Sealing our Fate



I thought he would be hesitant; uncertain. But he wasn’t. Jason lay on his back and watched my face expectantly; ready. And when Kipper and I draped our bodies over his sides, Jason just naturally wrapped his arms behind our backs.

His skin was still cool from the night breeze. I ran my fingers over his belly and glanced at Kipper.

Jason had said that he wanted to try blowjobs some more, and I still hadn’t had a chance to suck Jason yet – I really wanted to do that; he had a great cock. And yet, I couldn’t get my mind off Jason’s fleshy white bottom. “Jase,” I asked, “have you ever heard of cornholing?”

Jason nodded, his eyes steadily on mine. “Does it hurt?” he asked.

I could read it in his face. When he decided to come inside with us and asked to crawl into our bed, he did it because he wanted to do the things we did. But he was able to do it because he liked us. When he crawled into our bed, he had made the decision to put himself into our hands. His eyes told me that he would trust me.

“No, it doesn’t really hurt,” I said, shaking my head gently. “You have to use oil or something so things slide in. And at first you have to get used to it, but once you do, it can actually feel good. And it definitely feels good to be the guy doing the cornholing.”

He nodded, considering. I glanced at Kipper. He was watching Jason.

“Do you want to do that?” Jason asked me.

I returned my gaze to Jase. “Yeah.” I said. “I’d like to.”

Slowly, Jason turned up onto his side facing away from me. Kipper and I rolled off him to let him do it. Then Jason backed his smooth little bottom into my lap. I pulled his smaller body to mine, his butt into my middle, and I hugged him to me. “Jason,” I whispered behind his ear. “We can stop any time. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“I’m OK,” he said.

Kipper scooted up to him from the front, and almost nose to nose, he reached down to take hold of Jason’s erection. Jason’s hand moved to Kipper’s. And I slipped my hand between my body and Jason’s to lay the length of my cock in the crevice between his butt cheeks, and because I wanted to feel the soft skin of Jason’s bottom.

Holding my front to Jason’s rear while I caressed the side of his butt with one hand, I leaned back and retrieved the suntan oil from beside the bed with my other hand. Then I spread oil over my cock and smoothed it into Jason’s crack. “We’ll go slow,” I promised.

I probed with my crown between Jason’s butt cheeks. His skin was soft there.

“Jason,” Kipper asked softly, “have you ever kissed anyone?”

“No,” Jason answered quietly.

Don’t go too fast, Kipper, I thought. Don’t freak him out by kissing him.

Kipper let go of Jason’s cock to stroke the side of Jason’s face. “May I kiss you, Jase?” Kipper asked in a whisper.

Jason nodded. I had found his opening, but I waited, my cockhead pressed between his soft butt cheeks, as Kipper caressed the side of Jason’s face and kissed him lightly. Then, his hand still on Jason’s cheek, Kipper kissed Jason again, and pressed his lips more firmly to Jason’s.

“Relax, Jase,” I whispered behind his ear at the same time as I pressed forward with my hips. I slipped in more easily than I had anticipated, but then it hadn’t been hard for Kipper and me the first time either.

His tightness clamped around my shaft, and Jason tensed. So I eased in very slowly, rubbing his sides and belly the whole time to make it easier for him. “You OK, Jase?” I asked when I was about half way in.

“Yeah,” he quietly said, breaking his kiss with Kipper.

“Open your mouth,” Kipper whispered to Jason. They kissed again and their mouths opened. Kipper scooted forward, slipping a knee between Jason’s at the same time I pressed him from the back.

Jason’s tightness slid all the way down to the very base of my shaft. “Oh, Jase,” I whispered. “Dude, you feel incredible… you OK?”

But Jason didn’t answer. He and Kipper were mouth deep in tongues. I wrapped an arm over Jason’s waist and pulled my hips back, pulling my shaft out almost to the crown. Slowly, I pushed back in, savoring the feel of his tightness. And then when I pressed all the way in, I molded my body to the back of his smaller one; the tops of my legs against the back of his, my loins against the soft flesh of his butt, my stomach and chest against his back. And I held him while I moved my hips out and then pressed back in, mashing his butt with my lap.

“Stick,” Kipper quietly said, “pass me the oil.”

I passed it over.

Kipper opened it, and kissing Jason once more, spread oil over Jason’s cock. Then Kipper rolled over and backed up to Jase.

Pausing with my loins pressed to Jason’s behind, I propped up on an arm and reached between Jason and Kipper to help guide Jason’s cock into Kipper’s crack. Jason held on to Kipper’s shoulders and when his cockhead slipped in, they both gasped.

“Oh, damn,” Kipper whispered. “I think he’s a little thicker than you, Stick.”

I clasped Kipper by the hipbone and pulled him back. Jason tensed, clinging to Kipper’s shoulders, and his legs squirmed.

“Not too fast,” Kipper said. “He takes a little getting used to.”

But then, finally, the three of us were tight.

“Oh,” Jason whispered. “Oh, wow.” He clutched Kipper’s shoulders and shuddered

Kipper leaned back and Jason wrapped his arms around him. I slid an arm under their heads and wrapped my other over their sides, and we moved together.

We weren’t well coordinated at first, but it was comfortable; surprisingly comfortable. Despite the thickness of his cock, Jason’s body was more a boy’s body than even Kipper’s. In some indefinable way, he moved like a boy, even as we lay all connected up. And it made it feel like we were all just boys, doing some boy thing.

