The Foxwood Chronicles
By FreeThinker

Chapter Fifteen


            Adam and Evan stood hugging in the doorway between the dining room of the Stuarts’ house and the living room. Adam’s parents said nothing, letting the boys have their moment, though they held hands, knowing the mixed feelings the other felt over the situation. They had just given their blessing to their son’s lover for the boys’ relationship and, though they were trying to be understanding, it was still difficult. After a moment, Adam’s father spoke.


            “Adam, I’m not certain the bell tower is a safe place. Perhaps, you could set up the telescope in the courtyard behind the church.”


            “No, the bell tower is above the lights. We will have a better view,” Adam declared as the two boys disentangled themselves from each other.


            “Well, then, perhaps it would be best if you didn’t spend the night up there.”


            Adam’s response was immediate and not uttered in his usual Joe Friday monotone.


            “No. We will spend the night. Evan is going to love me tonight and I am going to love him.”


            This was too much even for Evan, who knew it had to be too much for Adam’s parents.


            “Adam, sweetheart, we don’t have to spend the night together. Maybe it would be better if we waited.”


            “No! We will spend the night in the bell tower! We will love each other tonight!”


            Adam’s vehemence startled both Evan and the Stuarts. Adam’s father intervened.


            “Son, I really don’t feel comfortable with you and Evan sleeping in the bell tower tonight.”


            “No! We will sleep there. It is safe. I have been there. I know. We will sleep there!”


            Evan was unnerved by Adam’s defiance.


            “Adam, it’s OK. Really. We can…”


            “You do not love me.”


            Adam turned and walked toward the kitchen.


            “Adam! Yes, I love you. You know I love you!”


            “You do not love me.”


            Adam’s hands rose to his head and as he turned the corner to his the enclosed porch that served as his bedroom, Evan could see the boy’s fingers dancing in agitation beside his head. He turned to Adam’s parents with a frightened look. Pastor Stuart stepped forward.


            “It’s OK, Evan. I’ll take care of this.”


            He walked past the teenager, leaving Evan with Adam’s mother. The two stood in awkward silence. Evan started to speak, but turned in fear as he heard Adam yell, “No! Evan does not love me!”


            Evan ran toward the back and found Adam curled into a ball on the floor beside his bed and his father standing to the side. Adam’s eyes were unfocused and staring at the wall before him and he was slowly rocking back and forth.


            “Adam,” his father said sternly, “you are too old for this now. You are fourteen. You can’t act like this anymore. Do you hear me Adam? Adam?”


            The boy made no response. Evan was terrified.


            “What if he goes away and doesn’t come back?”


            Pastor Stuart put a kind hand on Evan’s shoulder. He swallowed and said quietly, “You can bring him back. Evan, I will let you stay up in the bell tower tonight. But, please, I am trusting you. Please, be careful. I will come up periodically to check on you before you go to sleep. OK?”


            Evan nodded, a bit worried about getting caught doing something embarrassing with the Pastor’s son.


            “Go ahead and tell him and we will get dinner ready for you. OK?”


            Evan nodded.


            “Thank you. I promise I will take care of him. Adam will be safe with me.”


            Pastor nodded and slowly withdrew, leaving Evan alone with the boy he loved. Nervously, he knelt beside Adam and put his arm around the boy’s shoulder. Adam made no sign he was aware Evan was beside him. Evan took a deep breath.


            “Adam, this is Evan. I am sitting right beside you. Can you hear me?”


            There was no response. Adam continued his rocking and his eyes remained unfocused and looking ahead. Evan scooted around in front of Adam, who still seemed oblivious of his presence. Evan grasped his shoulders and held him motionless. He moved his face directly in front of Adam’s and looked him right in the eyes. At first, Adam’s remained unfocused, but after several seconds, Evan saw the pupils contract as if the eyes were focusing. Evan looked deeply into Adam’s eyes, desperately trying to convey meaning with his look, desperately trying to show Adam he loved him. After a long, frightening moment, Adam’s shoulders relaxed. Evan raised his right hand and pressed it gently against the side of Adam’s face. He heard Adam take a breath.


            “You love me,” he whispered.


            “Yes, Adam,” Evan replied in a similar whisper. “I love you. I love you very much.”


