Family & Friends Series


By Ron Robbins,
edited by Frank Perry

2007 All rights reserved

Part 12

Scott was waiting outside his office building when Noel drove up in his beat-up Dodge van. Noel loaded Scott's gear and they took off for the yacht basin.

"If this is what successful financial consultants drive these days, maybe I better rethink my decision about hiring you."

"I don't know what the rest of them drive around in, but this is what I use and it's paid for. What do I need with an expensive car? Do you think a well-informed New Yorker like me would drive around this town in a luxury car? Not on your life, baby."

"I'm not on an ego trip like some of you nouveau riche doctors. Now that I have you sufficiently humbled, I'll tell you why I drive around in this wreck. I can park this baby anywhere in Manhattan and no respectable car thief would be caught dead stealing this van. Another thing, you won't catch any bum running to wash the windows, or looking for a handout, either. This van comes in handy for my weekly food shopping and to haul around stuff for the boat. Besides that, my kids love it."

"Are you going to belittle me and poke fun at my profession all weekend? Or is this the price I have to pay to be invited to spend the weekend on your yacht?"

"All of the above," Noel said.

Scott laughed, "I was just checking. I can live with that."

"You're a good sport," Noel said. "I've been told that my humor can tend to be abrasive at times, so I've learned to leave it home most of the time. I'm only hard on the people I like. It just so happens, I enjoy your company, even though you are a doctor. You're being a Canadian gave me second thoughts, but since you had no control over that and made every effort to become a Yankee, I've decided to allow you that rare privilege of becoming my friend."

Scott smiled, "I'm overwhelmed. I'll certainly attempt to do everything within my power to be worthy of this great honor."

"Good as long as you understand the rules. How long has it been since you've been sailing?"

"Why, are you having second thoughts about taking me along?"

"Don't be silly. I just want to make sure that you can handle yourself. I don't want to see either of us get hurt. The sea is an unforgiving mistress."

"I understand. You're the captain and I'll follow orders. I can't afford an accident either. If anything happens to my hands, I'm out of business."

"Here we are," Noel said. "Let's unload your gear and be off."

Noel showed Scott to his cabin, "As soon as you change, I'll meet you up on deck."

Noel went to his stateroom and quickly changed. He applied the sunscreen lotion and went up on deck. Scott followed a few minutes later. Noel explained his departure plan and asked Scott to handle the lines. Noel opened the engine hatch and started the engine. He signaled to Scott to cast off the lines. After they were underway, Scott walked back to the cockpit and sat next to Noel.

"You're hired. You did just fine," Noel said.

Noel set the sail and began his tack down the Hudson River, around lower Manhattan and towards the Lower Bay. Their passage took them under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and out into the Atlantic Ocean.

"You take the wheel for a while," Noel said.

Noel watched Scott as he handled The Jason. He was a natural sailor; his moves were smooth as he controlled the yacht. He was alert to the designated shipping lanes for the area and was enjoying every minute of the trip.

"You love it, don't you?" Noel asked."

"Yes. I've missed this. One day I will own a sailboat. I loved to sail my Dad's boat. We would take off on a Friday, and drop anchor each night, then return on Sunday. Do you have a special spot where you like to anchor?"

"Not really, it depends on the sun. When it starts to set, we will head into the closest sheltered anchorage. I don't like to head into an unknown inlet at dark. I never trust the Atlantic this time of year. You never know when an unexpected storm will hit."

Several hours later Noel said, "I think we should pull into the Great South Bay to anchor. If you don't mind I plan to anchor offshore tonight instead of pulling into the yacht basin. I just don't feel like getting dressed and eating on shore."

"I feel the same way. Would you take over and let me observe?"

Noel said, "Stay where you are and I'll set up the navigation chart on the computer and you can take her in."

