Chapter 3

As they drove in silence back to the gym to pick up Donnie's car, Justin was trying to piece together the process that lead to the invitation. He knew some friends who had disastrous experiences with experimenting straight men, but something about Donnie seemed so true. He seemed worth the risk. In a way, he thought that having to teach Donnie about being with another man would be hot. Then, he thought maybe he was trying to move things along too fast. Better to let Donnie steer the ship.

Justin had to follow Donnie to his home; he didn't know where he lived. He knew that the fact that Donnie would take him into his home showed a remarkable degree of trust. Being careful not to follow too closely, he tried to imagine the kind of place Donnie would have. Donnie led him carefully to the lot behind his townhouse, pulling into the garage. He had told Justin to park behind him. He motioned for Justin to come in with him through the garage door. He saw the kid grab his bag and lock his car. Justin knew they were right on the river and couldn't wait to see the view. He followed Donnie and waited while he closed the garage door, turned on the entryway light, and locked the door from the garage behind them.

"Don't worry, you can leave any time," Donnie joked.

"Your home is beautiful," Justin said, following Donnie up the stairs.

The stairway walls held a Peruvian weaving and some beautiful photographs. In little alcoves along the wall, Justin saw a bronze statue of a seated girl with wings on her back holding a lamp as well as a couple of other sculptures. When they got to the second level, Justin looked ahead and saw a set of French doors leading to big deck, and beyond was the river. Pottery was everywhere, and Justin knew that Lynn and, maybe, Donnie had made it.

"This is so fine. You and Lynn really made a stellar living space."

"Yeah. Mostly it's Lynn's work, but I love it. Sit," he said, pointing to a strange looking leather couch.

Donnie took off his jacket. "I know it's late, but you want something to drink? There's some year-old beer in the fridge or I can open some wine."

"Actually, I'm pretty beat. Let me get some sleep, and I'll make you a special breakfast in the morning."

Thinking that he hadn't had someone cook breakfast for him in a long time, Donnie said, "Deal. Up we go."

'Nothing like getting to the hard part,' he thought.

They walked up to the third level, where, above the deck was a balcony. Beyond, the river was running as it had for tens of thousands of years. Donnie needed to live by water, why he didn't know. He turned one of the bedside lamps on, and opened a gun safe, carefully securing the Wesson and the LCR. Justin dropped his gym bag at the foot of the bed.

"Out of sight …," Donnie said, and began to undress.

After taking the polo shirt off, he realized that Justin was just standing and staring at him. "I usually sleep naked. I sort of thought you might, too. But, if you want, I can keep my underwear on."

"No. Sorry, I sleep that way, too. I was just thinking how strange is it that I'm here."

"Good strange or creepy strange?"

"Oh, very good strange. I'm just sorry I'm so tired. Great way to make a first sleepover impression."

"You think this is a sleepover?"

Justin hesitated a moment and then said, "I like it when you bust my chops like this, and, yes, I'm over at your place and we're going to sleep. What else we'll do remains to be seen."

"Fair enough. Now strip. It's not like I haven't seen you in all your glory before. But this will be the first time I'll see you dry."

Justin began to strip. He watched Donnie fold and put his clothes on a chair by the dresser on his side of the bed and did the same on a chair at the other side. He had thought Donnie might have had a huge bed, but it was a nice, queen size. When they were both naked, Justin was aware that they were both hard. Donnie was pretty big soft, and now Justin could see he was bigger than average when hard.

Using his best Mae West voice, he asked Donnie, "Are you glad to see me, or is that a gun in your pocket?"

"I'm glad to see you," Donnie replied, laughing. "And, I'm glad you're willing to risk this. I know the courage it takes."

"Me, too, for you. By the way, you are one hot fucker."

"Well thanks, and you're beautiful, if that's okay to say about another guy."

Pulling back the comforter and getting under the sheet and light blanket, Justin asked softly, "You're not bullshitting me, are you?"

"No, I promise I'll never do that. Count on it. I like you too much."

Donnie got in bed and they pulled the covers up. "So, teach, what's the drill here? I haven't been naked with another guy since I was thirteen."

