Love in a Chair

A story by Altimexis

Disclaimer: This story is a personal exploration of the challenges and triumphs experienced by gay teens with disabilities. Some of the descriptions of sex may be graphic but, hopefully, in good taste. This story is under copyright. It is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance of characters to real people is completely coincidental. In most areas, one needs to be at least eighteen to read it and in some areas it may be illegal to read stories involving sex between minors, no matter how well intentioned they may be.

Chapter 10 - Deception

February 3, 2006 - It was a day that would be deeply etched into Aaron’s mind for the rest of his life. It was the first time he would ever know the incredible joy of having the love of his life inside of him. And it was the last.

The rest of January had passed slowly and he and Brian continued to meet clandestinely before the start of classes each morning, but had little contact otherwise. Once Brian was finally allowed to go out, they wasted no time in formulating a plan to get together. Not only that, but they were anxious to finally go all the way, not knowing when they might have the opportunity again. Aaron’s parents were going out of town for the weekend and his brother was spending the night at Larry’s house. He and Brian would have complete privacy, and no one else would have to know about it. They agreed that this would be so perfect.

The trick was to come up with a believable and rock-solid ruse so that Brian’s parents wouldn’t suspect anything. Setting up a double date with Sharon and Jackie was the easy part, but finding a way to turn it into an evening in the sack with Brian was going to be more complicated.

Fortunately, Jackie was out to her parents and they were used to shuttling her so-called boyfriends around so that she could spend time with Sharon  . So a plan was formulated for Brian’s parents to drop Brian and Sharon off at the mall, where they would have dinner and then supposedly go to a show at the Cineplex across the way. Jackie’s parents would do the same with Aaron and Jackie, and then go shopping while the kids got a quick bite. Rather than the kids all going to a movie, however, Jackie’s parents would then drop Brian and Aaron off at Aaron’s house before taking Sharon and Jackie back to their own place. Later, Jackie’s parents would drop Brian and Sharon back at the mall, where they would be picked up by Brian’s parents.

And so that’s what they set out to do. Brian’s parents drove Brian over to Sharon ’s house, where he met her parents for the first time. They were good ‘Christian’ parents and seemed to be pleased that she was going out with such a fine and religious young man. Brian’s parents similarly had a nice chat with Sharon on the way to the mall, which was about five miles away. They seemed to take a real liking to her and thought she was a very nice Christian girl - a perfect date for Brian.

In the meantime, Jackie’s parents picked up Aaron and he had a chance to meet Jackie for the first time. He could instantly see why Sharon was attracted to her - she was large-breasted and had amazingly deep brown eyes and a smile that seemed to communicate warmth. She had a sweet personality and was very likable. Her parents were also nice and were very open about their daughter’s relationship with Sharon , just as his were about his relationship with Brian.

After a quick meal at the food court, the two couples were joined by Jackie’s parents and Aaron and Brian were soon back at Aaron’s house, alone. Once inside, they were locked in a passionate embrace before they’d even closed the door. Aaron pounced forward and sealed his lips with Brian’s, thrusting his tongue deep into his boyfriend’s loving mouth. Brian reciprocated and he aggressively slid his arms up and down… too many layers of clothing.

He broke their lip-lock and gazed seductively into Aaron’s eyes as he said, “I don’t know how you feel, but I think you’re wearing way too many clothes.”

Aaron stared seductively back at his lover as he reached forward and slowly unzipped Brian’s jacket. He slid it off his sweetheart’s shoulders and let it drop to the floor and then he unbuttoned the buttons on Brian’s flannel shirt, one by one, and un-tucked the hem of the shirt, sliding it too, from his shoulders to the floor.

As Aaron started to reach forward to pull Brian’s tee-shirt out from inside his pants, Brian shook his head and said, “Uh, uh, uh… Not so fast, lover boy.”

Brian reached forward and unzipped Aaron’s jacket and slid it down to the floor. He then pulled Aaron’s pull-over up and over his head, and then spun it around and tossed it aside. He placed his right hand on Aaron’s chest and then slid it over and cupped Aaron’s pec, slowly massaging the nipple using the palm of his hand. Aaron softly moaned his appreciation. Brian slowly moved his hand downward, stopping briefly to rest it on Aaron’s belt. Bringing his left hand up, he unbuckled Aaron’s belt and then unbuttoned and unzipped Aaron’s pants, letting them slide down to rest around Aaron’s ankles. Aaron toed off his sneakers and stepped out of his pants, kicking them to the side and out of the way.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Aaron reached forward and unbuckled Brian’s belt, and then unbuttoned and unzipped Brian’s jeans. Brian toed off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans, and then kicked them out of the way. Aaron reached down to the hem of Brian’s tee-shirt and Brian lifted his arms over his head, allowing Aaron to pull the shirt off. Following his lover’s lead, he spun the shirt in a circle over his head and then tossed it randomly into the living room.

