The Foxwood Chronicles

By FreeThinker 

Chapter Twenty-three



                “Adam, I think you need some brain juice.”


            Evan and Adam were walking back home with Jesse and Ryan after a few games of tennis at the college. They were passing Bohemia and Jesse’s suggestion was met with surprise by Ryan and Evan.


            “Are you sure, dude?” Ryan asked.


            They paused outside the window. Jesse nodded.


            “Yeah,” he replied softly. “My dad tried to kill him. It was self-defense. Chris had to kill him. It’s not his fault. I need to see him.”


            Evan put an understanding hand on Jesse’s shoulder and smiled. Adam nodded.


            “I think you need brain juice, too. It makes you smart. It helps grow synaptic connections. When you are upset, your brain does not create many new ones. You are grieving. Brain juice will help. And, Chris needs to see you. He will think you hate him. Do you hate him?”


            Jesse smiled at Adam.


            “No, I don’t hate him. He’s a good guy. He was trying to protect himself and Evan and Michael.”


            “Good. We will all get brain juice. Evan needs brain juice.”


            Evan grinned.


            “Are you saying I’m not very smart?”


            “No. You are Evan. You are perfect like you are. But, brain juice is healthy. We will all drink brain juice.”


            They all chuckled as they entered the shop.


            A few kids were sitting in the back watching a Foreigner video on MTV. Two boys were playing Galaga and Asteroids in the corner. Chris was standing behind the counter serving coffee to an older man in blue jeans with a ponytail. He smiled as the boys approached.


            “How’s your head,” Evan asked looking at the scars across his forehead and cheek.


            “It’s OK. I think the scars make me look really butch, though. Don’t you?”


            Ryan rolled his eyes as Evan grinned.


            “We all want brain juice,” said Adam. “We need to be smart.”


            “Well, I need that electrolyte drink,” said Ryan with a smile.


            “Me, too,” said Jesse, not looking at Adam.


            “I’ll have brain juice with an electrolyte chaser,” Evan said, avoiding his boyfriend’s eyes.


            Adam nodded with satisfaction.


            “Your wishes are my command,” Chris replied as he went to work. As the boys sat on the stools before the counter, there was an awkward silence until Chris turned to place the drinks on the counter. As he placed a tall glass before Jesse, their eyes met and held for a second. Jesse smiled and said, “Thanks.”


            Chris continued to look at him and finally, softly, replied, “Thank you.”


            Evan watched and smiled.


            “So, how’s Michael doing?”


            Chris sighed.


            “He’s isolating at home. I’ve been over to see him a couple of times, but his parents are pretty upset and I think he may be leaving Stanford. I don’t know. They’re not real happy with his life right now and, to be honest, I don’t think he is either. He’s in a pretty rough spot.”


            Evan looked down at his drink and was silent. Chris put a hand out and squeezed his arm.


            “You have nothing to feel guilty about.”


            Evan looked up with remorse in his eyes.


            “Yes, I do. I have a lot to feel guilty about.”


            Underneath the counter, he took Adam’s hand and squeezed it. Chris shook his head.


            “Evan, despite everything you’ve been through, you’re past life, everything over the last few weeks, you’re still just a kid. You’re a kid who’s finding his way. But, you’re a very fortunate kid. You have a grandmother who loves you and understands you and accepts you as you are. You have friends who understand you and accept you. And, you have Adam, who loves you unconditionally.”


            Adam turned, his wild hair falling over his forehead.


            “Yes, I love you. You are not bad. You are a good person. You help me. You make me a better person. You help me understand things I don’t understand. And, you love me. You will help me when I go to college and define the Grand Unified Theory. I will help you when you become a movie star.”


            Evan smiled ruefully and looked down.


            “I’m never going to be a movie star. That was all talk. I don’t have what it takes. Maybe a director or a writer or maybe I’ll just do something totally different and study psychology and become a doctor. I don’t know. But, you’re right Chris. I’m a kid right now and I’m just going to be a kid and feel lucky as hell I have friends like you and Ryan and Jesse.”


            “And, Adam,” said his boyfriend.


            “You’re not my friend,” Evan said as Adam’s eyes lowered and his hand rose to his face. Evan took his face in his hands and smiled.


            “You’re my Adam and that’s much more than a friend. You’re the center of my life.”


            Adam’s eyes rose and met Evan’s. For a long moment, their gazes were locked until Ryan cleared his throat and said to Chris, “Um, well, um, we’re all going to camp up on the top of the bell tower tonight and watch the meteor shower.”


