, “You’re a dirty bloody cheat,” at his elder brother with supportive, “Yeahs,” from the rest of Damien’s team.


“Bollocks that was a perfectly fair tackle shoulder to shoulder.”


“It bloody wasn’t you bloody liar, you used your big fat arse, and I’m taking the ball and going home so up yours, come on guys,” and the Manchester United team departed.


When they considered what they thought was a safe distance away they turned yelling, “WANKERS,” at the same time making the universal gestures with their hands.


David pretended to chase them and the boys took off, all of them splitting up in different directions. He stopped chasing after a few yards then came back to Billy who had been silently laughing his head off, ever since the second goal had been scored.


As soon as David stood in front of him he signed, “That was hilarious.”


“Yeah that always happens my brother gets pissed off, and grabs his ball and goes home. Now the game is over what next.”


Billy indicated my place, and David said, “Okay do we need to bus it or walk”


“If we walk, it will take between ten and fifteen minutes.”


“Let’s walk, and on the way we can talk, umm you know what I mean Billy.”


Billy smiled, and started walking towards the park exit with David alongside him, “So what d’you want to talk about?”


“Where’s your mate the one who’s always with you at school and I’ve also seen you out together in the shopping mall as well.”


“You mean Jake, he’s in love, with Mary Rawlings.”


“Mary Rawlings, who’s she.”


“Girl with big tits in our class, has reddish brown hair.”


“What about you Billy, no girlfriends?”


“No, and in any case I don’t think there are too many who can understand sign. What about you?”


“Nah, not now. I had one a few months back but we broke up. I don’t know just didn’t fancy her after a bit, and when it came to giving wanks she was bloody hopeless didn’t even know how to hold my dick.”


Billy laughed silently, and David joined him in laughter. They continued their talking getting the odd look from passing people seeing Billy signing as they walked towards his house.


As they neared the more affluent area of town David stopped. “Shit, don’t tell me you live in this area Billy.”


Billy nodded, then signed, “You’re not going to get weird about it are you.”


“Weird what the fuck for, it’s nice to have a friend whose parents have a bit of dosh. Come on let’s see this big old house you live in.”


“It’s not old and not all that big only three bedrooms but it does stand in its own grounds, and I only have a mum.”


“Oh sorry about that Billy, what d’you mean own grounds.”


“You know, like no other houses adjoining it.”


A bit more walking and shortly Billy let David into his house. He led him into the drawing room where he greeted his mother then introduced David as a friend from school.




Mrs. Scott welcomed David and asked him if he wanted anything to eat or drink.


“No thanks Mrs. Scott, we ate at our house.”


Mrs. Scott looked at her son “did you eat as well William?”


“Yes mum,” he signed, “but we’ll eat again later in the evening if that alright with you.”


“Alright William.”


“We’re going to my room mum,” and the two boys took leave of Billy’s mother.




Billy led David upstairs and into his bedroom and offered him a seat on the window box seat, where they both sat down next to each other.


David hadn’t said a word he was just staring all around the room then slowly got up and went over to Billy’s bed.


“Man this bed is big, why d’you have such a big bed.?”


Billy shrugged his shoulders then signed, “Since we moved here I’ve always had a double bed.”


“I don’t think this bed would fit in our bedroom, we have to have a bunk bed, Damien on top and me underneath.”


“That must be fun at least you have company at night.”


“Yeah, but there’s not much privacy.”


“Yeah well too much privacy can be a pain, so what d’you want to do.”


“Anything I’m not particular.”


“You want to play some pc. games.”


“I don’t mind, but I haven’t had a lot of practice on them we don’t have a computer, only been on my cousins one.”


Billy got up from the bed and indicated that David should follow as he made his way over to the computer. Sitting down he booted up then turning to David signing asked, “What games have you played?”


“I’m not sure of the name but I think it was called Generals or something like that.”


“You want to play it I’ve got it if you want.”


“Nah it takes forever and any case I really didn’t understand it much,”


“D’you like card games?”


“Like what?”




“Yeah, come on then show me how and I’ll have a go.”


Billy started the game and showed David how it was played and the rules of Draw Poker. It was a simulation of a casino table with six players.


As soon as David got to know the rudiments of the game he took over from Billy and was soon engrossed in the game, only to be cleaned out shortly having gambled on every hand he was dealt. With a bit of advice from Billy when to bet and when to fold David was soon enjoying himself at the game and spent the next hour and a half amassing a fortune then getting too greedy and losing it all.


Broke he grinned and turned to Billy, “you want to have a go now.”


“No not really I have enough time to play it when I want, but you play again if you want.”


“Nah, I suppose I’d better start heading home.”


“Don’t you want to stay and have something to eat a bit later?”


