Behind The Silver Screen


By Jerry Miller


Chapter Sixteen


The Jolly Roger Drive-In was located near the I-275 loop along I-75 near the Cincinnati community of Sharonville.  Several motels lined the area. I picked the Holiday Inn to check into before we headed to the theatre. I registered and paid with the money I withdrew from my bank account right after my visit with Jay. Taking the key, Eric and I entered the room. There were two queen size beds, and I knew only one would be used tonight. We dropped our bags and turned to each other. My arms went around Eric and he fell into them. As I held him, my thoughts wondered the gamut of what might happen here. Eric was a novice to the world of gay sex. I was sure he had ideas and fantasies, but tonight, he was my responsibility; I wanted him to remember this night of pleasure and love for the rest of his life.


I kissed his lips, I felt us both getting aroused. I glanced at my watch and figured we had about an hour and a half.


I pulled from Eric’s embrace. “We have time for dinner or we can start something now.”


The look in Eric’s bright blue eyes told what I needed to know.  I brought my lips to his and kissed him with all the passion and love that I could convey. I was pleased that his response exceeded mine.  I finally released him and set him down on the bed.


“No matter what we do, you are way too nervous and excited, and you will probably pop as soon as you’re touched. So, just relax and lay back, and I will take care of your imminent need now.”


“I trust you,” Eric said. “You know best.”


I started to unbutton his shirt.  As I worked my way down, he watched every move I made. I pushed his shirt off and laid it on the chair next to the bed. His chest thus laid bare, I admired the depth of his chest and abdomen. Hair circled his nipples and a treasure trail ran down his belly, over his navel and down into his jeans.  I reached for the snap on his jeans and couldn’t help but notice that his erection was pressed against them. I stopped and looked up at his face. His expression was a mixture of awe and fear and anxiety.


“Relax,” I said. “Don’t worry about what’s going to happen or how fast it will happen.”


Eric nodded his head not taking his eyes off mine. I unsnapped his jeans and pulled his zipper away from his crotch, careful not to touch his erection. After removing his shoes and socks, I pulled off his jeans. He lay there in just his underwear, and I saw a wet spot near the end of his cock. I ran my hands up his legs and along his thighs. A moan escaped his lips as I reached his groin area. Still not wanting to touch his erection,  I slipped my fingers under the waistbands of his white underwear and pulled them away from his body.


As he lay naked before me, I wondered at the beauty of the manliness before me.  When I took a good look at his erection, which was of average size, he didn’t remind me of Mike at all.  When I noticed he had foreskin, I was surprised and curious. Eric was not like his brother; he wasn’t circumcised. I laid upon the bed running my hands back over his thighs and cradled his balls and cock in my hands. I found myself excited at the prospect of touching an intact cock for the first time. I brought my fingers to it and wrapped them around his fleshy penis. I gently moved his foreskin down and up, marveling at the flexibility of it. I brought the skin away from his head and looked up at him.


“Don’t worry about cumming too soon.  Just allow yourself to do it,” I said.


I brought the pink head to my mouth and licked around it. Slowly, I let it pass my lips, slide across my tongue and glide towards my throat. I heard Eric catch his breath. 


With my mouth full, I looked at him. His eyes were bulging out and I knew that I had to take him over now. I slid his cock half way out, with its head on my tongue, my lips closed around it below the head, my hand around the shaft and started the slow pulling of the skin as I worked on its head with my tongue and mouth.


Eric’s movements told me that he was nearly over the edge. I knew it wouldn’t take long as his cock hardened even more. His balls tightened up, his body raised slightly off the bed and his cock erupted into my mouth with such a force that his cum tickled my tonsils at the back of my throat before sliding down to be swallowed. The flavor of his cum had a delicious taste to it. I continued to manipulate him until he told me to stop.


Scooting up to him, I took him in my arms. He kissed me and used his tongue to taste himself on me.


“Oh, Mike,” he said, “Does it get better than that?”


“Yeah, it does.”


