Tears for Toby


Caleb Wilson







Part 1

Parting of the ways

I first met Tobias Greening when we attended Oak Grove Junior School. We were both five-year-olds at the time. Tobias was the smallest person in the class, and the moment my eyes rested on his countenance I fell in love with him and wanted to have him as a friend. The snag was that everyone else in the class had the same idea. He was by far the most popular boy in our year and everybody’s friend. The girls would crowd around him, some going out of their way to even plant a kiss on his cheek when the teacher’s attention was distracted. His appearance, platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, full pink lips, and petite size seemed to be like a magnet to everyone his age in the immediate vicinity.

I did become friendly with Tobias but not as close as I would have liked, and spent most of my time scowling at other pupils who seemed to be getting more of his attention than I did.


It wasn’t until are ages were into double figures that our friendship became a lot closer. We were both in our eleventh year. Tobias or Toby, as he was generally known, had started to run across the road outside the school gates to his mother’s car without checking the road for traffic. I grabbed his arm and yanked him back just as a car went past, missing him by a matter of inches. There were a few gasps of shock from other parents waiting to meet their children who had witnessed the incident, and Toby himself seemed visibly shaken at the near miss.

I let go of Toby’s arm and he in turn grabbed my hand squeezing it and saying, “Thanks Joseph, that was really stupid of me! See you at school tomorrow,” and this time he looked both ways before dashing over to his mother’s car, who could be heard giving him a tongue lashing for his negligence.


Because of that one incident over the next few months our friendship blossomed. We visited each other at our houses and also had frequent weekend sleepovers, mainly at Toby‘s house, as I had to share my bedroom with my younger brother Paul.

At every moment we were alone together I yearned to touch and even embrace him, but not wanting to send the wrong kind of signals out to Toby, I kept my feelings and hands to myself.  Our sleepovers were like heaven to me and I would wait anxiously for the time when we would climb the stairs to his or my bedroom depending on whose house we were at.

I always made sure that there was a space between our two bodies as we lay in bed, but had to fight the urge to wrap an arm around Toby and draw him into my body. I would wait till my eyes got accustomed to the dark when the light was turned off, and would watch the outline of his face as his head lay resting on his pillow. I would lay my arm on the mattress in the gap between us in the hope that in his sleep Toby would roll over and my hand would come in contact with his body, preferably in the nether regions. But I’m sad to say it never happened, or if it did I was fast asleep.

That was one of the drawbacks of sharing a bedroom with a younger brother. I was often awakened at the crack of dawn and asked to accompany him downstairs to serve his Coco pops or whatever else he wanted. After getting up so early in the mornings, I could never stay awake much past 10pm before my eyes would droop and dreamland would claim me.


Four weeks before the end of the spring term my friendship with Toby more or less ceased to exist. The reason for the termination of our close friendship was Vincent Peterson.

I walked into the main gates of the school a bit late one day. My mother had wanted me to attend to my younger brother because she wasn’t feeling too well. She was suffering from morning sickness caused by her pregnancy. I entered the classroom to see Vincent sitting at what was my desk. Before I could say a word Ms Clayton came forward putting her arm around my shoulder saying, “I hope you don’t mind Joseph, I’ve given your place to Vincent. As he’s a new student I didn’t want him to sit at the back of the class in the empty desk and feel isolated. I know you’ll understand.”

Which was a nice way of saying, “Hard luck, you’ve been stuck at the back and no arguments.”

The whole of the morning I watched from the back of the class as the new kid kept staring at Toby and chatting to him when the teacher was distracted. But what really hurt was when the bell went for the break. As soon as they were out of the door Vincent had his arm around Toby’s shoulder as they made their way to the recreational ground. I was devastated. Vincent had achieved in the space of a couple of hours what I hadn’t dared do in six years of knowing Toby! I think that was the lowest point yet of my short life. The same thing happened at the lunch break, and I ended up sitting by myself for the rest of the spring term. Other boys and girls tried to get me involved with them, but I wasn’t interested because I was jealous and pouting. I ended up spending the rest of the term by myself, which luckily wasn’t very long, four weeks to be exact, but it seemed like forever.


Three days before the end of the Spring Term I returned home from school to see a, ‘For Sale’ sign in our front garden. I knew my parents were thinking of moving to a bigger house as my mother was expecting her third child, but I hadn’t expected it to be so soon.

I greeted my mum and younger brother as I entered the kitchen to have my usual snack after getting home from school.

“When will we be moving to the new house mum?” I asked while at the same time filling my mouth with a bite from a chocolate muffin.

“Hopefully on Monday,” my mother said as she wiped Paul’s mouth which had a ring of chocolate around it, “Your father hopes to move most of our clothes and small items between now and Monday, and the removal men will move all the heavy furniture later on the same day.” After cleaning my brother she came over to me and stroking my head, which she knew always made me feel good said, “If you want you can have Toby over for a sleepover.”

“Umm no I don’t think so mum; I’ll be too busy packing all my stuff away.”

“Joey,” she exclaimed, “what’s going on between you and Toby?”

“What d’you mean mum,” I said trying not to let my feelings of sadness show, “Nothings going on between us!”

“That’s exactly what I mean, nothing is going on,” she said scrutinizing my face. “When was the last time you visited Toby or he came around to see you?”

“Uh umm,” I mumbled then blurted out “Toby has a new friend, and wants to hang out with him all the time.” I sniffed and got my voice under control and in a much calmer voice said, “He talks to me at school but doesn’t have time to visit as he’s more into playing with Vincent.” I saw my mum’s brow furrow questioningly, “Umm that’s the name of Toby’s new friend,” I said in response to her frown.

My mum gave me a sort of sorrowful look then wrapped her arms around me saying, “Never mind Joey, when we move to our new home and you start at your new school after the summer holidays, you’re bound to make new friends.”

That was a shock, and made my mind whirl. I hadn’t considered that with our moving it would mean starting at a totally new school and not accompanying my class mates to Oak Grove Upper School. I looked at my mum and asked, “Why can’t I go to the Oak Grove senior school?”

“It’s too far for you to travel, and Paul will be going to primary school not far from where we’re moving and it’s close to your new school. So I can drop off both of you and pick you up without any problems.”

I finished my snack and drink and went up to the bedroom and lay down. The thought of attending senior school without being able to at least see Toby every school day got to me. Although he didn’t have time for me now I hoped he might come back to being my best friend sometime in the future. The more I thought about not seeing Toby again the more emotionally upset I became till the first sobs escaped from my lips and the tears coursed down my cheeks. I had to bury my face in my pillow to stifle the sound of my sobbing.


The last day of term came, and at the end of classes I said goodbye to my teachers and some of my classmates. I didn’t get a chance to speak to Toby as he’d already left with Vincent, and was nowhere in sight. I walked out of the school gates and looked back realizing that I’d never be coming back to Oak Grove junior school ever again, and won’t be seeing any of the pupils either. I walked home slowly in the vain hope that Toby might appear so that I could speak to him for the last time, and tell him that I’ll be moving from this area and would not be accompanying him to senior school. But it didn’t happen, and I arrived home with only memories of Toby floating around inside my head.

Monday arrived, and before I knew it I was sitting in the car, watching dad lock up the front door of our now vacant old house.

He came to the car, got in and drove off. I swivelled in my seat to glance out of the rear window to taking one last look at the house where I’d had so many happy, and now recently sad memories.



Part 2

The Best Laid Plans

I was frustrated with Joseph Burton. We had been friends for what seemed like forever and I so wanted our friendship to become closer, but it never seems to go anywhere. From when I first saw him we became friendly. That was in our first year of school. Joey was the tallest boy in the class and I’m sure the meekest. I used to get a real kick out of watching his face when I would pay extra attention to another boy or girl in our class. He didn’t realize it at the time, but I used to do it on purpose just to see him scowl and look at the person who was the centre of my attention with disgust, which never failed to amuse me.


After the time when he pulled me back to stop me running into the road we got more attached to each other. We started having sleepovers at each other’s homes and I really thought our friendship would get even closer. Fat chance, during the sleepovers I would pretend to go to sleep then slowly roll over as if I was just turning in my sleep. I’d make sure that my groin would make contact with Joey’s arm that was always there between us. At first I thought that he’d placed it there on purpose but every time I made contact with his arm there was no reaction from him as he was fast asleep. I couldn’t believe it when he would fall asleep so quickly. I once went as far as taking my dick out of my pyjamas and resting it in his hand but got no reaction! Absolutely zilch! I was becoming more and more frustrated, and got to thinking that Joey wasn’t interested in doing anything sexual, or if he was he was hiding it very well.

