It's A Brit World, Mate!


A Collection
Of Short Erotica
David MacMillan






While sexy, these 18 stories touch much more than cock, mouth, and arse. The characters are meant to be a bit more real. There's humour, romance, and political thriller; there's even a taste of horror and a touch of murder.

Each story has a Briton facing an unknown world - and conquering it. Or, in a couple of cases, being conquered by the denizens of that world. I've always found it interesting to explore in my stories the differences that George Bernard Shaw defined as "two countries separated by a common language"; therefore, most stories have a secondary American character or setting.

Many of these stories have been published in one or another of America's gay magazines and several have appeared in one or more anthology. "American In Berlin" was specifically written for the Companion Press anthology Skinflicks and "Divine Lover" for my Idol anthology Divine Meat. "Young Jesse In Petersham Hall" has become the basis of my novel Flight At Peenemünde. "Lashes" is extracted from my novel Hijinks In High Heels. While I could sell "Man On The White Horse", I couldn't "In The Preacher's America". It did almost make to print, though - Alan Mills of In Touch For Men was ready to buy it when his publisher reminded him that the majority of the magazine's readership was Midwestern and Protestant Christian. That ended that. Oh, well …

Please enjoy.

Dave MacMillan