            Adam’s eyes remained locked on Evan’s for some time, the two boys conveying their love for each other through their eyes. Finally, Adam pulled away and sat back against the bed. Evan crawled around to his side and put his arm around him. Adam curled into Evan’s chest and Evan wrapped both arms around him. He buried his face in the wild curls and waves of Adam’s brown, sun-bleached hair.


            “I love you, Adam. I always will. You father said we can stay in the bell tower tonight. We have to be careful and he said he will come up and check on us before we go to sleep.”


            “Good,” Adam replied in a whisper. “You love me. We will love each other tonight.”


            “Yes, sweetheart. We will love each other tonight. But, Adam, you have to understand some things.”


            “What do I need to understand?”


            Evan was nervous. He could hear sounds from the kitchen and Dylan’s voice asking questions of his parents.


            “Adam, your parents are very special people. Not everyone’s parents are so cool about their son being gay and having a boyfriend. You can’t push them too hard. You have to take it a little easy on them.”




            Evan sighed.


            “Well, because most people don’t think its right to be gay, I mean homosexual. Do you know what homosexual means?”


            “Yes. I am not a homosexual. I love you. I do not love you because you are a boy. I love you because you are Evan.”


            Evan smiled and squeezed his boyfriend tighter.


            “That’s so sweet. But, other people might not understand.”


            “Why is being homosexual wrong?”


            “I don’t think it is. But, a lot of people do because the Bible says it is.”


            Adam pulled back and looked Evan in the eyes.


            “I do not believe in God. I believe in science. There is nothing wrong with you and me loving each other.”


            “But, a lot of people do believe and a lot of people do think we’re wrong.”


            “I do not care what other people think. People laugh at me. They make fun of me. They beat me up. I do not care what people think. I am a genius. I love you. I am going to define the Grand Unified Theory. I do not care what people think.”


            Evan looked at his boyfriend and saw the certainty in his eyes, even if his face displayed its usual neutrality.


            “Adam, I wish I had known you back home. My life would have been a lot different.”


            “Yes, it would.”


            Evan grinned and chuckled.


            “God, I love you, Adam.”


            Slowly, he leaned forward and closed his eyes and their mouths grew closer. Adam realized that Evan was going to kiss him. He puckered up dramatically and when Evan’s lips touched his, Evan’s eyes snapped open. He giggled at Adam’s pucker, causing Adam to open his eyes.


            “What is funny?”


            Evan smiled and ran a finger over Adam’s lips.


            “I’m going to show you how to really kiss someone you love the way you and I love each other. You don’t want to kiss your parents this way. Just me, OK?”


            “OK. You will teach me how to kiss you.”


            Evan caressed Adam’s face and smiled.


            “First, just relax your lips. Just let them touch mine and enjoy the feeling. You want to make your lips show me you love me the way your eyes do. Does that make sense?”


            “Yes. I understand.”


            The two boys closed their eyes and Evan gradually moved his lips toward Adam’s. He could feel Adam’s breath and as their lips touched, he felt almost giddy. His fingers gently touched Adam’s cheeks and their lips slowly slid across each other. Evan gently pulled at Adam’s upper lip and then slightly puckered as he kissed and loved Adam’s mouth.


            For a long time, the two boys gently made love to each other until Evan heard Adam’s mother say that dinner was ready. Evan pulled away and smiled.


            “I love you, Adam. I always will. I’ll be there whenever you need me. I’ll do whatever I can to make you happy. You will always have me.”


            As Evan gazed at his love, he was amazed to see a transformation on Adam’s face. He watched as a smile formed on the boy’s lips, not one of the contrived smiles Adam often made to imitate those around him, but a genuine, true, expressive smile.


            “I love you, too, Evan.”


            “Um… dinner’s ready.”


            The two boys looked up at the door to the bedroom and saw Dylan standing there, an embarrassed blush on his face, scraping his foot nervously and trying to look anywhere but at his older brother and the boy he had been kissing. Evan smiled in understanding.


            “Dylan, I want you to know that I will never ever do anything to hurt your brother. Never. And, I’ll never do anything to hurt you, either. You can trust me.”


