Family & Friends Series


By Ron Robbins,
edited by Frank Perry

2007 All rights reserved

Part 16

Noel's Penthouse


"It's good to see you, Mac," Scott said. "You look a little more relaxed today."

"I'll feel even better when I'm finally on vacation. Two more weeks to go. There is so much to do and so little time," Mac said. "I would like to chat with you in private if you have the time. I have Noel's contract with me and that should keep him busy for at least an hour. Is that all right with you?"

"You bet, my patient is receiving visitors today and as soon as the beautiful one appears we can talk."

Noel walked in and said, "I don't want to hear any nasty remarks about my operation from you again."

Mac walked over and examined Noel's face very carefully. He smiled and turned to Scott, "I think the operation is perfect. It's Noel that looks like hell."

Noel laughed, "You win. I should have phrased that in a different way," Noel said. "I talked to my better half about your agreement and he has given me the green light as long as I can spend more time with the family. So it looks like you have a deal, genius."

"You've made the right choice," Mac said. "Oddly enough, I just happen to have a contract with me. While you peruse the contract, Scott and I will have a little chat."

Scott led Mac into the study. "Now, how can I help you, Mac?"

"I would like to offer you a position to head up my Adult Care Medical Group," Mac said. "You would be reporting to the President of the Health Services Division of the MacDonald-Stevens Corporation." Mac continued by giving Scott a complete description of the Division, and how his Group fits into the Health Services Division. He outlined Scott's duties, responsibilities and his potential. He touched on a salary package, the stock options and the flexibility to choose his own hours and staff. "My team will be meeting with our executive staff to finish off a presentation to our prospective client. You are welcome to sit in on the session on Tuesday to get an idea of the potential of this company, and to see if you wish to join this organization."

Scott said, "I had thought I should explore other areas of the medical field, now that I need to take Noel and my new family into consideration. If I'm on call as a backup for an emergency surgery, I could be gone for hours. I would like to be able to coordinate our schedules so that one of us is at home every night. Yes, I would like to sit in on your meeting Tuesday and meet your people. I have only one important question. Do you think I have enough experience to run a group? I have never managed a business group before and I would not want to fail."

"Scott, I would not ask you to head up this group unless I thought you could handle the job," Mac said. "I'm looking for a competent professional with good people skills to direct the efforts of an experienced staff of professionals. You're a seasoned professional with over fifteen years in medicine. You have managed your own practice successfully for the last seven years and have good people skills. You're a respected and renowned surgeon in your field. My executive staff and I will train you on the administrative side of the position, until you are comfortable with the management role. The president of the division, Chip Buchner, is himself a doctor and can give you all the training and support you will need. I have complete faith in your ability to do the job. I would also expect you to go for your MBA. This will help you a great deal in managing your group."

"Thanks for you vote of confidence, Mac." Scott replied. "I appreciate your encouraging words. You are good friend, and no matter how this turns out, you can always count on me as a friend. You have given me a lot to think about and I am almost tempted to jump in right away. This will mean a complete career change for me and it's something I must give some serious thought. Naturally, I will want to discuss this with Noel. In any case, I plan to attend Tuesday's meeting."

"Fair enough, Scott. I would expect you to weigh your decision very carefully, and by all means discuss it with Noel," Mac said. "He has a good head on his shoulders for business and can help you make the right decision. It would be great to have you both on our team. One last thing, I need to know when you can release Mike. I am going to need him for several pressing projects. I understand Alex Cord is doing a good job according to all reports."

"Alex is working out just fine," Scott said. "Noel and I are very pleased with him. In fact, we have almost completed the hiring of our staff, with the exception of the Nanny. Alex should be back in town this afternoon. He flew to Detroit to check on the bullet- proof van Noel ordered for the family. Mike is free to leave any time today. I really appreciate all you and Mike have done for us, Mac."

"I would like to talk to Mike for a few a few minutes before I leave," Mac said.

"Sure, let me go round him up and send him in here."

"Good afternoon, boss," Mike said.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Lee," Mac said. "Scott said you are free to leave anytime you want. Claudia confirmed our luncheon date tomorrow at Pound Ridge. The lunch is really to plan a small wedding party for Rod and Jen. My sister-in-law is good at arranging these things. Next time you get married, you may want her to handle it for you."

Mike chuckled, "I have a feeling she would be too pricey. I'm into simple weddings. I'll have Alex help me move my stuff out tonight. What is the dress code for tomorrow, and what time should we be there?"

"Cocktails at noon, the dress is business casual, with blazer," Mac said. "One more thing, Scott will be attending the meeting on Tuesday. Please make sure he knows the time. I'll talk to Chip this afternoon and let him know. I trust you have had time to attend to your wardrobe and luggage?"

"Yes, sir, I had my final fitting early this morning. I'm all set. Saks has already delivered everything. The tailor will deliver my suits next week. Chris was very helpful, and everything is great. Again, thank you for everything."

"I am giving you a seven-thousand dollar bonus as a finder's fee for recruiting Doug. Do you want the cash, or do you want it deposited into your profit sharing account?"

"Wow, you really are a super boss. I'm really grateful and don't know how I can begin to thank you," Mike said. "Please have the money deposited into my profit sharing account."

"Consider it done. Well done, Mr. Lee, and you're welcome. I had better get back to Noel before he gets ugly," Mac said. "Unless you have other plans, why don't you join me for breakfast tomorrow morning?"

"Will do, boss."

Mac walked into the living room and sat in the chair across from Noel.

"I have signed the four copies of the contract," Noel said. "Officially I'm now your employee. The strange thing is, I feel as if a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders. It's a fair package for both of us, Mac, and I'm excited about the new division. How do you want to handle the changeover?"

"As soon as I have David Chang on board we should have our meeting. Drew gave me the go ahead to pull him from GW Stevens. Now that it's a done deal, I'll offer David the job tonight. If he accepts, let's plan to meet here Monday afternoon."

Noel said, "That suits me fine."

"Well, men, I have a lot of work ahead of me today," Mac said. "I'll see you Monday afternoon."

Mac shook hands with Noel and Scott, and left.

He decided to work in his office instead of at the apartment. He called Chris and told him that Mike was returning to the penthouse today, and that he would be working in his office until dinner was ready.

He then placed a call to David Chang at his Long Island home and left a message on his answering machine. While he continued to work on his final stack of correspondence, David Chang called back.

