Sealing our Fate


It’s funny that it happened so much like the way I used to imagine it would happen with a guy; only it happened with girls – and we weren’t interested in girls!

It began on a Friday morning, halfway through July. Kipper and I had crossed the bay to sell our catch from the night before. After that, we walked over to the beach side of the island and tossed a football, working our way up the beach toward the Bahia Mar where we had begun hanging out at the pool.

The Bahia Mar wasn’t far from the marina, and it was great to swim in fresh pool water; to sip cold sodas from the little cabana shop by the pool, and pretend to belong with all the wealthy, pretty people there. The head pool attendant let us do it. He was a college student who seemed to like us.

I noticed the two girls on the beach, but didn’t think much of it. They were on chairs under one of the Bahia Mar beach umbrellas. I simply noticed that they were sorta sexy looking in nylon bikinis, and that they were our age or maybe a little younger.

Kipper and I were in tank tops and Birdwells (over our speedos), and they looked us over when we went past. They smiled. We smiled.

Kip and I stopped to buy cold drinks before sitting down by the pool. The girls arrived just in time to see us shuck out of our tank tops and britches. “Hey Kips,” I said as he started to step toward the pool.

“What?” he asked, turning back to me; with his back, and butt, now toward the girls. Their eyes dropped to his butt.

“Those two girls from the beach followed us up,” I said.

He glanced over and caught them looking. They smiled, whispering something to each other, and waved.

Both were undeniably cute, at least to me. They were about the same height; a head shorter than me. They were both slender the way I liked girls, and had breasts that looked firm, but no larger than a handful. One had blond hair and black eyebrows over blue eyes. The other was a brunette with deep red highlights in her hair, and gray eyes.

They had nice curves to their hips. Their skin looked soft and smooth. I liked the brunette a little better because she had wider shoulders and I didn’t like shoulders that were too narrow on a girl. That, and she had high-set breasts, and I could see her nipples through her bikini top.

We waved in response.

“So?” Kipper asked.

“Oh, nothing,” I said. “I just thought they were cuter than usual.”

“Well I’m not growing tits for you,” Kipper said with a slight frown. And then like lightening, he reached behind me and gave me a speedo wedgie before jumping into the pool.

I jumped in after him, caught him, and pulled his suit down at the back before pushing away and swimming quickly to the other end of the pool. I would have tried to pull his suit off, but we tried to be cool around the pool so that they wouldn’t chase us away.

We clowned around a bit and from the corner of my eye, I saw the two girls slip into the other end of the pool. They worked their way toward us as Kipper and I were splashing and on a whim, I turned and splashed them too. With delighted squeals, they started splashing back, and splashing Kipper too.

It really wasn’t that I was trying to come on to the girls. It was just that Kip and I spent so much time together that it was nice when we met someone new; especially when they were our age.

When one of my splashes caught the brunette square in the eyes, we stopped to make sure that she was alright. Colleen was the brunette and she liked me, while Mindy, the blond, liked Kipper.

We learned that Mindy had just turned fifteen and that Colleen would turn fifteen at the end of July. They were down from San Antonio with Mindy’s mom, Margie, and her thirteen-year-old brother, Jason.

Like his sister, Jason had blond hair – straight, fine, medium length — and blue eyes, and he was about Mindy’s height.

The four of us – five when Jason joined us – drifted back and forth in the pool, getting to know each other.

The girls tried to chase Jason off, but he stuck with us. I liked him and I could tell that Kipper liked him, too; and not just because Jason was cute as hell. He was also friendly, and he evidently loved fishing, coming unglued when he found out that we had a fishing shack.

I liked Colleen too, though. She struck me as a bit of a tomboy. She was self-assured and her eyes twinkled happily as she talked. When we were splashing each other, she held her own and got me full in the face more than once. When we tossed around a ball that was in the pool, she didn’t throw like a girl.

But Mindy was cool too; definitely more feminine… and quieter. She had an easy, languid grace that struck me as appropriate for a female, just as Kipper’s easy, athletic grace was for a youth.

When Jason decided that he wanted to go down to the beach, Kipper and I volunteered to teach him body surfing. The girls came along, and we taught them too.

Jason was long-boned and a bit knobby-kneed, like a puppy about to grow. But he had no trouble picking up the knack of catching waves. Mindy and Colleen were a different story. They wanted all sorts of help, and were a bit obvious in their flirting. And to help them, we had to touch them, hold their legs, or keep an arm under their tummies.

Eventually, we moved past the breakers, into water that was chest deep on the girls, and they held on to us. Colleen had her arms over my shoulders and her legs loosely around my thighs; our bare bellies brushing.

And though Colleen wasn’t like Kips at all, and though she lacked his crucial equipment, I was acutely aware of her breasts brushing my chest and that down between her legs was a place I could put my suddenly hardening cock.