“Yeah, alright if it’s okay with your mum.”


“It’s okay,” Billy signed, you can sleepover as well if you want.”


“Oh yeah, shit! I didn’t bring any nightwear.”


“You’re about the same height as me only a bit broader; you can use a set of mine.”


“Okay, can I use the phone to call home?”


Billy took his mobile out handing it to David.


“Umm, I’ve not had a mobile before Billy, you’d better get the number for me.”


Billy did the necessary and handed the phone to David, within the space of a minute he’d got permission from his father and with a big grin on his face handed the phone back to Billy.


Billy signed, “I’ll just go and tell my mum you’re staying over, then we can sort the bed out for you in the next room.”


“Umm I thought I was going to sleep in here with you.”


“D’you want to.”


“Yeah the bed is big enough for four of us, and in any case I’d feel a bit weird sleeping in a room by myself in someone else’s house.”


“Alright come on, I’ll tell my mum then we can plan what we can do the rest of the day.”




After his mother had agreed to David staying over Bill signed, “Do you still want to go to the movies David?”




“Okay, after we’ve had our evening meal we can go, what did you want to see?”


“Hostage, if it’s okay by you, but even if we didn’t go out, I’m okay we can just hang out in your house.”




They went outside and fooled around in the garden messing around in general till Billy’s mother called them in for their evening meal.


Their hunger satisfied Billy signed, “Still want to go to the movies David?”


“It’s up to you; I don’t mind what we do even if we just went to your room and talked.”


“Can we, I’m not much of a movie fan.”


“That’s fine by me, I could spend hours in that room of yours.”


“You want to go up there now?”


“Okay,” and David not waiting for Billy took off up the stairs. He ran into the room kicked off his trainers and jumped onto the bed.


When Billy finally emerged into the room David smiling said, “This is one wicked bed you’ve got Billy, come on over.”


Billy kicked his trainers off then with David shuffling over Billy lay down beside him.




When both boys were lying on the bed David moved onto his side resting his elbow on the pillow and putting his head in his hand he looked down at Billy.


“D’you miss your friend?”


Billy looked up at the face peering down at him, “No, not now I don’t,” he signed.


“Would you go all weird if I said I kinda of uh, you know”


“What are you trying to say David?”


David didn’t answer he just lowered his head and brought their lips together in a quick peck, “That’s what I was trying to say,” then looked down at the boy he’d just kissed to gauge his reaction.






Part 3 


Back to School


Billy smiled and signed, “I still don’t understand David, what are you trying to say, could you please repeat it?”


“Okay Billy I think this will make it clear,” and once again David lowered his head and brought their lips together, but this time as he did so he felt a hand at the back of his head holding him. David poked his tongue out only to be met with Billy’s, the moment their tongues touched their mouths opened and battle began. Their tongues went from mouth to mouth first stabbing, then caressing, then twirling, with the boys now rolling around on the bed crushing their bodies together and pressing their erections against each other.




David broke the kiss and sat up panting saying, “Enough Billy we carry on like this and I’m going to cum, and I haven’t brought any clothes with me.”


“Well now I understand what you were trying to say,” Billy signed, at the same time his face breaking out in a grin that split his face from cheek to cheek.


Recovered David lay down beside the silent boy looking up at the ceiling, “I thought this day would never happen,” then turned on his side to gaze at Billy.


Billy frowned and gestured with his hands, “What d’you mean.”


“God I fancied you when you first came to the school. I was not quite thirteen at the time, and I saw you in the recreation area during the first break and you were with your friend Jake. He was talking, and I was watching you and I could tell by the way you looked at him that you fancied him.”


Billy signed, “Did it really show that much.”


“No but I just knew by the way you acted, it was the same as I did when I was with someone I really liked. Anyway after he finished talking and you signed and he had a hard time understanding you I felt like coming over and telling him what you said, but thought better of it.”


“Why didn’t you David?”


“Didn’t want Jake telling me to piss off. Anyway as time went by and I saw Jake beginning to read sign I thought I’d never get a chance to get to know you. The way you both used to hang out together I thought I’d never get a look in. That’s why I tried going out with Maxine but it didn’t work and we split after three months.”


David paused for a moment, “Umm, so when did Jake get involved with whatever her name is?”


“Mary Rawlings, not too sure but since the holidays started he’s only text me twice on his mobile to meet up with him, and the last time he brought her along with him, so I left them together he hasn’t text since then. That was two days ago.”


“You’re not feeling too bad about it are you Billy?”


“I was earlier, but since I met up with you I promise I haven’t given Jake a thought. With Jake it was like I can’t explain it, you know, like never having a close friend before then him coming along it was like my wish coming true. I felt really close to him and didn’t want him to sort of leave me alone when we were together.”


