The Foxwood Chronicles
By FreeThinker

Chapter Seventeen



            As the squad car drove up Main Street toward the police station, Evan struggled to scoot close enough to Adam to let the boy know he was there. Adam was curled into the fetal position on the back seat and his whimpers were beginning to subside. However, Evan did not take that as a good sign. Adam was not responding to any attempt at communication. Even as Evan tried to bring his cuffed hands to the side to caress the boy’s face, Adam seemed to show no sign of understanding.


            “Adam, Adam, I’m here.”


            “Shut up, you damn fruit,” Fred barked from the front seat as he pulled into the parking lot of the police station. He stopped abruptly, throwing Adam forward off the seat and onto the floor of the car. Evan was flung forward as well, thrown against the back of the front seat.


            “Adam!” he cried; but, the boy simply remained motionless on the floor of the car, whimpering.


            “Shut up!” Fred barked as he threw his door open and jumped out. He pulled the back door open and yanked Evan by the shoulder out of the car and into the oppressive heat, made worse by the reflection of the white concrete on which they had parked. Evan had trouble balancing as he stood and fell to his knees when Fred shoved him forward.


            “Get up, damn it. Come on.”


            Evan was pulled to his feet, though not without a sharp pain in his shoulder, and stumbled forward toward the glass door. Once inside, as the cool air struck him as a slap in the face, Evan looked fearfully behind him.


            “You can’t leave Adam out in the car! The heat will kill him! It’ll get two hundred degrees in there!”


            “Don’t worry about the retard,” Fred sneered. “Hell, he doesn’t even know what planet he’s on.”


            “He’s not retarded! He’s a genius!”


            Fred sneered as they approached the counter. “Yeah, my ass, he is.”


            Evan was near panic as they approached. An older man in a uniform jacket, possibly the chief in Evan’s mind, was on the telephone behind the counter and two police officers were standing nearby, watching both the chief and Fred.


            “Yes, Doctor. Thank you. Please hurry.”


            Fred shoved Evan forward and announced, “We’re bookin’ ‘im for assaulting a police officer.”


            Evan started to protest and to beg that they bring Adam in from the heat when, suddenly, he saw the expression on the police chief’s face. The man’s eyes were locked on Fred and his expression seemed somewhere between concern and anger.


            “Fred, I need you in my office.”


            “OK, Chief. After I take care of this punk.”


            He turned to Evan and declared, “Maybe you can get away with that kind of shit with LA cops, but we don’t put up with that here.”


            Neither the police chief nor the other officers moved.


            “Officer Gibson,” the chief said, this time in a no-nonsense voice that got Fred’s attention, “report to my office. Now.”


            Fred looked at him in confusion. The chief continued,


            “And, I need your gun, please.”


            Fred’s eyes grew wide.


            “What? No way! We have to book this punk!”


            The other two officers moved from behind the counter, one standing ten feet to Fred’s left, the other, a few feet behind the confused policeman.


            “Officer Gibson, surrender your sidearm. Now. That is an order.”


            The other officers placed their hands on their own guns as Fred looked from one to the other, his face alternating from rebellion to disbelief. One of the policemen took hold of his gun, though he left it in the holster.


            “Officer Gibson, this is your last warning. Surrender your sidearm now or you will be placed under arrest.”


            Fred paused, his mouth open in utter astonishment; but, slowly, he seemed to surrender any thought of protest. With a deep, almost painful, sigh, he slowly unclipped the holster from his belt and laid them on the counter. The two police officers approached and led him, dazed, down a hallway.


            The police chief approached Evan and removed a key from his pocket. As he unlocked the handcuffs behind Evan, he asked him, “Son, can you tell me what happened?”


            “We have to get Adam out of the car. He’s autistic and he’s, I don’t know, having a fit or a seizure or something. We have to get him to a hospital.”


            Evan bolted toward the door and the chief followed him outside. As they ran to the car and opened the door, the chief said, “Dr. Atherton is on his way.”


            He leaned down and Adam almost seemed unconscious, except for an almost inaudible whimper.


            “Adam!” Evan cried as he knelt and wrapped his arms around the sweaty, nearly comatose boy.