"Do tell, please."

"You know, just the usual let's jerk off together leading to let's jerk each other off."

"So, Donnie, you are experienced. I'm not sure I have much to teach you," Justin laughed.

"If that's all we're going to do, then, you're right."

"How about this? Tonight, we sleep together, as in sleep."

"I'd like that."

Donnie turned out the lamp and the room was dark except for the faint light from Oregon through the French doors to the balcony. Justin had seen the picture of Lynn on Donnie's dresser, and surprisingly, didn't feel strange about it. He was beginning to realize the huge influence she had on the person Donnie was. He was grateful. His thoughts of Lynn were interrupted by the realization that he had never felt anything like the mattress they were on.

"What's the deal with the mattress?"

"Tempurpedic. Just us and the astronauts, my friend."

Justin scooted over toward Donnie, who was on his back, and rolled on to his side, placing his arm across Donnie's chest and draped his leg over Donnie's thigh. His hard-on pressed into Donnie.

"Is this okay?"


Justin lightly rubbed the short fur on Donnie's chest. "Nice," Justin said.

Then he felt Donnie's deep, even breaths. For the first time since Lynn had not returned to this bed, Donnie fell into a satisfying sleep almost immediately, followed shortly by Justin, who felt safe and happy.

In the morning, Justin was startled from sleep when Donnie grabbed the wrist above the hand still resting on Donnie's chest.

"Shit! Sorry, Justin. I haven't wakened to anyone in bed with me for a while. I was just surprised."

Justin started to pull his arm away, but Donnie held the wrist more lightly, and then pressed Justin's palm onto his chest.

"It was just a knee-jerk thing. I'm not feeling any guilt, and I'm certainly not having second thoughts. A while ago, you called me damaged. I have never thought of myself that way, but maybe this is how damaged people behave."

"You're more self-aware than anybody I've ever met. How do you do that?"

Donnie moved the hand pressing on Justin's over the boy's arm and on to Justin's shoulder. "Training, and I had a good teacher. You can't make a life with someone like Lynn without looking into yourself. Does it bother you that I talk about her? You're not competing with her, you know."

"I don't feel as if I am. Actually, I would like to have known her; I can see her in a lot that I admire about you."

"Thanks. I don't think many people would be as secure as you seem."

Justin moved his hand down across Donnie's belly and pubic bone, pressing lightly over his bladder. "Need to pee? I do."

"Keep that up, and I'll pee all over both of us. I've never been able to piss very accurately with a boner."

"I see. Well, we could do something about that. The question is, can you come with a full bladder?"

Donnie thought that sometimes this kid was like a puppy. "Yes, Justin, I can, but the quality of the orgasm is different."

Justin felt Donnie's hard dick against the back of his hand and moved to grasp it lightly. Gently stroking its length, he asked, "Did they teach you talk like that in graduate school?"

Donnie surprised himself by beginning to thrust into Justin's fist. "No, wise ass. My métier is unique. That's how they taught me to talk in graduate school."

"Get your money back. You used métier incorrectly."

Donnie was surprised that the kid had called him on that, but pleased. He knew Justin was bright, but he had a fair trivia bag as well. Lynn had told Donnie early in their relationship that, although his memory wasn't eidetic, he had a remarkable recall of seemingly unconnected, unimportant facts. She had thought that made him good at his job; he was constantly making connections.

"And, wise ass—by the way that's going to be your official nickname—in this case the usage was correct because I wasn't referring to the way I speak."

Gripping Donnie's dick more firmly and stroking more purposefully, Justin said, "The nickname's probably appropriate, and I agree that your vocation is unique. Now, be quiet and get off so we can pee. I owe you a breakfast."

Donnie pushed the covers down and, lying back, attended only to sensation. No one entered his thoughts except Justin. With frightening speed, he was coming. The first burst fired up to his chin, followed by six or seven more onto his chest and belly, coating the hair there. The orgasm had that peculiar quality that occurs with a full bladder, slightly painful as his body tried to sort out the need to piss from the need to come. He opened his eyes to see Justin staring at him.