"Thank you for returning my call, David," Mac said. "How is the weather on the Island?"

"I had to work in town this weekend," David said. "In fact, I'm at the office now. What did you want?"

"I couldn't have planned this better," Mac said. "Could you break loose and come up to my office?"

"Be there in a few minutes."

David walked into Mac's office saying, "I'm glad to see I'm not the only one working today, you have restored my faith in our management staff."

Mac chuckled, "Sit down and take a load off your feet. We have some serious business to discuss here. I want you to resign from GW Stevens and become a group President in my company. I've formed a new division and I want you to run it," Mac said. He gave David a complete run-down on the division, going into detail as to how he planned to restructure the company. After he had finished explaining his plan, he said, "Well, David, what do you have to say?"

"I'm shocked," David said. "I'm sure you have talked to Drew about approaching me with this offer."

"I sure have," Mac said. "I would not be talking to you now without his approval. Drew said he would not stand in your way if you elected to accept my offer. Drew is in a win-win situation, he is an owner in both companies."

"You know I owe a lot to Drew Stevens, and would never give this offer a second thought, without his knowledge," David said. "I find this situation ironic. A year ago, Drew asked me to take you under my wing and train you, because you had no experience in the business world. Today, for all practical purposes, you are my boss, running this whole damn company. I guess you've learned a lot in one year, without my help. My father told me some time ago to approach you about a position in one of your new divisions. I never thought in my wildest dreams that you would offer me the job of managing one of your new divisions. This is a great honor you do me, Mac. Why did you choose me?"

"There were a number of reasons, David. I have kept an eye on you since the day we met. When I first joined the company, Drew told me to keep an eye out for outstanding talent among my finds, and to keep them in mind for any future openings. I am very careful in selecting my people. They all must have three important qualities, intelligence, dedication and loyalty. You have all those traits, and we think alike. I know you will be as loyal to me as you are to Drew. Furthermore, you will be compatible with Noel Erickson."

"Thanks for leveling with me," David said. "I appreciate your confidence in me. I want to accept the job, Mac, but I want to be candid with you. This job scares me a little. I have never managed such a large company before. I'm going to need some help in the beginning."

"Look, David, I would not have offered you this job if I hadn't thought you were ready. Noel and I will be there to help you. Once you shake down your executive staff, you'll find that everything will fall into place. When you walk into that office, you will know more than anyone in that organization. You and I will have developed a game plan well in advance. You are going to know the background of every key staff executive. Noel Erickson will help us with the profiles of his people. Once we whip the managers into shape, everything else will fall into place. I will sit in with you during your evaluation of your managerial staff. After that phase, you will be able to fine-tune the rest of the staff. I think we can double the profits in two years. I would like your decision by Monday morning, because I have scheduled a meeting with Noel Monday afternoon to plan our strategy."

"I am accepting the position, Mac. I'll call my Dad tonight to resign."

"Great, welcome to the Noel Erickson Division. I will have your employment package together in two days. I'll confirm our meeting with Noel Erickson for Monday. Remember, you will be running Noel's company. He will be responsible for creating a separate division. He is giving up all control over the group you will be running. He may be a bit sensitive in the beginning, so please bear with him. You and I can get together Monday morning to plan our strategy with Noel. I want to handle him carefully. We will be there to pull information from him. It is not necessary for him to know your game plan. Remember he is a lawyer and he has an inquisitive mind. Come to me right away if you have any problems with him. I'll smooth any ruffled feathers."

"Yes, boss, I'm glad I stayed in town. I'm going to finish up in my office and go out and celebrate. I can't thank you enough for this opportunity." They stood up and shook hands.

Mac placed a call to Noel to confirm their meeting for Monday afternoon at one o'clock. Then he made a call to Karl Landsdorf to kick around some ideas he had about the new division.

"I've had some very distressing news today. We learned that Philip has leukemia," Karl said. "We are still in shock. Philip is devastated, and is extremely depressed. For the past several weeks, Philip has complained about being tired all the time. He thought he needed vitamins. I insisted that he see a doctor, and the tests indicated that he has leukemia. The doctor immediately started him on a treatment regimen that he feels will give Philip has a good chance of controlling the disease. We are optimistic about his chances of beating this disease."

"I have not had time to think of anything since this happened. I've not changed my mind about our merging; it's more important now than ever before. Look, Mac, we are still planning to be in New York next month, and we can get together to discuss the details then. If you could put together something on paper, and email it to me, it would speed things along."

"I'm so sorry to hear the bad news about Philip. The stress must be hard on both of you. Have you considered calling in a psychologist to help Philip cope with the depression?"

"Thank you for the suggestion," Karl said. "I think it would help."

"I'll send you a rough draft of my plan next week. Let's all plan to get together in New York and have a good time, just let me know the date. Give Philip my best."

After dinner, Mac placed a call to Drew and left a message on his voice mail.

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦

Mac was in bed, asleep, when the telephone rang. He was half-asleep when he heard Drew's voice on the phone.

"I'm sorry if I woke you, sweetheart," Drew said. "Are you all right?"

"It's always nice to be awakened by you, my love," Mac said. "I called earlier to tell you about Philip." Mac told him about his phone conversation with Karl. "I thought you might want to call and send a basket of fruit, or flowers. I was going to call you tomorrow, but I will be heading up to see Claudia in the morning. She has invited the lovebirds, and yours truly, to spend the day. You were right; she is planning a wedding party. She is such a dear. I'm taking Mike along to ride shotgun."

Mac briefed Drew on all the events of the last two days.

"I'll see if I can make arrangements to visit with Philip, his situation is such a damn shame. You've had a busy and productive day. I'm hoping Scott will join your group."

Mac said, "You did a great job on the stock plan. You are one smart cookie. Noel was happy with everything. David Chang has accepted my offer, and will be sitting in on my meeting with Noel on Monday afternoon. David was going to be calling his Dad with the news, so be prepared. I am sure John Chang will be on the horn to you right away. You were right about David; he was not going to accept until I assured him that you gave your blessings."

"Are you still game on moving the West Wind to Paradise Island?"

"Sure," Drew said. "We should arrange to have a professional crew sail her to Puerto Rico, and we can all sail her to our island. It would be too time consuming to sail her from New York. In addition, the weather is too unstable at this time of the year. Anything could go wrong on the open sea. Anyway, a long trip could be too uncomfortable for Philip in his condition. I'll ask Karl and Philip if they still want to make the trip."