            Dylan didn’t know how to respond. He looked down at the floor in confusion and merely shrugged before turning away.


            Dinner was quiet as everyone except Adam seemed slightly uncomfortable. Afterwards, Adam’s father led the boys to the front door of the church. Ryan and Jesse were passing by on their bikes and joined the group, eager to check out the view from the top of the bell tower.


            “Are you sure you want to haul that telescope all the way up here?” he asked as they climbed and climbed and climbed.


            “Yes,” Adam replied. “It will be perfect. It is not too high to climb. We will have a good view. We will see the North America Nebula just fine. We will not have the street lights in the way up here.”


            Evan was following behind Adam and had a perfect view of his butt as he climbed the spiral steps. It was difficult for him to keep from growing erect, particularly with Jesse and Ryan directly behind and beneath him. He had caught Jesse surreptitiously checking him out several times over the last week and he knew the hunky blond found him attractive. He also suspected that Ryan did, as well, and the knowledge that the two older boys might be checking out his butt was a turn on.


            They climbed through a hole in the floor of the upper chamber and gathered around the big bell. Pastor Stuart looked at the ladder running up the wall through the ceiling to the roof and shook his head. Adam was panting as he stood beside him.


            “Adam, you’re absolutely certain you want to do this?” his father asked.


            “Yes… yes… I am… certain.”


            Jesse grinned.


            “It’s pretty high up. You want Ryan and me to help carry it up?”


            “It is only four stories. It is not too high. Yes. You can help.”


            Pastor Stuart raised an eyebrow and sighed before ascending the ladder the final twelve feet. He opened the door leading to the roof and climbed up.


            Evan was thrilled when he reached the roof of the tower. The view was spectacular. He could see all over the town and to the fields beyond. He stood in the center of the twelve feet by twelve feet platform and simply looked around in amazement. Ryan and Jesse were pretty excited, running over to the parapet and pointing out different landmarks to each other. They also had to try the typical boy trick of hawking up a loogy and watching it fall to the ground below as they laughed. Dylan and Jeremy were standing below watching, expressing disgust in various ways. Pastor looked over the parapet and pointed to the boys.


            “Dylan, you stay where you are. Don’t you come up here.”


            “Aw, Dad,” he protested as Ryan and Jesse chuckled and ran to the other side. Adam was standing near the western side, his arms akimbo and watching the sun slowly drop in the western sky.


            “This is perfect. This will be good. We will see everything perfectly.”


            Evan came up behind him and put an arm on his shoulder.


            “This is beautiful up here, Adam. This really is perfect.”


            He smiled down at the boy as Adam looked upward at him.


            “Yes. It is perfect.”


            And, so, the momentous effort began of transporting the telescope, the motor, and the tripod, along with their sleeping bags and pillows as well as a cooler with sandwiches and thermoses of iced tea up the spiral stairs and the ladder. Once it had been accomplished, the sun was setting and the two high, thin, clouds visible in the western sky were turning a brilliant pink and purple. Pastor Stuart had allowed Dylan and Jeremy to join the others at the top and he and the six boys stood in awe as the sky grew darker and the first stars appeared. Jesse was leaning against the northern parapet looking up as Ryan and the others tried to identify various landmarks around town.


            “Adam, what’s that?” he asked pointing.


            “That is Jupiter. It is the largest planet. Soon, you will see Mars and Saturn next to it. This is the first time in many years that all three are in the same part of the sky. They are in Virgo. Last winter, Venus was close to them, too.”


            Ryan smiled as he looked up.


            “Is it dark enough to see it good?”


            Adam nodded and picked up his Sky and Telescope.


            “I will aim the telescope. You will see it. It is cool.”


            In a moment, Adam stepped away from the eyepiece.


            “You can look now, Ryan.”


            The fifteen year-old gazed into the eyepiece and muttered, “Wow. I can really see it. That is so cool. Come here Jesse. Look at this. You can see these lines running across it.”


            “Those are bands of clouds,” Adam explained.


            “There are four stars in a straight line right next to it,” said Jesse as he looked.


            “Those are the four big moons of Jupiter. Io, Callisto, Ganymede, and Europa.”


            “Man,” said Jeremy with awe. “How do you know all this stuff?”