“Then how do you feel about me Billy?”


Billy moved his hands and felt David’s arms and body, and while David frowned wondering what was happening, Billy signed, “Not too skinny but not fat just about right,” and he grinned.


David laughed and grabbed hold of Billy, they wrestled on the bed till David had Billy pinned under his body then looked down at the boy lying quietly looking up at him. He lowered his head and brought their lips together in tender kiss then asked, “Do you love me William Scott.”


Billy looked into David’s eyes and slowly nodded his head.


“Holy Shit Billy, Oh man, you’re not pissing me about are you?”


Billy got his hands free and signed, “Shut up and kiss me again.”


David needed no second invitation their lips came together and they were away in a world of their own.




Half an hour later with much kissing and messing around on the bed Billy signed, “Let’s go down I need something to drink you’ve sucked my mouth dry.”


David grinned and jumped off the bed, “Me suck you dry, look at my mouth,” he said, opening it and sticking his tongue out, “See not a drop of spit on it or in my mouth.”


Billy ignored him, and indicated with his head to follow as he made his way out of the bedroom. Their thirst quenched they decided to go through to the lounge to watch some telly before going to bed. They entered the room to see his mother sitting reading the Sunday papers after asking her they switched on the telly and sat together on the settee.




They watched the Sunday night Movie and when it was finished all three of them rose to make their way to bed saying their goodnights.


In the bedroom Billy signed “I’m going to shower you coming?”


“Uh umm, what about your mum?”


“She has her own bathroom adjoining her bedroom, so we don’t have to worry.”


“Okay, God my cock is getting hard just thinking about getting in the shower with you.”


Billy smiled and showed the bulge forming in his trousers. They went through to the bathroom and once inside their bravado seemed to desert them and they stood shyly looking at each other waiting to see who would make the first move to undress.


“So are you just going to stand there staring or are you going to get undressed?”


Billy quickly signed, “I’m kind of shy never been naked with another boy before. Anyway why are you waiting for me to undress first.”


“Umm I’m sort of shy as well.”


“What about Maxine, she’s had your dick in her hand.”


“Yeah only the one time, and that was in the cinema and I only had my zip undone I wasn’t naked, and also it was kinda dark as well.”


Billy looked at the fifteen-year-old standing in front of him; they had both seemed to have lost their ardour as there were no decisive bulges in their groin areas.


He smiled at David and started to pull his T-shirt off, as soon as he began so David reacted in the same manner and shortly the two of them stood naked facing each other. Their flaccid members now started to wake and soon two hard uncut penises stood proud. The boys came together their lips made contact as did their rampant members. David’s hand slipped between them and grasped the two cocks and started stroking them. The kiss was broken as David started to moan and pant, Billy was in much the same state but it was in a silent manner. Their faces were in such close proximity that they were literally panting into each others mouths.


Billy suddenly clasped David tightly to him buried his head in David’s shoulder and silently his mind screamed as his orgasm erupted blasting his spunk between them. With the onset of Billy’s orgasm David was not far behind, he let go of the cocks and pulling Billy as tightly as he could into his body he bucked and thrust his hips rubbing his spitting cock against Billy’s pulsing cock. As the globs of spunk shot out of his cock he made a long draw out sound, “Aaahh fuck! Billy, oh God I love you,” his knees buckled slightly but he held on to Billy till he was more composed.




When they'd recovered Billy signed, “That was wicked I’ve never cum like that before, at one stage I thought I was going to collapse it was so intense. I don’t think I have the strength to stand in the shower shall we have a bath.”


David nodded in agreement went over to the bath and opened the taps. He then went over to the loo sat down. “Have a seat Billy,” and he patted his lap, “While we wait for the bath to fill,” at the same time taking some toilet paper and wiping the semen off his body.


The boy walked silently over and instead of sitting with his back against David’s chest he straddled David’s legs and sat facing him then leaned forward and brought their lips together.


David broke the kiss, “We’re never going to get finished in the bathroom if we carry on like this my cocks beginning to twitch again.”


Billy smiled put his hand between them and started fondling David’s semi hard penis.


“Oh God Billy wank me again please, do it really fast and hard, go on make me shoot again.”


Billy complied with David’s wishes and within the space of a couple of minutes David was shooting his spunk onto his body again but not half as much as he’d previously discharged.


He let his forehead droop forward onto Billy’s shoulder then still panting softly kissed the quiet boy on the chest. Billy stroked the back of David’s head for a while then gently pulling his head back signed. “Bath.”


He got off David went over to the bath and closed the taps put his foot in to test the water then opened the hot water tap again till he was satisfied with the water’s temperature. He went back to David got some more toilet paper cleaned himself and David flushed the paper down the loo as David stood then they both made their way over to the bath.


