Drama Club by Tragic Rabbit 


Drama Club is based on people, things and ideas from years of hanging around backstage and onstage while upstaging my betters. I love hearing from readers and other authors, so please take a moment to write and let me know what you think of Drama Club- I always try to answer emails.



Part 1   'Setting the Stage' 
Part 2   'Backstage'
Part 3   'Kitten in the Wilderness'
Part 4   'Dreams'
Part 5   'Daddy'
Part 6   'I Didn't Want Any Flowers'
Part 7   'Starlight Prince'
Part 8   'Running Gun Youngster'
Part 9   'Inscribed Across the Heavens'
Part 10  'Cues and Miscues'
Part 11  'Blinded by Rainbows'
Part 12  'White Knight Takes Castle'
Part 13  'Looking-Glass'
Part 14  'Rain Against My Window'
Part 15  'Interlude with an Angel'
Part 16  'Here Comes the Sun'
Part 17  'Wind of Change'
Part 18  'Right and Left'
Part 19  'A Perfect World'
Part 20  'Endgame'
Part 21  'Intermezzo' (working title)
Part 22  'Check & Mate' (working title)
Bobby, Angel and Jaye in the Green Room, from Drama Club Part 2 'Backstage.'

Drama Club Christmas:


‘Stolen Christmas’-short story

‘Angels in the Snow’-short story


Drama Club Parody:

‘The Farewell Tour’