"You're right, of course. We can't afford to take the time or the risk," Mac said. "I was thinking of asking Noel and Scott along, if that's all right with you. It would be a good time for them to get to know each other and have another couple along to take up some of the slack. I told Karl we would coordinate with their trip here next month. I'm sure Noel could use the break and spend some quality time with Scott."

"It should be a fun trip," Drew said. "I am counting the days now. Well, I'd better let you get back to sleep. I love you, baby. Talk to you next week."

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦

Mac could not believe how quickly the time passed. He was boarding the GW executive jet for the flight to Paradise Island. Doug and Mike had double-checked their list of the equipment they needed for Mac's presentation once again, before they took off. Mike had already found, and reserved, the location site for the show. Drew's chief pilot was flying the plane today. It was up to him to inspect and accept delivery of the new helicopter that Mac had ordered.

GW's chief pilot was to interview Mac's new pilot, and the operations manager, who would be responsible for operations at Paradise Island. The flight mechanics were already hired from the aircraft manufacturer. They would be responsible for maintaining the company aircraft. The landing pad next to the villa was completed and ready to land helicopters.

When Mac had the signed deed from Handman & Katz, he began to accelerate his plans to develop Paradise Island. He began by selecting the most creative architecture firms from the six firms invited to submit plans to design and to manage the project. The contract was awarded to the firm that had presented the most creative design and use of space on the island. In addition, the successful firm had a proven record of accomplishment in delivering a high quality product on schedule. The architect's final plans included a mixture of private villas, high-rise condos, and an office complex. The Island boasted all the amenities of a small city, including a modern, well-equipped emergency hospital, retail shops, restaurants, a casino and a yacht club with a marina.

Mac had three model units built on the island in record time. He had the builders, landscape architects, advertising agencies and contractors working around the clock to have everything ready in time for his presentation to GW Stevens. The architects had made two scale models of Paradise Island. One was on display in the executive offices in Manhattan and the other at the Welcome Center on the Island.

The first phases of the project were complete. The airport terminal was ready for operation. The runways could now accept commercial jet aircraft. The maintenance hangers were under construction and the parking and tie-down areas were near completion.

The water treatment plant and electronic communications systems were in full operation, and the three model villas were ready. The roads and landscaping had also been completed, including the road from the airport to the villas. Mac was delighted that everything would be ready for next week.

His advertising agency had sent him the new color brochures and several copies of the slick video presentations they produced for prospective buyers.

When his plane landed at the main island airport, Mac told the chief pilot to flight test the new helicopter, and to inspect the new landing pad next to the villa, while Mac, Mike and Doug hopped a ride on the contractor's helicopter to the new Paradise Island Airport. The architects, contractors and the project superintendent greeted Mac's party at the new terminal. Mac was there to inspect the work to date, so after introducing his new assistants, he had the project manager proceed with the inspection tour.

Mac gave Mike detailed instructions on the areas he wanted changed. He instructed Mike to have the sales department hire and train some smart, attractive sales people to greet all prospective buyers. He was looking for image spokespersons that executives like Drew would feel comfortable listing to. Mac turned to the contractor and said, "We will need to use one of the houses as a showroom for our sales staff."

They finished their tour of the facilities and headed back to the temporary field office.

"I want to thank all of you for a job well done. I'm very pleased with the results. Mike Lee will be managing this project for me from now on. If he is unavailable, you can contact his assistant, Doug Chatham. Again, thank you, gentlemen."

He took Mike and Doug into the office and went over his list of priorities. "Mike, I want you to work out a foolproof security system for the island, including the manpower requirements. Look at the overall communications systems and all emergency backup systems. Our residents will want the best that money can buy. I want the security so tight that a porpoise couldn't get through without our knowing about it. There will be absolutely no over-flights without authorization. Work up an estimate of the equipment we will need to handle the job. You need to design a foolproof system. I will want Security Passes for anyone entering this private island.

"If you need me, I will be at the villa. I need to polish my presentation for Drew next week. Let's schedule a dress rehearsal for next Tuesday. Coordinate everything with Chip Buchner, and make flight arrangements using the GW jets to fly everyone down. I think it would be a nice gesture to bring them down on Saturday to give them a few days in the sunshine, and we can have a dry-run rehearsal on Monday. They have all been working hard, and could use the break. If their significant other wants to come, we'll pick up the tab. Drew's flight is expected to land late Friday."

Mac caught a ride to the villa after Mike and Doug took the copter back to the main island. The villa was as beautiful as ever. The staff had everything just perfect. He changed into his bathing suit and headed out to the small work area by the pool. The cool breeze and the warm sun were delightful. He decided, 'To hell with it all', and he just laid back and enjoyed the beautiful view of his part of the Island.

The butler gently shook him and said, "Mr. MacDonald, you have a telephone call from Mr. Lee. Do you wish to speak to him?"

Mac had fallen asleep and the sun was starting to set. He looked at his watch and realized he had been asleep over four hours. "I'll take the call." He picked up the portable and spoke to Mike.

"We've set everything up at the hotel and everything works. I've booked the extra rooms and double checked the meeting room. The hotel management has done a beautiful job setting everything up, it looks great. They plan to have fresh cut flowers the day of the meeting. Let me know what time you want to hold the rehearsal and I'll have the chopper waiting for you."

"You've done well, Mike," Mac said. "I'll call you in the morning as soon as I know."

"Adam Blake has found you a pilot and wants to know if you could interview him at seven, tomorrow morning," Mike said. "He'll inspect the airport at the same time. The pilot's name is Riley Brown."

"That's fine with me," Mac said. "Tell Adam that any time after six will be fine. Have him fax me a copy of Riley Brown's paperwork and resume tonight. Drew advised me by email that his ETA will be five o'clock tomorrow. Please let Adam know that I want him to stick around until Drew has arrived. I want to be sure that everything is perfect, and that Riley is flight checked with the chopper. Drew is flying in on the company's Business Jet aircraft. Tell Adam I may decide to keep the small jet here, and send Adam back on the BBJ if Riley is qualified to fly the smaller jet. We may want to do some island hopping. Don't forget to check with RW on Drew's security detail; you know what I want, Mike. I'll fly over tomorrow morning after I interview Riley Brown. You know where I'll be if you need me."

Mac had a light dinner and spent the remainder of the evening catching up on his correspondence. He jogged around the beach for an hour, returned to the villa, took his shower and was in bed, asleep by nine.

