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Chapter - 11

Knight of Tizona[1], Principal Councilor

The Golfe de Sainte-Tropez was a jewel of the French Riviera in what Colonel Sir Raphael DeLucca KT, OGD, PC, had come to think of as the ‘Old World’. Here, it was a virtually pristine paradise. There was a small village a short distance from his villa, several farms and orchards close by. And a lovely beach just a few yards down the slope to what he could not help but call the Mediterranean Sea.

He lived here with Teddy and three other boys that had been rescued from the Rajah.

He had a Bwca staff of three. A skilled and jolly cook, a housekeeper, and a groundskeeper.

Simon, a black and white cat and an apprentice familiar, had attached himself to the household and got on well with Lamborghini, Colonel DeLucca’s long serving tabby cat who had made himself quite at home on the Riviera. The two of them could frequently be seen dozing in the shade, or in the sun, as it suited them.

Colonel DeLucca visited his apartment building in San Diego from time to time and also checked in with the LGBT center he had worked with for years.

The boys were all sunbathing on the beach. They were gloriously naked.

The Colonel had an idea. He had rescued Teddy, Gary, and a number of other innocents from the cruel indifference of the streets; there were certainly more children that deserved rescue. This deserved attention. He’d talk to the King.


Knight of Hermes Wand, Officer of the Order of the Golden Dragon

The Viscount Sir Lawrence of Coronado, KH, PC, OGD, Physician Royal, and his partner, Humphrey Abstruse, PC, OGD, Steward to the King and Principal Royal Wizard, remained in the immediate royal entourage and occupied a suite in the Palace Royal in the capital. They also had a country villa by a lake in the country. Lawrence did not permit Humphrey any say in the management of the households as Humphrey had this way of inspiring the servants to oppose him. But Lawrence did give Humphrey a diamond and ruby brooch to wear with his robes. Lawrence felt it his duty to protect Humphrey from Humphrey.

Wilde was Lawrence’s familiar. When it was discovered that Lawrence was a healer, and not merely an apprentice wizard, the Familiar Council immediately appointed a replacement. But Lawrence wasn’t having it. Wilde was his pal and that was it. There was an epic tantrum.

The Familiar Council, august body that it might have been, retreated in the face of Lawrence’s displeasure. Wilde remained.


Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Golden Dragon

His Serene Highness, the Prince Ashmore, KGCGD, PC, Premier Magister of the Earth and Aide de Camp to the Monarch was deeply involved in railroading. “Gary” to his friends; he was designing a new steam locomotive. His partner, Liegeman Sir James Wolsey, KGD, PC, enjoyed the comfort of riding in trains, but left the driving of the locomotive to his lover.

They had a town house in the capital, and a chateau at the foot of the Alps. The chateau had its own railroad spur connecting to the main line.

They enjoyed collecting art and fine dining.

Copenhagen remained in attendance as their familiar, though he frequently visited Colonel DeLucca whom he considered to be a great friend.

Private Donnie Tomkins of the 8th Regiment of Foot wore the Trollian War Medal and the Coronation Medal when he was in his finery; he had secured the position of batman to the Prince. He then expanded that to include the Liegeman. In effect, he managed the both of them.


Liegeman Paul St Marie PC, OGD, Household Medal with Swords, Coronation Medal, had gone to Australia when HMS Boadicea had arrived there; they had established a camp at what would have been Adelaide were they on Earth. Alice, his wife, had borne twins, Alan and Alicia, and they were establishing themselves in Australia. They had one squadron of the 1st Battalion of the 5th Cavalry, a company of the 99th Mounted Rifles, the 4th Battery of the Royal Artillery Regiment, a platoon of engineers, and other support troops. The Navy was sending additional ships. Sennacherib remained as their familiar.



The Honourable Sir Christian Sanford, Bart, PC, Household Medal with Swords, Coronation Medal, Trollian War Medal, was serving as private secretary to the King. His wife Clarisse was his assistant. They had a daughter Margaret named in honor of the Kings mother.


Gallantry Star

Garrison Sergeant Major George Aberhonddu, GS, OGD, accompanied the King from time to time, but was otherwise comfortably ensconced at the Royal Palace where he was in charge of just about everything military. If he wasn’t in charge, he was certainly deferred to. He was beginning to consider retirement. And marriage. He’d been a soldier for well over a hundred years and sometimes felt just a bit creakier than perhaps a serving soldier ought. Of course, he’d never admit that.


Robert Connors, known to all as ‘The Dodger’ had been pardoned and was the proud possessor of the King’s Household Medal with Swords, the Coronation Medal, and the Trollian War Medal. He was First Teamster to the Master of the Horse, worked with Clydesdales on a daily basis and was now installed in a comfortable cottage near the stables. He worked with Sorcha and Catriona in particular. Sorcha is a familiar. She’s on maternity leave which means she’s pretty much her own boss.