            “Oh, you are?” Chris responded loudly as Evan and Adam finally broke their stares. “That sounds pretty cool. I hear it’s supposed to be something like a hundred or so every hour.”


            “It will peak at two o’clock. The meteors are the Perseids. They come from Comet Swift Tuttle. When the comet melts, it loses rocks. They are the meteors. When the comet passes the orbit of the earth…” and Adam was off on another long description which, surprisingly, the others actually listened to and enjoyed.



            Dylan and Jeremy were tossing a Frisbee back and forth on the lawns in front of the church and the Stuarts’ house. The mid-August afternoon was the hottest of the year and both boys were shirtless and barefoot. Jeremy was secretly enjoying looking at Dylan’s torso. Then twelve year-old was showing the beginnings of the definition that would someday mark his masculinity. He almost reminded Jeremy of Brandon in a way, or a younger Ryan, though he curly hair, not as wild as Adam’s, but hanging over his face and ears, was definitely longer than either of the Atherton boys’.


            Just as Jeremy was musing on that topic, a number of other boys rode by the church on their bikes and turned up Court Street, among them Brandon Atherton. Jeremy caught his eye, but was afraid to wave. Brandon gave a half-hearted wave and rode on. Jeremy stood for a moment, not noticing the Frisbee Dylan had tossed fly past him and land in First Street. The group of boys rode on as Jeremy turned to slowly retrieve the Frisbee. He didn’t see that Brandon had said something to the others a few houses up the street and then turn around. When Jeremy had turned back to face Dylan, he saw Brandon slowly riding toward them. He walked up to the sidewalk and waited as Brandon rode into the driveway and down the sidewalk to him. Dylan waited discreetly, yet observantly, in his yard.


            “Hey,” said Brandon coolly.




            “How’s it going?”


            “Fine. You?”




            The two were silent, Brandon standing with the bike between his legs, Jeremy just watching. Finally, Brandon swallowed and looked down.


            “Um, I guess I haven’t had a chance to talk to you since your Dad’s funeral. Um, I really sorry about all that. I know it’s got to be rough losing your Dad and finding out…”


            “Yeah, it’s OK. Thanks.”


            Brandon was embarrassed. It was clear Jeremy wasn’t keen to discuss his father. After a moment, Brandon cleared his throat.


            “Look, I guess I want to apologize for being such a butt to you this summer. I’m… really sorry. You’re a cool guy, Jeremy, and I just sorta freaked about… well, you know and… well, since Ryan and Jesse are, well, you know, I guess… I mean, if you still want to be friends that ‘s cool.”


            He paused a moment, his face burning with embarrassment, before quickly adding, “I mean, I don’t want to, you know, do that stuff, but if you still want to be friends, well, that would be cool.”


            Jeremy paused a moment, fighting the conflicting emotions in his head before a slight smile broke.


            “Yeah, we can be friends.”


            Brandon paused a moment and then smiled.


            “Cool. Well, I gotta catch up with the guys. I’ll see ya.”




            Jeremy smiled and Brandon answered it before pedaling off toward the north again and the gaggle of boys waiting a block away. When he was gone, Jeremy remained on the sidewalk, looking after him. Dylan slowly walked over to him, using his arm to wipe the sweat off his forehead, a movement Jeremy watched with interest.


            “So, what did the jerk have to say?” Dylan asked with worry as he watched Jeremy merely standing on the sidewalk.


            “Oh, he was kind of apologizing for being a jerk.”


            “Oh, well, OK then.”


            They stood silently and then Dylan looked up at the bell tower.


            “You know, whenever I need to be alone and think and stuff, I like to go up in the tower by myself and get away from everyone. You wanna go up?”


            “I thought your Dad doesn’t want anyone up there anymore?”


            Dylan shrugged and grinned.


            “Yeah. So?”


            Jeremy grinned conspiratorially.




            Dylan led him through a side door to the church, one that didn’t make as much noise as the front door. He could see a light on in his father’s office. The two boys snuck back to the front. Dylan slipped his Cub Scout knife in the space between the door and the frame of the tower and opened it. They slipped in and Dylan closed and locked the door behind them. Quickly, they climbed the stairs to the bell chamber. Dylan walked over to the window looking out toward the north. Jeremy could see his house from there, as well as the country club to the north and the green and gold cornfields stretching out to the horizon beyond.


            “Wow,” he said almost reverently. “This is…” he paused, starting to say “cool,” but finding it inadequate to express his feelings.


            “I know. I love to come up here by myself and think and read. It’s also a great place to… you know.”


