Family & Friends Series


By Ron Robbins,
edited by Frank Perry

©2008 All rights reserved

Part 4

Lima, Peru


Before leaving the Lima airport, they both made an appointment for flying lessons. They scheduled the helicopter to pick them up three times a week for their flight instructions, then they flew directly to Pip's medical clinic in the hills.

Pip's uncle was on hand to greet them when they arrived. He gave Pip a rundown on the activities of the clinic and of the increasing number of new patients that were arriving every day. He had petitioned the Bureau of Health to keep the place open after Pip returned to the United States.

"I appreciate your help, Tio," Pip said. "I wanted you to know that Grant and I were married in Hawaii last weekend. We will be returning to the United States to live as soon as we set up a staff to take over and run this clinic. Grant and I will be funding the clinic until the government can take it over. We are both enrolled in Emory Medical School."

"I wish you both well," Juan said. "I warn you once again, nephew, never mention this to your father. He will not accept the fact that you will be living in the United States."

"It's a shame that it has to be this way, Grant," Juan said. "I'm going to miss you and Pip. In the short time, I've known you, Grant, I've found you to be an intelligent and sophisticated young man. Under the circumstances, I think my nephew married well. Your wealth and influence are important to help to keep your marriage lasting. If Pip's father would only realize that he cannot control your lives, things would be much better for us all."

"Now I must be running along; if you need anything at all, please call. Oh, before I forget, Pip, your father would like you to call him."

Pip walked his uncle to the awaiting helicopter, hugged him and waved as he took off. He returned to the clinic and had a brief staff meeting, then called his father.

Pip joined Grant in the living room. "My father wants to meet with me this Friday. There are some financial problems he wants to discuss, would you like to tag along?"

"No, but thanks for asking," Grant answered. "You saw the pile of books I have to read in the next three months; I'd rather spend Friday reading. You run along and give the Don my love."

The next four days were hectic as usual for Grant and Pip. It was as Dr. Pizarro had said; the news of the free clinic had spread. More and more patients were showing up every day. They fell into bed exhausted every night. By Thursday afternoon, Pip had ordered the guard to close the gates at five so that they could take care of the crowd already waiting inside the compound. They had a leisurely dinner and turned in early.

Pizarro Office Building

"I'm sorry I had to pull you away from your clinic, Pip, but it's important that we talk today," Don Pizarro said. "You've missed several board meetings and are unaware of the desperate financial situation we are facing. For the past three years our exports have been declining, due mainly to our high export costs to the United States and the fierce competition we're experiencing from Mexico. The more technically developed nations are killing us with their more efficient farming methods. Peru can no longer depend on its abundance of cheap labor to survive. We can buy produce abroad cheaper than we can grow it in our own country. We are so far behind in the new technology that we are going to have to spend millions of dollars to improve our technology and develop new and better products to sell abroad."

"For generations the Pizarro family have earned their income from the land and we are still dependent on that as our major source of income. We are land-poor, Pip. We own millions of acres of land that is lying fallow because we don't have the money to invest in modern farming methods. We have poured in millions of dollars over the last several years to support our agriculture business. Unfortunately, we have used up our cash reserves and are close to financial ruin."

"I don't understand, Father, don't we still have the banking, shipping and overseas business," Pip asked. "The last time I saw a P&L statement we were financially stable in those areas."

"That was true two years ago," Don Pizarro said. "Since that time we had to sell off many of those investments to pay for the farming equipment. Agricultural chemicals and skilled labor are expensive these days. Not to mention the devastating crop losses due to the weather the last two seasons."

"The only businesses keeping us afloat are our shipping and banking businesses, and that my boy, is one of the reasons for this meeting. We cannot afford to lose those, or we will be bankrupt."

The telephone rang and Don Pizarro answered and nodded his head and said, "No problems, then? Good, sorry I can't talk now, I will speak to you later."

"I am sorry to hear this disturbing news, Father, I wish there were some way I can help."

Don Pizarro gave his son a very severe look. His expression turned to one of anger and his voice became cold when he began spoke again. "Well, that's the first inkling of concern you've shown for our business in some time. There may be hope for you yet. As a mater of fact, there is something you can do to help. The first thing is to get rid of your boyfriend and move back home."

Pip was shocked by his father's words. He tried to speak but the words could not come out. He could only stare at his father.

"You thought I didn't know about your disgusting relationship with that drug addict?" his father said. "How could a son of mine act in such an abnormal manner? I became sick after looking at the videos. I don't understand that kind of sexual conduct and never will. At first I thought you were mentally disturbed, but I understand from my liberal thinking brother that psychological help will not change your orientation, so there is nothing I can do to your brain, other than destroy your mind all together."

"I want you to write a letter to Grant and tell him that you're finished with him and the reason why. You will close up that clinic, move back to Lima, and work with your uncle. Resign yourself to the fact that you will never leave Peru. Your passport has been revoked. You could help the family by investing the millions you received from the Westerville's into our business."

"You have no right to treat Grant and me this way", Pip said. "You're thinking process is right out of the eighteenth century and I will not allow you to dictate how we should live our lives. Grant and I are married and that, father, won't change. I have no intention of writing a letter to Grant, he wouldn't believe it anyway. I don't understand you. If you knew I was gay, why didn't you tell me the way you felt?"

"I thought your affair would be a passing thing and you would come to your senses. Secondly, I could not allow any hint of scandal to tarnish our family name. And finally, I need you here to show continuity in the family business. My plan is to let it be known in the community that you will be joining the family business in the near future. This will make our major investors feel comfortable knowing they are dealing with a family owned business. Can you imagine how our ultraconservative customers would react if they learned that you were a homosexual?"

"In any event, we have just made several large loans using our businesses and land as security. If any scandal got out, we would lose everything. That is why I want you here under my thumb. Anyway, I don't have the money to support you for another two years in medical school."

"You don't have to support me. Grant has already agreed to support me."

"What in the name of God are you talking about? Are you living in some kind of a fairytale dream world?"

