The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie
Interlude - The Sixth




“I’ve never used one of these. Do you think it’s safe?”


“We’ll find out soon enough.”


“It would have been nice if we could have found a technician to help us.”


“Too risky. A plasma torch is a highly specialized tool, and there are only so many skilled operators – at least ones who can do what we require.”


“If it’s so bloody specialized then why are we trying to do this ourselves?”


“What choice do we have? Who can we trust?”


“Someone in the resistance?”


“No, this is separate from them. This bit is a part of our own plan.”


“A back-up?”


“Just call it plan B.”


“Do you have the connectors?”


“They’re in the bag right behind you.”


“At least Calem marked the path, and opened the wall.”


“And now he’s mysteriously vanished.”


“Do you think he was discovered? I haven’t been able to find any information about him.”


“Neither have I, and it’s not for lack of trying.”


“Ok, I think I have everything set up. Whether it’s set up properly or not is another thing.”


“We’ll find out soon enough. I think we should direct the beam just above the stairs, that way we can climb them once we’ve made a large enough hole. Just keep it away from the post and lintels. They’re ancient. We don’t want the whole tomb to collapse on top of our heads once we’re inside.


“How did these tombs end up down here?”


“Every civilization builds on the bones of the ones that went before. After awhile, the earlier bits get lost and forgotten.”


“I’m amazed that we found them.”


“Thank Calem for that.”


“I wish I knew what happened to him.”


“So do I, but we can’t let it deter us. We have to move forward. Speaking of which, are you ready?”


“I think so.”


“Then let’s do it.”


“Ok. Do you have what you need to collect the sample?”


“Yes, as long as we can find an intact tooth we should have what we need.”


“Why are we just opening one tomb when The Founder’s tomb is right next to it?”


“That’s for another purpose, and for that we’ll need the Resistance and your friend, Edmond Croal.”


“The original plan A?”


“If that’s what you prefer to call it.”


“I’m ready.”


“Here – put these on to protect your eyes and then switch it on.”


“Forgive me, Lord Agramon.”


“What did you say?”


“I’m asking pardon for the desecration.”


“I don’t think Escalad Agramos would mind, if he knew the circumstances.”