Noel got his notebook computer and set it into the special rack built into the console in front of the wheel. He plugged in the computer and flipped the switches that activated the yachts electronic equipment. He found the chart for the inlet they were approaching. Noel set the coordinates for the autopilot and hit the enter key. The computer took control of the yacht. It showed The Jason's outline in relationship to the buoy markers, the course they were heading, the depth under the hull, wind direction and the speed for the inbound channel. Noel sat next to Scott so they could both observe the small screen.

"You can take us in," Noel said. "How do you want to handle it, manual or automatic?"

"Set it on automatic and I'll hold the wheel to see how it handles the steering." A few seconds later, the computer warned of the vessels in the area and took corrective action. "My God, this is absolutely amazing," Scott said.

Twenty minutes later, they were through the inlet. Noel switched the computer off and took over control. He had Scott steer to an area where he had anchored in the past. The computer gave him the bottom depth. He set the two bow anchors with the engine and shut off all the power.

There was the usual activity of securing the boat for the night, covering the sails, and opening the hatches.

"I'm going to hit the shower and change. After that, I plan to come back on deck, lay down on the lounge and have a nice glass of wine, or maybe two, while we browse through the menu to see what wonderful gourmet delight we should feast on tonight. When I'm sufficiently mellow, I will prepare our dinner. After dinner, we can come back up on deck and have our coffee and brandy. Now, mate, how does that grab you?"

"That sounds like an excellent plan."

Later when Scott returned on deck, Noel had a bottle of wine chilling in the ice bucket and a tray with two crystal stemmed glasses, along with a basket of munchies and some excellent cheeses and assorted crackers to snack on. The stereo was softly playing in the background.

"My, don't you look handsome this evening in your designer yacht wear," Scott said. "I see you like to entertain in a very elegant manner. It's a very romantic setting, too bad you have to share your evening with a struggling New York doctor."

"Just because I drive around in a junker does not mean I'm lacking in social graces. I do enjoy the finer things in life and there is no reason why I should not be drinking a fine wine in fine cut crystal, or dress in the latest fashion. I am only going to walk this road once, so I may as well indulge myself in the process. You know I enjoy living on this boat during the summer months. If the boys come to live with me, I'll have to spend more time at the apartment in town. Maybe I should start looking for a place in the country. The apartment is too small for two growing boys. I'll need at least four bedrooms and a family room for the boys. They're used to living in a large home with a swimming pool and tennis courts at their service. Where do you and Linda plan to live after you start raising your family?"

"I really don't know Noel," Scott said. "Linda is a city creature and I know she would never leave Manhattan. We have discussed this many times and keep going round and around."

"Look at that beautiful sunset," Scott said. "Thanks for taking me on this trip. I feel embarrassed now for being so pushy. I hope we can do it again, Noel. I really don't have any close friends in New York outside of my profession that I can call my own. Most of the people we socialize with are Linda's friends."

"Now let's select dinner before you become maudlin," Noel said. "I would like to save the compliments and apologies until after we have dinner." Noel read the menu and they both picked the same thing.

"Noel said, come on down to the galley and put those talented hands to work making the salad."

Noel prepared dinner, while Scott set the table, selected the wine and made the salad. When everything was ready, they sat down to dinner."

After dinner, they cleaned the galley and took their coffee up on deck. Noel poured a little brandy into each snifter and each sipped their brandy.

"This is excellent brandy." Scott raised his glass, "I salute you for being an excellent host and a fine cook. Everything has been delightful."

They watched the shoreline and the blinking lights of the town. They didn't speak, they relaxed and listened to the soft music and the sounds reflecting off the water from the distant shore.

"It's your turn to tell me about yourself," Noel said. "You know my life history, now I want to hear yours."

Scott began by telling Noel about his grandparents. "My grandparents amassed a small fortune in oil and land development. This was around the same time as Rockefeller founded Standard Oil. They settled originally in the Western Provinces of Canada. After my grandparents died, my parents move to the Maritime Provinces. I was five years old at the time. That's where I learned to hunt and sail. My father was a good teacher; he loved the sea as much as he loved the land. We were a happy close-knit family.