            “I am smart,” Adam replied without emotion. Jeremy raised his eyebrows in surprise, but Dylan winked at him and he understood that Adam wasn’t bragging; he was merely telling it like it was.


            Soon, Saturn and Mars were visible as the sky grew darker, and Adam pointed the telescope to each, allowing the boys a chance to see the rings of Saturn, (though they were quite faint), and the red color interrupted by dark lines on Mars. The night had settled completely when Adam’s mother called from below to say that Ryan’s parents were expecting him home. Reluctantly, the oldest and youngest of the boys disappeared down the hatchway and as Adam’s father paused on this way down, Adam looked at him and said, “We will be safe. Do not worry.”


            Pastor Stuart paused and smiled as Evan nodded.


            “We’ll be OK.”


            Adam was turning the telescope toward the north as the hatch closed. Evan was standing in the center of the roof, gazing up at the nearly full moon above. It was very bright, but the Milky Way was still visible, crossing the sky from south to north.


            “The only time I ever saw the sky like this,” he said softly gazing upward, “was on the beach at night, and even then, it wasn’t anything like this.”


            “There is too much light in cities,” Adam commented as he aimed the telescope.


            Evan turned and froze. Adam was leaning over and looking through the angled eyepiece. The only light available to them on the roof of the bell tower was the glow of the moon. Adam’s baggy white tee-shirt glowed in the silver light.


            “Here it is. It is beautiful. You will like it.”


            Adam stood up.


            “What am I looking at?” Evan asked as he leaned down. “Oh, wow. Oh, wow.”


            In the eyepiece was a pink cloudy form in the shape, almost exactly, of North America.


            “That is the North America Nebula,” said Adam. “It is one of my favorite things in the sky.”


            Evan was stunned. He had no idea such things existed in the Universe. And, for the next hour, Adam aimed his telescope at various parts of the sky, showing Evan amazing sights. He patiently explained what Evan was seeing and how far away each object was in such a way that Evan understood completely.


            They were once again looking at Jupiter as the faint chime of the bell in the Catholic Church downtown floated over the tree tops.


            “It is midnight,” Adam declared. “I will get our sandwiches.”


            He opened the cooler and withdrew two sandwiches wrapped in plastic and sat near

the north parapet. Evan left the telescope and sat behind him, wrapping his legs around Adam so that Adam could lean back against him. He wrapped his left arm around the smaller boy and held his sandwich in his right hand, leaning back against the parapet. Adam relaxed against him and gazed up at the sky as he ate.


            Neither boy spoke as they ate and communed with the universe. Every once in awhile, Adam would turn his head and look at Evan, who would look down and smile. Adam would nod and take another bite before turning back to the sky.


            When they were finished, Evan wrapped his arms around Adam and held him as they gazed at the Milky Way. The moon had moved to the west and Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars were closer to the horizon. As they watched, a star appeared to move among the planets from the southwest to the northeast, very much like the star Evan had seen Wednesday evening.


            “Is that a satellite?”


            Adam nodded.


            “It is easier to see satellites after sunset,” he whispered.


            The breathy quality of the whisper had an igniting affect on Evan’s libido. He had almost completely forgotten about any idea of sex as Adam had taken him on his tour of the sky; but, now, with boy he loved in his arms and leaning against him, he seemed to grow fiercely hard in just an instant. Adam must have noticed because he squirmed against Evan, causing shivers of joy to explode from his erection through his body.


            “Did you have a friend like me in California?” Adam asked quietly.


            “What do you mean?”


            Adam paused.


            “Did you have a friend you loved like me?”


            Evan shook his head.


            “Not the way I love you. I had friends and I loved them.”


            He noticed his use of the past tense and it shocked him. He had been gone for only a week. It had only been the previous Friday that Ricky and Robert had made love to him the final time. Yet, he was using the past tense.


            “But, I’ve never met anyone like you, Adam. No one as sweet and wonderful and honest and good as you.”


            After a moment, Adam whispered, “Did you…” but he paused and didn’t seem to know how to finish the question.


            “Yes,” Evan replied. “I had sex with my friends. I had lots of sex with lots of people. I used to love having so much sex. It was like all the time. But, you know something?”


