Singer Without a Song

by Chris James

An old story, the earliest full length fiction I can remember writing. I had wanted to produce something with an element of fantasy in it, something to wish for on several levels, and what I got was a grand love story.

Gay love stories were new to me back then and I am amazed when I read through this work that I had so much desire to express. You will note that the term gay eventually makes itself known to my characters and until it does they will think of themselves as queer. That’s the term we used when I was in high school and this story is set in those days.

A long story with large chapters so bear with me. I am going to say this up front: it’s time to contribute to the well-being of the AwesomeDude site. Donations keep this site running and allow all the authors to entertain you. I am grateful to The Dude for allowing me to post these old works before fate takes a hand and they disappear from sight.