"I didn't want to follow my brother's lead and enter the family business. I always wanted to study medicine and become a doctor. When I graduated high school, I made the decision to go to medical school in the United States.

"My parents were disappointed that I didn't continue my studies in Canada, but after I convinced them that the United States was the only place I could get the training I needed, they understood. They agreed to pay for my education only if I promised them I would become the best doctor in my chosen field.

My application was accepted at Cornell Medical School and I worked very hard to become the best. I graduated at the top of my class in medical school and took my internship at the New York Medical Center in Manhattan, then on to postgraduate school to become a surgeon. I did my residency at the New York Hospital and studied under some of the best plastic surgeons in Manhattan.

"After twelve years of study and residency, I became a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I worked hard to build the successful practice I have now. I was successful in my profession and a loser in marriage. I made a big mistake marrying Linda. I've never told anyone, outside my family, about my feelings about Linda. I feel you are my friend and will not betray my trust."

"You have my word on that, Scott."

"I knew shortly after we married that it wouldn't last. Nevertheless, it was a done deal and I intended to honor our marriage contract. Linda thinks of herself as a skillful manipulator, but she's not really. All she has going for her is her beauty and her street smarts. After we lived together, her true personality emerged. I discovered how base and shallow she is. Linda is a self-centered, arrogant, malicious woman. Naturally, she thinks I am too stupid to stumble across her little affairs. I try to put them into the back of my mind, because I have only one goal now and that is to keep my unborn child. I do not intend to let her keep our baby no matter what the sex. We signed two marriage contracts that stipulate how our children are to be raised. I'm an Episcopalian and she is a Reform Jew. If we have a daughter, she is to be raised in the Jewish faith. If it's a boy, he is to be raised in my faith."

"I happen to know that this relationship she's involved in is serious. She plans to dump me as soon as mister wonderful pops the question. Fortunately, I have all of her sordid little affairs documented on tape and plan to blackmail her into giving up the child. How would you feel if your wife aired your sex life in public? I think everyone in our social set knows we don't sleep together and that I'm not exciting in bed. She goes out of her way to embarrass me in front of her friends. It has taken all my patience to keep from calling it quits. That is exactly what she wants. Then she would have the perfect excuse to divorce me and keep the baby. Not to mention the alimony and child support she would demand."

Noel could see the anger building in Scott as he continued his story.

"I've worked very hard to earn the reputation I have today. I'm considered one of the top plastic surgeons in my field today and I don't appreciate the way Linda tries to humiliate me in public. At times, I get so angry that I would like to tell people what a slut she is. Nevertheless, I keep my emotions under control. Our baby is due in a month."

"I didn't intend to become so emotional about this," Scott said. "We really are a pair, both having problems with our marriages it seems."

"I don't understand why you put up with this for so long. Hell, you have all the proof you need, why not nail her and take the kid."

"I'm not dealing with a rational woman. I'm dealing with a woman who has been spoiled rotten all her life. If I'd shown my hand before this, I'm sure she would have had an abortion. Linda is that vindictive. Did you know that Joel is not a blood relation of Linda's? He divorced Linda's aunt when she was a kid. She keeps up the relationship, because Joel knows many influential people. Joel's really a great guy and likes me better than Linda."

"Where are WE going to live after you get your baby, Scott?"

"Did you just say, `we'?"

"You heard me. I must make a decision about the boys very soon. I will need a place as big as my Charleston house anyway, so why not one that will meet your needs as well?"

"What if your wife pulls through this, Noel? Do you still plan to have the boys live with you in that event?

"Before leaving on Wednesday, I had a conference with Leanne's doctors. Their prognosis was that it would indeed be a miracle if she lived beyond six months. They are going ahead with all the tools at their disposal to cure her, but her chances of survival are slim to none."

"Why would you want to have another guy with an infant share a home with you?" Scott said. "I can't touch my money in Canada until after my divorce. You know what my finances are right now. There is no way I can come up with the kind of dollars you're suggesting."

