The Royal Space Corps


The King on his horse in front of a crowd

Jubilee of Dannebrog,
First Charger to the Throne of Denmark1

King Christian X was Jubilee’s favorite King. Here Jubilee carries the King on one of his daily rides through Copenhagen during the nazi occupation. Jubilee had richly enjoyed Christian’s studied insults to Hitler and his minions. That was Jubilee’s job as a Familiar. The care and preservation of the Danish Throne; he’d been on the job since the year 1219 Anno Domini as it was then known. Now Jubilee carries Christian’s descendant into a new crisis involving aliens, magic, and all of the mysteries of Ellendale and the Elven Dominions Beyond the Stars.

It was sixty some earth years ago that Justin and Colin were torn from San Diego to become King and Earl Martial of an Elven World. Time moves along normally, but the folk age slowly. It’s been sixty some years, but Justin and Colin would be asked for their identification were they to order alcohol in San Diego today.

These adventures began with ‘An Owl on my Sceptre’ and continued through ‘The Royal Mail Delivers’ and ‘Up Ship’. This is the fourth episode of a series that includes two sets of aliens, Tommy knockers, Elves, Trollians, and humans. As my friend Jerry has commented, I’ve a lot of characters. I’ve tried to update each story so that all of them do not have to be read, but I doubt I’ve been entirely successful and one would have a better understanding of the characters and their world if the stories were all read.

With respect to names, certain historical figures are named. Christian X was the King of Denmark and Jubilee was one of his favorite mounts. Here, Christian X is only a memory, but Jubilee is busy as a Familiar. Some other families have been given descendants they could not know about. All of these characters are figments of my possibly overactive imagination and are not meant to represent any actual person living or dead.

I’ve attempted to use pictures that are within the public domain. I always give credit for a picture if I know it.

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I would like to thank Douglas and other AD writers who have contributed input to this story. My thanks also go to the readers who have commented on the stories. One reader wrote to tell me I was taking too long with this episode. He was of course correct, I had to sell my house and move to a new state while it was being written.

1 Ancient Faces. This photo has long been within the public domain.