            “Adam, Adam, I’m here. Everything’s going to be all right now, You’re safe.”


            Adam didn’t respond, but Evan held him, caressing his face. Adam’s eyes were closed and his body was limp, not rigid as it had been earlier. Another car pulled into the lot and squealed to a stop beside them. Dr. Atherton jumped out.


            “Where’s that idiot?” he demanded.


            “Inside,” the chief replied. “My office. I think the boy, here, is dehydrated.”


            “Among other things,” Dr. Atherton said as he knelt beside Evan and Adam. He looked at Adam’s pupils, took his pulse, felt his forehead.


            “We need to get him to the emergency room. Stat.”


            The chief immediately ran to the driver’s side as the doctor and Evan helped Adam back in the police car. With lights and siren, the police car pulled out of the parking lot, with Dr. Atherton following.


The emergency room staff were already running out the door as the police car pulled into the entrance. In moments, they had Adam on a gurney and were wheeling him in. When one of the staff pulled Evan aside, he protested vigorously.


“Let me go! I have to be with him! I’m the only one who can calm him! I’m the only one he trusts!”


“Son,” the police chief said soothingly, “let’s go over here and have a seat.”


         He guided the protesting Evan to a corner in the E.R. lobby and sat down.


            “Son, I need to know what happened.”


            Evan took a deep breath as he apprehensively watched the staff wheel Adam into a room and pull the curtains. He paused a moment to gather his thoughts.


            “Adam and I were walking home from the movie and we got jumped by four guys.”


            “Wait a minute,” the chief said. “Was this over on College Street?”


            Evan nodded. The chief raised a respectful eyebrow.


            “We got two calls about a couple of boys who were jumped and one of them was using karate or something and took out all four of them. Was that you?”


            Evan nodded. “Well, it wasn’t karate, but yeah. Anyway, I told Adam to run and he did. So I took care of the guys and then I saw a bunch of people up at the Conoco station and so I ran there and Adam was curled up on the ground and they were all laughing at him and making fun of him and Fred was pushing him with his foot and, well, I kicked him in the nuts. I know it was wrong, but he wouldn’t help Adam and he was just… well. Then he hit me with his stick and arrested me. And, he didn’t read me my rights!”


            The chief smiled, but shook his head sadly.



            “Evan, legally I can’t comment on anything. But, off the record, I’m proud of you.”


            He stood and asked Evan for Adam’s phone number to notify his parents.



            It was an hour before Adam was moved to a regular room in the hospital. The chief explained what had happened when Pastor Stuart and his wife arrived. When Mrs. Stuart was finally able to speak and remove herself from holding her son as he slept, she hugged and kissed Evan.


            “We heard from the chief how you protected Adam from those thugs. You were so brave.”


            “Thank you, Evan,” Pastor Stuart said as he put an arm around him. Evan just looked down.

            “I should have known better than to walk Adam home like that. It’s all my fault.”


            Dr. Atherton peeked in at that moment.


            “No, Evan. You acted very responsibly. I just spoke with the chief and Gibson’s been suspended. He’s going to face a disciplinary hearing and will probably be fired, if not charged with something like assault, I should think.”


            As the adults spoke, Evan pulled a chair up to the bed and took Adam’s hand in his as he sat down.


            “I love you, Adam. I’m here. I’m not leaving you,” he said softly to the unconscious boy.


            Dr. Atherton raised an eyebrow and then looked at Adam’s father, who met his look evenly. He nodded and smiled and stepped toward Evan.


            “Son, I’ve given Adam a sedative so that he will sleep. Tomorrow morning, when he awakens, we will be able to see if his communication skills, his emotions, etc., have been affected by the trauma and to what degree. My thought is that it might take some time for Adam to return to the state he was in before the attacks. He can’t hear you right now, so you might want to go home and get some rest. Tomorrow…”


            “No! I’m staying.”


            Evan’s eyes never left Adam’s face as he spoke. It was as if he were communicating with the boy simply through his sight. Dr. Atherton smiled with sad understanding and nodded. He placed a comforting hand on Pastor Stuart’s shoulder and turned to leave just as his son and Jesse burst into the room. Ryan almost looked panic-stricken.