After we took some time for Eric to recover, his hand moved down to my soft penis. I had been so relaxed lying there next to him, feeling the intimacy of the moment that I needed to be roused to action again.  He turned his face to me and said, “It’s my turn to see what I’ve learned.”


“Okay,” I said.


Eric moved his naked body over the top of me, straddling me.  While his fingers unbuttoned my shirt, he leaned down and kissed me. I felt myself getting hard under his weight. I knew he felt it. He spread the shirt open and ran his hands over my chest, running his fingers over my nipples. After kissing my neck, he moved down my chest with his lips, touching and kissing. He moved down without skipping a beat, found the clasp of my pants and unhooked them. He ran his hands along my erection, softy stroking the outline through my pants. After pulling down the zipper, he slipped my pants off of me.  He laid down on top me, with our cocks touching through my underwear. He sucked on my lips while he slowly ground against me with his own erection. “Where did he learn this so quickly?” I thought. He’s making love to me and I am totally lost.


Eric broke the kiss, sliding down and slipping his fingers into the waistband of my underwear. Teasingly, he ran his fingers along the waistband before slipping the underwear off of me. He sat on his knees for a few minutes to take in my nakedness. His hard on gave away his sexual state; as though with a mind of its own, the head began its inexorable escape out of its protective skin.


He lowered himself down with his face right at my cock. He kissed it. He kissed each one of my testicles. He ran a finger along the perineum. Slowly he lowered his lips and took the head of my cock into his mouth. I watched him as he savored the taste of his first penis. He positioned himself like I had him, and started the suck and pull of my cock.


Eric was incredible; he sucked me all the way down and back up to pull on what loose skin I had. I was right. Eric was a fast learner at everything. It didn’t take me long; I warned him I was going to cum. He took the first shot in his mouth and then pulled off to watch, I presumed, the rest of my orgasm. Cum shot all the way up my chest and dribbled down to my pubic hair. He looked so cute, gazing up at me, with cum on his lips and all over his hand. I reached up to him and kissed him.  I tasted my own cock and cum on his mouth, mixed with his own taste; I knew I would soon be addicted to Eric.


He laid down beside me as we continued to make out. I reached down for his hard cock and began to slowly stroke his foreskin over his cock head. I loved the way it moved so easily.


“You keep that up,” he said, “and I’ll shoot again.”


I ignored his warning, kissing him more urgently, I stroked him faster, as his fingers grabbed my cock to hold on to, his body convulsed into another orgasm. Cum shot out all over us as we practically swallowed each other’s mouths. After it seemed he had recovered, he moved his body on top of mine. We were covered in cum and I didn’t care. His still hard cock rested on top of mine, his balls brushing up against mine.  He didn’t move except for his open mouth, our tongues dueling for dominance and my hands running the up and down the length of his back.


“Do I have time to get you off again, Mike?” he asked.


I looked at the clock on the dresser and figured that if he was quick, he could, and we could still get the shower we both so desperately needed.


“Yeah, if you are fast about it.”


Smiling, he moved down and took my cock in his mouth. This time, as he worked magic on my cock with his lips, tongue and hands, he showed me no mercy.  He was all over it exploring every angle with gusto and vigor that I had never known before. I shot off this time in his mouth with my entire orgasm. He swallowed every last drop. I was amazed and proud of him. I had to kiss his mouth so I could experience the wondrous tastes that I knew would be there. Eric offered his tongue as I sucked on it.


I rushed us into the shower. We washed each other quickly. Easing the skin back and soaping the head and the shaft, I figured out how to clean his cock. We rinsed, and before we left the room, we enjoyed one last kiss and grope. 


As I drove towards the drive-in, Eric reached for my hand. I looked at him with new eyes. His eyes were bright and his face radiated satisfaction. I smiled at him knowing that tonight in that motel room we would discover even more of ourselves.


“I know you’re wondering about it,” he said.


“Wondering about what?” I asked.


“Why I am not circumcised and Mike was.”


“Oh, that,” I said thinking, of course that he was right.