A rough wave jostled us all, and when it was past, Kipper was kissing Mindy! That was at least a little bit of a surprise. Colleen looked at me with a “Well?” kind of smile, so I kissed her too.

We stayed just past the breakers, the four of us kissing while Jason caught waves; and I sprouted wood big time. At least it stayed inside my speedos, but it was impossible to keep Colleen from feeling it. What was surprising was how she pressed herself to me when she did.

“Colleen!” Mindy yelled over the sound of the breakers, and nodded back toward the hotel. Mindy had spotted her mom heading down for the water, and the two girls pushed off us.

Their mom, Margie, was also blond; an attractive, athletic looking woman in her late thirties who had an open, friendly smile. “Good to meet you… Stick and Kipper,” she said after we were introduced. “You guys want pizza, too?”

We returned to the pool to swim off the salt water while Margie ordered the pizza. Jason jumped into the pool ahead of me, and I had to smile. He wore a baggie suit that looked way too big on him and made him look downright skinny, except for a nice bulge that showed when the suit was wet. “That swimsuit’s gonna fall off you, dude,” I told him. “You need a real guy’s swimsuit.”

“Not like yours, dude!” Jason said, splashing water at me. “You’re like… naked!”

I splashed back, but before I could hit him with an appropriate retort, he rapid-fired handfuls of water into my face.

Kipper acted like he was going to help Jason, but he was only distracting me. What I didn’t know was that he had talked Mindy into sneaking up behind me to give me a speedo wedgie.

She gave me a good one, but when I turned to try to chase her down, Kipper jumped me and then Jason jumped us both. Margie interrupted when the pizzas arrived.

My eyes fell on Jason as we were drying off. He had bent over to dry his legs and his butt was toward us… it was a nice butt, even under his baggie swimsuit. I caught Kipper looking too.

“Jason have a girlfriend?” I asked Mindy in an offhand manner.

“Ha!” she said. “She’d have to love fishing.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” I said with a chuckle. “He really likes to fish.”

“My dad used to take him all the time?” she said.

“And he doesn’t any more?” I asked.

“My dad died three years ago,” she said.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I told her.

She shrugged. “I’m OK. And my mom’s OK. It was really hard on Jason.”

* * *

“They’ve got their own fishing shack,” Jason told his mom. “They’re living there, like all summer.”

Margie looked from me to Kipper. “Sure they do.”

“Yeah, Mom, really,” Jason insisted.

Margie’s brow furrowed. “How old are you boys?”

“Fifteen,” I said. “Well Kip is about to turn fifteen and I’ll turn sixteen this fall.”

“And your parents let you stay down here by yourselves? I don’t believe it.”

“We’ve been camping on our own before,” I explained. “And we were in the scouts. We know first aid, and we’re good swimmers.”

“Stick’s mom even made us get a marine radio so we can call if we need help,” Kipper added.

She leaned back in her chair, studying us; as if deciding whether to believe us.

“My dad sorta set it all up for us,” I explained. “He grew up on a ranch and he has a lot of Cherokee blood. I think it sorta seems natural to him for guys our age to be outdoors on our own.” I smiled. “Seems sorta natural to me too.”

She shook her head and frowned at Jason. “Don’t go getting any ideas, Jase.”

After lunch, the six of us sat around the kitchen table playing poker with Dorito chips. When Colleen and I both folded early on a hand of seven card stud, she brought us fresh sodas, and then, leaning close, ran her fingers over my face; under my eyes and onto my cheek. “I bet that’s where you get your high cheekbones,” she said. “Your dad’s Indian blood.”

“Native American” I corrected. “And I don’t think I inherited much from him. My dad’s really handsome… sorta rugged, you know.”

Colleen smiled, cupping my jaw with her hand. She looked like she was going to say something, but Kipper beat her to it.

“Stick takes after his mom, too,” Kipper said, playing a card. “She’s French.”

“Aren’t the French great lovers?” Colleen asked me with a smile.

Margie audibly cleared her throat. Under the table, I nudged Colleen’s leg.

Jason kept eating his winnings… and mine since I was sitting beside him, and I was winning a lot. So we quit playing poker when we ran out of Dorito chips.

Jason and Margie found an old movie on TV. She took a chair and Jason took the couch, so the girls stacked pillows in the middle of the floor and the four of us snuggled under a blanket to watch with them.

Sometimes it is easier to make new friends when you’re away from home and you don’t have a host of old friends to distract you; and you don’t have to figure out where new friends will fit in, or who thinks what of whom. Sometimes it only takes a few hours to make a new good friend.