            “How is he, Dad? Ryan demanded.


            “He needs rest. We’ll know more in the morning.”


            Ryan looked at Evan holding Adam’s hand and bit his lip.


            “It’s all my fault, Dad. We stayed and watched the movie. If we had walked home with Evan and Adam, none of this would have happened. I’m sorry, Dad. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Evan.”


            Dr. Atherton put an arm around his son’s shoulders and hugged him as Evan finally looked up.


            “It’s not your fault,” Evan said softly. “I told you and Jesse we’d be OK. It’s my fault.”


            “It’s nobody’s fault except those four goons who attacked you and those inbred idiots at the gas station,” Dr. Atherton interjected. “Evan saved Adam from who knows what with his Tae-kwon-do and his perseverance. Now, everyone except Evan and the Stuarts, out. Adam needs to sleep and we won’t know anything until tomorrow morning.”


            Jesse stood by the door, his face full of concern as Ryan stepped forward and squeezed Evan’s shoulder. He looked down at the peaceful face of the sleeping Adam and thought of how beautiful and peaceful the boy looked. Unable to speak, he turned and Jesse followed him from the room.


            After a brief discussion with his father about plans for the evening, Ryan led Jesse out of the hospital. They said nothing for quite some time as they walked the several blocks to Jesse’s house. It was not until they came to the old two story house and stood beside the fir tree in the corner of the yard that Ryan spoke.


            “You know, it’s really beautiful to see what Evan and Adam have. It’s kind of like…”


            Ryan stopped. Jesse watched him, knowing what he had been about to say, knowing how difficult it was for Ryan to admit. He smiled and patted his friend on the back.


            “I’ll come by after dinner. Let’s talk in the tree house.”


            Ryan nodded. He gave Jesse a fond look and smiled before turning away.


            As Jesse entered the back door, he noted with alarm from the smell of the food and the sounds emanating from the dining room that Jeremy and his parents were already eating. He thought of sneaking in, but he had already allowed the back screen to slam before closing the back door.


            “Is that you Jesse?”


            Even as he heard his father’s bark from the dining room, Jesse saw three empty beer bottles in the trash. He took a deep breath and replied, “Yes.”


            “Get your ass in here,” his father ordered as he walked nervously through the kitchen.You’re late. Where the Hell have you been?”


            As he stepped into the dining room, Jesse saw his mother was pensively picking at her dinner. Jeremy couldn’t look up from the table. His father, tie-less and sleeves rolled up, took a bite of fried chicken and then turned an angry eye to his eldest son.


            “Answer me, damn it. Where the Hell have you been?”


            Jesse swallowed.


            “I was at the hospital. Adam got attacked by some guys when he was walking home from the movie and then he had some kind of attack or something on Main Street and Fred was called and he was kicking and bullying him while he was laying on the ground and Dr. Atherton took him to the hospital.”


            Jesse deliberately omitted any mention of Evan in his story, but it still didn’t placate his father.


            “What do you mean he was having some kind of attack? And, what do you mean Fred was kicking him?”


            “Evan said…” and Jesse immediately stopped as he caught himself and saw his father’s eyes grow wide with fury.


            “God-damn it! Are you still hanging around that God-damned fairy? I told you to stay away from him!”


            His father stood and slapped Jesse across the face. Jesse held on the doorframe for

balance and looked down at the floor, struggling to contain his growing anger and shame.


            “And, what’s this horse-shit about Fred kicking the little retard?”


            “He’s not a retard,” Jesse replied with more emotion than he had intended. “He’s got….”

            His father slapped him again. His mother jerked as if she had been slapped and Jeremy flinched in fear for his brother. Jesse fought back the tears he could never allow his father to see.


            “What do you mean Fred was kicking him?”


            “There were witnesses,” Jesse replied slowly. “They saw him. Dr. Atherton saw him and the police chief took his gun and his badge. He might get fired.”


            His father’s eyes grew wide with surprise and then narrowed as he appeared to be thinking. After a long moment, he stood.


            “Eat your dinner. I want you in your room for the rest of the night. You don’t leave for any reason except to go to the bathroom.”


