Family & Friends Series


By Ron Robbins,
edited by Frank Perry

2008 All rights reserved

Part 3

On Wednesday evening, Pip's Tio Juan arrived early for dinner. Palo showed him into the living room where Grant greeted him.

"Good evening, Dr. Pizarro, how kind of you to come. Pip told me so much about you. Please sit down, Pip has been detained with some last minute emergencies. May I offer you something to drink, a cocktail or a glass of wine?"

"Wine would be fine, thank you."

Grant poured two glasses and handed one to Juan. Grant lifted his glass and said, "To your good health."

"I cannot believe the transformation in you," Juan said. "I would never have recognized you on the street; you look like a new man."

"I feel wonderful; of course Pip is responsible for my remarkable recovery. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me, Doctor. I would imagine this meeting must be uncomfortable for you. I appreciate your taking the time out of your busy schedule to dine with us tonight. Pip has told me a great deal about you. He respects you so much and loves you more than his own father. Pip is a kind and compassionate human being that any father would be proud of. I know my father will be crazy about him."

"Pip is, as you say, a fine person, and I will never understand my brother," Juan said. "Did Pip happen to mention that his older brother committed suicide because he could not take the pressure his father placed on him? He was a tender soul; he was not as strong as Pip.

"My brother became even more overbearing with Pip after that tragedy. He was not very happy when Pip decided to study medicine. He is so wrapped up in that family business that he is unaware that he has lost his son. Pip would never be any good at running the family business, he is a doctor and that is all he cares about.

"It would be a big mistake for you and Pip to live in Peru," Juan said. "My advice to you is to return to the United States and take Pip with you, if you want any kind of life at all. Homosexuals are not welcome in this country. There is too much hate here against your kind."

"Even if you're right, Doctor, I cannot ask Pip to give up everything he loves."

"Why can't you?" Juan asked. "Your country is more tolerant toward gay people. Besides which, you will not meet many gay people to socialize with in this country."

"Look, Doctor, Pip saved my life and I owe him big time. If he wants to live here, then I will stay with him. My place is with him. If Pip loves me and sees that we are suffering, I will not have to tell him, Doctor. I happen to believe he will do the right thing. Anyway, we really don't need people to be happy and content.

"I have decided to become a doctor and join Pip at Emory University. He has agreed to remain at Emory until I finish my degree. We will have plenty of time to decide by then where the best location for me to intern might be, and for him to establish his practice. The time will pass quickly and we will always be together, that's all that really matters to us now. God has ordained that we be together and he will protect us."

"I warned Pip about the dangers he faced getting involved in a relationship with you; naturally he refused to listen. You must be discreet in your relationship as long as you remain in this country. Homosexuals are outcasts and will not be tolerated. Oddly enough, the Indians in the more remote areas of Peru are more tolerant, but again I warn you to be discrete. I hope that everything goes well for you and Pip. I feel that you each have the desire to make this work. Be particularly careful around Pip's family."

Pip joined them for a glass of wine before dinner. Their conversation was light and Pip was able to arrange to have his uncle cover for him while they were in Atlanta. After Tio Juan left, Grant called his father to let him know that he and Pip were returning to Atlanta and would stop by for a visit with him.

The Westerville Mansion, Atlanta

The limo dropped them off at the family mansion on West Paces Ferry Road. The butler welcomed Grant back home and told him that his father was waiting for him in the library. GW stood and walked over to Grant and Pip as they walked in. Grant hugged his father, "It's good to be home again Dad, I missed you."

"I missed you too, son." GW shook hands with Pip. "Thank you for curing my son. Grant, I haven't seen you look this healthy in a long time. I'm so pleased."

"All right now, what's the story, Dr. Pizarro, are you releasing my son as cured, or is this just a temporary visit?"

"Your son is cured, Mr. Westerville, and this is only a visit. If you will excuse me, I'll leave you two alone to talk in private."