I knew Joey was shy, but this was driving me nuts. 

It was a month before the end of the Spring Term that I hatched my plan to get Joey so jealous that he’d come out of his shell.

A new boy started at our school Vincent Peterson, and was in our class. He was quite a good looking boy and I thought, “Toby boy, he’s just the one to get Joey all wound up!”  So from that moment on I made sure that Joey could see us chatting and smiling at each other and becoming best buddies.

I decided to carry out my plan till the end of term. Then I would go round to Joe’s house during the first week of our holidays to pay him a surprise visit and see how he would react.



We broke up on the Friday and on the following Wednesday I went around to Joey’s house. I was all excited with anticipation as to how Joey would respond to my appearance on his doorstep. I rang the bell and waited a moment before the door opened and a total stranger was standing in the doorway.

I was dumbstruck for a moment before quickly regaining my composure and asking, “Is Joey at home?” thinking the man might be a relative come to visit.

The man in the doorway frowned before saying, “I’m sorry son, but there isn’t anyone by the name of Joey living here.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and blurted out, “You mean to say Joseph Burton doesn’t live here?”

The man’s eyes lit up and he smiled, “Ah I understand, no the Burtons don’t live here anymore, we bought the house from Mr Burton. They moved out on Monday, and we moved in yesterday.”

I was so shocked for a moment that I just stood there not uttering a word till I suddenly came to and asked, “You wouldn’t happen to know where the family have moved to, would you sir?”

“No, I’m sorry I can’t help you son.”

After thanking the man for his patience, I turned and made my way back home. My plan to get Joey jealous so that we could further our friendship had completely backfired, and now I had no idea what part of the city he was living in or even if he was still in the city.

I felt really down as I trudged back home. I was now wishing that I had been content to let our friendship take its natural course instead of trying to play mind games with Joey to force the issue. At least I would have known that he was going to move and we could have made plans to meet during the holidays. Now thinking about seeing him sitting by himself in the cafeteria eating his lunch brought a lump to my throat, and I felt tears start to trickle down my cheeks.


The whole of my summer holiday was a total disaster. I just couldn’t get interested in anything, even when Vincent called around I would just sit and mope till he gave up and didn’t bother to visit anymore. My parents tried to cheer me up when they discovered that my hangdog mood was due to the fact that Joey had moved and I didn’t know of his whereabouts.

My parents only knew Joey, and had no idea what his parents Christian names were. If we had known, we could have tried to locate them. But there were hundreds of Burtons in the directory, and not knowing their initials it would have taken forever to try and find them. We weren’t even sure if they still resided in the city.

I rode around the local neighbourhood on my bike hoping that I might spot him, but after a week of going to all the places that we had been together and not seeing Joey I gave up. I just hoped that if he was still in the city I’d see him in school when the autumn term started.


It was the first time in my life that I was wishing for the holidays to end. The days seemed to have 48 hours instead of the normal 24; time just seemed to drag.

The day did finally arrive for us to resume our education, and I left home with a spring in my step. I couldn’t wait to walk through the school gates. When I did walk through the gates just half an hour later, my joyful mood crashed and my whole life seemed to have been turned upside down.

After registration I was looking around everywhere, and not seeing Joey I asked Keith Buckle if he knew which class Joey Burton was in.

Keith gave me a funny look before saying, “Didn’t you know he wasn’t coming back to Oak Grove school again? He moved to another school and he didn’t say where to anyone as far as I know, but I don’t think it’s anywhere close by.”

The rest of the day was like a fog, with me walking around in a daze. Eventually school ended and I made my way home with the thought buzzing around inside my head that my friendship with Joey was definitely at an end, and I had been instrumental in causing it by trying to manipulate our friendship to suit my own desires. 



Part 3

Life at Priory Road

Our new house in Priory Road was much larger than the old one, which had consisted of only two bedrooms. Now we had a four bed roomed house, but I didn’t get to have my own bedroom to myself straight away. As my brother Paul was still very young my mum thought it best he share with me till he was old enough to sleep in his own room. The fourth bedroom was the smallest and was being converted into a nursery, and by the colours in the room I guessed that my parents knew that my mum was expecting a baby girl. 


There weren’t any other kids on our street who were the same age as myself but there were quite a few the same age as Paul, which he met when I was doing my chaperoning duties and took him to the local park. When I could I liked going out on my own, riding my bike. As we were right on the outskirts of the city it was only a six or seven minute ride before I was cycling down country lanes. It would have been great to have someone my own age to come with me. Having Toby out here would have been brilliant, and I’m sure he’d have loved it.

I think it must have taken me all of the school holidays plus the best part of a month to come to terms that I would never see Toby again. At home many times during the summer holidays when I was alone in my room, I would have to try really hard to hold back the tears whenever my mind focused on Toby. When I would go cycling alone on country roads, my thoughts would turn to Toby. Since there was no one else about, I would let the tears trickle down my cheeks unchecked until it was necessary for me to stop and wait till I had my crying under control before I could continue on my way.

It was nearly always after my fits of depression and heartache that I would come home after my ride, then go to the phone and stand by it trying to pluck up the courage to phone Toby. But being shy and mild mannered, the thought of rejection by him always stayed my hand.

Mum and dad realized that I was feeling down now that Toby wasn’t coming around to visit so they went out of their way to try and make me feel better. Dad would get home from work as early as possible and he’d be out in the back garden with me, teaching me his tricks with the football and how to juggle the ball. I really appreciated the time they spent with me, it helped a lot and I became quite proficient at ball control thanks to dad.


As the holidays neared their end I became a bit anxious and concerned as to how I was going to fit in to the new school. But my fears were unfounded. I walked through the gates of Evington Park High School, and other than getting a few enquiring glances, I was not given any undue attention. There were other newbie’s beside myself around too, so I wasn’t singled out.

It was during the first break that I got to meet Noah Grainger. I was standing alone, taking a sip of my drink when a couple of older boys made their way over towards me.

“You need anything?” one of the boys asked. 

Puzzled and not knowing what they meant I just shook my head.

The other boy was just about to say something when they both just took off. I looked over to where their eyes had glanced before they left and saw a boy only slightly shorter than myself, but more heavily built walk up to me.

“Hi I’m Noah Grainger,” he said, and before I could respond he continued, “Did those two losers try to sell you something?”

“I don’t think so,” I said, “they just asked me if I needed anything and were quite nice about it.”

He laughed at my explanation, and then with a more serious look on his face added, “They weren’t trying to be nice, they’re always on the lookout for someone they can con out of their money. Don’t ever offer to buy anything off them, they’ll take your money and in return you’ll get some really cheap imitation quality goods that they get from their uncle’s discount store.”

“Thanks for the warning,” I said, “and I’m Joseph Burton,” introducing myself.

“Okay Joe, see you around,” and he took off towards the other side of the recreation ground as I stood and watched him go.


I didn’t talk to Noah again till a couple of weeks later when I accidentally bumped into him as I was playing during the lunch break. Although I was taller by a couple inches he was much sturdier built, and I, being built like a beanpole, bounced off him ending up on my arse. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up effortlessly, grinning at the same time.

“Are you hurt?” he enquired.

“No, just a bit embarrassed,” I said grinning along with him.

“Okay come on, I’m just off to get a drink. Do you want to get one as well?”

“I don’t have anymore money,” I said, “and any case they’ve only got still orange juice left in the canteen which I don’t really like.”

“Who said anything about the canteen,” and grabbing my arm Noah steered me towards the gates and out into the street, “we can get a couple of milk shakes from Burger King,”

“Noah, I just told you I don’t have any money for drinks.”

“I’m not deaf,” he said, “I heard you the first time. Come on, my treat,” and he grabbed my arm and literally dragged me to get the milk shakes.

From then on I spent a lot of time with Noah and became very fond of him, but I never cared for him in the same manner as I cared for Toby. Noah was a friend, my best friend, and I was very fond of him, but that was it. I never aspired to do anything sexual with Noah, and it was the same with him as I’m sure he was as straight as you could get.




I settled into school life, and although I didn’t have a lot of friends, Noah was always around to keep me from being a total loner.

For the next couple of years Noah kept me company, until for some unknown reason he suddenly fell madly in love with Jeanette Foster who had been in our class for the past two years. In all that time he’d totally ignored her, but now he spent all his free time in her company. I wasn’t too concerned with Noah’s absence, as luckily for me I had been chosen for the school’s under 15 football eleven, which I can put down to dad spending all that time with me in the back garden.

