The Foxwood Chronicles

By FreeThinker

 Chapter Nineteen


            “Hey! Great news!” Jesse called as he ran around the corner of the garage. Ryan was resting under the tree house, shirtless and sweaty after mowing the yard. He was holding a cold glass of lemonade against his cheek as Jesse crossed the yard.


            “What’s up?” he asked.


            “Adam went home this morning. Jeremy was over to see Dylan and he said they brought Adam home. He’s talking and everything. Dylan says that Evan spent the night at the hospital and that seems to be what woke him up.”


            Ryan raised an eyebrow and grinned.


            “You don’t think…they, like,… did the nasty? Dude, Evan must be one hell of a fuck if he can wake people up from comas!”


            Jesse laughed.


            “I don’t think he was in a coma, but, yeah. Actually, I think it was just the fact that Evan and Adam love each other. I think that’s what brought Adam back. Jeremy said that Adam was playing the piano when he went by and Evan was sitting next to him with his arm around him. They really love each other.”


            Ryan smiled and then became silent. He looked off toward the house and Jesse could see that he was thinking. He sat down beside him, fighting the boner that was growing in his shorts as he smelled Ryan’s sweaty body.


            Finally, Ryan looked down at the grass and muttered, “Yeah, I guess they do,” very softly.


            Jesse could see there was a conflict in Ryan’s mind. Wanting to spare the guy he loved any unhappiness, he quickly spoke up.


            “So, what’s on the agenda, this afternoon?”


            Ryan shrugged.




            Jesse shrugged, as well, thrilled to do anything with Ryan.


            “Sure,” he answered coolly. “The club?”


            “Yeah. Mom and Dad are going out tonight, so maybe we can eat at the grill.”


            Jesse frowned.


            “Naw, I can’t eat. I always have to be home for dinner. But, tennis is good. Maybe we can get Sanchez in a game.”


            Ryan nodded and forced himself up.


            “Let me shower and then we can go by and see Adam first.”


            Jesse nodded, dying that he couldn’t shower with Ryan.


            “I’ll go home and change and get my racquet. Meet you here or at Adam’s?”


            “Here,” Ryan called as he ran in the back door.


            Jesse was hard as a rock running home as he imagined Ryan naked at that very moment in the shower, hot water running down his sexy body, holding his face under the nozzle and the water flowing down his thick black hair. He ran in the back door and flew up the stairs to his room. Jeremy was still over at the Stuarts’, so he quickly beat off before changing into his tennis shorts. Dreaming of sharing the shower with Ryan, Jesse struggled not to groan or cry out too loudly when he came. He washed his hands, put on some tennis shorts and a comfortable pullover, grabbed his racquet and was at Ryan’s back door in only a few minutes, dropping his bike in the grass. Waiting in the Atherton’s kitchen with Ryan’s mother, he had to fight another erection when Ryan came down in his tennis clothes, his body and hair still damp from his shower.


            They could hear the piano as they parked their bikes in the grass in front of the Stuarts’ house. Even knowing very little about classical music, both boys recognized the piece as the “Ode to Joy.”


            “Adam must be in a good mood,” Ryan said with a grin as the climbed the steps to the porch.


            “I’m glad it worked out,” said Jesse as he knocked on the door. The music continued, but the door opened after a few seconds to reveal Dylan rolling his eyes.


            “Thank God!” he declared. “Maybe you can make him stop. This is the fourth time he’s played that. I think I used up all my joy the second time.”


            Ryan chuckled as he entered and saw Evan seated on the bench beside Adam. Evan looked as if he were ready for some different music, as well.


            “Hey guys,” he said with a grateful smile. “Anything you want to hear? Anything? Anything at all?”


            Jesse laughed and said, “Got any Stones or Aerosmith or Journey?”


            Evan chuckled, but Adam immediately stopped playing and turned around.


            “Yes. I can play the Rolling Stones. I know ‘Brown Sugar.’ It is fun.”


            And, with that, he turned back to the piano and tore into the song. Jesse and Ryan both looked at each other in shock and Evan looked back at the boys with a huge smile. Dylan was playing his air guitar in the doorway to the dining room and when Adam was finished, Ryan and Jesse both applauded loudly with whoops and whistles. Adam nodded.