The Dodger would no longer dress in anything other than kilts in the tartans Sorcha said were proper for him. He and the Cyffylog boys were no longer enemies. They were becoming friends. Amazing what a campaign medal can do.

But the Dodger was single, and eligible.


Ralph Cyffylog proudly wears the King’s Household Medal with Swords, the Coronation Medal, and the Trollian War Medal. He no longer plans on enlisting in his father’s regiment. He was now First Chauffeur to the King, was continuing in school, and his horizons were widening. He remained fond of rugby but wasn’t able to play as much anymore.

Terence and Harry received the same medals that Ralph had. They worked as part time assistants in the Royal Garage while they continued in school. Their rugby, too, had become curtailed. It was unlikely that they would join the army.

Sergeant Cyffylog had several long talks with his boys. He told them that he was proud to be a soldier, but there had not been many options open to him when he was a younger. He urged them to seek new opportunities for careers other than the military.


Knight Commander of the Star of Swords

Field Marshal the Earl Martial Sir Colin Spurgeon, KCSS, KCT, PC, Prince Champion of the Crown, Master of the King’s Horse, remained deeply in love with the King and found himself busy with the affairs of the Kingdom. He was working with Helene, the Governor General of State, in an effort to insure that the peace with the Trollians was fair and lasting. They had, after all, been led astray by a fleeing elve of Ellendale.

His Mother, Cheryll, had been with her husband through to the end. She returned to Earth where she resigned from her firm, liquidated her assets, and moved to Ellendale where her application for a job with the Exchequer was immediately successful. She had a lovely town house in the capital; brought her Buick with her, and had a Bwca staff and chauffeur.

His Father, Ranald, had joined his King, Henry VII Indomitable, two weeks after the completion of the trial, in Elven Court, of the leader of the Trollians. This man had not committed “crimes against humanity” within the context of the legal definition currently in place. He was therefore sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. He was to have no contact with anyone except prison personnel; he was to have full access to the news in the kingdom, but no ability to comment or interact on the same.

Surus has become a friend as well as a familiar and remains with Colin on a regular basis. He frequently holidays on Earth’s Africa where he flattens ivory poachers as an enjoyable public service. Surus is on first name terms with the Principal of Isandlwana and the habitat for poachers is diminishing.


HM the King

The King’s love for his Kingdom was apparent to all; the Kingdom’s love for its King was equally apparent. Justin III was a busy man.

Dad was enchanted with Ellendale. He left his firm on Earth and was appointed Colonel of the Royal Engineers. He was busy with railroads and sundry other construction.

Dad-o enjoyed his work on Earth, so continued to take interesting assignments when they came along, the rest of the time he spent with Carlisle in the library answering many questions that he’d developed through the years.

Happily, Vyvyan OGD continued to care for his King’s immediate needs. Aethnen, Commander of the Household Order, OGD, Principal Chamberlain, managed his household with quiet expertise. Mrs Mwyar also was a recipient of the CHO, OGD, and shared the appointment of Principal Chamberlain. She frequently asked Cameron if ‘Jamie’ was evincing any interest in girls. She had been ecstatic when the other two liegemen had married Elven girls and had children; she ‘tch-tched’ when Cameron told her no. Then she suggested that Cameron should suggest to the King that a few more liegemen in the palace might be just the ticket to more weddings and children.

Dafydd Thomas holds the King’s Household Star, the Coronation Medal, and the Trollian War Medal. He is now the Under Butler of the Royal Household.

Cameron remained attached to the Royal Household. Familiars never received decorations as it was assumed that their performance of duty would be superlative and unblemished. It always was.


Coeur du Lion

Sergeant stripes
Almost-empty glass

Sergeant Jones Fourteen, and Corporal Winn, were on their second pint of beer. They would allow themselves three pints and then they would return to quarters.

“So. ’Ere we are,” Corporal Winn observed.

Winners wore the Lionheart, the Household with Swords Medal, the Coronation Medal, and the Trollian War Medal. On his lower left sleeve the crossed bayonetted rifles indicated participation in close infantry combat.

“Yep,” Sergeant Jones agreed.

Fourteen wore the Military Commendation Medal, the Household with Swords Medal, the Coronation Medal, and the Trollian War Medal. His lower left sleeve was similarly decorated.

“Been quite a ride, ain’t she,” Fourteen continued.

“Yep,” Winners agreed. “Don’t much care fer the bagonette, me.”

“Me neither,” Fourteen agreed solemnly.

“Still, we ’uns old sojers now. There was toimes I wondered if we’d make it.”

“Yep. Gotten us all serious and re-spoonsible. Who’d a thunk it?”

They finished their beer and returned to quarters.

[1] One of El Cid’s swords inscribed, “I am the Tizona who was made in the year 1040”. Now on display in Burgos, it is eminently suitable as a name for a military order of knighthood in Ellendale.