Sealing our Fate



"So you're Jason," my dad said, offering his hand. Jason took it, his hand disappearing in Dad's larger one. Jase's mouth went slack and his face went all silly, like he was meeting a rock star.

I never thought about it much, but Dad really was a striking man, and his deep voice gave him quite a presence.

"Yeah, Dad," I answered for Jase, "this is Jason."

"Good to meet you, Jason," Dad said, releasing the handshake.

Jason's hand dropped slowly; he was still agog.

"I brought you something, Jason," Dad said, reaching into his suburban. He extracted a brand new, saltwater rod and reel, tags still attached. "After hearing how much you love fishing, I thought you might like your own saltwater rig. And here," he said, reaching back into the Suburban to pull out a tackle box. “In here are some spoons, lures, hooks, corks, and some other things you'll need."

Jason's eyes went wide as he took the gear from Dad. "Oh, wow," he managed to say, as he looked them over. "Oh, wow!"

Dad watched, grinning. "And I talked to your mom," he said. "You guys have been following the rules and you're doing so well down here that she said you can stay a little longer, Jason."

He looked up at Dad, trying to take it all in.

"I’m coming back down Friday night," Dad explained. "I’ll stay until Sunday and then drop you off at the Harlingen airport to catch a flight back home... unless you're homesick of course, and want to go back tomorrow like we had originally planned."

"No!" Jason almost shouted. "I mean… I want to stay."

Dad patted Jason’s shoulder and then turned to Kip.

"And Kipper," Dad said, reaching back into the Suburban. "Your last batch of photos was even better than the first. I brought you a couple more enlargements." Actually, he pulled out a half dozen. "And," he said, "this." He pulled out a box with “Nikon” on the side. It was a zoom lens for Kipper's camera.

"It's not a real fancy one, Kipper," Dad said. "And it's not new, but one of my patients saw your enlargements sitting on my desk and offered this lens to me at a good price because he was getting a new one."

"Oh, wow," Kipper managed to say, taking the box. "Oh, wow."

"And film," Dad said. "I brought you some more film."

Then Dad turned to me. "I'm afraid that I didn't really bring you anything, son – other than some sketch paper and charcoals."

"You're here, Dad," I said, and with a smile, added, "at the drop of a hat."

Dad grinned, and took my hand when I offered it; but then he pulled me into a backslapping hug. "We miss you back home," he said.

"I miss you guys, too," I told him.

"But not enough to come home?" he asked with a cocked eyebrow, as he released me from his embrace.

I shook my head.

"I didn't think so," he said, walking around to the rear of the Suburban and opening the doors. "I did bring steaks to grill, and some things for the boat and shack. Kipper's mom sent some cookies and your mom sent some extra towels since you have a guest. Oh, and I brought more batteries for your radio."

"What's this?" Kipper asked, as we began to unload the things Dad brought. He was looking into a white plastic shopping bag.

"That's not for play, Kipper," Dad said. "Those are three, canned-air horns — one for the boat, one for the shack, and one as a spare. They're for emergencies."

Kipper glanced up at me and I saw "emergencies" written all over his smiling eyes and the turned up corners of his mouth.

"Here," Dad said, tossing me the keys. "Go park the Suburban while Kipper and Jason load this stuff into the boat and I buy us some live bait."

* * *

"We've been sleeping upstairs under the awning," I announced as we carried in the things that Dad brought. "The bed's all yours."

Dad tossed his bag onto it. "I might want to sleep upstairs myself," he said, stretching. "I haven't slept 'outside' in a long time."

I glanced at Kipper who glanced at me.

"Well," Dad said. "You guys hungry yet?"

Jase hung around Dad like a puppy as Dad prepared salad, and then prepared the grill. Besides steaks, he'd brought summer sweet corn, still in the shucks. He would grill those as well.

Much like I had when I grilled, Dad showed Jason how to do everything he was doing and let Jason take a turn at all of it.

After supper, he helped Jason set up his new gear, and showed him how to rig for plastic worms and shrimp as well as spoons and live bait. Jason knew some of it, of course, but hung on Dad's every word as if hearing it for the first time. They were fishing long before dark.