"I would like you to stay, Pip," Grant said. "Dad, let's sit, there is something you should know."

"Dad, Pip has cured me of my dependence on drugs. Pip and I are lovers and we will be returning to Atlanta as soon as we close up the operation in Peru. When we do return, I plan to apply to Emory Medical School to study medicine. Pip and I will be living together as a couple from now on."

"Well, this is quite a surprise," GW said, "I don't know you that well, Doctor, but it is obvious that you have cured Grant and given him a new outlook on life. I wish you both all the best."

"I want you to take the million dollars out of my trust fund that you advanced to Pip. I also plan to give him the other million to continue his clinic."

"I'll do no such thing," GW said. "I made my deal with Dr. Pizarro. He kept his part of the deal, and I plan to keep mine. He will get his second check for a million dollars when you two return to Atlanta. If you want to give him more money that is between you two. I will release the hold on your assets tomorrow. I hope you plan to move back into your old rooms when you return."

"What do you say, Pip, it's free room and board?"

"Thank you, Mr. Westerville, I would like that."

"Good, I'm glad that's settled," GW, said. "It will be nice to have a live-in doctor on call. Your old friend Brad is living here until he graduates college. I did not tell him you were coming home, because I was not sure myself. Will that present a problem for you, Grant?"

"Not for me, Dad, I need to apologize to Brad for what happened to him. It was good of you to take him in, Dad, how is he doing?"

"Quite well, and he is really a fine young man. I like having him around; he's someone to talk to and he keeps me current on what is going on at Tech. He stays out of trouble and is working part time for me and is doing a good job. You were right about the plastic surgery, Doctor, he looks normal and he has the strength back in his hand. He associates with a more career focused group of friends and has matured a lot."

"Mr. Westerville, would you mind calling me Pip?"

"Not at all, why don't you call me GW like everyone else?"

GW saw Brad pass by the door and said, "Brad, would you step in a minute? There are some old friends here that would like to say hello."

Brad walked in and froze for a second when he saw Grant. Grant walked over to him, extended his hand, and said, "It's good to see you again, Brad. I've been told that I behaved very badly the last time we were together. I hope you have forgiven me for what happened to you. I was so out of it then, I don't remember anything that happened. We can talk about it later. I want to hear the whole story."

Brad extended his hand, "I was stupid for being there in the first place, considering your reputation. I would like to talk to you about that night. Maybe we can compare notes and piece together what really happened."

"It's good to see you again, Pip," Brad said. "Thanks again for everything you did for me. Not only did I get a new face, I also ended up with a new way of life as well."

"GW has told us what a good citizen you've turn into these days," Pip said.

"GW has been terrific; he has treated me better than my own family ever did. He cares about what happens to me. We get along just fine, as long as I obey the rules; be in by nine o'clock on school nights and no drugs."

GW chuckled, "He's been a model young man and is home every day after school cracking the books. Are you men ready for a cocktail before dinner?"

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦

Armed with Grant's medical release from Drs. Juan and Philip Pizarro, GW and Grant visited his banker and trust fund administrator and released the flag on Grant's accounts. While Grant was busy with his financial people, Pip visited his old friend, Joel Cohen. Pip told him of the remarkable success he had with Grant's recovery, and of the treatment plan he followed. He discussed his plans to resume his studies to become Board Certified as a plastic surgeon. Pip also met with his former Chief of Staff at Emory to see if he would he would be allowed to join the next group of doctors scheduled for the next class. He also met with the administrator to learn the steps necessary for Grant to enroll in medical school. He received the enrollment applications to be completed, and scheduled a meeting for Grant to meet with the administrator the following day.

The meeting with the Chief of Staff turned out well. The Chief said he could join the next class in the program. He could join the fall class, but that would mean that he would be required to start over again from the beginning.

After lunch, GW decided to return to his office, since Grant and Pip would be busy the rest of the day. Grant returned home to wait for Pip's return.