I liked Jason. Kipper and I both did. Something felt very right about having him sandwiched between us, almost protected between us.

Though we were hardly protecting him… and yet, we were; safe in our new friendship.

Kipper shoved his butt back, and the move elicited a soft moan from Jason. He did it again at the same time I thrust my hips forward and the three of us moaned together. We found more moves and a rhythm; and the rhythm eventually quickened.

The bed rocked. Legs thrashed. Hands groped. I began driving deep, but tried not to be rough. With each easy thrust, I pressed my loins solidly into Jason’s fleshy bottom, flattening his butt cheeks, grabbing his sides, enjoying the feel of him… everywhere.

My orgasm started a fraction before Jason’s, and we rode them together to a long, shuddering end.

We slowed and stopped, Jason leaning back into me. I held him in my arms and kissed the side of his neck. “You OK, Jase?” I asked softly.

“Yeah,” he said quietly. “It still feels good.”

I pulled him tighter, staying all the way in, running my hand over his belly and chest. “Yeah, me too. Hey Kips, you wanna climb over and plug in from behind? I’ll take care of you.”

“I can do it,” Jason said quietly. “I’ll let Kipper do it.”

“I’d like that,” Kipper said, pulling away from Jason and rolling over to face him. Jason pulled off me and rolled over to back into Kipper. They hooked up quickly, and Kipper began to move. He wrapped his arms around Jason and nuzzled in under Jason’s ear. Jason leaned back into him, and their hips moved together.

Moonlight through the window glimmered on the perfect lines of their moving bodies, their skin looking unnaturally soft and pale in it’s silver light. The whole moment seemed surreal and otherworldly. I propped up on my arm and watched them with the admiration one always has for beauty, and maybe with a little jealousy as well. The way they moved together…

“Sticks,” Kipper called softly in the darkness. “You still hard?”

“Sorta. Watching you guys, I could be.”

“Well crawl over here,” Kipper said, “and you can do me. I want to see what it feels like to be in the middle.”

“It feels good,” Jason murmured.

I came around to Kipper’s side of the bed and they carefully scooted forward to make room. I lay down behind Kipper and rubbed his moving butt with one hand while I jacked myself back to full hardness with my other. Then I moved in behind him and joined the moonlit beauty of their dance.

* * *

“Well? How was it being in the middle?” I asked as we relaxed afterward and I slipped from inside Kipper.

“Oh, damn, it’s really good, Sticks. You have to try it before we take Jase back in the morning.”

After the girls in the morning, oral with Kipper and Jase after swimming, and after what we’d just done, I wasn’t sure what I’d be up to in the morning. I lifted my head to look over our bodies. Kipper was still spooned to Jason just like I was spooned to Kipper. Kip’s arms were around him and Jason looked almost asleep. “How about it, Jase?” I asked. “Think you might be willing in the morning?”

“I get to do you?” Jason asked.

“If you want to.”

“Yeah,” he said softly. “I want to.”

“Cool,” I said. “Are we all going to sleep now?”

“No way,” Jason said, rousing himself. “I want to see if the fish have started biting again.”

I shook my head. “It’s only been about an hour,” I said.

“But if I go to sleep, I might not wake up until morning,” Jason protested.

“OK,” I said. “We can fish.”

“Oh, dude… Jase. It’s been way too long a day. Let’s sleep,” Kipper mumbled, not letting Jason out of his arms.

“No, man,” Jason said, pulling away. He sat up. “It’s my last chance to fish for a while.”

“I’ll fish with you,” I said, sitting up as well. “If the fish aren’t biting, I can show you how to seine.”

“OK with you guys if I sleep?” Kipper asked.

I patted his butt. “Sure.”

* * *

After getting Jason and me two more sodas, I led him out onto the dock and we re-baited our lines. The water was almost still, and very clear. We could see shrimp on the surface and caught an occasional glimpse of a trout beneath.

“I can see ‘em,” Jason said, frustrated. “Why don’t they bite?”

I shrugged and sat back onto the dock bench, reeling in slowly. “Fish bite when fish want to.”

Jason sat down beside me.

“You OK, dude?” I asked.

He nodded. “I’m OK.”

“You really think you’ll be cool to do it again in the morning?”

Jason nodded again, his eyes on the line. “I got all hard again while Kipper was cornholing me,” he said, matter-of-factly. The he smiled. “It’ll be fun to do you.” His eyes dropped to my naked lap and traveled over my legs. “You guys have muscles and all… but not too many muscles; you know? You workout or something?”

“We’re in sports at school. How about you?”

“Baseball,” Jason said. “I’ve always loved baseball.” Then he added, “first base,” before I could ask.

The fish didn’t bite, but we fished. And for the next hour, Jason told me about his friends back home; about movies he liked, and music, and books. He asked me questions about myself and I answered them. He asked questions about Kipper and I answered those. And then when he asked, I told him all about Kipper and me as friends, and about what had happened that summer.

“Look, Jase,” I said, leaning forward. “I don’t know what you might think about guys doing stuff together and all. I don’t know what you think about Kipper and me, but…”

“I like you,” he interrupted, leaning forward like I had. He reeled slowly in.

“Oh… well that’s good, because we really like you.”