            He threw his napkin down on the table and stormed out of the dining room. Jesse could hear him pick up the car keys from the table in the foyer and then slam the front door.


            Silently, Jesse walked over to his chair, pulled it out, and sat down as his mother fretfully filled his plate with fried chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Jeremy slowly looked up and quietly asked, “Is Adam all right?”


            Jesse sighed.


            “Dr. Atherton gave him a sedative to sleep. They won’t know until tomorrow. I’m afraid he might, like, go into his shell and never come back out again.”


            His mother sniffed.


            “You and Ryan weren’t walking back with him?”


            Jesse shook his head.


            “Adam had kind of an attack in the movie and him and Evan left early, Ryan and me stayed to watch the movie. We should have gone with them. None of this would have happened then.”


            The three were silent for the rest of the meal until the end, when Jesse asked Jeremy, “Can you go over to Ryan’s and tell him I can’t come over?”


            Jeremy looked funny at this and hesitated before saying, “Yeah.”


            “What’s the matter?” Jesse asked.


            “Nothing,” his little brother replied as he stood to take his dishes to the kitchen.


            After following him to the kitchen and watching Jeremy walk out the back door, Jesse slowly walked through the house to the stairs and trudged upward to his room. He closed the door and turned on the small window air conditioner, flipped on his stereo and pulled Pink Floyd’s The Wall out of the rack. Carefully, he placed the needle on the track for Comfortably Numb and sat back on his bed. Lying flat, with his head on the pillow, he closed his eyes and blocked all thoughts from his mind.


There is no pain, you are receding.
A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re sayin’.
When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse,
Out of the corner of my eye.
I turned to look but it was gone.
I cannot put my finger on it now.
The child is grown, the dream is gone.
I have become comfortably numb.


            The song ended and the record continued. When the needle reached the end of the album, it rose and returned to the beginning and played again. It was not until it came to the end a second time, that Jesse roused himself. He sat up painfully and sighed as he stood, crossed the floor and flipped the stereo off. It was growing darker outside. He watched the dusk descending across the back yard outside his window. He could see the top of the Athertons’ house rising above the trees. With a stab of pain, he thought of Ryan and how they would not meet in the tree house that night. Oh, how he needed Ryan, how he needed just to hear Ryan’s voice reassure him that everything would be all right. How he needed Ryan’s strong arms around him. He closed his eyes and returned to bed.


            His father’s television was on in the den. He could hear the theme of the ten o’clock news coming on. He wondered where the man had gone and why he was so upset about Fred’s part in the afternoon incidents. His dad had never really been close to Fred. They were cousins, but that was no reason for his father to jump up and leave. Had he gone over to Fred’s? Why?


            Jesse lay back down and curled up until Jeremy came in. It was now dark in the room. He rolled over as his little brother shut the door and came over to the bed. The boy sat down beside Jesse,


            “Ryan says he’ll see you tomorrow. He said to tell you, ‘Keep it up.’ He said you’d know what that means.”


            Jesse smiled sadly and nodded. His brother could hardly guess it was a sexual reference meant to make him smile and not an incitement to rebellion against his father. Jesse sighed loudly and Jeremy rose, crossed to his side of the room, and sat on the edge of the bed.


            “Ryan told me everything that happened, including how Evan was holding Adam’s hand there in the hospital and telling him he loved him, right there in front of Adam’s parents and Dr. Atherton.”


            Jesse nodded, but said nothing.


            “So, like they know Evan and Adam are like boyfriends?” Jeremy asked.


            Once again, Jesse nodded and remained silent.


            “And, they don’t care?”


            “No. They think it’s OK. They know Evan’s a good guy.”


            “Man, if that was you or me, Dad would kill us.”


            It was a moment before Jesse replied, “I know.”


            There was a tentative knock on the door and the boys’ mother peeked in.


             “Jesse, sweetheart, your father wants you and Jeremy to go to bed now.”


            Jesse nodded, but said nothing.


            “I love you,” his mother added struggling to hold back the sobs that threatened to burst forth at any moment.


            “I love you, too, Mom.”


