Sealing our Fate


We put away our gear that night as soon as we had a catch that was good enough for the restaurant to buy. We hadn’t talked much while we fished, but that wasn’t unusual.

The dock lights were the only ones on. The wind had quieted. A three-quarter moon was overhead, and the sky was full of stars. “I’m going up top before we hit the sack,” I said. “It’s a pretty night.”

“Yeah,” Kipper agreed. “I will too.”

There was moonlight on the bay, and I went to the East railing to look at it and at the lights of the island. Kipper came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my middle, pulling my naked body back against his.

I laid my hands on his forearms and let him rock me in his arms while he pressed his lips to the side of my neck. I laid my head back onto his shoulder and looked up at the stars. And I wondered what it would be like if I ever fell in love with a girl. I knew I could. I liked Colleen. And I liked Mindy, especially after making love with her, too.

I wondered what it would be like to love a girl because I knew that even if I did, I loved Kipper, and I wouldn’t love him less. Standing there that night, Kipper holding me in his arms, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I would always love Kipper.

* * *

We woke in the night like we almost always did, already rubbing and hot. We finished with me on top, and Kipper wouldn’t let me slide off to the side. “Stay on me, Sticks. Sleep this way.”

I lifted my head to look down into his eyes. “We don’t have to meet them tomorrow,” I said. “We don’t have to go over to the island.”

He brushed the hair back from the side of my head. “That’s tomorrow,” he said. “We can decide then.” He wrapped his arms tightly around me. “Tonight I just wanna be like this.”

“Kips?” I said, pressing my cheek to his.


“Today… watching you doing the girls… that was damn hot Kips. You look fantastic when you’re screwing.”

He chuckled and nodded against the side of my head. “You look damn hot too, Sticks. Watching you doing Mindy got Colleen and me both going again.”

He had said as much before, but I liked hearing it. “Really?”

“Hell yes,” Kipper said. “I think I would have climbed right onto you; while you were doing Mindy. But then Colleen started feeling you up, and you should have seen her face, Sticks. It was pure lust. I didn’t know girls could get worked up like guys do.”

“I wanna get a mirror,” I said. “I wanna watch us.”

Kipper chuckled.

“I’m serious,” I said.

“Oh, yeah. Me too,” Kipper said. “I was just laughing because the closet doors in my parents room are full-length mirrors, right? We could screw in my parents’ room.”

“That could be cool,” I said.

“That’d be weird,” Kipper answered.

* * *

The girls were back under their umbrella when we got there early the next morning. Jason was in the water and came running out to greet us, meeting us at the umbrella. “Guys, I caught three yellow fin tuna and a sail fish… well a baby sail fish, but I caught it!”

“Congratulations, dude!” I said.

Kipper and I both shook Jason’s hand.

“Now all I gotta do for this trip to be perfect is night fish with you guys.”

I glanced at Kipper.

“C’mon guys!” Jason pleaded. “We go back tomorrow. Let me fish with you tonight.”

“Well,” Kipper started to say.

“Your mom’s gotta say it’s OK,” I pointed out. “She might not go for it.”

“Mom’s barely conscious,” Mindy said. “Jason got her all seasick yesterday.”

“I did not!” Jason said. “How was I to know she couldn’t handle it? Look, I’ll go ask her about tonight right now. I bet she’ll say yes.”

I started to stop him; Kipper and I would need to talk about it first. But Jason took off running.

“She’s sleeping, Jase,” Mindy called after him. “Don’t wake her.”

“I won’t,” he promised.

“Just don’t,” she yelled.

“Quick,” Colleen said, getting up from her lounge chair. She and Mindy gathered up their stuff and grabbed Kip’s and my hands. “It’s our chance to dump Jason.”

“Seems almost a bit cruel,” I said, as we quickly walked back down the beach.

“We won’t lose him any other way,” Mindy said. “You guys promised to take us to see your shack today. We won’t have a better opportunity than now.”

“What about your mom?” Kipper asked.

“She just said to stay close by today. We’ll tell her that we went beachcombing.”

“You do realize that this is going to take a couple of hours,” I said, “at least.”

Colleen pulled my arm over her shoulder and wrapped her arm behind my waist. “At least!” she agreed with a smile. There had been moments the day before when Colleen seemed older than fourteen going on fifteen, but that morning, with her shorter body under my arm and an enthusiastic glint in her eye… she was only fourteen… and happy. And I felt relaxed and damned happy too.

* * *

Colleen rode beside me on the pilot’s seat. Mindy sat beside Kipper in front of the steering console. He pointed out stuff to her and they shouted things to each other over the noise of the boat and waves.

I let Colleen steer and laid my hand between her bare shoulder blades. “Are you OK?” I asked. “Are you still sore?”

With a sweet smile, she turned to me, and grabbing gently behind my neck, pulled my mouth to hers. “We leave tomorrow,” she said over the noise of the engine. “I don’t care how sore I am.” Her smile widened. “But I’m not that sore.”

* * *

“Rustic,” Colleen observed, as I throttled back and aimed for a careful docking.