As the four of us snuggled in under the blanket, I felt far more comfortable, more familiar with Colleen and Mindy than I had ever felt with girls before. I liked them; partly because Kipper did. We all liked each other. The four of us were a natural fit. It even felt natural being there with their mom and Jason.

In fact, lying between Mindy and Colleen, it felt completely natural to give Mindy’s bikini bottom a return wedgie for the one she had given me earlier.

Mindy gasped and rolled to face me. “No fair,” she hissed in a whisper. “You’ve got your pants back on.”

“Yeah, well,” I whispered back, “wedgies don’t do girls like they do guys anyway.”

She frowned. “It’s worse, it goes right up…” and then she scrunched her face at me and dug into my ribs. I howled and Colleen teamed up with Mindy from behind me. Kipper jumped in and we got all tangled up in the blanket. Then Jason jumped on top of the pile.

“Settle down!” Margie yelled. She shook her head. “You all remind me of a litter of puppies, rolling around like that. But if you’re going to be that noisy, go outside.

Mindy, lying on top of Kipper, leaned toward Colleen and me. “Do puppies get all boney?” she asked in whisper that only the four of us could hear. “Because this puppy…” she pointed down at Kipper.

I roared.

“What?“ Jason asked. He was sitting on my butt, and now bent over us. “What’d you say?”

“Nothing Jase” Mindy said. “Watch TV.”

“C’mon,” Jason insisted. “What’d you say?”

“We ought to head back soon,” I said, twisting my hips to dump Jason off as I sat up.

“I wanna go with you,” Jason announced. “I want to see the shack.”

“Dude,” I said, “it’ll take us over an hour to get back there and then it’d take over an hour to bring you back.”

“I’ll stay overnight,” he immediately volunteered.

“No you won’t,” his mom said. “Have you forgotten that I’m taking you deep sea fishing in the morning?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said, sounding disappointed.

“I thought you were dying to go,” she said, nonplussed.

“I am, Mom,” he said. “It’s just that I’d really like to see their shack and try night fishing.”

“We’ve got reservations, Jason,” Margie pointed out. “And I had to pay up front.”

* * *

“You have to come back tomorrow morning,” Colleen said, giving me a full body kiss as we parted on the beach. Mindy gave Kipper the same treatment. “Please!” she said, echoing Colleen. “Come early.”

Kipper and I glanced at each other. “Please!” both girls said.

Kipper shrugged. I nodded. And we both got kissed again.

* * *

I made him cum. Back at the shack, Kipper and I did the inverted turtle with him on the bottom and I made it good for him. I felt like I owed it to him after the girls. I mean, I almost felt… unfaithful.

He pulled his legs up; I entered him and moved up over him. We made ourselves into a tight ball. I circled my hips and he moved his butt with me. I found an angle he liked, pressing my belly against the underside of his cock and balls while I drove up into him with my hips and probed his mouth with my tongue.

When he started coming, I banged hard and kept banging while Kipper had one of his wildest orgasms ever; whimpering louder and louder, arching under me, driving his cock up against my belly, going all rigid and crying out… and I kept pounding and pounding until suddenly I was coming too and cried out with him.

* * *

“Are we going back tomorrow?” Kipper asked while we were eating peanut butter sandwiches that night.

“Do you want to?” I asked.

We were sitting at the table, but I had turned sideways in my chair to play with Kipper’s balls with my toes, and then I put my legs across his lap while we ate.

“I don’t know,” Kipper said, taking another bite of his sandwich.

“They like us,” I pointed out. “They probably want to make out again. I mean, Colleen felt my hard-on and she just hugged me tighter, you know.”

“Mindy and me, too,” Kipper said.

“Oh, yeah,” I remembered with a grin. “Boney puppy.”

Kipper laughed. “I couldn’t believe she said that.”

“Kipper,” I said, thinking about it. “They could want to do more. They’re from San Antonio and all; you know… the big city. I bet they have sex all the time. They might want to do it while Margie takes Jason out fishing.”

“Maybe,” Kipper acknowledged.

“Would you want to? Would you like to try doing a girl?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know.” He chewed thoughtfully. “Mindy kept getting me hard today, like when we were making out in the water and when we wrestled on the floor.” He glanced at me. “She is sorta hot.”

“She’s real hot,” I observed. “But of course, we could just stay here and screw each other silly.” I wanted to leave it open to him. I liked the idea of doing a girl; of doing Colleen… trying it out. Expecting it to be different than it was with Heather.

Kipper shrugged. “We should probably try to take some fish to the restaurant tomorrow.
They might quit doing business with us if we skip too many times.

“True,” I said.

Kipper shoved the last bite of sandwich into his mouth and then looked around for a paper towel to wipe peanut butter off his fingers. The roll was up on the cabinet and my legs over his lap kept him from getting up easily. So he looked around, and then decided to wipe his fingers on my balls.