Mac was up the next morning at five, jogged along the beach, returned to the villa, showered, and had breakfast while watching the beautiful sunrise. He was reading Riley Brown's resume when he heard the chopper approaching the landing pad. It was an impressive looking aircraft, all shiny and bright in the morning sunshine. It made a smooth landing and the two pilots deplaned and walked over to the villa. Adam made the introductions and left for the airfield for his inspection.

"You made a smooth landing," Mac said. "Let's sit by the pool and have our coffee." The butler served them coffee and left. "I've read your resume and was impressed by your flight experience. It's not often that I meet a former Annapolis graduate with an impressive combat record. If I hire you, you must pass our company bank of tests. I also have my own test that I like to give all prospective employees. Do you have any objections?"

"No, sir, I have no objections," Riley answered.

"Tell me about yourself, Riley," Mac said. Riley told Mac his life story, from his graduation from the Academy, to his years of flying. Mac was reading Riley's mind and had formed his opinion of the man. After he finished his story, Mac said, "Why did you walk away from a promising career in the military for a job as a pilot in private aviation?"

"I realized that the military would continue to cut back on the number of pilots they had on active duty, and my future did not look promising. I felt it was a good time for me to start looking at a career change to private aviation before things got worse. The airline industry was not much better; they had the pick of the best pilots in multi-engine aircraft, so I decided to concentrate my search in the private sector. I'm looking for a job that would allow me to fly now, and then move up into a management position down the road. I've given myself two years to find the right opportunity. It's been a struggle to find the right place, and I was hoping your ad would not be another dead end. Adam Blake told me enough to get my hopes up. He said his job was to screen pilots, and to test those who qualified for their ratings. Adam said I passed all his tests and the next step would be an interview with you."

"Let me tell you about my company and what we look for in all our employees." Mac went on to explain what he expected from all his people. He told Riley that he personally interviews every person that joins his firm. "You may join the company as a pilot, but be expected to work hard, be loyal to me and to my company," Mac said. "If you can do this Riley, you will have a very bright future with my company. You can expect to earn a better than average salary and will be promoted into management if you make the grade. If you are not prepared to give me your best, you should be on the next plane out of here," Mac said.

"That's the only way I can work, Mr. MacDonald," Riley said. "If your job is the one I have been searching for, I will work my tail off to stay with you."

"Good! That's what I want to hear," Mac said. "I'm offering you a job as my chief pilot and manager of airport operations on Paradise Island," Mac said. He told him of his plans for the island and the new airport, of the need to work closely with government entities to iron out any problems regarding the landing of aircraft, and to guarantee that their airspace would not be violated.

"I want you to develop an operations manual consistent with other airports for the aircraft that are allowed to land here. We should have enough tie-down spaces for visiting aircraft. We are building an emergency repair facility, as well as hangars to store our aircraft. Make a list of the equipment we will need to make this facility operational. Adam Blake is the GW Stevens Company's chief pilot, and he has made a survey of the facilities. I suggest that you sit down with him and go over his report."

"You will be the chief pilot for the MacDonald-Stevens Corporation. Feel free to call on Adam Blake if you need any help. You will report to Mike Lee, my second in command. He will schedule you for your employment physical. I want you and your staff in uniform while on duty. You should contact our advertising agency and have them come up with a functional and eye appealing uniform. Do you have any questions so far?"

"Yes, sir," Riley said with a smile. "When do you want me to start?"

"You're on the payroll as of today," Mac said. "I'm glad to have you on board. Our Chairman, Drew Stevens, will be arriving from DC this afternoon; he is also the President of GW Stevens Company. I would appreciate it if you handled him with kid gloves. I will introduce you to Mike Lee when we get back to the main island. He will see that you have everything you need and will make sure you have your notebook computer and your codes. Golden Rule number one, your notebook computer is more important than your flight maps. Sleep with it if necessary. It is quite a unique design and will have all your flight maps installed in it already. You will always be able to reach me with that computer. It has a built-in cellular telephone with an automatic jamming circuit. I will prepare your employment contract and have it to you in a few days. You won't be disappointed, I assure you. By the way, just for grins, what were you going to ask me for a salary?"

"I need a minimum of forty-thousand, Mr. MacDonald," Riley said.

"I want Adam to flight check you on the small corporate jet this afternoon." Mac said. "I want you to find a full time co-pilot and two back-up pilots to help you out in an emergency. You are never to discuss your salary package with any other person. Your starting salary is fifty-thousand with a five thousand dollar sign-on bonus. We will supply you with your uniforms. You will receive a housing allowance until I have the staff quarters built on the island. The package includes all company medical and insurance, retirement, stock options and tuition package. Now let's see if you know how to fly."

"Thank you, Mr. MacDonald," Riley said. "This is a great opportunity and a great salary package."

Mac said, "When we are alone, please call me Mac."

"Yes, sir," Riley replied.

Mac called Mike to let him know he would be taking off in ten minutes.

Doug was waiting at the main island airport to take them to the hotel. After Mac made the introductions, they took off for the hotel.

Mike was setting up the large video display when they walked into the large meeting room. Mac said, "Very nice, Mike, I'm impressed." Mac said. "I want you to meet our new chief pilot, Riley Brown; he is on the payroll as of today. I want you to brief him on company policy and set him up with a computer and his codes. I've told Riley that he will be reporting to you, and I'm sure he has a lot of questions that will need answering. He will need a place to stay until he finds himself permanent quarters."

"Consider it done, boss," Mike said. "Are you ready for the walk through?"

"Any time you're ready, Mr. Lee," Mac said. Mike took him through the whole presentation except for Mac's opening statements. Mike then introduced Mac to the manager who gave him the tour of the whole hotel.

"You've made a good choice, Mike," Mac said. "I like this place. It's very charming and isolated, and it has a great view of the surrounding area. Would this villa be easy to guard with a small team?"

"That's why I selected it," Mike said. "It's a piece of cake to secure."

"Doug, why don't you see if you can get Riley squared away," Mac said. "I need to go over a few things with Mike." When they were out of earshot, "I've done my own brain scan on him and he checks out. He should make a good ops manager," Mac said. "Put him through his paces and make all the necessary arrangements to get him on board. I've told him I want to keep the small jet here for the next two weeks. Have Adam flight check him on the small jet before he leaves. Adam can fly everyone back on Drew's BBJ after the presentation. Make sure he knows my do's and don'ts regarding the Paradise Island villa."