            Adam turned and looked up at Evan’s face. There eyes met and Evan felt the stirring within.


            “I never felt for anyone what I feel for you. I had a lot of sex and it was great and wonderful. But, tonight, I’m going to make love to you and show you how wonderful and beautiful it is when two people love each other and want to show it by making the other person feel good.”


            “I want to make you feel good,” Adam said in a trembling whisper. “I want to show you that I love you.”


            Evan ran his fingers along the side of Adam’s face. He twirled them in some curls of Adam’s hair and then leaned down. He brought his lips to Adam’s and closed his eyes as he kissed the boy’s mouth gently and lovingly. He felt Adam’s breath escape from his nose as they made love to each other’s mouths. He could feel an occasional quake through the boy’s body. A cool breeze gently tossed Adam’s hair across their faces and Evan felt a stronger rush of… adrenalin? love? lust? than he had ever felt in his life. It hit him so hard that he groaned.


            Alarmed, Adam pulled back and looked into Evan’s face.


            “What is wrong?” he asked.


            “Not a damn thing,” Evan replied with a grin. “There is nothing wrong. Adam, sweetie, everything is perfect. I love you.”


            “I love you, too. I will show you now. I will make you feel good now.”


            And, with that, Adam crawled out from Evan’s arms and legs and stood. He whipped his tee-shirt over his head and dropped it at the foot of his sleeping bag. He unsnapped his shorts and, in one motion, pushed them and his white briefs down his hips until they fell to the tar below. He stepped out of them and, kicking off his tattered old sneakers, stood naked before Evan, his erection standing up proudly and rigidly before him. The breeze tossed his wild hair, making it look even wilder and untamed.


            Evan was speechless again. He had never seen a sight so beautiful. Adam was not your classic Hollywood brat, pretty boy. Indeed, he would probably never earn a second look from most guys back home, Evan realized. But, there was a quality about him that Evan found irresistible. There was a look on his face, guileless, innocent, honest, that Evan had never seen among any of the men and boys he had been with before. His penis was certainly not the kind that guys would have hungered over. It was smaller than average, perhaps five inches; it curved upward slightly in the middle, and the crown was wider than the shaft. However, there was something real and true and genuine about the boy before him and Evan suddenly had trouble breathing.


            Adam, however, seemed to have allowed his attention to drift. Suddenly, his face moved upward and he began to gaze at the sky in wonder. Evan saw his eyes open wider and his lips part as his arms slowly raised and he held his hands out to the sky in wonder. Slowly he turned, naked in the warm July night, his body illuminated by the bluish-silver glow of moonlight.


            “Adam?” Evan whispered. “Are you OK?”


            “It is so beautiful,” Adam replied with a rare touch of emotion in his voice. Evan noticed it and stood. He saw Adam’s erection throbbing as the boy gazed in awe at the sky.


            “You are so beautiful,” he said. Adam seemed not to notice. He lowered his arms and walked across the tar-covered roof to the north parapet. He turned around and leaned back against it, his arms spread out and bracing him, his penis rigidly bobbing before him, his gaze roaming across the dark, star-sprinkled sky.


            Evan slowly pulled his Polo shirt over his head and dropped it beside Adam’s clothes. He could barely control his breathing as he kicked off his Topsiders and unsnapped his khaki shorts. They fell to his feet and as he stepped out of them, he felt a surge as he stood in only his white briefs, his erection pushing outward toward the side. Adam was still gazing at the sky, the only sound as his eyes roamed among the stars was the singing of the crickets and frogs and the lonely horn of a distant train in the night. A car passed by beneath them on Court Street. Evan stood motionless, savoring the moment, waiting for Adam’s eyes to move down to him.


            They did just that as Evan took a deep breath, loud enough for Adam to hear. Once again, Adam’s lips parted in wonder as his eyes roamed up and down Evan’s slim body. Slowly, Evan hooked his thumbs inside the elastic band of his briefs and pushed them downward, the band catching on his erection. As the briefs dropped, his penis snapped upward and bounced until rigidly standing outward from between Evan’s legs and pointing toward Adam’s face.