"Not at all, Father. I told you, Grant and I were married in Hawaii last week and GW said I would never have to worry about money again. He wants to adopt me legally as his son. You will never understand this, father, but GW respects me and is genuinely concerned for my well-being. Forget about the money," Pip said. "I gave it back to GW two weeks ago. Naturally, he refused to take it back so we did the next best thing. I set up a foundation to help treat needy children in Peru. My generous spouse matched the two million his Dad gave me."

"Don't ever call Grant your spouse in my presence again. It is obvious that I neglected teaching you the value of money. If I did, you would never give away two million dollars. 'A fool and their money are soon parted', they say."

"Again, you probably won't understand this, Father, but I could not accept GW's money for curing my spouse. To me Grant is priceless and I will love him 'til my dying day. So your lesson in the value of money would have been lost on me."

"In case you're interested, that call was from one of my security people letting me know that your precious Grant has been removed from the clinic and is being held in a remote area of the country where you can't reach him. You are free to return to the clinic and supervise the removal of the equipment and your personal effects. I've taken this precaution to guarantee your cooperation. Grant will be detained until you agree to my terms. I want your letter to Grant before you leave."

"I cannot believe that you could be this cruel to separate us this way, because of money. It's a high price for me pay, but if it will keep Grant safe, I will pay the price. You don't have to hold Grant as a hostage to keep me in line. You have my word that I will stay with my uncle until I know that Grant is safe. I will never write any letter for you, now or in the future. I also have no intention of returning to the clinic. Tio Juan can do what he wants with it. I will never forgive you for what you have done to Grant and me. From this moment on you cease to be my father. I will never speak to you, or your wife, ever again. Oddly enough, I don't hate you, I can only pity you. The day will come when you will regret the contempt you have felt for your sons. Be assured, Don Pizarro, I will not hang myself, as my brother did. It was really too bad he took that way out, because he was the only one in our family that showed any real affection to me, with the exception of Tio Juan. Tio Juan was more of a father to me than you ever were, at least he loves me.

"Have no fear of me ever giving your family a bad name, because the first thing I plan is to legally change my name. So you see Don Pizarro, the family name will die with you. The proper epitaph on your tombstone should read: 'He loved his family history more than his own flesh and blood'.

"I warn you, Don Pizarro, if any harm comes to Grant, you will live to regret it for the rest of your miserable life. In parting, let me say I never want to see or talk to you again, and I will deny you are, or ever were my father. Furthermore, I intend to pay you back every peso you ever spent on me from the day I was born, including the maternity cost. It sickens me to think that you were my father. Goodbye and enjoy your life." Pip stood and left.

Don Pizarro was speechless. He was so angry he could not speak. How dare Pip threaten him like that! Yet, for the first time in his life, he genuinely feared his son. He had never seen Pip like this before; he was calm and was composed when he spoke. He realized that his son meant every word he said and that made him feel very uncomfortable. He never expected this cold-blooded reaction from Pip. He picked up the phone and placed a call to his brother.

Pip called his uncle to ask him if he could live with him for a while. Juan thought that sounded strange, naturally he agreed without hesitation. Pip said they would talk about it later. Pip took a cab to his uncle's house and made a telephone call to his pilot. He instructed Jim to take off and take the plane to Miami immediately and warned the pilot about the problems he might run into. He warned him to be careful.

"Jim, call GW and tell him that Don Pizarro has kidnapped his son, and that my hands are tied. I will be living with my uncle; they must not try to contact me directly. Take your orders from GW until further notice. Make sure you tell GW, quote, 'His sons want to come home', unquote."

Jim told Pip that he planned to go about his normal routine of flight checking the aircraft. Once he was out of Peru's airspace, he would head for Miami.

Pip called the local emergency number Grant had given him and went through their little code procedure, and then the voice on the other end said, "What's the message?"

Pip said, "It's a bad play."

"Right," the operator said, "Give me your telephone number and address. Okay, what time did the play start?"

"This morning between eight and eleven," Pip answered.

"If I need you again, I'll contact you at the hospital, what is that number?

Pip gave him the number and told him he would probably be working at the hospital emergency room in the future.

Tio Juan walked in just as Pip finished his call. "I could not stand the suspense, what the hell is going on?"

"My world has just been blown apart and I'm going crazy. I'm going to have to stay with you until it's righted again. Do you think you can get me a job at the hospital? I'll need the money."

"Of course. You know we are always short of doctors," Juan said. "Why don't you tell me what's going on? Your father left a frantic message on my answering machine just after we talked, does this have anything to do with it? I wanted to know before I return his call."

"Tio Juan, I have no father, my parents ceased to exist this morning. I don't want this to be a burden on you, but you should know that as far as I'm concerned my mother and father are dead. I told Don Pizarro that this morning. I will never speak to them again. I just wanted you to know that. My family consists of Grant, my father-in-law and you. I have been sworn to secrecy and cannot discuss what happened at that meeting."

"My God, Pip! What has happened? Is Grant all right?"

Pip's eyes filled with tears and he said, "I don't know, Tio Juan, that's what is so difficult to accept"

"Your brother has made me realize how little I mean to him. I've tried to be a good son to him, but all I've gotten in return is grief. He drove my brother to take his own life and I cannot ever forgive him for that. I can never forgive him for what he has done and this is the last time I will ever speak of him again."

"All right, Pip, I won't press you. There are some hospital greens hanging in your room. Why don't you change and we can leave?"

Juan returned his brother's call and agreed to see him after he dropped Pip off at the hospital.

Juan was ushered into his brother's office. "What the hell did you do to Pip?"

"What did I do to Pip?" Don Pizarro asked. "You mean that ungrateful little queer? After what he said to me this morning, I should disinherit him. He is so thick; he cannot see that what I'm doing is for his own good. Did Pip contact you?"

"Yes, I spoke to him very briefly, but he refuses to tell me anything about his meeting with you. Now, exactly what happened?"