            He grinned as he made a jerking motion with his fist. Jeremy giggled.


            Dylan turned around, leaning his butt against the bricks of the lower edge of the window.


            “So, what was the reason Brandon was so mean to you when you were best friends?”


            Jeremy looked downward.


            “You promise not to hate me? I mean, can I tell you something without you, like, getting all disgusted and everything?”


            Dylan paused and smiled.


            “Hey, I’m your friend. You can tell me anything,” he replied, already suspecting the answer.


            Jeremy scratched his bare toes against the wooden floor.


            “Well, we used to like… beat off in Brandon’s tree house looking at Ryan’s Penthouses and, well, I guess he thought it was kind of… gay or something, so he didn’t want to do it anymore.”


            Dylan smirked.


            “Is that all?”


            Jeremy sighed with relief.


            “Yeah. I guess that doesn’t like gross you out or anything?”


            Dylan shook his head.


            “Why should it?”


            “Well, I guess it wouldn’t, with, well, you know, Adam and Evan being, well, you know. I mean, like, they are, aren’t they?”


            “You mean gay?”


            Jeremy nodded.


            “Well, I don’t think Adam really is anything. I think he’s just Adam. He loves Evan, but I don’t think it’s because he’s gay or anything. It’s hard to explain. Adam’s… well… different. And, I don’t mean because he’s got autism. It’s just, I don’t know how to describe it. He doesn’t really show emotions and stuff, but when he loves you, he really loves you. It’s like, I don’t know how to describe it, it’s like part of the universe. I don’t know. It’s weird. Now Evan, well, he’s like screaming gay.”


            Jeremy laughed.


            “Yeah, it’s pretty obvious he’s gay.”




            After a moment of silence, Jeremy surreptitiously looked down at Dylan’s cut-offs and saw the definite evidence of a growing boner under the tight denim. He quickly looked away, feeling a surge within his chest and loins. Dylan took a deep breath.


            “So, um, did you like messin’ with Brandon?”


            Jeremy shrugged.


            “It was OK. We just like beat-off. Sometimes, he let me beat him off, but he never liked beat me off, ‘cept a couple of times when he was like really horny.”


            “That kinda sucks.”




            Jeremy paused and then asked, “So, you ever messed around?”


            Dylan nodded.


            “You promise not to gross out?”


            “Sure,” Jeremy replied with interest. He was completely stiff now, as was Dylan, and neither boy seemed to care if the other saw.


            “Well, sometimes… at night, after we go to bed, I mess around with Adam.”


            “You do? Cool. Sometimes I mess around with Jesse.”


            “Cool! I bet Jesse’s got a big dick.”


            “Oh, yeah. It’s cool. It’s like a foot long!”


            “Oh, it’s not that big,” said Dylan with a grin.


            “Well, it’s big. And, he’s got this really cool like brownish blond hair all around it. And, his balls are huge.”




            They paused again, until Jeremy asked, “So what does Adam’s look like?”


            Dylan got a wistful smile on his face.


            “It’s not real big, but it’s nice. It’s like five or six inches long and the cone is kind of wider than his dick. And, he’s got some hair around it, but it’s not like a lot.”


            “What do you do?”


            “Well, I sneak into his room when Mom and Dad are asleep and he’s usually laying on top naked.”


            He grinned at Jeremy and added, “Me and him like to sleep naked.”


            Jeremy grinned and replied, “You walk in there naked? Like hard and stuff naked?”


            Dylan nodded.


            “And, Adam’s usually hard and looking straight up. It’s like he’s in this trance, you know, and he’s in this other world having sex with Johnny, his friend in the other world. So, I sit on the edge of his bed and I start feeling him and he gets this dreamy smile and then I play with his balls and then he kind of comes back from his other world and he says, ‘I love you, Dylan’ and then we feel each other and beat-off.”


            “Wow,” said Jeremy squeezing himself. “That sound’s so cool.”


            “Doing it with Adam is so cool. It feels so good ‘cause he like really gets into it, but not in a nasty way. It’s like he loves you and he wants you to feel good and he’s showing you how much he loves you by making you feel good. It’s… God, it’s wonderful.”




            After a moment, Dylan brazenly looked down at the swollen rise in Jeremy’s shorts.


            “Dude, I get so hard when I think about it. Are you hard?”


            “Oh, yeah,” Jeremy replied.


            “You want to do it?”


            Jeremy was breathless.


            “You and me? Like with each other?”


            Dylan nodded and Jeremy gave a toothy grin.