"Hear me out before you start going off the deep end. Look at this from my viewpoint. For starters, you're a decent guy and I happen to like you. We are compatible and get along like two peas in a pod. I'll be the first to admit that I had no use for you in the beginning, but that's all changed since I've gotten to know you over the last six months. Sure, I heard all that crap about you and Linda from Joel many times before. Joel felt sorry for you; because he thought you were being castrated and didn't know what was going on. My opinion of you has jumped two hundred-percent since you told me your side of the story."

"You said it yourself; we are both faced with marital problems, and since we are not involved in any relationship, why not turn this situation around to our own mutual benefit. We are both professionals and we have businesses to run. Unfortunately, we don't have any family nearby that can step up and take up the slack. Therefore, we are going to need to hire a staff to take care of our kids and run the house. I intend to buy a place no matter what. It doesn't make any difference to me how big the place is. Another man and a baby are not going to make any difference to me or the staff. Look, if the money thing is bothering you, we can work on that. I'll advance the capital and you can reimburse me when your funds become available. I have more money than brains anyway, so it's not going to be a burden financially. It's too bad you're not a psychologist though, that's what I really need."

Scott chuckled, "You know you're not such a bad guy for a lawyer," Scott said. "Let me think about this when my mind is clear. This is too important a decision to make tonight. We have both had several drinks and I want to make sure you're sober before we go into this any further. Now, how about another brandy before we call it a night?"

Noel handed him the bottle, "You do the honors, while I tend to Mother Nature."

"My God, is this bottle the real thing?" Scott asked. "Is this really Napoleon brandy?"

"According to my father, who claims to know these things, it's the real thing. He gave me a case on my 30th birthday and I have two more bottles left. I'll open the second bottle when we move into our new home. I hope you are not going to be a pain in the ass about this and not be there to share it with me."

Scott smiled, "Go and relieve yourself before you have an accident, and make sure you wash your hands afterwards."

Noel returned, a little unsteady on his feet. "I hope you are not going to correct me in front of the children." He showed Scott his clean hands and laid down on the lounge again.

"Only if you're not careful," Scott said. "You don't want to transmit your germs to the children do you?"

"Promise me you will never put me down in front of my kids. I will not take that. I'll take all the chewing-out you want in private, but not in front of the kids."

Scott smiled, "I would never do that to you. That's not my style. We will have a consultation first, and then I'll send you a healthy bill for my fee."

"I can see where you're coming from now," Noel said. "Oh well, I guess I've had it easy too long. Being a parent is not going to be easy with you around, is it?"

"Did anyone ever tell you that you are a character? If this is as harmless as you get, I feel safe."

Noel chuckled, "I can see you do not understand the temperament of true genius. I'm convinced that your problem stems from spending too much time in the freezing wilderness of the Maritime Provinces when you were a young lad. Now before the party becomes ugly, I'm going home to bed. I'm usually an early riser and plan to be underway at sunrise. Sleep as long as you like in the morning. Let me show you how to lock up and set the alarm system before I turn in."

"Never mind, I'm going to turn in myself," Scott said. "So let's lock everything up now. Wake me before you pull up the anchor. I would like to have breakfast before you get underway. See you in the morning, Tiger."

Noel left his stateroom door open as he prepared for bed. He left a night light burning in the gangway and in his cabin.

Scott could not fall asleep. He kept thinking of Noel's offer. The brandy did not help matters either, brandy always acted as a stimulant for him. It was worth it. How often were you able to enjoy two glasses of Napoleon brandy? Scott would love to know how much one drink would cost at an upscale restaurant. He guessed that each sip was worth a couple of hundred bucks.

Noel's offer would be the perfect solution for both of them. Scott's problem was letting Noel pay for his share. He liked Noel and knew he was a decent person. It didn't take any brains to realize that the guy was uneasy at the prospect of raising his sons alone. He was reaching out for help. He may be a genius when it comes to Financial and Tax Law, but he lacked the confidence it takes to raise a family. Scott knew he would be raising three people, a father, and his two sons.