"Have Doug check this hotel out. Find out if we can buy the place," Mac said. "I'd like to know what you can learn, soonest."

"What do you think of Riley Brown?" Mac asked Mike.

"Clean cut, intelligent, no nonsense guy. What did you expect? He's an Annapolis man. How quickly we forget. I graduated from the Naval Academy," Mike laughed. "We'll get along just fine."

Mac smiled, "Well, pardon the hell out of me. I stand with my head bowed to your lordship," he laughed. "By the way, are you having any problems with Doug?"

"Everything is fine," Mike said. "He is a fast learner. He's learned a lot since the last time we worked together. He has matured a lot, and I think he'll make good team leader."

"I need more rehearsal time on my presentation," Mac said. "I'm going to work on it until I have it the way I want it. Unless you need me, I'm heading back to work on it some more. Keep up the good work, Mike."

Mac had a late lunch and caught up on his email. He finished around two, worked on his presentation for an hour and then decided to goof off for the rest of the afternoon. He headed for their private beach where he inflated one of the air mattresses, stripped and coated himself with oil and lay down to enjoy the afternoon sun.

Drew arrived earlier than planned. He changed and found Mac sound asleep at their love beach. Drew pulled off his shorts, rubbed the lotion on himself, and sat down on the mattress next to Mac. He had not seen that beautiful body in three weeks and he wanted nothing more than to hold him in his arms. He lay next to him and kissed him. Mac opened his eyes and grinned from ear to ear. He pulled Drew close to him and gave him a proper kiss.

"I see you are still taking advantage of me," Mac said. "God, it's wonderful to hold you in my arms again. You look good enough to eat, which I think I'll do this minute."

Mac turned Drew on his back. He kissed and rubbed every inch of his body, sending Drew into a frenzy, until he could not hold back any longer and climaxed. After his breathing returned to normal, Drew turned Mac on his back and brought him to a climax. Mac pulled Drew on top of him and wrapped his arms around him and said, "This is where you belong, baby, I've missed my love blanket for way too long."

Drew kissed him tenderly, "We never have to be separated this long again. God, I'd forgotten how wonderful you are," Drew said. "I don't want to move, your body feels so good."

"Then don't move," Mac said. "You're giving me another erection, sweetheart, but it feels delightful. That pole of yours is about to puncture my stomach. Did you know I can sue you for sexual harassment?"

"You'd better sue, because I don't plan to stop taking advantage of you," Drew said. "I'm going to be after you twenty-four hours a day from now on, my handsome farm boy."

"I love it when you talk dirty, sweetheart," Mac said. "I hope you don't wear yourself out. You know we farm boys have stamina."

"Well, you look tired, baby," Drew said. "We're going to relax for the next three days and only respond to emergency calls, business wise. Now that we're together, finally, we won't have such a heavy work load. We're going to have to start taking long weekends from now on. How about a little swim before we dress for dinner? Although I hate to get up, you're just so comfortable to lay on."

"Not to worry, sweetheart, you can have my body the rest of the night," Mac said. "I'm starved. I just remembered that I didn't have lunch, and that little bit of protein I got from you is not enough to sustain me."

They had a good swim and returned to the beach, where they dressed and returned to the villa.

They enjoyed a leisurely dinner and had their coffee and brandy on the patio. All the servants except their new houseman had returned to the main island.

"I see you have made some changes since the last time I was here," Drew said. "Mike introduced Doug and our new pilot to me when I arrived. I can see why Mike had the hots for Doug. He does look a lot like Scott. He is one handsome dude and the new pilot is not bad looking, either. I guess Kim was right about you. You seem to attract good-looking people. Usually, it's the other way around; handsome men, like you, want to surround themselves with homely people. I like the idea of having the helicopter pad next to the villa. It's great not to have to make the trek by boat after a long flight. I think that gold crest on the helicopter is a nice touch, too, and I like the new colors. I always liked red, white and gold.

"I like Lloyd, our new house man; he reminds me of Kim," Drew said. "When did you hire him?"

"Mike hired him two weeks ago," Mac said. "He is Chris and Kim wrapped up into one. He was a former Secret Service agent that Mike recruited. Very intelligent, a Chinese-American, he is also gay. I wanted someone here all the time to keep an eye on things. There are too many new people working on the island now. He is a gourmet chef and his dream is to own his own restaurant. I told him we would help him make his dream come true if he would remain as head of our household. The deal is if he can come up with a good business plan and run a restaurant, we will finance him. Now he spends most of his free time working on his dream project. I know he will do well, and it keeps him busy."

"You're turning out to be a smart farm boy with a kind heart," Drew said. "That's why I love you so much. You are always helping other people realize their dreams."

"I have a good teacher, my love," Mac said. "God, it's going to take three days to cover all my news. Claudia and your Mother, bless their hearts, have taken care of everything for Rod and Jen's wedding party. I think with your wonderful family's efforts, that this will turn out to be a very elegant party. The wedding reception in August will be a big letdown in comparison."

Mac told Drew about his meeting with David and Noel. "It is a perfect marriage. They hit it off right away, they're like two peas in a pod, and why not, they both have quick minds and are creative. They have accomplished a lot in just a few meetings. Noel told me he is delighted with David and feels that his people will not resent him. Noel is enthusiastic about his new division and the prognosis looks good. We have decided to keep the employees in the dark until we're ready. The plan is to send David in as a new group VP to run the show until Noel returns. By that time, David will be firmly entrenched and will have everything under control.

"Scott told me, that Noel must stay in Charleston from now on. Leanne is not responding to the chemotherapy and the cancer has metastasized to other organs. Noel is keeping up a brave front, but Scott said it's only a matter of months.

"Linda MacGregor is still very pregnant, and Scott has agreed to become our Director of Adult Care Medical Services. I plan to fly the whole group down to make the presentation to you on Tuesday.

"I'm keeping the small jet here until we are ready to return to New York. I had Adam take your BBJ back to New York. He will be returning on Saturday with our Health Services Group team. I thought you might want to take me out to dinner some night. Now that we have our own pilot we can go anywhere, any time. Don't you just love that, baby?"

"You have everything figured out don't you?" Drew said. "Why would I want to take you out to dinner when we have a gourmet chef in the kitchen?"

"It was only a suggestion in case you got bored with me and the surroundings," Mac said. "Why don't you come over here and lie next to me on this lounge? I want to make out with you, baby." Drew walked over to join Mac on the lounge. They embraced and kissed.