David got in first sitting at the opposite end to the taps he sat with his legs splayed saying, “Sit between my legs Billy.”


He did as he was asked letting his back rest against David’s body, as he did so a pair of arms wrapped themselves around his waist and drew him in more firmly.


They lay soaking in the water luxuriating in the feelings of contentment till David brought his mouth to Billy’s ear, “If we don’t start bathing soon the water’s going to get cold and we’ll freeze our goolies off.”


Billy moved from between David’s legs stood in the bath then offered the younger boy a hand to pull David up to stand in front of him. They took it in turns to soap themselves then rinsed off with the hand shower.


Later they lay in bed both naked, arms and legs wrapped around each other their lips coming together in a goodnight kiss which lasted that little bit longer than it should have.


So their first day together came to an end, as they slowly slipped into unconsciousness.




The remaining two weeks of the holiday seemed to fly by the boys being in each others company constantly. During that time Jake did text him a couple of times just to enquire how he was but never asking to meet up. Billy was in no way worried knowing that Jake was most probably in Mary Rawlings’s company, and he himself had found someone who was beginning to play a much more important role in his life. He did however have to teach David how to use and text on the mobile phone so that they could communicate when apart. Which wasn’t very often as David now spent most of his time day and night n Billy’s presence.


The times they were apart David had to ask his father if he could borrow his mobile to contact Billy, and swore as soon as he had enough money saved up he was going to buy his own cell phone.




Two weeks flew by and on a dull September morning saw Billy alighting from the bus and wait at the top of the road that led to the school for David. They’d arranged the day before at Billy’s house to meet up at the top of the road. He didn’t have long to wait before he saw David approaching with that all too familiar gait.


They joined up with Billy signing, “Hi beautiful.”


David didn’t reply instead signed, “Is that all you can say Hi beautiful, what about You Hunk of Gorgeous flesh I could devour you.”


“Hunk of Gorgeous Flesh, Christ David your 5ft 6ins. the same height as me.”


“Yeah well I’m heavier than you with a bit more muscle,”


“Big deal you’re about ten pounds heavier, but okay if you want it, Hi you hunk of gorgeous flesh.”


David grinned, this time making sure that no one was within earshot before saying, “Love you Billy Boy,” and they made their way to school, and for once William Scott was not looking around for Jake.




Once inside the main building they separated but before doing so arranged to meet during the morning break. Billy made his way to his locker stashed what he had to, then went to his first class and took his seat by the window. Jake came into the class shortly after him with Mary Rawlings when he took his seat next to Billy they both greeted each other.


“How have you been Billy.”


“Okay Jake, you and Mary doing okay are you.”


Jake blushed, “Yeah we’re going steady we’ve been seeing each other every day.”


“I’m happy for you Jake,” Billy signed, then the boy’s stopped their communication as Mr. Lawrence entered the room and the chatter from the other students ceased as well.




As soon as the bell went for the first break Billy was out of his seat and heading for his locker and then to the recreation area. He stood sipping his drink and looking for David till he saw him exit the main building. He waved to attract his attention, which was acknowledged by a wave from David who made his way over and shortly stood by Billy’s side.


Billy signed, “So how did the first period go?”


David didn’t answer him verbally instead signed, “Not bad, can’t we talk about something else instead of school.”


“Okay but why are you signing instead of speaking?”


“So I can say nice things about you and don’t have to worry about someone overhearing me.”


“Such as.”


“Such as, I love you Billy Boy and really fancy putting my lips to yours but if I did, all these plonkers here would have kittens.”


Billy silently laughed, then signed, “David Spencer you’re the cutest boy in the school, and I can see quite a few girls literally drooling in their knickers when they look at you, wonder what they’d say if I told them that we’ve been sleeping in my bed naked making love for the last two weeks.”


David was just about to sign his response when he saw Jake with a girl beside him walking towards them.


When they reached the two boys Billy at once signed a greeting to Jake and Mary.


“Hi Billy, who’s your friend haven’t seen him around before?”


“Oh sorry Jake, this is David we met during the holidays.”


“Hi David,” and David responded with a nod of his head.


“That’s good you met up Billy, I see he can sign very well, I saw him from across the other side but he was signing too fast for me to understand what he was saying. Can he hear like you as well Billy?”


Before Billy could answer David replied, “There’s nothing wrong with me I can hear and talk, it’s just that I know sign language because of my cousins.”


“Okay, well we’ll see you both around,” and he and Mary Rawlings departed.


Billy was watching David scowling as Jake walked away, he tapped him on the arm to get his attention then signed, “What’s wrong, why the look on the face.”


“Dunno, just not too sure about Jake, if he’s so taken with his bit of skirt why’s he got time to watch us.”


