Love in a Chair

A story by Altimexis

Disclaimer: This story is a personal exploration of the challenges and triumphs experienced by gay teens with disabilities. Some of the descriptions of sex may be graphic but, hopefully, in good taste. This story is under copyright. It is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance of characters to real people is completely coincidental. In most areas, one needs to be at least eighteen to read it and in some areas it may be illegal to read stories involving sex between minors, no matter how well intentioned they may be.

READERS SHOULD NOTE that this is not a story about eroticism gained through urination or scat. In fact, descriptions throughout the following chapters related to bowel and bladder movements, are described for the purpose of giving the reader an insight into the complications, embarrassments, and adjustments required in the everyday life of a paraplegic.

Chapter 20 - Sweet Sixteen

Aaron woke up to the piercing sound of Brian’s alarm clock. This was the first time he had spent the night at Brian’s house, and at first, he was disoriented. The first thing he saw was a wall of pillows, but he could feel Brian’s chest rising and falling under his hand. Aaron slid his hand up and down Brian’s chest, bringing it to rest over his lover’s nipple. Slowly he started circling Brian’s nipple with his index finger.

“Mmm, what a beautiful way to wake up,” Brian said as he tried unsuccessfully to turn his head to face his boyfriend. Instead, Aaron got up and walked around the bed to face Brian and gave him a gentle, but passionate kiss. Brian responded in kind and then said, “Happy birthday, my sweet sixteen.” They kissed a bit longer, but then realized that they really needed to get going for their court appearance at nine AM.

Getting Brian ready was definitely more involved than it used to be, and this wasn’t even a bowel program day. Once his bathroom was finished, he’d be able to do everything by himself, but for the moment, he really needed Aaron’s help. After cathing and giving himself his blood thinner shot, he got himself onto his commode chair and Aaron wheeled him across the hall and proceeded to give him a sponge bath. Washing Brian’s hair took a lot of work and left the bathroom floor a complete mess, which he had to clean up using many, many towels. Brian put on his own deodorant and brushed his teeth while Aaron took a shower, got himself ready and even shaved - something he was needing to do a bit more frequently now than just a few months back. The boys returned to Brian’s room and got themselves dressed. By then, Brian’s mom had breakfast waiting for them.

“Good morning, boys. Happy birthday, Aaron. Are you ready for your big day?”

“I’m sorry, but I feel more like I’m ready to puke,” Aaron said. “I just can’t wait for it all to be over. I just hope I’ll be coming home tonight.”

“Of course you will, sweetheart. You know what happened, and Bill has ironclad proof that the accident wasn’t our fault. You’ll be fine.”

“I know that, Mrs. Sandler, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I’m just out of the shower and already I feel like I need another one.”

“I mean it, Aaron. You’ll do fine. Now I hope you don’t mind, but I made you a light breakfast, figuring that your stomach would be feeling jittery.” She started putting food on the table. “We have oatmeal, yogurt, bananas, whole wheat toast with jam, and some tea.”

Aaron was thankful for the food - it really did settle his stomach down. Just as he finished his breakfast, his parents arrived in their Jetta to transport Brian and Aaron to the hearing.

Aaron’s nervousness returned as they approached Juvenile Hall and the memories of the more than 24 hours he’d spent there came flooding back. Sensing this, Brian looked over the front seat and with reassurance, said, “Don’t worry, babe. Everything’ll be fine.” All Aaron could do was to weakly smile back at his lover.

The courtroom was a different one than the one he’d been in for his detention hearing. The feeling was different, too, as he approached it from the main lobby, rather than being led in handcuffs from the jail. Bill Epstein was waiting for him outside the courtroom. They all took a seat on a long bench outside the courtroom. Aaron noticed that there were a number of families, similarly situated, throughout the courtroom lobby area.

“Now Aaron,” Mr. Epstein began, “I know we rehearsed this extensively, but don’t worry if things don’t go exactly the way we rehearsed it. That doesn’t mean anything’s wrong or that things aren’t going our way. The most important thing is to be honest and to answer every question truthfully.” Aaron nodded his head as his good friend’s father, his lawyer, continued to speak. “Just as with the detention hearing, the adjudicatory hearing is informal. You’ll still be under oath, but it will only be the judge, the prosecutor and the witnesses for both sides. There’s no jury. There is a court reporter taking down everything in case we have to appeal. Besides the prosecutor, the judge may also ask questions of any of you at any time and in any order, so it’s not nearly as regimented as anything you may have seen on TV. Again, don’t be worried if the judge puts you on the spot - she’ll very likely do that, and it’s just her way of seeking clarification.”


