Carrot Cake
Loki c/o Gabriel Duncan

9:30 am.  Loki woke up to a bright room.  He had forgotten to close the shutters last night.  Light shone in through the open window.    It was warm . . . for more than one reason.  Under the sheet with him was JC.  The animal snored subtly.  The lynx's head and chest were wrapped in JC's arms.  The wolf's paws were resting across Loki's biceps.  Their legs were entwined, but not held by anyone in particular.  JC's muzzle lay between Loki's ears.  A breeze flowed in from the open window, willing Loki's ears to twitch.  Loki studied JC's paws.  They were large and heavy.  Dangerous, yet gentle.  Such a large animal sleeping with him.  The wolf's claws were worn down slightly.  He liked to pick at his claws.  This wasn't a nervous quirk that JC had rather than a habit.  Loki nuzzled into JC's chest.  He inhaled JC's scent.  Something so different and more wonderful than any other.  Birds chirped outside and the feline wrapped his tail in his mate's.  A shadow formed running down the length of JC's side.  The smell of coffee wafted through the cross-breeze, across vast hardwood floors and into their room.  The coffee must have started itself.

Loki slipped carefully out of his mate's grasp and padded into the kitchen.  The coffemate let out billows of steam.  The lynx stared at the coffee maker.  He looked at the details.  The curve of the filter.  The drops of coffee plunking into their pot.  The water gauge on the side said empty.  Somehow, this coffee didn't seem fresh enough.  His tail swayed slowly as he hummed the tune to some song he's heard in a dream.  Loki watched the dark liquid spiral itself down into the drain.  He filled the coffemate with water and stopped half way into putting water back in.  He didn't want coffee.  Instead, he set down the coffee pot and opened the fridge.  Eggs, ham and waffles.  Loki didn't like waffles much.  Not something that he would eat for breakfast.  But his loved to have them.  They didn't have breakfast together much anymore.  They both went to work at different times.  But this weekend was a chance that Loki wouldn't miss.

Scrambled, sautéed and syrupped.  Loki placed the wolf's food onto the tray.  He walked quietly into their bedroom and sat by JC on the bed.  The feline nudged the wolf.  JC inhaled deeply and his legs and arms stretched out and grabbed at the air.  Loki held out the tray and scritched JC's chest a bit.

“Happy anniversary.”  Loki said.

JC rubbed his eyes, looked at the tray and smiled.  “Thank you.”

The wolf moved the tray aside and held out his arm for Loki.  Loki climbed on to the bed, a knee on each side of his hips.  They leant together and shared a kiss.

“I love you.”  JC said to Loki.

Loki smiled and kissed JC again.  “I love you too.”

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