            “That is a good song. I like it. It is fun. OK. I am finished playing the piano.”


            “Well, all right then,” said Ryan. “So, what’s next?”


            “I am going to teach Evan to play chess. I love Evan. I love chess. Evan wants to learn chess. Evan is my boyfriend.”


            Jesse and Ryan both smiled. Evan blushed and looked down at his lap as Adam continued.


            “I had an episode. Evan brought me out of it. Evan loved me last night. He saved me. I love Evan. OK. Let’s go play chess.”


            Adam stood and took Evan by the hand, leading him from the living room. Evan turned and said, with a helpless look on his face, “See ya later, guys!”


            “Well,” declared Ryan with an ironic look on his face, “I guess that’s that. You ready to head over to the club?”


            However, before Jesse could reply, Dylan said, “Hey did you hear? Another guy got beat-up last night at the Duck Pond. They didn’t find him ‘till this morning. The ambulance was bringing him in to the emergency room when we left with Adam and Evan.”


            Ryan raised a curious eyebrow as Jesse frowned and bit his lip.


            “How do you know he was at the Duck Pond?” Ryan asked.


            “Dad talked to the policeman. This is the third time someone’s been attacked. Dad thinks someone in town is targeting gay guys. Do you think that that policeman who arrested Evan and was messing with Adam is the one, do you? He kept calling Evan “fairy” or “fag” or something. You don’t think Adam’s gonna get attacked, do you?”


            “Naw,” said Ryan reassuringly as Jesse remained silent with a pensive look on his face. “It’s only college guys they’re attacking. Besides, it’s always at the Duck Pond. Evan and Adam don’t hang out there, do they?”


            “Well, no!” Dylan replied more defensively than he needed to. “I mean, well, it’s just that, you know, they’re like, you know, gay.”


            “Does anyone else besides us know?” Ryan asked. Dylan shrugged.


            “Well, we don’t really know anyone except the people who go to church and I don’t think they know. I think they just think that Adam and Evan are real good friends.”


            Ryan squeezed Dylan’s shoulder affectionately.


            “Don’t worry about it. Besides, I think Evan can probably protect Adam pretty good with his karate or kung-fu or whatever.”


            Dylan nodded uncertainly and replied, “Yeah. I guess so. Well, I guess I’ll go over and see Jeremy. See ya.”


            As they rode their bikes up Court Street toward the country club, Ryan noticed that Jesse was unusually quiet. Ryan was thoughtful, as well.


            “Hey, what’s going on in your head?” Ryan asked as they turned past the Huntington House and into Country Club Drive. Jesse shrugged. He began to say something, but then shook his head. Ryan started to push, but decided that Jesse would tell him in his own time.


            They had parked their bikes in front of the club house and walked into the lobby when they saw Michael in the pro shop. He waived to them.


            “Haven’t seen you two in awhile. Where have you been hiding?”


            Jesse was uncomfortable saying that Evan didn’t feel like coming to the club because of Michael and that they were playing tennis on the college courts. Ryan, however, saved the moment.


            “We’re woosies. It’s been too hot to play.”


            “Yeah, right,” Michael sneered with a grin. “Up for a game later?”


            “I can,” said Ryan. “Jesse can’t stay late.”


            Michael glanced curiously at Jesse, who shrugged.


            “It’s Dad. He likes to eat early on Saturday and… he likes everyone home for dinner.”


            Michael saw something in Jesse’s eyes, but nodded and turned away.


            “Get out of here and get a good game under your belt. I’ve got some work to do and then I’ll come out, Ryan, and kick your ass all over the court.”


            “Yeah, right, old man!” Ryan replied as he and Jesse turned and walked out.


            They took the stadium court and for a good part of the afternoon, gave each other an intense workout. After awhile, Michael wandered over from another court on which he had been giving lessons and watched them. Ryan was missing shots he normally would easily have made and after several poor returns in a row. Jesse sighed.


            “Dude, what’s the deal? You never play like this. You usually kick my ass. What’s going on?”


            Ryan frowned and shrugged.


            “I guess I got stuff on my mind.”


            “Like what?”

