Je  t’aime

by Caleb Wilson


 a short story in five parts


Part 1Part 1

He made his solitary way towards school, his shoes scuffing the pavement as he walked in a gesture of boredom. This was his daily routine Monday to Friday during school days, as he made his tedious journey to his destination St. Peters. Institute of Learning. He neither liked, or disliked school, he did his required subjects to the best of his ability and on most occasions as it happened his grades were above average.


Being an only child at times school was a welcome break from the monotony of home at other times he hated going to school. That was once a week on a Friday when after the lunch break they had the whole afternoon dedicated to sporting activities. It wasn’t that he hated sports, he actually enjoyed watching the sports programmes on the telly, it was just that when it came to partaking in the activities he was pretty useless. The other day that he dreaded at school was the when once a fortnight they went to the communal local swimming pool. This came about when three months ago the Principal of the school in all his wisdom, decided, that all the pupils in his school should learn how to swim. Swimming he hated, not the water, if he was just allowed to play in the shallow end he would be quite happy to mess around all day. But when they tried to teach him how to do the breast stroke, or crawl, he always ended up getting a lung full of water and stood up coughing and spluttering, and calling the tutors all the nasty names that he could imagine under his breath. If he had swallowed an extra amount of water the insults were even more profound. He refrained from using the profanities out aloud. Having learnt from experience that if it happened to be another student coaching him, a quick knee between his legs added more pain to his discomfort.

His many tutors in the swimming pool ranged from teachers to other students. The last time he had been in the pool it had been Mr Bentley who was supporting him as he splashed along in what he thought was the crawl at about 50mph, till Mr Bentley took his arms away and he went under coming up in his usual manner coughing and spluttering. When he'd recovered sufficiently he walked to the side of the pool with Mr Bentley in attendance at his side.

While he rested on the edge of the pool trying to regain some sort of composure the teacher said, “Taylor you’re absolutely bloody useless, it’s been nearly three months and you can’t swim a stroke.”

“Sorry sir.”

“God I give up, listen to me Taylor, if you’re ever in a boat at sea, or on a river, or canal and it’s about to sink you know what would be the best action for you to take.”

“No sir, please enlighten me?”

“My advice to you would be, to take a deep breath go straight to the bottom and run like hell for shore.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir for your words of wisdom.”

“Don’t try to be sarcastic Taylor, go and get changed.”

He climbed out of the pool that day thinking, Yeah Bentley was a real foreskin face and penis breath all rolled into one.

The teacher watched the boy as he made his way to the changing rooms, How can a boy of fifteen be so small and also not be able to swim, he thought, and why does he have to wear those stupid bloody swimming shorts that reach down to his knees instead of Speedos,” the teacher turned away shaking his head in resignation to attend to the other students who had more possibilities in learning how to swim.


So as there would be no swimming this week he had four more days before Friday came around, he perked up a bit at the thought and he walked with a sprightlier step. As he made his way towards school his thoughts focused again on the Friday sporting activities. Just hope they don’t have cricket this Friday, would much prefer it if they had track and field trials. He hated cricket, not the fielding so much but the batting when he had to face the fast bowlers. God! That ball came at you like a Zillion mph, he invariably shut his eyes and just swung his bat and he always missed with the ball either crashing into the wicket, or in most cases some part of his anatomy. Which left him lying on the floor in agony, and inevitably the pea brain bowler bending over him saying he was sorry and are you okay, of course I'm not okay I wouldn't be lying on the effing floor in agony if I was. Yeah I bet he's sorry, he wouldn't have that sly grin on his face when he says it, just wish I could hit one of the bowlers in the goolies with a cricket bat tha,t would lift their voices a few octaves and stop them playing with themselves for a few days.

He walked through the school gates his hand in his pocket scratching his private parts, Jeez,” he thought, Ever since I’ve started getting pubes the base of my dick and balls never stop itching I spend bloody hours scratching. I wonder if girls get itchy as well, I’ve seen plenty of kids scratching their balls, but never seen a girl scratching her crutch.”


He made his way to his locker, took out what he required for first period then left the rest of his stuff inside and made his way to his class. No one spoke to him nor did he speak to anyone. He arrived at his classroom where the only person to greet him was Dawn Roberts, after which he made his way to his desk sat down and waited for the teacher to arrive and take roll call.

Promptly at 8.45am Mr Martin walked into the classroom looked around to get the pupils attention and also to silence their rabbiting. Getting the desired response he opened the register and took the morning roll call with the class taking pleasure announcing at the top of their voices, “Not here sir,” when there was no answer to a particular name. 


The morning went as well as can be expected, and at the meal break he went to his locker to get his packed lunch which he took to the canteen to consume. He selected a table that was unoccupied and sat down to eat. He was halfway through his food when a chair was drawn out and looking up saw Dawn Roberts taking a seat.

Dawn was the plainest girl in their class; she had brown mousey coloured hair worn in plaits, slightly protruding teeth, wore spectacles, and had freckles around her upturned nose, added to which she was completely flat-chested.

“Okay if I join you Reuben.”

“Yeah sit down Dee,” Dawn was one of the very few persons that talked to him socially, and he liked her as a friend.

As she sat she looked at the boy opposite her, he was about 5ft 2ins in height brown hair and eyes, but had the most beautiful pouting pink tinted lips that just asked to be kissed. Reuben was one of the few boys who never remarked or made fun of her looks or figure. She liked him no secretly she fancied him but knew that the feelings weren’t reciprocated. She’d known Rueben for over three years, they had both come up from junior school together, and in all that time he had never once shown any interest in taking their friendship past the purely platonic level.

“So what have you got to eat?”

Reuben swallowed a mouthful of food before answering. “Ham and tomato sandwiches.”

“I’ve got the usual Monday school lunch, beef stew with veg, and apple crumble and custard.”


They sat making small talk till Dawn asked, “How come in all the time I’ve known you Rube you don’t have a lot of friends actually besides me and Richards who talks to you from time to time as he’s the class monitor nobody seems to take much notice of you?”

The boy shrugged his shoulders, “Dunno, everyone seems to be too busy talking to each other to notice me, anyway I still have you to talk too.”

“Yes, but at least I do have other friends why don’t you try making friends with at least some other boy.”

“I umm I’m not sure I want too, at least not to anyone in our class, but I wouldn’t mind being friendly with Jason Samuels.”

Dawn looked at her friend more intently when he mentioned the name. She’d had suspicions of Reuben for quite some time, but being the good friend that she was she didn’t voice them, and was prepared to wait for Reuben to come out with it when he was ready.

Now for once forgetting herself she blurted out, “Jason Samuels he’s a senior Rube, he doesn’t even know you exist.”

Wistfully he looked upwards saying, “Yeah you don’t have to tell me,” then realising that his actions and tone of voice betrayed his emotions he looked at Dawn who was smiling at him, “How long have you known?”

“I’ve had my suspicions for over a year but just now you confirmed them.”

“So you going to blabber it all over the school.”

“Reuben Taylor if I wasn’t a good friend I’d slap your face, is that how little you think of me.”

“Sorry Dee,” he said forlornly, “if you want you can clobber me.”

“Shut up,” she said to the downcast boy, “so how long have you been fancying Jason?”

“Like the first time I saw him when we came to St Peters, the bad thing is I heard he’ll be leaving school at the end of this term.”

“Why should that worry you, if he doesn’t even know you exist?”

“I know that, but just seeing him makes my day and gives fuel for my imagination.”

“God you’ve really got it bad Rube, can’t you find any other boy that you could take a liking to.”

“No, I like him and that’s it.”