            “Oh, yeah.”


            Dylan grinned and immediately unsnapped his cut-offs, unzipped them, and dropped them to the floor. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his boy dick was standing up stiff and rigid toward Jeremy’s face. Jeremy was grinning as he slipped his shorts and briefs off and kicked them aside, his own boner as hard and stiff as Dylan’s.


            They stood for a moment, checking each other out before Dylan reached out with both hands and started brazenly feeling Jeremy’s dick and balls. Jeremy moaned and grabbed Dylan’s.


            “Oh, man, that feels so good,” Dylan breathed.


            “You got such a cool dick,” Jeremy moaned. “You’re getting hair,” he commented, looking at the two or three little black strands that had formed at the base of Dylan’s dick.


            “Yeah. I wish I wasn’t. I kind of like that you don’t have any.”


            Jeremy smiled.


            “You really like my dick?”


            “Oh, yeah. It feels cool.”


            They stood there naked, feeling each other, pumping each other’s dicks, and getting into being boys playing with each other and making each other feel good.


            “You ever done it with Adam and Evan together?” Jeremy asked with horniness in his voice.


            Dylan shook his head.


            “But, I’ve watched them.”


            “Yeah? How? Man, I think Evan is so fucking hot. I would love to do it with him. What’s he look like naked? What did they do? Where were you?”


            Dylan chuckled as Jeremy’s hands started working him faster.


            “Slow down, dude. Let’s have some fun.”


            Dylan sat down and Jeremy followed him. The two naked boys wrapped their legs around each other’s hips, face to face, dick to dick, and resumed beating each other off.


            “Sometimes, Evan spends the night. When they don’t stay up on top here, sometimes they camp out in the courtyard. One night, I snuck out and hid over by the roses and watched. They like to cuddle and get all gooey and stuff. That’s what really seems to get Adam going. He loves that. Man, sometimes they sit on the swing all afternoon just doing nothing but looking at each other and hugging. It’s weird. But, anyway, Evan was like sucking on Adam’s dick and licking his balls and then Adam stood up and Evan got behind him and they were like looking at the stars and Evan was jacking him off from behind and then Adam got on his knees and sucked Evan. That was hot because Evan was like holding his hips out and sticking his dick out and holding Adam’s head and he was like slowly fucking Adam’s mouth and then they just cuddled and got gooey and that’s when Adam did it. Man, when Adam blasts off, it’s like he puts everything in it. He just goes crazy and almost like screams. It’s like way beyond sex when he does it. It’s like every emotion you can think of goes off at once. It’s wild. It’s beautiful. Man, I was beating it like crazy watching and I blasted off like three times.”


            “Man, that is so hot. Sometimes when me and Jesse are messing around, he tells me about him and Ryan.”


            “Jesse and Ryan do it?” Dylan asked with shock.


            “Oh, yeah. They love each other, man.”


            “Jesse and Ryan are gay?”


            “Well, Jesse is. Jesse says Ryan doesn’t think he is, but that he just loves Jesse. I don’t know. They get pretty hot with each other. Jesse says they get like wrestlers with each other. He loves it. He loves to like wrestle and struggle and then Ryan pins him and then Jesse sucks him and then Ryan fucks him.”


            “Ryan fucks him? He’s a guy. How can a guy fuck a… oh, gross!”


            Dylan stopped stroking and looked at Jeremy with disgust.


            “He like fucks him in the butt?”


            Jeremy nodded.


            “He says it feels great. He says he loves it.”


            Dylan’s hand stopped pumping his friend and he shook his head.


            “Dude, that is just plain gross.”


            “Well, I guess it just depends on what you’re into. Me, I like to do this.”


            His right hand slowly stroked Dylan’s boner as his left felt and caressed his fat, hairless balls. Dylan moaned and resumed his own stroking and fondling of Jeremy.


            “Yeah, this is cool. This feels so good. I love doing this. I love doing it with Adam. This feels almost as good.”


            Jeremy smiled understandingly.


            “Adam’s sweet,” he said softly. “I can’t believe your parents let him and Evan get it on like that.”


            “Adam’s always gotten away with everything,” Dylan responded with a roll of his eyes. “They always let him do what he wants.”


            Jeremy watched Dylan closely as he thought for a moment and then added, with a hint of remorse in his voice, “’Course, Adam never really does anything wrong. I don’t think he could lie. I don’t think he could ever be mean to someone. I guess they know he loves Evan and Evan really loves him.”


            Jeremy groaned as Dylan’s hands seemed to stroke him a little tighter.


