Behind The Silver Screen


By Jerry Miller


Chapter Two


It was Saturday and no school. Since the parents and my siblings went to visit my grandparents on the other side of the state, I had the house to myself. Waking around 10:30 allowed me plenty of time to shower and have some fun with Jay. He was my age and lived up the street. His family had the only in-ground swimming in the neighborhood. Jay and I had been playing together since last summer. We were swimming at the pool. The five-foot privacy fence that surrounded the pool allowed us to play unobserved by the neighbors. Jay offered to jack me off one day and had told me that he jacks his older brother whenever he was home from college.


I said, Sure.


As he swam over to me, I leaned against the side of the pool. He reached my swimming trunks and felt for my cock. I watched in amazement since this was the first time anyone had ever touched me 'there'.


He slipped my cock out and began a slow stroking of the loose skin. I was totally lost in the sensations of his hand on my cock. This was how it started for us.


I got up and showered and resisted the urge to jack off right there. Jay was supposed to be here at 11 so we could play until I had to go to work at 12:30.


I finished in the shower and dried myself. I made a quick glance in the mirror to see if I had to shave. No, not today I thought. My body was pretty hairless except for around my cock. I wasnt skinny, yet not really that big, either. My hair was cut in what was called a 'boys regular' at the barbershop.  My cock was rather small when soft, but grew to about six and half inches when aroused.


The doorbell rang and I walked naked to the front door. When I was sure it was Jay, I stood behind it to let him in.


"Hi there, Mike, good to see youre ready for me," Jay said with a big smile.


With that he reached for my cock and held it as he brought his lips to mine. I reached for his front area, and began to rub and squeeze his cock through his jeans.


I broke the kiss and asked, "Is your brother home this weekend, Jay?"


"Yeah, I already jacked him off this morning. He was so horny for me he had to wake me up from a sound sleep. I can feel you are ready for me too," he said as he winked at me.


"Let's go to my room."


Since Jay knew his way, he led me by my cock to my upstairs bedroom.  I helped him off with his shirt. He had a nicely defined chest and abdomen without any hair.


I reached for his belt buckle and undid it. I unsnapped the button on his jeans and lowered his zipper. Jay's hand never left my hard cock. I slipped my hand inside his underwear and found his hard cock waiting for me. His jeans slowly fell to the floor and he kicked them off his feet.


We stood there looking into each other's eyes and slowly stroked each other's cocks. I had memorized each and every inch of his cock. I marveled at his mushroom crown.


My hand worked his cock and my lips worked his mouth. Jay never wanted to do more than kiss or touch. Anything else, he swore, was gay. So, I accept his conditions and enjoyed what we did.


I took him by his cock and lead him to the bed. We lay down next to each other and kissed, watching each other as we stroked our cocks. There was no urgency in our movements. Just relaxed, gentle stroking.


"Tell me how you stroked your brother," I said.


Jay just smiled at me and said, "I grabbed his cock and pulled on him. He likes it when I stroke it fast. He just lies down on the bed and lets me do my thing. I show no mercy when I jack him hard. For him, it only takes about a minute before he cums all over his belly and chest."


"Ah, I would love to watch that sometime."


"No can do. He insists that no one knows what we do."


"And he doesn't do anything for you?"


"Nope. Won't even look at my cock."


"He's missing out."


"So you say," Jay chuckled as he leaned back against the wall of my bed.


I leaned back as well. His hand massaged me and teased me some. My hand did the same to him. If anyone walked in, it would be quite a sight seeing two teenagers jerking each other off.


I kept looking at him and his cock, wanting so badly to put it in my mouth.


"Jay, I'm gay." Why I was anxious to admit it to him when I couldn't admit to myself, I didn't know.


"I know."


"Let me suck it?"


Jay didn't answer right away. He was thinking. We have had this conversation before. Every time he declines.


"I don't know Mike. I really don't."


"It doesn't make you gay, Jay, if I suck it. All you have to do is enjoy it."


"Have you ever sucked on one before?" He asked.


"No. Not yet. Youd be my first."


Neither of us has changed our stroking efforts. The conversation seemed to make his cock harder.


"I don't know, Mike."


"I do."


Jay smiles at me and leans in for a kiss. It was just a peck.


"Okay." He says.


I think my heart stopped. He said yes. I turned and looked into his eyes to see if he was joking with me.


"Are you sure?" I ask.




Jay let go of my cock and watched me as I lowered my face to his groin. I was face to cock with him now. As I studied the head and looked down the shaft, I noticed the scar about a quarter inch from the head. My tongue left my mouth and arched its way to the underside of his head. I licked it and then moved towards the slit.


Jay remained quiet until I opened my mouth and took his cock deep inside. I held him in place, not moving at first, savoring the flavor and the excitement of what I was doing. I started rubbing his balls as I slowly started to suck on him.


Jay moaned and seemed lost in sensations he had never felt before. I moved up to the head and started sucking on it, stroking his cock with my hand. He began to react to the manipulations of my mouth on his cock. He stretched out his legs and scooted down some on the bed. It was his first blowjob and I wanted it to be memorable.


I slowed my sucking and stroking to a minimum and then began to take him to completion. His balls tightened up against his body and his cock tensed up. I felt the first of several jets of cum flooding my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but there was too much cum.


Jay started to relax and come down from his orgasmic high. I continued to lick up every drop from his cock that I had lost, and savored the flavor of him.


When I moved up to Jay to kiss him, he surprised me by turning away from my face.


I lay next to him for a several minutes. He didn't say anything. His cock had gone soft and it looked so cute. I lowered my hand and cupped his cock and balls.


"Are you okay, Jay?" I asked.


Jay began to move off the bed.