Before Dawn could respond to Reuben’s statement they heard the bell and both rose simultaneously to return to the classroom to resume their lessons, she at 5ft 8ins topping him by six inches looked like an older sister looking after her younger brother.


During their afternoon break Dawn sought him out again to continue their lunchtime conversation.

“So have you any ideas on how to get Jason’s attention.”

“Lay off Dee, what’s he going to see in me and in any case what makes you think he’d be interested, he might have a girl friend.”

“I’ve been asking around and he hasn’t got a girl friend.”

That doesn’t mean a thing, he might have a girl outside of this school.”

“Yeah could be, but since he’s been at this school he’s never really shown much interest in any of the girls.”

“What’s got into to you, why are you trying to fix me up with someone who doesn’t even know I exist?”

“I don’t like seeing my friends moping around all the time, I want to see a light in their eyes and a smile on their face.”

Reuben split his mouth from cheek to cheek with a grin, “Satisfied see I’m happy.”

“Shut up po face and listen to me, what would you say if I could get Jason Samuels to talk to you.”

“WHAT,” Reuben yelled, “I’ve just told you what’s the big deal with you trying to get Jason to notice me.”

“Yeah, well why not, I’m fed up of seeing you on your own all the time?”

“Oh God, Dee you’re going to screw me up well and truly.”

“No I won’t you wimp, just leave it to me.”  

Before Reuben could respond the bell went for the resumption of classes and Dawn grabbed his arm saying. “Come on Rube I’ll sort you out and if it doesn’t work out you could always try me.”

He looked at her and noticed she was serious, Tell you what Dee if he even gets to talk to me I’ll think you’ve achieved a miracle, as for trying you, umm I’m not too sure about that, but if you grow some tits Ill think about it.”

She gave him a friendly cuff around the head as they made their way to classes, “You wait and see I’ll perform the miracle you want.”


The rest of the week went by more or less the same as all the other weeks, except this week his prayers were answered and they had field and track practice on Friday afternoon. His big achievement being that he increased his position in the eight hundred metres from the normal last to second last, making him feel that little bit better, mind you he only beat Henshaw who happened to have stomach cramps having eaten too much at the lunch break.


After he’d changed and was making his way home he was just leaving through the main gates when he heard his name called out. Turning to face the source from where his name had been called he froze, he saw a fair haired 6ft  plus boy slim but wiry walking towards him. He was paralyzed till eventually with the senior only a few metres away he managed to murmur under his breath

“Jason,” then out loud, “Uh did you call me.”

Jason Samuels caught up with him saying, “If your name is Reuben Taylor then yes.”

“Umm yeah that’s me, what can I do for you?”

The older boy looked the younger up and down, “Your friend’s description of you was not very flattering you look a lot better than she described you. Anyway you owe her five pounds and she’ll be collecting on Monday when I tell her we had our conversation.”

“Five pounds, what are you talking about I never made any bets.”

Jason looked a bit bewildered, “You didn’t make any bets with your girlfriend about me being too stuck up to talk to any junior.”

“Girlfriend what girlfriend,” then it suddenly hit him, Shit! Dawn, “Was it a lanky flat chested girl with specs and plaits?”

Yeah that’s her.”

Reuben was nervous as hell his mind was working overtime thinking of ways to try and find out exactly what Dawn had told Jason, and if she’d mentioned that he was very much attracted to the older boy. Knowing Dawn she would just about have the guts to say it.

“Uh exactly what did she tell you about me?”

“About you nothing, all she said was that the two of you had been talking and my name had come up in the conversation and you’d said I was too stuck up to talk to any of the younger students. The two of you had a bet about it and to prove you wrong we’re having a talk, and she wins the bet.”

Reuben with head lowered was silent for a moment, he was thinking of ways to prolong the conversation he didn’t want Jason walking off now that he’d proven that he wasn’t stuck up.

“Why the silence?”

His thoughts were interrupted by Jason’s question.”

“I umm I, crap, I don’t know what to say.”

“Tell you what Reuben I’ll give you a lift home and on the way you can think of something to say.”

“Oh crikey, give me a lift home that’s bloody brilliant okay,” his face split into a grin from ear to ear.

“That soon loosened your tongue, and what’s so brilliant about giving you a lift home?”

“I umm uh, I don’t know it just is.”

Jason smiled he liked the look on the younger boy’s face actually he liked the boy period. He wasn’t one of the boy ravers that all the girls wet their knickers over or fell over themselves to get at, but there was something about the boy if you stopped to study him he sort of grew on you.

“Come on Reuben let’s go,” and he led the younger boy to his car.


Part 2

Inside the car Jason turned to Rueben asking? “Where do you live.”

“In the Springfield area.”

Yeah I’ve heard of it but you’ll have to direct me.”

“Okay Jason,” and his body reacted with shivers coursing through it from head to toe (as the name of the person who he had fallen in love with from the moment he had seen him, rolled off his tongue.) “Turn right when you exit the school and make a left at the first set of traffic lights then keep heading along the main road till you hit the next set of lights, then turn right and your in the Springfield area.”

“Okay have you thought of anything to say besides, umm, uh,”

“Yeah, you know I didn’t make that bet so why are you being so nice about it?”

“Now you’ve got me, not sure why, but when I saw the expression on your face when I spoke to you I decided I wanted to know more about you.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Firstly because of your size I thought you were a bit younger but now I realize that when talking to your friend it seems you must be a bit older.”

“Yeah I’m fifteen going on sixteen in a months time.”

Jason turned right at the second set of traffic lights like he’d been instructed to, then headed down the road waiting for the boy at his side to give him further instructions.

“Turn left at the next the road on the left and I live at number 36.”

They arrived outside Reuben’s house, and both sat waiting for the other to break the silence, inevitably they both spoke at once till Jason insisted that Reuben have his say first.

“Will I see you at school on Monday?”

“No I’ve finished all my A level exams so there is no necessity for me to attend school again, I don’t think I’ll be attending St. Peters again except for the end of term meeting.”

Reuben’s heart sank he sat with head bowed his hopes of getting to know Jason Samuels shattered. He couldn’t believe that fate could be so cruel, to take away his one chance of happiness when for the first time in three years he was able to speak to the person of his awake and sleeping thoughts.

“What’s up Reuben?”

His thoughts were invaded by Jason’s voice. “Uh nothing, so we won’t be seeing each other again.”

“If that’s the way you want it okay, but I was hoping that if you didn’t have anything to do we could meet up later this evening.”

He was flying like an albatross, he was soaring a thousand feet above the ground he was gliding on warm thermal currents of air higher an higher then swooping down wheeling and turning.


“Uh umm what.”

“Are you going to answer my question or just sit there with a stupid look on your face?”

“Oh, yeah, anytime this evening call me and we can meet up,” and Reuben Taylor was back in dreamland once again

“Good idea if I had your phone number. Oh for Christ sakes Reuben wake up will you, give me your bloody phone number.”

Startled he came to his senses, “Sorry I forgot,” and he supplied Jason with his phone number.”

“So are you going to get out of the car or not.”

“Where are you going?”


“Can I come?”

“You’d better ask your parents first.”

“They’re not at home; they won’t get back till after six.”

“Well just in case, call them and tell them you’ve gone out with a friend.”

Two minutes later with the phone call out of the way they were heading in the direction of Jason’s home. Reuben had emotions running through him that had him imagining all sorts of scenarios until his thoughts were broken by Jason.

“Reuben are you going to answer me or sit there looking all ga, ga.”

Again he came back to earth, “Yeah what’s it you want to know?”

“Jeez Reuben I’ve asked you twice already.”