He flashed me a smile and then cast again. “But you guys aren’t like gay, right? I mean, you like girls, right? I mean, you like Colleen and my sister.”

I nodded. “Yeah. We like girls; at least Colleen and your sister. Truth is, we like you more.”

Jason gave a surprised laugh.

“Seriously dude,” I said, resisting the urge to give his bare back a friendly rub.

Jason grew quiet.

“Your dad used to take you fishing all the time?” I asked.

He nodded.

I tried to think what it’d be like to lose my dad. “Man, it’s scary to even think about losing my dad,” I said. “That’s gotta be so hard. You miss him?”

Jason didn’t say anything. I glanced over, and looking closer, I saw tears in his eyes. “Oh, dude,” I said, laying down my pole and putting an arm across Jason’s back. “Look, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked a stupid question like that.”

Jason looked up at me, his eyes brimming with tears. “Oh, Jase,” I said wrapping my arm farther around him. He let his pole drop onto the dock and allowed me pull him into my arms. When he rested his head on my shoulder, I felt his tears.

“But I don’t cry like this,’ he said, sobbing quietly. “I don’t ever cry… at least, not much.”

I held him close and felt tears in my own eyes. “I don’t cry much either Jase. But it’s OK to cry with me.

I held him like that for so long that I thought he’d fallen asleep. I was getting ready to carry him inside when he lifted his head from my shoulder. “Ready to call it a night?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, standing.

I picked up my pole and stood up as well. We reeled in, pulled off the remains of our shrimp and set the poles back into their holders. Then I stepped to the edge of the dock. “Gotta take a piss,” I said.

Jason came up alongside and we shot twin streams out into the water. We shook off, and turned to go inside.

“Sticks,” he said, laying a hand on my arm.

“Yeah,” I said, turning to face him.

“I just wanted to say… well… I like you guys, OK?”

“Yeah,” I said, mussing his hair. “The feeling is mutual.” I started to turn for the door, but once more, his hand stayed me.

“Umm,” he said. “I umm… Kipper… well I got to kiss Kipper, and I was wondering,” he said, looking up into my eyes.

He was damned cute. With a smile, I slipped an arm behind his waist and pulled him close. I gave him a long kiss, light on the lips, and then just held him when he slipped his arms under mine and hugged me hard.

I pressed my cheek to the top of his head, and stroked my fingers up and down his bare back. We were naked, and perhaps our cocks thickened, but mainly, we just held each other.

When he relaxed his embrace, I patted his butt. “Ready for bed, dude?”

He nodded sleepily and headed inside. I followed. Jason stopped beside the bed. Kipper was asleep on his side with his back to us; the bed sheet down to his hip. Lifting the sheet, I climbed in beside Kipper, my bare back and butt to his, and motioned for Jason to climb in with me.

Kipper rolled over and spooned me, wrapping his arm around my waist. “Oh good,” he mumbled. “I don’t sleep worth shit without you.”

I held the sheet up for Jason and he climbed in; lying down on his back beside me. I laid my hand on his stomach and left it there; meaning only a friendly connection. In a moment, Jason scooted up to me.

So I slid an arm under the back of his head and pulled Jason to me by his waist – a little like a kid would sleep with a teddy bear. For a long time I had talked about Kipper as my little brother – mainly because, until that summer, I didn’t know how else to describe how I felt about him. But now, I wondered if the feeling I got from Jason lying beside me like he was, was closer to what it felt like to really have a little brother.

I laid my cheek on the top of Jason’s head, and closed my eyes.

“Sticks,” Jason whispered; but not to me. He just whispered it like he liked the sound of my name

* * *

I woke to the sound of Kipper at the sink. I was on my back. Jason was asleep on me; his head on my shoulder, his arm over my chest, his leg over mine, and what felt like an erection on my hip. I had wrapped my arm up behind his waist, just like I did when Kipper slept on me like that. I didn’t have to look to know that I was fully hard.

Drying his hands, Kipper saw that my eyes were open, and he came over to sit beside me on the bed. He smiled and stroked my hair back. “I didn’t want to wake you, so I went ahead and filleted Jason’s fish for him. See?” He held his fingers under my nostrils and I scrunched my nose at the remaining smell of fish on his hands.

Kipper grinned. Taking his hands from under my nose, he laid his hand on my belly, and gave it a rub. “It’s getting late,” he said. “We need to get Jason back to the island.” Kipper glanced down at our bodies. “You two look hot as hell like this,” he said quietly. Then he leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Damn he’s got a cute butt.”

With a smile, Kipper sat back up. “Want some cereal?”

I slipped my fingers around his bicep and pulled him down toward me. Kipper knew what I wanted and pressed his lips to mine. “I love you,” he whispered very quietly into my ear.

“I know,” I said with a smile of my own as he sat back up.

Jason stirred, rubbing himself against my hip. “Ummm,” he said.

I patted his butt. “Time to rise and shine, Jase, It’s getting late. We’ve got to get you back before checkout time at your hotel.”

“Aw!” Jason mumbled. “Not yet.”

“Yeah, dude. It’s late.”

Jason slid his hand down my belly, past Kipper’s hand, and onto my cock. “Uh, huh,” he said.

“Just morning wood, Jase,” I said. “You’ve got it too.”

“We were gonna do you in the middle, so you could try it,” he said, lifting his head to look at me and then at Kipper, as if for confirmation. He rubbed his hand on my cock. “C’mon, please… I mean… last chance.”