“Yeah, your judge today is Pamela Jenkins. She and I were good friends in high school. We even dated a few times, but don’t think that she’ll go any easier on you because we’re friends. She’s a fair and honest judge, but she’s also tough as nails.”

“Okay… “

“Seriously, Aaron, I don’t think we have anything to worry about. Oh, and I have some good news. Brian, this affects you, too.” Brian wheeled his wheelchair over so he could be part of the conversation.

“I’ve been in contact with the insurance company for the guy who hit you. Obviously, they would like to make this whole thing go away, but they would like to get out of it if they can. I’ve therefore filed a motion in court to have the accident report amended to reflect what the evidence we’ve gathered shows actually happened. Once their insured is directly linked to your accident, they’ll have little choice but to settle or face a lengthy lawsuit. We’re actually kind of lucky in one regard. The SUV was owned by a large construction company, and under a large commercial umbrella policy. They’ve seen the evidence, however, and we have a tentative settlement offer in the low seven figures.”

Both boys’ mouths dropped open as they mentally added up the number of zeros. “Given the gravity of Brian’s injuries, however, that’s not nearly enough. The fact that they’re willing to put that much money on the table so early in the negotiations is a very good sign. I think you boys will be in very good shape when this is all over.”

“I’d rather have my legs, Mr. Epstein… and the use of certain… other equipment,” Brian said with a respectable blush.

“Of course you would, Brian, but having enough for you to go to the proper schools, to cover all of the medical expenses you’ll encounter over the years and to pay for attendant care if you need it someday, is at least a step in the right direction. Besides, you and Aaron deserve compensation for pain and suffering and all the mental anguish this has caused you and your families. No one should have to go through what you’ve gone through.”

Just then, an overweight, balding older man walked up to them. Bill turned to him and said, “ Harvey ! It’s so nice of you to join us.”

“I’m sorry, Bill, I got hung up in traffic getting out of the city. And don’t give me any of that ‘late because I’m lazy look’. They haven’t even unlocked the courtroom doors yet.”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to give me a heart attack.” Bill turned to Aaron and Brian and said, “Boys, this is Harvey Lasserman. He’s the sleuth who went out to the accident scene and gathered all the evidence for you. He’s here to testify on your behalf. He’ll also testify in our lawsuit, if it goes to trial. He’s been with the city’s accident scene investigation team for more than twenty years and is one of the most respected names around.”

The boys each shook Mr. Lasserman’s hand and thanked him for all his work, just as the courtroom doors swung open. It was another case name that was announced, and so they were left to remain outside in the lobby, waiting for Aaron’s case to be called. The wait was interminable as the boys chatted with each other, Bill chatted with Harvey , and the two sets of parents chatted with each other.

Aaron and Brian couldn’t help but wonder what their parents were talking about and if they were talking about them. The frequent glances by their parents at them seemed to confirm their worst fears.

Finally, at just after eleven o’clock, they were called into the courtroom. The judge was already seated at the bench, and the prosecutor who had been present at the detention hearing was also seated at a table to the left. The bailiff and a court reporter were also present. Just as the Sandler/Johnson/Epstein entourage entered the courtroom, Judge Jenkins called out, “Bill, it’s good to see you.”

“Hello, your honor, it’s always a pleasure.”

“And Harvey , what brings you out here?”

“A botched accident investigation, but we’ll get that cleared up in short order.”

Getting down to business, the judge swore everyone in who would be testifying in the case, including Brian and his parents in addition to Aaron, his parents and Mr. Lasserman. The charges against Aaron were then read into the record.

“Now that we’ve gotten the preliminaries out of the way, Ms. Walton, would you care to present the county’s case?”

“Certainly, your honor. First of all, I was just given a copy of Mr. Lasserman’s report and findings two days ago. After having reviewed them thoroughly, and having discussed this matter at some length with the county investigator who initially investigated this accident, the county wishes to dismiss the charge of negligent bodily harm against the defendant.”

“What?” Aaron said under his breath as Bill smiled at him.