“Umm sorry Jason I wasn’t paying attention what was it?”

“Is my company so boring that you have to be a million miles away thinking about something else. The question was, why did you ask to come along when we can meet up later this evening.”  

“No you’re not boring Jason you’re, you’re, oh bollocks.”

“Come on spit it out whatever you have to say I won’t hold it against you.”

Reuben now totally carried away by his emotions and without thinking said, “Je t’aime Jason, that’s why I asked to accompany you.”

Jason slowed the car and pulled over to the side of the road, “Did I hear you right Reuben.”

"Oh God Jason I’m sorry I just got carried away. I’ve been wanting to meet you from the first time I saw you three years ago, and now my mind is going all haywire.”

“Okay, don’t worry about it but why say it in French.”

“Just came out I can’t even speak French, but I’ve heard the phrase and liked it. I even practice saying it in a sexy way in front of a mirror but it didn’t come out the way I planned, and I uh, I dunno just said it.”

Jason looked at the nervous boy at his side and instinctively to put the boy’s mind at ease stretched his hand out and stroked the boy’s hair. Then turning back to the task of getting them back to his house he got them back in the mainstream traffic and headed for home.

Reuben feeling Jason’s fingers run through his hair had made his whole body turn to jelly, he wished that the hand hadn’t been removed so soon. He fixed his eyes on the driver and let them remain there. Jason noticing the younger boy staring at him out of the corner of his eye remarked.

“Reuben will you quit staring at me.”


“Why, because it’s distracting me while I’m driving that’s why.”

“Oh okay,” and he averted his gaze and fixed his eyes on the road ahead. He was thinking whether he should ask him if he had a girl friend, What can he do, he thought, Only tell me to mind my own business and not be nosey. On the other hand he could kick me out of the car, better keep my mouth shut and see how things go…..”

“Okay you don’t have to keep quiet as well Reuben, I just told you not to stare it doesn’t mean you have to sit there like a dummy.”

“Umm a no I was just thinking Jason.”

“About what?”

“Umm uh nothing.”

Jason smiled saying, “And precisely how do you think about umm uh nothing.”

“Oh okay I was wondering if you think I’m a weirdo for saying what I said earlier.”

“Is what I think about you very important to you.”

“Yeah it is, very.”

“Okay then, I don’t know much about you, but what I do is to my liking. That’s why you’re sitting next to me in the car.”

“You’re not turned off about what I said earlier.”

“Oh you mean your little bit of French, no, actually I was quite flattered, didn’t think that anybody could feel that way about me.”

“That’s why my friend Dawn got you to talk to me, she knew how I felt about you and organised that we get together.”

“That’s okay, but didn’t either of you stop to think that I might not want to take part in this little charade.”

“I did, I told her that you might have a girlfriend and that you wouldn’t be interested in getting to know me.”

“Seems like your friend didn’t pay much attention to what you said.”

“Yeah that’s Dee all over, she just goes ahead and does what she has to no matter what you tell her. Now when I get to school on Monday she’s going to bend my ear with all her questions.”

“You’re lucky to have a friend that cares about you.”

“I know, she’s one of the reasons that makes school bearable and at times even enjoyable. So what are you going to do if you’re not returning to school as of now?”

“I was going to spend a year in Australia with my elder sister, but my dad has just been told he has to have a heart by-pass operation so I’m going to help my mother out in the shop for the next few months or maybe till I go to university.”

“Oh sorry about your dad and trip to Australia,” but underneath Reuben was happy that it had been cancelled at least now he knew he had a chance of seeing more of Jason.

“It’s okay no big deal I can always go at a later date.”

“Can I come over and visit?”

The older boy steered the car into a driveway then stopped it outside the garage. He looked over at the younger boy who was staring at him in expectation.

“Yeah you’ll be welcome anytime but if you come during opening hours I’ll be at the shop.”

“Where is the shop?”

“Just back there on the main road,” Jason said indicating with his hand, “Because it’s quite a distance to the nearest supermarket we do quite a lot of business.” He parked then exited the car with Reuben following the older boy towards the front door.

“Would it be okay if I helped you out in the shop after school and when the summer holidays come?”

Jason opened the front door and ushered the younger boy inside then answered his question.

“Thanks Reuben, that would be nice having you around, but I think it would be better if you spent more time out with your friends rather then stuck in a shop.”

“Is that a nice way of saying you don’t want me in the shop?”

Jason looked at the expression on the younger boy’s face which had a look of disappointment on it.”

“Écoutent moi mon petit ami Je t'aime aussi, but I’m thinking of your well being, and don’t want you spending your free time stuck in a shop.”

“You said it I heard you, you said it Je t’aime you did didn’t you, say it again please Jason say it again.”       

He looked at the small expectant face in front of his, he leaned forward and brushed their lips together then whispered, “Je t’aime Reuben.”

Reuben was flying again he was a thousand feet above ground he felt arms around him and he was soaring even higher till he felt a hand brushing his face then a voice, Reuben come on say something for God’s sake,”

Reuben looked up into the concerned face and eyes staring at him then he smiled, “You said you loved me and what else did you say? ”

“I said, listen to me my little friend I love you too and then I spoke in English, saying I was thinking of your well being. If I’d known what effect it would have on you I’d have kept my mouth shut, God I thought you were going to collapse I had to hold you up, can you stand on your own two feet now.”

“No, I need your arms around me a little longer.”

Jason could see that the boy was back to normal but still held him as he got just as much pleasure from their close contact.

“Reuben let’s go inside the house instead of standing here in the hallway,” unwrapping his arms from the younger boy and taking him by the hand led him to the sitting room. Inside he took a seat pulling the younger boy on top of him.

Reuben was happy to let Jason lead him to the sitting room, then when he was pulled on top of the older boy he just let his emotions take over and let his lips seek the lips that had whispered, “I love you,” and when he found them they united and then opened as their tongues continued to express what their lips had said earlier. Both boys were now flying they flew together in each others arms they soared and dived always in perfect harmony thousands of feet above ground in a world of their own, and then they were back in the sitting room as Jason brought them back to reality by breaking the kiss.


“Yes Jason”

“I’m seventeen and will turn eighteen in a couple of weeks and I know I’m attracted to other males. I've had wank sessions with a couple of other boys when I was younger but no serious relationships. With you something inside of me just seemed to know that I want to take this a lot further than just casual sex. You’re not quite sixteen I think you should stop and think about this, and discuss it if not with your friends at least with your parents, if you want us to be more involved.”

“You must be joking," the younger boy blurted out, "Think about it, it’s what I’ve been doing for the last three years, and as for my parents, when I told them last year that I thought I was more into boy’s than girls they said well if that was my choice so be it. Jason I’ve had you in my thoughts and dreams for the last three years I’ve had countless orgasms with you being the main participant in my sexual fantasies. So how much longer do you want me to think about it?”

Jason put his hand behind the younger boy’s head and pulled him forward till their lips met at the same time stopping him talking. Now Reuben’s tongue that had been ranting on seconds ago was entwining itself around his in a gentle caress then twirling and thrusting sending shivers of delight to his loins that were in a state of full arousal.

Suddenly he felt Reuben’s hand start to stroke and squeeze his manhood. Taking the cue from his younger companion he lowered his hand to fasten on Reuben’s erection then suddenly sat upright breaking the kiss.

“Uh what’s wrong Jason?”

 “Uh nothing Reuben,” he said, “But this feels kind of big for a boy your size,” giving Reuben’s penis a squeeze, “Actually it’s bigger than mine.”