“Damn, Jase,” I said, unable to keep from moving my hips under his hand, “from sweet innocent guy the night before to horndog.”

He rubbed his cock on my hip, and ground his hand on my cock; and it struck me that he was no hornier than any other guy would be, waking up with a hard-on pressed to a naked body. Horny, and at ease with us now.

I glanced at Kipper.

“Gotta be a quickie,” he said, and then frowned. “I suppose I’m supposed to be on the receiving end.”

I reached down between his legs. His cock was soft. “I’ll get you ready,” I said.

“Nah,” he said. “Let’s just do it.”

“Inverted turtle?” I suggested.

“What’s that,” Jason asked.

“You’ll see,” I promised.

We shifted on the bed, making room for Kipper who handed me a bottle of oil and then lay down onto his back. He pulled up his legs and I knelt at his bottom, lubing him and me. Then I handed Jason the bottle and I moved over Kipper, entering him. We went flat together. Wrapping each other up, I covered his mouth with mine.

For a few moments, Jason did nothing. And then I felt his fingers in my crack, tentatively lubing me as I had done to Kipper. I felt the inside of Jason’s legs slide up on the outside of mine. I felt his cock head probe into my crack and then find me, and it was exciting. But then he pushed in quickly, and I suddenly had a deeper appreciation of his cock size.

He settled his weight onto me, and pressed in deep.

“Oh, damn,” I said. “His cock’s thicker than yours too, Kips.”

“You OK, Sticks?” Jason murmured.

“Yeah. Just go slow.” I tested it, moving my own hips forward and back. “You guys were right. I like this sandwich stuff.”

* * *

“I hope your family likes fish,” Kipper said, as I handed him the ice chest from the dock. “You guys will be eating a lot of it.” Kip set the ice chest down and then steadied the boat against the dock so Jason and I could climb down.

Jason didn’t move though. Instead, he looked up at me. “Ask me to stay,” he said. “Ask me to stay with you.”

“Here?” I asked.

“I can’t invite myself,” Jason said. “I know my mom. But if you invited me, my mom might say OK.”

I glanced at Kipper who looked as surprised at the request as I was. “She won’t let you, Jason,” I said.

“She might.”

“For how long?” I asked. “How would you get home?”

“Who cares how long?” Jason pleaded. “I’ll catch a bus home. Just ask her. Please?” He looked from me to Kipper and back. “I won’t be in the way. I’ll help you guys.”

I rubbed my forehead.

It was enough of a delay that Jason’s mouth drew back and his eyes looked like they were going to tear. I could see it in his face; he thought we didn’t want him.

I didn’t give him a chance to consider the thought a moment longer. Throwing an arm over his shoulder, I pulled him into a sideways hug. “I’m just trying to think, Jason. We will ask; I’m just trying to think how to ask.”

Jason let out a whoop, and jumped around on the dock.

* * *

“Please, Mom,” Jason said. “I’ve never wanted anything this much in my whole life.”

“Not this year, Jason,” Margie said. “Maybe when all of you are older.”

“Mom,” Jason begged in frustration. He looked around the room, trying to think how else to plead.

Colleen and Mindy were watching from the couch and Colleen was frowning. Since she knew about Kipper and me, I thought that I could guess what she was thinking.

“If Dad was here, he’d let me stay,” Jason said.

“If your dad was here,” Margie said dismissively, “he could take you.”

“Exactly,” Jason exclaimed, as if his mom had agreed with him somehow.

It caught Margie off guard, and she hesitated. “You’re only thirteen, Jason,” she said, as if that sad, unavoidable fact nixed the whole idea.

Jason started to answer her, but didn’t. Instead, his head dropped, and his mouth twisted. He wiped his forearm across his eyes.

Margie’s look softened.

Jason’s mention of his dad had given me an idea. “I can talk to my dad.” I told Margie. “Maybe he can come down to be with us.”

That drew a variety of responses. Colleen lost her frown. Kipper’s mouth dropped. Jason looked up in total surprise — like he didn’t know whether to cheer or cry. And Margie eyed me thoughtfully.

I knew that having my dad around would whammy what we all had in mind. But he probably wouldn’t be able to come anyway… but what if he did come? Kipper and I would have to keep our hands off each other for a couple of days, but Jason would get to stay and fish; and we all wanted him to be able to do that. And who knew – us three guys might still be able to get away for some time alone together.

“Your dad’s a busy doctor” Margie said. “Do you really think he’d be able to break away?”

“It can’t hurt to ask,” I told her.

When I had Dad on the phone, I walked the phone into the kitchen to be away from the others. “Dad,” I said, lowering my voice. “I’m going to ask you something and I don’t want you to think I’m crazy until I explain the whole thing, OK? Then you can think I’m crazy.”

Dad laughed. “Well at your age, you’re supposed to ask for a few crazy things.”

“Well don’t say it’s crazy yet,” I said. “It’s all about Jason, Dad. You’d really like him; I’ve never met a kid who likes fishing more. He loves fishing. His dad used to take him fishing all the time. And then his dad died three years ago…”

“Aaron,” Dad said when I finished outlining the situation, “What you want to do is a good thing; a very good thing. But I can’t drive down there at the drop of a hat. I might be able to get down there Tuesday night and stay until Thursday morning, but even that depends on the progress of a couple of maternities.