He went into the library to grab his notebook computer and found Brad reading.

"Did you get everything squared away to your satisfaction?"

"Everything went great, I hope Emory will be that easy," Grant said. "It's been four years since I graduated from Princeton. It's going to take a lot to get back into the routine again. Do you have a minute to talk about what happened that last night we were together? I think it's time to clear the air, don't you?"

"The only reason for our little party that night was to find Pip. The thousand dollars meant nothing to me. I hired those two guys to scare you into giving me the information I wanted," Grant said. "Anyway, you do have a nice body and you did consent to have sex. I didn't realize until later that things got out of hand. You know as well as I do, we were doing heavy drugs in addition to the booze we were drinking. You took the money and seemed content when I left."

"I left the motel and took a cab home," Grant said. "I swear to God I knew nothing about them hurting you. I only learned about the incident four months later in Peru. I never wanted to hurt you, or Pip, but I was so out of control then I was not thinking clearly. I should have had a private detective track Pip down, but I enjoyed your company."

"I believe you," Brad said. "It's funny how things work themselves out in the long run. I'll admit that it was fun traveling around with you. You know how to wine and dine people, and quite honestly you were good company until you drank too much and started with the drugs. That's when you lost control and became a wild man. I knew you really didn't give a damn about me. You were using me to get to Pip. I should have stopped before I got in too deep. I admit it was easy to blame you for everything. I was along for the ride and knew in the back of my mind that I would eventually have to pay the piper."

"It been great living here with your Dad, he is a great guy and he has more than made up for anything that happened between us. You look great. You're nothing like the Grant I knew. You know if I was into guys I would make a play for you myself. I hope you will not let what happened ruin our friendship?"

Grant smiled, "Thanks for the compliment, but you are not my type, not that you are not attractive and all, it just that I'm married now and I'm very happy with the way my life has turned out."

"Don't tell me; let me guess," Brad said, "You fell in love with your doctor. That happens a lot, I'm told."

"Your right about Pip," Grant said. "Since you're now one of the family, I thought you should know, but let's keep it in the family."

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦

GW found Grant in the library filling out his application when he returned from the office. "Where is everyone?"

"Brad and Pip are out buying medical books and tapes at the campus book store. They'll be gone a couple of hours, if I know Pip."

"What's on your mind, son? Something is bothering you."

Grant got up from the desk and closed the library door and sat down again. "I want to tell you about a conversation I had with Pip's Uncle Juan." He related the conversation he had about his safety in Peru. "What do you think, Dad?"

"I think you should both stay right here and forget about returning to Peru. Pip's father is obsessed with his own importance. He is more concerned about the family's past glories then he is with his own son. A man like that could become a serious threat to you and Pip, if you believe the uncle. I don't think you should return to Peru. Let Pip handle everything there and then return to Atlanta. Why take any chances? Pip will understand."

"I love you Dad, but I'm in love with Pip and he would feel hurt if I left him now, and to be honest, I cannot leave him now. I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and be prepared for the worst case scenario, on the off chance that Pip's father does decide to play dirty. We'll keep this between us. Pip's uncle could be overreacting; he strikes me as being overprotective where Pip is concerned. I will continue to play the ideal patient while I'm in Peru. The economy in Peru is a disaster and the inflation rate is around 70-percent."

"I wonder if the Pizarro's are worth as much as they say they are. Maybe their assets are worthless in today's market. I'm willing to bet they are mortgaged up to their eyeballs. A couple of things Pip mentioned made me suspicious. First, I don't buy his father's explanation as to why he would not raise Pip's allowance. I saw thousands of acres of farmland sitting idle. How many of their other holdings are experiencing the same problems? Taken all together, it leads me to speculate that their backs are against the wall. I'm willing to bet that Pip's inheritance is gone. The old man was delighted when Pip told him about the money he was going to receive from you. I found that very strange, in view of his father's feelings about the tuition he was losing. Do you follow me so far, Dad?"