“But cute,” Mindy observed. “I like it.”

The girls went upstairs to check out the sun deck, while Kip and I opened everything downstairs back up. They returned from the sun deck just as Kipper and I finished pouring cold sodas.

“Who did the sketches and took the pictures?” Colleen asked, looking over the walls.

Just on the off chance we would be bringing the girls back with us, I had rolled up my nude Kipper sketches and hidden them in the boathouse, but that still left several of my sketches up on the wall; sketches of the seagulls and bay scenes, and sketches of Kipper with clothes on or of only his face or upper torso.

“The photos are Kipper’s,” I said. “The sketches are mine.”

“Very good,” she said. “Both of you.”

“I like your aquarium,” Mindy said.

“That’s Stick’s,” Kipper said. “He’s really into biology. That’s his dissecting microscope, too.”

“Biology, huh?” Colleen asked with a sly grin.

“I really like this place!” Mindy announced. “It’s great! I wanna move in with you.”

I smiled. “As if your mom would let you.”

“Oh,” Mindy said, with a dismissive wave before taking off her swimsuit cover-up. “Let’s forget about her for a while. Let’s pretend that we’re all living here together for the summer.”

“Where do you guys sleep?” Colleen asked, looking from the double bed to the bunks while she took off her cover-up and laid it with her beach bag on one of the chairs. Both girls had on the same string bikini’s they had worn the day before.

“We both sleep on the double bed,” I said, being honest. I handed her a soda and slipped my arm behind her waist while keeping my own drink in my other hand. “It’s the only decent bed.”

Colleen studied me for a moment, nodded, and then looked around the room.

“You guys can get comfy, too,” Mindy said, as Kipper slipped an arm behind her waist. “I bet you guys wear only your speedos around all day.”

“Actually,” Kipper said, his mouth curling at the corners. “We usually don’t wear anything all day.”

Mindy laughed out loud.

Colleen rested her side against me. “And skinny-dip whenever you feel like it?” she asked.

“Even sometimes when I don’t feel like it,” I said. “Sometimes Kipper pushes me in.”

Mindy had slipped a forefinger behind the top button of Kipper’s Birdwells and now gave them a little tug.

“Hey,” Kipper said, glancing up from her hand. “I haven’t pushed you in for a long time.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, stepping apart from Colleen long enough to pull off my shirt. “I still see the urge in your eyes sometimes. And I live in mortal dread.”

“Yeah, right,” Kipper said, pulling off his shirt while Mindy unfastened his Birdwells. “Next time I get the urge, I’ll put your mind at rest.”

Colleen kissed the bare skin of my chest, just over my heart, and then wrapped her arms around me, laying her head on my collarbone.

I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, pulling her to me. And I rocked her gently in my arms while watching Kipper’s Birdwells drop to the floor, leaving him only wearing his red speedos. He lifted Mindy’s butt onto the edge of the table and then stepped between her legs to give her a kiss. She wrapped her arms and legs around him.

“Aaron,” Colleen whispered quietly into my neck. “I practiced saying Aaron over and over last night.”

I untied the back of her top and pulled it from between us, so that I could feel her breasts against my chest.

“Aaron is such a beautiful name,” she whispered, melting on to me as I ran my fingers up and down the skin of her back; no hard, tight muscles on her – not like on Kipper – but she had a nice, slender back, with cool soft skin.

“Colleen is a beautiful name,” I said, kissing the side of her neck.

I wrapped an arm behind her waist and pulled her belly to mine. She tilted her head back and I kissed her lips. “And you,” I said, slipping my other hand between our chests, “have beautiful breasts… perfect breasts.” I cupped one with my hand.

Her body moved against mine; her legs rubbing my legs. I covered her mouth with mine and grew hard against her firming mound.

Her fingers ran up into my hair and when we paused for a breath, I rubbed my cheek on hers. Kipper had Mindy’s top off and she had her hands inside the back of his speedos.

“Was yesterday OK, for you… for your first time?” I asked Colleen quietly. “Did I spoil it by switching off?”

“Yesterday was wonderful,” she said, chewing my ear while I slipped my hands into the back of her bikini bottoms and gently grabbed two handfuls of fleshy butt. “Mindy and I talked about it last night.” Then she chuckled quietly. “It’s all we talked about, all night.”

She pressed her mouth to my ear. “We decided that we liked the whole thing,” she whispered. “Even when you switched off.” She tongued my ear and I pulled her middle firmly to mine with a whimper. “You belong to me, OK? And Mindy is Kipper’s, but,” she whispered very softly. “We might want to switch again sometime.”

Kipper laid Mindy back onto the table, and then untied and pulled off her bottoms.

With both hands under her butt, I lifted Colleen off the floor and she wrapped her legs around me as I carried her to the bed.

I laid her back onto it, and pulled off her bottoms, while Kipper pulled off his speedos and stepped back between Mindy’s legs, which she wrapped around him again. And the question briefly flitted across my mind… would I even enjoy doing girls without Kipper.