“Maybe Jase could stay with us until you get down here,” I whispered into the phone.

“Aaron, I know you and Kipper; I know your skills and I’m comfortable with you being on your own. I’m not comfortable with you taking responsibility for a thirteen year old.”

“Think of us as camp counselors, Dad. There are lots of camp counselors our age. In fact, I’m old enough to be a counselor at scout camp if I wanted.”

“There are adults around at scout camp.”

“OK, what about camping? Ben, Kipper, and I camped out on our own at Jason’s age.”

“That was always close to home; not a shack in the bay.”

“What if we promise to stay around the shack until you come down? We were on our own last night, right. What’s another night or two?”

Dad was quiet a moment. “You have a point I guess… you’d stay at the shack? No water skiing? No drift fishing until I get down there?”


“And Jason is a good kid? Level headed? Will he listen to you and Kipper?”

“He’s a great kid, Dad. I wouldn’t ask if he wasn’t.”

My dad paused, thinking. “Let me talk to Jason’s mom.”

“Tell her how Kipper and I were both life guards… well, assistant life guards. And how we know first aid, and were scout leaders.”

“OK, son. I’ll tell her.”

“He wants to talk to you,” I said, offering Margie the phone.

Jason looked at me hopefully. I shrugged.

Margie turned her back to us and talked quietly into the phone with Dad. Eventually she turned, and looked speculatively at Jase, Kipper, and me. She nodded, just slightly, and turned away from us again. Jason gripped my arm hopefully.

Margie hung up the phone and immediately held up her hand to forestall Jason. “We haven’t worked it out yet, Jase. Dr. Krueger is calling Kipper’s dad to see if he can come down tomorrow night.”


We waited.

Kipper put at arm around Jason’s shoulders and gave him a sideways squeeze.

I took a seat beside Colleen and took her hand.

She glanced up at me with the slightest bit of a question in her glance.

I shrugged and leaned close. “He caught a lot of fish.”

The phone rang. Margie answered and took it into the kitchen.

We waited.

“OK,” she said, coming from the kitchen. “Here are the rules.”

Jason’s triumphant yell hurt my ears.

“Hush, Jase, and listen. You boys are on your own tonight, but you stay at the shack until Kipper’s dad gets down here tomorrow night. And after he goes back, you stay at the shack until Stick’s dad comes down Tuesday night.”

“I gotta pack my bag,” Jason said, squirming to get at it.

Margie held up her hand. “You listen to Stick and Kipper, Jason,” she continued. “And to their dads when they come down. And Stick, your dad said to call in twice a day both tomorrow and Tuesday so he knows you guys are OK.”

She leaned back against the counter, eyeing us. “I guess you boys take after your dads,” she said. “They seem like very nice men.”

“They are,” I agreed. “Of course…” I glanced at Kip. “We’re still working on Kipper.”

Kipper ignored me. “If we get a little stir crazy, can we go across to the flats to run and toss a football?” he asked Margie.

“The flats are right across the channel?” she asked.

Kipper nodded.

“OK, but no farther.”

* * *

Margie let the girls walk down to the beach with us to say goodbye while she gave Jason some spending money and helped him pack. Kipper and Mindy led the way. Colleen walked quietly beside me.

Stick,” she said, thoughtfully. “You guys won’t like… mess Jason up, will you?”

I frowned. “We have no intention of messing Jason up,” I said. “We like Jason a lot, Colleen; I like Jason.”

“You like Kipper, too,” she pointed out.

I bit my tongue.

“I’m just saying… take good care of Jason, OK? He’s a special kid,” she said.

“He’s a special kid,” I agreed. “And we’ll make him fish until he can’t stand fishing anymore.”

She laughed. “That won’t happen.”

We stopped on the beach, and Colleen turned to face me, slipping her arms around my neck. “When do you think you can come to San Antonio?”

I wrapped my arms around her waist. In one night with Kipper and Jason, I’d forgotten how it felt to hold Colleen in my arms, her breasts pressed to my chest. “As soon as I get my license,” I promised.

We kissed and I pressed my thickening cock against her. “Too bad there’s no place we can go to really say goodbye,” I said.

She pressed her body to mine and her mouth to the inside of my neck. “Don’t wait until you get your license,” she said.

* * *

We stopped at the supermarket on the way back to the marina and bought hamburger patties for supper. We also stopped at the restaurant where we’d been selling our fish and told them that we wouldn’t be able to bring them anything for a few days.

Then we returned across the bay with Kipper beside Jason on the pilot’s seat while I rode in front of the console. I could hear the two of them laughing and joking, but not their words; the noise of the boat and water were too loud. I just knew that when I turned around, they were grinning ear to ear and had their hands between each other’s legs.

“Watch where you’re going!” I yelled. “You bust a prop on a sandbar and it’ll spoil everything.”

They stopped laughing. Kipper flashed me an OK sign, and then grabbed a handful of Jason’s ass and they burst out laughing again. They were having a good time, and I felt just a little jealous that the two of them were getting along so well.

I tied up the boat and they passed up Jason’s bag and the groceries. Then I took the boat into the boathouse while they carried everything inside. After securing the boathouse, I walked inside expecting to find them putting things away. Instead, two screaming, naked bodies jumped out at me and dragged me to the bed.