I was spending a lot of time after school at practice with the rest of the team, and as we played either on a Friday or a Saturday I didn’t have much time to reflect on what Noah was doing. Noah did try on one occasion to fix me up with Jeanette’s friend, but I let him know I wasn’t interested in dating any girl. Although he didn’t say anything at the time, he did give me a funny look.


Three weeks before the end of term we had three schools-league football matches left to play. If we won all three matches, our team would be crowned the league champions. The irony for me was that the next match was against Oak Grove. It would mean going back to the school that I hadn’t seen in two years. I wondered if I would see any of my old classmates, especially Toby.

But then I realized that Toby was not into sport to any great extent, so it would be highly unlikely that he would attend a football match. Given the choice, he would much prefer to watch a movie or just hang out with his friends. The other reality was we were playing on a Friday afternoon, so most of the school would be in their classes.


On the day of the match after the school lunch break, the team gathered in the gym and waited for the Head Coach Mr. Findlay to arrive. At precisely 1.00pm he walked into the gym and asked us if we all had our gear and got a resounding “Yes sir!” from us.

He then walked us to the school gates where a motor coach was waiting to take the team to Oak Grove High School.

It was a 42-seater coach, and as there was only20 in the party I was able to get a seat to myself at the back of the coach. As we neared the school I started to recognise areas that I hadn’t seen in two years. Half an hour later we were driving through the Oak Grove School gates and around the back of the school, parking by the side of the playing field. While we drove around the school I kept a sharp lookout for anybody I knew or even hopefully Toby, but all the pupils must have been back in classes after the lunch break, as I didn’t see anyone. When we parked by the pavilion there were a few spectators scattered around the field, mainly parents of the Oak Grove team, but not that many. The only person I thought I knew was one of the boys sitting on the Oak Grove team reserves bench, it looked like Keith Buckle. But I couldn’t be sure, as he was much taller and broader from when I last saw him.


We were shown to the changing rooms by one of the players from the opposing team and ten minutes later we took to the field.

At 2:00pm the referee blew his whistle and the match was under way. It was really more of a mismatch, as we were considered one of the better teams in the league. We ran them silly. It was only down to their keeper that the score didn’t go into double figures, but we did find the net 5 times. We were then shown where the showers were, and after bathing we were soon all changed and dressed, heading back to the motor coach.


I took the same seat at the back of the coach, and as we came around to the front of the school I had my eyes riveted to the school’s main entrance. Quite a few pupils were exiting through the doors but none that I knew and certainly not Toby. I was still looking at the entrance when I heard some banging on the side of the coach but didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking it was some kids messing around. The coach stopped, which allowed me more time to peruse the school entrance. I heard the coach doors open and didn’t pay it any mind as my eyes were riveted to the main doors, and I was still praying that I’d see Toby. I casually turned my head to see why the coach doors had opened. A platinum blond haired boy standing at the front of the coach looked at me and yelled “JOEY!” 


Part 4


I was standing in the recreation area talking to Alice Reynolds during the afternoon break when I saw Keith Buckle walking towards us.

“I thought you were supposed to be on the under 15 team that’s playing today.” I said when he came in earshot.

“No I’m not playing today I’m on the bench, and I’m glad I am, we’re taking a right thrashing. We’re 3-0 down already and if it wasn’t for Blanchard in goal it would be double figures.”

So is the game over?”

“No it’s half time, I’m not needed and as I have a dental appointment at 3.15pm I’m leaving now.”

Keith strode off then turned and said, “By the way Toby your ex mate is playing a real blinder. He hasn’t changed much, might be a bit taller, but still built like a beanpole. He’s running rings around our defence, and just puts the ball at the feet of the strikers for them to score.”

“My ex mate?” I said, “who the hell are you yapping about?”

“Joe, Joe Burton,” and he was walking off for his appointment.

I ran after him and grabbed his shoulder, “Keith, say that again!” I yelled, as I spun him around.

“Say what again?”

“The name idiot, what was the name you just mentioned?”

“Oh yeah Joseph Burton, your mate from junior school.”

“Oh shit! Thanks Keith! “One more thing, what’s the name of the school that we’re playing against”?

“Evington Park High School,” and Keith left to keep his dental appointment.


I dashed into the school waving to Alice Reynolds as I passed her and headed for my locker. I had it opened and my mobile phone in my hand and dialling home in the space of a few minutes.

“Hi mum,”

“No nothing is wrong all I want you to do is listen to what I have to say then you can act accordingly.” I took a deep breath then said,

“Mum I’ve found out where Joey is.”

“Quiet mum I don’t have time to answer your questions, now listen, do you have paper and pencil handy. Okay I’ll wait.”

I waited a minute, which seemed like forever until I heard my mother say she was ready.

“Okay mum Joey is attending Evington Park High School but where he lives I have no idea. Can you contact the school and get his address, and phone number, then contact his home to see if he can stop off after the match with us. We can take him home later today or even tomorrow if he’s allowed to stay overnight.”

“No don’t phone me back I’ll phone you, I’ve got my last two classes to attend then I’ll be free. I just hope I can get to Joey before they leave. Okay bye mum, love you.”


I was on pins all through my last two periods. When the bell rang I was out of the class like a bullet and got to my locker in record time. I put my books away and I had my phone out, talking to my mother in no time. She had managed to persuade the school secretary to part with Joey’s address and phone number and my mum had contacted his mother. She was happy for us to pick up Joey, and if he wanted to stay overnight she had no objections.


I ran to the main gate as fast as I could. I saw what I knew must be the Evington Park team motor coach coming around from the back of the school. I waited till it was just outside the gates, then running alongside it pounded on the door with my fist and at the same time yelling for the driver to open the door. Thankfully he stopped the coach and opened the door, and I jumped into the coach. I looked around then I saw him sitting at the back staring at me as my voice erupted with a yell of “Joey!”  



Part 5


 I couldn’t believe it! Toby was standing at the front of the coach yelling my name! All eyes in the coach were focused on him, and why wouldn’t they be? At nearly fifteen years of age Toby hadn’t lost any of his appeal. He was still on the short side about 5ft 4in, but his looks were as striking as ever. With his platinum blonde hair now reaching the top of his shoulders and as slim as ever, in my eyes he was the best looking kid in the world! When I stood to move towards him all eyes turned on me, as if asking the question, how could lanky Joe Burton know such an incredibly good-looking boy?

Before I had moved a step Toby yelled, “Grab your gear Joey, dad will drop you home later. He then turned to Coach Findlay offering him a mobile phone said something that I couldn’t hear, and Mr Findlay took the phone from Toby. I spent a couple of minutes grabbing my kit and walked down the coach towards Toby, and as I neared him I was just in time to hear the Coach saying, “Goodbye Mrs. Burton,” and handing the phone back to Toby.

Coach Findlay turned to me saying, “Your mother says it’s alright for you to go with your friend, his parents will drop you home.”

“Thank you sir,” I said, “See you on Monday.”

Toby had already alighted from the coach and I was in the process of following him off when Coach Findlay said, “Burton”!

I turned to look at him and he smiled, “Good game, you played really well.”

“Thanks sir,” I said, and I turned to leave the coach when there was a roar of “See you Joey!” from the team, and I waived my hand and stepped off the coach.


The moment I was on the pavement I dropped my kit, and there was a pair of arms wrapped around me and squeezing me tight.

“Oh God Joey, it’s so good to see you again,” Toby was saying as he hugged me, “you don’t know how much I’ve missed you!”

“I’ve missed you too Toby,” and pulling away a little from his hug and looking into his eyes which were little watery and seemed on the point overflowing. “I’ve been aching to see you, and was hoping that something like this would happen, but how did you know I was on the team?” I didn’t see you at the match.”

Toby smile, “Keith Buckle saw you and told me. I had to run around like a lunatic to get here in time to stop the coach to get you off.

“How did you get my phone number to talk to my mother?”

Toby smiled, “Mum sorted it out. She phoned your school secretary and explained about you and me and she gave us your address and phone number. Then she got in touch with your mother, and here we are!”  

I was about to respond when I saw Toby’s mother heading toward us. I picked up my gear, smiled and walked to meet her, and before I knew it and could say a word her arms were wrapped around me engulfing me. She squeezed me to her bosom then kissing me on the cheek said,

“Joey, how good to see you again!”