He was starting to feel sleepy and turned off the bed lamp before he drifted off. Suddenly he was awakened by muffled cries. It sounded close by. He was fully awake, yet disoriented at first, until he remembered where he was. He listened, and heard the cries again. Then he realized that it was coming from Noel's cabin.

He got out of bed and walked into Noel's cabin. The bedside nightlight was on and Noel was lying in bed completely naked. He was sobbing into his pillow. Scott called to him but Noel didn't answer. Scott remembered from his psychology classes, that you shouldn't try to wake the patient. He sat down next to him on the bed for a few minutes and gently shook his shoulder and called to him again hoping he would snap out of the bad dream.

Scott went into the bathroom and soaked a hand towel with cold water. He turned Noel on his back and applied the cold towel to his forehead. He quieted down and stopped sobbing and his breathing returned to normal. Satisfied that Noel was in a normal sleep mode, Scott returned to his own cabin and fell asleep.

He awoke to the smell of fresh coffee in his cabin. He looked out his window and could see that the sunrise was close. He jumped out of bed, shaved, dressed and made his way to the galley.

Noel was sitting in the lounge working on his computer. He appeared to have no ill effects from last night. He appeared rested and refreshed.

"Good morning," Noel said. "I hope I didn't wake you. According to the weather bureau, it's forecasted to be a beautiful day for sailing. Now that you're up we can beat the traffic through the inlet. If you don't mind I would like to watch the sunrise before I fix breakfast. Would you like some juice and coffee before we go on deck?"

"That would be fine, Captain," Scott answered. "Are you always this cheerful in the morning?"

"I think so. No one has ever told me otherwise," Noel said. "I do have a little secret; I try to be the first one up. By the time everyone else is up I'm in a pleasant frame of mind."

Noel squeezed fresh orange juice and gave Scott a glass. He poured two mugs of coffee, and they carried them up on deck. They sat behind the wheel in the cockpit.

"There's a cool breeze this morning. Aren't you cold in that sleeveless shirt?" Noel asked. "I should have grabbed a couple of jackets for us."

"I'm fine," Scott said. "Your shivering. Move over closer to me. I'll keep you warm."

Noel moved closer. Scott put his arm around Noel's shoulder and pulled him close.

"You were having a bad dream last night. Care to tell me about it?"

"How did you know? Don't tell me I was walking in my sleep. That's one of the reasons I have the alarm system. I'm paranoid about falling overboard."

"No you weren't sleepwalking. You woke me up because you were making a lot of noise. Those kinds of dreams usually indicate an emotional problem. I finally got you calmed down without waking you. Would you like to talk about it?" Scott asked again. "I'm not prying; I just thought you might need a friend to confide in."

"I appreciate that, let me sort it out in my own mind first and we can talk about it later. I assure you I am not a basket case, yet."

Scott smiled and squeezed Noel's shoulder affectionately. "I didn't think you were. It's understandable with the pressure you're under with your family situation right now. I think you seized upon the perfect solution to our mutual problem last night. I'm a very proud man, Noel," Scott said. "My only problem is borrowing money from another person when I have the money in Canada. I've always stood on my own two feet and earned my way without any help. I had to weigh your offer against my principles and my own needs as well. I've decided to accept your offer on one condition: that you let me pay my share after I get Linda off my back. Your nightmare last night made me realize that I could not refuse your offer. I couldn't walk away from you now even if I wanted to."

Noel smiled as the tears formed in his eyes, "You won't regret your decision."

"Now don't go getting wimpy on me, Tiger." They both sat that way for a long time just looking at the rising sun and the seagulls flying overhead searching for their daily bread.

"Are you ready for breakfast?"

"I'm starved, I thought you were going sit here all morning."

Noel smiled, "Do you have any preference for breakfast, or should we stick to porridge in honor of your Scottish background?"

"Thank you, but no thank you, anything but porridge. Ham, eggs, toast would be fine."