            She nodded sadly and closed the door. Jesse pulled the covers back on his bed and then stood. Jeremy simply sat motionless. Jesse kicked off his sneakers, removed his shirt, and pushed his shorts and briefs down. Walking naked to the closet, he dropped his dirty clothes in the hamper and went to the dresser to pull out a clean pair of shorts to sleep in. He didn’t notice that his brothers eyes had closely followed every move.


            “Aren’t you going to get ready?” Jesse asked as he climbed into bed. He turned on the lamp beside his beside his bed and looked at his brother’s sad face in the dim, yellowish light.


Jeremy nodded as he stood.


            “Jesse,” he said softly as he pulled his covers back. “Can I ask you something?”




            Before Jeremy could speak however, the two boys here a car door slam. Jesse sat up and looked out the window.


            “Where’s Dad going after ten o’clock?”


            Jeremy shrugged.


            “He’s been going out late a lot lately.”


            Jesse frowned and lay back down.


            “So what did you want to know?”


            Jeremy started taking his clothes off. He kept his back to Jesse as he did so and, when he was naked, walked to the closet shielding his front from his older brother.


            “Um, a few weeks ago when you went over to Ryan’s looking for him and he and his dad were out at the car parts store, you stopped under the tree house. You remember?”


            Jesse smiled, hearing the fear and reluctance in Jeremy’s voice and remembering the incident quite well, the recounting of which to Ryan had precipitated the resumption of their “fooling around” after so very long.


            “Yeah. I remember. What about it?”


            Jeremy opened a drawer in the dresser and pulled out his own running shorts and quickly slipped them on as his brother checked out the boy’s cute butt.


            “Um, did you, like, hear anything, like from the tree house?”


            Jesse grinned broadly as Jeremy nervously turned around. When he saw his brother’s face, he blushed severely and closed his eyes in embarrassment.


            “Oh, man,” he muttered.


            “Hey, it’s OK, little dude. Don’t be embarrassed. I beat off all the time.”


            Jesse diplomatically didn’t let on that he knew that Ryan’s little brother, Brandon, had been up in the tree house, as well.


            “Yeah, well, I figured that,” Jeremy answered with a sheepish grin. “I’m not always asleep over here, you know.”


            Now it was Jesse’s turn to blush.


            “Yeah, well, you could have let me know, man.”


            “Well, you could have let me know you were under the tree house.”


            “You did know I was under the tree house.”


            “Oh, yeah. Well…” Jeremy crawled into bed and sat crossed legged facing Jesse, who turned the light off. In the faint light from outside the window, Jesse could see Jeremy’s hands fidgeting nervously.


            “Come on, little dude. What’s on your mind?”


            Jeremy paused a moment and then said, in almost a whisper, “Jesse, I wasn’t alone up there in the tree house.”


            “I know,” Jesse replied with as much compassion as he could squeeze into the two words.


            “Oh, man,” Jeremy muttered with dismay.


            “Hey, come on. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s OK. Me and Ryan used to fool around together, too.”


            Even in the darkness, Jesse could see Jeremy’s eyes grow wide with surprise.


            “You and Ryan?”


            Jesse nodded with a smile.




            Jesse frowned.


            “OK. Get over it. So how come you’re more surprised about Ryan than me?”


            “Well, I know you’re like crazy horny from the way you’re always beating off. But, Ryan. Man, he’s like this real stud guy. He works out and he’s always making out with Debbie and he’s really like this really nice guy. You know? I just never thought of him as messing around like that.”


            Jesse nodded.


            “Yeah, well, we used to do it a lot. He’d like rip off these Penthouses and Playboys from the SuperQuick and we’d sit up there and beat off with each other looking at them.”


            “You quit doing it?”


            Jesse nodded, but he didn’t elaborate. He wasn’t certain where this conversation was going.


            “So,” he asked, “what’s the reason for this conversation?”


            Jeremy took a breath and then slowly replied, “Well, you know how crazy Dad is about gay people.”


            Jesse nodded.


            “Well, promise you won’t hate me. Please. Promise.”


            Jesse held out his arm.


            “Come over here, little dude.”