“Maybe he just wants to make sure I’m okay.”


“Yeah maybe, but I’m not convinced, I think he’s a bit jealous he didn’t expect you to find someone who could replace him when he pissed off with his bird.”


Just then the bell sounded for the resumption of classes, “See you at meal break Billy outside the canteen.”


“Okay you Gorgeous Hunk of Flesh,” Billy signed, at the same time silently laughing as they parted and went their separate ways to their classes.




When he reached his class Jake at once asked, “So which class is David in?”


“I’ve no idea Jake, he’s one year behind us.”


“I was wondering why I hadn’t seen him in any of our classes I thought he was a new kid at first.”


“No he’s been coming to this school since he was twelve,”


“So it seems you won’t need me around now that you’ve got David,” Billy frowned and before he could answer, their conversation was brought to a halt as the teacher came into the classroom calling out “Silence.”




As soon as the lesson was over Billy didn’t wait to respond to Jake’s earlier statement but headed out of the class to meet with David outside the canteen. He stood deep in thought thinking about Jake’s remark about not wanting him around, when a familiar voice broke his thoughts, “Hi Billy, what’s the problem,” and Billy signed telling him what Jake had said earlier in the class.


“I think I know what his problem is Billy we’ll discuss it after school at your place, meantime you ready for some poison.”


Billy smiled nodded his head, and the boys went into the canteen to eat.








Part 4 


Fear the Redeemer


 When the bell went for end of classes the boys met up outside the school gates. David borrowed Billy’s mobile and called his father telling him he was going to Billy’s house before returning home.


The boys waited at the bus stop along with numerous other pupils. When the bus arrived there was the usual mad scramble to get on and grab a seat. Having acquired seats facing each other Billy signed,


“So what were you going to tell me about Jake?”


David didn’t speak instead signed, “I’ll tell you when we get to your place.”


“Okay.” Billy signed.


David continued signing, “See this red-headed git sitting next to me Billy.”




“He’s in our class he’s a real arsehole, he beat me up a few months back.”




“We were playing football during the meal break over in the playing field and he was the goalkeeper. I had the ball and headed for goal, and as he came out to try and block my shot I slipped the ball between his legs and scored. The look on his face was so comical I killed myself laughing. He got real mad and clobbered me on the side of the face, he was going to belt me again but some of the other guys stopped him and made him apologize. He’s a really nasty piece of work and look at the spots on his face, I’d hate to be around if they all burst at once.”


Billy was trying his hardest not to smile, eventually he had to turn away pretending to look for someone so he could silently laugh. When he turned back, David had turned and smiled at the boy sitting next to him, “Hello Dennis everything okay.”


“Don’t be sarky Spencer or I’ll belt you, and your mates aren’t around here to help you.”


David turned and faced Billy signing, “You see what I mean, nasty piece of shit isn’t he.”


“What are you doing Spencer? I know Scott can hear so why are you signing?”


“Force of habit Dennis, when someone signs I automatically sign as well, I was only telling him that you’re okay.”


“Yeah, well as long as you’re on this bus if Scott has anything to say you answer him with your voice.”


“Alright Dennis”, and David put on his most charming look.


“He is a right nasty piece of shit David,” Billy signed, “And ugly to go with it.”


“Yes Billy, I quite agree with you,” David said verbally and smiled sweetly at Dennis as he did so.


“Spencer you taking the piss?”


“No Dennis honest, Billy was just saying you’re really big for your age and look really very strong and all the girls must love you.”


“Yeah, well okay then.”


“See you Dennis”, and the two boys rose from their seats as the bus neared the stop where they had to alight.




On the pavement and the bus moving off the boys let the laughter that they were holding back escape, one with great yells the other silently holding his sides.


When they’d composed themselves and as they walked towards his house Billy signed, “How did he know my name?”


“His brother is in the same year as you and is friendly with Jake so I suppose he found out through him.”


“Oh okay, so tell me what do you think Jake has on his mind.”


“Before I answer Billy he’s lying saying that he thought I was a new kid. I’ve been at the school for three years and I’ve seen him around just the same as he’s seen me around, we may not know each others names but that doesn’t mean to say we didn’t know each other existed. The other point because he was the only one who you communicated with on a regular basis, he thought that you had to rely on him only to make school bearable. Now because you’re not too concerned about his not being on the scene, and you have someone else you can communicate with, he’s feeling that your friendship with him is over.”


“That’s crazy David,” Billy signed, “Why would he think like that I still regard him as a really good friend.”


“I don’t know you’d have to ask him when next you see him. I think he’s a bit jealous that I’ve taken his place.”


“Yeah okay, I’ll talk to him at school tomorrow. Are you going to stay for something to eat before going home,” Billy enquired as they reached his house.