“Numbskull!” I said, putting down my own sandwich.

Kipper had been inspired though. Taking the knife from the peanut butter jar, he spread some on each of my nipples. So I did the same to him, and reached under my legs to spread peanut butter onto his balls and thickening cock.

* * *

We didn’t really talk about it. We had a few fish we could take to the restaurant, so we went to the island, dropped off the catch, and then drifted up the beach toward the Bahia Mar.

I know, I know… what were two gay guys doing going back after a couple of girls; especially considering that Kipper and I were in love and having all the sex together that we needed?

But hell, we were fourteen and fifteen years old guys. And they were cute girls; cute girls who acted horny. Though honestly, if I had met Colleen away from Kipper, I probably wouldn’t have gone back. The fact that Kipper and I were doing it together – whatever we were doing — made it different.

I had this vague feeling of inevitability about the whole thing. I think Kipper did too. Something like fate. And the feeling that, as guys, we were supposed to do stuff like this.

Colleen and Mindy were out under an umbrella again, and we took seats at the ends of their lounge chairs. They scooted over so that each of us had room to lie down beside them.

I slipped my arm behind Colleen’s head and she rolled up to face me, laying her hand on my chest and a leg over mine. Colleen had on a string bikini and looking down her body, I could see space inside her hipbone and her soft flesh there. I looked away; even though I had my Birdwells on, a hard-on would show.

On the other lounge chair, Kipper and Mindy had rolled up on their sides and were facing each other. “Have you eaten breakfast?” Colleen asked.

I turned back to face her. Close like that, her eyes were warm and intelligent, though this morning, there was just a hint of something else in them… stress?

“Yeah,” I told her. “We ate before leaving the shack.”

And then she kissed me; gently, tentatively. “Are you…” she started to ask and then glanced away at the beach. “You wanna swim?”

“Sure, if you do,” I told her.

Colleen waited for me to doff my tank top and Birdwells; and then she grabbed my hand and we ran out into the water, high-stepping over waves until the water was waist high and a wave almost knocked us over. Kipper and Mindy followed.

We body surfed, both of us helping both girls; whoever came back from a wave at the same time; like if Mindy and I came back from a wave at the same time, I helped her.

Mindy had a nice body, too. And she was playful once she got to know us. When a wave bumped her back against me, her butt under my pouch, she lingered there a moment. She did that more than once.

Colleen climbed onto Kip’s back when some fish swam by on the top of a wave and she stayed there until Mindy climbed onto my back and we had a horse fight with each other amid the breakers.

But then we drifted past the breakers and paired up again; me with Colleen and Kipper with Mindy. We started kissing, and I came up hard fast. When Colleen pressed herself to me, I slipped an arm behind her waist, holding her mound to my hardness; and our kissing grew hotter. She moved against me, just a little, and her hands explored my back.

“Let’s go up to the pool,” she suggested in my ear.

I wondered what we’d do differently there… other than my erection would be a hell of a lot more obvious to everyone in clear water. But Colleen had already pulled away from me and taken my hand. She motioned to Mindy and they followed.

I took my time coming up from the surf, bodysurfing a couple of waves to give myself a chance to lose the erection. Kipper did the same.

We gathered our stuff and followed the girls up to the pool. On the way, I dropped back beside Kipper, and we let the girls lead. We watched their small, rounded butts sway erotically as they walked. “Kips,” I said, leaning toward him. “I think we’re gonna get laid unless you don’t want to.”

He nodded. “I think I want to.”

In the pool, the girls latched on to us again, and Kipper and I drifted away from each other in chest deep water. Colleen locked her legs around my waist and I held her waist between my hands. She leaned back, holding onto my shoulder with one hand and combing my wet hair with the fingers of her other hand.

“You’re pretty,” she said, her eyes roaming my features.

I frowned.

Colleen laughed; a light, lovely laugh. “I know; you don’t call boys pretty. But you are,” she said. “I wish I had blue eyes like yours… and those long lashes.”

“I like gray eyes,” I said. “I like yours,” which was true enough.

Colleen sighed and rested her head on my shoulder. “All the guys in our school are such dorks,” she said. “Dorks or assholes. The cute ones are assholes.”

“How do you know we aren’t?” I asked, drifting us backward through the water.

“You aren’t,” she said simply, and then nuzzled into my neck. “Stick?” she asked quietly. “Are you a virgin?”

I stopped in the water wondering how to answer that; wondering why she asked it. Her tone certainly didn’t make it clear. She asked, almost like one friend might ask a secret of another.

“Not exactly,” I said.

She laughed again, into my neck; the same, light laugh. “What do you mean, ‘not exactly’?”

So I told her about Heather; not all the details, but the basics; backing through the water again while Colleen rested her head on my shoulder.

