View from hotel suite

The Champagne Flute

by John S. Lloyd

The annual California conference for commercial design and graphic artists was held at the Fairmount Hotel in San Francisco. My day’s activities had concluded and more than two dozen artists, designers and publishers had gathered at a cocktail party sponsored by one of the companies I worked with. The invitation indicated that the dress code for the event was suit and tie or cocktail dress. I had recently purchased an Armani tuxedo which I proudly wore. I liked the way my slim, toned body looked in the tailored silk jacket and trousers. I was able, with some difficulty, to manually tie my subtly patterned bowtie. Purchasing the tuxedo and knowing I would be attending the cocktail party prompted me to get my hair styled. I noticed several women look my direction when I entered the party suite.

Man in suit and bow tie


The group was gathered in a large room decorated in Asian style. It had a balcony with seating that looked over the dynamic city scrape of downtown San Francisco. Champagne, in tall, stemmed flutes, was served by a handsome male waiter dressed in a white shirt and black tie. He moved effortlessly among the guests with his tray of champagne glasses. Appetizers were served from a polished table on one side of the spacious room. In the center of the table was a fragrant bouquet of lilies and gladiolas. Cascading vines fell into a tray of floating votive candles. The table was spread with sushi and sashimi, two bountiful fruit and cheese trays, a large iced bowl of shrimp, and a huge bowl of hummus with chips. No expensive was spared.

The conversation was quiet except for one tall, striking fellow in his middle 30’s. He was a representative for the company hosting the reception. He spoke too loudly for the setting. He was dressed in a suit that looked like it cost hundreds of dollars, a blue, starched dress shirt with white collar and a bright red and blue striped tie. His shirt was snug against his toned upper body. His trousers did not hide what had to be his significant member. He made his way around the room and stopped at each group for a few moments of small talk. I suspected he could have cared less what the individual groups were discussing when he interrupted.

He came to me, Carl and Jamie and put his hand on my shoulder in a familiar manner which made me uncomfortable. I had never met the guy. He said to the three of us, “Enjoying the conference?” We shook our heads in unison. He said, “Enjoy the food and champagne. We only ordered the best.” He moved on to the next group.

His bragging annoyed me. He seemed to me to be a braggadocious buffoon. I did not like to his style and he didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the event. I sipped my champagne in the etched stemware which was refilled the moment it was almost empty. The waiter seemed to be watching, ready to pour, as I took the last sip. I motioned him away because I had had enough and was about to thank the host and leave. As I approached the guy he said directly, “Jordan, don’t leave. Go to dinner with a few of us in about thirty minutes.” I was surprised that he knew my name and that he invited me to an intimate dinner.


Deric’s Bedroom

I had no objections to partaking of a free dinner that I was sure was going to be expensive. I stayed for another fifteen minutes when there were only six men including our noisy host remaining. He informed us that we had reservations in fifteen minutes in a private dining room at the Laurel Court Restaurant in the hotel.

The group dispersed but the host, Deric, invited me to join him. I was hesitant but since he was going to buy my dinner I followed him into his palatial bedroom. He dropped his coat on the bed. I stood as he walked into the bathroom where he left the door open. I wondered why he invited me to follow him. When he came out he walked directly toward me, took my right hand and put it on the bulge in his pants. I was shocked and instinctively try to pull away. I couldn’t help but feel his substantial cock. He smiled and said, “Jordan, this could be yours after our dinner.” He smiled and stepped back to put on his suit jacket.

Man in suit

Deric’s Bulge

We arrived in the private room where two men were already seated. They stood up as Deric and I walked in. A waiter followed to take drink orders. I had had enough champagne so simply ordered a Perrier. Dinner was elegant and delicious but I chose to eat lightly anticipating what might follow. Deric was talkative but not as loud he had been at the reception. The conversations went from current design projects to vacations to individual interests. The group seemed particularly interested that I was building a cabin on a piece of property that I owned in the hill country north of Calistoga. Before I could describe my project Deric interrupted asking about after dinner drinks. No one was interested so the dinner ended and the group dispersed before I described my project. Everyone thanked Deric except me since I was going to continue to be with him.

I walked with him to the elevator. I had to stop at my room and tell my roommate, Matt, that I would be late. Deric said, “You’re not going to stand me up are you?” I smiled and shook my head. I said, “See you in ten minutes.”

I did consider going to bed but I had agreed to meet Deric. I was torn because I had significant business with Deric’s company. I knew I could never be with a partner like Deric but it would be interesting to see what he does with his cock.

I knocked on his door as I promised. He opened it dressed in a muscle tee shirt and a jock strap. I stepped in. He smiled, “Glad you came.”