"Very impressive, old man. Either you have a special talent or you've been saving that up for a while."

"No special talent, W A. You really made a mess."

Justin scooped a little of Donnie's semen from the man's chin and rolled it between his thumb and index finger. "Are you really going to call me W A?"

"You are a wise ass and have earned the nickname. What about you, before we get in the shower?"

Justin surprised Donnie by licking residual cum off his fingers before asking, "Are you sure you remember how? Your last adventure was … twenty-nine years ago."

"Quiet, W A." Donnie pushed the kid onto his back and looked at him. "Close your eyes."

Donnie was struck by how well knitted Justin was, lithe where he was blockier, with all the right lines and the kind of body that he and Lynn had always admired. He took Justin's hard-on in his fist and began to jerk him off. This dick was like its owner, lithe but really hard, long and slender and perfect. Donnie always thought his own dick was too much like a truncheon.

He watched Justin breathing harder and saw the contractions begin in his abs and upper thighs before the fountain began. Unlike Donnie, Justin was pretty vocal when coming, which he thought was charming. As Justin calmed after his orgasm, Donnie drew little figures in the juice on Justin's smooth belly, tickling him slightly. Lynn used to play with his, and now he knew why. He didn't taste it, though.

'Later,' he thought, realizing that he'd decided that he was going to share more orgasms with Justin.

"Let's get ready for that breakfast you owe me, W A. Into the shower with us."

He pulled Justin over to his side of the bed. Justin was dead weight, and Donnie knew that Justin was the kind that liked to luxuriate in post-coital bliss. Donnie was more of a let's get back to the day or night kind of guy. He laughed inwardly that the kid did have something to teach him.

"Noooo, please," Justin moaned.

"Stop whining, W A. The shower awaits."

They had a leisurely shower, playfully cleaning the remnants of their orgasms from their bodies. They both got hard again, and when Justin knelt under the water spray to try to suck him, Donnie pulled him up, hugged him, and said, "Discipline, W A. We'll get back to this soon, assuming you have time today. I'm off for the rest of the week."

"You're mean. If it's all right, I've decided to spend the day with you."

"More than all right."

Then Donnie surprised himself by leaning in and touching his lips to Justin's. As the water flowed over them, Justin let Donnie control the pressure until, opening his mouth a bit, Donnie let his tongue wipe Justin's lips. Donnie felt the air suck out of his lungs. This was a perfect kiss Donnie never thought he would experience again.

'Damn,' he thought, 'I need to be careful here.'

When they were dry, Donnie gave Justin a pair of boxer briefs, all he wore, and put on a pair himself. Taking Justin by the hand, he led them downstairs to the kitchen. He smiled as Justin started unloading almost everything from the refrigerator. The kid looked so serious, as if he didn't want to disappoint.

"No, you have to work for breakfast," Donnie said, getting out a couple of bowls and a box of Raisin Bran. He poured small bowls and mixed the cereal with plain yogurt.

"Eat. Then we run, and then we come back and you do your breakfast thing."

After eating, Donnie told Justin, "Come."

Bounding back up the stairs with Justin in tow, Donnie got them outfitted in wicking long underwear, long sleeve shirts, and running shorts. His clothes hung a bit on Justin.

"W A, you look like a foundling. Wear your trainers."

They left the condo and headed around the long row of homes to a little walkway down to the river walk. On their right, a large bronze statue of an Indian woman, Ilchee, Moon Woman, sat on a rock. Donnie dragged Justin onto the walk and began to run to the west, past his and the other decks. Now, he wasn't just using up minutes. He was alive and savoring them, undistracted. The air was cool under the clouds, and rain threatened as it always did here during these months.

He felt a renewed tendency to speed ahead and adjusted his pace so that Justin could comfortably keep up. The kid was in shape but apparently didn't run regularly. He'd fix that. Because they had wakened early and it was a weekday, the walk wasn't very crowded. They passed other runners he saw frequently going east and threaded around other westbound runners.

A pair of guys approached from the opposite direction and both of them looked at him and Justin, smiled, looked at each other, and smiled again. Donnie was pleased. He thought about grasping Justin's hand, hesitated realizing how public this was, and then did it, holding for a few moments before separating. Justin was one big smile at that.