 “It’s good to see you too Mrs Greening, and thanks for sorting things out.”

“Don’t thank me! If I hadn’t, I’d have had someone moping around the house for the ANOTHER two years!” then addressing Toby said,

“Grab Joey’s kit and let’s get to the car, I’m sure he must be a little tired after the match.

Toby grabbed my kit from my arms, then with me in tow followed his mother to where she had the car parked.

Reaching it Toby dumped my kit in the boot, then jumped in the back seat with me, “Buckle up you two,” Toby’s mum exclaimed and took off for their home.

Before we had even gone a hundred yards Toby was sliding his hand over towards me, and grabbing mine he leaned over kissing me on the cheek. I’m not sure if his mother saw the kiss, but if she did she didn’t say a word. I looked over at Toby and smiled, giving his hand a squeeze in approval of his actions.

I knew the way to Toby’s house and was surprised when his mother swung off the road that led to his house and started heading into the shopping area. She pulled into Tesco’s car park saying she had to get a few groceries. With us tagging along we were soon galloping down the aisles, picking up items and tossing them into the trolley. Within fifteen minutes we’d picked everything up that we needed, paid for them, loaded them into the car and were headed back to the Greening home.

Ten minutes later we arrived at Toby’s house and we all trooped into the kitchen carrying the groceries and my football kit except for the boots, which were left in the car. While his mother tossed my football kit into the washing machine, Toby went straight to the fridge and with a smile on his face poured out two glasses of cranberry juice, handing me one when he’d finished.

We looked at each other, then raising our glasses said, “Cheers,” and downed the drinks in one gulp.

Toby took the glasses and dumped them in the sink. Grabbing my hand he pulled me out of the kitchen calling to his mother over his shoulder, “We’re going up to my room mum, we’ll be down when dad gets home from work,” and we were out of the kitchen and climbing the stairs to his room. Toby’s mother said something in response but it was lost as Toby clambered up the stairs yelling, “Come on Joey!”


His room was the same as I remembered; the only difference were the walls they were now painted a pale blue, the last time I saw them they were cream. I looked around the room and saw various posters of boy film stars and then on his bedside table was quite a large framed photo of Toby and myself in our last term at Oak Grove Junior school. I remembered the photo as I had one as well, but mine was of the whole class.

“How did you get this done Toby?” I asked picking up the photo, “and can you get a copy done for me?”

He took the photo out of my hand saying, “I took the original photo to a photographic studio and got the man there to make a print of just you and me excluding the rest of the class. I’ll get him to make a copy for you,” and placed it back on the bedside table.

Turning me around so that the backs of my legs were resting against the bed he pushed, sending me sprawling onto my back on the bed. He dropped down on top of me and just lay there, looking into my eyes. I had never in all my life felt so nervous and at the same time so excited as I did with Toby lying on top of me. His face hovered inches from mine with his blonde hair falling over his face and brushing against mine. For once I didn’t hold back and lifted my arms and wrapped them around Toby, and as I did the tears poured out of the corner of my eyes.

Toby smiled and lowered his face and kissed me on the lips, then moved his head to rest it on my shoulder. I felt his lips against my ear as he whispered, “Oh God Joey, you don’t know how I’ve longed for this to happen.”


I have never had feelings like this course through my body before. It was like every nerve-end was alive and sending waves of pleasure to every part of my body. Giving in to my feelings I squeezed Toby into me then rolled him over so that I was now lying on top of him. I know that I am considered a timid person, actually more than just timid. But with my feelings running riot inside of me, and the memory of the earlier kiss I seemed to overcome my shyness. I placed my hands behind Toby’s head, running my hands through his hair grabbing fistfuls of those platinum locks. I lowered my face and found Toby’s lips with mine, but not content with that, and feeling brave I eased my tongue between his lips. Toby reciprocated, opening his mouth to let our tongues unite and caress each other’s. As we revelled in the kiss it was then that I knew that Toby and I were one, and meant for each other.

After the kiss we just lay on the bed, our arms and legs entwined, content in the contact of our bodies. It was all we needed at the moment, to savour each other’s company after two years of being apart.


We heard Toby’s mother call that his father was home from work. We got up, straightened our clothing and went downstairs.

We walked into the sitting room to be greeted by Toby’s dad. He came over to me and gave me a big hug saying, “Joey, so good to see you again, and I’ve never seen Toby look happier,” then looking over to Toby he asked, “Is Joey going back tonight or is he staying over?”

“He’s staying over dad,” Toby said, “but he has to phone home to let his parents know.”

Turning to me Mr. Greening said, “You’d better talk to your parents Joey and let them know your plans then we can sit down to a meal.”

I took my mobile phone out and phoned the house landline number, and before it had given two rings it was answered.

I heard Paul answer on the other end and said, “Paul can you ask mum to come to the phone.”

“I’m at Toby’s house, now go get mum.”

“We won 5-0 now, will you get mum otherwise you’ll get it from me when I get home?”

I heard Paul yelling for my mother and seconds later she answered the phone. I asked her if it was okay that I spend the night at Toby’s and return tomorrow. Mum was agreeable but said not to return before noon as they were going out to do the grocery shopping. Also they had to buy Paul some new school clothes, as he was beginning to grow out of his school uniform. Then they had to take my baby sister to get her shots. I told her I’d be back around 1.00pm and I’d see them all tomorrow. I made my goodbyes and hung up.



Part 6

Love & Prejudice.

After our meal we sat watching television for a couple of hours, until Toby rising from the settee where he sat next to me told his parents that we were going up to his room to talk then to bed. After saying our goodnights to Toby’s parents within the space of fifteen minutes we had showered and were lying on his bed. I had to borrow a pair of boxers from Toby which were so tight on me that they felt uncomfortable. Once under the covers I removed the shorts telling Toby they were too tight and were just about strangling my dick. To put me at ease he removed his shorts and threw them on the floor to rest alongside the ones I had discarded. The next instant he had his arms around me and was pressing his body against mine, then brought our lips together and like two normal sexually aware boys, we soon had our semen deposited between us.


After cleaning ourselves, or I should say Toby cleaning us, we spent the best part of two hours in each other’s arms talking. Toby told me about why he’d pretended to dump me in favour of Vincent and how it had horribly backfired causing our two-year separation. By ten-thirty Toby was fondling my loins again. I tried to reciprocate, but after the exertions of the match and our earlier lovemaking, I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Toby smiled, removed my hand and kissed me whispering “Goodnight Joey,” then turned the light off and snuggled down against my body, letting me slide into unconsciousness.    


I awoke at my normal time around six thirty to see a blonde haired boy sleeping next to me. Realizing that I didn’t have to get up to help fix my brothers breakfast I wrapped myself around Toby and went back to sleep. The next time I woke it was just after nine a.m. and Toby was lying on his side, propped up on his elbow, head in hand looking at me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing,” then bringing his head down he pecked me on the lips, “Just liked looking at you. You ready to get up and get dressed?

“Yeah,” I said stretching and yawning, “give me a minute and I’ll be up.”

“I think something is already up. I had a look at it while you were sleeping.”

I jumped up and grabbed hold of him then as I lay back down again pulled Toby on top of me. Toby was laughing then yelled out,

“I didn’t look honest, I was joking!” then breaking free from my grip he pulled the covers back to expose my erection, “but I can look now,” he said, and burst out laughing again.


The morning passed so quickly and before I knew it I was climbing into the back of their car and was being driven home by Mr. Greening. All through the drive Toby held my hand, and when we arrived at my house I could see his eyes watering up. Toby and his dad escorted me to the front door. My mum, who had been keeping an eye open for me had the door open before the bell could be rung.

We said our goodbyes on the doorstep Toby telling me he’ll ring me when he got back from his visit to his grandparent’s house. Then a final hug and they were walking back to the car and driving off.


Mum and dad couldn’t wait to question me as to how Toby and I were able to meet up again. I gave her the story that Toby had related to me, and at the same time telling them that I’d invited Toby to come over next Friday and stay till Sunday when his parents will pick him up again.

“His parents don’t have to come and pick him up Joey,” my dad said, “I’ll take him home.”

“Okay dad, I’ll tell him when he phones me later.”

The weekend was a happy one, although I didn’t go anywhere in particular. The thought that Toby and I were together again made my body tingle just thinking about it, and of course I relished the telephone calls that we now frequently made to each other. I think we must have talked for hours on the phone over the weekend, what we talked about I haven’t a clue but talk we did.