“No only came for a quick snogging session before your mum gets home.”


They dashed up to Billy’s room kicked of their shoes and jumped on the bed their lips came together and the boys were doing what they’d been longing to do from the moment they’d met this morning.




Next day as Billy was in the classroom waiting for Jake to appear and as usual he did with Mary Rawlings, as soon as he left her side and came over to his desk Billy signed, “Hi Jake.”


“Hi, so you decided you want to talk.”


“I didn’t decide anything Jake, I never stopped wanting to have contact with you.”


“Yeah, well how come you pissed off that Saturday at the Mall, and yesterday you couldn’t wait to get out of the classroom fast enough at the end of lessons, now you come around as if nothing has happened. What’s wrong you had an argument with your new friend already?”


Billy just looked at Jake then not bothering to answer him turned his back on him and sat at his desk.


Before Jake could respond to Billy turning his back on him Mr.. Jennings strode into the class calling out, “Silence.” Jake was about to say something to Billy when he saw Mr.. Jennings staring at him, “Brodie,” the teacher called.


“Yes sir.”


“Would you mind going to your desk and being seated.”


“Yes sir” and Jake did as he was asked.


Billy didn’t even bother to look at Jake during the course of the lessons, and when the first morning break came he made his way to his locker got his drink then went out to the recreation area to wait for David.


The moment David arrived his first words were, “What’s wrong?”


“How do you know if anything is wrong,” Billy signed.


“By the look on your face.”


Billy sat quiet for a minute till David said, “Come on give,” and Billy informed him of what Jake had said in the classroom.


“Doesn’t surprise me Billy I told you I knew he was going to give you a hard time by the way he looked at us yesterday”. David suddenly spotted Jake walking towards them and signed really quickly, “Talk of the Devil.”


Jake came up to the two of them, “Billy, I’m sorry for saying what I did in the classroom, it was just that I thought you’d wanted to dissolve our friendship.”


“No way Jake, you helped change my life by being my friend in school and outside, I’ll never forget it. I was only keeping in the background to give you and Mary time together.”


“Okay Billy, I’m glad you found someone else who you can communicate with,” turning to David, “Look out for him, there’s always the odd smart arse who’ll make some sort of snide remark, or threaten to harm him, when that happens don’t try to use your hands you’re not big enough, just kick the guy in the goolies, if you do there wont be any fight”. Then addressing both of them, “I have to get back to Mary I’ll see you both later,” and Jake left to make his rendezvous with his girlfriend.


As soon as Jake had departed David turned to Billy, “Have you had kids make snide remarks and threaten you Billy?”


Billy didn’t bother to sign he just nodded his head.


“Oh shit never knew there’d be guys who could be so bloody stupid. Did Jake sort them out?”


“Sort of, not physically but orally and because he’s big enough they stood and listened and walked away with their tails between their legs. I don’t think they stand and listen if you tried it.”


The bell went for the resumption of classes and the two boys quickly signed their feelings for each other before going to their respective lessons.




Once inside the classroom he smiled at Jake as he went to his desk, and signed “Thanks.”


“What for Billy?” Jake responded.


“Making David feel responsible for me in school. You know he isn’t much bigger than I am but what you said to him I’m sure made him feel ten feet tall.”


“Yeah well I wanted to make up for what happened earlier and for dumping you during the holidays. I didn’t mean to but when I got involved with Mary I couldn’t think about anything else, and now that you’ve got David, who can understand sign even better than I can. I’ll be able to spend the school breaks with Mary.”


“You’ve really gone for her in a big way Jake.”


“Yeah,” and Jake resorted to sign language so the other pupils wouldn’t know what he was saying, “Just as bad as you have for David.”


“What do you mean Jake,” Billy signed, blushing at the same time.


“Billy I’ve never seen you leave the classroom so quickly when the bell goes for school breaks and the look on your face when you see David only matches mine when I see Mary.”


“What are you going to do?” and he lowered his head looking at the floor.


Jake nudged the boy making him look up, when he did he signed, “How you and David feel about each other is your business, and I’m not about to spoil it by telling the whole school.”


Billy smiled signing, “You’re the best friend I ever had Jake, and always will be.”


Before their conversation could continue, the teacher walked into the room calling for text books to be opened to page 64 and no talking.




The rest of the days and weeks went by and the boys became even closer, and spent every moment they could in each others company.


Their parents had also noticed the closeness of the relationship and when questioned by his father David admitted to being emotionally involved with Billy.


After talking with Billy’s mother Mr. Spencer invited Billy to sit down with David and himself to discuss the issue.


When he had called the meeting David’s father was under the impression that the boy’s relationship was one of just infatuation which they both would outgrow.