            Ryan didn’t reply but waived at Michael, who strolled around the fence and onto the court.


            “He’s just having an off-day,” Michael said. Jesse looked at his friend with concern for a moment, but made no other reply. Ryan sighed and lowered his racquet.


            “Why don’t we take a break,” he said as he walked over to the bleachers, wiping his forehead with the sweatband on his wrist. Jesse looked at his watch and replied, “Well, I probably should head back to the house. Dad’ll be home soon. So, we’re still on for tonight?”


            Ryan nodded.


            “Call me later.”




            The two boys bumped their fists together and Jesse walked off toward the clubhouse. Ryan sat down beside Michael, who was sprawled back with his legs spread wide. He appraised Ryan, his eyes moving up and down the teenager’s legs and body.


            “You OK?” he asked. Ryan shrugged, looking off toward the west, his eyes squinting in the fierce afternoon sun.


            “Sure. Why’s everyone so concerned about me, all of a sudden?”


            “Because you’re a much better player than Jesse.”


            “Hey, Jesse’s a great player. He’s just as good as I am,” he replied with more force than he intended. Michael smiled, but said nothing. The two sat in silence for several minutes until Michael asked softly, “So, how’s Evan and Adam?”


            “Adam’s pretty good. He got out of the hospital this morning. Evan spent the night with him and I guess that brought him out of it. He was playing the piano when Jesse and me went by awhile ago.”


            “Evan really seems to be taking care of him.”


            Ryan nodded.


            “Yeah, they’re really good friends.”


            Michael snorted.


            “They’re lovers. Come on. Evan’s the queerest queer in Foxwood.”


            Ryan looked at Michael with shock. Michael grinned.


            “Oh, come on. Like you didn’t know.”


            “Well, yeah, I know Evan’s gay. But, he’s not bad. He’s a good guy.”


            “He’s a slut, He’s sucked more dick and been fucked by more guys than other fourteen year-old in LA.”


            Ryan stood up.


            “You’re just pissed off because you can’t fuck him.”


            Michael grinned.


            “If I wanted to fuck Evan Vanderlyn, I’d fuck Evan Vanderlyn. In fact, I’m going to. Very soon. I know just how to get him.”


            “Evan’s not like what you say,” said Ryan. “He loves Adam. He’s not some sex-crazy maniac like what you’re describing.”


            Michael smiled indulgently.


            “He’s smitten with Adam, the sweet little retard who likes to curl up in his lap like a kitten. But, I know what Evan was like back in LA. I know the rep he had. I know guys who have been with him. He was a slut.”


            Ryan turned his back to Michael and looked off.


            “Well, I don’t know. All I know is, he isn’t like that with Adam. He loves him. He takes care of him. I think it’s beautiful.”


            Michael stood and put a hand on Ryan’s shoulder.


            “That’s because you’re a good guy.”


            Ryan snorted.


            “You are. You think the best of everyone. You just don’t see the bad side.”


            “I can see the bad side. I can see Jesse’s dad is a drunk and an asshole. I can see Fred Gibson is a loser who loves power. I can see…”


            Michael raised a hand to stop him.


            “OK,” he said, sitting back down. “I wasn’t putting you down. I’m just saying that you’re one of the good ones. I like you. That’s why I want to talk to you.


            Michael sat down.


            “Have you fucked Jesse yet?”


            Ryan looked at Michael with shock and astonishment.


            “Wh… what?”


            “Oh, come on. I’m not putting you down or anything. It’s cool. I’m Michael. I don’t give a shit if you’re messing around with your best friend. Hell, I think everyone should. It’s just that Jesse’s in love with you. It’s pretty obvious to someone who knows the score. I was just wondering if you had fucked him yet.”


            Ryan looked a round him in confusion for a moment and then sighed.


            “No. We… like… mess around, and he told me he loves me and… sometimes I let him suck me ‘cause it turns him on so much.”


            “Do you love Jesse?”


            Ryan turned away. He was silent.


            “Ryan? Do you love him?”


            “It’s not that simple, man. I want to get married someday. I want to have kids. I want a good life here. You know?”


            “Do you love Jesse?”


            Ryan spun back around and in anger, replied, “Yes! OK? You happy? Yes, I love Jesse!”