“Don’t forget,” Colleen called to Mindy and Kipper from the bed, as I pulled off my Birdwells and speedos at the same time. “Don’t forget the condoms.” She glanced at me. “In my beach bag.”

Kipper and Mindy whispered together, and then Kip met me at the beach bag, the two of us rampantly hard. He winked, and we almost kissed out of habit. But then he took one of the condom three packs and grabbing Mindy’s hand, pulled her off the table and they headed outside and up to the sun deck.

I returned to Colleen with the condoms and then sat beside her as we figured out what to do with one, and she helped me roll it on. Then I lay down beside her, cradling her in my arms, gently caressing her labia and around her clit with my fingertips while we kissed and I got her ready.

Her hips began to move under my hand, and her hand closed tightly around my condom-covered cock. “Aaron,” she whispered, her forehead buried under the side of my face. “When you do it… before we finish… do it fast like you did to Mindy.”

* * *

“Aaron,” she whispered.

I had dozed off after our lovemaking, with an arm and leg over her, my nose buried in the pleasant smell of her hair. “Um hmm?”

“Can I ask you something?” she asked, her fingertip running gently up and down my side. “And you won’t get mad?”

“What?” I said, pulling my head back to look at her.

She turned her face to mine. “I’m only asking because… well… the way Kipper rubbed your body yesterday when you were with Mindy. And you two sleep together on this bed and it isn’t a very big bed, and the way you look at each other sometimes.”

I felt my stomach knot up.

“Do you do stuff together?” she asked quietly.

I tried to laugh it off. “We do lots of stuff together.”

She frowned a little. “That’s not what I meant and you know it. You guys have sex together, don’t you?”

Not sure what to say, I simply nodded.

Her forehead relaxed to a slight furrow.

“Does that gross you out?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I was trying to decide what I think, but it doesn’t gross me out. I mean, the thought of two men… well it’s not a turn on. But you and Kipper… that’s different. After being with you for a couple of days, it almost seems natural.” She gave me a lopsided smile. “I think it even turns me on a little. I think I’d like to see you two kiss sometime.”

“So you’re OK with it?” I asked.

Colleen smiled, and nodded, and snuggled in under me. I cooperated, moving over her to rest my flaccid cock and balls over her mound. I wrapped her under me in my arms and pressed my cheek to hers.

“I’m falling for you, Aaron,” she whispered. “A little… you know? You’re so quiet and gentle, but you’re gorgeous and you’re like… all male. When you switched over to Mindy yesterday,” she whispered. “You were all… male, and so… so… magnificent… I mean, the way you moved and all your muscles were tense and your neck muscles were all tight and your… penis was so big and hard… oh damn, I wanted you so bad. And Kipper wanted you. I could see it in his eyes.” She parted her legs under me and we rubbed together, my thickening cock on her mound.

“Kipper’s hot too,” I pointed out in a whisper, my cheek to hers.

“Kipper’s very hot,” she agreed. “I thought so as soon as we met you guys. I thought so watching him with Mindy.” She squeezed her arms more tightly around me. “That’s why I didn’t mind switching yesterday.”

It stirred me that she found Kipper hot too, and that sort of surprised me. My cock grew thicker and I reached down to straighten it up between us; resting it on her slit.

“It’s not just the sex,” Colleen said quietly, as I wrapped my arms back around her. “You know that, right? I like you, Aaron. I like you a lot.” Her voice lowered back to a whisper. “Like I said, I’m falling for you.”

I lifted my head to look down into her eyes again. Her deep brown hair, with deep red highlights, lay around her head like a silky halo. She had fine eyebrows and a delicate nose. Her mouth wasn’t too wide; wasn’t too small. It was a confident mouth; a serene mouth, a Mona Lisa mouth… on a fourteen-year-old girl. “I don’t know another girl as beautiful as you,” I said, and that was true, especially after making love to her. “Or as smart. I liked you from the beginning, Colleen. Maybe I like you even more now because you know about Kipper and me, and you’re OK with it. I don’t think any of the girls I know back home would be like that.”

“We’re a good fit,” she said. “All four of us are perfect together.”

“You’re perfect for me. You know that. And you know how much you turn me on. I love the way you’re made…” I lifted my chest and belly from hers, glancing down between us. “You’re incredible… you’re perfect… and your breasts… I love your breasts.”

I lay back down onto her. “And I love the way you feel inside,” I said, brushing her lips with mine. “You feel incredible inside.”

She opened her mouth to me and I probed inside with my tongue.

“When you get your driver’s license, she whispered, when we paused for a breath. “you and Kipper have to come visit us in San Antonio.”

I nodded, and kissed the side of her cheek. “Does Mindy know?” I asked. “About Kipper and me?”

“I don’t think so,” Colleen said thoughtfully.

“What would she think?” I asked, lifting my head to look down into her eyes.

“If we break it to her the right way, she’ll be OK,” she said, her eyes on mine. “I’ll figure something out,” she said, her eyes dropping to my lips and her voice trailing away.