“One of the few things my parents ever agreed on was that circumcision shouldn’t be done.”




“When Mike was born, my mother instructed the doctor that Mike was not to be touched. He wrote the orders and everyone presumed that Mike would be left alone. They brought Mike to my mother after it was done and she asked the nurse why he was so fussy and she told my mother he had just been circumcised. My mother was furious and cussed the nurse out.”


I thought that part was funny, since I had never heard his mother ever utter a curse word.


“My mother demanded to see the administrator of the hospital and asked why it was done and he told her it was hospital policy, that no new born boy was released without circumcision. She told him she would not pay for it and swore she would never have another baby in his hospital again. She said he didn’t care. She called my Dad, who was overseas at the time, and told him what happened. I guess he called the administrator and cussed him out. But it was done and there was nothing they could do about it.”


“I didn’t know it made that much of a difference.”


“It does. I’m glad I’m not. I do like yours though; they left some skin for me to play with.”


I knew I wasn’t cut tight and was probably grateful for that. I immediately thought of Mikey and felt he was in good company.


“Did you know Ben didn’t have Mikey circumcised?” I asked.


“Yeah, I know. My Mom had a long talk with Ben about that before Mikey was born. I suspected Ben had already made up his mind about it.”


“Ben told me he had read up on the subject by accident when he was researching homosexuality. At first I was surprised about Mikey, then I wasn’t.”


“You should have seen Mike react when he realized we were different. Mom had us taking a bath together. I was about three and Mike five. He started screaming and yelled for Mom. Mike kept pointing at my dick and saying it was broken. Mom just laughed at him and told him that he was like that when he was born. Mom tried to explain to him that mine wasn’t broken, trying not to scare him about the fact that his had been cut. It would be a few years later before we both understood what really happened.”


I was laughing thinking about Mike’s freaking out over his brother’s cock.


The turn off came up for the drive-in. The paved road that led to the castle-like ticket booth must have been a mile long. I drove through the castle and down to the Snack Bar building.


We were early so I parked in front of the projection booth and Eric, and I walked around the theatre lot. The screen was built with a frame of steel. The screen facing was made of sheet metal painted white. At the bottom of screen frame, where the steel supports rested into the concrete, a covering of plants and bushes hid it.  Just tall enough to cover us as we made out behind the screen, Eric pushed me up against one of the steel supports and sucked on my mouth. I felt his hardness press against me as we dueled with our tongues. It seemed like he couldn’t get enough of me. I wondered if there was ever going to be a time that his desire would ever be satisfied. I hoped that would never happen any time soon.


I heard a car drive in, and ever so gently I pushed Eric back. “There’s more where that came from,” I told him.


“I know and I can hardly wait,” he said emphasizing his point by cupping his package with both hands.


I snickered and pulled him out from behind the screen. We walked up to the building and met the manager who left us in the projection booth. I opened the plates that covered the portholes. I inspected the projectors for cleanliness. I noticed that these were Century projectors. The ones at the Ambassador were Brenkerts. I always thought that the Century projectors had been designed for left handed people. Eric seemed right at home as he grabbed the first reel of the main feature and went to the left projector. I watched him as he placed the 2000-foot reel in the top magazine. He ran the film down from the reel and stopped the count down leader at the number six.


Once again I was amazed that Eric threaded the projector correctly without instructions. There were some differences between the make up of the Brenkerts and the Century projector. I had been taught on a Simplex E7 projector, which is pretty cramped. The Brenkerts on the other hand was quite spacious. The Century fell in between. Each had a different type of film gate and even the soundheads were built slightly differently.


I looked over his threading as he stood back, oozing obscenely his self-confidence. I turned around expecting that his ego would get the best of him. Without a word I simply shook my head at him and turned away.


“What? Aren’t you going to say anything?” he asked.


I stopped and faced him. “If you keep this up, you’re going to be better than the teacher. I might be proud of you, but I will also be pissed.”


Slowly, Eric started to smile at me. His lips parted and his mouth opened to laugh.


“Smart ass,” I said.