            Michael simply sat watching him with an understanding smile. Ryan sighed and sat down beside him.


            “I love him. It’s just that… you know. I want a family. I want a normal life. But, I want Jesse, too. Sometimes, when I look at him, he just turns me on so hard I can’t stand it. I want to kiss him and suck him and fuck him and roll around with him and… I don’t know. You know, we meet up in this tree house in my back yard. I know it sounds so kid-like…”


            “Naw, it’s cool.”


            “But, we sit there at night, naked with each other, and listening to the sounds, you know the crickets and the frogs and the birds. Sometimes, you hear a truck on the bypass or a train whistle out in the country and I think this is the best there is. You know?”


            Michael looked downward and frowned.


            “You’re a romantic. Sometimes, I wish I had that.”


            Ryan sighed.


            “But, I want a family, too. I want it all. I want Jesse. I want a family. I want a normal life. But, I want Jesse, too.”


            After a long moment, Michael looked up.


            “Tonight, just be fifteen and enjoy your moment with Jesse. Don’t think about all the heavy shit. Just be fifteen and love Jesse.”


            Ryan paused a moment and then, softly, mumbled, “So, if I was going to do it, you know, like, how do I? I mean, like, how do you fuck a guy?”


            Michael smiled.


            “OK. I’ll tell you. But, you got to know that everyone’s different. Sometimes, you know, it depends on an awful lot.”


            And, for the next hour, they sat on the bleachers at the stadium court, sweating in the late afternoon sun, as Michael educated Ryan.


            That night, Ryan lay in bed waiting for Brandon to fall asleep. It seemed to take his brother much longer than usual and, at one point, he thought he might be hearing his younger brother beating-off under the covers. He smiled, but said nothing, and when the rustling noise ended, he heard the steady breathing of a sleeping boy after only a few minutes. Quietly, he slipped out of bed, padded across the floor to the door and peaked around. Seeing nothing but darkness in the rest of the house, he slipped down the stairs and through the house to the kitchen door and out onto the back porch.


            It was after midnight, yet the summer heat remained, intensified by stifling humidity. Ryan loved it. Clad only in boxers and a tee-shirt, he felt the hot, humid breeze on his bare skin and thought of being naked with Jesse in the tree house, their hot sweaty bodies finally uniting and he felt a massive surge of lust expand through his body, His stomach constricted and his breathing became more labored as he stood on the top wooden step of the porch, looking out across the thick, neatly cut grass toward the ancient oak and the tree house above. His cock was already swelling and pushing out the front of his boxers, threatening to burst through the fly. With a wicked grin, he realized he didn’t care. Who would see him boned up and hard in his back yard after midnight except the one person who counted.


            He heard an owl hoot near the garage. He raised his hand and waived, hopping barefoot down the wooden steps of the porch. As he walked happily across the cool grass toward the tree, he saw Jesse round the corner of the garage in cut-offs, dirty, old sneakers, and a tee-shirt. His cut-offs looked like last summer’s and showed off his hot butt and the tight crotch in the front, to say nothing of his hot legs. Jesse leered lecherously at the tent growing in the front of Ryan’s boxers.


            “Dude, you’re boning in the back yard!”


            Ryan grinned.


            “Yeah, I know. Too bad you can’t suck me right here!”


            Jesse seemed to actually consider it, but then chuckled and turned to the ladder rising up the tree. Ryan followed him up into the tree house, gazing lustfully up at Jesse’s legs and butt. When he crawled onto the floor, Jesse was already sitting in the corner. There was an air mattress in the middle of the floor and a small paper bag in the corner.


            “What’s in the bag?” Jesse asked as Ryan settled back against the opposite wall, his feet almost touching Jesse’s.


            “Michael gave us some stuff to make tonight a little more fun,” he replied with a grin. Jesse’s eyes grew wide with fear.


            “You didn’t tell him, did you?”


            “Hey, it’s OK,” Ryan said in a calming tone as he raised his hand in a pacifying gesture. “He asked me if we mess around. He’s cool. I told him about it and we talked about some stuff.”


            He paused a moment and said, “It’s OK. Believe me.”


            Jesse smiled in a self-deprecating way and nodded.