We kissed again. I was almost fully hard now.

There was the sound of laughter from outside and the sound of Kipper and Mindy running down the stairs. They ran in and tumbled into bed with us, all naked and laughing.

“There’s a boat headed our way,” Kipper said, catching his breath as he moved over Mindy who wrapped her arms over the back of his neck.

“I vote we skinny-dip after it goes by,” he said, grinning down at Mindy.

“And then make love again,” Mindy said, smiling up at him. Then she glanced over at us. “But let’s all stay on the bed together. It’s more fun when we’re all together.” Her eye caught mine, just for a moment. And for a moment, it looked to me like Kipper’s eye caught Colleen’s.

“Yeah,” I said. “We can all watch each other. That’s cool.”

Colleen reached a finger over to touch Kipper’s bicep. “And touch each other,” Colleen said with a smile.

Then I heard someone yelling, farther down the channel. I lifted my head to listen, and heard it again. The voice was drawing closer. Then I clearly heard, “Aaron Krueger! Calling Aaron Krueger!”

“Oh shit,” I exclaimed, jumping up from on top of Colleen. “Somebody’s calling my name.” I pulled on my pants as they all scrambled off the bed behind me.

“Would your mom have sent someone after us?” I asked, glancing at Mindy.

Her eyes went wide.

I stepped out onto the dock. Over by the next fishing shacks down the line, a shallow draught boat was slowly coming up the channel. I thought I recognized the guy standing in the bow calling my name. “Relax,” I called back into the shack. “It looks like it’s just Danny Caldwell and maybe his older brother.”

Danny caught sight of me, waved, and pointed me out to his brother. The boat accelerated and headed our way. Kipper came out beside me and waved. “What are they doing here?” he asked under his breath.

“How should I know?”

Danny’s brother throttled back when they got close and the boat coasted toward us.

“We were down here fishing and thought we’d come check out your shack,” Danny called out.

“Oh, shit,” I whispered, faking a smile.

The boat drew closer.

“Now might not be a good time, guys,” Kipper said. “The place is like really a mess.”

“And we have to go over to the island,” I added.

“Oh, yeah,” Kipper agreed. “We sell fish to one of the restaurants. We’re running late.”

Danny and his brother gave us cockeyed looks.

“Geez, guys,” Danny said. “Can’t we at least see the inside?”

“Maybe later,” I offered. “How about coming back this afternoon.”

Danny frowned. “We’ve gotta head back this afternoon. What are you guys up to anyway?” And then his gaze went from Kipper and me to the shack behind us and his eyes went wide.

Kipper and I turned back to see Colleen and Mindy in their string bikinis. They came out the door and latched on to us, smiling all the while at Danny and his brother whose mouths dropped.

“Umm, Danny… umm… meet Colleen and Mindy,” I managed to stammer out.

A smile spread across Danny’s face. “No wonder you guys don’t wanna come home yet,” he said.

“It’s not what you’re thinking,” I quickly said, as the boat gently bumped the dock.

“Oh, I wasn’t thinking anything,” Danny said with a grin, lying as badly as I had. “We’ll leave you guys alone, but can we at least see the famous shack first?”

I glanced at Kipper and the girls, who each returned various degrees of blank stares. “OK,” I said, “but it has to be fast. We have to get the girls back before long.”

Danny’s brother chortled as if he’d read the entire situation.

“Sure,” Danny said. “We just wanted to see what it’s like.”

They tied up and climbed up onto the dock. Colleen and I led them inside to give them a quick tour. Kipper and Mindy followed. I was pointing out stuff when Danny’s brother sprouted a huge grin, and grabbing Danny by the arm, did his own pointing… to something on the floor beside the bed. My blood ran cold; I knew what it was. That’s where I tossed the condom after using it.

We all froze for a moment. “And then there’s the upstairs,” I said, recovering myself and shoving them toward the door.

Kipper’s eyes went wide. “Upstairs,” he echoed silently, and I realized that there was a used condom upstairs. He turned for the door and dashed out.

“Oh, and there’s the boat house,” I said, screening their view from the offending item on the floor while Kipper dashed upstairs to toss his away. “You have to see inside the boathouse,” I said, as Kipper’s footsteps crossed the roof. “We’ve got holding tanks for water and propane.”

Everyone leaned around me, trying to see the window behind me. Mindy’s mouth dropped; Colleen covered her eyes and turned away, stifling a laugh; and the brothers Caldwell smiled lopsidedly. I turned to see why.

Kipper had thrown his used condom over the side away from the stairs, of course. The problem was that it was the windward side. His condom had blown back onto the windowsill.

“Time to show you the upstairs,” I said.

* * *

We could hear Danny and his brother laughing until the noise of their departing engine finally drowned them out. I collapsed onto the dock bench. “What a farce,” I groaned.

Colleen sat down in my lap, and smiling, brushed my hair back. “It was a little funny, Stick. It would have been different if they knew Mindy and me of course, but they don’t.”