Noel went below and made breakfast while Scott made the sailboat ready for sea. When breakfast was on the table, Noel hollered up to Scott.

They finished breakfast and were having their second cup of coffee when Scott said, "You're a good cook; everything was delicious. You could give my wife some lessons. I must warn you I'm strictly a barbeque and salad kind of cook myself. I'm handy doing most anything, but I was never allowed in the kitchen at home. Now that you know my shortcomings, what's on the agenda for today, captain?"

"I'm going to let you play skipper today. Take her anywhere you want, as long as you have us back here by five. For our Saturday night dinner menu how would you like grilled steak, baked potato, and salad?"

"Sounds like a winner. When do you want to pull up the anchor?"

"Whenever you're ready, Captain. Now that you have become my partner, I have a lot of calls to make. I'll help you get her into the ocean then you are in command."

"Sounds great to me, let's get going."

Scott sailed The Jason out through the inlet and into the ocean. He handled her like a pro. There was a flurry of boating activity as they left the inlet, but once she was under full sail, the speed picked up, and the only sounds he heard were the sail and the bow cutting a path in the sea.

"She is a beauty and handles like a dream - a real lady."

"Before I go below I want to narrow down our commuting distance from a new house to the city," Noel said. "I'm partial to the areas along the Hudson River, what do you think?"

"Anything within a reasonable commuting distance to Manhattan is fine with me," Scott said. "New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut they are all acceptable. I don't really care, as long as we don't have to spend too much time commuting."

"I plan to leave The Jason berthed at the club," Noel said. "If either of us has to stay in town, we'll stay in the apartment; it makes it convenient. I'll call my broker at Handman and Katz and get them started. It would be nice to get a place completely furnished. I'll put that on our laundry list."

Noel pick up the cockpit telephone and dialed the Realtor. He spent a good hour with him and than gave him his computer telephone number.

"Will you take the wheel for a spell," Scott said. "Nature calls."

Noel trimmed the sails a little and continued down the South Shore of Long Island.

Scott returned a little while later with the sun lotion in hand. He sat down in front of Noel and said, "Would you rub this lotion on my back?"

Noel rubbed the lotion on Scott's back. "You have a great body. It's obvious that you take good care of yourself."

"Thanks. I'll take over now. Come and sit between my legs while I rub this lotion on your back, you can steer."

Noel smiled, "Aye, aye, Captain. The real-estate broker said he had several properties he would fax us this afternoon. He mentioned two ideal estates that sounded on target, one up near Croton, and the other in Scarborough, both on the Hudson River. The Croton estate is a long commute, it may be too far for you, and if it doesn't have an unobstructed view of the river, the heck with it. If we can't look down at the Hudson River, I'm not interested. I don't plan to look into anyone's back yard.

"You're quiet all of a sudden," Noel said. "Is something wrong?"

"No everything is fine, except your neck and back muscles are tied up in knots. You've got to relax, Noel, let me work on those muscles a little."

Noel reached down and set the autopilot on as Scott worked on the muscles of his back. "I've got a lot on my mind right now," Noel said. "I'm the worrying type; not the strong silent type like you. My world is screwed up right now. Two weeks ago, everything was simple, and uncomplicated. Then bang, everything falls apart. Oh, gosh, that feels good! You do have talented hands. My life is usually very orderly and simple. Did I tell you that Leanne told me to take the boys and raise them if anything happens to her? I was surprised at that. She is such a good Mother and a wonderful person. I have a feeling she knows her fate. She also knows what is best for our boys. She doesn't wants her family to raise them. Life is a bitch, Scott."

"I know this is none of my business," Scott said. "When was the last time you slept with Leanne?"

He laid his head back against Scott, "Jesus, I'm embarrassed to say that it's been over a year."

"Let it go, Noel, what's done is done," Scott said. "Your starting to tense up again, lean forward, and try to relax again."