            “God, I’d love to watch him and Evan do it.”


            “Maybe we can,” Dylan said with a nasty grin. “Him and Evan and Ryan and Jesse are spending the night up on top. Maybe they’ll let us up there, too.”


            Jeremy’s hips were churning as Dylan grinned.


            “You gonna blast off?”


            “Oh, yeah. OH, yeah, oh, oh, yeah. Ah, ah, AH, ngggg! Nnnnggggg!”


            Jeremy suddenly went stiff and Dylan felt the boy’s boner pump its non-existent ejaculate as Jeremy squirmed and jerked. His hand squeezed Dylan’s boner and sent the other boy over the edge, as well. The two twelve year-olds were squirming and bucking and moaning as their dicks spasmed through their immature orgasms until both boys finally sighed and leaned against each other.


            “Hey! Germy!”


            Jeremy took a breath and crawled over to the window. Jesse and Ryan were below in the yard looking around as Adam and Evan walked up to the front porch of the Stuarts’ house. His boy dick was still rigid as he leaned over and yelled, “I’m up here.”


            He noticed Evan grin from the porch, but Ryan and Jesse were looking upward and missed it.


            “Come on down. We’re having dinner with Mom over at Ryan’s.”


            “Can me and Dylan camp out with you all up here tonight?”


            He noticed a definite reluctance on Jesse’s and Ryan’s faces. He also saw Adam turn and nod to the others as he said something. Evan put his hand over his mouth and seemed to be hiding a chuckle.


            “Come on down,” Jesse said with exasperation. “We’ll talk about it.”



            The Catholic Church downtown tolled midnight as the six boys sat around their Coleman lantern on top of the bell tower. They were finishing their cheese and bologna sandwiches and downing the last bites with water from their canteens. Dylan was looking upward suddenly exclaimed, “I see one! There!


            He pointed to the east as greenish-white star streaked across the sky. It was gone

before the others could find it.


            “Cool,” said Ryan as he screwed the top back on his canteen. “We’ll probably see a lot more. The Omaha paper says we’ll see more than a hundred an hour at the peak.”


            “Yes,” Adam declared standing up. “Most will come from over there. That is Perseus. That is why they are called the Perseids. But, some will come from all around. The earth is going though the debris field from the comet Swift-Tuttle. We are…”


            But, before Adam could continue another of his famously long monologues, Jesse, seeing that Adam had unfastened his shorts and was now dropping them to the floor, asked, “Adam, what in the world are you doing?”


            Adam looked at him with his typical blank expression as if this were the most natural thing in the world and that it was incomprehensible that Jesse should not understand it.


            “I’m getting ready for bed. We will watch the meteors tonight when we are ready for bed. It will be beautiful. Evan and I always get ready for bed when we come up here and look through the telescope.”


            “You mean you sleep naked?”


            Evan chuckled.


            “Doesn’t everyone?” he asked mischievously.


Jeremy giggled and said, “Sounds good to me.”


“Yeah, well,” his brother replied. “That’s because you’re just a horny pervert.”


“Oh, yeah? Look whose talking, getting fucked by Ryan almost every night.”


It was Jeremy’s good-natured grin that saved him from getting a pounding from his brother. Ryan’s eyes grew wide with shock and embarrassment as he looked first across the lantern at his buddy’s little brother and then at Evan and Adam.


“Hey, it’s OK,” said Evan, still sitting as Adam, standing beside him, dropped his shorts to reveal his still flaccid penis. “We all know you’re not gay, Ryan. It’s just that you love Jesse and get off on him. That’s cool. We’re all friends. Don’t worry about it. We won’t tell anyone. You’re parents won’t ever find out from us.”


Ryan smiled and replied, “Thanks, Evan, but Dad already knows.”


Now, it was Jesse’s turn to look shocked.




Ryan snorted.


“Well, since you and me been spending more time together since, well, since you lost your Dad, well, I guess my dad figured everything out because tonight he told me that maybe it was time for me to have my own bedroom. So him and me are going to fix up the old servants’ quarters over the garage and turn it into my own place. Then, when you and me get into like Drake or Creighton or Iowa State, they can rent it to some college student at Foxwood College. Dad said that it would get kind of cold at night this winter in the tree house.”


Evan and Jeremy burst out laughing as Jesse’s face turned bright red.


“He knows?”


“I guess. I guess it’s just as bad for him and Mom to listen to us as it is for me to listen to him and Mom.”


“Oh, man,” said Jesse looking down at the lantern. “Man, I am so embarrassed.”