Kipper lay across my chest while Jason sat on my legs and the two of them unfastened my pants. “What are you guys doing?” I asked, laughing and gripping Kipper’s bare side.

They pulled my shorts and briefs off at the same time. I felt Jason’s torso settle between my extended legs, and four hands explored my cock and balls. I came up hard… fast, and then I felt Jason’s mouth close tentatively over my crown. “Oh, shit,” I gasped.

“He wanted to see what you tasted like,” Kipper said, looking back over his shoulder at me. “I promised to teach him how to give a blowjob. You’re his practice dummy.”

“Oh, shit,” I gasped again. “I hope he likes the taste.”

“Oh, he likes it,” Kipper said.

* * *

Before I came, Kipper climbed up to straddle my waist, facing Jason, and bent to rub his hands inside my legs. That he blocked my view made what they were doing exciting in a different sort of way. And I liked the long lines of Kipper’s back.

I grabbed Kipper’s hips and pulled my knees up hard on either side of Jason’s torso when I felt my orgasm begin.

Kipper coached Jason into swallowing my cum, and then into cleaning me up. Then Kipper reached under my knees and pulled them up under his arms, lifting my butt. “Get the oil, Jase,” he said. “Your turn now.

He coached Jason as patiently as he used to teach little kids to swim. He told Jason how to rub my perineum and into my crack to keep me ready. He told him how much oil to use and what angle to try for.

I just relaxed and ran my hands over Kipper’s back and sides. And then when Jason began to pound my bottom, Kipper climbed off me and moved around behind Jase.

Jason paused to let Kipper enter him. Wrapping an arm around Jason’s belly and another around his chest, Kipper buried his mouth in the nape of Jason’s neck, and pushed forward with his hips. Jason’s loins pressed firmly into my bottom as he leaned back in Kipper’s arms and his eyes rolled up.

They looked hot as hell and once more, I had to fight down a little jealousy.

* * *

“I think we need some rules while Jason’s here,” I said, as the three of us lay on our backs in bed afterward, one of them on either side of me. “First, Jason… Kipper and I don’t ever tell each other ‘no’ when one of us gets horny. We can tell each other if we’re tired or not in the mood, but we don’t ever say ‘no.’”

“OK,” Jason said.

“Alright,” I said. “The second rule is for Kipper and me. I don’t think either of us should mess around with Jase without the other one, unless the other one says it’s OK?”

“That’s cool,” Kipper agreed.

“Cool with me, too,” Jason said, grinning, though I wondered if he understood my concern.

* * *

Jason watched as I flipped the burgers. “Can I do that?” he asked. I stepped back and handed him the spatula.

“Wait,” I said, taking the towel from around my waist to tie around his and cover his nakedness. “You don’t want any sparks or spatter down there.”

He leaned back into me while I tied the towel around him; not like a girl would, but like a kid leans back in your lap.

* * *

We ate our burgers on the dock bench while watching the sun set. The radio was set to a solid gold rock station, and I started slapping my palms lightly to the beat of the music on the bench between my legs. Kipper stood up and started dancing. Jason joined him, and I slapped on the bench louder as they began gyrating to the music; having fun swinging their cocks and balls.

Kipper turned to me just as I had the thought. “Fish dancing,” we said at the same time.

We adjusted our breechcloth towels, and straightened Jason’s. Then we applied nose coat in stripes across our cheeks. “Let’s dance one at a time,” Kipper said. “Dance for us first, Stick.”

He pulled Jason down onto the bench beside him and started slapping his palms on the bench in time to the music. Jason began a counter rhythm. “C’mon, Stick,” Kipper said. “Dance for us!”

So I did, starting awkwardly at first, but then I got into it. And when I got really inspired, I spread my feet apart and bent my legs like I’d seen South Pacific male dancers do. I started rising up off my heels and dropping back down onto them in time to the music, showing my calf and thigh muscles, and advancing toward the two of them. I turned ninety degrees in one hop, advanced again, and turned again.

They cheered and hooted, and beat the bench with their palms. Jason could whistle loudly through his teeth, and the sound echoed across the water. I tensed my upper body and slapped my chest and belly like something I’d seen in movies, feeling strong, male, and… a little nasty.

The song ended. I sat down and made Kipper take a turn.

Jason and I brushed shoulders, laughing and beating the bench, while Kipper launched into his own unique dance. With his arms out to the side, he stepped from foot to foot, grinding down with each step as if grinding bugs; his hips swaying from side to side in a distinctly masculine way. His towel swayed between his long-muscled legs and his belly flexed. The gentle breeze blew his golden tinged hair about his head. And as he rotated in front of us, I marveled once more at the beauty of his form. And I whistled with Jason, and cheered and pounded the bench in a syncopated rhythm.

And then it was Jason’s turn. It was obvious that he enjoyed the feel of the towel swaying between his legs, and made the most of it. He got more and more into it, and cocking a leg, was soon pumping his hips in short pelvic thrusts; the kind only a slender boy being nasty can do.

Kipper and I hooted and yelled and whistled, slapping the bench in a faster and faster rhythm even after Jason’s song ended. When the next song started, Kipper jumped up, and then I did. The three of us hopped, bumped, stomped, swayed, waved arms, and danced.