Don Pizarro told him the whole story. When he finished, he said, "You can see my position, I have the family business and name to uphold, you of all people must realize that."

"I thought it might be something like that. That poor kid. When are you going to wake up to the reality that Pip was your last chance to make amends for what you did to your dead son? Did it ever occur to you to sit down and talk to Pip? For God's sake, he is your own flesh and blood, yet you treat him like dirt. Pip is a wonderful, caring young man. Grant is just as nice. They are two of the finest young men you would ever want to know. No matter what you think, I found them to be decent and caring young men, and yes, they are very much in love. Pip had a difficult time accepting the fact that he is a homosexual. He was more upset at how the news would hurt you than he was about himself. He felt he could never tell you the truth about himself. I was very happy for him when he told me about Grant. For the first time in his life, he found someone that loved him. I've never seen a happier person. He was a new man and was truly excited about his future. Grant's father, GW, welcomed him into the family. GW is treating him like a son, because he saved Grant's life. Pip has finally found a warm caring family and he was happy for the first time in his life. I have lost any respect I ever had for you as a father. You were always more concerned about your position in society than you were for your children."

"What you did today is wrong, and I'm glad I took my money out of the bank and out of your control. I don't care to have anything to do with you again. I cannot believe you would stoop to kidnapping. It's too bad we are not in the United States, because they would give you the punishment you deserve. They would execute you. If anything happens to Grant, I will use my power to help Pip destroy you. I suggest you tread very lightly and make sure no harm comes to Grant. If you think you can control Pip by holding Grant, you are dead wrong. Those are two strong individuals and they will survive. I strongly urge you to rethink what you have done. You should concern yourself about what GW Westerville will do when he learns about his son. GW, unlike you, loves his son, and he will use every means at his disposal to get him back. GW and Grant communicate regularly, so he is going to be concerned when he does not hear from him. I suggest you give that some thought as well."

"He is a very wealthy and powerful man with a lot of clout in Washington. The papers would have a field day with this. I tell you one thing, dear brother, if the United States government gets involved with this, our government will not only find Grant, but they will serve up your head on a silver platter without batting an eye. What you have done is good for me; at least I now have a wonderful young man for my son. Don't worry about Pip, I will take care of him from now on. Thank you, brother, for giving me your son, you never deserved him in the first place. It's funny in a way; I always envied you, you were blessed with two fine boys and my beloved wife died trying to give me a child. I don't think it would be a good idea to call my home again. I don't want you to upset Pip. If you have to speak to me, call me at the hospital. Good day."

Clinic Compound, Peru

Grant was shocked when a small military detachment arrived at the compound after Pip left Friday morning. They locked the gates, herded the staff together, and locked them into one of the large isolation rooms.

Major Diego was the group leader. "You are under my protection and you will be moved to a new location."

Naturally, Grant was angry at these Gestapo type actions and demanded an explanation for them. He also wanted to know who was responsible for this. The Major ignored his protests and refused to answer his questions.

The only response he got was, "I am acting under orders from my superiors and have no choice in this matter but to obey. You could cooperate and make this job easier, or you could be difficult and be treated as a hostile prisoner. In either case, we will be leaving as soon as your personal effects are loaded on the aircraft."

At this point, Grant decided the wisest course of action was to cooperate, mainly because he wanted to be sure that all his personal effects were included, and he could just imagine the type of tranquilizer they would use.

After everything was loaded into the large military helicopter, they took off and headed in an easterly direction. Once they left the region near Lima, they flew over sparsely settled mountainous terrain, which apparently was not on the pilot's map. He noticed that the pilot was following a main road for his bearings. They were only airborne a little over an hour.

Grant could see that they were in an isolated area; at least it appeared that way from the air. There were no roads, dirt or otherwise, leading into the area, unless the local residents consider a well-traveled donkey trail a major artery. It was obvious that the helicopter was the principal mode of transportation for this remote area. The Major was friendly enough and well educated. He spoke of his college days in the United States. He told of his desire to return to the United States to live after his military obligation was over.

The helicopter descended and landed in a large field that appeared to have been a working farm at one time. Mountains surrounded the area. The section they were headed for was the only flat area for miles around, and that too was hilly. Grant observed several buildings clustered together. You could not mistake the sturdy farmhouse. It was a large two story stone building surrounded with a split rail fence with a path leading from the back of the building to the barn. The place appeared to be the only farm for miles around.

The men unloaded the luggage and cartons of supplies from the aircraft while the Major and one of his men walked over to the farmhouse several hundred yards away.

They all returned in a horse drawn wagon with the farmer. The men loaded the wagon and walked next to the wagon up to the house. The farmer supervised the unloading of the wagon and told the men where to store the cartons.

"Señor Grant, this is Carlo, he will be responsible for you from now on." The major saluted and left with his men.

Grant and Carlo shook hands, "Welcome to paradise, Señor."

"Thank God, you speak English," Grant said. "I've always been a firm believer in getting the unpleasantness over with first. I know you're my jailer, so please explain the rules."

"You are not my prisoner, Señor Grant, you are Don Pizarro's guest. My wife and I have been hired to serve you and to keep track of your movements. You are free to go wherever you wish in this area. If you wish to leave the farm, I must accompany you. You are not allowed to leave the village and you are not allowed to wear shoes, or boots. This is an isolated area and the only way out of here is over the mountain, or over a bridge in the village. The bridge is guarded twenty-four hours a day. The Don also has lookouts and special surveillance equipment to track you.

"Unfortunately, you will be fitted with an ankle band that you must wear at all times. I am sorry Señor but those are the rules. If you do try to escape, we will be forced to keep you locked up in one of the buildings designed as a jail from that point on."

"Don't worry, Carlo, I will not try to escape. As much as I would like to return to Lima, I do not intend to kill myself in the process. I have a lot of studying to do to keep myself busy for the next six months. I won't be here that long, anyway. In the meantime, would you show me around the place?"

"Yes, Señor."