“Oh God! Reuben exclaimed, “does that put you off/”

“Put me off, what kind of a stupid question is that, I’m not worried if your dick is bigger or smaller than mine I’m not in love with your dick, but truthfully it is quite surprising in size for a boy of your stature.”

“Is it a lot bigger than yours Jason,” the younger boy enquired, “and how big is yours?

“I’m not too sure but I would say I’m at least six inches but yours is way over that.”

“No it’s not it’s only seven inches but it is quite fat.”

“How the hell did you get a cock like that.”

“How am I supposed to know, and can we stop talking about my cock.”

Jason pulled the boy into his arms and crushed him to his body, “Sorry Rube, I was just surprised you being so small and all didn’t expect it of you.”

“So can we carry on where we left off Jason?”

“Sure but I’d like to see what I’m going to be handling so how’s about taking it out.”

“Yeah, well I’m not the only one who’s going to have to expose himself get yours out as well.”  


Part 3

Before Reuben could begin to undress Jason stopped him saying, “No, not here, my parents won’t be back before six pm so let’s go to my bedroom.” 

He led the way with an excited and very happy fifteen-year-old following in his footsteps. Inside his room they both looked at each other smiled and began to strip.

Within a matter of seconds rather than minutes they were both naked and Jason could now see the appendage he’d felt between Reuben’s legs. The boy’s cock like his own was uncut, and at full mast seemed to be out of proportion to his small body, it certainly was a good inch longer than his own and about the same in girth. But this boy had not finished growing so how big it would eventually be was anybodies guess.


Jason lay on his back on the bed and opened his arms in an invitation for Reuben to come and lie on top of him. The younger boy needed no added encouragement. He walked over to the boy of his dreams and slid his body over to lay full length on top of Jason. They moved their bodies around to line up their cocks to lie against each other then with that accomplished Reuben lowered his head to rest it on Jason’s shoulder and lay still with an audible sigh.

The older boy hearing Reuben sigh, softly stroked his back as they both tried to lie and revel in the closeness of each other. But it was not to be as the demand from their loins soon had them gently grinding their erections together. The gentle grind soon had Jason performing a gentle bucking of his hips which had Reuben reciprocating in kind. Now the gentle bucking turned into more of a pounding as both boys with their arms now wrapped around each other bucked, and snorted grunted and strained, in an effort to achieve that one moment of pleasure that would give their bodies that most sensational of feelings that cannot be equalled.

“Oh God Jason I never felt so bloody good in all my life my cock is about ready to explode.”

“Hold on Rube I’m nearly there just a little bit longer.”

But Reuben couldn’t control the urge of his loins and suddenly he yelled “Oh God Jason I can’t hold back Oh! God. Ahh! and his loins erupted, the semen blasted out of his manhood to spray between them with the uncontrollable pumping of his hips and more grunts and groans till he lay limp and spent. As Reuben’s orgasm was subsiding so Jason squeezed the younger boy more tightly to his body rolled the boy over till he was lying on top of him and let his hips pound uncontrollably into the boy. He bit his lip to stop himself from screaming with pleasure, but could not control the grunts that emanated from his throat as his cock also erupted to mix his semen with that of the younger boy’s.

Slowly Jason rolled over to one side dragging Reuben with him so that they now lay on their sides facing each other. Jason leant forward and brought their lips together gently pecking on the other boy’s lips then on the nose on each eyelid then back to the lips this time inserting his tongue to unite with it’s companion.



They lay arms and legs entwined gradually recovering from their exertions till Jason untangling himself rose from the bed lifted the younger boy into his arms and headed for the bathroom. In the bathroom he set the younger boy down under the shower and switched it on.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiit!” Reuben screamed and tried to escape the cascade of cold water that enveloped him, Jason held him under the shower laughing till the younger boy’s struggles subsided as the water gradually got warmer. Reuben now stood closer to his companion; he wrapped his arms around the older boy and stood under the cascading water his head resting on the chest of the person who had just made love to him.

Jason lowered his face and kissed the boy on the top of his head saying, “Êtes vous heureux mon petit ami?”

Reuben lifted his head to look up at the older boy, “Huh what did you say Jase?”

“I asked if you were happy my little friend.”

“Happy, that cow in Hey diddle, diddle, has nothing on me, I’m well over the moon. I just wish we could stay like this forever.”

“Yeah well just let’s take one step at a time and the most important one is to get you showered, dressed, and home before your parents get back.

“After this evening can we meet up tomorrow as well Jason?”

“No, I wish we could, but I had an invitation to an engagement party some time ago, which I can’t really get out of seeing that it’s a cousin of mine.”

“Oh okay hope you enjoy yourself.”

Jason could see the look of disappointment on the younger boy’s face, he took Reuben’s face in his hands and smiling he pecked him on the lips, “But we could meet up on Sunday if you want.”

Reuben’s face broke into a huge grin; he hugged the older boy with all his strength, “You bet I want.”

Extricating himself from Reuben’s embrace Jason suggested they get showered and dressed and within half an fifteen minutes they were both finished.


They went down to the kitchen where Jason poured a cold drink for the two of them, Reuben declined the offer of something to eat, so after they’d finished the drinks he led the way to his car. Shortly they were heading towards Reuben’s residence and within ten minutes Jason was parked outside the house.

“Do you want to come in for a bit Jason?”

“No, I had better be getting back, but if as I said earlier we could meet up later this evening.”

“Yeah Jason, what time?”

“Say seven thirty we could do a movie if you want.”

“Okay but can’t we just go for a drive somewhere where we can be alone.”

Jason looked into the pleading eyes of the younger boy and knew he would literally do whatever was asked of him.

“Oh okay, now get yourself inside and let me get home.”

“Bye Jason,” Reuben quickly leaned over and pecked the older boy on the lips before getting out of the car.”

Jason yelled, “See you later and drove off.”


Reuben watched the car disappear out of sight and was just opening the front door when he heard the phone start to ring, He made his way to the front room and picked up the phone.

“The Taylor residence…..”

“Where the bloody hell have you been, I’ve been calling your house since 4.00pm.”

“It’s nice to talk to you too Ms Roberts.”

“Shut up po face, oh okay sorry Rube, so what happened.”

“Promise you won’t tell anybody else Dee.”

“Reuben Taylor who set up this bloody meeting, and if you don’t tell me what happened I’ll tell the whole effing school that you’re as bent as a dog’s hind leg.”

Reuben burst into laughter then composing himself, “You wouldn’t would you Dee.”

“Oh for God’s sake Rube just tell me what happened pleeeease.”

“We hit it off Dee, we both have the same sexual preferences and I’m going out again with Jason later this evening.”

“That’s great Rube but be careful he's at least two years older than you, and might just want to use you.”

“I’m not stupid Dee, and I don’t think Jason is that type of person just wanting to get inside my trousers. God! I really owe you, if I had a million I’d give it all to you.”  

“You can stick your million, what d’you think friends are for, and I want a full account of everything you’ve done so far, and will do at the weekend when we meet up at school on Monday.”

“Everything Dee.”

“Yeah, everything, all the sordid details.”

“Oh Hell! Dee.”

“Shut up Rube, I was only joking, so I’ll see you at school on Monday.”

“Yeah Dee, and thanks, if you were a boy I think Jason would have serious competition.”

“That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me Reuben Taylor, bye for now and hope you have an enjoyable evening,” and Dawn Roberts hung up.


Reuben put the phone back and made his way up to his room, taking the stairs two at a time he was soon inside his room and flopped onto the bed and let his eyes close.

The face that floated in front of him was the one that always appeared when his eyes closed. But this time he had no need to use his imagination to dream up an imaginary scene of love between them, now his mind reflected on what had taken place which in itself seemed to be a dream but which he new to be real.