Jason looked so hot, and so into it; I dropped to my knees in front of him and swayed back and forth as he thrust his hips at me. I laid my hands on the bare sides of his butt and held his soft, flexing skin in my fingers. He had tasted me, but I still hadn’t tasted him. Holding him in front of me, I loosened his belt, dropping his towel, and pulled his long, thick, flopping cock onto my face.

* * *

We didn’t discuss it, or think about it much when bedtime came. I just lay down on my back, and each of them lay down on one of my sides; Kipper right, Jason left. They threw legs over mine and snuggled on, nuzzling into the sides of my neck, arms over my belly and chest. Their bodies were solid and long; their skin was warm and soft; their cocks and balls rested on my hips. I wrapped my arms up behind them, sliding my hands over the smooth skin of their butts; Kipper’s firm, Jason’s fleshy. “How the hell am I ever supposed to sleep alone again?” I asked.

* * *

Jason wanted to see them all; every sketch I had made of Kipper. “They’re all just outlines; impressions,” I explained. “I’m just trying to get a feel for the whole thing. See, these are the first ones I did. And these are the last. I’m getting better.”

“Oh, yeah,” Jason agreed, taking one of the newer sketches to look at in one hand while he laid his other hand on my back. “These are better.”

“I’ve been learning,” I told him. “Like, I’ve noticed that there are always one or two majorly important lines in a sketch, and if I get them right, it makes the whole drawing. Like this one of Kipper on his stomach, the important line is this one; the line of his back from here at his neck, down to the small of his back, over his cute butt, down his legs – that line makes the whole picture. And this one,” I said, passing him one of Kipper sitting, looking out the window, “there are two important lines; the one from the top of his head, over his forehead and down his nose. And this one — his jaw line.”

“And I’ve learned how to give texture with shading,” I added, pointing to Kipper’s torso in another sketch.

“Are you going to sketch me?” Jason asked, looking up at me with a grin.


“On my stomach?”

“Hmm, maybe. Or maybe I’m ready to try something more difficult, like capturing the way you looked when you were dancing last night.”

* * *

“You frame a photo,” Kipper said, “just like a painting. What you do when you take a picture is to put a box around what you want people to see.” He set the camera down. “You’ve seen people do this?” He made a square of his thumbs and forefingers and held it up to look through at Jason. “I’m framing you in the middle of this square. That’s what you do with photos.”

He took Jason to his photos on the wall. “And you have to remember how people’s eyes travel over a picture. I’ll show you one of my books. It talks all about it.”

I strummed my guitar and watched as they studied the photos. Kipper put his arm over Jason’s shoulder as he pointed to the photos, and their hips rested against each other’s; Kipper’s tan butt next to Jason’s white one. I put down the guitar and picked up my sketchpad.

* * *

Before lunch, and after making one of our required calls to dad, we went across to the flats and tossed the football, showing Jason the finer points of passing and receiving.

Afterward, we kept the midday swim short. “We can’t let you burn that beautiful butt, Jase,” I explained. We promised to take good care of you.”

“At least good care of your butt,” Kipper said.

We introduced Jason to our afternoon lotioning tradition. Only we modified it, making it a two on one special; giving each guy his time with the other two lotioning and oiling him. We lotioned Jason last and finished by making a well-lotioned sandwich of him.

* * *

I taught Jason seining before dark, and we added specimens to the aquarium. He squealed when a small crab latched on to him and we kidded him about that.

We caught three trout for supper and Kipper showed Jason the way we liked to fillet fish. Then the two of them chased me with fish entrails, saying that they wanted to try using those instead of nose coat for my face paint. When I dove into the water to avoid them, they stood on the dock laughing, and threw the fish guts at me.

And watching the two of them, I felt just a little jealous again because they liked each other so much.

We all went across the bay to pick up Kipper’s dad and bring him back. Then the three of us guys worked together to make him a fish, rice, and salad supper; and we let him know it was in gratitude for coming down to stay with us overnight.

* * *

“Where are you guys going to sleep?” Kipper’s dad asked, noticing that only the double bed had been made.

“We’re sleeping upstairs,” Kipper told him. “We took the bunk mattresses up to make pallets under the awning. It’s really breezy up there.”

His dad nodded. “Should I sleep up there too? Does it get hot down here?”

“Hot? No,” Kipper answered quickly. “You’ll sleep a lot better on the bed.”

* * *

“We can rock, scissors, paper for the middle,” I whispered as we pushed the pallets together. “I mean, I liked being in the middle of the sandwich, but you guys did too.”

“I dunno,” Kipper whispered. “I think the middle guy should take care of both outside guys… you know, roll over when one is done and let the other guy have a turn.”

“I nominate Stick,” Jason whispered before standing up to strip for sleep.

“Second the nomination,” Kipper said, as we stood as well.

I put an arm over each of their shoulders. “Gentlemen,” I whispered, “I humbly and proudly accept the nomination of my party.”

* * *

Kipper kissed my neck and it woke me. He nuzzled me in his sleep all the time. He rarely kissed me. I opened my eyes and turned my head his way. Kipper pulled his head back, and in the light of the setting moon, he looked steadily into my eyes.

This wasn’t how we woke up when we awakened all hot and rubbing; this was different. Kipper lifted his head from the pillow and pressed his lips to mine. As we opened our mouths to each other, he laid his hand between my legs.