I arrived at the school gates on Monday morning and walked through feeling on top of the world, but my feelings of exhilaration wouldn’t last very long.

The moment I walked into the classroom and heard the babble of voices reduce to near silence I knew something was wrong. I went to my desk looking at the faces around me and didn’t get any positive looks from any of my classmates. Reaching my desk I sat down, taking out the books I’d needed for my lesson from my pack.

Suddenly Gerry Laidlaw who sat behind me leant over asking, “Did it hurt.”

Puzzled I turned and asked? “What do you mean did it hurt?”

“Your boyfriend’s dick when it went up your arse.”

I ignored him and turned my back on him.

“So did it hurt, aren’t you going to tell, we’re waiting to hear.”

I looked around the class; the majority of them were all looking in my direction waiting for me to respond. I looked down at my desk and opened my book deciding to just ignore them.

But there was to be no let up from Laidlaw, again he called out loudly so most of the class could hear. “Come on Burton tell us what was it like?”

Angry I turned on him saying, “I don’t know where you got your information from but like you it’s a load of shit.”

“Yeah,” he yelled, “Well not according to Jeanette’s brother who was on the coach.”

I turned my head and looked over at Jeanette Foster. Her brother had been on the coach and as captain of the senior eleven. He with coach Findlay were assessing players from the under 15 team who would be considered for drafting into the senior team after their fifteenth birthday.


“My brother told Noah and I on Saturday evening that when you got off the coach to meet your boyfriend,” Jeanette said smugly looking around at the class, “The two of you were hugging each other so much that he was sure if you hadn’t been out in the open you’d have been kissing.”

There were murmurs from the other students and when they’d finished I looked at Jeanette Foster saying.

“For you, Noah’s, and your idiot brother’s information, I’ve known Toby Greening from when we were both five year olds in junior school. When I moved here two years ago we lost touch with one another and I haven’t seen or spoken to him since then.

So when we met up on Friday, the first time in two years, you bet we were excited at seeing and talking with each other again. So what you and the rest of the class want to make of it I couldn’t care less!”

I sat down and before anyone could make a response thankfully Mr Whigmore walked into the classroom, putting an end to any further accusations flying in my direction. By lunch break the rumours about my homosexuality must have reached around the whole school, as I got a lot of snide remarks when walking along the corridor to the cafeteria. I got my meal, found an empty table and ate my lunch alone and in relative peace. The rest of the day went pretty much the same and I seemed to have been ostracized from the rest of the school, which didn’t really bother me much as I normally kept pretty much to myself anyway. The only surprising part of the incident was Noah’s attitude. I never expected him to react in the same manner as the rest of the class and school.


When I got home that evening I waited till my dad got home from work. After we’d eaten I told them that I needed to talk to them about what had happened at school today. My parents seeing the serious look on my face, decided that it would be best if we waited till Paul had gone to bed. I went to my room and rehearsed what I was going to say to my parents. I tried various scenarios, then decided to come right out and tell them what had happened at school, and how close to the truth the accusations were, leaving out the sex part. I came down stairs again to watch the TV till Paul scampered off to bed. When dad came back downstairs after attending to my brother I was able to sit down and face my parents.


I went straight into relating what had happened at school and how Brian Foster had told his sister Jeanette and Noah that he thought I was a homo, and how it had now got around the school. Before they could respond I also told them that what Brian Foster had suggested was true that Toby and I were extremely fond of each other and that we had been sexually active for the first time when I had stayed at his house Friday night.

The silence that followed when I stopped talking seemed to last for an eternity, but in reality about only half a minute. Dad rose from his seat on the settee next to mum and walked over to where I sat. Taking me by the arm he pulled me out of the chair and walked me over to the settee and gently sat me down next to my mother, then took the seat on my other side so that I was piggy in the middle. Dad put his arm around my shoulder giving me a squeeze, then sort of making clearing sounds in his throat said, “Joey your mother and I more or less guessed what the nature of your affection for Toby is. The way you were so broken up when you thought that Toby had gone out of your life, and had left you for another boy made us realize where your sexuality lay.”

I looked at my parents in turn, astounded that they had already guessed about my homosexuality and had been so supportive without my even knowing it.

My thoughts were broken by my father saying, “Joey, you haven’t admitted to anyone in the school that you and Toby are boyfriends, have you?”

“No dad, I’ve just been ignoring all their snide remarks and letting them think what they want.”

“Good leave it like that, just don’t give them any cause to use against you.”

My parents and I talked for another hour they giving me advice about safe sex and also told me of the problems I’d face in certain quarters later in life once it became known that I was a homosexual. The most important part of the conversation was that they still loved me and would always be there for me whenever I needed them.   

I went to bed that night a changed boy, although the majority of the school treated me like a leper, I couldn’t care less. I had the love of my family and Toby, which was all I could possibly ask for.


The next couple of days went the same as Monday, the normal innuendoes about my sexuality and the like, which I totally ignored, and let them think what they wanted.

Thursday at lunchtime I took my usual seat by myself to consume my food when Noah came and stood at my table. I looked up at him but didn’t say a word.

Suddenly he blurted out “I’m sorry Joey about what’s happened,”

I kept quiet for a minute collecting my thoughts then said, “Noah you acted like the rest of your friends and ostracised me before you had any proof about my being gay or not. How would you have reacted if it were true? Would you still be here apologizing, or over there with your friends waiting to verbally abuse me as soon as I was within earshot? I accept your apology for what it’s worth, but I need a friend like you Noah, like I need a hole in the head.”

Noah went red and I could see the vein stand out on his neck. I knew that if we hadn’t been in the cafeteria I would most certainly have had his fists flying in the direction of my face.

He glared at me, then turned on his heels and walked away.


Friday after classes I asked coach Findlay if I could skip the evening training session as we had visitors coming over to our house. He Okayed it, then reminded me that the kick off for our penultimate match was at our school sports field at 2.00pm and how important the match was. We had to win it to stay in the title race.


That evening around 6.00pm Toby arrived with his parents, he had also brought his bike so that I could show him around our part of the world. His parents spent about an hour talking with my dad and mum while I showed Toby around our house and garden.

When they were ready they said goodbye to Toby, saying that they’ll see him when my dad and I dropped him off on Sunday.


Friday night in bed was just wonderful. Having Toby in my arms as we chatted late into the night is a feeling that I cannot begin to express in words. Of course there were many interruptions in our chatting by our lips coming into contact quite often.


Eventually we did fall asleep, only to be brutally awakened at 6.30 a.m. by Paul bouncing around on top of our bodies, then climbing under the covers between us. I grabbed hold of my younger brother and hauled myself with him out of the bed.

“Go and get your breakfast by yourself,” I said, “Your seven years old, you should be able to do it by now.”

“Yeah well mum told me she used to get your breakfast till you were nearly nine, so what do you have to say to that?”

 “Mum made my breakfast because she wanted to and I used to let her, it saved me from having to do it.”

“You’re a real meanie, I don’t like you anymore, don’t know why Toby likes you, maybe he’s a meanie too just like you.”

I grabbed hold of my brother lifted him into my arms and kissed him on the cheek, “Okay lets go get breakfast.”

He wrapped himself around me as I carried him downstairs to the kitchen. As I sat him down at the kitchen table a voice behind me said.

“Who said I was a meanie?”

I turned to see Toby standing in the doorway. Using my finger I pointed at Paul, “Him.”

“Umm, I didn’t mean it Toby, honest! I said it coz I was angry that Joey wouldn’t come down to breakfast with me!”

Toby walked over and took a seat next to Paul while I poured some flakes into a bowl, added milk and sugar and put it front of my younger brother. 

“I’ll let you off for what you said about me,” Toby said looking at my brother, “if you give me a mouthful of your flakes.”

After stirring the sugar into the milk Paul dipped into his bowl and came up with a spoonful of flakes and milk and slowly directed it into Toby’s open mouth.

“Umm delicious,” and reaching out his hands towards the bowl of flakes Toby said, “I think I’ll have it all.”

“Get off,” Paul yelled laughing and pulling the bowl further away from Toby, “They’re mine.”

“Now who’s the meanie?” Toby joked.

“It’s not the same,” Paul said filling his mouth with flakes and swallowing, “you can go have some of your own if you want.”

“No yours are better.”

“This is the last spoon you’re getting,” Paul said as he directed another heavily laden spoon of flakes and milk in the direction of Toby’s open mouth, “And if you try to take more I’m going to tell my mum.”