“Yeah, but they know us,” I said, glancing ruefully up at Kipper. Mindy had backed up to him and Kipper wrapped his arms around her waist from behind like he did to me, his brow furrowed.

“They’ll spread it all over town,” he confirmed.

“Well that can’t hurt your reputation,” Colleen observed with a grin.

“You don’t understand small towns,” I told her. “My parents might hear – or Kipper’s. They’d be down to haul us off in a day or two.”

“Oh,” she said quietly. “Bummer.”

“Does that mean you don’t want to skinny-dip any more?” Mindy asked, with a frown of her own.

I glanced at Colleen, and grinning, she unfastened her top.

* * *

“Mom’s really pissed,” Jason said.

We had found him waiting for us under one of the Bahia Mar umbrellas.

“What’d you tell her?” Mindy asked with a frown.

“Well she knows you guys were with Sticks and Kipper,” he said with a frown of his own. “I didn’t know you guys were just going to take off and leave me like that.”

“Oh, shit,” Mindy said, glancing down at her watch. “It’s been almost four hours.”

Over four hours,” Jason corrected. But Mom didn’t wake until a couple of hours ago.”

“Oh, shit,” Mindy repeated.

“Maybe we better leave,” I said, “so you can pretend that you weren’t with us all morning.”

“Uuungh!” Jason said, sounding like a penalty buzzer. “She knows you’ve been together. I had to cover for you. So I told her you guys went beachcombing. Then I told her I found the four of you at one of the pools over at the Tiki. And when she sent me to tell you to get your butts back over here, I told her that you had met some other girls and that all of you were playing water polo and stuff and that you promised you’d come back real soon.” His frowning gaze traveled over each of us. “If she sent me again, and you weren’t back, I was going to tell her that you’d drowned.”

Mindy swooped down on him, giving him a hug that Jason tried to squirm away from.

“I like Stick and Kipper too,” he said, pushing her away. “Even if Kipper is your boyfriend. But you all owe me.”

“We owe you,” Mindy agreed, sitting down on the end of his lounge chair and looking at us for confirmation.

Jason’s eyes met mine. “You owe me fishing tonight, at your shack. And no leaving me alone for the rest of the day”

I glanced at Kipper. It was unlikely that we’d have more time alone with the girls that day anyway. And after the sex that morning with them, I wouldn’t need to be alone with Kipper for a while. If we were horny again that evening, we could always wait until we’d brought Jason back to the island, or until he was asleep on a bunk if we fished too late.

Kipper shrugged.

“Will your mom say yes?” I asked.

“I’m working on it,” he said.

* * *

Margie was mollified when we returned to the room in time for a late lunch. But Jason, after having been alone all morning, was antsy.

“I’m not sitting around the room all afternoon,” he insisted. “Hey, what about water skiing? You guys said you had skis, right?”

“One pair,” I said, glancing toward the girls. They seemed interested.

“None of us have ever been skiing,” Jason said.

“And you are not going water skiing by yourselves,” Margie announced.

“Come with us,” Kipper suggested. “Have you ever been waterskiing? Would you like to?”

Margie smiled. “Yeah, I have waterskied. It’s been a long time, but I liked it.” Then she frowned. “I’m not sure that I’m up for another boat ride, though.”

“The bay’s been pretty calm for the last few days,” I said.

“Can we all fit in your boat?” she asked.

“Well not at the same time for skiing,” I said, glancing at Kip for confirmation. “We’d need to leave people on the dock for that.”

“What dock?” Margie asked.

I glanced at Kipper again. “Well I suppose we could use the dock at the shack. We have to go back there for the skis anyway.”

“Yes!” Jason exclaimed, jerking his fist.

* * *

The girls were shameless; ooh-ing and aah-ing like they had never seen the shack before. Kipper beat Margie inside by only seconds, but was able to hide the four used condoms we had lined up on the counter like fish that had been caught – it had seemed a funny thing to do after the morning’s craziness. He stuffed them deep into the trash.

The trash was about the only thing that Jason didn’t check out. “Oh, Mom, you’ve got to let me fish with the guys tonight,” he told Margie, after completing his inspection. “You just have to!”

“It’s a lot nicer than I pictured,” Margie acknowledged. Then she asked all the same questions that the girls did earlier; about the sketches, photos, aquarium, microscope, guitar.

She shook her head after we completed the tour. “Incredible,” she said. “What a place! You guys aren’t ever going to want to go home, are you?”

Grinning, because Margie had no idea, I glanced at Kipper. “Probably not.”

We stripped to our suits and Kipper and I came up on either side to tease Jason again about his baggies. “They’re going to fall right off you, Jase,” I observed. “You better not fall forward off your skis or you’ll lose them.”

“You can have one of my speedos,” Kipper offered.

Jason didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. He had put it all into growing legs and arms; and the muscles of his torso, though only beginning to develop, were clearly defined. The speedos would look good on him… very good.

“Nah,” Jason said. “I’ll just tie ‘em tighter.”

I glanced over the top of Jason’s head at Kipper. “You take the wheel,” I told Kip. “I’ll jump in the water to help Jason get up on his skis.”