"Absolutely! If anything happens to you or Pip, I'll investigate Don Pizarro's financial status to see if he is in debt. But how will I know if you are okay? The old man is not stupid enough to harm you. I think he just wants you out of Peru and as far away from Pip as possible. My guess is that he will use you to keep Pip in line. He is shrewd enough to blackmail both you and Pip. I strongly urge you not to show any display of affection in public and be absolutely sure you are not being secretly photographed or recorded in private."

"Pip could have a hard time reentering the United States, if evidence like that appeared," GW said.

"I never thought about that, Dad. I think he will allow my letters through so we will devise our own little code. Before we leave, you have your old girlfriend, Lucy Harding invite us over for dinner. Let Pip think you have serious plans for her in the future. Now, if I write and ask you anything about Lucy, you will know I'm in trouble. If I write and suggest that you take her on a trip to the North Carolina Mountains, you will know the general location in Peru where he is holding me. The reference to any mountain in the US will indicate the geographic relationship to the areas in Peru. If I mention Savannah, you will know I'm close to Lima. Once you interchange Savannah as Lima, you will be able to figure out the coordinates by using Atlanta as North, Florida as South, NC, east, or any city in Alabama as west. Pip has never removed the homing device that is implanted in me. You can have one of your CIA friends check the frequencies and zero in on my exact location."

GW okayed this plan and advised, "Don't say anything about this to Pip, because they could use drugs on him. Again, let Don Pizarro think you are trying to take steps to contact me. Act indignant and disappointed by his actions. He will expect that kind of reaction from you. If there are any interruptions in your communications, I will respond based on our plan. Have Pip apply for citizenship papers tomorrow. I will set it up with the Regional Director today. He can always cancel later if he changes his mind before the five-year residency is up. My corporation will hire him as a consultant, so he has a good reason to fly back and forth. If for some reason his father tries to pull some strings in Lima, we can fly him out on his work visa. He should also apply for a student visa to allay his father's suspicions."

"This may all be unnecessary," Grant said, "but as you said, prepare for the worst case scenario and hope for the best."

"Look, son, don't worry about Pip, I'll see that no harm comes to him. We owe him big for what he did for you. Besides that, I happen to think he's a great guy. I will rest easy when you both are back in Atlanta for good. I'll have my CIA friend do a voice print on you and Pip; he will also give you a telephone number and a code name to use if you ever need it. Once you make that contact, you're home free."

"Thanks, Dad, I know I haven't been the best son in the world up to this point, but I promise to make it up to you in the future."

"We had some good times together before you started on drugs," GW said. "Always remember, Grant, good or bad, you're my son and I will always love you, no matter what."

Grant got up, kissed his father on the forehead, and said, "I love you, Dad, I couldn't have picked a better Dad if I tried."

After dinner, GW and Brad had dates, and took off. Pip and Grant retired to their suite. They were sitting on the sofa holding hands. "What's on your mind, baby?" Pip asked. "Something is bothering you. Do you feel like talking about it?"

"I love you so much, Pip, but I'm afraid about what your uncle said about us. Tio Juan was very serious about his warning. When we return to Peru, we must be discreet. We can only show our affection to each other in our private bedroom behind locked doors."

"Look my love, I think my uncle was overreacting," Pip said. "It's true, my father is to the right of the Pope when it comes to proper Christian behavior, but he would never do anything to hurt us, even if he did discover our secret."

"Dad and I have discussed this in detail," Grant said. "Dad has checked this with some people in the know regarding your father, and they advised me not to return to Peru."

"Baby, I would be lost without you for three months, but there's no way I'll let you join me if you feel threatened."

Grant kissed him, "Don't worry about me. You're my spouse and I plan to be with you. I love you and I don't intend to be separated from you because of your father's prejudices. Dad has made an appointment for you to see the U.S. Regional Director of the State Department at ten o'clock tomorrow morning. We want you to apply for U.S. citizenship. That way you will be protected by our laws. My dad is hiring you as his consultant for South America." He went on to explain the arrangements he made with the CIA operative about making the voice prints and emergency procedures in case anything goes wrong in Peru.

