Past Perfect

A novel by David Buffet

Copyright 2007.  All rights reserved.


It is my intention to “workshop” this novel on AwesomeDude. I intend to post the novel serially, at a rate of a chapter or two per week (as I did originally with Alpha Male.)  Like with Alpha Male, while I have a very firm idea of the outline of where this story is heading, I’ve left somewhat fuzzy the path I’ll take to get there.  So far, only the first few chapters have been written. 


As a result, your constructive feedback is more than welcome.  It is, indeed, a vital part of the creative process for me.  It would help me if you’d periodically tell me what you like and don’t like about particular chapters, characters, and plot turns.  At any given point, where do you think the story is heading?  Do you want to read more?  It would also help if you’d point out any egregious grammatical or spelling errors. (But please, only the egregious ones!)  Awesomedude has generously offered me the opportunity of revising old, posted chapters.  I can correct errors as I go.


Please use the feedback form at the end of the current chapter or email me at with the story title in the subject line.




David Buffet


Dude's Note:  We are very happy to have author David Buffet with us -AwesomeDude, our authors and our readers- in this interesting experiment in online, interactive development of a major novel.  For your convenience in replying,  We are using our AwesomeDude Feedback Form with this story which will appear at the end of the current chapter.  It will go to David  and will automatically insert the story name in the subject line for you.  Participate and enjoy!  We also invite you to join the thread on the story we have started HERE in the AwesomeDude Forums Readers Rule section.
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