            “Hand me the bag,” Ryan said.


            Jesse reached over and heard a car passing by the garage below. He looked over the wall through the opening.


            “Hey, that’s Dad,” he said with surprise. “What the heck’s he doing out this time of night on a Saturday?”


            Ryan shrugged and replied, “Maybe he’s getting some on the side.”


            Jesse remained at the window, watching until the car turned right on Court Street. Softly, he muttered, “He’s been leaving a lot late at night lately.”


            All kinds of thoughts paraded through Ryan’s mind, some not very comforting, but he crawled up and over to his friend. He placed an arm around his shoulder and whispered, “Let’s don’t think about your dad tonight. Let’s just kick back and relax and be happy. Tonight, it’s just you and me being buds and having fun. OK?”


            Jesse turned and smiled.


            “Yeah,” he replied gratefully.


            Ryan took the bag and removed a couple of joints, handing one to Jesse and taking the other. He sat back down on the floor, this time next to Jesse, who grinned.


            “Well, it’s been a few weeks since we did this,” he said, lighting his. Ryan nodded.


            “Well, I wasn’t sure about it, but Michael gave it to me for free and said to have fun. So…”


            They sat in the dark, smoking, listening to the night and to each other breathe. After a few moments, Ryan was feeling so mellow.


            “Man, Jesse, it just doesn’t get much better than this, you know?”


            Jesse nodded.


            “Yeah. It’s like this is the best time of our life, like we’re gonna look back on these years and think they’re the best.”


            He looked at Ryan and smiled, a feeling of love and euphoria coming over him. Ryan smiled back and leaned over, putting his left arm around his buddy’s shoulder. Jesse scooted downward a bit and rested his head on Ryan’s shoulder, gazing happily out the window of the tree house at the stars in the sky above the Atherton house, at the faint, cloudy glow of the Milky Way as it crossed the blackness from south to north. He wanted to say something, to tell Ryan just how much the moment meant to him, how much he loved him; he decided it was best just to be in the moment, to say nothing, just to share the moment with Ryan and to be happy.


            The chime over the Catholic church rang out one o’clock and seemed to rouse Ryan from his reverie. He looked down at the head of his buddy resting next to his. His eyes roamed down across the thick shaggy blond hair falling down over Jesse’s forehead, along the firm, well-defined nose, to his full lips. Jesse was the most handsome guy he had ever known. He had gone through some serious shit with his dad, especially when the old man was drinking, but he seemed to face all the adversities in his life with courage and stoicism. Ryan felt such a rush of love and respect for Jesse in that moment that he couldn’t control himself. He reached his right hand around and gently nudged Jesse’s face toward his. They’re eyes met, Jesse looking at him first with curiosity and, then, with surprise and, finally, with love. Ryan lowered his mouth and closed his eyes as their lips touched and he kissed the boy he had loved for almost his whole life.


            Jesse moaned as he felt Ryan kiss him, gently at first, but with increasing ardor as the kiss progressed. After a moment, they were both moaning, Ryan’s moans more of a growl as Jesse’s seemed more submissive, more in answer to Ryan’s more aggressive groans.


            Ryan’s hands began to roam over Jesse’s body, caressing and feeling the muscles of his chest and arms and, then, slipping under his tee-shirt to slide over the skin directly. Jesse’s moans grew with the invasion of his shirt. He pulled back a moment and whipped his shirt off over his head as Ryan took the chance to do the same. Not stopping there, Ryan slipped his boxers off, freeing his rampant erection. He sat back with his right knee raised, watching as Jesse unfastened his cut-offs and then slipped them over his hips and down his legs. He kicked his old sneakers off and looked at Ryan, who grinned and pointed to the air mattress. Jesse nodded and lay atop the plastic, looking upward at Ryan’s eyes as they gazed down lustfully at him from above.


            Ryan crawled around and on top of Jesse, loving the feel of his buddy’s naked skin on his, the pressure of Jesse’s rigid boner pressing against his, against his stomach.


            “You turn me on so hard,” Ryan whispered. Jesse was in heaven. He had never heard Ryan say such things, to be so demonstrative, to admit to such feelings.


“You turn me on so hard. I…” Ryan swallowed, seemingly reluctant to say more. However, after a pause, he did.


