Author's Note


The following novel is a kind-of-sequel, not-exactly-a-sequel, to my previous book, ‘Here’s Looking At You, Kid’; which can be found on my author’s page. Readers of this story may recognize some returning characters; and some of the events from that book are referred to, here.

 But I also wrote this novel to stand on its own; and it shouldn’t be necessary to read the earlier book, to appreciate this one. Or so I very much hope.

 Also, and importantly; I tend to use real places – real schools, real cafes, real bookstores and workplaces – in all my stories, and I describe them the best I can. But all characters are fictitious; any resemblance to real persons, especially the workers at those cafes and bookstores, or the workers at the Port of Oakland or the Port of Stockton, for that matter, is purely coincidental.