30: Angel



What are we to do?


You are sitting


On the damp ground

Cold and shivering

I can feel the heat escape you

Something has happened

Something terrible

The pain radiates within you

Nothing is light within your eyes

But I

You see me

In the corner

Your corona explodes

You stand up and are humbled by the embrace

You've needed

Since your father's hand

Here's what you've wished for

Your angel

But you cannot see me

You hug yourself

To make it feel alright

But you cannot feel me

You pretend someone is near you

Oh, if only you knew

You cling on to that thought

For your life

My fingers gently blow over your skin


Just a change in grace

I put my arms around you

I feel it flow into me

Your anger

Your sorrow

Your need to be free

But you stand up and leave


Your Angel