“I love you, Jesse.”


Those were the words Jesse had dreamt of hearing, the words he had fantasized about so often when stroking himself to dreams of Ryan making love to him.


“I love you, Jesse.”


Jesse took a breath, feeling dizzy with joy.


“I love you, Ryan.”


Their mouths came together again in a deep, hot passionate kiss, Ryan taking control of Jesse’s mouth, his tongue plunging in and out, raping Jesse’s mouth as they began to writhe against each other. Their passion grew and it was almost as if they were wrestling as they struggled against each other, kissing, licking, caressing, grabbing, moaning. Ryan rolled over onto his back and pushed Jesse down between his legs.


“Suck me, Jesse. Suck my cock.”


Jesse looked with hunger at the throbbing boner before his face. Without any preliminaries, he opened his mouth wide and plunged down on his buddy’s cock, taking it deep into his mouth, relaxing his throat as he had learned to do over the last few weeks, to take as much as he could into his hot, wet mouth.


Ryan cursed and writhed beneath Jesse, running his hands possessively through his friend’s hair.


“Aw, fuck, Jesse. Fuck. Oh, suck me. Yeah, suck me.”


Jesse reached down between his legs and grasped his own boner. He began pumping it hard and groaning louder as he did so. Ryan saw his buddy’s hand wrapped around his cock. He sat up. Jesse pulled off his cock and, panting before him, looked at Ryan with wild, hungry eyes.


“What’s wrong?”


Ryan grinned. “Not a damn thing. Listen. Michael gave us something else to make this even more fun and horny.”


Jesse looked to the paper bag, his eyes still hungry. Ryan reached into the bag and withdrew a small brown bottle.


“What’s that?” Jesse asked.


“Sit down,” Ryan commanded. He did so and the two boys sat facing each other, their stiff boners parallel and pointing upward, their legs wrapped around each other’s hips.


“Michael called it poppers. You sniff it through your nose or your mouth and it’s supposed to give this super head rush and make you like massively horny, like insane horny. You want to try it?”


Jesse didn’t need to reply. His face told Ryan all he needed to know. Ryan grinned and, holding the bottle with his lower fingers, twisted the lid off with his thumb and index finger. Holding the bottle between them, they both leaned over and sucked the fumes together from the top of the little bottle. Even before Ryan was twisting the lid back on, both boys’ eyes grew wide with shock.


“Oh, my God,” Jesse muttered as his eyes dilated and he felt the most incredible sense of horniness explode through him.


“Fuck,” Ryan muttered as he felt his cock grow harder, titanium hard. Never had he felt such a rush of, well, pure, raw sex explode though him. He could do anything. He wanted to do anything. He grabbed Jesse’s cock and began to crazily pump it as Jesse grabbed his and did the same. The two boys ground their hips together as they writhed against each other, groaning and cursing as they jacked each other, their lust beyond anything they had known.


After a long, very long moment, they slowly seemed to come to earth. Ryan’s left hand had taken hold of Jesse’s head and roughly pulled it forward, mashing their mouths together in a long, horny, savage kiss. He pulled away and looked into Jesse’s expectant eyes and declared, “Jesse, I want to fuck you.”


Jesse took a breath, his eyes growing wide with lust, and nodded.


“Oh, yeah. Fuck me. Yeah, Ryan. I want you to fuck me.”


Ryan grabbed the sack again and withdrew a tube of K-Y.


“Now, Michael says it might hurt at first, but the poppers will loosen you up and make you love it. He says we have to loosen you up first, though. Lay down and lift your legs up.”


As Jesse complied, his hands shaking with arousal, Ryan squirted some lubricant on his first two fingers and began to rub it around Jesse’s anus. His buddy cried out and wriggled beneath him. Ryan was so horny it was everything he could do not to grab his dick and beat himself over the top, or to ram it into Jesse’s ass. With his right hand, he held the poppers to Jesse’s nose and watched as Jesse’s head fell back against the air mattress as his eyes rolled upward and his right hand grasped his dick. Jesse was already beating off as Ryan took a big hit and started working Jesse’s anus with his fingers. Jesse moaned as he pulled his legs back, exposing his ass and holding it up in the air for Ryan to observe as he finger fucked his buddy.