Kipper cocked an eyebrow. “Maybe I ought to jump in and help Jason.”

“I don’t need any help,” Jason said. “I can do it.”

“Nah,” I said, laying my hand on his bare back. “Let one of us help you out to start with. Kipper can help you. It’ll make it easier for you the first time.”

* * *

Jason and the girls took turns skiing or resting on the dock. Kipper and I took turns behind the wheel or in the water helping them get up on their skis. We kept the boat in the channel, skiing up and down in front of the shack, and Margie kept an eye on us as she relaxed on the sun deck, sipping sweet tea. We got her up onto skis twice, though, and she did well.

When I helped Colleen up on skis, we brushed bodies and snuck a caress or two. Kipper did the same with Mindy. I did help Jason on his second round. Treading water behind him, my arms around him to help him with the towrope while the boat circled and he got his skis up, I realized that I wasn’t nearly as straight as I had started to feel around the girls.

Water ran from Jason’s wet hair down onto the back of his neck and over all the tiny golden hairs there. He had wide little shoulders and a solid body. I liked his long legs and slender forearms. His hard back brushed the front of my chest and because of my habits with Kipper, I almost pressed myself to him. Jason may have only been thirteen, but I was technically still only fifteen… and gay.

It wasn’t that I had the hots for Jase. I was just noticing how nice he was. I certainly wouldn’t want to mess him up; he was a good kid. And I had Kipper… well, and Colleen.

* * *

“Not this time,” Margie said, looking doubtful. “After being here, I wouldn’t be so worried about you, but we’d need to check with the boy’s parents first.”

“They’d be fine with it,” Kipper said.

“We can still ask them,” I quickly added. Kip was right of course, but it occurred to me that it wouldn’t hurt to have Margie talk to my folks. Then later, if they heard some rumor about us having girls at the shack, they’d think they knew all about it. “We can use the radio to call them,” I offered.

Jason gave his mom a look that even melted my heart.

“OK,” she said. “Call your parents.”

“Your dad must be quite a doctor,” Margie said after we ended the call. “He sounds like a doctor; deep voice, easy, confident.”

“He’s a great doctor,” I confirmed.

“A great doctor,” Jason echoed.

* * *

Margie wanted Jason to return to the hotel to shower up before coming with us, but he’d have nothing to do with it. He was anxious to get back to the shack and fish. So Margie treated us to a quick supper at Burger King, and it was still only late afternoon when Kipper and I returned across the bay with Jason in the driver’s seat of the boat and a quart of live shrimp in the bait well for fishing that night. I sat beside Jason to make sure he kept the boat pointed in the right direction while Kipper nodded off on the console seat. It had been a long day.

Jason prowled the dock as we put away the boat. “It’s too early to fish, Jase.” I told him. “We have to wait for dark.”

“I wanna get out of this suit,” Kipper announced. “Anyone for a quick swim and rinse?”

“I’ll join you,” I said, pulling off my shirt and suit.

Jason watched us undress. “You’re taking off swimsuits to go swimming?” he asked.

“Skinny-dipping, Jase,” I told him.

“Oh,” he said, smiling nervously.

“Gonna join us?” I asked as Kipper and I tossed our suits and shirts inside the door of the shack.

Jason bit his lip, and then I noticed the front of his suit, and laughed. “Springing a boner, guy? Don’t worry about it. Boners are cool. We’ve sprung boners skinny-dipping before.”

“Yeah,” Kipper agreed. “I might just spring one myself.”

I elbowed him.

“You don’t have to join us, Jase,” I said, “but we usually hang around out here naked anyway. And that salty, wet swimsuit of yours is going to get uncomfortable.”

“C’mon, Jase -man,’ Kipper encouraged. “We’re cool.”

Slowly, Jason turned from us and pulled off his shirt and then dropped his swimsuit to reveal a lily-white, fleshy, little boy’s butt. There wasn’t a hair on him.

Kipper elbowed me. “C’mon, Jase,” he said. “Turn it around. We promise not to freak.”

Jason turned.

“Holy shit,” Kipper said under his breath.

Jason was hard… and hung. The kid had a dick fully as long as either of ours, and thicker, with only a very small patch of pubic hair; like he’d just started growing it.

“Damn, Jase,” I said, feeling my own cock thickening. “What the hell did you do to grow that?”

Jason covered himself with his hands.

“No dude,” Kipper said. “Don’t cover up. Be proud of that thing. That’s a beautiful piece of equipment.”

I glanced down, and Kipper had thickened too.

“And guys get hard sometimes when they skinny-dip. Especially their first time,” Kipper repeated.

“Sometimes guys get hard, just seeing other guys get hard,” I said, stating the obvious.

Kip looked down out our cocks. “Yep,” he said.

“Only one thing to do,” I said, grabbing Kipper by the waist and running him off the dock. We went tumbling into the water.

“Come on, Jase,” I called back. “Don’t make us come get you.”

Jason finally grinned, and cannonballed in on to us.