“A motion was filed yesterday to amend the accident report, based on new evidence that has come to light since the initial investigation was completed. Although it will be some time before the motion is acted upon, our office has reviewed the evidence presented and must conclude that the defendant’s version of events is fully supported by the evidence. Our initial assessment that he was driving northbound on Elm and simply lost control of his vehicle is apparently incorrect and the result of some rather sloppy work by the investigator, who will no longer be serving in that capacity with our department. There clearly was another vehicle involved and that vehicle has been identified. The driver of that vehicle was Mr. Stanley Lancaster of Terrence Drive, and he was killed later that night when he drove his vehicle off the road. His BAC was .22 - more than twice the legal limit. In other words, the defendant’s vehicle was struck by a hit-and-run drunk driver, forcing it into a telephone pole. It is apparent that there is nothing the defendant could have done to prevent the accident.”

“I see…” The judge responded. “Ms. Walton, do you still intend to prosecute the charge of driving without a license?”

“We do, your honor.”

The judge turned to Aaron and asked him to step up to the bench. Bill approached with Aaron. “Aaron, I’ve read the report of the interview the sheriff’s office conducted with you after the accident. I understand that you were not properly Mirandized at the time, nor were you properly advised of the right to parental consent, and I can just as easily strike that interview from the record if you wish, but I think that the interview may help you more than hurt you in this case. What do you wish me to do?”

Bill simply nodded at Aaron and he responded, “You may use the interview. It’s an accurate reflection of what happened.”

“Aaron,” Judge Jenkins continued, “I certainly understand the pressure you were under, and what you were trying to do to try to protect Brian, but you clearly broke the law. Is there anything you have to say for yourself?”

“Yes, your honor. I know that what I did was wrong and I’d give anything to trade places with Brian. I love him more than I love life itself, but it wasn’t my driving without a license that night that caused the accident. It was a drunk driver that did this. Even if Brian’s ride had showed up, he might still have been injured that night, or even killed.

“I’m very regretful for my actions. I realize now that I should have called Brian’s parents and explained the situation, no matter what the consequences. By trying to avoid being outed to them, I put Brian and myself in danger. It was a mistake, but a mistake made because of love.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Sandler, how do you feel about what Aaron did?”

Alan spoke for the both of them as June nodded her head. “We both support Aaron in this matter. Although I don’t approve of his having driven without a license, I can’t blame him in the least bit for what he did. Aaron was right about what would have happened. We would have not only kept the boys apart, but we would likely have sent our son to a reprogramming center to have him brainwashed into not being gay… something we now know is impossible. Aaron did the wrong thing, but for the right reasons.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,” the judge inquired, “Do you agree with Mr. Sandler’s statement?”

“Yes your honor, we do,” Jim began. “Until this incident, we provided an upbringing for Aaron and his brother Adam, based on trust and honesty. Except for this time, neither boy has ever given us reason to think that our trust wasn’t well founded. I agree with Alan Sandler… Aaron had good reason to drive that night, however wrong it may have been. I feel certain that, because of his honesty to all of us throughout this incident, Aaron will never betray our trust again.”

“Thank you for your insight Mr. Sandler and Mr. Johnson.” Judge Jenkins acknowledged. “Mr. Esptstein, have you anything to add?”

“Your honor,” Bill began, “there is another issue you might want to consider. Brian is going to need transportation to and from school activities and extracurricular events. For example, he is in the school band and would no longer be able to participate if transportation were not available. He will also need transportation for his physical therapy appointments. We both know how inadequate the county’s paratransit program is in meeting the needs of our citizens with disabilities. Inasmuch as Mr. and Mrs. Sandler are heavily involved in their professions and as they could never afford to hire private transportation, allowing Aaron to drive would make a tremendous difference in Brian’s quality of life.”

“Brian,” Pamela Jenkins said quietly, “Do you feel that Aaron Johnson has the ability to provide you with reliable transportation and any assistance that you will need to attend school and other appointments?”

“Yes your honor, I do,” Brian replied. “He’s been by my side as much as he possibly could be since the accident. He attended many of my rehabilitation therapies with me and even went out of his way to search the Internet for information I might need.” Brian blushed as he continued. “He even made contact with other gay people with spinal cord injuries to learn what it will take to maintain our relationship. Your honor, we’re in this for life and I trust him completely.”

“Very well, then,” Judge Jenkins started, “Brian, Aaron, trust and honesty is the best foundation upon which to build a relationship. I’m sure you both will need a lot of both in the coming years. Aaron, I’ve made my decision. This being your first offense, I’m willing to handle this by non-adjudication. What that means is that the charge will be held in abeyance until you turn eighteen, at which time it will be dropped. You will be able to get your license today assuming, of course, you pass the exam,” she said as she winked at him. “However, if you get so much as a speeding ticket in the next two years, the charge will come back at you in full force and your license will likely be suspended. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“You bet, your honor,” Aaron said with a broad grin on his face.