He lay relishing the memories of what had taken place at Jason’s house not too many minutes ago. Not the sexual aspect of it but more the feeling of being wanted and loved. He lay back letting his mind carry him on a wave of emotion as he wallowed in the feelings that surged throughout his body, he’d never been happier in his whole life. The sound of his name being called broke his reverie arising from the bed he walked out to the landing to answer his mother.

“Yes mum I’m here.”

“Oh good, dinner will be ready in about an hour.”

“Okay mum, and mum, I’m going out later is that alright?”

Mrs Taylor was surprised other than family outings she’d never known her son to go out on his own in the evening.

“Yes Reuben that’s alright, uh where are you going?”

“I’m going out with a friend from school.”

“Alright son, don’t forget dinner in an hour.”

“Right mum,” and Reuben retired back to his bed to continue with his thoughts.


Just when Reuben was wondering if Jason had been held up for some reason and now regretting not asking him for his home or mobile phone number the door bell rang. Before either of his parents could react he was out of his chair and heading to the front door to open it.

“Mum, dad, I’m off it’s my friend,” and the last his parents heard was the front door slam shut.


Outside Reuben asked, “Where are we going?

“You asked if we could go for a drive so I’m taking you for a drive, where, I haven’t the faintest I’ll just drive see where we end up.”

They drove for about fifteen minutes, while they chatted Reuben wasn’t paying much attention to where they were going till suddenly he noticed the countryside and the city had been left behind. Jason drove for another twenty minutes till they neared a small town. Reuben recognised the small seaside village that he and his parents had visited a couple of years back for a weekend break. Jason drove through the village then out to the seaside and onto a bluff overlooking the sea where he stopped the car.

“Come on Reuben lets stretch our legs,” and Jason exited the car followed by the boy. They made their way along a path that led them down to the beach, at this time of the year in mid June with the sun just beginning to set there were not a lot of people about. When they reached the beach Jason led them along the shore till they were away from the most popular part of the beach, then he headed back up into the dunes and dropped down onto the sand with Reuben sitting beside him. Jason stretched his arm out and putting his hand around the Reuben’s head drew him in close till his head was resting on his chest then stroked his hair.

“How you feeling Rube?”

“Out of this world.”



“Can you and I be like you know like umm.”

“Don’t be fright Rube, say what you have to I don’t bite.”

Reuben smiling lifted his head and looking into the older boy’s eyes asked, “Can you and I be like going steady you know like.”

“I know what you mean Rube and the answer is yes,” Then lowering his head Reuben brought their lips together sealing their commitment to each other.

They sat arm in arm watching the darkness spread from the sea as the sun set behind them, the younger boy nestled into his companion’s body.



“I keep having this song going through my head as we sit here.”

“What song.”

“Circles in the Sand.”

“Never heard of it, who sings it.”

“It was sung by a young kid, can’t remember his name he was about ten years old when he made the record, but sitting here on the beach with you just brought it back to me.”

“Well I haven’t heard it, was it good?”

“For a kid his age yeah.”

“I think we had better start making tracks for home Rube, I’m sorry to have to break up your thoughts of Circles in the Sand but it’s time we left.”

“Oh shit Jase; please let’s sit here a bit longer.”

“No Reuben, we have to get back it’s coming up for ten thirty pm. I don’t want your parents worrying, we can always do this another time later in the summer.”

Reluctantly Reuben untangled himself from the arms of his boyfriend and accompanied him back to the car. He sat in silence as Jason started the drive back home.

“What’s wrong Reuben?”


“Then why the quiet routine?”

“Was thinking I won’t see you tomorrow.”

“Oh come on Rube it’s not the end of the world I’ll be around on Sunday.”

“Yeah I know, but you won’t do anything with someone else will you.”

Jason waited till it was clear then pulled the car into the side of the road killed the motor and turned to the young boy in the passenger seat.

“Reuben, I haven’t had a serious relationship with another boy till I met you today. I hadn’t even thought about it till you came into my life. Tomorrow I’m going to an engagement party because it happens to be a relation of mine, and it would be downright improper if I didn’t attend. If I had a choice I would rather spend the day with you, I don’t have a choice but that doesn’t mean I won’t be thinking about you.”

Reuben bowed his head, “Sorry Jason I was being selfish, but now I can really look forward to Sunday huh.”

Jason smiled as he looked at the enquiring face of the younger boy; stretching his arm out he ran his fingers through the boy’s hair, “We’ll both look forward to Sunday,” then resumed the drive back home.


Jason parked the car in a relatively dark part of the street that Reuben lived and where one of the street lamps had been vandalised then turned to face his young companion.

“Ready for home.”

Bowing his head Reuben said, “No.”

“Shit Reuben, can’t you give a guy some slack?”

“No, I want you here now, tomorrow, and every day after that but if I can’t have it.” He smiled looking up at Jason, “Sunday will have to do.”

Jason grabbed the younger boy and pulled him over till he was wedged between the steering wheel and his body. Taking a quick glance around the car and seeing the street deserted he brought their lips together. They revelled in the intimacy of the kiss, their loins in a state of arousal wanting them to progress further, but they resisted the temptation knowing what the repercussions of discovery could lead to and all the other complications. With their goodbye’s finished Reuben climbed out of the car and with a last wave to Jason he headed for his house further down the street.


Part 4

Jason stood in a corner of the room with a glass of wine in his hand which he’d been sipping for the past half hour. He looked around at the throng of people and realised that there wasn’t a single person who could hold his interest. He knew that his life since yesterday had been turned upside down when that skinny bespectacled girl had manipulated him into talking to a small slim boy who had gate-crashed his way into his heart and mind, and who was a very welcome intruder.

He slipped his hand into his pocket to retrieve his mobile dialled a number and waited for an answer.

“Hello the Taylor residence.”

“Uh Mrs Taylor can I speak to Reuben please.”

“Yes hold on a minute,” and he could hear Mrs Taylor shouting for Reuben.

“Dee, I told you I’d talk to you on Monday.”

“Well how about talking to me now.”

“Jason, Oh Jason I’m sorry, I’m sorry, where are you?”

“At the engagement,”

“Yeah I can hear the music in the background, so what are you doing.”

“Talking to you.”

“You being sarky?”

“Yep, but I also miss you that’s why I phoned. Oh shit! have to go my cousin has just spotted me and is making tracks in this direction see you tomorrow Je t’aime Reuben,” and before Reuben could answer he cut the connection.

Jason pocketed his mobile and at once was asked, “Who were you talking to.”

“Just a friend.”

“Anyone I know?”

“No, if you did they’d be at your engagement.”

“True, so what the Hell are you doing stuck in the corner here, get out and mingle, there are loads of Angela’s friends who’d like for you to crawl between their legs and throw a cock into their crutch.”

“Yeah maybe Hugh, but there really isn’t anyone to my liking, besides I promised someone that I wouldn’t hook up with anybody while at the party.”

“The person you were phoning.”


“Okay, but that’s your loss, she wouldn’t have any way of finding out if you were to have a one night fling.”

“No I’d rather not Hugh.”

“Okay Jason, have fun I’m off to mingle.” 

Jason stayed where he was sipping his wine when shortly he felt his mobile vibrate.

Looking at the number that was calling him a smile creased his features and swiftly he clicked the connect button

“Bonjour mon petit ami.”

“Huh, what did you say.”

“I said, hello my little friend.”

“Uh okay, so I suppose someone was coming so you cut me off, right? Is it okay to talk now?”

“Yeah the person has gone.”

“Jason say it again please.”

“What ?”