However he had to alter his opinion when he was made to understand by the boys’ just how deep their feelings were for each other. So he did the next best thing and advised them that as long as they were intent on this relationship to keep it as private as possible. Otherwise if it became public knowledge in school, the ridicule and insults they’d face would make life for them very difficult to say the least.


Both boys put Mr. Spencer’s concerns to rest telling him that they knew about the discrimination and hatred held against homosexuals, and that some of the younger generation were even worse than most adults.




It was nearly a year later on a Sunday afternoon when the boys were heading back to David’s house, he having spent the last two nights with Billy. When as they walked through the park David, looked across the expanse of green that stretched all around them then muttered, “Oh Shit!”


Billy quickly signed, “What’s wrong?”


“It’s Dennis the menace.”


Billy looked across the park and could see Denis Grayson cutting across the grass heading towards them. Within a minute he’d caught up with them and on doing so approached David, “Spencer, I need to borrow a fiver.” he said, with a menacing look on his face.


“You must be joking where am I going to get a fiver from.” David responded.


Looking over David’s shoulder at Billy he indicated with his head, “What about your dummy friend behind you.”


David forgot about the advice Jake had given him months ago, he just closed his fist and lashed out at Dennis’s face. The punch was only a glancing blow. Because of his height Dennis was able to sway away from the punch then his own fist came up and crashed into David’s face. Dennis Grayson had been waiting for an excuse to get back at David from way back, and although six inches taller and 28 pounds heavier he didn’t hold back. As David crumpled to the floor so Dennis drew his foot back to kick him.


The fear that had paralyzed his vocal chords those many years ago now redeemed itself; once again it acted on Billy’s emotions. Seeing his friend and lover on the verge of being seriously injured that fear now galvanized Billy, and from his mouth the word, “DAVID,” erupted in a deafening scream


Dennis shocked to hear the voice turned and in that instant the full weight of Billy’s foot and with every ounce of his strength landed flush on his testicles. Dennis screamed in agony and crumpled to the ground holding his groin and moaning in pain. Billy didn’t hesitate he jumped on top of the howling Dennis and smashed his fists into his face bringing even louder cries of misery from the boy. He was pummelling away when a pair of hands caught him by the shoulder and pulled him off. Turning to see who it was, he saw a smiling David.


“Leave him Billy he won’t try anything now.”


Billy brought his hand up to gently stroke the mark where Dennis’s fist had landed, “You alright David.”


Being on the verge of unconsciousness at the time of Billy’s yell David hadn’t heard Billy scream his name, now hearing Billy speak for the first time he was literally astounded. “Oh my God Billy, Oh my God, say that again.”


“You heard the first time David but if you want, are you alright.”


“Oh Shit Billy, your voice it’s beautiful what happened.”


I got scared when I saw Dennis attacking you and my fear made my voice come back and I yelled out your name. Now we had better attend to Dennis and help him, although he’s a nut case if it wasn’t for him I’d still be signing.”


“But Billy how come you can talk.”


“I could always talk David till I was ten years old, then when I saw my dad get killed in front of me something happened and I lost my voice.”


“Oh God Billy you’ve got a beautiful voice.”


“Come on David you’ve said that already and you’re going to embarrass me if you keep saying it. Now give me a hand with Dennis”, and the two boys got Dennis to his feet. He stood slightly bent in the middle still cupping his groin and moaning, his face puffed up where Billy’s punches had landed. He looked at his two assailants and shuffled off.




The boys watched him go then headed back to Billy’s house talking ten to the dozen. When they reached home they went into the sitting room to see Mrs. Scott reading the Sunday papers. Looking up and seeing the two boys she exclaimed, “William I thought David was going home.”


Billy walked over to his mother and stood her up wrapping his arm around her he whispered in her ear, “He was mum till I got my voice back”


She pulled Billy away so she could look at his face, “Oh! William you don’t know how hard I’ve prayed that this day would happen.”


“Well mum your prayers and mine have been answered, can David stay the night he can go to school from here tomorrow we have loads to talk about.”


“Yes but the first thing to do is inform his father.”


“I’ll do that mum.”


“Alright I have a few calls to make to members of the family to give them the news about your voice. You’d better be prepared because they’re sure to come around and hear you for themselves.”


“Okay mum.”


On hearing those two words and the enormity of what had taken place brought tears of happiness to Mrs. Scott eyes, and now they trickled down her cheeks.


Billy rushed to her but she quickly gathered herself and said, “Get on with calling David’s father and I’ll make my calls.”




The boys went to Billy’s bedroom inside he turned to David, “Come on give me a kiss I want to be able to make all those noises that you make when we kiss.”