When they returned, Justin said, "Damn, old man, I see why you have zero body fat."

"Well, depression will do that for you."

"I hope depression isn't a fix you need to keep that body."

"W A, you have no idea how your cardiovascular system is going to flourish. If you want to run, that is. I'm going to respect you enough to say this only once. You don't ever have to do anything just to please me. Being yourself is quite enough."

"I liked running, especially when family acknowledged us."


"The two gay guys who passed us. They knew we were together. Hope that doesn't freak you."

"You don't know that they're gay, and I held your hand, didn't I?"

"I have a super power, and you always seem to do the right thing at the right time."

"You have no idea how many flaws you'll uncover if you look long enough."

"I'll give it a try, but now, I'm starved, and you're getting breakfast."

Justin made good on the promise, although Donnie was quick to remind him that he would never be relegated to the cook/servant role in their relationship.

When Donnie had finished the dishes, he said, "Now I believe I interrupted you in the shower earlier. Want to try again?"

"I'm too full. You should have taken advantage of the opportunity."

"Oh. Okay. Let's get cleaned up anyway."

"Old man, you need a better crap detector. I'm pretty single-minded about getting what I want, and now that's to taste you direct from the source." Justin took off up the stairs, and Donnie followed, laughing.

After they undressed, Donnie put their running stuff in the hamper and asked a delicate question that needed asking. "So what I've never had to think about is safe or safer sex or whatever. I don't want to presume anything about your health status, but we need to set some guidelines for us. And yes, this discussion means we're going to need them."

"I'd never do anything to hurt you. I'm absolutely clean. I've only had a couple of boyfriends, and we were always safe, unless you count oral. I've been tested, and I'm OK. You don't really think I'd hurt you, do you?"

"Slow down. I'm not indicting you. I just want us to think about it. If we have to have sex wearing full body condoms, we'll figure it out."

"Sorry, I tend to be a little too sensitive to perceptions about gay guys."

"Point taken, and you're not wrong about misperceptions. This is a two way street. You know nothing about my health. Believe me when I tell you that just because someone is straight is no reason to give him a pass. You have a right to be protected. So, here's the drill from my point of view. I've never been tested but then I've only had sex with one person for almost twenty years. At this point, I'm okay with oral, but we use condoms for anything else until we both get tested."

"That's good for me. Sorry about the overreaction. You mean we're going to have 'anything elses?'"

"Stop apologizing. It wasn't overreaction. Now, let's get in the shower unless the discussion has been a colossal buzz-kill, and yes there will be 'anything elses.'"

"Oh no, my buzz is fine. You're not getting off that easy. I need dessert."

In the shower, they washed each other carefully and slowly. Donnie thought that this skin-to-skin contact, even shampooing Justin's hair, was something that humans required for sanity. No wonder the last year had been crap. Justin's skin was so different from Lynn's, but wonderful to play on.

When they were rinsed, two things happened: Donnie silently thanked Lynn for getting the larger water heater and Justin sucked him. Lynn had been skillful and joyful when she had blown him, but Justin's approach was very different. Donnie guessed that there was some truth to the notion that having the equipment meant you could handle it better. For one thing, Justin was able to easily get all of him in, but the nicest part was how tender he was–tongue action and gentle unhurried suction. He was making love to Donnie. So much for boundaries. Then Justin did something that Lynn never had. He was cupping Donnie's balls when he used a wet finger to brush over Donnie's asshole. Then there was light pressure.

"Okay?" Justin asked, coming off the dick.

"I think so. You're the teacher here, W A."

Soon, Donnie was pouring into Justin's mouth, and Justin made little noises as he swallowed it all, the noises someone makes when a great dessert transports him. Donnie was leaning back against the stall wall and his knees almost gave out. Justin rose and put his hands behind Donnie's head. Then, he kissed him, and Donnie tasted what he hadn't for so long, his own cum from his partner's mouth.

After a few minutes of needy kissing, Donnie said, "This is where teacher earns his pay." Then he knelt on the shower floor.