“Hey, don’t worry about it. Think about it, though!” Ryan enthused. “We’re gonna have our own place! It’ll be like an apartment! Think about how cool it’ll be to set it up! Well get some black lights and some posters and we can go down to the mall and get that new Pioneer stereo at TEAM Electronics and…”


“This is good,” Adam declared standing gloriously naked above the lantern. “You can love each other any time you want, like Evan and me. You can love each other tonight, too. Evan and I will. You can love each other, too. And, Jeremy, Dylan can love you. Dylan is good. Sometimes Dylan and I love each other. He is very good. He can love you really good.”


Now it was Dylan’s turn to bury his face in his hands.


“Adam,” he said with embarrassment. “Why do you have to be so… honest?”


“Because we are all friends. We should all get ready now. We should watch the meteors and we should love our boyfriends.”


“Now wait a minute,” Dylan protested. “Who said Jeremy’s my boyfriend?”


“Yeah?” Jeremy added, though with a touch less indignation than Dylan.


“You are friends,” Adam replied. “You can still make each other feel good.”


The conversation seemed to have had an affect on Adam as his penis had begun to hang lower and the base had begun to thicken. Dylan noticed and felt his own dick suddenly pop up to a full boner in just seconds. Jeremy looked at him and smiled.


“Well,” declared Ryan, “what the Hell.”


He stood up and unsnapped his cut-offs, letting them drop before he kicked them away. He stood naked before the lantern, his cock plumping, but not quite erect. He noticed all the boys’ eyes were on his growing boner except Adam’s. The strange boy had walked over to the south parapet and was looking upward at the multitude of stars in the sky. His penis was slowly rising as he gazed at the wonders above. Evan was half lying, propped up by his elbows, his erection quite obviously displayed in his own cut-offs. But, his eyes moved from Ryan’s now hard cock to his boyfriend. With a smile, he stood and shucked his shorts, as well, and, naked, his cock standing up from his nest of brightly blond pubic hair, he walked across the wooden roof of the bell tower to stand behind the boy he loved. Jeremy’s eyes were devouring the naked body, the movie star sexiness of the teenager, focusing on the beautiful erection standing up rigidly as Evan stood a few inches behind Adam, facing the parapet and the town below. Dylan was sitting at Jeremy’s feet as he watched the boy shuck his shorts and Dylan slipped out of his, his erection snapping upward against his abdomen.


Evan placed his hands on Adam’s shoulders and looked up just as a meteor shot across the sky from east to west. Adam hummed with pleasure and Evan whispered, “Wow.”


“That was pretty cool,” Ryan said from behind.


“Yeah,” Jesse agreed as he spread out his and Ryan’s sleeping bags. Ryan sat down and pulled Jesse down next to him. They lay down naked and erect and, holding hands, watched the sky for shooting stars.


Evan wrapped his arms around Adam’s torso and Adam leaned back against his boyfriend. His own arms grasped Evan’s and their eyes scanned the sky. Evan’s erection pressed stiffly against Adam’s butt and lower back as the boy leaned against him.


Dylan and Jeremy were more interested in looking at the older naked teenagers than the shooting stars and the other wonders of the night sky. Jeremy was just a few feet from where Adam and Evan were standing and he looked hungrily at the blond teenager, gazing at the erection pressing against Adam’s back side. He looked at Evan’s balls and unconsciously started feeling himself, squeezing his own boyish erection.


For quite some time, Evan and Adam stood near the parapet, gazing upward, “ooohing” and “ahhing” as one meteor after another shot first one way across the sky and then another, some leaving long green streaks, others nothing more than glowing dots moving rapidly between the stars. Adam’s penis remained rigidly hard, standing up and pointing toward the top of the trees across the street from the church. Jeremy and Dylan sat beside each other, shifting their expectant gazes back and forth between the two couples as Evan and Adam stood nearby and Jesse and Ryan lay on their sleeping bags watching the sky, their cocks slowly deflating. In fact, Dylan was almost regretting having asked to join the teenagers when he noticed that Ryan’s cock was starting to grow again. Jesse had rolled over on his side and was whispering something. His front was in shadow from the lantern and so the younger boys couldn’t see if he was getting hard again, but, Ryan was definitely becoming aroused. Jeremy grinned at Dylan as Jesse quietly crawled down between Ryan’s outstretched legs and began to fondle Ryan’s erection. Ryan closed his eyes and raised his hands behind his head. Dylan fought the urge to chuckle as he heard Ryan moan softly. Jeremy was slowly stroking himself as he watched the two fifteen year-olds and his unoccupied hand reached across and grasped Dylan’s, who opened his legs and gave Jeremy room to maneuver.