The farmhouse was much larger than it appeared. Off the spacious foyer were a large and tastefully furnished living room on one side, and a library on the opposite side. There was also a good-sized dining room, morning room, music room and large kitchen. Half of the second floor was taken up by a huge master bedroom suite and two smaller bedrooms. The master bedroom had its own bath and the two other bedrooms shared the second bath. The furnishings were good quality and well cared for. The facility had it own generating plant and fresh water supply. Carlo introduced his wife Maria, who was the housekeeper and cook.

"Señor Grant, lunch will be ready in thirty minutes if that is convenient for you, sir." Maria said. "We did not know what time you would be arriving so I prepared the noon meal on schedule. We usually have our main meal at noon and a light supper for the evening meal. Is that agreeable to you, Señor?"

"That's fine, Maria, I'm an early riser, so don't worry about fixing my breakfast. You show me where you keep everything and I'll fix my own breakfast. Oh, one more thing, I don't care for coffee, I like tea with my meals and wine with dinner if we have any. Unless we have unexpected guests, I would like to have you and Carlo join me for lunch and dinner, I don't like dining alone."

"Carlo, I think you should put that leg collar on now, I don't want you to lose your job over me."

"Si, Señor."

Grant stuck around the house for the first week to get his bearings. He also needed to exercise. He missed his daily jogging. It was impossible to jog without shoes, so he made a deal with Carlo to let him use his jogging shoes for a daily run around the field. After the second week, Grant thought it was time to explore the local village. Carlo let him jog to the local village and the surrounding area to break up the monotony. So Grant expanded his running. They became regulars after a while, Carlo on horseback, with Grant jogging ahead of him. The townspeople waved at them as they passed after a while.

Grant had enlisted the couples' aid in helping to learn Spanish. He had picked up a lot in the three months he was with Pip. They agreed to converse in Spanish only and to correct his pronunciation when it was incorrect. It was not long before he had the language perfected. Having majored in Spanish Language in High School helped him.

A month had passed before Carlo delivered him a letter from his father. "Don Pizarro has no objections if you wish to respond to your father's letter, Señor," Carlo said. "Of course, he will read every letter before it is posted. He will reject any letter that would indicate your present location, or your confinement. The Don also wants you to make some plausible excuse for not reaching him by telephone. The communications to the United States are a problem in the best of times. Your father will understand that."

"I understand, Carlo," Grant said. "I want you to ask the Don why he is detaining me here. I came back to this country to help his son, Pip, in his clinic and now he has me under house arrest. I also want to speak to his brother, Dr. Pizarro. I would like some answers."

"I will convey your request, Señor."

The next morning they did their usual jog through the village. On the way back, a crowd had gathered around a man lying on the porch of one of the houses. As they approached the crowd, Grant could see the man was bleeding. He ran over to see if he could help. The farmer had a long deep cut down the side of his leg. One of the men said he had slipped and fell on a sickle. Grant immediately went into action. He instructed the man applying it to release the tourniquet. He observed the blood flow and realized he had severed a major blood vessel.

"Carlo, run back to the house and bring my two medical bags. Don't waste any time, or this man will bleed to death."

Grant had them help carry the man into the nearest house. He had them lay him on the kitchen table, after his wife had wiped the table with bleach. He could see the wound was clean. He instructed the man's wife to cover the man with blankets and boil a pot of water.

Carlo returned with the two bags. Grant immediately boiled the instruments he would be using. He asked for a volunteer to assist him. Carlo said he would assist him. They both scrubbed and donned a pair of surgical gloves. Grant removed the instruments from the boiling water, and sterilized a syringe. He numbed the leg with Novocain injections. He sutured the severed blood vessels first and released the tourniquet. Satisfied that the stitches were holding, he closed the wound. He applied a loose bandage and instructed the men that were there to take the man to the doctor, an hour's ride from the village. Before they left, he gave the man a tetanus shot and antibiotics and some painkiller tablets. He asked everyone to leave while he and Carlo changed the man's under clothes, bathed him and changed his underwear. Grant wrapped him in blankets and had the men carry him to a pickup truck for his ride to the next town.

"Carlo, I need to replace the medical supplies I used today plus a few more things I need. Will you see that Don Pizarro takes care of that?"

"I'll see that you get the supplies you need." Carlo said. "That was a very nice bit of work you did back there, Señor. That man would have died on the way to the doctor's if you had not helped him. One day you will make a good doctor."

"Thank you. As one amateur to another, you did a fine job yourself as my assistant."

"Ah, but I'm not an amateur. I was a medical corpsman in the military. You did a professional job of stitching up that man's leg."

"Well, Carlo, my man, at least we didn't kill the guy," Grant said. "Why didn't you tell me about your background? You could have sewn the guy up with your experience."

"I was afraid to tackle that serious a job," Carlo said, "It's been a while since I was in the service. You knew what you were doing; Dr. Pizarro taught you well."

"You're a good man, Señor," Carlo said. "I don't understand why you are being held here."

"I've a pretty good idea, Carlo," Grant said. "Believe me; I've done nothing to deserve this. However, my absence is not going to go unnoticed. I know I will not be harmed, or anything like that, it's the heartache of being separated from the person I love. I think you can understand what I'm going through, since you were in the military."

Carlo nodded and left. He was back later that afternoon with two envelopes, one from his father, and the other from the Don.

Dear Grant,

Thank you for your informative letter. Glad to hear you and Pip are making progress finding someone to run the clinic. I'm looking forward to your return. It will be nice to have you and Pip home again. Thanks for your suggestion of taking Lucy to North Carolina; I know she will enjoy the trip.

Your option for that South American buy out has been completed. You are now the chief stockholder. The principals are awaiting your reorganization plans. I suggest you not waste any time in submitting your business plan. I'll will stall them until you are ready.

Tell Pip the plane back is still in the shop. I hope you didn't have any pressing needs for the plane. I understand it has to do with some defective wiring in the primary electric circuit. At present, everything is being ripped out and is being replaced. The job will take another three weeks, unless they find something else is wrong. Some gift, huh? Tell Pip the company is sending him a loaner to use. Let me know if that is okay.