He just kept laughing at me until I opened the carbon arc door and he looked in. This was a MagArc lamphouse. It was different than the one at the Ambassador. It used larger carbon rods. I watched Eric move forward and study the lamp house. I enjoyed this about him; he immersed himself into the unknown, only later to claim the knowledge on his own. Since he wasn’t asking for any help, I walked away to give him space. It took him about two minutes to figure it out but when he expertly replaced the carbon rod studs with new rods. I looked inside the lamphouse, impressed, and closed the door.


“Smart ass,” I said.


I walked over to the Men’s Room to take a piss. He followed me and stood right next to me as he pulled “little Eric” out to take a piss too. I watched as he pulled the skin away from his pee hole and let loose. 


“Are you perving on me?” he asked, shaking any wetness from his cock. Letting his skin naturally ease back over the head. He looked straight at my own cock.


I shook it for him, putting on a little more effort than I normally do. I put it away and turned towards him and said, “Smart ass.” He grinned.


I turned and washed my hands, I felt his on me. “You’re still a smart ass,” I said as I kissed his lips softly.


“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said with a wink.


By this time the snack bar area had opened up and we looked around. The Pirate theme of the drive-in was evident in this area. The concession manager told us that in the basement area was a complete display of pirates and ships. It used to be open to the public, but after the novelty wore off, they closed it and used that area for storage.


It was dark enough and the time had arrived for the main feature,  “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry”. As I started the carbon arc and the projector, Eric watched my every move. His eyes remained on my hands as I handled the switches. Instead of a switch on the wall for the picture change over, there was a foot pedal on the floor. Not unlike a car’s clutch, you would stomp it with your foot.


I heard a chuckle behind me. He knew I would let him run the projectors the rest of the night.


I’m sure he knew if he screwed up at anytime, I would thoroughly enjoy it. I, of course, would rib him and not let him forget it. For the rest of the night, he never screwed up, much to my dismay and with a little pride on my part.


I sat on the stool near the workbench and just watched him. His body moved with precision and confidence. I admired his ability to master anything so quickly.


Being in public like this, we kept our distance. I don’t know how it was for him, but all I wanted to do was touch him. Hold him. Kiss him. As I thought about what would happen when we returned to the room that night, my cock kept getting hard. I had to reprimand it for its arousal, for what little good that would do.


“The Legend of Hell House” was the second feature. Since both movies were flat, I didn’t have to do a lens change. It pleased me that I still knew something he didn’t.


As the night wore on, I began to realize how different Eric was from Mike. I think the last four years away from his father had done him a lot of good. I did think of Mike, though. As much as I tried, I couldn’t help it. I didn’t feel guilty or anything, just that Mike would have his place in my heart.


I feared Eric was going to be a challenge to keep up with. I thought that wouldn’t be so bad.


As the last reel rewound in the machine I asked Eric if he was hungry. All we had had was some popcorn and a soda from the snack bar.


He came closer to me and said, “I liked what we had earlier in the room.”


All I could do was smile and silently agree with him. “I’m starved. Waffle House is on the way to the room. I think we both need to recharge our strength before we hit the bed again.”


After we got into my car to leave the drive-in, Eric took my hand in his. “This has been an incredible day so far and I know in the room, it will be even more exciting. I want you inside me Mike. I want to feel you make love to me.”


Those words sent a warm feeling throughout my chest and belly was something that I could hardly remember ever having had before. I knew how excited and taken I was when Mike took me that first time. I remembered the moment I first entered Mike and made love to him. I couldn’t help but remember the feelings and the emotions that connected us to each other at the time. I didn’t know if it could get any better than that.


I didn’t respond other than to squeeze his hand and nod my head. Pulling my hand away from his, I started the car. We rode in silence to the Waffle House. We chatted about movies and music as usual as we eat heartily. He must have been starved because the boy could put it away.


It was nearly 1:30 in the morning by the time we got back to the motel. I fished out my key and unlocked the door. I turned and looked in each direction to see if anyone was around to see us. Feeling confident that we had no audience, I picked Eric up and carried him into the room, kicking the door shut after us.