"Now, this is more like it. I love you so much," Drew said. "I've missed our quality time together. My life is empty without you, sweetheart. Let's go to bed."

"I thought you would never ask," Mac said. They walked arm in arm to the bedroom. They lay in each other's arms, "I want to feel you deep inside me tonight," Drew said. "I've been thinking about this since the last time we made love together."

"Are you sure, baby?" Mac said. "You know your farm boy is hung like a large farm animal and I don't want to spread your cute anus out of shape."

"I really don't care if it hurts or not," Drew said. "I want you. I know you will be as gentle as you always are with me, my lover."

Mac took the lotion and worked it into Drew's body. They both started becoming aroused. Drew took the condoms and put one on himself and the other one on Mac.

After seating the condom, "Gosh, you do have a monster between your legs, my love," Drew said. "I wonder if I'm ready to take that monster inside me."

"You're about to find out. Lie on your side, baby. You know I will never hurt you. If you feel too uncomfortable, I will stop."

Mac massaged his anus with the special medicated cream that relaxed the rectum. When he was fully relaxed, he inserted his penis into Drew and waited. Drew began to push back until he felt Mac deep inside him. Mac was surprised at how easily Drew accepted him, and didn't move, waiting again until Drew began to move on him. Drew was controlling him completely. Mac reached around to take Drew's penis and testicles in his hands, then began to move very slowly, building almost to a climax. Again, as in other lovemaking sessions, their bodies and minds became one. The climax seemed to grow and grow as they reached a plateau and remained at that wonderful state of euphoria for a long time. They felt completely satisfied. The experience was so powerful that it took several minutes to regain their normal breathing.

Mac removed the condoms and washed and dried himself and then Drew. He returned to bed and took Drew in his arms and kissed him. Mac said, "You didn't complain about anything hurting, sweetheart, so I must assume that you enjoyed it, my love."

"It was absolutely fantastic, the most satisfying sex that I have experienced with you. It hurt a little in the beginning. Then the pain was gone and replaced with a delightful sensation that built within me. I wanted more and more of you and I couldn't help myself. It felt as if our bodies merged into one. I could feel you throughout my whole body. I could feel your powerful brain waves merging with mine and I wanted that wonderful feeling to go on forever. Finally, it ended. I felt this terrible emptiness when you pulled out of me. I'm glad I didn't black out this time. You were so tender and sweet; thank you for cleaning me up. You are so wonderful, Mac. I am still amazed at how much happiness you have given me. Just when I think our love can't get any better, you make it great."

"I will always love you," Mac said. "God has been good to us. It's easy to love you, and I could never love another person the way I love you. Now, you lay your head on my shoulder and get some much needed sleep."

Mac awoke at five o'clock. The moonlight was shining through the open patio doors. Drew was sound asleep, lying next to him with his head resting on his shoulder. They had slept the entire night in that position without stirring. Mac eased a pillow under Drew's head and got out of bed. He did his half-hour workout, showered, shaved, then returned to bed. He pulled Drew into his arms again without waking him. Mac chuckled to himself, 'Here is one of the most powerful men in industry, that many competitors fear, yet he's sound asleep in my arms like a little boy. He is more like a teenager all curled up in my arms'. Mac always felt he was Drew's protector; he loved everything about Drew, and in particular, these times when he could hold him in his arms.

Mac kissed him very softly so he would not wake him. He rubbed Drew's back and kissed him again. He could not control his erection; it was as natural as his love for Drew. The next time he kissed Drew, he felt Drew's hand on his penis.

"What a wonderful way to be awakened," Drew said. "How is my handsome lover this morning? How long have you been awake?

"Since five, I had to work out some of the kinks, but I couldn't resist the temptation of holding you in my arms again this morning, sweetheart. You are so cuddly and loveable when you're asleep."

"I love you," Drew said. "This is the first night since we've been apart that I have been able to sleep the whole night through. I usually get up several times a night when we're separated. There were nights I could not get back to sleep at all. This last week was the worst. Part of it was my anxiety to get on with my life and to be with you. My work with the committee was all but over, and my thoughts of being with you again were driving me mad. You have become so much a part of me that I'm lost without you, I cannot even imagine now, what my life was like before you came into my life."

"We are truly a blessed couple," Mac said. "I was feeling miserable the night you left, I missed you so much that I couldn't sleep. It was after I said my prayers that I finally realized how ungrateful I was for the wonderful gift God had given me. I should be rejoicing and praising him for allowing us to become lovers. Here I was, wasting my time in self-pity. How immature of me, and a waste of precious time. I finally got the message that our separation was God's way of letting me know how precious his gift is. It's all part of tempering our love and devotion to each other. The more I'm with you, the more I believe that our meeting was preordained. God wanted us to be together. I firmly believe that I was being prepared from childhood to live this life with you.

"Think about it, Drew, how many farm boys do you know that are fluent in three languages, have extra sensory perception, are telepathic, with photographic memory, and have devised a brilliant business plan while still in high school. Let's not forget that this farm boy happens to be a concert pianist with an extremely high IQ, who is intelligent, sophisticated, has an appreciation of art and literature, is articulate and appealing; a drug-free virgin at twenty-five who is wholesome, sensitive and personable with a keen sense of humor. Oddly enough, this farm boy has no desire to live on a farm. His dream is to become a business leader. He sacrifices everything to achieve this dream. Yet it was denied him, but he perseveres until finally he is about to reach the most important first step in his career, a law degree from an Ivy league University. How odd, you may say, that this farmer happens to be in the mountains, at this time of winter, all alone on a deserted mountain road a few miles from a handsome prince of industry."

"You have admitted that you were lonely and prayed for a man to love you. You admitted to me that I was the ideal man and the lover you always wanted. So, the farmer leaves his cabin in the middle of this storm to trek across the mountain, and falls a few yards from your front door. This farm boy is lying covered with snow from a Northeaster blowing so densely that you couldn't see a foot in front of you. Did you really think Luke could pick up my scent, or see me through those windows almost two hundred feet away? The dog was pestering you so much that you decided to take him for a walk in the snowstorm, and discover my body. The rest is history. Our love will continue to grow stronger as time goes on. We both want to help people grow and prosper. We will raise a fine family and do charitable works with our wealth. I feel that's why God has given us to one another, and that, my beautiful lover, is what I believe.