Scott worked on his neck muscles, shoulder and spinal column until he felt Noel's body go limp. Noel had fallen asleep. Scott leaned back in the seat and pulled Noel back toward him. He laid his head next to his own, wrapped his arms around him and let him sleep.

Scott thought to himself, Noel is heading for a breakdown. He is stressed out. It would be a shame if the boys lost both parents at the same time.

Noel woke up with a start twenty minutes later. "We're heading for the rocks!" Noel shouted.

"Close your eyes and go back to sleep, Noel, everything is under control."

Noel woke up over an hour later still in Scott's arms. "I feel very comfortable like this; you have more than a magic touch. I'd better go below and fix lunch. We can eat it up here if you like."

"That sounds great."

Noel returned with a picnic basket and pulled out the hinged table. He had prepared an appetizing plate for each of them, including a good bottle of chilled wine.

After they finished a leisurely lunch, Scott said, "It's my turn now, I'll wash the dishes," Scott said. He took the picnic basket below.

Scott returned a little later, "You look like you could use a nap," Noel said. "Why don't you lie down?"

Scott lay next to him in the cockpit and fell asleep. Noel started to steer a course back to Jones Beach inlet. The wind had picked up and it started to turn cool with the intermittent sun. He pulled a blanket from the cupboard and covered Scott. He took off Scott's sunglasses and covered his face with a large straw hat. Three hours later, they were back in the bay. Noel dropped the sail and brought The Jason in under power. He set the two anchors and cut engine. He covered the sails and secured the forward hatch. The sky was overcast now and the wind was much cooler. There wasn't a boat in sight, the fair weather sailors had headed into shore early.

The weather bureau forecast was for heavy rain and strong wind for the rest of the day continuing into the evening.

Before he went below, he checked on Scott. He stood in front of him and couldn't help but admiring how handsome he was. He took another blanket from the storage locker and covered him. He could not resist the urge to touch Scott, he bent down and kissed him tenderly on the lips. Then he went below to prepare dinner.

The stereo was softy playing in the background and Noel was washing the lettuce in the sink when he felt Scott's arms slip around his waist and turn him around. He didn't say a word, he stared deeply into Scott's eyes. Scott held him tight in his arms and kissed him. Noel wrapped his arms around Scott and held him tight.

"I have been waiting for this moment for over a year," Scott said. "At first I thought I was dreaming when you kissed me, but either way, I intended to find out. I'm crazy about you, Noel."

"You were not dreaming before, I feel the same way about you. I couldn't resist the uncontrollable urge to kiss you. I've never felt such an intense feeling for anyone like this before. If being a homosexual is the price I must pay to have you, than I'm a homosexual."

They kissed again and Noel could not believe the incredibly warm feeling that spread through his entire body. He felt Scott's strong arms holding him tightly. His tender lips and warm sensual body pressed against him. It was the most electrifying sensation. Scott was unlocking a passion he never realized existed within him.

"You are my dream come true," Scott said. "So far this has been the happiest weekend of my life. I don't know how I controlled myself last night when you asked me to live with you. Even in my wildest dreams, I could never have predicted something this wonderful could happen. I wanted to tell you how I felt last night, but I was afraid that my brain was clouded with too much alcohol. Holding you on deck this morning convinced me that I want you to be in my life, Tiger. You're the most delightful person to be around, you're bright, sensitive, and generous with yourself and your money. I cannot sing your praises enough. I know love is blind, baby, but you've got it all, as far as I'm concerned." He kissed Noel again, and squeezed him so tight Noel could hardly breathe.

"I never thought love could feel this good," Noel said. "Life is amazing, just as one door is slammed in your face, another opens up to an exciting future. I want to make love with you, Scott."

They locked everything up, set the alarms and walked into Noel's cabin. Scott took him into his arms again and kissed him again as he removed his clothes. Noel did the same, and stood back to admire Scott's body. He shook his head, "God, you're beautiful," Noel said.

"Get into bed," Scott said. "I'll only be a minute, I have to fetch my bag."