"I got to go, Mike."


"Want a minute, I haven't gotten off yet."


"Sorry," he said.


Jay seemed rushed as he put his clothes on and, with out a word, left my room. I heard the front door close a few moments later.


Alone suddenly and disappointed, I reached for myself to start stroking but lost the mood.


I needed another shower so I draped a dry towel on the shower door and jumped in. As I stood back from the shower stream, I discovered how nice it felt spraying directly on my cock. It started to get hard and stood straight up as the water stream hit the underside of my cock. As I leaned back against the wall, I felt the intense sensation of the water pounding on me.


My thoughts went back to Jay and how it was for me as I sucked off his cock. It didn't take long before I felt myself heading towards my climax. I found myself so taken over by the orgasm I had to reach for the towel holder to keep my balance. It was everything I could do to just keep my cock under the water.


I slowly recovered and noticed that all my cum had washed down with the water and exited through the drain. I looked at myself and examined my cock to see if I had hurt myself. I found it to be fine and very clean. I thought I had just found a great way to wash my cock every day. Nice. 


I dried off, got dressed and headed for work. As I walked to the theater I began to wonder about Jay and why he reacted the way he did. I wanted to suck his cock all the time now.


Our first show was at 2:00. I observed everything I could about the theater and its operation. I worked with Ryan for the afternoon and he told me some of the history of the theater.


It belonged to a Jewish family since it opened in 1949. When the only son married outside their religion, the father flew to New York and sold it to Loews Theatres. Family tradition must have run deep.


Every time the bedroom scene was on screen, Ryan and I were right there watching. I wanted so much to reach out and touch Romeo.


Joe came in at 6:00 and the three us handled over 600 people that night. The highlight of the evening was when all three of us were upstairs changing at the end of our shift. We actually stood around in our underwear for a while as we chatted about school and work. I wanted so much to walk up to both Ryan and Joe and rub my hands over their cocks.


It was nearly eleven when I started to walk. I walked past Jay's house. The light was out in his bedroom. When I got to my house, Jay was sitting on the porch swing.


"Were you waiting for me?" I asked.




"Are you okay?"


"We need to talk," he said.


"About?" I sat down next to him on the swing.


"We crossed the line today," he said.


"The line you established, Jay."




"So, my giving you a blow job crossed a line that you didn't want to cross?"




"Okay, the line was crossed. I sucked your cock. You shot your load in my mouth. I did all the work."


"I know."


"So what's the problem? We could go inside and I could do it again," I said, hoping that's what he wanted.


"I can't," he said.




"Because we crossed the line. It's my fault. I allowed it."


"Okay. But I asked you first."


"I know."


"So what's the problem?"


Jay sat there, staring up the street.


"What's the problem then?" I asked again.


"I liked it."


"Great. I did too."


I reached for his hand but he withdrew it from my grasp.


"Jay, what's wrong?"


"I liked it too much."


"Whatre you saying?"


"Mike, I liked playing around with you. What we did was within boundaries I set for myself. Id touch you and my brother and Id kiss you. That was as  far as I wanted it to go. I'm not like you. I'm not gay. But today things changed. I thought letting you blow me would be alright," he said turning towards me, his eyes meeting mine. "But I loved what you did and I felt things that scared me."


"What did you feel, Jay?"


Jay turned away and stared down at the porch floor.


"I knew if I stayed Id cross the line. I don't want to be gay, Mike. But what I felt after you were done, what we shared, I knew that if I did what I wanted so badly to do, then Id be like you."


"What did you want to do, Jay?"


"I wanted to do what you did to me."


"And you think if you sucked me it would make you gay?"




"I don't know what to say."


"Me either. This isn't easy for me. I spent the whole day in my room, thinking about what I should do. My brother came to me and I told him, no."




"Because I knew if I took hold of his cock I would want to suck it."


"So you think you might be turning gay?"


"I'm scared that if I keep on with what Im doing, I won't be satisfied with just the hand jobs. I know if I go any further with you or my brother, I will be gay."


We sat there quietly. I didn't know what to say and didn't like what I was thinking. I suspected he was doing the same thing. We rocked in the porch swing together. Finally, he spoke.


"I can't see you anymore, Mike."


I felt like Id just got punched in the stomach.




"I mean it, Mike. I can't do this anymore. I want to stay straight and Im scared I could fall the other way so easily. I don't want to live like that."


"Like how, Jay?"


"I really don't know. That kind of life scares me. I know you're gay and you seem okay with it, but what are you going to do when you finish high school?"


"I don't know yet. My parents just told me that there was no college fund. So that's out."


"No, I mean with being gay."


"I guess go on with what I am doing."


"You see, even youre really unsure about it. But me, I don't see any future with it. I want to be normal, get married to a girl."


"That doesn't mean you can't have fun till then."


"Yeah, it does. After you sucked me, I knew I wanted more and I would want it all the time. If I did what I wanted to, go down on you or my brother, that would be it. Id be pulled into it and I don't see a way out. Id be gay. Don't you see? I don't want to be gay."


"I know. Ive heard this already. Youve told me over and over again that you didn't want to be gay, that you weren't gay."




"Stay with me tonight. Decide for sure and, in the morning, maybe youll feel you can do both."


I knew I was sounding desperate. I didn't like what I was afraid was going to happen, lose Jay from my life.


"If I stay with you tonight, thered be no turning back because I know that if I did, I would be gay."


I finally accepted the inevitable.


"I can't see you anymore. He told me, we can't talk or even say 'hi' when we pass in school. He hesitated, and then added,  I'm sorry Mike. Im going to miss you."


Jay got up and walked away into the darkness towards his house.




The end of Chapter 2