"I'll do anything you want, baby," Pip said. "I want to be sure that you are comfortable about returning to Peru. I would be devastated if anything happened to you."

"I feel the same way," Grant said. "You have cured my dependence on drugs, but now, I have transferred that dependency to you. Your love saved me from a wasted life. Now I realize how much time I've wasted and how imperative it is that I work hard to catch up. My objectives for the future have become clear. First, is our marriage; I plan to do everything to hold on to you and make our marriage last. Never doubt my love, or fidelity. I have given you my solemn word to forsake all others for you. We must protect each other above all else. I would be very unhappy if they kicked me out of Peru without you. I refuse to let anyone, or anything, keep us apart."

"I agree, baby," Pip said. He kissed Grant tenderly, "Now my beautiful one, it's time for your examination."

"Is this going to hurt, Doctor?"

"Only if you want it to." Pip removed Grant's slacks and briefs first and finally his silk shirt. They embraced and kissed. Pip slowly traced Grant's spinal column with his fingers until he was complete relaxed. He ran his fingers down to his buttocks, lightly massaging his anus. Grant had reached down, grabbed their erect penises, held them tightly together. He began slowly moving his body and softly moaning with ecstasy. After several minutes of this, they were both hot with desire.

"God, you are so exciting," Grant said, "if you don't slow down I'm going to erupt at any second."

"I think it's time to fill you with my love, my beautiful lover," Pip said. "I'm going to drive you out of your mind with joy and pleasure. God, I love you so much."

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦

The next five days were busy for the honeymooners. They really didn't have much time to be alone. They did get to play a few rounds of golf in addition to their morning game of tennis. They were evenly matched and didn't hold back. They were competitive players and took their game seriously. Grant had the edge, however, since he was a champion in college. They cooled down and showered after their game.

Grant put the top down on his new red Porsche convertible on the way to the restaurant. It was a beautiful, clear afternoon. Grant was dressed in his white tennis outfit, sun visor, short sleeved shirt and shorts that showed off his good-looking physique and tanned body.

Grant noticed Pip staring at him and said, "Is anything wrong?"

"Everything is perfect from my point of view," Pip said. He reached over and took Grant's hand. "I was admiring the beautiful creature I married. I've been thinking about what you said about returning to Peru. I like the United States and have found the majority of the Americans to be attractive people, much more so than most South Americans. I guess it's because the United States is considered the melting pot of the world, where so many nationalities have intermarried for generations. There is so much of everything in this country it's hard to pinpoint what is the contributing factor that makes this country so great. I've found most Americans to be generous and warm hearted people. You, my love, are of course above average, and the epitome of the good-looking, All-American male.

"When I return to Peru, I feel I'm walking back into time. My country is poor and is still controlled by aristocracy. The people in power continue to squeeze the last peso out of their people robbing them of their vitality. The vibrancy and sense of life that you feel in the United States cannot be found in Peru. I'm torn between my sense of duty to my family on the one hand, and my desire for the quality of life I enjoy in the United States. I honestly don't feel that we would be happy living in Peru and I don't expect you to give up everything to live in Lima. So, my lover, my plan is to wash my hands of Peru and to build a new life in this country with you. My uncle was right; I should not expose you to the hostile social environment in my country. After we turn over the clinic, we'll return to the United States.

"Will you fly with me to Hawaii and get married?" Pip asked.

"Yes, baby, I will be delighted to legalize our marriage," Grant said. "Before we make the travel arrangements, I'll call GW with the news."

Grant called his dad and told him their decision. GW insisted that he make reservations for four because he and Brad would like to attend the ceremony.

"You, my little kitten, are turning out to be a tiger," Pip said. "Now I've become your cub. I've noticed that you have been organizing our future without skipping a beat."