Jason was sleeping on my other side, but this wasn’t for Jason. I slipped an arm behind Kipper’s back and pulled his chest to my side. He pressed himself to my hip, and his cock felt as flaccid as mine. But this wasn’t about sex; not just about sex.

I slipped from under Jason and rolled up onto Kipper, covering his body with mine. We wrapped each other up in the night breeze and opened our mouths to each other. At first, we simply kissed and caressed. But then we grew hard, and I ground my cock down against Kip’s.

Kipper pulled his knees up and out in unspoken invitation. We were still lubed from our earlier lovemaking and I had little difficulty re-entering him. We went flat together, my belly pressing the underside of his cock and his balls. We moved little. It was enough that I was in him, and that we were joined, and that we felt good in our joining.

I lifted my head and gazed down on Kipper’s face; his hair splayed around his head in the moonlight, stars glittering in his eyes. I kissed his lips gently and moved slowly in and out of him. He moved under me, rubbing himself up on me. He smiled; a loving smile.

Jason was fun, and he was our special friend now. But it wasn’t the same with him. How could it be?

The girls were fun, but they had been a diversion.

Things had grown deep between Kipper and me, and a few days with the girls and now Jason wouldn’t change how we felt about each other. I pressed my mouth to his ear. “With all my heart, Kips,” I said.

We intertwined legs afterward, on our sides, face to face. I slid an arm under Kipper’s head and my other behind his back. He wrapped an arm over my waist, and nuzzled in under my cheek. We relaxed, and were dozing off when Jason shifted behind me, and snuggled up to spoon me from behind in his sleep. Good ‘ol Jase, I thought.

I kissed Kipper’s cheek and closed my eyes.

* * *

I heard Kipper’s dad moving around downstairs not long after sunrise, but it was hard to wake up. That is, until I heard him start up the stairs. I got up quickly then. “I’ll be right down,” I said leaning over the railing.

But he came farther up the stairs; far enough to see that I was naked. He glanced over between the rails to the pallets. My getting up had left a space between Jason and Kips, and from his angle, Kip’s dad might not have been able to see that the pallets were together or that they were naked too.

“Just let me get dressed,” I said. “I’ll be right down to take you back over.”

“OK,” he said quietly. “I need to get on back.” He turned back down the stairs.

I looked myself over to make sure I had no clear visible remains of our sex. I looked OK… well other than being naked. But guys slept naked sometimes, so Kipper’s dad may have thought nothing of it.

* * *

Kip’s dad said little as I took him across the bay to the marina. We both yawned a lot. But the engine was noisy and I didn’t feel like yelling over the sound; not that early in the morning.

When I dropped him off, I thanked him for coming down. We shook hands and I figured that was a good sign. Certainly if Kip’s dad thought something was up, he’d act like it.

Kipper and Jason were still asleep when I got back. Kipper was on his stomach and Jason was asleep with a leg over the back of one of Kip’s.

I crawled in beside Kipper and backed up to sleep with my back against him.

* * *

We took it easy that morning; napping and hanging around the shack. We called Dad before lunch, but he was in surgery. After lunch, we played poker, and then Kipper read while I introduced Jason to guitar.

We swam after that, but casually. We were still tired. I made my afternoon call to Dad, but he was out again. “He said to tell you that he might not make it tonight,” his receptionist told me. “Mrs. Olivarez just went into labor and he might have to do a C section on Gloria Wallace. He said that he’d radio if he was coming.”

Jason had lain down on the bed for a nap. I lay down beside him and Kipper crawled in behind me. We didn’t wake until after dark when Kipper got up and turned on lights.

We ate sandwiches and drank sodas, and slowly woke up. Jason was the first to go out to fish. Kipper and I joined him. The fish were biting slowly, and finally, after midnight, we decided to do our fish dance. We finished it with our first daisy chain; me sucking Jason, who sucked Kipper, who sucked me.

Afterward, we lay on the dock, looking at stars and watching the water. Jason got up and tried casting a line. He hooked a large trout immediately.

Kipper and I baited up and soon had fish on as well. “Fish dancing!” Jason said excitedly. “We just gotta remember to fish dance!”

It was one of those times when almost every cast hooked a fish and it kept going like that until dawn. Jason was like a kid at Christmas… no, make that twenty kids and twenty Christmases. He hugged me several times as if I responsible for all the fish biting. At one point, he jumped on Kipper’s back, cheering and riding him like a horse. He barely stopped to take a piss, and we brought him sodas and water so he wouldn’t have to stop fishing to get a drink.

We released most of the fish, but Jason caught a couple of real trophy trout and we kept those. He kept going over to the holding pen to look at them as if it was hard to believe that he’d actually caught them.

After the sun was up, Kipper took Jase’s photo with the fish. And then while Kipper and Jase filleted the fish for the freezer, I called Dad’s office and left a message that I might not phone later that morning since we’d fished all night.

As the three of us stumbled to bed, Jason rubbed his shoulder. “I’m sore,” he complained.

“Fishing fool,” Kipper mumbled with a chuckle and a pop to Jason’s behind.

We crawled in on either side of Jason. I lay on my back, Jason snuggled on to my side, and Kipper spooned in behind him.

My last thought before falling asleep was that I was grateful that Jason had at least one night of incredible fishing. And it really was incredible. And maybe because I was tired, a tear came to my eye because good things did happen in this world, and if Jason had some guardian angel, well that angel did an awfully fine job that night.


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