            Jeremy paused for a moment and then crawled out from under the covers and stood. Jesse could see just a hint of a rise in his shorts, but it was nothing beyond what he normally saw when Jeremy crawled from bed in the mornings. The boy walked uncertainly over to Jesse’s bed and sat down on the edge. Jesse scooted over and Jeremy scooted next to him, his legs crossed.


            “Little dude, I’d never hate you, for anything. You’re my brother. I love you.”


            Jeremy smiled weakly and nodded.


            “Well, you know when I was fooling around with Brandon… I really liked it, you know? Like, I wasn’t really looking at the Penthouse. I was like looking more at his dick and, like, I really got off on jacking him.”


            Jesse nodded as Jeremy continued.


            “I really liked feeling his dick. I mean, I really liked it. I think about it every time I beat off now.”


            He paused to see what effect this had on his older brother. Jesse simply smiled and nodded, emboldening Jeremy to continue.


            “Well, Brandon, doesn’t want to mess around anymore. He says I’m a fag and he doesn’t want to be my friend anymore.”


            Jesse took a deep breath.


            “I’ve been wondering what’s up with Brandon. He’s been a real butt the last few weeks.”


            “Yeah. I don’t get it. Ryan is such a nice guy. Like, he was making fun of Evan at first when Evan first moved here. But, now, he acts like Evan’s just one of the guys like everyone else. And, Dylan told me about how Dr. Atherton saw Evan like loving Adam there at the hospital and everyone was like cool about it. I don’t get how come Ryan and his dad are so cool and Brandon is such a jerk all of a sudden.”


            Jesse put an understanding hand on Jeremy’s shoulder.


            “Maybe he’s really afraid he’s gay. Maybe he really liked fooling around with you, too, and it scared him.”


            Jeremy shook his head.


            “Naw, I don’t think so. Like, he never really jacked me off much. Like, he would when he was really turned on and about to blast off, but, he always wanted me to do him, but he never wanted to do me.”


            “Sounds kind of selfish.”


            Jeremy nodded.


            “He’s never really been as nice a guy as Ryan. I don’t know why we’ve always hung. I guess because you and Ryan were always buds.”


            Jesse nodded and squeezed Jeremy’s shoulder again.


            “Dylan’s a cool guy.”


            Jeremy nodded.


            “Yeah, Dylan is way cool. He’s a lot nicer than Brandon. We’ve become pretty good friends, now. But, anyway, what I wanted to ask is, well, considering how I like to mess around with Brandon and how I like to think about his dick when I beat-off and how Dad hates gay guys and all…”


            He paused and Jesse wasn’t sure if it was from fear or for dramatic effect.


            “Do you think I’m gay?”


            Jesse sighed and thought for a moment.


            “I don’t think you’re really old enough to know. OK, so you like to fool around and you get off on dicks. That doesn’t mean that you might not find a girlfriend later and get married. Or, maybe you won’t and you’re always going to be into guys. Maybe you shouldn’t worry about it right now. Just be twelve and have fun and be happy and not worry about shit. We got enough to worry about in this family.”


            “Well, that’s the point. What if I am gay? Dad will kill me. Even if he doesn’t find out ‘til I’m all grown and shit. He’ll kill me.”


            Jesse leaned over and hugged Jeremy.


            “Little dude, you can’t worry about this stuff. Just try not to let Dad find out about it and just live your life as best you can.”


            Jeremy nodded and looked downward.


            “Yeah, I guess. It sure hurts though when I hear him going off on Evan and stuff.”


            Jesse paused and took a deep breath.


            “I know. It hurts me, too, ‘cause… well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret of my own.”


            Jeremy looked up and his eyes grew wide as Ryan continued.


            “Me and Ryan started doing it again and… like… I’m in love with Ryan.”


            Jeremy was stunned.


            “You… love Ryan?”


            Jesse nodded.


            “But, you’re like a stud. Like, you’re almost as studly as Ryan is. You’re… gay?”


            Jesse nodded.


            “I’m not going to switch to girls. I don’t like look at all the guys and shit, but, I do love Ryan.”


            “And, Ryan’s gay, too?”


            Jesse frowned.