"I'm guilty as charged! I promise to discuss everything in advance before charging ahead. So far, every decision has been made with your best interests at heart. It's in the genes; I guess, I'm a chip off the old block. Dad and I are alike when it comes to organizing things and making decisions. We both are take-charge individuals. I want our marriage to last, Pip, and I'm willing to make any changes to avoid friction between us. We are compatible in so many ways, but there are bound to be adjustments in our marriage. I want your love, my hot-blooded Latino, so please don't brood over anything that I do that may upset you. If you don't agree with the way I'm handling something, come and tell me; we'll find the solutions together."

"Wow, you're very sensitive today," Pip said. "I wasn't complaining, baby. I was just making an observation. How could I ever be cross with the only person who really cares about me? You can pamper me as much as you like, my love."


The ceremony was an emotional one for Grant. He could not control the tears of joy. Pip's voice broke only once when he took his final vows. They had agreed to keep the ceremony subdued with no display of affection except for an embrace at the end of the ceremony. They wanted to keep the ceremony dignified and comfortable for the many guests his father had invited to the wedding. GW loved his son and spared no expense to make a dignified and memorable experience for the newly weds. The guest list was impressive; a veritable who's-who of the jet set. It was another GW triumph and he was enjoying every minute of it. He flew the guests in from all over the world for the three-day event.

Later that evening at the reception, GW took Pip and Grant into a private room. "Pip, you are officially my son-in-law, and I can never thank you enough for what you have done for Grant. Love and protect each other and make your marriage work. I wish you both a long and wonderful life together. I'm sorry your wedding present will not be delivered until tomorrow morning," GW said, "That will give you something to look forward to in the morning. I love you both; now go before I get mushy."

"Thank you, Dad," Pip said. "Grant is my spouse and I will take good care of him." He hugged GW and patted him on the back.

"I love you, Dad," Grant said. "You have given me so much; I'm too overwhelmed to say any more without bawling." He embraced his father and kissed him on the cheek. There were tears in GW's eyes as he turned and walked away.

They retired to their room and undressed. They walked arm-in-arm to the terrace, each with a glass of champagne. They toasted each other again and looked out over the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. Pip stood behind Grant and embraced him and said, "Now you are mine forever, are you happy?"

"Absolutely, I never dreamed life could be this wonderful," Grant said. "Dad made this a memorable night for us. So many good friends turned out for our wedding. I had no idea he was inviting so many people. This was truly a beautiful night." He turned Pip and kissed him tenderly. He opened their robes and felt Pip's naked body against his, "But being married to you has meant the world to me, I will love you forever."

"I want you to fill me with your love tonight," Pip said, "I want to devour every inch of your beautiful body, and I never want this night to end, my love."

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦

The next morning a number of the guests caught early flights back to the mainland while the others, who arrived in their own jets, remained for the brunch since they could take off whenever the spirit moved them. GW left a message for Grant that he would be waiting for them at the pool when they were ready to collect their gift.

They met him at eight o'clock where they all had a light breakfast by the pool. "What a beautiful morning! You both look like you are ready to take on the world. Some of our guests are a little hung over after last night's party, including our Brad. He is not going to soar with the eagles this morning. He is in great pain and will not be joining us to pick up your gift."

"He is a good kid and I'm glad he's having a good time," GW said, "This is the first time I've seen him let go since he's been living with me. I guess he couldn't resist those lovely young women he was dancing with last night. He's turning out to be a fine young man and I would like him to continue to be part of our family."

After breakfast, they all piled into a limo and took off for the airport. GW had the driver take them to the general aviation terminal. GW went up to the terminal desk and asked for Jim Ryder. A few minutes later Jim appeared and talked to GW for a few minutes, than they both walked over to where Grant and Pip were waiting. Jim said, "If you will follow me gentlemen." Jim led them out of the terminal to the aircraft parking area and up to a twin engine Queen Air jet aircraft. Jim handed GW the keys and walked back to the terminal.