I'm sorry that you have not had the time to take your flying lessons, Grant. Sounds like you're both working too hard, back off and take a rest.

Sorry the communications are still down at the clinic. Hope to hear from you soon. Give my love to Pip.

All my love, Dad

Grant opened the letter from Don Pizarro.

Dear Grant,

Your confinement at the farm depends on Pip's cooperation. He has refused to speak to me, and refuses to write to you as well.

I was appalled by the video tapes taken at the clinic site of the sexual relations between you and Pip. I feel your relationship is perverted and abnormal and I want it to end. I have told Pip not to have any further contact with you now or in the future. However, Pip has other thoughts about that and continues to defy me on this matter.

I've nothing against you personally, but I feel that you are responsible for leading my son down the wicked path you have chosen. As I have said, your fate is in Pip's hands at this point and he can be very pig-headed. This could take some time to resolve.

Don Pizarro

Grant wrote another letter to his father. He dismissed the Don's letter as self serving and childish and was not about to give him the courtesy of a response.

He did learn a lot from the Don's letter that made him feel better. He was glad Pip was defying his father. If nothing else, his father knows the score. His dad's letter gave him the biggest lift. The wheels were in motion and now all he had to do was to wait, time was on his side now. Grant could not figure out the meaning of his father remarks about the Queen Air. The only conclusion he could think of, was that Pip ordered the pilot to take the plane to Miami to warn his father.

The next time Grant jogged through town, after the incident with the farmer, the townspeople became more friendly. They approached him with all kinds of questions about their aches and pains. He explained to them that he was not a doctor and was not allowed to practice medicine. He did not want to get in trouble with the authorities. He couldn't help noticing a jeep parked outside of the home of the injured farmer, it was the first time he had seen a vehicle of any kind in the town since his arrival.

Later that afternoon the jeep stopped in front of the house. Carlo walked into the living room with a man he introduced as a Dr. Alvarez.

"I wanted to shake the hand of the young man that saved my patient's life and to thank you for your help. You did a beautiful job of stitching him up. I must compliment you, Mr. Westerville, on your fine job."

"Thank you, Doctor, but I'm not an intern yet. I'm enrolled at Emory Medical School and will be beginning classes in a few months. My experience has come from my volunteer work at Doctor Pizarro's clinic in Lima."

"Would that be Dr. Juan Pizarro?"

"No, I worked with his nephew, Philip."

"I see, well you should make a fine doctor one day. Good luck at Emory; it's a fine Medical School."

Grant walked the doctor to his jeep and waved as he drove away. He turned and walked into the house where Carlo was waiting for him.

"I didn't know if I should have introduced you, or not. It's annoying not to know how to respond in such a situation, so I played it by ear. I assumed it was the right thing to do, or you wouldn't have let him in the house."

"You handled it the right way," Carlo said. "I suggest we keep this to ourselves. This is not something you should mention to Papa, or anyone else."

"Do you have a reply for Don Pizarro?"

"His letter did not require a response. I want you and Maria to know that I appreciate everything you have done to make my stay pleasant. I know it has not been an easy job for you. Some day, when this is all over, I want you to come and visit with me in Atlanta. This confinement could have been a lot worse; I appreciate you bending the rules for me."

"We will be happy to visit you in Atlanta, Señor."

"I want you to deliver a message to the Don," Grant said. "It's essential that you stress the importance of the message. You are to tell the Don that I expect to be leaving here Friday afternoon. If he does not have a plane here Friday noon, I will destroy him financially." Carlo raised his eyebrows at this remark.

"I assure you, Carlo, this is not an idle threat," Grant continued. "If he does not believe you, tell him to call the Cultural Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Lima. He will learn the true extent of my control over him. The aircraft should be large enough to transport me and my personal effects to Lima."

Carlo smiled, "This should be very interesting, Señor. Why do I have the feeling that you were in control of this situation for some time?"

Grant smiled, "Only since the first week, Carlo. I was more concerned about what the Don would do to his son. I was never in danger."

"I will make sure the Don understands the gravity of your message, Señor."

Since his initial confinement, Grant had stuck to his routine of exercise and study. He even had time to study the piano again. He devoted four hours to practicing. Two hours of practice in the morning, and another two-hour session in the afternoon. It took time to retrain the unused muscles in his arms and back, but he noticed the improvement and he realized the pleasure he got when he could play a classical selection through without a mistake.

Grant was in the middle of his morning practice when Carlo interrupted him. "Don Pizarro has arrived and requests your presence in the living room."

"Tell Mr. Pizarro to make himself comfortable," Grant said. "I will join him in thirty minutes when my practice session is over."

Grant finished his session and joined the Don in the living room.

"Good morning, Mr. Pizarro. How nice of you to drop by."

"I thought it was time to meet you face to face," the Don said. "You failed to respond to my letter to you."

"You can't be serious about the statements you made in that letter," Grant said. "I had credited you with a little more intelligence than the nonsense you wrote. Your letter was arrogant and self-serving. I had no intention of answering."

"Did you honestly think I would swallow that nonsense about Pip keeping me here?" Grant asked. "I'm here because you had me kidnapped. You are using me to control your son. I still cannot understand why you hate me so much. I've never done anything to harm you. Do you hate me because I'm gay, or because I'm an American? I can't quite figure that out. I never denied the fact that I'm a homosexual, but do try to keep that knowledge under wraps. I consider myself lucky in finding Pip. I fell in love with him the moment I laid eyes on him. That feeling for him has never changed, drunk, or sober. Pip is a homosexual and I had nothing to do with that. That is what we are and we have no control over it. We are not given a choice, you're either a homosexual, or you're not, and it's as simple as that. And that, sir, is why I couldn't force your son down the wrong path.

"Pip happens to be a decent, wonderful and caring man. We are married and I love him very much. Fortunately, he feels the same way about me. He has turned my life around and set me on the right path. He also made me realize what a jerk I was before I met him. I feel I owe my life to Pip and that is the only reason I was willing to stay here.