Kipper climbed out to retrieve a rubber ball to toss around, and we swam out into the channel, horsing around until the sun began to set. When we finally climbed from the water, our three cocks were pruned and flaccid.

“Time for the showers,” Kipper announced. “C’mon Jase. Gotta rinse the salt water off.”

Kipper and I stepped under the shower, ran some water on each other, stopped it, and began to soap each other up, just like we always did. “C’mon,” Kipper said, waving Jason over. “Get wet and soap up. We’ll get your back.”

With a lopsided smile, Jason came over. We stood him under the shower, ran water on him, turned off the shower and then started soaping his back. He started to grow hard.

“Whoa!” Kipper said with a chuckle. “Thar she blows!”

Jase fully hardened almost instantly. Kipper and I thickened pretty quickly ourselves.

“Sorry,” Jason said with a nervous chuckle. “Just sorta happens, right? It’s not like being gay or anything.”

Our eyes were fixed on Jason’s cock.

“Don’t knock it till you try it,” Kipper said, half to himself.

That took a moment to sink in, and then Jason glanced up at Kipper and then at me. “Have you tried it?” he asked, his belly suddenly looking all tight.

All three of us went hard.

Jason was watching my face, waiting for a reply.

I circled my hand in the middle of his back. Kipper’s hand had dropped to Jason’s bottom and circled there. I nodded. “Yeah, we’ve tried some stuff.”

Jason’s jaw dropped and his breathing quickened as he weighed that. “Have you tried…” his voice dropped to a whisper, “blowjobs?”

I dropped my hand behind him to the small of his back and laid my other hand on his belly, circling there, while Kipper soaped up Jason’s crack.

I’d never seduced anybody. I mean, it sure didn’t seem like we’d seduced the girls; maybe more the reverse. But I was acutely aware that we were seducing Jason; yet it never occurred to me to weigh the right and wrong of the thing. Jason’s erection and his body excited me in a way completely different from the girls, and a hell of a lot more powerfully. My own pulse was racing and my own breath was becoming more ragged; especially since Jason seemed interested.

“Yeah,” I said, stepping closer so that my side pressed his, and his hip forced my erection to the side. “We’ve tried blowjobs.” I circled my hand lower on his belly, soaping into his pubes. Kip stepped closer from the other side. “Have you thought about it?” he asked.

Jason’s mouth was hanging open, his eyes half closed, his belly heaving. He nodded. Kipper’s and my hands met at Jason’s cock and balls. Jason’s knees started to buckle and we held him up. I put my forehead against the side of his head. “We can try stuff if you want, Jase. But we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.”

As if he’d say to stop while our hands caressed his cock and balls and butt.

“Do you want to try things?” I asked in a hoarse whisper.

He nodded. And then I felt his hand close over my cock. I looked down our bellies. Jason had a hand on each of our cocks and was feeling over their lengths.

“Does this feel good, Jase?” Kipper asked quietly.

Jason nodded.

I turned on the water again and Jason slung an arm over my shoulder as we rinsed him and ourselves. Since his arm was already over my shoulder, I swept him up in my arms and carried him up the stairs to the sun deck, Kipper following.

We laid Jason down onto his back on the planking floor and then bent over him. Kipper’s mouth met mine at Jason’s middle. We licked down, onto Jason’s balls. He had a good set; a set that was a good match for his cock. Then Kipper closed his mouth over Jason’s crown and we heard Jase whimper.

I kissed over Jason’s belly, and then I felt Jason’s hand on my cock, feeling, exploring. So I stretched out alongside him so that my cock was level with his face, and I kissed and tongued inside his hip and down around his balls while Kipper began to bob… and Jason started to moan.

Jason clutched my cock, and his fingers explored its length and over my balls, but clearly, his attention was down where we were working.

Kipper, never taking his mouth from Jason’s cock, wheeled around, maneuvering his hips over me so I could roll to my back and take him into my mouth.

Jason’s hand grew rougher on my cock and balls. It seemed to me that he was just hanging on to me while Kipper took care of him. But that was OK. I liked the hanging on.

And then Jason started thrashing, his whimpers climbing in volume to an “Ah! Ah! Ah!” followed by a teeth-clenched whine, before his body went completely rigid.

Kipper lifted his head from Jason’s lap, and Jason went limp.

“Did you like that, Jase?” Kipper asked quietly. “Did you like a blowjob?”

I couldn’t hear his answer, but imagined that he was nodding. Kipper had precum already and his hips had begun to thrust. He wheeled over me again, this time moving his mouth over my cock. I closed my arms over the back of his waist and felt his hands press Jason’s hand under my balls. “Rub him here,” Kipper said. “It’ll feel good for him.”

Kipper and I came close together; and then Kipper rolled off to the other side as we caught our breath. Jason got up silently, and went down the stairs. I glanced at Kip. “Do you think he has regrets?” I asked.

It had grown almost dark. But I could see that Kipper looked troubled, his eyes on the stairs Jason had just gone down. “Shit, Sticks,” he said, glancing at me. “What’d we do? Do you think he’s OK?” His eyes went wide. “What if he tells his mom or somebody?”