“Well if you’re not going to give me anymore flakes,” Toby said swallowing his mouthful that he had, “I’m going back to bed, you coming Joey?”

“Will you be alright by yourself Paul?” I asked, “mum will be down soon, she’s just attending to Danielle,” and getting the nod from him as he was busy filling his face, I stroked his head, and followed Toby upstairs. We both relieved our bladders then climbed into my bed.

“Does Paul always jump into your bed when he wakes up in the morning?” Toby said wrapping his arms around me as we lay on our sides facing each other. 

“No, I think he was a bit jealous seeing you sleeping in my bed, actually at weekends he doesn’t wake me till after 8:00 a.m.”

“You’re really lucky Joey, I wish I had a younger brother, actually I think I’ll adopt Paul.”

“You’re welcome to him I’ll let you fix his breakfast tomorrow morning.”



We lay together just embracing till I slowly slipped into dreamland again. This time a pair of lips pressing against mine awakened me. I opened my eyes to see a smiling face with blonde hair falling around it. 

“Ready to get up?” the face asked.

“Umm, in a minute, what time is it?”

“Nearly 9:30 a.m.,” the face replied, then lowered and brought our lips together again.

“I wish we were alone in the house,” I said, after the kiss and grabbing the body that belonged to the face, I pulled it down on top of me, “we could spend hours together like this.”

“Yes, and what will your younger brother have to say.”

I let go of Toby and sat up in bed looking around, scared I’d see a wide eyed Paul standing by the bedside looking at his elder brother kissing another boy. There was no Paul, only Toby’s laughter ringing in my ears, and he’d had the good sense to stand away from the bed.

“Come on Joey get up, you can give me a tour of the neighbourhood on our bikes after breakfast.”

We can’t go out for too long,” I said getting out of the bed, “I’ve got to be at school by 12:30 p.m., we have a match to play.”

“Can I come and watch you play, Joey?”

I was about to say yes when I remembered what had been happening at school all week. “I don’t think that would be advisable Toby,” and then I went into detail about what had happened since last Monday.

“It must have been pretty rough for you Joey,” he said coming over and wrapping an arm around my shoulder in sympathy. “I’m glad I’m going to Oak Grove, everyone there knows about me being gay and they don’t care one way or the other.”

I looked at Toby saying, “They know about you?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, and about you,” Toby said grinning, “I told my friends at school that I’d met my boyfriend for the first time in two years and told them what had happened between us,” ending his statement by giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“God I’d love to be back at Oak Grove, away from these narrow minded idiots that I have to share a classroom with.”

“Never mind Joey, it’s only for five days of the week. We’ll have the weekends together. Now get your arse in the shower and get dressed. I’ll see you downstairs.”


Half an hour later after finishing my breakfast I took Toby for a ride around the immediate neighbourhood. I made it a point to show him the park and I suggested that while I was playing my match, he could bring Paul to play if he felt up to it. We then headed home and lazed around the house till it was time for me to head for school and our penultimate soccer match of the season.

Toby sat in the back seat with me as dad drove me to the school. They both wished me good luck and drove off with dad knowing why Toby wouldn’t stay to see me play.



I made my way through the main gates then across the across the recreation grounds to the gym where we were to meet and change for the match. The opposition had been directed to use the changing rooms in the pavilion at the side of the playing fields.

As I walked into the changing room Jimmy Glover, the team captain said, “Make sure you bend down with your backs to the wall guys, Burton is here!”

There were roars of laughter from the rest of the team, I just stood and looked around at the team members then turned on my heels and headed out of the room. I made my way out towards the school gates when Glover came running up and grabbed me by the arm.

“Come on Burton it was only a joke, I didn’t mean anything by it!”

I wrenched my arm free from his grip then snarling saying, “Find someone else to take the piss out of, I won’t be playing with a bunch of morons like you lot again,” and strode off leaving him standing there watching me leaving the school premises.

I arrived home twenty minutes later. As I walked in the door, my dad gave a surprised look on seeing me and asked, “What happened?”

I related what had taken place and was just finishing when the phone rang.

Dad answered it and I heard him say “Good afternoon Mr. Findlay.”

Then dad said, “My son doesn’t want to play with a group of players that have no respect for him, so there is no reason to continue this conversation Mr. Findlay, goodbye,” and dad put the phone down.

Dad came over and hugged me, then with his arm around my waist he directed me into the sitting room where mum and my baby sister were. We sat together on the settee and dad related the conversation he’d had with Mr. Findlay. Mum and dad were very supportive about my decision not to play for the team again and I then asked where Toby was.

“He’s taken Paul to the park, you can go and join them if you feel up to it,” dad said.

Saying goodbye to my parents and baby sister I went to meet up with Toby and his newly adopted brother.


With Toby constantly at my side the weekend seemed to fly by and before I knew it dad and I were taking him home again.

We’d spent the last couple of days blissfully happy and now as the car neared Toby’s house we both were feeling down, knowing that it would be a full five days before we saw each other again. We said our goodbyes on the doorstep, the consolation to being apart being that we would keep in touch by phone for the next five days.


Monday morning I made my way down the road that led to school. As I made my way towards the gates I heard footsteps come up behind me and Jimmy Glover was there yelling in my ear.

“Thank you Burton, you’ve just about lost us the chance of winning the title you fucking queer!”

I ignored him and carried on walking away from him, making my way towards the school gates. Glover followed me I heard him come up behind me again, then his hand grabbing my arm and swung me around.

Glover was the same height as I was but much heavier built and I knew that I didn’t stand a chance if he decided to use his hands on me, and that’s precisely what he decided to do. What neither one of us had taken into account was that as he pulled his arm back to hit me, it was grabbed and twisted from behind. A voice was saying, “You so much as touch him Glover and I’ll beat you to a pulp!” then the voice planted his foot squarely onto Glovers arse, sending him face first onto the pavement.

I looked over at my saviour, smiled and said, “Thanks Noah,” and made my way to classes with Noah following me.


Once inside the classroom I went to my desk and sat down. I saw Noah come in, smile at me, then moved toward the desk behind mine and I heard him say to Laidlaw, “Move your arse I’m sitting here.”

“What?” Laidlaw said in astonishment, “why do you want to sit in my place.”

Raising his voice so that the rest of the class could hear Noah said, “Because I want to make sure that my friend Joey doesn’t get any hassle from morons like you!”

I turned in my seat to see Noah taking Gerry Laidlaw’s place. Grinning I said, “I think I’ve got a hole in the head!”

“No, I’m the one with the hole in the head Joey”, he said looking serious. “No matter what they say about you you’re still the same person I was friends with, and I shouldn’t have forgotten that. So now its time to rectify the situation.”

I lowered my voice so that only Noah could hear, “What Brian Foster said was true Noah, that boy that I met after the match is my boyfriend.”

He smiled then said, “So when do I get to meet him?”

Next time he comes over to stay,” I said grinning, “I’ll bring him round to your place for you to pass judgement on him.”

Before Noah could respond Mr Whigmore walked into the class and all conversations came to an end.

Thanks to Noah, who was very popular with most of the boys and girls, and with them seeing him accompanying me during the breaks, I had a relatively hassle free day at school. 



 It was Friday when I was met by Mr. Findlay after school and asked if I would accompany him to his office, which I did.

Inside he said he was sorry for what had happened in the gym last Saturday, and wished that he’d arrived earlier.

“It’s okay sir, wasn’t your fault,” I said

“Alright Burton, we still have a chance to win the title. Grangemouth only drew last Saturday, so if we can beat them this coming Saturday we’ll win the league title.”

“I hope the team wins on Saturday sir, I really mean that, but I won’t be playing.”

“Burton the team are really sorry for what happened last weekend, it won’t happen again. Please reconsider.”

“I don’t think they are sorry sir, not one team member has come to see me during the week to apologize. They don’t respect me and I certainly don’t respect them sir. But knowing how important this game is, and how much winning the title means to you Mr. Findlay, I’ll play.”

Mr. Findlay’s eyes lit up, and smiling he said, “I can’t thank you enough Joseph. You’re right, the way the team behaved they don’t deserve your respect and my opinion of them has certainly been lowered. Just for the record, Glover won’t be captaining the team on Saturday. None of the team members have been told yet so keep it to yourself. As for Foster, the one who started this, he’s also been removed from captaining the senior team, I’ve already spoken to him and he was none too pleased with my decision. I’ve handed the captaincy to Christopher Keil. I don’t suppose you know him, but you’ll meet him tomorrow. He’ll be at the match to see you play.”