When he returned, Noel said, "You're not going to remove my warts now, are you?"

Scott laughed, "No, baby, have you ever had anal sex?"

"Never, why is it I have the feeling that I'm about to?" He took Scott's erect penis in his hand and said, "I must admit, you are well-endowed. I hope I survive this, Scott. I'm a small guy compared to you. Are you sure you know what you're doing, Doctor?"

Scott laughed, "I assure you that you can take all of me without any internal injuries. I want you to enjoy having sex with me. I will never hurt you. If you feel uncomfortable, I will stop. Anal sex is just one of the many ways we can have sex together. Now, scoot to the middle of the bed and lay on your side."

Scott lay down next to him and took him in his arms. He kissed him passionately rubbing his back at the same time. He forced his tongue into Noel's mouth. Noel pulled his mouth away from Scott and began nibbling his ear and biting his neck. He kissed his eyes and nose and did the same to the other side of his face, ending up forcing his tongue deep into Scott's mouth.

He reached down and slowly began to masturbate him with one hand while massaging his testicles with his other hand. Scott began to moan with pleasure and whispered, "Slow down, baby, you're getting me too excited. Lay on your back, sweetheart."

Scott spread the lotion over Noel's body, from his neck to his legs. He straddled him and gently rubbed the lotion into Noel's skin. He began working the kinks out of his neck and gradually worked down his body, from his chest, down his stomach and sides, and between his legs, deliberately avoiding his stiff erection and his genitals. From time to time, he leaned down and kissed Noel on the lips and neck. Noel squeezed some of the lotion on his hands and began to massage Scott's penis and testicles. Scott pulled Noel's hands away. He became too aroused, but he wasn't ready to climax.

"You're turning me on, baby! I have never had the desire to possess anyone in my life the way I want you." Scott was driving Noel into a frenzy. Finally, he took two condoms out of the bag and put one on Noel and then one on himself.

He turned Noel over on his stomach and started on Noel's back, from his neck down. He reached his buttocks and again concentrated on the perineum area between the testicles and anus.

He slipped finger cots on his index and middle fingers and lubricated them with a special medicated gel. He inserted his finger into Noel's rectum and stretched his anus until he was able to insert both fingers without causing him any discomfort. He kept massaging the anus, enlarging and relaxing the sphincter muscle. He repeated this until he was able to insert three fingers without any resistance from Noel. Then taking the KY gel he applied it to his penis and inserted the head of his penis into Noel. He reached around and took hold of Noel's penis and began masturbating him as he penetrated deep inside Noel's rectum.

"Am I hurting you, baby?"

"God no, it feels wonderful."

"I don't want you to come before me," Scott said. "Let me know when you're ready, I want to climax at the same time. If my masturbating brings you to the edge, you slow me down until you can't hold back any longer." Scott kissed and bit Noel's neck and ear."

Noel began pushing Scott's penis into him until he could feel Scott's testicles touching him. He rotated himself on Scott's penis and began to softly moan from the sheer pleasure.

Scott pumped Noel's penis and testicles with the same driving strokes he was using deep inside him. He whispered in Noel's ear, "I love you, my baby, you are mine forever. I cannot hold back any longer." Scott felt Noel's whole body tense in his arms as he let out one long, loud sigh and they both climaxed.

When their breathing returned to normal, Scott withdrew and examined Noel for blood. He turned Noel until they faced each other. He wrapped his arms around him and kissed him gently as he softly rubbed his back. He could see the tears running down Noel's cheeks. He licked the salty tears from his eyes and kissed him again.

"What's wrong, Tiger?"

"That was the most beautiful moment I have ever experienced in my entire life. These are tears of happiness. This is the first I have had sex with the person I love, and it's pure bliss. The sensation of being engulfed in your arms, and feeling you inside me all at the same time, was unbelievable. It was an overpowering experience, and I am still high from the whole thing. Please hold me like this for a little while. It is so wonderful to be in your arms"

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦
To be continued
♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