“Well,” I said, sitting up. “We can tell him that we’re sorry. We all got carried away.”

We clambered down the stairs after Jason and found him sitting on the dock bench. We took seats on either side of him.

“Hey, dude,” I said. “Look, we’re sorry. We didn’t mean for all that to happen like that… things just got carried away”

Jason shrugged.

There wasn’t much else to say. “How about if we get the poles ready for tonight?” I asked, giving Jason’s knee a squeeze. He pulled his knee away, but didn’t get up. I glanced at Kipper.

“C’mon, Jase,” Kipper said, getting up from the bench. “Time to turn on the lights and rig the gear.”

I stood up too, and Jason silently rose to follow us inside. And I felt really awful; like I’d just done to Jason something like Heather had done to me. Poor Jase never had a chance.

Jason bent to pick up his swimsuit off the floor, and then looked like he intended to put it on. “Oh, dude, no,” Kipper said. “Don’t do that. If you want something on, wear a pair of my shorts. At least they’ll be dry. Here,” Kipper said, going to his duffle. He pulled out some baggies and tossed them to Jason. Then he pulled out some running shorts for himself and slipped them on. Following his lead, I pulled on a pair of my own. Jason put on the pair that Kipper had given him.

We turned on the dock lights and a couple of lights inside. We showed Jason how to rig for free shrimping and talked about knots and treble hooks. He loosened up slowly.

“What kind of soda do you want?” I asked him.

“Coke,” he said.

“Coke it is,” I said, pulling one from the fridge. “You want ice? It’s not real good ice, but it’s ice.”

“Nah,” Jason said. “Just give me the can.”

So I did, and gave Kipper one as well. We went outside and showed Jason how to put the shrimp on the hook. Then we showed him where to cast and how to retrieve. On his third cast, he had a strike, but tried to set the hook too soon.

“With a trout,” I explained, “you have to let them take the shrimp before you set the hook. That might have been something else playing with your line just then. Usually a trout takes it right away and you don’t have to set the hook very hard. Just be firm.”

Jason caught his first trout on his next cast. It was a two pounder and took him a couple of minutes to land. We netted it, and showed Jason how to use the hook removers we liked. His excitement returned as he held the fish up proudly. We showed him how to toss the fish into the catch pen and he was immediately ready to cast again.

Several fish and over an hour later, he eased over to where I was fishing as he reeled in from a cast. “Can I get another coke?”

“Sure, dude,” I said.

“Can I get you one?” he asked.

Our eyes met. He was trying to be natural again.

“Yeah, Jase,” I said. “I’d like a red pop… and Jase.”

He had begun to turn, but looked back.

“I really am sorry about earlier,” I said. “I like you dude. I want us to be cool, OK?”

He nodded, and gave a slight smile. “We’re cool… really.” Then he turned to Kipper who stood a few feet farther down the dock. “You want a soda too, Kipper?”

The fishing was good for a close to two more hours and then died down before midnight. “It’s like that,” I told Jason. “Sometimes they just quit biting, and other times they bite all night.”

“Will they start biting again tonight?” he asked.

“Sometimes they do,” Kipper answered him. “There’s a tide change due between three and four in the morning, and they might start biting then.”

“So what?” Jason asked. “Do we sleep for a while?”

“Sure,” I told him. “Or just call it a night.”

Jason bit his lip, trying to decide.

Kipper and I put away our poles. “We’re going in, dude,” I told Jason. “We’ll catch some sleep. Wake us if the fish start biting again. You know where your bunk is if you get tired.”

We turned off the lights, and I saw Jason looking back inside as Kipper and I stripped and crawled into opposite sides of our bed.

We lay on our sides, like we often did for me to spoon Kipper, but we didn’t move next to each other under the sheets. “Maybe we better not snuggle yet,” I whispered. “No sense freaking him out again. But if we wake up rubbing… well, it’ll just happen.”

“That’s cool,” Kipper said, sliding his feet back with mine.

I heard Jason slide his pole into the rack outside and in a moment, he was inside, standing beside the bed. I looked up at him.

Jason bit his lip, looking down at me.

“Jase?” I asked.

“Are you guys going to do anything else… you know… trying stuff?”

“Not if you don’t want us to. That’s cool.”

He chewed his lip. “Could I sleep with you guys? Could we try stuff again?”

Kipper rolled back toward us, looking up at Jason as well.

“You won’t freak?” I asked.

Jason shook his head.

“We’re naked, Jase,” Kipper said. “You gotta strip.”

Without a word, Jason pulled off his shorts. He was already hard. I held up the sheet and Jason crawled in, between us. He lay down on his back. Kipper and I rolled up to face him, one on each side, laying hands on his belly and covering his legs with ours.

“What kind of stuff did you want to try?” I asked Jason.

Jason shrugged. “Can we try blowjobs for a while… until the fish start biting again?”

I chuckled. “Man, you like fishing.”


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