“I told you I would.” I took off my tux jacket and untied my bowtie.

“Wait, I want to take pictures of you undressing.” He stepped away. I thought that was kinky and immediately considered leaving. Quickly he was back with his cell phone, “Now you can undress.” I did as I was directed as he took many pictures. In a short time stood naked before him. His bulge had obviously grown. Boldly, I stepped toward him and pulled his jock strap down. Out sprang a massive, uncut cock. “You like it, it’s yours.” I dropped to my knees. With my right hand I lifted his hard, heavy member. It was so big I had difficulty getting it into my mouth. He grabbed my head and pulled me back and forth. I gagged several times before he said, “Follow me to the bathroom.”

I got up and followed his beautiful, tight ass. He pulled his tee shirt off as we passed the bed. In the bathroom he handed me an enema bottle. “Stick it in and clean me out. I want you to fuck the hell out of me.” I was surprised because I was sure he would want to top me. I did as he asked and stuck the tip of the enema bottle deep into his asshole and squeezed. When the bottle’s liquid was empty he sat on the toilet to expel the contents of his bowels. I appreciated what he did since I was to be the top.

When he flushed he pulled me into the glass standup shower and washed me thoroughly spending ample time on my asshole. His finger slipped into me several times. It felt very nice. As we dried off he said, “Jordan, do you hate he me for what I did to you?”

I hesitated, “Well, to be honest I was surprised when you put my hand on your bulge. I’m fine with what you want me to do for you.”

“But I don’t want a condom. I want to feel your skin in my ass. I assure you I have no disease.”

I don’t know why I believed him. He laid on his back in the middle of the king size bed fitted with silk sheets. He pulled his legs up positioning his asshole in front of me. My cock was as hard as I can remember. It had been quite a while since I had used my cock the way Deric wanted me to. I fingered Deric and he let out sighs and moans of pleasure. I lubed myself and moved into position. I pushed in more aggressively than I should have. I think I was punishing him for how he seduced me. He grimaced but didn’t yell out as I pushed fully into him. I did him on his back and doggy style. Finally, he kissed me and told me that he wanted to ride me. I was getting raw but he didn’t care. After what seemed like an hour he came all over my chest. I never climaxed.

As the milky liquid was slipping off of his muscled stomach he said, “Jordan, thanks. You can go. I have to get some sleep since I am leaving early in the morning for LA.” I was instantly angry. He simply used me for his pleasure. I didn’t say anything, pulled on on my suit pants and gathered up the rest of my clothes and shoes. I seriously considered slamming the door when I left but decided that it was better not to burn bridges. I might need something from him down the road.

Throughout the next day I had difficulty concentrating on the presentations. My experience with Deric was puzzling and irritating all at the same time. After the conference ended at noon Friday I drove up to the site of my soon to be built cabin. I was pleased that the concrete pad for the house and the sauna were poured. No one was around. I had my camping gear and set up my tent on the site of the sauna. I planned to work on clearing low branches and underbrush in anticipation of the construction of my log cabin. I stripped off my long sleeve shirt and undershirt to enjoy the warm sunshine. I couldn’t get Deric out of my mind. I had to admit he was a fun guy to fuck because he seemed to enjoy it so much. I was simply his instrument not a person.

By Sunday afternoon the site was looking pretty good. I had a small fire going to get rid of the debris but never left the fire because of the risk of the fire spreading. I pumped several of extra buckets of water to make sure the fire was completely extinguished. I drove back to the East Bay where I lived and where my office was located.

Monday afternoon a FEDEX delivery girl came into my office with a box. I hadn’t ordered anything. I took the heavy package and set it on the reception desk. I was the only one in the office. I stood looking at the box before I opened it. The weight told me it was liquid but why? With a letter opener I slit open the box.

Three bottles of champagne

I found three bottles of Dom Perignon champagne wrapped in bubble wrap. That was the brand we drank at Deric’s reception. There was a note, “Thanks, Jordan, maybe we can get together again. Make sure you bid on the next RFP you get from us.” I immediately thought I had made the right decision by not slamming the door when I left his suite.

I did as Deric suggested and submitted a bid on a major project that his company was doing. They were designing graphics for a major electronic firm’s promotion. It was something I had done as part of a larger team. Normally wouldn’t have bid on such a big project. Remembering what Deric said I submitted a bid. I wasn’t surprised when I was awarded about half of the project which was going to occupy my next six months.

I was never with Deric again. He twice invited me to get together with him at a hotel in San Francisco. I had no intention of being used again. I learned from a colleague that he had moved to Singapore with another company. I wondered if he would find some Asian boy to service him.

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