"Claudia interprets our meeting as a coincidence," Mac said. "I don't happen to believe in coincidences. Anyway, I find too many unexplained incidents that have convinced me that she is wrong. From now on, my love, we must make every effort not to be separated again, or we will lose the strength that we each give the other," Mac said. "If you don't believe me, baby, take a close look at yourself in the mirror. It's not just the results of a good night's sleep that has made you so radiant, it's the strength we give to each other that has revived you."

"You are probably right," Drew said. "You know I never wanted to leave you, Mac. The President's assignment was planned six months before I met you. Remember, I wanted to drop it even before you graduated. You were the one that convinced me to see it through. Frankly, I think it all worked out for the best, for it gave you the experience of running a large corporation, which is something you would never have done if I were home. You proved to yourself, and everyone else, your true capabilities as a leader."

"As frightening as it may be, you have convinced me that our marriage was made in heaven. There was never any doubt about you from the day I laid eyes on you. I knew instinctively that you were the only man I would ever love, and for me to make an instant decision like that is unthinkable. The more time I spend with you, the more I'm convinced that you are one of God's chosen people. I've never told you this, but I've felt this for some time. I'll admit I was a little shaken by this revelation at first, but I took a leaf from your book and accepted your theory of divine intervention.

"I don't have to look at a mirror to know that what you say is true, because it happens to me every time I'm with you," Drew said. "I attribute it to some powerful chemistry that exists between us. I know your telepathic powers are well developed, and you have taken control of my mind at times, and this could be part of it. As I have said before, I have not come up with a logical explanation."

He kissed Mac, forcing his tongue deep into his mouth. "I want to have sex again, the same as last night," Drew said. "I want to feel you deep inside me again, and stay inside of me until you are soft."

Mac took his time until Drew was moaning with pleasure before he entered him this time. Drew was so aroused that when Mac began to insert himself, Drew did not wait. He pushed back onto Mac, taking him in one continuous motion.

Mac held Drew tight to stop him from moving. "Relax, my beautiful one," Mac said. He released his hold on Drew, and began again using slow, deep, penetrating thrusts into Drew. He kept up the same unhurried rhythm until both climaxed. Mac held Drew locked in his arms and didn't pull out.

The sun was flooding the room with light when they woke.

Mac pulled out of Drew and turned him so he was facing him. "You're beautiful, I'm so happy you've decided to keep me after all," Mac said. "Would you like me to wash your back my little one?"

"No, I've decided to stay this way until it's time to go home," Drew said.

"No can do, my love," Mac said. "You've got to feed the farm boy, that's the deal."

Drew chuckled and kissed him. They showered and dressed for breakfast.

"How would you like to take a quick tour of the work in progress before we go to our private beach?" Mac asked him. "Lloyd can pack us a lunch with a nice bottle of wine while I pack a cooler with soft drinks and our sex aids. I want you to see how I'm spending our money. After the tour, I'm yours for the rest of the weekend."

Drew smiled, "How can I refuse when you when you put it that way, my love?"

After they loaded the jeep and made sure they had their cell phones, they headed off to the new office complex. Mac took him to the newly decorated showroom facility, had the architect go over the scale model of the island, and explained to him the layout of the entire village and the construction schedule for each phase. He showed Drew the shopping mall with boutique shops, and the list of the prestigious designers that had already signed up, some of which could only be found in high fashion centers such as New York, Paris, London, Italy and Spain. Charming upscale restaurants and pastry shops were dispersed throughout the area as well. The layout reminded Drew of Westhampton on Long Island and Paris, elegant yet simple. The shops that were slated to open were Tiffany's, Cartier, Elizabeth Arden, Sak's, Gucci, Vuitton, just to name a few. In addition, there were shops that carried priceless art and antique furniture. Nothing was left to chance. If it couldn't be found in these shops, they would find it for you, elsewhere, and fly it in the next day. The food stores were unbelievable. Again, the customers could order anything, and have it flown in the next day. Naturally, the airfreight charges were not included. The food shops catered to the taste of every palate, including several fine wine stores.

After they finished with the architect, Mac showed Drew a scale model of the island, which showed the models of the high-rise condominiums, and the office building that would include the five banks on the ground floor. After that Mac showed Drew the two models that had already been completed, decorated and landscaped. Finally, they drove to the airport facilities, the yacht basin, the marina, golf course, tennis facilities, the casino and the emergency hospital. "Well, what do you think of it so far?"

"I can't believe what you've accomplished in such a short time. I was impressed with the sales presentation. That was a first class production. In fact, it will make a wise investment for GW Stevens. I will purchase four of each model. I want to be your first customer. The villas are beautiful. The price range of a million-five to three-million is reasonable. That price will attract the right people who will appreciate this exclusive environment. Most owners will like the idea of a year round houseman included in the monthly maintenance fee. That will be a big plus for owners like us that can use the house whenever they can get away. You must be running low on operating capitol. The airport complex alone must be costing millions. I think we should put at least another two hundred-million in the project. What do you say?"

"My original thought was to take out a builder's loan for 100-million against the property and use fifty million of that for development and the other fifty million to develop the Landsdorf and Rothacher Divisions," Mac said.

"You would be better off getting a five-hundred million letter of credit and not limit yourself to any cash flow problems," Drew said. "You'll need that amount at the pace you're moving. Let's sit down after dinner, go over everything, and see how much you are going to need. We can float it through GW Stevens at a good rate."

"That's fine with me," Mac said. "You're the financial brains in this organization. Who better to handle that end of the business?

"I'm impressed with the package you put together for Noel," Mac said. "Would you like to sit in on my meeting with David Chang when we return to New York? I think David can give you a much clearer picture on Noel's whole operation. What do you say?"

Drew smiled, "Of course. I'd be happy to sit in on any of your meetings. You don't even have to ask me, just make the appointment in my calendar, and attach your usual summary, or we can discuss it before the meeting." He chuckled, "It's not like I'm going to be away anymore, certainly not after our talk this morning."

Mac gave him that wicked smile, "Now you are going to get it this afternoon, for sure," Mac said. "You've had enough work for one day, and I want to feel that beautiful body next to me on the beach."

They drove almost to their private beach and carried the gear to their favorite area. They stripped and lay together on the air mattress.

"Now this is the life," Mac said. "I'll put the lotion on you first, and then you can apply it to me. After that, I want to feel you inside of me. Do you mind, Drew?"