“That you love me, in French.”

“Je t'aime mon petit Reuben.”

“That sounds really nice make me get goose bumps all over. I also remember that word petit, and I’m not that small I’m bigger than you in a certain place.”

“Yeah you are, might just have to find someone else who doesn’t make me look so small.”

“You can’t Jason, you can’t, you said you loved me and you weren’t concerned about the size of my dick.”

“I’m not but you brought up the subject I just said, Je t'aime mon petit Reuben which translates to, I love you my little Reuben, I was referring to your stature not what’s between your legs”

“Sorry Jason you’re not going to dump me now, are you?”

“Oh come on Rube, I’ve said I love you so many times, and you still want more confirmation.”

There was a brief silence then Jason heard a small voice, “Jase.”


“You mad at me?”

“Reuben, if you ask me that, or if I love you one more time I’m going to come over to your place and clobber you.”


“Now what”

“You mad at me.”

“You little shit you’re winding me up, just wait till I see you tomorrow you’ll be begging for mercy.”

“I can’t wait for tomorrow to come, what time you coming over to pick me up.”

“No idea, after I’m dressed and had something to eat, now I better go before somebody else gets an interest in who I’m talking to, bye Reuben see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Jason,” and Reuben Taylor stood staring at the phone in his hand.


He replaced the phone and went to his room, and like Jason was thinking how in one day his whole life had changed. He could now look forward to tomorrow instead of going to bed with a blank mind not caring what the next day would bring. He lay on his bed listening to the voice in his head uttering those sweet words.

“Je t'aime, mon petit Reuben,” he could imagine those lips that uttered those words brushing against his, then the arms encircling him and crushing them both together so that their two bodies became one.


His thoughts shattered he responded with the age old expletive under his breath, “Shit!” then out loud, “Yes mum,”

“Can you come down I want to speak to you.”

Reuben made his way down to the sitting room and on entering enquired? “What did you want mum.”

Your father and I intend going over to your aunt Claire’s tomorrow morning so do you think you can be ready in time for when we leave.”

“No mum I don’t want to go, I’ve already made plans to go out with a friend.”

“Oh I see, well I’ll leave you some money and you can get yourself something to eat if whatever is in the house is not to your liking.”

“Okay, thanks mum,” and he returned to his room to try and pick up his thoughts when he had been interrupted.


He was awakened on Sunday morning by his parents and after a brief exchange of words he wished them goodbye, his parents departed for their destination leaving him to an empty house. He crawled back to his bed and pulled the bed-clothes over his head and closed his eyes. He tried to sleep but his mind wouldn’t let him, it continually activated thoughts of what could happen between Jason and himself today as they would have the house to themselves. He groaned and threw the bed-clothes back rubbed his eyes, scratched his private parts giving his testicles an extra going over as they itched more than the other parts. Having satisfied the itching to his scrotum with a final squeezing and pinching between fingers and thumb he shuffled his way to the bathroom to carry out his morning ablutions.


Washed, dressed, and now more aware of what the day could possibly hold in store for him he looked at the clock to see that it was only just coming up for 9.00am.

Left to his own devices Reuben sat down in the kitchen sipping a cup of tea and let his thoughts focus on the events of the past few days,

Wonder what Jason would do if I were to phone him now, ugh! If he feels like I do when I’m woken up for no reason better not even think about it. Never dreamt on Friday that I would be sitting here on a Sunday morning waiting for the boy of my dreams to arrive. He’s even ten times better and sexier than I ever dreamed of, and he really cares, wonder if he’ll really stick with me or when he goes to Uni, he’ll find someone else more his own age. Bollocks! Taylor, what’s wrong with you, you’ve only just got to meet him and you’re thinking of him leaving, you’re a right sicko, get your act together he’s told you he loves you so many times.”

Shit! His thoughts shattered by the ringing of the phone, God if that’s mum I’m going to, going to, bollocks! I’m not going to do nuthin.

“Yes what do you want mum,”

“Vous mon beau petit Reuben.”

“Jason, Bloody Hell! I can’t believe it’s you.”

“Reuben, you okay you sound a bit funny.”

“No I’m fine it’s just that I didn’t expect you to call so early, more like eleven or midday, you coming over now?”

“Yeah see you shortly bye.”

“Wait Jason, wait.”

“What’s up?”

“What did you say when I answered the phone.”

“Well you were shouting what do you want mum, and I answered, you my beautiful little Reuben.”



“I love you, and get over hear as quickly as possible.”

“I’m there, bye Rube,” and Reuben Taylor was left contemplating a dead phone in his hand till he suddenly realised Jason was on his way over. He dropped the phone back on the cradle, and bound up the stairs to his room to get himself ready for the love of his life.

He thought about changing into something more appealing but then dismissed the idea, realising that Jason had first seen him in his school uniform and was still attracted to him so he quickly shelved that line of thought. Next he lifted his Tee-shirt and splashed some body lotion under his armpits and over his torso.

His preparations for Jason’s arrival done he headed down to the front room to gaze out of the window to watch for the appearance of Jason’s car. After five minutes he saw it pulling up outside the house, and without a moments hesitation he was bounding to the front door whipping it open and standing in the doorway.


The slim six foot three inch figure exited the car and stood gazing at the boy that stood in the doorway awaiting his arrival. He locked the car, crossed the pavement and unlocked the gate to stride up the pathway towards the grinning boy. The boy stood to one side as he entered the house. The door was slammed shut behind him, and the next thing he knew he had a five foot two inch bundle of flesh wrapping his arms and legs around his neck and waist, then a pair of lips seeking his. He was lost as the boy forced his tongue into his mouth and they were in a world of their own. The reality of what was happening suddenly struck Jason he quickly broke the kiss and untangled Reuben from around himself placing him on the floor.

“Reuben ease up will you, if your parents had seen what just happened they’d have had kittens.”

“No one at home it’s just you and me,” and he jumped up wrapping himself around Jason once more.

Jason wrapped his arms around Reuben then asked? “Where do we go from here?”

“Straight up the stairs to my room I want us to be lying down together again.”

Jason did as he was asked and climbed the stairs with the boy in his arms, with instructions from Reuben he pushed the door that he’d been guided to and entered, walking over to the bed with the boy still in his arms he flopped onto it all in a heap.

They lay together on their sides looking at each other till Jason closed his eyes and sniffed.

“What are you doing,” Reuben enquired?”

“Trying to see if I can tell who I’m lying next to with my eyes shut, but you smell like a hundred thousand other people who splash body lotion all over themselves. On Friday you smelt like you, today you smell like anybody you care to name.”

“Should I go and wash it off?”

“No, but that was just to let you know I want to smell you when we’re together, not something from out of a bottle.”

“Sorry Jase.”

“No I should be the one to apologize, you did it to please me and all I could do was criticize you, so am I forgiven.”

 “No you have to kiss me a thousand times before you’re forgiven.”

Jason pulled the younger boy tight into his body, “Our lips might get a bit sore.”

Reuben letting his gaze wander over Jason’s face then leaning forward pecked him on the lips saying, “Then just hold me tight like this,” as he nestled his body into the older boys and rested his head on his shoulder. 

Jason held the boy and stroked his head, “Rube you want to do anything special today?”

“The younger boy twisted in the older boy’s arms then looking into his eyes asked, “Can we make love like we did on Friday after school?”

Jason smiled, “I expected as much as we’re in your room, but what I meant was later on.”

“Umm just let’s wait and see.”



“Say it for me please.”


“Oh come on Jase, you know.”

Jason lowered his head to brush their lips together  then whispered, “Je t'aime mon beau petit garçon.”