            Evan had been naked outside dozens of times, usually with Ricky and Robert at their pool and hot tub or at one of Chad’s parties when he would sneak behind the pool house to fulfill someone’s dream of sucking a pretty, blond “Hollywood” boy. However, never had he felt so free, so right, so totally aroused. He smiled at Adam and slowly stepped forward. Adam’s eyes roamed all over Evan’s nudity, as if unable to comprehend it all.


            Evan stopped a few inched from Adam, the tips of their penises almost touching. As Evan was taller, the tip of Adam’s penis was nearly touching Evan’s balls as they snuggly hugged the base of the teenager’s erection. Evan watched as Adam’s eyes seemed to drink in  the site of Evan’s penis. As Adam looked up, Evan was amazed to see the silver light of the moon in his eyes. He moaned and slowly stepped forward.


            At the same moment, the tip of his penis touched the other boy’s abdomen just as Adam’s penis touched Evan’s balls. Both sharply inhaled as Evan pushed his hips forward, driving his penis upward against Adam’s tummy and pushing Adam’s penis downward, underneath his balls and between his legs. He could feel Adam’s penis against his scrotum and between his thighs. He squeezed his legs together, trapping Adam’s boner and the smaller boy made an almost chirping sound.


            Below them lay the church and beyond the house in which Adam lived. All the lights were out as Evan raised a hand and took Adam’s face again, caressing it and holding it as the two boys’ eyes met once more. Adam moaned and their eyes locked as Evan’s hips began to rock slightly, his boner sliding slightly up Adam’s taut tummy as Adam’s cock moved with the tight skin of Evan’s thighs and scrotum. His breath became ragged as he became lost in Evan’s gaze.

            “Adam, Adam.”


            Evan’s whisper was raspy. Adam replied only with a soft groan. Evan brought his other hand to Adam’s face and the fingers of both hands traced around the sweet face, pausing over a pimple beside his nose, loving the almost non-existent down on his upper lip, tracing the thin, androgynous eyebrows. Adam was almost beyond reason as he trembled against Evan, who could barely breathe as the fingers teasingly moved down his checks and across Adam’s jaw. Evan traced around the soft skin of Adam’s throat and around his newly expanding Adam’s apple. He chuckled as he thought of the name and brought his lips down to Adam’s as his fingers continued downward across the boy’s collar bone to his chest. He closed his eyes and moaned softly as Adam’s lips responded to his.


            Evan’s fingers moved around Adam’s chest until he found the boys taut nipples. Adam cried out in shock as Evan’s fingers began to rub and pull and play with the hard little nubbins, sending spasms of ecstasy through Adam’s hyper-excited body. He began to whimper into Evan’s mouth as they kissed.


            All this time, Adam’s hands had been bracing him against the concrete top of the brick parapet around the bell tower. Slowly, he brought them to Evan’s hips and then slid them up his slim torso. He felt the blond hair under his arms and the dampness forming as the teenager became increasingly excited. Evan moaned in response to the caresses of Adam’s hands and when Adam reciprocated the stimulation of his nipples, Evan groaned and thrust his hips hard against Adam.


            After only a few seconds, both boys were thrusting their hips into each other, writhing against the other, and moaning into each other’s mouths. Evan could hear the urgency growing in Adam’s moans and with a near Herculean force of will, pulled himself away from the boy he loved. Panting, he stood a foot away from Adam, whose eyes looked wildly at him.


            “Wha… wha…” Adam stumbled for words.


            “Sweetheart,” Evan panted, his penis bobbing furiously before him, “I’m going to give you the Big Feeling now. I don’t want you to get scared. I’m going to use my mouth on your dick. OK? And, it’s OK to have the Big Feeling in my mouth. OK?”


            Adam just stared at him in confused excitement. He couldn’t reply. His mouth was open, his eyes wide as his head just shook in confusion and lust. Evan dropped to his knees before him, Adam’s boner just inches from his mouth. Adam couldn’t speak. He realized what was about to happen, but it was too strange, too wonderful, too removed from his experience for him to fully comprehend. Evan did not make him wait through any preliminaries. He simply opened his mouth and, placing his hands on Adam’s hips for support, plunged down on the boy’s rampant boner.


            Adam threw his head back and cried out in shock. He grabbed Evan’s head and began to wildly thrust his hips forward, maniacally fucking Evan’s mouth.