“Is Kipper a virgin?” she asked quietly when I finished.

Would he want me to answer that? How should I answer that? He sure as hell wasn’t a virgin if the question was whether or not Kipper’d had sex. But with a girl? “Yeah,” I said. “Kipper’s still a virgin.”

I thought about asking if she was a virgin, but surely she wasn’t and it wouldn’t be cool to ask… would it?

“Angela Winters from our class hasn’t been a virgin since she was like twelve or thirteen. Most of the cool girls at our school aren’t virgins anymore,” she said, keeping her head buried in my neck. I glanced over at Kipper on the other side of the pool. He and Mindy were laughing about something. They obviously weren’t having the same discussion.

Colleen pressed her forehead into the side of my neck. “Mindy and I teased each other that we’d meet two gorgeous hunks at the beach this trip — maybe college guys who weren’t dorks or assholes like the high school guys we knew. Maybe nice guys who would fall in love with us. And they’d know all about making love, and they’d do it right and all.”

I swallowed hard. “So did you? Did you find guys like that?”

“No,” Colleen said quietly.

“And you’re still virgins?”

She nodded into my neck.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her to me. “That’s cool,” I said. “It’s OK to be a virgin.”

She kissed my neck, laying her hand up the other side of my face and then put her mouth to my ear. “You know what Mindy and I did yesterday after you left?”


Her lips brushed my ear. “We went to a convenience store and bought something.”

“What?” I asked, my pulse quickening.

“Condoms,” she whispered.

“Oh,” I said, my voice making an uncharacteristic squeak.

Laying her palm on the side of my jaw, she pulled my face toward hers and our lips met. Her hips dropped and my erection bumped between her legs.

“Can I feel it?” she whispered, her hand sliding down my belly.

I nodded, and her hand slipped into the front of my speedos, closing around my cock. “Oh,” she said quietly. She felt me with her fingertips. “It’s big… and… your skin is soft.”

I glanced around to see who might be looking. Kipper and Mindy were kissing on the far wall, looking pretty well entwined.

“Can I feel yours?” I asked in a whisper.

Still clasping my shaft, she nodded the side of her face against mine, and I slid my fingertips into the front of her bikini. I felt pubes immediately, and slid past them, slipping my fingers down over her labia. “Oh,” I said quietly. “Your skin is soft too.”

“Let’s go to the room,” she said with a kiss to my neck.

“I can’t get out of the water like this,” I said. “I mean, it’s gonna be pretty obvious.”

Colleen smiled and looked up at me. “I’ll get you a towel.”

Mindy and Kipper followed. Inside the room, Colleen handed Kipper and me towels. “You can get out of those wet suits,” she said with a coquettish smile. “You can wear these.” Then she took Mindy’s hand and headed to their bedroom. “We’ll be right back,” she said over her shoulder.

“We’ll get out of our wet swimsuits, too,” Mindy called back.

Kipper glanced at me and I shrugged, pulling off my speedos. “Did Mindy tell you that they’re still virgins?” I asked.

Kipper gave me a lopsided smile. “What?”

I repeated the conversation I had with Colleen for him, and soon we were both tenting under our towels. We took seats on their couch.

In a moment, the girls returned, heads together, giggling. They were wrapped in towels, each of them with one arm across their breasts, holding the towel securely and their other hand tugging the towel down in front, modestly. Carefully, they took seats in our laps, facing each other, legs crossing the space between us, laughing and grinning. Mindy tucked her toes under my butt and Colleen tucked hers under Kipper’s.

When they did, I wrapped my arms around Colleen’s waist, snuggling her sideways into my lap. Glancing over at Mindy, I could see under her towel. I could see the bare lips of her labia under a small patch of black pubic hair. She noticed me looking, and shyly dropped her hand between her legs. Kipper’s eyes were fixed beneath Colleen’s towel.

Colleen slid her arm behind my neck and bent to kiss me. Our mouths opened to each other and her hands swept over my shoulder muscles. I laid my hand inside her thigh and gave it a squeeze. Our tongues probed each other’s mouths and slowly, carefully, I moved my hand up her leg. With my fingertip, I felt the soft skin of her labia for the second time. She tensed and moaned as I ran my fingertip over their soft lips.

“We can go to your room,” I whispered.

“We’re staying together,” Mindy said. “Please… can we stay together?”

I nodded and returned to kissing Colleen, slipping my hand into the back of her towel, feeling the smooth skin of her back. The towel came undone, and I slipped it from her, sliding my hand from between her legs, up her side, and then closing it over her bare breast where her skin was soft and firm.

I looked down at them, at her breasts. They were beautiful; perfect. Not all big and droopy like Heather’s, but high on her body, and firm. Her nipples were hard and pointing upward.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Mindy’s towel drop away, and glanced to see Kipper looking larger than I normally thought of him as he held Mindy’s smaller frame in his lap. Her breasts were much like Colleen’s, except maybe a touch fuller.

