... about Nevius


Writing is not a talent that comes naturally to me, yet the desire to create and express myself does.  It was a persistent dream that my conscience deemed I needed to tell that began The Garden. Then it was my desire to create and to finish what I had started that led me through the rest of the story.  What I found was joy in expressing emotions and feelings in words, something that I had never experienced before, combined with trying to tell a good story enveloped by an underlying theme that brought on a level of complexity that truly piqued my imagination.  The only piece of advice that carried over from all of my English classes was ‘write what you know.’   Then it makes sense that I’m a practicing architect who has lived in New York and New Orleans.   I currently reside in New Orleans with my partner of 16 years where I divide my time between work, the renovation of my storm damaged home and finding time to delve into realm of the writing.