“Oh God Jase that sounds so incredibly sexy, I know what some of it means but what’s the rest.”

“I said, I love you my beautiful little boy.”

“You think I’m beautiful Jason, do you?”

“Beautiful isn’t really the best word to describe you but at the moment with you in my arms you’re such a distraction that I can’t find words to express myself so I had better resort to this,” and again he brought their lips together but this time holding the kiss and bringing their tongues to participate.

Reuben broke the kiss saying, “Jason, can we get naked; I want to feel our bodies together like on Friday.”

He didn’t answer the younger boy, but instead slid his T-shirt over his head, he lowered his jeans and underwear in one motion to leave himself naked except for his socks.

“Shit that was quick,” the younger boy exclaimed, and Reuben quickly divested himself of his garments to be in the same state of undress as his lover. As soon as he was finished they quickly slid into each others arms. Although both their loins were in state of arousal they were just content to lie together and savour the feelings of pleasure and contentment that the closeness of bare flesh brought to them. Jason lay with the boy in his arms the top of Reuben’s head just under his chin. He nuzzled the top of the younger boy’s head with his chin causing the boy to look up which then gave him the opportunity to lower his head and bring their lips together.


The kiss was interrupted by the sound of Jason’s mobile phone; he looked at the younger boy in his arms then reluctantly released him from his embrace to retrieve his phone and answer it. Reuben watched as Jason answered the call then heard the startled “WHAT! I’m on my way mum.”

Jason lowered the phone and turned to Reuben, “I’ve got to go Rube, my dad’s been taken ill and is on his way to hospital.”

“Jase can I come with you?”

He looked at the younger boy who gazed back at him in expectation. “I might be a long time at the hospital Rube.”

“No problem Jase, I’ll stay as long as I have to.”

Knowing that he would welcome Reuben’s company he said, “Okay Rube lets go,” and the boys dressed and headed for Jason’s car and to the hospital that Jason’s father had been taken to.


Part 5

 He sat silently in the car as Jason drove to the hospital; he knew that now was not the time to talk as Jason’s mind was at this moment focused on the plight of his father. His roll was to be there in case his friend needed a shoulder to lean on no matter how small.

Fifteen minutes of driving brought them to the parking lot in the hospital.  Jason got a parking ticket and then the two of them headed to the emergency Intakes department to get some news of his father. Inside Reuben hung back as Jason looking around noticed his mother sitting close to the enquiries desk. He watched as Jason went over embraced his mother and kissed her on the cheeks, he then spoke to her briefly before looking around. When he saw Reuben by the door he beckoned him over with his hand. Slowly he made his way towards them, and on reaching them Jason took his hand and introduced him to his mother, then taking Reuben to one side he said, “Rube I’m sorry I’m not sure how long I’m going to have to stay here as my father is in surgery at the moment, can you make your way home if I give you your cab fare.”

“No Jason I’ll stay here with you, I’m not doing anything and at least you’ll have company.”

“Thanks Reuben having you around would help a whole heap.”

They were in the emergency department for just over six hours when a doctor came out and told Mrs. Samuels and Jason that Mr. Samuels was out of surgery and would be in I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit) for the next twenty four hours. They could if they wanted to, go to the ward and see him but he was still unconscious and wouldn’t come around for at least another hour or so. They thanked the doctor, and Jason and his mother left to make their way to the ward. Reuben remained where he was till Jason came back grabbed him by the hand and dragged him along.


They had been there from eleven in the morning and now it was coming up six-thirty pm. They had been in the I.C.U. ward for nearly an hour and now Jason’s father was just regaining consciousness. Reuben stayed in the background while wife and son spoke to him, he watched as they flustered around him till the nurses and doctors came to check out the patient.  Jason came over to Reuben and gave him a peck on the forehead, “I think he’s going to be alright, and you don’t know how much it means to me for you to be here and giving me so much of your time.”

“No problem Jase, it’s what one does for that special person and more if you have to.”

Jason lowered his mouth to his younger friends ear, “Come on beautiful I’m taking you home,” and then straightening up and looking down at Reuben, “And no arguments.”


Another fifteen minutes of driving saw them parked outside Reuben’s house.

“The younger boy turned to his lover, “You coming in for a few minutes Jason.”

“Yeah I will,” and the two of them headed into the house.  Once inside the house Jason couldn’t contain his feelings any longer he scooped the boy into his arms and brought their lips together while he carried him to the sitting room. Inside the room he fell onto the settee with Reuben positioned in his lap, Jason began stroking the younger boy’s head saying, “I’ve got to go shortly Rube, but I owe you big time, having you there at the hospital meant an awful lot to me, your presence there made me feel a lot more comfortable.”

“You’d do the same for me Jase, now you’d better shoot off back to the hospital, it won’t be too long before my parents will be back.” They made their way to the front door, letting the elder boy out Reuben stood in the doorway watching him walk down the path. At the front gate Reuben yelled, “Jase.”

“He turned to see the small slim figure standing in the open doorway, “What?”

“Je t’aime,” the younger boy mouthed, loud enough for only the ears of the person at the gate to hear. 

Jason walked back up the path to the boy that occupied so much of his thoughts, on reaching him he gently pushed him back into the house then closed the door.  Lifting the boy by his armpits then wrapping one arm around his upper thighs he brought their faces on a level to be able to gaze into each other’s eyes. Reuben moved and wrapped his legs around Jason’s waist and locked them behind his back at the same time wrapping his arms around Jason’s neck and asking?  “Why’d you come back?”

The older boy didn’t answer he brought their lips together, as they were carried away with the uniting of their tongues their very souls were enveloped in the kiss, when they separated Jason smiled, “To taste you one more time, that’s why I came back and to tell you, “Je t’aime davantage.”

He lowered Reuben to the ground then opened the front door to leave.

“What did you say just now Jase?

“I love you more,” and he turned and walked down the path.

The younger boy standing in the doorway yelled, “You can’t, I loved you first.” Jason smiling turned and waved to the boy before entering his car and driving off.


Monday morning was not the drag it normally presented when making his way to school. His whole world had been turned on its head since Friday and he literally felt like he was walking on air as he made his way to Saint Peters.

She had made it a point to be at school at least ten minutes before her normal time, and was now looking in the direction she knew that Reuben would approach from. The moment Dawn saw that small slim form appear from around the corner instead of waiting for him to arrive she walked hurriedly in his direction to meet him.

When they met she grabbed his arm saying, “Hi Rube, what happened between the two of you.”

“Bloody Hell! Dee give us a chance will you, and we can’t talk out here wait till the lunch break and I’ll tell you everything.”

“You’re a little shit Reuben Taylor; you’re keeping me in suspense on purpose, if you don’t come up with the goods at the meal break I’ll put your goolies through a mangle.”

Then taking his arm she walked him through the school gates like a protective mother hen.


Dawn Roberts was on tenterhooks, she couldn’t concentrate on her studies just waiting to hear what Reuben had to tell her. The three and a half hours to the meal break seemed to take an eternity to arrive but eventually it did and she almost ran to the cafeteria to meet up with Reuben. Entering she looked to the one spot where he usually sat and sure enough he was there sitting by himself at the furthest corner table. Quickly she acquired her food and arrowed her way without any hesitation to the one spot that her eyes were fixed on. Reaching her goal, this time she didn’t sit across from him but took a seat beside the boy. “Hi Rube.” 

The boy looked over to the voice and smiled, “Hi Dee.”

“So tell me, or do you want me to go on my knees and beg.”

“Don’t you want to eat first Dee?”

“I don’t eat with my bloody ears; now speak before I make you eat some of my school meal.”