I turned back to Colleen and she wrapped my head in her arms as I kissed one of her nipples and squeezed her other breast. There are certain things a guy does on instinct, like sucking a nipple… well instinct and practice with Kipper; I knew what he liked.

Thinking hard, I tried to remember everything I’d read in Penthouse and Playboy articles, and in my Dad’s anatomy books. Foreplay… foreplay was more important for girls than for guys. And the clitoris. One article said stimulating a clit was for a girl like stroking a cock was for a guy; but the article said to be gentle. I knew where Colleen’s clit was supposed to be.

I reached down again; sliding my fingers through her pubes, searching, and then I felt a hardness with my fingertips. It was at the top of her slit, right where it was supposed to be. She had grown damp down there. I explored with my fingers as we kissed and she moaned softly.

I rubbed right on it, right on her clit, and Colleen dropped a hand to guide my fingers off it and onto either side; and then she murmured her pleasure as I rubbed along each side of her little hardness. From the corner of my eye, I saw Mindy guide Kipper’s hand between her legs and figured that he was getting a similar lesson.

Colleen’s legs parted slightly and her hips moved under my hand. She wasn’t the only one getting damp, I felt a bead of precum squeeze from the end of my cock. Lifting Colleen from my lap, I laid her down onto the carpeted floor, onto her back, and then knelt up over her.

Her hand went to her crotch and her breasts heaved. Her cheeks were deeply flushed and her breathing was ragged as her eyes met mine. I pulled the towel from my hips and Colleen’s eyes dropped to my cock, which was rock hard and pointing up at the ceiling.

I glanced back. Kipper had a hand between Mindy legs, but they had paused and their eyes were locked onto my mid-section as well. I turned back to Colleen, and all three of them watched as I moved to kneel between her legs and then slowly lowered myself to her.

Colleen grabbed my shoulders and lifted her head to look down between our bodies, watching. She wasn’t going to guide me in like Heather did, so holding myself up on one hand, I used the other to aim myself and rubbed my crown up and down the softness of her labia. I pressed into her slit and probed. Colleen moved to meet me and I felt myself slip into her.

It wasn’t like pressing into Kip’s tightness and feeling it pass over my crown and down my shaft. It was more like slipping into a warm, soft sheath that fit like a snug glove. I pressed in and ran into her hymen. She tensed and I paused, not sure what to do.

“Try again,” Mindy said from behind me in a voice more urgent than encouraging.

I pulled my hips back and pushed in again. Colleen tensed once more. I didn’t want to hurt her. But I didn’t want to stop. I pulled back again and thrust, and this time I broke through, and suddenly my whole length was slipping inside her. I slowed and eased forward as she gripped my shoulders tightly, letting me know when I went too fast by squeezing tighter. And then finally, I was all the way in; the whole length of my cock snug in her firm warmth. I pressed deeper, stretching myself into her and my balls settled and pressed onto her. The hardnesses of our pubic bones mashed together.

She clutched my shoulders tightly, all tense under me. I held still. “Are you OK?” I whispered. She nodded, her eyes tightly shut. I moved and her fingers dug into my shoulder muscles so I stopped. She took a breath, then another; then with her eyes still closed, she moved her hips.

I held myself over her, and let her do the moving until her eyes relaxed and opened to mine. Then I settled down onto her and we wrapped up into a tight ball like I did with Kipper. She locked her legs around my waist, and we moved together.

Before long, I was thrusting, and Colleen moved with me. All our focus went to the hard little collisions of our joining. Then we ground together, both of us wanting me buried all the way inside her; pubes pressed to pubes, my balls pressed to the bottom of her labia. She whimpered and pawed at my back.

Kipper lay Mindy down on the floor beside us and we turned our faces to watch him remove his towel. His cock sprung up hard and rampant, and wagged under him as he bent over Mindy; lowering himself down.

His hips rose and fell as he probed her. “Guide him in,” I told Mindy. “Help him.”

She reached down and his hips froze, and then moved slowly forward.

I returned my attention to Colleen and our mutual grinding. And then suddenly, Colleen was clutching at my back, arching under me, open-mouthed and gasping. I wrapped an arm under the small of her back, lifting her belly to me, holding her to me as I pumped and pumped.

Colleen whimpered and the whimpers became small cries. She writhed under me. She ground and met my thrusts. I drove in hard. Colleen cried out and I felt her insides squeeze me.

I came, emptying myself into her, and only then realized that we’d forgotten the condoms.

Colleen slowly went limp under me, and I let her relax onto the floor. I went partly flaccid, slipping from her. But then we turned to watch Kipper and Mindy and I started to get hard again.