“Let’s head upstairs,” he said as he grabbed Brian’s hand and led his lover up to his bedroom. Out of habit, he closed the door behind them. He reached forward and lovingly stroked Brian’s erection through the fabric of his boxers. Brian did the same to Aaron. Not wanting to wait a second more, Brian yanked Aaron’s boxers down and Aaron stepped out of them. Aaron quickly performed the same action with Brian’s boxers.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Aaron exclaimed as he gently cupped Brian’s balls in his right hand and slowly and lovingly massaged them. “What did I ever do to deserve you?”

“It’s me who’s the lucky one,” Brian responded between their passionate kisses. “You don’t know how much I love you, and God, I’ve missed this.”

“No more than I have,” Aaron replied as he slowly led Brian to the bed. He started kissing Brian’s neck as he urged him onto his back, nibbling on his ears and kissing his way down Brian’s chest. He gently sucked Brian’s left nipple into his mouth as he teased it with his tongue and nipped it slightly with his teeth. Brian moaned appreciatively. Not wanting it to feel left out, Aaron repeated his ministrations to the right nipple.

Brian pulled Aaron’s face back up to him and forced him into a tight lip-lock. Their tongues danced with each other as they slowly and sensuously moved them in and out of each other’s mouths. This time it was Brian who started licking and kissing Aarons neck, nibbling at his ears and sucking on his nipples. He continued down Aaron’s chest and abdomen, gently swirling his tongue around his navel before playfully darting inside.

Bypassing Aaron’s raging erection, he playfully licked at Aaron’s balls and then took each of them into his mouth, gently swishing his tongue around them. Finally, after unrolling a condom onto the object of his desire, he licked his tongue up Aaron’s dick and teased the head, swirling his tongue around and around it. Aaron screamed out when Brian took his dick into his mouth and swallowed it whole. Bobbing up and down, it didn’t take long. It had been more than a month since the last time they had made love to each other and he was more than ready. Spurt after spurt of Aaron’s semen streamed into the condom - how Brian wished he could have tasted it.

As Aaron came down from his high, Brian allowed Aaron’s dick to slip out of his mouth and he returned to Aaron’s face so that they could continue to kiss passionately. They kissed and they kissed and they repeatedly admitted their undying love for one another. After a short while, it was Brian’s turn to moan and scream as Aaron worked his way down Brian’s chest. He teased Brian’s balls and finally took Brian’s condom-sheathed dick into his own mouth, sucking as if his life depended on it. Now it was Brian’s turn to fill the condom with his love juice and once again, the two were kissing like there was no tomorrow.

“Wow. Wow! WOW! That was quick, but amazing,” Brian said. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed that.”

“No more than I have, my love.” After more kissing, Aaron asked, “Are you ready for more?” as he looked deeply into his lover’s eyes.

“Beyond any shadow of a doubt,” Brian replied as leaned forward and kissed Aaron yet again. “But who’s gonna be on top?”

Aaron hadn’t really given it much thought before and he made a snap decision. “Brian, I’d love nothing more than to have you inside of me tonight. I don’t know if you’d like to try it the other way around, but this time I’d like it to be you who makes love to me. If you want, we can try it the other way next time. Please make love to me, if you think you can so soon after what we just did.”

“Oh, I can easily make love to you right now… a thousand times over,” Brian replied as his dick sprang back to life. “I’d love nothing more than to make love to you tonight.”

Aaron retrieved another condom and the tube of lube from his night-table He unwrapped the condom and covered his love’s organ back up, then dove for Brian’s dick and quickly swallowed it yet again, priming Brian for what was yet to come. Brian in turn dove onto Aaron’s raging erection and swallowed it whole, causing Aaron to scream out in ecstasy, forgetting for the moment that he was not wearing a condom. Brian licked Aaron’s balls and then licked his way downward as he pulled Aaron’s legs up and over his shoulders. He playfully licked at Aaron’s crack and teased his ring with the tip of his tongue. Around and around he swirled his tongue, slowly getting closer and closer to the center of Aaron’s sexual universe.

Aaron couldn’t believe the sensations coursing through his body as Brian penetrated his anus with his tongue. Brian slid his tongue in and out of Aaron’s hole, building up a rhythm that was driving Aaron insane. Just as Aaron thought he might cum without even touching himself, Brian withdrew his tongue and replaced it with his index finger. Brian slid his finger in and out, gently pressing against Aaron’s prostate, causing a steady stream of precum to pour out. He withdrew his finger, added some lubricant and resumed his finger-fucking of Aaron’s ass with two fingers, and then three. The third finger hurt a little bit at first, but the fullness more than made up for the discomfort.