“Very well, then, we’re done here,” the judge said as she brought the gavel down.

Once they were out of the courtroom, Bill Epstein approached Aaron and his parents and quietly said, “Aaron, if you wish, I think we may have a case for false arrest against the county, and possibly a federal action for violation of your civil rights. The ADA admitted they botched the accident scene investigation. The motion to amend the report is pretty much a formality now. The transcript of the initial interview with you, which you fortunately allowed to be entered into evidence, also demonstrates that the detective who interviewed you is a homophobic prick.”

Aaron chuckled at his attorney’s comment.

“Now I have to tell you that successful execution of a false arrest claim is as rare as hens teeth. A lawsuit against the county could take at least two years and could result in your being subjected to minor harassment. A civil rights claim might be a bit more straightforward, but it would still be a long shot and could also take years. With your permission, I’d like to look into our options, but I won’t make any promises.”

“That’s OK, Bill, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, but I couldn’t care less if I ever set foot in a courtroom again. Just the thought of a lawsuit against the creep that did this to Brian sends shivers down my spine. No, Bill, as much as I hate what was done to me, spending any more time in court after today would only worsen the effect of what has already happened. I want justice for Brian, but I’m not out for revenge.”

Mr. Epstein turned to Aaron’s parents and said, “You have an amazing and mature young man here. He must make you proud.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of him,” Jim replied.

“And he’s all mine,” Brian chimed in.

“Anyway, happy birthday, Aaron, and congratulations!”

“Thanks, Bill, and thanks for everything you’ve done for me.”

“It’s nothing, Aaron. You’re family.”

Aaron and Bill Epstein hugged each other briefly. Mr. Lasserman got their attention to say his goodbyes, and Aaron and his parents thanked him profusely for his help in clearing Aaron.

Since everyone was already dressed, they went out for lunch at a fine restaurant nearby. Aaron was surprised when his parents ordered steak - they almost never ate red meat, let alone having steak for lunch - but today was a special day of celebration. Slowly it dawned on Aaron that it was all over. It really wasn’t all his fault. It was that damned drunk driver.

After lunch, everyone went to the downtown motor vehicles branch and made it all official. With his court order in hand, Aaron was allowed to take his “written” test, which he passed at 100%, and because he had passed his school’s driver’s ed program, the road test was waived. He whooped for joy as he was issued his very own driver’s license, although he did wince when he saw the horrible picture on it. As he was finishing up, Aaron’s dad got a call on his cell phone. Aaron heard him talk for a little bit and say, “That’s wonderful news.” He was curious, but didn’t ask what the call was about.

Aaron assumed they would be heading home from there and was surprised when they didn’t seem to be heading in the right direction. He was utterly flabbergasted, however, when they pulled up to a Honda dealership, and Brian’s parents followed them in.

“It’s high time we replaced your mother’s car, don’t ya think?” Aaron’s dad said. Once inside, his dad asked to speak to a particular salesman and it was evident that this had all been arranged. They then went outside and someone drove up with a new 2006 dark blue hybrid Accord with a beige leather interior, sun roof, alloy wheels, navigation system - the car was fully loaded.

“With Brian and his wheelchair, we thought it would be a good idea to have a car with a little more room than the Jetta. Besides, its gas mileage is nearly as good, and its safety rating is one of the best.”

Aaron was taking it all in when someone drove up another Accord - this one similarly appointed, but in white with a dark grey leather interior.

“This one’s going to be my car, honey,” June Sandler said to Brian. “We obviously need a car that isn’t an SUV, so we decided to get this car after hearing about the Johnsons’ decision. This time it was Brian who was blown away. Finally, out of nowhere a third Accord suddenly appeared. This one was a red two-door coupe with a grey cloth interior, but it still had a sunroof, alloy wheels and the navigation system.

“Happy birthday, Aaron.”

Aaron turned and looked at his father as it slowly began to dawn on him that this was his car. His car. He was absolutely beside himself. It might not have been the set of wheels he would have chosen for himself, but it was his. All he could say was, “How?”