I wondered if Kipper looked like that when he did me. He thrust mostly from his hips, and yet his whole, slender body was into it with that fluid grace he had in everything he did. His butt rose and fell, and each time his cock appeared between them before disappearing again.

I couldn’t take my eyes from his butt; the way his muscles flexed under his smooth skin. His mouth covered Mindy’s and they were all entwined and moving together just like I had with Colleen.

Colleen stroked my back and I rubbed my renewed erection against the inside of her thigh as we watched.

And then Kipper was coming, pumping hard into Mindy and whimpering. It was a good orgasm for him. I could tell. And then he crumpled onto Mindy, kissing her lips softly before rolling off.

But Mindy hadn’t come. Her hand dropped between her legs and she started rubbing her labia with the flat of her hand. Mindy was obviously close and needed to come. Her body was all tensed up except for her pelvis and it swiveled under her hand.

I didn’t think about it, other than to want to do it. I reached over and placed my hand beside hers forcing hers away, and I took over for her. Her eyes met mine, needing, needing badly. I slid off Colleen and next to Mindy, pressing my hardness to her hip. Kipper leaned up from the other side, kissing one of her breasts. Colleen rolled up behind me, pressing her body to the back of mine.

Mindy clutched my arm in both her hands, moving under the stimulus of my fingers, her hips grinding, her mouth open, gasping air. “She’s ready, Kip. She really needs it,” I said, glancing at him.

He looked down at his flaccid cock, then back at me. He couldn’t help her. And damn she was so ready! And so was I! Without thinking at all, I moved over her. “I can do it,” I said, and quickly entered her.

I covered her body with mine, wrapping my arms over her head, pressing my lips to hers. She felt smaller, tighter inside than Colleen, but just as good. And she moved under me the way she had moved under my hand; she writhed — mindless, moaning, like she was going crazy; and that drove me crazy. She felt incredible under me; she felt incredible inside.

Only then did it occur to me, for only a moment, to wonder what Kipper or Colleen might think. I would apologize later, but not now.

Then I felt Kipper’s hand moving up and down my back and onto my butt, and I wondered if I stirred him like he had stirred me when he was doing Mindy. He used his hand to feel my muscles flexing and I flexed them even more for him.

And then Mindy was coming and I pumped fast; faster than I ever did with Kipper; faster than I had with Colleen. Mindy’s head rolled back and forth, her eyes tightly shut, as she moved with me; with small cries that sounded like she was in pain, but she wasn’t.

I had just come with Colleen and wasn’t ready to come again, and so I kept going, and my going kept Mindy going, riding the spine of her orgasm.

I felt Colleen’s hand go up and down my back, opposite Kipper’s. And I wondered if the way Mindy and I moved excited her like it would a guy. I wondered if it kept her from being pissed that I switched off.

Kipper’s hand slipped between the back of my legs and his fingers probed in behind my balls. “Do it here,” I heard him tell Colleen. “It really feels good for a guy if you do it here.”

Colleen’s hand joined Kipper’s, and I parted my legs for them as their fingers probed. I shuddered.

“See,” Kipper said quietly. “It’s called the perineum. It’s where the root of a guy’s dick is.”

They rubbed and I circled my hips, pressing back against them with a groan.

“Does it feel good for girls there too?” I heard Kipper ask in a quiet, thick voice.

In a moment, their hands had left me, and Kipper moved over to sit beside Colleen. She lay back and he reached between her legs.

Mindy was rising to another writhing climax, and it was my turn to grow almost mindless with what was happening under me. Kipper mounted Colleen beside us and I was glad if that meant that they wouldn’t be pissed that I had mounted Mindy; but I felt a little weird at Kipper doing Colleen.

But then Mindy’s heels dug into my butt and her fingers dug into my shoulders. Her eyes were glazed but when I looked down at her, they focused on mine. I lowered my mouth to hers and felt my second orgasm stir.

The room filled with moans, whimpers, and the sounds of bodies slapping together.

* * *

The four of us were lying all tangled together when the phone rang. “Oh, shit,” Mindy exclaimed. “What time is it?”

“Three o’clock,” I said, looking at my watch.

Mindy scrambled up to get the phone, clutching a towel to her front with a modesty that was surprising after what we’d just all done together. Kipper was snuggled onto Colleen’s side. My back had been resting against them and I kept the contact as I rolled over to face them; feeling Colleen’s nakedness, her feminine body, the side of her breast against my chest.

“Are you guys pissed?” I asked.

“I can’t believe you’re asking that,” Colleen said with a spark in her eye. “You’ve got your… testicles resting on my hip and you’re asking me that?”

I started to roll away.