David smiled and they came together. Gazing into each others eyes their lips met their arms wrapped themselves around each others bodies. They were little pecks on the lips at first then the mouths joined and opened, their tongues made contact and began their dance, thrusting , caressing, then swirling around with moans of pleasure emanating from both boys.


Two minutes later they broke the kiss, “God Billy you moan more than me.”


“Yeah well I’ve got to make up for all the times I couldn’t. Now are you going to talk to your dad or should I.”


“I think I’d better talk Billy if you did he might shit a brick.”


Billy broke out laughing, “Oh shit Billy, even your laughter is heavenly.”


“Lay off David that’s just because you’re hearing it for the first time, give it a few weeks and you’ll be telling me to shut it.”


“Never Billy never, but don’t you ever forget your sign language, we can talk and say anything we want anywhere and the people around us won’t have a clue what we’re saying.”


“Here you’d better tell your parents you’re spending the night,” and Billy handed his mobile phone to David, “And be quick we won’t have a lot of time before the relations arrive. I want to make some more moaning sounds before they do arrive.”




David did the necessary but they never had a chance to continue where they had left off, they heard Mrs. Scott’s footsteps on the stairs then a knock on the door before she entered, “William you and David had better come down to the sitting room, your grandmother is on her way here by cab she can’t wait for me to go and pick her up.”


“Okay mum,” and the boys followed her down.


While they waited for the inevitable flood of relations to arrive, Mrs. Scott fluttered around her son continuously involving him in conversation so she could revel in the sound of his voice that she last heard nearly seven years ago. It had been a child’s voice then and now as her son spoke she realised it had changed and he was now entering manhood.




Eventually just before midnight with the departure of the last relative the boys’ were able to say goodnight to Billy’s mother and make their weary way to bed.


They washed and changed into their nightwear then lay together facing each other.


“Go on Billy say it one more time pleeeaaase,” David pleaded.


“Bloody Hell! David, I’ve said it about a hundred times already today, every time we were alone together you’ve asked me to say it.”


“Pleeeeaaaase Billy, just one more time.”


Billy looked at the pleading face that he could just make out now that his eyes had become accustomed to the dark. He moved closer to David then wrapping his arms around him said, “I love you David Spencer.”


“Oh man you don’t know what that does for me Billy when I hear you say those words. I could listen to yourmmmmmm”, and David’s voice was cut off as a pair of lips and tongue invaded his mouth. They kissed for a while then with drooping eyelids they gradually slipped into unconsciousness, one of them knowing he had to introduce his voice to the school in the morning.




Monday morning saw the two boys sitting as they usually did on the bus heading for school whenever David stayed over on a Sunday night. As planned they signed their conversation so they could express themselves without anyone else understanding what was being said. They jumped off the bus at the appropriate stop with all the other pupils and made their way into the school. Inside Billy signed, “See you at break David. Love you,” and he got the same response from David.




He made his way to his locker then from there to the classroom in silence, entering the room he went to his desk and sat down waiting for Jake to appear.


When he did after separating from Mary he walked over to his desk smiling at Billy saying, “Hi Billy,” which Billy responded to in sign language. Before the conversation could be continued Mr. Lawrence walked into the room calling, “Silence,” he picked up the register looked around the room then started calling the names. Eventually he called, “William Scott,”


“Here Sir,” Billy responded, and all heads swivelled and eyes were focused on him including Mr. Lawrence.


“Scott was that you who responded?” The teacher enquired.


“Yes sir,” and the whole class started talking at once.


“Alright everyone settle down now”, and turning his attention to Billy he asked, “When did you regain your voice William.”


“Yesterday afternoon sir in the park,” and again the voices broke out till Mr. Lawrence silenced them once more.




Then turning to the class he addressed them, “William wasn’t born dumb. From birth till the age of ten he could talk as well as any child of his age. He had a traumatic experience at ten that paralyzed his vocal chords, and now he has regained the use of his voice again. If any of you wish to know the full facts of William’s story then I suggest you ask your parents they might remember the incident it was in the papers at the time, or go to the library and do some research of your own. But on no account are you to ask William or Billy as most of you call him, it is not a something he would like to recall. Now no more talking lets get on with the register and then the lesson.”




The moment the bell went for morning break Jake grabbed hold of Billy and hugged him saying, “God Billy, when I heard you answer when Mr. Lawrence called your name I nearly fell off my chair, I’m so happy for you, does David know?”


“Yeah he was the reason I got it back,” then related to Jake what had happened in the park as they made their way out into the recreation area to meet with David.




The rest of the day was spent with pupils coming over to Billy whenever possible, in between lessons or at break times with David at his side. They boys came over in ones and twos to talk to him, not so much as to wish him well, more so out of curiosity to hear the voice of the quiet boy.




The End