            It took only a few seconds and with a second cry, nearly a scream, Adam came, his penis pumping his sperm into Evan’s eager throat. Evan struggled to swallow and continue to suck and love Adam as his boyfriend came in his mouth and after a long moment of Adam thrashing and writhing, he collapsed into a heap before him.


            Evan scooted forward and wrapped his arms around Adam, knowing this had been a dramatically intense experience for the boy. Adam trembled and whimpered as he melted into Evan, occasionally quaking as if another orgasmic spasm was bursting through his body.


            “I love you, Adam,” Evan whispered as he held and caressed Adam, comforting him, reassuring him. Adam was attempting to speak, but all he could say was, “Ev… Ev… Evan… oh…”


            For several long moments, they merely sat there, Evan holding the smaller boy, until Adam had calmed somewhat and looked upward.


            “Now,” he said weakly, “I will make you feel good.”


            Evan kissed him on the forehead and replied, “You don’t have to, sweetheart. It made me feel good just to watch you.”


            “No, I will make you feel good now,” Adam declared and trembling, still, with weakness, he withdrew from Evan’s embrace and sat beside him. Evan straightened his legs and spread them wide as his erection, just as rigid as it had been earlier, stood straight up toward the sky. Adam silently looked at it for some time as his penis, which had deflated just a little, regained its former rigidity. With a shaking hand, Adam reached forward and lay his fingers atop the nest of soft blond hair above and around Evan’s boner.


            “It is so pretty,” Adam whispered. “Your penis is so pretty.”


            Evan said nothing. He smiled as he gazed lovingly at his boyfriend as Adam explored Evan’s penis.


            “It is bigger than Dylan’s,” Adam said softly. “It is prettier, too. I love Dylan’s, but I love yours, too.”


            “Do you and Dylan love each other’s penises a lot?”


            “Tuesday night was the first time. We have done it every night since. Dylan loves to do it. I like to do it, too.”


            With that, Adam brought both hands together around the rigid shaft of Evan’s penis and began to slowly move them up and down. Evan moaned softly as Adam felt him and stroked him with both hands until Adam moved his left hand down to Evan’s balls.


            “Dylan likes for me to play with his balls. Do you?” Adam whispered.


            “Oh, yes, Adam. Do anything you want. You’re making me feel so good. It feels so good.”


            Evan couldn’t help it; he began squirming on the warm tar beneath his naked butt as Adam continued to stroke and feel him. Evan looked over and saw Adam’s penis bobbing stiffly between his crossed legs. Evan reached out with his left hand and began to feel him off. Adam grunted softly and squirmed under Adam’s fondles.


            Quietly, the two boys felt and stroked each other in the moonlight as Evan’s lust grew more intense. His right hand reached to the side to support him as he felt his boner grow stiffer and harder. He could feel the intensity deep within him growing and he knew he was about to cum.


            “Adam, Adam, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna… aaaahhhhhh!”


            Adam had leaned forward and taken as much of Evan’s boner as he could into his mouth as the first spurt burst through his lips and across his tongue. Adam didn’t swallow; he simply moved his mouth up and down on Evan’s spasming erection, collecting the cum in his mouth. Evan’s stroking of Adam’s penis had become sporadic at best and Adam’s lust skyrocketed as he felt the creamy ejaculation building in his mouth.


            “Adam, Adam, Adam,” Evan repeated as if worshiping the boy. Soon, his orgasm spent, Evan leaned back and his hands fell to his thighs. Adam made a strangled gurgling noise and desperately grabbed his erection. In only a few seconds of wild pumping, he came a second time, small spurts of his sperm shooting upward between his legs and landing on his tummy as he held and tasted Evan’s ejaculate in his mouth.


            Neither boy spoke for quite sometime after their orgasms, until Evan finally scooted over to one of the sleeping bags and crawled on top. He adjusted both their pillows under his head and then held out an arm to Adam, who crawled over, having swallowed finally. Adam crawled into Evan’s arms, laying half on the taller boy. Evan cradled his face in one hand and the two gazed silently into each other’s eyes until Adam’s next orgasm. And, together they loved each other under the moon and stars for the rest of the night until, just before dawn they fell asleep in each other arms.