"I have not quite figured you out yet. I don't know if you're deliberately trying to destroy Pip, because he is gay, or you are jealous of him because he is well liked by so many people.

"When I first met Pip, he was waiting tables at La Grotto Restaurant. Later I learned that he is a doctor and the son of a wealthy family. After we fell in love, Pip told me of his family background and his family's wealth. I questioned him once about him waiting tables and struggling to make ends meet. Because, frankly, I thought it made no sense at all for the son of a wealthy family. Of course, Pip, being the trusting soul he was, seriously believed your story about teaching him the value of a dollar. Naturally, my investigators had no trouble in learning the true story behind your lie. I also learned enough from his friends to know that you were not a caring father and treated Pip shabbily. Things just didn't add up. Since I knew Pip was the man I would be marrying, I wanted to make sure that his family checked out as well. My investigation revealed that you are in bad financial shape. I don't think I have to tell you what you already know."

Don Pizarro said, "Why don't you tell me, since you seem to know so damn much?"

"Ah, getting a little testy are we? What I learned, was that you are at the end of your rope. I wondered how much it would take to push you over the edge. Have you bothered to check my family out, Mr. Pizarro?"

"Why should I? I could care less about you, or your family."

"Perhaps, if you had, you would have learned something about us."

"What would I have learned? Are your ancestor's descendants of royalty, like my family?"

"I can't say for sure," Grant said. "I know my forefathers were from Virginia and migrated to Georgia after the War Between the States. One thing I do know, they loved the land, because they sure owned a lot of it, kind of like your family in a way. Unlike your family, my folks held onto the best parcels of land and sold off the rest. I'm happy to report that they were smart enough to make some serious dollars in the process. Today we are into everything imaginable. Even I cannot keep track of it at times. I only mention this to keep everything in perspective. The majority of Americans could care less how far back your bloodlines go. We judge a person by his own merits, not by what his family did. The qualities we admire are hard work, honesty, and money.

"Pip told me that you're more concerned about your family bloodlines than anything else, including him. Too bad you feel that way about your son, because in the end he is the only thing that will be around when your empire crumbles to ashes, just like your ancestors."

"My beliefs and ancestors are really no business of yours. If you have a point to make, I wish you would make it and stop boring me with your presumptions and theories. Let us stop playing cat and mouse games, Grant, shall we? I would like to know why you threatened me."

"Before I answer you, I want to know how Pip is."

"I have no idea; he refuses to speak to me."

"Is he still working at the private clinic?"

"No, he refused to return after you left."

"That's not like Pip at all." Grant became very angry and raised his voice. "If you've done anything to hurt him in any way, I will destroy you! Do I make my self clear?"

"There is no need to shout? May I remind you that you are in no position to make demands?"

"That's what you think," Grant said. "Let me tell you something, I can leave this place any time I want and there is nothing you can do to stop me. You really are a stupid man. Didn't the fact that the American Embassy knows my whereabouts make you suspicious at all? The only reason I've remained here was to make sure that Pip was safe. Did the Cultural Attaché give you a message for me?"

"Yes, he told me to tell you that, 'Paradise is yours for the taking'."

"Thank you, now we can get down to business, Mr. Pizarro. Have you ever heard of International Development Corp. or IDC?"

"Of course, they happen to be the major stockholder in two of my corporations. Of what concern is that of yours?"

"I'm very concerned because I own IDC. Excuse me for a moment, I must speak to Carlo." Grant returned a few minutes later and continued the conversation.

"You are still in shock I see," Grant said.

"I find this hard to believe. Why didn't you make yourself known before this and when did you decide to buy into my company?"

"That should have been obvious to you. I did it to protect Pip. Your brother was concerned about us and warned me about you. That is when I had you investigated and when I decided to take control of your companies. I've neutralized your power in the government. That message you delivered informed me that my beloved is safe and that the people in power in your country know who I am. The United States Ambassador has also informed your government that they should cooperate with me now, and in the future."

Carlo entered the living room with the Major and his detail.

"Mr. Westerville, my commander extends his regards and hopes your stay was relaxing," the Major said. "If Carlo will show my men what you wish to take with you, I will see it is loaded on the aircraft. We will be ready to take off when you are ready, sir."

"Thank you, Major. I will be ready to leave as soon as everything is loaded on the aircraft. Carlo, please show the Major to my baggage."

"Yes, sir. I will let you know when they are ready."

Don Pizarro looked like a beaten man, "What is to become of my company now?"

"Pip and I will discuss that later," Grant said. "I plan to build a new company on the existing foundation. The whole operation needs to be restructured and streamlined in order to compete in today's market. My plan is to make a profit, not to lose it."

"It may be better if I resign now," Don Pizarro said. "Pip hates me for what I did to you and said he will never to speak to his mother or me again. I know enough about Pip to know that he will not change his mind."

"I don't blame him," Grant said. "You hurt him deeply. Pip was a dutiful son and did not deserve to be treated that way. I know you have no use for me, but how could you be so cruel to him? You've stripped him of everything; his home, his inheritance, and you even tried to force me out of his life."

"You must hate me, too. Now it's within your power to punish me for what I have done"

"I will never forgive you for keeping us apart, Don Pizarro. But I don't hate you and I'm not a vengeful man. It's too bad that you did not try to understand men like Pip and me. Unfortunately, you are not alone in your hatred for gay men. Too many people are too quick to hate without even trying to understand us. But that is the way life is. I know you don't like hearing this, but like it or not, Pip is my spouse and I love him very deeply. He is my life and I will do anything to protect him. I don't believe our families should be at odds. Life is too short to be estranged for the short time we have on this planet. I'll try to do everything in my power to persuade Pip to reconsider, but there are no guarantees. If you still have feelings for Pip, I think you should take the time to re-examine your relationship with your son. Don't let his being a homosexual cloud the issue. He is all you have now, so don't waste this chance of getting to know a super person.

