This page has links to a few sites I think are wonderful.  They've been split into four blocks. The first is a list of sites I'm involved with; the second a list of writing 'aids' including articles and software - yWriter is just peachy, as is Freemind. The third is sites I visit a lot, and last, but definitely not least, are direct links to the pages of some of my favourite authors. I'm adding to this one a lot!

Please be aware that these links should be seen as an official endorsement by Camy's Gaff. These products, authors and websites ROCK!

Camy elsewhere ....


Camy's Gaff is only on the net because of the interest shown by 'The Dude'. He helped me, as he has helped countless others. Thanks, Dude!

Authors Haunt

Peopled with some of the best on-line writers. This is a great community to join, and one of my favourite places to be!

Codey's World

Codey's World is wonderful. I could wax lyrical, but best if you find out for yourself.

Writing aids


Q10 is a basic full screen text editor. If you liked, (and can remember) writing on a typewriter or an early word processor, then this is the software for you. White on green, white on black, black on white. It's all there. And, just like a typewriter, you can keep the cursor on a single line in the middle of the screeen.

YWriter Software

yWriter is a brilliant piece of FREE software. Written by an author who created it to help him to write his novels. Not only is yWriter a word processor that allows you to write in scenes, but it enables you to keep a story bible; see your scenes laid out in storyboard form, and so much more. Many thumbs up! Now on version 5.


FreeMind is FREE mind-mapping software written in Java. A great tool for outlining your novel.

The Turkey City Lexicon

I've come across this lexicon several times in my travels. As it's very useful, and not copyrighted, I've grabbed it.

Slang and Colloquialisms

A monster online dictionary of the rich colourful language we call slang... all from a British perspective. Complete with a search faciliy. Even if you don't need it, it's fun to browse on a rainy day!

The Mannerly Art Of Critique

It says: The more folks who know how to give and take crit ethically, humanely, and usefully, the better. Being hopeless as a critic myself, I agree.

Recommended Sites

The Mustache Rangers

Doc Johnson's Olde Tyme Elixir presents 'The Adventures of The Mustache Rangers.' Damnably funny podcasts!


If you ever fancied creating music with samples then here is the site for you! Fun, fun and even more fun!

Darker Projects

Audio drama at its very best! Mainly Science Fiction, and Suspense. If you want to get involved you can.


If you like listening to audio books then this site is BRILLIANT! From Scott Sigler to Nathan Lowell. There are so many great authors and audio books here, you'll be sated for life!

Stellar Authors - in no particular order!

C James

Rob Hawes


Dan Kirk



Duncan Ryder


Christopher Lydon

Jason Rimbaud

Tanya Allan

Bruin Fisher

Colin Kelly

Michael Arram


Tragic Rabbit


Ele Civil

Cole Parker