“No, don’t do that,” she said quietly, extending an arm behind my back; pulling me back to her so that her body was draped with those of two naked guys.

“So you aren’t pissed?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m a little pissed.” She glanced at Kipper. “No offense, Kipper.” And then she smiled up at him. “Actually…” she pulled him down into a kiss, and then smiled at him again. Then she turned to frown at me once more.

“I’m sorry,” I said. I glanced at Kipper. “I’m sorry Kips. I’m sorry I got carried away.”

“I guess we all did,” Colleen said, frowning. “We forgot to use what we bought.”

“The condoms?” I asked. “I remembered, but it was way too late.”

Colleen nodded. “We’re OK. Safe time of month.”

“You sure?” I asked.

She nodded.

“What about Mindy?” Kipper asked.

“Her, too,” Colleen said. “You know how sisters often start having their periods at the same time?”

Kipper and I glanced at each other and shrugged. “Never heard that,” I said.

“Well they do. Good friends do, too. Mindy and I have ours at the same time all the time. She should be safe too.”

Mindy came back into the room and lay down next to Kipper. He rolled to take her into his arms.

“Mom’s on her way,” Mindy said. “She wanted to know if we’d eaten lunch yet. She says she got really sea sick, but said she’d bring us something. I didn’t tell her that you guys were here. She’d probably freak since she’s not here to chaperone.”

“Guess that means we better scoot,” I said, looking down at Colleen. She put her hand behind my head and pulled me into a kiss. “Come back tomorrow,” she said. “Take us to your fishing shack.”

“Margie would really freak over that,” I said with a grin.

“We won’t tell her. Just show up, and we’ll act like we’re going beachcombing or something,” Colleen said, and then frowned. “But we use condoms and no switching partners tomorrow. You stick with me and Kipper sticks with Mindy.”

“I promise,” I said, and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

“And you guys have to be gentler tomorrow,” Colleen added. “I’m sore… down there. And I know Mindy is too after seeing what you guys were doing.” Then she whispered in my ear. “But sometime; I want you to do me like you did her.”

We kissed again and she opened her mouth to me.

“Oh, shit,” I heard Mindy say. “Is that blood on the carpet?”

Everybody scooted up onto their hands and knees. There were two small reddish spots where Mindy had been lying. “Oh, shit,” Mindy said again.

There’s a tiny spot here too,” Colleen said, indicating the carpet where she had been lying down.

Every one of us checked our middles. Kip’s and my cocks definitely looked reddish, and Mindy was reddish on her labia. Colleen had a spot of blood there, too.

“Look, don’t freak, Mindy,” Colleen said. She looked from Kipper to me. “You guys wash up and get dressed; fast!” Then she turned to Mindy. “You wash up too. I’ll get water and a washrag for the carpet. But everybody hurry!”

* * *

“Well, Kips,” I said as we walked back up the beach. “We’ve done it now.”

“Yep,” he said nodding.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

“Sorry about doing Mindy; things sorta got outta hand.”

Kipper shrugged. “To tell you the truth, it was hot as hell. You even got Colleen all excited again.”

“Did you like doing Colleen?” I asked.

“Yeah, you don’t mind, right?”

“How could I mind if you didn’t mind my doing Mindy?”

Kipper bumped shoulders with me. “Who did you like more?”

“I liked ‘em both.”

“Yeah, me too.”

We walked in silence a moment. “So,” I said. “I guess we’re both studs now.”

Kipper laughed.

“Kips… you still going to want us to do stuff together?”

“Wha…?” Kipper turned to me in surprise.

“Well you liked ‘em right?”

Kipper grabbed my hand and without a word, dragged me back into the dunes, and away from the beach. Once we were out of sight, Kipper gave me a shove. “Sit down!”

He shoved me again and I sat down. Kipper followed me down. Straddling my lap, he grabbed both my shoulders and looked me right in the eye. “I liked them, Sticks. I liked what we did. But it’s not the same. You know that.”

“Your body…” he said, looking me over and sliding his hands over my shoulders. His eyes met mine. “I love your body. I’ve always loved your body. Holding a girl is nothing like holding you. You’ve got… you’ve got muscles.” He squeezed my shoulders. “Your body’s tight and solid, and when we make love and you lie down on me… oh, damn, Sticks. There’s nothing in the world like that.”

He smiled. “You’ve got a cock, Sticks. A big, beautiful cock. It’s like my favorite thing on earth. And you’re ass is like nobody else’s. Ah, Sticks,” he said, throwing his arms around me and hugging me tight. “I’m in love with you. You know that. And even if you weren’t the sexiest guy in the world – and you are – and even if I do think girls can be nice, there’d still be no one else to compare with you. Not for me, Sticks. Not ever!”

“Sticks,” he said, brushing his lips on mine. “Let’s get back to the shack.”

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