"I plan to use our wedding present from my Dad to jet around the civilized world for the next few months. This will give us time to think and let some of the wounds heal. My strategic business planners will be working with you during our absence and I will be kept informed on a daily basis as to their recommendations. We will sit down on my return and discuss the future of the corporation. No matter how everything turns out, Pip and I will be returning to Atlanta to live. The United States is more tolerant toward men like us."

"You have been more understanding than I expected, Grant. You are wrong about my real feelings toward Pip. I do love him. I was overwhelmed by the hate he felt towards me on our last meeting. I have never seen him like this before and I have not recovered from that shock. That was the first time I saw my son stand up to me. He woke me up to the consequences of my actions. When my brother berated me for what I had done to you and Pip, I knew I had failed my family and my sons. But the die was cast and I was too ashamed and too proud to beg Pip for forgiveness. I went berserk when I learned he was having a homosexual relationship with you. At first I thought it was a stage he was going through. I thought he could seek professional help that could cure him of this. Naturally I blamed you for leading him astray. It is not unheard of for doctors to become involved with their patients. You must try to understand how I felt when I saw those pictures. I could not accept the thought that my son would not be continuing our line by producing an heir. I had to try to do anything to reverse this nightmare. You were raised in a different environment, Grant. My parents demanded and trained me to take over the family affairs. I was taught how I must act and how to instill this same duty in my heirs. It followed that one day my sons would pass this on to the next generation. Remember this has been instilled in me from childhood and was constantly reinforced. It fell upon me to see that my sons did the same. I did not feel that I was being any harder on my sons than my parents had been with me. Every generation has gone through the same discipline and training. It's true, Pip's older brother took his own life because he felt he could not live his life as a homosexual. I will always regret his loss, I live with that grief. Pip remained the only hope to continue our family name. It is obvious I became obsessed with my duty, as I saw it then.

"What good is all that now, maybe it's just as well that you are taking over the family business. Your assessment was right. Of what use is it to the family now? Pip will have nothing to do with me, or the business. Do you know he plans to change his name? I've really made a mess of everything all around. I'm glad in a way things turned out the way they did. I had planned to let you leave before this, but I just could not bring myself to face you. I still can't bring myself to accept your life style. Maybe in time, I will. It's strange, but I feel very comfortable talking to you. We understand each other, Grant. Pip could have done a lot worse in choosing a partner. You're right about him; he is a kind and gentle young man who would like nothing better than to cure the world. He needs a realistic person like you to take care of him.

"Since we are being honest with each other, I think you would be making a big mistake wasting your talents in the medical field," Don Pizarro said. "I know you have the brains to become a doctor, but I feel you are cut out for the business world. Of course I have been known to make bad judgments."

"Thanks for your honesty, Don Pizarro. You may be right this time around. I've been having second thoughts about becoming a doctor. But, that will remain our little secret for the present.

"I understand your misgivings in accepting me as Pip's spouse, but that does not change the fact that we are married. He is my partner and owns half of IDC and everything I have, for that matter. If you had checked me out, you would have learned that I'm a very wealthy man. Pip can have anything he wants, but, I've cut him down to twenty-five million a year on his free health clinics. You're right, he is a very compassionate person and tends to be a bit too generous to the poor.

"Well, Don Pizarro, I'm for heading back to Lima, I have a lot of phone calls to make this afternoon. Are you ready to leave?"

"I can see no reason to stay here any longer."

"Just one more thing, forget what your business partners think about gay men, they kiss my gay ass just as quickly as yours," Grant said. "To them, business is business and money crosses all boundaries."

Don Pizarro chuckled, "You know, you're right, I guess I've got a lot to learn."

Lima, Peru

Grant called Juan from the airport and filled him in on everything that had happened.

"I would like to surprise Pip tonight. I've reserved the Presidential suite at the International Hotel and would like you to tell Pip that the Chairman of IDC is in town and would like to meet him at his hotel as soon as possible. Explain to him who IDC is and that it's important that he knows."

"I would like you and Pip to be my guests as long as you are in Lima," Juan said.

"Thank you, Tio Juan. We will take you up on that after we return from our vacation. I'm planning to take Pip on a nice long vacation starting tomorrow. We both need one at this point. Our pilot is already flying our Queen Air into Lima. As soon as Pip can break away we're gone."

"Thank God everything turned out this way, and that you are both safe. I know Pip will go crazy when he sees you. He's been walking around like a zombie since you left. Pip's shift will be over in two hours. I'll make sure he gets to the hotel. I'll also take him off the duty roster until further notice. Ask him to call me before you both leave. What about clothes, won't he need to pack?"

"Hell no, I'll buy him a new wardrobe," Grant said. He needs to get with the times, have you taken a good look at his clothes? He looks like the nuns dressed him. I can't let my spouse dress like that; I have standards to uphold, Doctor."

Juan laughed, "You're right, Pip is more conservative that his father in manner of dress."

Grant made a few purchases at the hotel drug store. He called the manager from the house phone and told him to have Pip taken up to the suite when he arrives, that he was running a little late. Grant took the elevator to the top floor and let himself in.

He called his dad and arranged for his team of experts to start their evaluation on the Pizarro enterprises. He unpacked, showered and spent a relaxing half-hour in the whirlpool. He carefully dressed in one of the one of the new outfits he purchased. He also hung the new clothes he bought for Pip in the closet. He selected a lightweight white cashmere, open-neck sweater, a pair of light linen slacks with matching linen espadrille shoes. His hair was longer now, turned into a head full of massive blond curls due to the humid weather. The white clothes showed off his muscles and his tanned golden-bronze skin. The workouts he did every day paid off. Grant was pleased at his reflection in the mirror.

The phone rang, but Grant did not answer. It should be the front desk to announce Pip's arrival. Grant walked to the bedroom and adjusted the door so that he could see the entire room, yet not be seen. The bell captain let Pip in and showed him the location of the bar. Pip tipped the bell captain as he left. Grant watched as Pip walked over to the sliding glass windows that overlooked downtown Lima. While his back was turned, Grant walked into the center of the room and waited for Pip to turn.