GW said, "Well, boys, this is your wedding present."

"Dad, I'm speechless," Grant said, he hugged GW, "She is a beauty, thank you so much."

GW smiled, "You can close your mouth now, Pip. I wish I had a camera to snap a picture of you two, your expressions are priceless."

"My God, Dad, I don't believe my eyes. This is ours?" and he hugged GW and said, "You are too generous."

"I was wracking my brains to figure out what to get you two, and then I remembered that Pip was a licensed pilot, and that you, Grant, always wanted to learn how to fly, so I decided a jet would be the ideal gift. Now you have no excuse not to visit me in Atlanta for long weekends, while you're living in Peru." He handed them each a set of gold keys. "Now let's get Jim Ryder out here to give us his sales pitch on this baby, and get you checked out on this aircraft."

Jim checked Pip out on the aircraft and let him take the controls to fly the aircraft. Jim told him they had a licensed instructor in Lima that he had contacted to teach Grant how to fly, and to help Pip, too, with his twin-engine rating. Jim said he would fly to Lima with them next week and would have all the paperwork ready for them.

"Is there any reason we can't all fly back to Atlanta in this jet then?" GW asked."

"No, sir. I'll have her topped with fuel and ready to go within a half hour's notice," Jim replied. "She will be a lot more comfortable than any airline flight. The after section makes up into two individual staterooms so if you want to take a nap you can. The lounge chairs are also recliners. If you don't need to make it in a single hop, we can refuel and pick up a pilot in San Francisco for the last leg of the flight to Atlanta."

"Well, men, what do you think?"

They all agreed to the arrangements and decided to leave after brunch.

Atlanta, Monday Afternoon

Jim assured them that they he would have everything ready for them to leave on Wednesday morning and would have the company make sure the instructor pilot was on hand to meet them at the Lima International airport.

After they returned to the mansion, Pip called Emory Medical and found that they had both been accepted into the medical school. Their classes were to start in three months.

"This is wonderful news," Pip said. "I knew they would accept you, Grant. Would you like to take a ride over to pick up the book I ordered?"

"Sure, let's go." They took the passage to the garage. Grant stopped Pip before he opened the door into the garage. "I'm sorry it took them so long, baby," Grant said. He handed Pip a gold key chain with three keys and a small plastic microchip disk attached. Your wedding present is parked inside; I hope it's what you want?

Pip opened the door and saw the full sized Mercedes coup parked next to Grant's Porsche. Pip stared without saying a word, then he hugged Grant and said, "It's beautiful! I don't believe it, you and your father are too generous. I don't know what to say. I feel terrible that I have not given you something as luxurious in return."

"You have given me more than you will ever know. Did you think I would allow my lover to drive around in a beat up old car?" Grant said. "You need a dependable car. If you would rather have something else let me know. You can have anything your little heart desires."

"Come with me," Pip said. "He took Grant's hand and led him to the storage room where he took him in his arms and kissed him. "You are the most wonderful spouse in the world." Pip kissed him again.

"We better leave now, or you'll answer for the consequences," Grant said. "You're turning me on, baby."

Pip smiled, "You must learn to control yourself, my pet."

Grant chuckled as he grabbed Pip's stiff penis, "You mean, do as I say, not as I do?"

"You bet! Let's face it, baby, we're a couple of hot studs, in love," Pip said. "I beg you not to keep that up, or I will have to make love to you right here and now."

"In that case, we'd better get a move on," Grant said, "I expect you to continue this session when we return later. What do you say, lover?"

"You're on, baby. God! You do turn me on. You have me so excited that I get an erection every time I touch you. I wish we could spend two weeks in our little place in the mountains where we could walk around naked and make love as the spirit moves us."

"Sounds inviting, I've heard of islands like that in the Caribbean, we should look into that."

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦
To be continued
♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