“We’d have done this anyway, Aaron and if you were listening to Bill Epstein at all, it should be dawning on you that you’re not going to be poor. While we were in the restaurant, however, we got a call from Bill and he had some great news. The drunk driver’s insurance company has agreed to our settlement counteroffer. We can talk about the details later, and it’s not really a lot of money, considering everything, but suffice it to say that you and Brian will have enough to get a fair shake in life. And let’s face it, with Brian in a wheelchair, you’re going to need your own car. We got a two-door so that Brian can even drive it himself when he’s old enough and he can stash his wheelchair behind the seat. You probably didn’t notice it yet, but it’s also equipped with hand controls. Brian’ll need a car with hand controls when he takes driver’s ed this summer. I hope you don’t mind sharing your car with him.”

Mind? How could he mind? Aaron was absolutely speechless. Instead, he just threw his arms around his father and hugged him with all his might, even though his broken ribs still hurt a bit, and then he did the same with his mom. Brian was equally speechless and he also hugged Aaron’s parents, nearly running over their feet with his wheelchair in the process.

After all the papers were filled out, it was time to go home.

“OK boys,” Ruth said as she approached her new car. “We’ll see you later this evening… I suddenly feel like a piece of birthday cake,” she said with a wicked grin. “Drive safely.”

“I will Mom. I love you.” Aaron said as he realized with trepidation that the only way to get his car home was to drive it himself. This would be his first time driving since the accident and he was more than a little nervous.

Sensing this, Brian said, “It’s OK, honey. I’ll be there, right by your side. You know you can do this.” Without even waiting, Brian opened the passenger door and transferred himself to the shotgun seat, and demonstrated just how easy it was for him to stow his own wheelchair behind his seat. “Well, what are you waiting for?” Brian yelled out to Aaron, and then in a quieter voice, he added, “I haven’t cathed sinced this morning!”

“Good God, Brian, can you do that? I mean it’s been, what, eight hours? I thought you had to do it every four hours.”

“It’s definitely not recommended. The one saving grace is that I haven’t had much to drink, either. There could be complications, however, so let’s hurry! Ah, but not too fast… I don’t want you to get a speeding ticket.”

With Brian’s encouragement, Aaron sat in the driver’s seat of his new car, adjusted the mirrors, checked over the location of all the basic controls, inserted the key and started his baby up. He turned on the radio and tuned in his favorite jazz station, which met with Brian’s quick approval. The drive to Brian’s house was completely uneventful and Aaron felt a newfound confidence as he pulled into the driveway. After getting out of the car, it was first things first - the bathroom for Brian! Aaron, of course, was more than willing to lend his assistance.

After finishing their necessities, the boys returned to Brian’s room to enjoy a little quiet time together. Both sets of parents agreed to allow Aaron to spend the night again, as tonight Aaron needed Brian as much as Brian had needed Aaron. The hearing was behind them, and Brian’s first day back at school since the accident was just ahead. Not only that, but tomorrow would be both boys first day back as an ‘out’ couple.

They started out planning to have a little fun together, but they were both exhausted. The hearing had been grueling, and the excitement of getting Aaron’s car had worn them out. They started out cuddling and making out, but quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms.

June woke them up at eight o’clock so they could eat dinner. She had prepared a simple meal of baked chicken with sweet potatoes and green beans, followed by left over birthday cake for dessert. Aaron’s parents had left for home earlier, not wishing to wake their son and Brian.

After dinner, Aaron and Brian returned to Brian’s room to play video games for a while. Their game play eventually turned into foreplay.

“Did anyone ever tell you, you have the most beautiful eyes?” Aaron asked after parting from a passionate kiss. “They’re the color of the Caribbean Sea . Such a beautiful shade of blue I’ve never seen. I could get lost looking into your eyes. I’ll never tire of seeing my reflection in your eyes. I can see the love behind them, and I can see the beauty of your soul.”

“That’s beautiful, Aaron, but it’s your eyes that are so beautiful. They remind me of amber waves of grain… such a perfect golden shade has never been found anywhere else on earth. I will never tire of seeing myself reflected in your eyes. I love you more than words can ever say. Behind those eyes, I see the most beautiful, kind, perfect soul in the universe. I am truly blessed to know you. If I could walk again, but were the cost to have never met you, there would be no choice. I’d rather spend one millisecond with you than have a lifetime of the use of my legs.”

Aaron’s eyes teared up as he heard Brian’s words. Rather than let his boyfriend see him cry, he relieved the moment in the best way he knew how, by placing his lips firmly on Brian’s. As he kissed his love, he hugged him tightly. Eventually, he unbuttoned Brian’s shirt, pulling the hem out from his pants. Although Brian's "turtle shell" brace was largely in the way, the openings for his arms left his nipples exposed, and Aaron wasted little time stroking them with his thumbs. As Aaron stroked a bit lower, he crossed over Brian's zone of injury and felt Brian shudder under the power of his light touch.”