Evan looked back at the older boys and saw them occupied with each other. Glancing downward and seeing the younger boys starting to get into each other with their own playfulness, he leaned over and kissed Adam gently on the side of his neck. Adam looked back and gave Evan a rare smile. Quietly, he muttered, “We will go to the sleeping bags now. We will love each other now.”


“Yes, my sweet beautiful Adam,” Evan whispered, running his hands over Adam’s torso from behind. “Yes, will love each other now.”


Evan knew that romantic, almost poetic talk was what seemed to move Adam the most. Outward, non-verbal signs of affection, while understood by the boy, even arousing to Adam, still seemed not to have the intense affect of Evan telling him, in the most florid and poetic of ways, how much he loved him.


Evan took Adam by the hand and led him back to their sleeping bags. He knelt and rolled Adam’s up for use as pillow. He then lay down with the rolled up bag behind his head and upper back. He gestured for Adam to lie atop him, facing upward. When they were comfortable, with Adam’s erection pointing upward, they watched the sky some more as Evan whispered into his ear.


“I love you, my sweet Adam,” he whispered. “I love you more than you can count stars in the sky. I will love you as long as there are stars in the sky. You’re my only love, my sweet and beautiful Adam.”


Evan knew it might sound corny to anyone else listening, but he meant it and Adam knew it. Adam hummed as he lay atop Evan, whimpering as Evan whispered into his ear, watching as a meteor would briefly appear and then burn into darkness. Evan’s hands caressed Adam’s torso, gently running the tips of his fingers across Adam’s ticklish tummy and causing the boy to jerk and writhe against him. After a moment, Evan’s fingers focused on Adam’s nipples and the boy’s head began to roll from side to side as his eyes watched the splendor of the sky in awe of the feelings inside him and the beauty above.


“My sweet Adam,” Evan continued, “I had a wild life back home and I had a lot of sex with a lot of other people. But, I would give it all up for just one night loving you. I have never known anyone as special, as wise, as loving as you.”


Evan’s words were sending Adam into a frenzy as his fingers caressed and teased and pulled at his nipples. Adam’s whimpers were growing, so much that Jesse pulled off Ryan’s cock and crawled up beside his boyfriend. The two older boys lay in each others arms, watching with joy and fascination as Evan made love to Adam and the boy responded with such joy to the love of his boyfriend and the beauty of he universe above.


Evan glanced past their feet and saw the younger boys sitting front to front, madly stroking each other’s cocks and intently watching the older boys. Evan signaled for Dylan to come over and Adam’s younger brother crawled across the roof to the two fourteen year-olds.


“Dylan, why don’t you make Adam’s penis feel good. Why don’t you love your brother?”


Dylan smiled at Evan a smile of thanks and reached across to Adam’s erection. Gently, lovingly, he grasped it and slowly stroked downward to the small patch of brown hair at the base. Adam’s whimper became almost a cry as his head rolled and his face took on an almost holy look of ecstasy gazing upward.


“Uh, uh, ah, oh, oh, oh,” he moaned as he writhed atop Evan.


Jeremy crawled up beside the three. Nervously, excitedly, he watched as his hands, unoccupied with pleasuring himself, trembled. Finally, he looked up at Evan’s face as the older boy smiled at him.


“Evan, um, can I, like, feel you?”


Evan smiled and nodded. He slipped Adam off him and the two rolled facing each other. With their heads resting on the rolled up sleeping bag and with Evan’s left arm around Adam’s shoulder, his right hand reached up and caressed the side of Adam’s face.


“I love you, Adam,” he whispered as their eyes locked. His fingers twined into the wild curls of Adam’s hair and he repeated in a breathless whisper, “I love you.”


Dylan’s hand continued to fondle his brother’s erection, as Jeremy watched, too excited to move. Dylan grinned at him and whispered, “Go ahead, man. Feel him.”


He did. Slowly, as he jacked his own boner with his right hand, his trembling left hand reached across Evan’s slim hip and slid down the smooth skin until it came to Evan’s silky blond pubic hair. He ran his fingers through it, feeling Evan’s stomach tighten beneath his probing hand. Evan continued to whisper to Adam, who continued to whimper. Adam wrapped his arms around Evan and the two drew together, making it difficult for the two younger boys to stroke them. But, Dylan persevered on Adam and Jeremy almost crawled over Evan’s hip to reach his boner. Jeremy groaned loudly as his hand slid excitedly over Evan’s throbbing boner and churning balls.