I laid my lover on the bed and undressed him. He watched every move I made. I kissed every part of his body I could reach with my lips. His hands would brush my hair or stroke my face or body. I stood up and started to strip for him. He already had an erection standing proudly above his body as I revealed my nudity to him. My own erection was standing tall, too.


I reached into my bag and found my small jar of Vaseline. His eyes followed me as I neared his body with mine.


In my heart, at this moment, I was fully alive. I opened the jar and slipped my fingers in. I felt the viscous moisture of the Vaseline on them and looked up at Eric. He moved his legs apart.  With my other hand I grabbed a pillow and I slipped it under his lower back.


With his body completely opened to me, I felt overwhelmed by the feeling that Eric was giving himself to me, unconditionally.  I brought my mouth up to his hard cock, and as I took it into my mouth, my fingers guided their way to his perineum. I slipped my tongue over his exposed glans as my fingers continued to his rectum.  My fingers and mouth worked to prepare him for what was to come. His moans only encouraged and heightened my own arousal.


He was a very tight virgin boy-man, as I had to remind myself, but my fingers had their way with him. When they found his prostate, he nearly jumped off the bed. I couldn’t wait to run my cock head over the very same area.


Slowly, I removed my fingers and reached for more Vaseline. He watched as I applied the jelly to my cock, preparing it for the moment that neither of us would ever have again, our first time together.


As I reached for his body, my cock nestled at his perineum.  My face opposite his, I kissed him, softly without urgency. As I lifted myself up and down on him, my cock rubbed his anus area.


“I love you, Mike,” he said.


“I know,” I said.


I knew what his response was going to be, so I covered his mouth with mine and sucked on his lips. I moved my hand down to guide my cock to his rectum. I paused with the head at the opening, knowing that he was ready and eager and so was I. 


The moment it pressed into him, I knew I wanted this more than he did, to feel alive again. As I felt it push past the resistance, Eric tensed up. He moaned into my mouth as my cock made its way inside to his colon. As we both felt my balls hitting up against his ass, I felt him relax beneath me.


I pulled off his mouth and looked deeply into his eyes. As I started the slow process of stroking my cock inside his colon, my eyes never left his. He gasped and moaned, never taking his eyes off mine. My cock was wrapped tightly inside him. I could feel him squeezing himself on me. I continued to make love to him, not pulling out completely, but just enough to feel the inner ring of his rectum around my cock head. My body flooded me with a feeling of euphoria. I made love to Eric and Eric made love to me, running his hands over me, touching my face and hands. I knew he was hard; I could feel it against my belly. But I didn’t want him to cum like that. I wanted him in me, later.


I quickened my pace as I long stroked him; my cock head kept hitting his prostate, I knew he was going to cum. I felt my own moment approaching as a warm sensation began its journey from bottom of my groin. I couldn’t stop it. It flowed, pulsating up through my cock, it sprayed inside Eric just as he clamped down on me for his own orgasm. 


Cum flew from Eric’s cock, splashing both him and me. I kept cumming inside him; it seemed like it would last forever. I wanted to feel this forever. As I felt the orgasm start to subside, I lay on top of Eric and kissed him soulfully. His hands pulled me closer to him as though he wouldn’t get enough of me; I knew I wouldn’t get enough of him. My cock rested still and firm, encased deep inside my lover.


Eventually, I fell soft and came out of Eric. I moved up beside him and took him in my arms to cuddle with him. His head lay on my shoulder, his hands on my body, one resting comfortably on my soft cock, protecting it, it seemed.


“Are you okay?” I asked.


“More than okay, Mike. I am completely happy.”


I pulled him closer to me. “I want you inside me before we leave this room.”


“I know. I want that too.”


“Is it what you thought it would be like with me?”


“Hmm,” he moaned.


I took that as a ‘yes’.


We fell asleep. He in my arms, sticky, wet and totally happy, and so was I.



The end of Chapter 16.