Pausing Mr. Findlay took my hand saying, “Alright you better shoot off home Joseph, and be outside the main gates by 12:20 p.m., the kick-off is at 1:00 p.m. and once again, thank you for your change of heart!”

“Goodbye sir, see you tomorrow,” I said, and walked out of his office wondering what the team will say when they see me turn up to play tomorrow afternoon. “I just hope I have a good game. So Chris Keil will want me in the senior team when I come of age,”  I thought making my way out of the school



Part 7


As soon as I was out of Mr. Findlay’s office and in the street I broke into a run. I knew Toby’s mother was driving him over to spend the weekend, and I wanted to be there when they arrived. Reaching home the first thing I looked around for was to see if there was any sign of Toby in the house. I heard the sound of the TV and walked into the sitting room to see Mum and Paul. Paul was watching cartoons on the box and no sign of Toby.

“You’re late Joey,” my mum enquired looking at me as I walked in the door, “there are some tea buns in the kitchen if you’re hungry.”

“Thanks mum,” I responded, “Has Toby called at all?”

“Oh yes about ten minutes ago, they’re on their way. They got stuck in traffic on the ring road because of an accident but they shouldn’t be too long in arriving.”

“Okay mum, I’ll grab something to eat before he arrives.” I said making my way to the kitchen.

After I’d had my snack I went into the garage to check our bikes, Toby had left his here knowing that he would be returning this weekend. I checked the tyres and brakes, made sure all was right then went back to the sitting room to await Toby’s arrival.


The traffic jam must have been worse than Toby’s mum had thought because it was another fifteen minutes before they arrived.

The moment I heard the car pull up I was out of my seat in a flash and had the front door opened as they were exiting the car. 

Talking to Toby over the phone throughout the weekdays helps but the world outside of my home to me is dull and grey, and not very exciting. Seeing him in the flesh and being able to touch him is the next best thing to heaven and brings the colour into my life.

I was down the pathway to the front gate, opening it and waiting for the two of them to walk through.

Toby’s mum greeted me with a big smile and a “Nice to see you again Joey.”

I responded warmly to her greeting and then walking behind her was Toby. He didn’t stand on ceremony, he just dropped the overnight bag that he was carrying and wrapped his arms around me, giving me the tightest of hugs and whispering in my ear “Love you Joey!”


While our mothers chatted over a cup of tea and Paul watched his cartoons, Toby and I went up to my room to stash his clothes away.

When we’d completed that task the next logical thing to do was to lie on the bed and wrap our arms and legs around each other, which is precisely what we did.

After our lips had broken contact I told him that I’d decided to play football again. “What made you change your mind about playing for the school team again?” Toby asked.

“The look on Mr. Findlay’s face, he was really looking down when I said I wouldn’t play, and then when I changed my mind and said I would he had a grin as big as can be!”

“Do you think the rest of the team will hassle you when you appear?”

“Doesn’t really worry me Toby, they’re not going to influence what I do. If I choose to play then I will, and they can change into their football gear with their backs to the wall if that’s what they want, it’s their problem. But I’m sure Mr. Findlay will make it a point to be in the changing room or very close by.”

Our conversation ended with my mother calling us down as Toby’s mother was ready to return home. 

After we had said our goodbyes to Toby’s mum, and wished her a safe trip back, we went out and grabbed our bikes from the garage. I yelled in to my mother, telling her that we were going out for a ride, and we left the house to cycle around the neighbourhood.


We returned home and just as we were putting the bikes away dad arrived home from work. We waited for him to park the car and after greeting him, I told him of my decision to play for the school team again as we accompanied dad into the house. Inside the house after greeting mum in the kitchen then sitting at the kitchen table he looked at me and said, “I think that tomorrow Toby, Paul, and I will come and watch you play and lend you some support. Grangemouth comprehensive school will most probably have a lot of supporters roaring them on so we’ll try and do our bit.”

“I smiled saying “Thanks dad; not sure three voices are going to be heard over a couple of hundred but you never know, other supporters might turn up.”


Usually on the night before an important match I’d lie awake trying to envisage how the game would go, and get quite nervous thinking how things could go wrong till I fell asleep.

With Toby lying beside me there were no such thoughts, my mind was not even on the match. Actually it couldn’t have been further away from it. All I could think of was the beautiful boy lying next to me who was my whole world, without whom life had been just a progression from day to day. As we lay naked in bed and face to face Toby, with his arm wrapped around my body, pulled himself even closer into mine so I could feel his erection pressing into me just above my own straining cock. 

I leaned forward and brought our lips together which signalled the onset of our love making. Toby rolled over on top of me and for all his size when he started humping his dick against mine he was like a rabbit. He went at it hammer and tongs and within a minute or so was blasting his semen all over us. As I felt him discharging I wrapped my arms around him and rolled him over till our positions were reversed and pounded my dick against him till I too erupted, spewing my juices to mix with those of Toby’s, accompanied of course by the guttural sounds that escaped our lips.


I was just getting ready to roll off Toby when a voice said, “Will you two stop fighting and making so much noise, you woke me up!”

I froze and very nearly pooped myself at the same time putting a hand over Toby’s mouth to stifle his giggling. I looked across at my brother’s bed, and although the room was dark there was just enough light for me to make out his silhouette as he sat up in bed with the covers wrapped around him. 

“Sorry Paul,” I whispered, “we’ll stop fighting, and we’re going to sleep now as well.” With a sigh from Paul, I saw him lie down again.

I softly called his name after a minute or so but there was no response from my younger brother, he was fast asleep.

Toby was still giggling but by now the giggles were being stifled as he had his face buried in my shoulder. Eventually we regained our composure, cleaned ourselves, and with a gentle good night kiss that seemed to last for an extraordinarily long time, we drifted into slumber land.


 I awoke to find no Toby beside me and rolled over to look at the clock at my bedside table. Through bleary eyes I could just discern that it was 8:00 a.m. I looked across at Paul’s bed saw that it was empty and sighed with relief as I realized that Toby was up giving his adopted brother his breakfast. I rolled over again, closed my eyes and was just heading for la la land when something landed on my side startling me out of my wits. I immediately rolled over as the weight now shifted onto my stomach and looked into the face of my brother.

“Paul the next time you do that I’m going to kill you,” I said angrily, having been startled out of my skin by him.

“Huh, and how are you going to do that when you can’t even beat Toby in a fight and he’s smaller than you?”

 Realising that Paul was talking about last night I played along saying, “Yeah well Toby has some tricky moves.”

“What kind of moves?”

 “Like this!” I said stretching my arms out grabbing Paul and starting to tickle him.

“He started laughing and squirming away from me till he eventually rolled off the bed onto the floor. As he lay on the floor and his laughter subsided he said, “That’s not a move, that’s tickling, anyone can do that.” 

“Yeah well that’s how he beat me,” then I saw Toby standing in the doorway looking at us.

“So did you feed him Toby?”

“Sort of,” Toby said smiling, “We had a big bowl of flakes between us and he was shovelling spoonfuls down my throat.”

“Paul why don’t you go and watch your cartoons if you’ve had your breakfast,” I said in the hope that he would leave the two of us alone for a while.

“Okay,” he said getting up off the floor and heading out of the room.

The moment we heard his footsteps descending the stairs Toby was across the room. He pulled the covers up, slid under and we were enveloped in each others arms and legs. No words were spoken, just the coming together of our lips as we revelled in the sensations that coursed through our bodies.


By 9:30 a.m. we were dressed and had finished our breakfasts. Telling my mother that I was taking Toby out we left the house.

Once outside Toby asked, “Are we going on our bikes?”

“No its’ not far where we’re going,” I said, “only a five minute walk or so.”

We chatted as we walked, glad to be in each others company and not having to mind what we said as there was no Paul in earshot. After a little over five minutes we arrived at our destination, the reason being that Toby’s legs are a lot shorter than mine, and I had to constantly remind myself to walk more slowly so that he could comfortably keep up. He gave me a quizzical look as I opened the gate to 32 Green Park Avenue, strode towards the front door and rang the bell. 

A few seconds later the door opened and Noah was standing in the doorway.

Smiling I said, “Hi Noah, I told you I’d bring him around the next time he comes over.” Turning to Toby and putting my hand on his shoulder I introduced the two of them to each other.

Noah opened the door wide saying, “Come on in,” then closing it behind us when we were. Taking the lead he took us into his sitting room where his parents were and introduced us to them and his younger sister. With the introductions over we excused ourselves and he took us upstairs to his room. Inside he flung himself onto his bed saying make yourselves comfortable. Toby and I sat at the foot of his bed ignoring the chairs.