            “Well, I’m not sure and I don’t think he is, either. He likes to mess around, but I think he still thinks him and Debbie are going to get married and we’re all going to have families and we’ll all do shit together and his kids will marry my kids and all. But, I’m not going to get married. I love Ryan. I think he’s the nicest guy in the world. I think he’s the studliest guy in the world. He turns me on so hard that… sometimes I can’t stand it.”


            Jeremy was looking at his brother with wide eyes and open mouth.


            “Wow. So you and Ryan… get it on.”


            Jesse nodded. All this talk about messing around and Ryan and everything else was having an effect on him. His cock had plumped up and was now starting to rise and press against his shorts. He glanced down at Jeremy’s crotch as his brother seemed to look downward at his. Jeremy’s dick was rigidly pointing upward, tightly pushing the fabric of his shorts outward. Jesse could see that his hands were almost trembling. The boy had to be horny as hell.


            “So,” Jesse asked softly. “That doesn’t like freak you out or anything?”


            Jeremy looked up and smiled nervously.


            “Naw. I think it’s hot. I mean, cool. I mean, I… don’t care.”


            Jesse smiled and hugged his brother.


            “So, do you mind my asking,” Jeremy ventured nervously, “like, what do you two do together?”


            The growing undercurrent of sexual tension that Jesse had been feeling all through their discussion suddenly seemed to grow geometrically. HE felt his chest tighten and his cock throb into a full erection. Jeremy was squeezing his through the fabric of his shorts.


            “I can tell you what we do,” Jesse whispered, feeling so wicked and so horny. “You want to beat off while I do?”


            Jeremy looked up and breathlessly responded, “Yeah.”


            Jesse smiled and, with trembling hands, stretched his legs out and slipped his shorts down and off, freeing his erection. He pulled his legs back and sat Indian style before his brother, his seven inch erection rising up taut from the blond hair around the base. Jeremy couldn’t remove his eyes from it as he gazed hungrily at his brother’s boner. After a long moment, Jesse whispered, “Take your shorts off, little dude.”


            Jeremy nodded hypnotically and, his eyes still locked on Jesse’s erection, he stretched his legs out and slipped his shorts down. Sitting cross-legged before Jesse, their knees touching, Jeremy’s right hand slowly rose to his stiff, hairless boner. He wrapped his fist around it and held it firmly as he watched Jesse do the same, grasping his bigger, thicker cock and holding it.


            “So, what do you do?” Jeremy asked slowly.


            Jesse gave a dreamy smile as he started to feel himself, taking his time moving his fist up and down his thick erection.


            “Well, we like to start off just feeling each other. Ryan concentrates on my dick and balls, just feeling them and rubbing them and all. I like to rub my hands all over his body and feel the muscles in his chest and stomach and his strong arms and those great legs. I like that he doesn’t have any hair on his chest. I just feel him and rub him and I know he gets off on me getting off on him.”


            Jeremy was hypnotically stroking himself and gazing with an open mouth at Jesse’s masturbating fist. His breathing was ragged and every few seconds a shudder would erupt through his young body as he the lust would become almost too much for him.


            “And, then, Ryan likes to sit back and stretch out his legs and let me suck him.”


            Jeremy looked up in surprise.


            “You suck his dick? Really?”


            Jesse nodded.


            “Yeah. It’s so hot.”


            “Oh, man. That is so cool. What’s it like to suck a dick? What’s his dick like?”


            Jesse’s eyes were half-shut as he thought of the last time he had taken Ryan’s boner.


            “It’s so thick and hard and he it takes so… oh, man, Jeremy. It’s just something else, man, feeling that hard cock in my mouth and knowing I’m making him feel good. He likes me to lick his balls first and get him all good and hot before I suck his dick. And, he just works his hips around and tells me how good he feels and how good I am at making him feel good…”


            “Jesse,” his little brother panted, interrupting his narrative. “I want to feel your dick. Can I? Please?”


            Jesse grinned. He sat back against the headboard and spread his legs out the way Ryan would do for him in the tree house.


            “Go ahead, little dude. Anything you want,” he said seductively. “Anything.”      


            Jeremy looked up at his brother with a face of unadulterated hunger. Grasping his boner, he crawled between Jesse’s legs and tentatively touched his rampant boner. He gasped as his hand felt the firmness, the hardness of his big brother’s cock. He flattened his fingers and laid his hand against the blond pubic hair around the base of the dick.