“Ah, man. This is so way cool.”



         Dylan grinned.


         “Yeah, this is cool.


          Behind Jeremy, his older brother had crawled back down between Ryan’s legs and resumed sucking his cock. This time, however, Ryan was holding his head, caressing and loving it.


            “Ah, Jesse, dude. You suck so good.”


            Jesse responded with only a grateful, aroused groan.


            Jeremy looked back behind him and his eyes grew wide, watching his brother take Ryan in his mouth. He could see Jesse’s thick, stiff, boner standing rigidly between his legs and, suddenly, he wanted to release Evan and join his brother. He crawled away from Evan and behind Jesse. He reached up between Jesse’s legs and ran his fingers and the palm of his hand underneath Jesse’s throbbing cock. He felt through his hand more than heard through his ears Jesse’s groan of lust as his younger brother’s hand began to pleasure him. With Ryan’s cock in his mouth, growing harder and more insistent by the second, and his little bro’s hand feeling him up between his legs, Jesse thought he was about to pop any second.


            Jeremy frantically jacked himself as he heard Jesse’s moans grow, as did Ryan’s.


            “Ah, Jesse, you got such a sweet mouth. Oh, dude, you suck so good.”


            Ryan was holding Jesse’s head as his hips pumped upward, fucking his cock into Jesse’s mouth. Jesse’s moans became continuous until Ryan’s entire body became stiff and he groaned, “Aw, fuck. I love you Jesse. I love you!”


            Ryan fucked upward hard and came in Jesse’s mouth. It was too much for the blond. Jeremy’s jacking fist and Ryan’s shooting into his mouth send Jesse over the edge as Jeremy, himself. blasted off. Ryan and Jesse were still groaning and writhing long after Jeremy’s orgasm had subsided, but they, eventually, died down, as well.


            As Adam gazed into Evan’s eyes, Evan’s hands held his face and he continued to whisper into the boy’s mouth, “I love you, sweet Adam. I love you.” And, Adam’s whimpers, his writhing, grew beyond frenzy. His mutterings passed beyond rational as Dylan’s hand and the intensity of Evan’s words and eyes brought Adam to his own climax. He grabbed Evan and pulled himself against Evan’s body as he screamed and his body was wracked with explosive spasms. His hips frantically bucked and squirmed as Dylan struggled to stroke his brother.


            Finally, Adam collapsed, exhausted from the intensity of his emotions and his physical exertions. Evan hadn’t cum, yet, but it didn’t matter. They had all night. He simply gazed lovingly into the angelic face of his sweet Adam, whose eyes were half-closed.


            “Evan,” he struggled to whisper. “Evan.”


            Dylan hadn’t cum yet, either. He crawled back to Jeremy, who gave him a nasty smile. Checking out both pairs of teenagers, he grinned and said, “I think everyone’s starting to get all gooey, now.”


            “Yeah, looks like it.”


            Dylan paused a moment and then, softly, uncertainly, asked, “So, um, you want to maybe, you know, like, make out?”


            There was nothing Jeremy wanted more at that moment than to make out with the boy with the wild curls and the sexy grin.


            “Yeah, let’s do it.”


            Together, they lie down on the sleeping bags and wrapped their arms around each other. At first, the kissing was tentative, a few pecks on the lips. However, after a few moments, the kisses became longer until Dylan’s tongue was practically raping Jeremy’s mouth.


            Meanwhile, Evan was still nearly panting as he held Adam, who had bowed his head and curled up into a sweet cuddle with him. He was so arrounsed as he held his love.


            “Oh, Adam, I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. No one. I bless the day I came here, the day I whined about leaving my old life behind. Now, I am so grateful I did. I am so grateful I found you and that you love me. I am so grateful you were able to save our lives. I am just so grateful you exist. Period. I love you, Adam.”.


            “I love you, Evan. We will always love each other. We will spend out lives together. It will be fun.”


            “Oh, yes, my precious Adam. It will be fun.”


            And, as three meteors shot across the sky at that moment, three pairs of boys shared the joys of love and sex with each other, the two oldest in the preliminaries of fucking, the two youngest kissing and writhing against each other as the boyish joy in their young penises grew greater and more insistent, and the two between simply held and gazed into each other’s eyes. In a small town in the American Midwest, on a hot summer’s night, as meteors shot across a clear and star-filled sky, three pairs of boys found love and joy and peace in the arms of their lovers and thanked providence for the lives and loves they had found.