“So this I presume is your boyfriend,” Noah said grinning.

“Yes, I told you I’d introduce you to him.”

Noah stared at Toby for a few seconds before saying, “Joey how the Hell were you able to hook such a good looking guy? Christ, if he were a girl I’d fall for him myself!”

Toby and I were both laughing as I said, “Sheer sex appeal!” at which Noah blew me a raspberry, which sent us into more fits of laughter.

Noah was the perfect host. He didn’t ask any awkward questions like most kids would wanting to know about various aspects of our lives, mainly of course those relating to sex.  We chatted about everything, even about the rough time I’d had at school. He was even man enough to admit to Toby how he had reacted when the first rumours of my homosexuality were being spread, and how he’d felt really bad seeing the way I was treated.


By 11:00 a.m. I told Noah we had to go as I had to get ready for the match with Grangemouth.

“Okay you go,” Noah said smiling “leave Toby here.”

“What?” I said in mock horror, “leave my innocent friend in the company of a wolf like you?”

Noah laughed, “Okay, get out of here you two,” as he led us downstairs to the front door. Opening it and letting us out we made our goodbyes. As we walked down the street Noah yelled from his front door, “Good luck with the game Joey, have a good one!”

I turned and waving my hand yelled back, “Thanks Noah!”


At ten minutes after noon, dad had the three of us in the car ready to drive me to the school to meet up with the rest of the team.

I sat in the back with Toby, and Paul couldn’t believe it that he was being allowed to sit up front with dad. When we arrived at the school we saw the team motor coach parked outside the school gates, I said goodbye to dad and Paul and grabbing my kit got out of the car with Toby accompanying me. At the coach door I turned to Toby saying, “See you at the match.” Toby stepped forward wrapped his arms around and squeezed me real tight saying, “Good luck Joey, love you.”

I couldn’t care less who was watching, I hugged Toby back, “Love you to Toby, always will.” I said before getting onto the coach.

I saw Mr. Findlay in the seat by the door and Christopher Kiel sitting next to him, they smiled at me and as I made my way to the back of the coach. Mr. Findlay, who doesn’t miss a thing, surprised me saying; “He’s a looker, isn’t he?” I was stunned into silence and could only nod my head, being both proud and embarrassed at the same time, Chris Kiel looked on grinning at my discomfort, although from where he was seated he hadn’t seen Toby and I hugging. But he recognised when Coach was taking the piss.

As I passed the rest of the team there were looks of surprise on their faces as they hadn’t expected me to be playing.

I took my seat and had just stashed my kit in the overhead rack when Nick Price jumped on the coach. He was the last team member to arrive so we were now ready to leave. Within seconds we were rolling down the road, followed by dad in his car, on our way to keep our rendezvous with the Grangemouth under 15 team.


We arrived at the Grangemouth pitch twenty-five minutes before kick-off and after alighting from the coach made our way to the changing rooms, led by Coach Findlay and Chris Kiel. The moment we were inside Coach called for quiet then proceeded to lecture us.

“Last week,” he began, “we were beaten by a team that were ten places below us in the league, because as a team you didn’t give a member of this team the respect he deserves. Maybe only one person made the remark but you all thought it very funny and took pleasure in the humiliation of one of your fellow team member. He walked out on you and subsequently you were beaten by a mediocre team.” Looking around the changing room, eyeing each team member he the continued, “Who here thinks they’re a better player than Burton and we can win this game without him?” The Coach stopped talking and waited for someone to respond but no one did making me feel very smug.

“That’s right”, Coach Findlay said, “you rely on Burton to help you win, and without him your chances of winning are reduced.” I was really feeling elated until he turned on me. “Burton what do you think you’ll win against eleven men on your own?”

“Nothing sir,” I mumbled.

“Precisely, you need them as much as they need you. As a team you work and play together and respect each other’s feelings. If you can’t work as a team you’ll achieve nothing! Now get changed and win that game!”


Before I could start to change Nick Price came up to me and hugged me saying, “Sorry Joey, I never meant to hurt your feelings.”

One by one the rest of the team came over and apologized, even Jimmy Glover made his apologies. As the team started to change I said,

“Listen up everyone,” and all heads turned to me, “You don’t have to keep your backs to the wall when you change, you’re all too ugly for my liking, and if you were to expose yourselves to me, my dick would most probably shrivel up and drop off in disgust!”

There were roars of laughter, then I was spun around and Chris Kiel was glaring at me, “Less of the ugly” he said, then smiling he added, “I’ll have you know that many a person has swooned over the face you’re looking at!”

“Okay, your not ugly” I said laughing, “but you can’t match up to Toby.”

“Yeah well I’d like to meet up with this Toby.”

“You can, he’s come to watch me play with my dad and younger brother.” And I started to change.

The whole team trooped out to take the field and Chris, who was just ahead of me, suddenly stopped and stared. I followed his gaze and saw it was focused on Toby. Coming up beside him I said, “I told you Chris, he’s something special.”

“Joey,” Chris said not taking his eyes of Toby, “you are one very lucky boy, what you’ve got there is better than winning the lottery!”

 “I know,” I said proudly, as I ran to join the rest of the team.

As we kicked the ball around waiting for the ref to start the match Chris strolled onto the field and called us all together. When we were grouped around him he said, “Listen up, this team is in pole position and if you want it you’ve got to grab it and snatch it out of their hands because they’re not going to let go easy. Now go get it.” We broke away, formed up, and the ref blew his whistle for the game to start.


I won’t go into the details of the game, suffice to say we won 2-0 and were league champions! After the final whistle the team with Coach Findlay, Chris Kiel and the subs, met in the centre circle. We formed a ring with are arms around each other, then went into a huddle. Coach Findlay said a few words to us, paused for a moment, then looking all round said, “On three, One, Two, Three,”

We leapt into the air our arms stretched upwards and hands reaching for the sky, then a mighty roar erupted from our throats, “YEAH!”





Part 8

In Conclusion

We all trooped back to the changing rooms and I had just finished dressing when Toby walked in. There was silence for a second then the whole team merged on Toby and he disappeared from my view. I waited for a moment then the bodies parted and he walked towards me.

“You coming home with us?” he asked, “or are you returning with the team?”

Before I could answer Nick Price was yelling, “go home with him Joey, he’s better looking than us”, and there were roars of approval from the rest of the team. I looked over to Coach Findlay who gave me the nod and I walked out with Toby by my side. As we reached the door Jimmy Glover yelled out “Bring Toby with you next season when we play, he’s good luck!”

Johnny Byrne shouted, “Don’t believe him Joey, he fancies Toby!” and there was more laughter.

“See you at school on Monday guys!” I called with Toby also waving his hand.

Shouts of “Bye Joey, bye Toby”, vibrated around the dressing room, and we were outside heading towards dad, and Paul.



That night as we lay in bed facing each other Toby leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips saying, “I’m so glad you were accepted by the boys on your team even before you won the game.”

We didn’t fight that night, just lay in each other’s arms content to feel the nearness of the other, so Paul had a trouble free sleep.



At 29 I’m a successful chartered accountant with quite a successful business helping the filthy rich to reduce the amount of taxes they have to pay to the state. I watch a lot of football on the telly but after school never played it again.

Toby, who I might hasten to say, is at this moment giving me the evil eye as he’s waiting impatiently for me to finish this narrative. He finished his contribution to our lives some time ago. He was a very successful actor, then he gave it all up just to stay at home. I think he got fed up with all the attention directed at him and the continuous struggle to fight off the advances of both male and female thespians trying to get inside his trousers! [p;’vdsw?c vc ……………………../.


I’ve left the above bit of nonsense at the end of the paragraph as an indication of what happens when an irate lover gets fed up of waiting for you to finish typing, and pulls you off your chair with your hands still on the keyboard.


Now to continue before I was so rudely but nicely interrupted. My brother Paul at 22 is at university and invariably stays over during his breaks. He still cracks the odd remark from time to time asking if we are we still fighting in bed. To which we respond asking, does he and his fiancé fight in bed?, which makes him blush.

Danielle at 15 will be sitting her O levels shortly and the boys hang around her like flies around a jam pot.


Ooops! Have to go, someone has just come down and is giving me that look again!

Bye all!



I’m having the last say in this narrative, we’re just going up to do some more ‘fighting’.

Some other time.



The End