“Oh God! Dee no, not that, anything but school meals I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.”

Dawn Roberts controlled her fit of laughter then said, “Come on Rube please tell me what happened, I’m nearly wetting myself in expectation.” So Reuben Taylor gave an account of what happened between himself and Jason over the weekend to a goggle eyed Dawn Roberts.

“Rube was he big down there.”

“Dee that’s being bloody personal.”

“Oh don’t be such a bloody prude, and what did he have to say about your eeeny weeny one.”

“If you have to know mine was bigger than his.”

WHAT, is he deformed?”

“Shhhhh, not so bloody loud, and no he’s not deformed he has a slightly larger than average size dick.”

Dawn Roberts looked at the boy beside her with a renewed interest, she looked around the cafeteria noticing that no one was paying them any attention she leaned over to Reuben and whispered in his ear.

“Don’t you even think of jumping up when I slide my hand between your legs I want to make sure you’re not lying.”

Reuben looked at her and saw the false smile on her face as he felt her hand go down and fondle his crutch, then saw her eyes widen in surprise.                   

“Bloody Hell! Rube, you little shit, I mean you big little shit, Oh God! what a lot of girls would give to feel that between their legs. 

“Shut up Dee your bloody embarrassing me, I didn’t ask to have this thing between my legs.”

“How big is it Rube when its you know hard.”

“Dee, for God’s sake what’s with you asking me personal questions like that.”

“Sorry Rube, I’m sorry, look if you want to leave its okay, I was way out of line doing and asking what I did.”  

“It’s okay Dee I know you didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Rube, what do the other kids have to say about it?”

“Nobody knows except Jason and now you.” 

“They must know Reuben, you go swimming don’t you? They must have seen the bulge in your swimwear.”

“I wear swim shorts that are baggy and reach to my knees.”

“Oh God Rube, if only all those smug arsed boys could see what you’ve got. They’d be embarrassed to stand next to you if you wore Speedos like them when you went for your swimming lessons.” 

She paused for a moment looking at the boy beside her before saying, “Rube?”


“You’re a one off.”

“What d’you mean.”

“If any other boy had what you had they wouldn’t stop boasting, but you just don’t attach so much importance to it.”

“Dee, before you knew the size of my Dick did you like me less or more.”

“Touché, Oh God! Rube, if only you were into girls I think I’d kidnap you.”

“If I was I’d let you.”

“Come on po face; let’s get out of this place and into some fresh air before classes start.


They rose from their seat and made their way out into the quadrangle and then to the playing fields. On the way Reuben turned to her and asked? 

“Dee, you’re always calling me po face, Jase doesn’t think so, but do you think I’m a bit on the ugly side?”

“Shit, Reuben Taylor to me you’re bloody beautiful. I only call you po face because, because, Oh bullshit! it’s like a term of endearment.” Reuben stopped walking causing the girl to stop, turn and enquire, “What now?”

“God I never knew Dee, I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry about?”        

“You fancy me.”

“Fancy you, you must be bloody joking Reuben Taylor,” Dawn Roberts came closer to the boy and lowered her voice, “I’m in love with you moron, and have been for the last three bloody years.”

He lowered his head trying to think of what to say when a hand came under his chin lifting his face, “If you ever tell anyone what I just said, po face I’ll castrate you,” then smiling at the look of confusion on his face she said, “Come on let’s head back to school, I think we’ve had enough of this fresh air it seems to be going to our heads.”

Reuben Taylor glad to end the mode of conversation smiled and accompanied his Mother Hen back to school.


With school finished Dawn and Reuben headed out of the school gates, as they walked in the direction of Dawn’s home a car pulled up alongside them. Reuben’s heart skipped a beat as he recognized the car. The nearside window wound down and a voice that had been buzzing around inside of his head now spoke for real.  “Anyone need a lift.”

Reuben quickly responded with a big grin on his face, “Yeah,” then turning to Dawn, “Come on Dee you as well.”

“No Rube you go ahead.”

“Dee, if you don’t get in I’ll, I’ll…..”

“You’ll what.”

“Kick you in the crutch, now get in.”

Dawn Roberts looked at her friend and smiled, “Oooooo! I like it when you talk dirty.”

“Oh pleeeeeeease Dee get in the bloody car.”

Laughing she complied with Reuben’s pleas and took a seat in the back while Reuben climbed in beside Jason.

“Okay Ms Dawn Roberts, firstly let me thank you for introducing Reuben to me and now which way do I head to drop you home.”

Jason followed instructions that Dawn supplied and within five minutes they pulled up outside her house. She jumped out walked around to Reuben’s side leant inside the window and whispered inside his ear.

“I want a full account tomorrow at school of what happens after you leave big boy,” and out loud, “Bye Reuben, bye Jason, and thanks for the lift.”

Jason drove off then asked? “What did she whisper in your ear?”

“You won’t get mad will you Jase.”

“If you keep on stalling, and asking me stupid questions I will get mad. God Rube how many times do I have to tell you I don’t bite only bark?”

“Sorry Jase, Dee wants a full account of our love life, but I don’t really tell her anything just the basics.”

Jason started laughing and when he’d stopped he turned to his young companion, “She’s really looking out for you isn’t she.”

“Yeah, and also she’s been in love with me for the last three years.”

He glanced over to his passenger, “You’re lucky Rube, wish I had a friend like that.”

“You’ve got me.”

“I mean when I was your age, like you I was a bit of a loner as well.”

Jason parked the car outside Reuben’s house, and they both made their way inside. As soon as the door was shut behind them they flowed into each others arms and their lips came together. When the desire for each other temporarily quenched they made their way into the sitting room and sat together Reuben sitting in Jason’s lap with his arms around the older boy’s neck his head resting on his chest.

Jason stroked the younger boy’s head, “I’ve got some bad news Rube.” Lifting his head of Jason’s chest he looked into the older boy’s eyes, “What is it Jase?”

“Because of my fathers heart condition my mother wants to sell the house and business and move further south. She wants the two of them to stop working and retire.”

Reuben was silent and laid his head on Jason’s shoulder while the older boy stroked his head.

“Rube, you alright?”

“No, but there’s nothing much I can do about it.”

“I’ve got a proposition to make but it’s only if your parents and you are agreeable.”


I take over the running of the shop and live in the apartment above it. I can give my parents a percentage of the profits from the shop and also pay you when you give me a hand at weekends and school holidays.” Reuben yelled “Yeah Jase, yeah,” then in a lowered voice enquired, “What about your going to university Jason.”

“I was only going to Uni. to get a degree in English language, and literature so I could go into teaching. I think running a shop will pay me a much better salary than teaching and more important we won’t be separated.”

Reuben looked searchingly into Jason’s eyes, “Don’t try to con me Jase, going to university would be much more rewarding than running a shop. At first I was just thinking of myself so that I could have you near me all the time. Now after hearing what you were willing to give up, I realize that there’s no need for me to worry about you forgetting me or finding someone else. I’ll be here Jase going to school Monday to Friday waiting for you, and okay we won’t have as much time together as we want, but when we do it will be awesome. And when I finish school we can have a lifetime together. ”


They sat together talking till Jason kissed the boy on the top of the head saying, “I’ve got to get back to the shop to pick my mother up and take her to visit my father I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

At the front door they kissed goodbye before Jason opened the door and made his way to his car, he gave a final wave of his hand before driving off. 

Reuben watched the car and its occupant drive away, His mind now put at ease with Jason's willingness to give up Uni. so that they could be more in each others company, made a warm contented glow inside of him. As the car disappeared out of sight he whispered,

“Je t’aime Jason.”