“Oh, yeah,” Jesse growled as Ryan pushed his fingers inside his buddy. Ryan jacked himself like crazy for a moment as he rammed his fingers in and out of the blond. Jesse was insane with lust as he twisted in ecstasy beneath him.


Ryan couldn’t take it any longer. Still finger fucking Jesse, he grabbed the K-Y and lubed up his cock and then, with slippery fingers, knocked Jesse’s hand away from his boner and held the poppers to his mouth. Greedily, Jesse sucked and then moaned. Ryan took a deep hit and then lined his cock up with Jesse’s hole. It took several tries before he was able to push the head in, but after a long moment, Jesse whimpered. Ryan was holding Jesse’s legs up as he pressed his cock forward. Jesse groaned.


“God, Ryan, it hurts! It hurts!”


        “I’m sorry, Jesse!” Ryan cried as he started to pull out. “I’m sorry!”


        “No! No! Don’t stop! Fuck me!”


        Ryan was confused. Jesse was in pain, but he wanted it. He wanted Ryan’s cock up his ass.

            “Fuck me,” Jesse moaned again. “Fuck me.”


            Ryan was panting. He grabbed the poppers again and took another hit, this time handing the bottle to Jesse. Jesse sucked and then groaned loudly as Ryan pushed forward, looking down at his buddy, his beautiful, strong, sexy, best friend, his Jesse. He was sliding in all the way and Jesse’s face was contorted. He wasn’t breathing.


            “Push out,” Ryan gasped. “Michael says to push out like you’re taking a crap!”


            Jesse did and, suddenly, Ryan’s cock slipped all the way in, his pubic hair rubbing up against Jesse’s ass. Jesse almost screamed. Ryan clamped a hand over his mouth, but his own groans were too loud.


            “Oh, my God,” both boys groaned.


            “Fuck me,” Jesse begged.


            “Aw fuck, Jesse. Ah, fuck!”


            Ryan began to work his hips back and forth. Jesse’s ass was so hot, so tight around his cock. He couldn’t stand it. He was going to cum. Wildly, he started fucking Jesse hard, ramming his cock in and out. Jesse was crying, the pain searing, the feelings so good.


            Jesse couldn’t believe it. He kept repeating it over to himself. Ryan was fucking him. Ryan was fucking him! He listened to Ryan’s moans grow in intensity and knew he was going to cum any second. He was going to cum up his ass! Jesse couldn’t stand it. He grabbed his dick and started pumping wildly. Throwing his head back, he began to babble incoherently as the feeling of his buddy, his best friend, his Ryan fucking him became too much.


            He came. His mind exploded, his body exploded. Writhing and twisting and jerking wildly, he cried and groaned and cursed as ropes of creamy teenage cum shot from his thick cock, coating his face and chest as Ryan fucked him insanely.


            The feeling of Jesse’s ass violently, passionately contracting on his cock, squeezing it, pumping it, was too much. With a brutal groan, he rammed his cock in, threw his head back and almost howled as he came in Jesse’s ass. Wave after wave exploded through him, cum shooting from Jesse’s cock, as he fucked the boy he loved.


            When both their spasms ended, Ryan fell forward and braced himself with his left arm, his face hovering over Jesse’s as the two boys gasped desperately for breath. Ryan was still in Jesse, with no sign that his cock was losing any of its rigidity. Their eyes met and no words were needed. They gazed at each other for a long moment. Finally, Ryan broke the gaze, pulling his cock from Jesse’s ass. Grabbing the towel he had placed in the corner next to the paper bag, he wiped himself off and then wiped Jesse clean. Tossing it aside, he lay beside Jesse, wrapping his arms around him, his face just inches from Jesse’s.


            “You going to church in the morning?”


            Jesse nodded.


            “You can stay the night?”


            Once again, Jesse nodded. “I’ll head home at sunrise.”


            Ryan smiled.


            “Next time, no drugs. Next time, it’s just you and me.”


            Jesse nodded.


            “Anything you want, dude. I love you, Ryan.”


            “Yeah. Oh, yeah.”


            And, Ryan’s mouth met Jesse’s again.