“Brian, I’m ready. Please don’t make me wait any longer.” With that Brian withdrew his fingers and lubed up his condom-sheathed penis. He aimed it straight for Aaron’s waiting hole and gently, but forcefully applied pressure. Brian popped in with only a momentary shock of pain.

“Are you OK?”

“Now I am. I couldn’t be better. Take it slow, but I want to feel all of you inside of me.”

Brian was surprised at how easily his dick slid into Aaron. He’d read about taking it one inch at a time, but he felt only a little resistance and Aaron didn’t grimace once as he slid home. Aaron felt a little discomfort at first, but his excitement overrode everything else and his canal readily gave way to its intruder. Sure, there was pain, but he wasn’t about to let that stand in the way of the pleasure he was feeling, and the pleasure he knew he was giving Brian.

“Go for it, Brian. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard.”

Brian slowly and tentatively at first began to pump his dick in and out of Aaron, building speed and force as he went. Aaron moaned and screamed and Brian did so, too. The sensations that overtook both boys were beyond anything they could have ever imagined. Slowly a pressure built within Aaron’s balls, although neither he nor Brian were touching his dick. His toes curled and a tingling electric sensation worked its way from his toes to his head and to the center of his being. His balls pulled up tight and a bolt of lightning drove through his dick as his semen shot its way clear up to his chin. His anus clamped down on Brian’s thrusting dick, accentuating the feelings he himself was having. Brian soon felt his own orgasm overtake him, sending wave after wave of pleasure through him as his semen filled the condom, deep within Aaron’s ass.

As the boys recovered from their sexual bliss, Aaron looked at the clock on his nightstand and sat bolt-upright when he saw the time. “Shit! We don’t have much time! Jackie’s parents will be here in five minutes!”

“Fuck, we gotta hurry!” Brian realized. He didn’t have time for a shower and could only hope his parents didn’t jump to the wrong conclusion if he smelled of sex. Running into the bathroom, he washed his face and torso off and scrubbed his genitals before scrambling down to the living room, throwing on his clothes.

Five minutes came and went, and then ten minutes, and then twenty. The boys were starting to panic when the phone suddenly rang, causing them to practically jump out of their skins.

“You’d better answer it in case it’s your parents,” Brian said. “After all, they didn’t know you were going out tonight, let alone that I’m here,” he reminded Aaron.

Aaron picked up the phone and said, “Hello?”

“Hello, Aaron? This is Ms. Washington … you know, Jackie’s mother. I hate to tell you this but we think my husband’s had a heart attack. We’re at the hospital right now and I obviously can’t come pick Brian up. Sharon came here with us and is on her way back to the mall. She took a bus, but I’m afraid you’ll have to find another way. Do you think maybe you could take a cab?”

“Yeah, Ms. Washington  . We’ll find a way. And I hope your husband is OK!”

“Thanks, Aaron, I appreciate that.”

“What’s going on?” Brian asked as Aaron hung up the phone.

“Jackie’s dad had a heart attack and they’re at the hospital. We’re going to have to call for a taxi to take you back to the mall.”

“Shit, we don’t have time to take a taxi!”

“Shit, you’re right! Your parents are supposed to pick you up in a fifteen minutes. A taxi’ll never come in time!”

“Fuck, what are we going to do?”

Aaron thought for a minute. “You know, Brian. I’ve driven to the mall dozens of times on my learner’s permit with my parents. And I’m only a month away from getting my license. It’s not that far. I’ll drop you off.”

“Are you sure it’s OK, Aaron? What if we get pulled over? If anything happens, my parents will definitely find out about us.”

“Sure it’s OK. Your parents’ll find out about us if we don’t get you to the mall in time. We’ll just take it slow so the cops don’t have a reason to stop us, but we have to hurry!”

Aaron nervously got into his mother’s Jetta and Brian joined him as Aaron turned the key. He backed the car out their driveway and headed down the street. This was nothing he hadn’t done before and as he drove, his level of confidence increased. As Aaron continued on, he kept stealing quick glances at his handsome boyfriend, seated right next to him, the pleasant ache in his rear end a constant reminder of the love they’d shared that evening. Brian smiled back at him and placed his left hand on Aaron’s right thigh, gently sliding his hand up and down. Both boys were lost in each other and not really paying much attention to the road ahead of them, which was becoming increasingly slick from heavy snowfall.

As they approached the intersection at Lewis and Elm on a green light, it was Brian who saw it first. Aaron immediately noticed a look of horror on Brian’s face and turned just in time to see a large SUV barreling toward them.

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