            “Jeremy?” his brother asked softly. “You want to suck my cock?”


            Jeremy looked up, panting with lust. Slowly, his mouth open, he nodded. Jesse grinned.


            “Go for it, dude. Have fun, man.”


            Jeremy gazed with hunger at Jesse erection. Slowly he leaned down, his right hand no longer stroking his own boner, just holding it. He stuck his tongue out and tentatively touched it to the sensitive area on Jesse’s cock beneath the head. Jesse gasped as he watched. Ryan had never sucked him and this was the first blowjob Jesse would ever get. He clutched the sheets in excitement as he watched his little brother’s tongue slowly lick is boner.


            Jesse moaned, sending Jeremy to a new level of horniness. It was so hot to hear Jesse moaning, knowing he was making his brother feel good, knowing he was responsible. He loved his brother now, more than he ever had, for giving him this gift. Jeremy was in heaven. He let his tongue lick all over the pulsing cock, from the bloated head down to the beginning of the ball sac. At one point, as his tongue swirled around the tip of Jesse’s cock, his brother groaned almost too loudly and a drop of clear liquid appeared in the slit.


            “Are you going to shoot?” Jeremy asked.


            Jesse shook his head.


            “Not yet, but if you don’t want me to shoot in your mouth, that’s OK.”


            “You mean guys cum in other guys’ mouths?”


            “Ryan always cums in my mouth. I love it. It’s one of my ways of showing him I love him. And, I love the taste.”


            Jeremy was almost hyperventilating. He leaned down again and opened his mouth wide, taking the head of Jesse’s cock completely inside. He paused, allowing himself time to grow accustomed to having something so big in his mouth.


            Jesse was trying to watch, but the feeling was so good that he just want to close his eyes, lean his head back, grab Jeremy’s head, and shove his boner down the boy’s throat. Instead, he clutched desperately at the sheets and squirmed beneath the boy’s hungry mouth.


            Jeremy was wildly stroking himself as his mouth sank down over Jesse’s boner. He was moaning now, almost uncontrollably. Jesse thought for a moment that their mother might hear Jeremy, but he was beyond caring. Even if she opened the door, he wouldn’t be able to stop until he had shot his load down the boy’s throat.


            Jeremy cried and Jesse saw his brother hips suddenly jerked back and forth. He felt the boy’s mouth and throat constrict around his cock. Jeremy was cumming as he beat-off. That did it for Jesse.


            Watching his brother’s body quake and rock from the power of his immature orgasm, gazing lustfully at the rapidly jacking right arm and the sweet lips wrapped around his own cock, Jesse groaned and closed his eyes as he felt his own orgasm blast through his body.


            He didn’t realize until it was over that he had grabbed his brother’s head and was fucking the boy’s sweet mouth until it was almost over. As the last ecstatic spasms died down and his boner slipped from Jeremy’s lips, Jesse fell back against the head board as a dazed Jeremy sat up, his eyes half-closed, his face looking as if he were drunk.


            “Wow,” Jeremy muttered. “Wow.”


            Cum was dripping from around his lips and he raised a lethargic hand to wipe his mouth. Jesse grinned.


            “You are something else, little dude. Man. That was too much.”


            “Did I do good?” Jeremy asked.


            Jesse just smiled and sat up. He wrapped his arms around his little brother, running a hand through the boy’s thick, shaggy blond hair, and hugged him tightly.


            “I love you, Jeremy.”


            From under his brother’s arm, which was wrapped around his head and partially obscuring his face, he softly asked, “I guess we can do this again?”


            Jesse chuckled.


            Anytime you want, little dude. Anytime you want.”


            He grinned and added, “Just don’t tell Dad.”


            Jeremy chuckled.


            “No way, Jose.”


            And, as if to underscore the joke, they heard the sound of the family car as it pulled back in to the driveway. Jeremy jumped up naked and, grabbing his shorts, jumped into his own bed.


            “I’m still horny,” he whispered across the room.


            “Well, I guess we’ll just have to beat off!” Jesse replied and Jeremy gave him a big toothy grin.