"My pleasure, sweetheart," Drew said. After he spread the lotion over Mac, they made love. They removed the rubbers and lay on their backs, side by side, holding hands and enjoying the sun. Mac awoke from his nap and woke Drew, so both turned on their stomachs to grill the other side. Mac sat up and rubbed Drew's back. "How about a swim before lunch?" Mac asked.

They jumped in the clear water and swam out to the small sailboat Mac had rented, then back to the beach for lunch. After lunch, they took a leisurely walk along the beach.

"Do you feel up to talking about Philip?" asked Mac.

"It's very hard for them right now, I finally convinced Philip to see a shrink to help him cope with his depression," Drew said. "They're still planning to get together with us next month in New York, and sail to the Island. The doctors feel that Philip's condition has stabilized, but he still thinks it's a lost cause."

"Don't get me wrong," Drew said. "I like Philip, but he has a negative attitude about his malady. Karl is the one I'm concerned about. He is depressed that Philip is not taking a more positive attitude and fighting the cancer."

"I spoke to Karl yesterday," Mac said. "He is still set on going ahead with the division. I told him you and I would kick it around with him next month before putting a proposal together.

"You know I'm planning to form a division to absorb Philip's company in the near future. I feel that industrial security will be a very important area in the future," Mac said. "I've already discussed this with Karl some time ago and he was all for it.

"I intend to approach Philip about an outright purchase," Mac said. "My plan is to send Mike over to learn Phil's business, and then let him run the division. After Mike has learned the European end of the business, I'll move him back to New York to open the US operations. He can hire a Director to run the European group. Mike can also offer any support that Karl and Philip might require. I feel that Philip will soon lose interest in running his business," Mac said. "Furthermore, I'm convinced that his security business could become very profitable with what I have in mind. I was hoping this would be two years down the road. Obviously, it can't be that way anymore. Karl's phone call two weeks ago changed all that. I've been thinking about it a lot for the past two weeks and I wanted to kick it around with you before I spend any more time on the project."

"Look, baby, I'm not going to hold you to our agreement about taking on any new projects," Drew said. "I did that because you were pushing yourself too hard. You would work yourself to death if I didn't stop you. I could see the fatigue in your eyes on the video phone. I am not going to let anything happen to you, baby; you mean more to me than anything in this world. Now that I'm home, and we are working together again, I plan to take on my share of the workload. If you want to talk to Philip, go ahead. I'm always ready to discuss anything that's on your mind. Please promise me that you will not take on too many projects that will cut into our quality time from now on."

Mac stopped walking, pulled Drew into his arms and kissed him. "I love you, baby, you so are good for me." They continued walking along the beach. "I've been selfish to get so wrapped up in all these projects," Mac said. "I forget that I'm married and must keep reminding myself that I have your feelings to consider as well. You are so patient with me, baby. I promise I'll improve; don't give up on me yet, look how much I've improved so far. I haven't cried in months."

Drew laughed, "I plead guilty to being selfish too," Drew said. "I want to keep you all to myself and I don't even want to share you with anyone. So I guess we both have room for improvement. I love you the way you are, my handsome, sexy, Kentucky farm boy."

"Where is it written that you have to share me, we do just fine by ourselves; you be as selfish as you want, I'm not complaining."

The weekend went by too quickly. They made a good start on their tans and they looked well rested by the time Monday came around. Mac had to fly over to the main island for the final run-through on the presentation. He was pleased with the way everything turned out and complimented everyone on his or her flawless presentation. Before leaving, he had a meeting with Mike to review his projects.

"I've talked to the owners about this hotel and they are asking one point three million for the entire package. It's much larger than we thought," Mike said. "The parcel includes the four villas at the end of the road leading up to this hilltop. In addition, the property extends from the road down to the water. The owners have a contract with the management group that runs the hotel. The contract can be broken if the property is sold."

"Good work, Mike," Mac said. "Has Riley found a co-pilot yet?"

"We hired a temp for now," Mike said. "Riley wants to take his time to find the right guy."

"I agree," Mac said. "I would like you to arrange to have our team take a tour of Paradise Island. Of course, my villa is still off limits. Make sure Scott goes along, and it wouldn't hurt to let them know that GW Stevens Company is purchasing sixteen of the villas. I also want you to hold four of the large villas for me. They can be built along with Drew's."

"I would like your honest appraisal on Doug's performance," Mac said.

"He is doing better than I expected," Mike said. "He has been making a lot of the right decisions on his own, and I trust his judgment, no loose ends. He's not afraid to ask for help if he gets in over his head. I give him high marks."

"Could he take over all your responsibilities tomorrow," Mac asked?

Mike smiled, "I would like you to think I'm indispensable, but yes, I think he could handle the job, but in all fairness to Doug, he could use more time on the job before he would feel comfortable. If he could count on your support in the beginning, and he hired an experienced second in command, I know he could do a good job. I have developed a good set of operations manuals, so he would have a good base to work from," Mike said. "He's intelligent and a hard worker, what else can I say?"

"You have nothing to worry about, Mike," Mac said. "Your still Number One in my book and I have nothing but praise for your accomplishments to date. You have more than justified my faith in you. There may be a situation in the near future that I need you to handle. I want you to be ready to move fast when it happens. That's why I asked you about Doug. Start turning more of your day-to-day responsibilities over to him. Let's see if he can handle it. I want you to concentrate on finding Doug's assistant, and to familiarize yourself with the Rothacher and Landsdorf Divisions. This is between us girls; I wish I could tell you more, Mike. However, you will know more in a month."

"You may be moving up the ladder fast, much faster then I had planned, but you're ready, Mike. I have gotten so used to working with you; it will feel as if I'll be losing my right arm. We need a seasoned assistant for Doug quickly, and he has to be able to take orders from Doug. Why don't you try to tap the CIA again? We have had some pretty good luck with them so far."

"I will sure try," Mike said.

"Well, I'll see you at the big presentation tomorrow," Mac said. "Have Riley pick us up at eight-thirty. Get with the builder to select 16 choice lots for Drew, and have him start building the units. He wants four of each style. Also, let's push to get the airport completed quickly. You know my priorities; pass that on to Doug and everyone else. Drew was impressed with everything. He plans to contact some of his friends about the condominiums. Keep up the good work, Mike. One more thing, find out who is the best real estate firm in town and have them place a low-ball bid on this hotel. Then we will find out what they really want. Take Doug along with you and teach him how it's done."

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦
To be continued
♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