“Would you rather I not touch you there?” Aaron asked.

“Ordinarily it’s a little sensitive to touch, but when you touch it that way, it feels good… Real good. There’s only one problem, though… You’re wearing way too many clothes.”

“And I bet you know how to take care of that.”

“You bet I do,” Brian said as he proceeded to lift up the hem of Aaron’s shirt and pull his shirt off. Brian removed Aaron’s right sneaker, and then the sock underneath. He lovingly caressed Aaron’s foot, then lightly kissed the top of each toe. He similarly removed Aaron’s left sneaker and sock, and kissed each toe. He then placed the soles of Aaron’s feet against his own chest, the ball of each foot over his nipples and the toes against his neck. Brian had never felt anything so erotic in his life. Aaron’s feet were sitting on Brian’s most erogenous zones, and he was loving it. As Brian massaged Aaron’s feet, Aaron felt aroused himself. He lay back on Brian's bed, enjoying the sensations coursing through his body.

Aaron sat back up and, following Brian’s lead, removed each of Brian’s sneakers and socks, enjoying the silky feel of the soles of Brian’s feet. Recognizing there were still barriers to his enjoyment, however, he said, “We still have way too many clothes on.”

Reluctantly, Brian lowered Aaron’s feet, transferred himself to his bed and began to unbuckle his own belt. Aaron did the same and soon, with the exception of Brian’s brace, they were both naked. Brian leaned back against his headboard and Aaron lifted his feet back up to Brian, and although a bit confused, Brian took them back in his hands an placed them back on his chest, enjoying their feel against his nipples, neck and throat.

Aaron spread his legs apart and grabbed hold of Brian’s feet. Placing the soles of Brian’s feet against his dick and balls, he was amazed at how aroused this made him feel. He’d never thought he had a foot fetish, but he couldn’t deny that this felt great.

Seeing what Aaron was doing, Brian started to rub Aaron’s feet around on his chest and against his nipples, stimulating his zone of injury in the process. He Took Aaron’s toes up onto his face and kissed them. Tentatively, he stuck his tongue out and licked between Aaron’s toes. Although he never thought he would, he enjoyed the scent and the taste. Brian became progressively more aroused as he continued to stimulate his zone of injury and his nipples with Aaron’s feet.

Aaron rubbed his dick with Brian’s feet, thrusting as best he could from an awkward position. Awkward or not, it felt great. A soft moan escaped Aaron’s lips and Brian smiled.

“Go for it, babe. Cum for me,” Brian crowed. “Cum with everything you have, and I’ll have my own orgasm from what your love is doing to me.”

Aaron sped up his thrusting and rubbing and Brian did the same with the rubbing of Aaron’s feet on his chest. The feeling of Brian’s soft soles sliding along the underside of his dick as well as against his balls was too much and he soon felt his balls drawing up, tight against his body. Jet after jet of his hot cum spurted out the end of his dick, landing on Brian’s feet as well as Aaron’s groin. For his part, Brian moaned out loud as he felt waves of pleasure spread through his body. He swore he could almost feel his orgasm spread through the head of his dick. Although it wasn’t a true orgasm, it felt remarkably close.

“Good God, Aaron, that was amazing.”

“Yeah, it was… but how could it be amazing for you when you can’t feel anything?”

“But I did feel something, Aaron. The feeling of your feet on my nipples and across my zone of injury was amazing. It really did arouse me.”

“It aroused me, too.”

“That’s not all, Aaron. I really felt like I had an orgasm. I swear, I really felt something down below. It almost felt like it came out my dick.”

Aaron started chuckling. Soon that chuckle became a full laugh and, before long, Aaron was in hysterics.

“What’s so funny?” Brian asked.

“Well, I’ve heard of phantom sensation and phantom pain, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a phantom orgasm.”

Brian couldn’t help it. Soon he was laughing hysterically, too.

After they came down a bit from their laughter and from their earlier orgasmic highs, Aaron used his shirt to clean up himself, and Brian’s feet. He did his best to dry off the sheets below where their love making session had occurred.

“Brian, thanks for giving me an amazing birthday.”

“And thank you for giving me an amazing homecoming.”

“I guess we’d better get to bed. Tomorrow’s a big day.”

“You would have to remind me of that…”

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