Pip turned and saw Grant standing there. He froze momentarily as if he could not believe his eyes. He rushed over to Grant, pulled him into his arms, and held him tightly without saying a word. Than he smothered Grant's face and neck with kisses. He kissed him again, but this time very gently, and then passionately moved his tongue deep within Grant's mouth and ran his hands gently up and down Grant's back. "Thank God, you're safe, my beautiful baby," Pip finally said.

He slipped his hand under Grant's sweater and lifted it off over his head. He kissed his neck and ran his fingers all over Grant's bare chest and back. He unbuttoned his slacks and let them fall. He caressed Grant's erect penis and gently massaged his testicles.

Grant helped Pip out of his clothes until he was naked. Pip put his arm around Grant's waist and led him into the bedroom. He helped Grant into bed and straddled him. He kissed every part of Grant's beautiful body until Grant was moaning and writhing with pleasure.

Pip took two condoms from the bedside stand and put one on each of them. He worked the KY Gel into Grant's anus, lifted Grant's legs and entered his lover. He leaned down and forced his tongue into Grant's mouth.

They were so turned on by each other that it was not long before they climaxed. Pip pulled out of Grant and lay next to him with their heads together and holding hands.

"God, it's been so long, I forgot how wonderful you are," Grant said.

"I missed you, baby, it was maddening not to feel your strong body, or to hear your voice. You have made life so meaningful to me, my love." Pip kissed Grant on the cheek.

"I felt the same way about you, my beautiful one. I'm not going to let you go." They stayed that way and fell asleep in each other's arms. Pip awoke an hour later and kissed Grant on the neck and chest. He stroked his penis until he was fully aroused. He turned him on his back and applied the KY gel on Grant's penis and on his own anus. He then straddled Grant and guided the tip of Grant's penis into his rectum. After a few seconds he began a wild ride.

Grant sat up, wrapped his arms around Pip, and kissed him, forcing his tongue deep into his mouth. He reached down, took hold of Pip's penis, and began masturbating him. Grant said, "I never get enough of you, my love. I'm going to lay you on your back now and do this right."

It didn't take long before they were both so turned on they came together in a matter of minutes. Grant lay on top of Pip, burying his head into his neck.

"That was wonderful. Let's stay like this forever; I don't want to move again."

"I love you so much," Pip said. "I've been dreaming of holding you like this every night since they stole you from me. I feel so happy and alive again." He tightened his grip on Grant even more. "The pain and sadness vanished the instant I held you in my arms, my beloved. We must take steps in the future to make sure this never happens to us again, your life is too precious to me."

"Are you dozing off again, baby," Pip asked.

"No, it's your sexy voice," Grant said. "You make me tingle all over. You better not use this bedside voice on any other patient but me, Doctor."

Pip nibbled on Grant's ear, "Do you think for one second that I would ever be unfaithful to you? Why would I want to, you are the most beautiful creature on this planet? You've spoiled me for anyone else."

Grant kissed him tenderly. "I'd destroy anyone that lays a finger on you again," Grant said. "Let's hit the shower and then have a bite to eat. I've had the chef prepare a special dinner for us in celebration of my return from the wars."

Grant called room service to order their dinner to be prepared. They were having a glass of wine in the sitting room when two waiters wheeled in the food service cart and set the dining table in front of the large windows that overlooked the city. They had transformed the table into an elegant dining table set with flowers, silver candlesticks, fine china and crystal stemware. They poured the wine and set the bottle in the wine chiller, "Mr. Westerville, your dinner is ready to be served."

They walked over and sat down to eat. After dinner, they returned to the sofa to sip their brandy. The waiters returned to clear the table and left.

"Thank you for making this a wonderful evening, baby," Pip said. "You do know how to make an evening delightful."

"Sit closer and hold me," Grant said. Pip kicked off his shoes and took Grant into his arms. "First thing tomorrow morning we'll stop by Tio Juan's to grab your medical bag and pack a few things. We are taking off for that belated honeymoon you never had. You, my handsome lover, are going to take me to all those wonderful places you visited as a young man. I in turn, will show you my world. We will stop off at an island where we can hold hands and stay naked all day if you like. We can make love whenever the spirit moves us and lay in each other's arms as long and as often as we wish. What do you say, sweetheart?"

"It sounds too good to be true, but I won't be able to leave right away, I have to wait until Tio Juan finds a doctor to take over my duties."

"That's already been taken care of, my love. Tio Juan took care of that this afternoon. You are mine, baby, until we return in two months. You're as free as a bird. Our jet will be here in a matter of hours and we're taking off tomorrow after you pack your bags. I've taken the liberty of buying you some new clothes, and some new luggage. Some of the clothes are hanging in the closet and the rest will be delivered in the morning. Forget about packing any of those unflattering clothes you've been wearing. I'm going to dress your beautiful body in the latest fashion, my sexy Latino."



Pip and Grant returned to Atlanta. Grant went back to college for his MBA while Pip received his certification to become a Plastic Surgeon. Pip opened his own office and became a successful plastic surgeon. Grant continued to build their business and expand in the South American market. They continued to donate money every year to the foundation that they began in Peru and made Tio Juan the President of that foundation. Pip and Grant found the time to produce four children, three boys and a girl. After the reconciliation with his family, Pip did not change his family name. He did take Grant's family name so that his children were named Pizarro-Westerville. GW was beyond ecstatic with his grandchildren and he made them his priority. He completely renovated the mansion to accommodate the children and their staff and drastically cut back on his travel and business activity to be with his grandchildren. He purchased a large farm for the grandkids so they could raise animals and their own fresh vegetables and fruit. This suited Pip and Grant, as they felt secure in the knowledge that GW was watching over the children while they were occupied with their jobs and charity operations.

Pip and Grant will make appearances in other stories in the Family & Friends Series.

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The End
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