Once we had the dock lights on, Dad showed Jason good spots to cast and how to vary his retrieval. I had told Jase all those things, but you wouldn't have known it.

"It was love at first sight," Kipper said under his breath as we cleaned up inside. "Jase has gone gah-gah over your dad."

"Yeah, well I'm not jealous of Dad," I said. "It's been hard to not be a little jealous of you and Jason; you like each other so much."

"You're kidding!" Kipper said, leaning back against the sink counter, surprised.

"I'm not," I told him. "Ever since that first night, you two have been thick."

Kipper considered that, and then shook his head, disbelievingly. "I've been jealous of you," he said. "Before your dad got here, Jason had been goofy over you all week. He thinks you hung the moon, Sticks. He worships the ground you walk on."

"Oh, sure."

"He does. You've gotta know that. I mean the way he hangs around you and hangs on everything you say... the same way he's doing with your dad tonight."

"It’s not that bad," I said, glancing out the window at Dad and Jase. They were down at the other end of the dock, next to the boathouse.

"Maybe," Kipper acknowledged. "But you’re like his hero. So I've been a little jealous, too."

It was my turn to shake my head. "I guess he likes us both; it's just hard to not be envious of the way you two get along. I'm the one who's supposed to be your best friend."

“Numbskull,” Kipper said with a swat to my butt. He glanced out the window to make sure that Dad and Jase weren't looking, and then he took my hand to give it a squeeze. "We're way more than best friends," Kipper said quietly.

I nodded, an eye on the window as well. Dad was showing Jason how to pop his wrist to better aim his casts.

"I like him, Kipper. He's a neat kid."

"Yeah," Kipper said, slipping a hand behind the small of my back where Dad wouldn’t see it if he looked into the window. "I like him, too. I guess I'll just have to be jealous of how much he looks up to you, and you can be jealous of him and me being buds."

"Guess so," I said, sliding my hand onto Kipper's butt where it wouldn't be seen if Dad looked into the window. "At least he seems to like getting it on with both of us."

"And both of us like that," Kipper agreed with a grin, dropping his hand to my butt to give it a squeeze.

I squeezed back; a big handful. "Guess we better get out there," I said.

"Guess so," Kipper agreed, but he didn't move to go out. Instead, he rubbed my butt. "I look up to you, too, you know."

I laughed.

"I do, Sticks. I always have."



"You’re making me hard as a rock."

"Me, too."

"Guess we better not go outside yet," I said.

"Probably not."

"Guess we ought to quit rubbing butts."

"Probably so."

"Wish I could kiss you right now."

"Tonight," he promised, taking his hand away.

* * *

It was getting late, and I was tired. Kipper was too. But Jason looked like he could go all night; just like Dad did.

"Look,” I told them. “We fished all night last night and I’m tired. I'm gonna go around to the other side of the shack to take a leak. And then I'm going up to bed."

"Me, too," Kipper said, putting his rod away beside mine.

Jason glanced at Dad who smiled encouragingly. "I’ll keep fishing with you," Dad said.

"Well," Kipper asked as we took a side-by-side whiz on the windward side of the shack. "Do you think your dad might come upstairs?"

"Nah," I said. “The bed’s made downstairs. He’ll sleep there. And if he does come upstairs, we’ll hear him. We’re safe for a while."

“But we gotta be quiet,” Kipper said, shaking off.

We undressed in silence. Like me, Kipper was already almost hard and I wrapped my hand around his erection while giving him a kiss. He grabbed mine.

"Just us is cool," I said, brushing my lips on Kip's, before stepping back from him. We slid under the sheets of our pallet. I slid an arm under Kipper's head and we entwined legs, facing each other.

Kipper slid his hand down my back and onto my butt. "How do you want to do it?" he asked. "It's gotta be quiet, whatever we do."

"Honestly, what do I want to do?" I asked.

He nodded.

"I'd like to just rub like we do when we wake up in the night,” I said. “I want to hold you and kiss while we do it."

Kipper smiled, and rolling to his back, pulled me up onto him. He parted his legs for me and I settled on to him, balls on balls, hard cocks between taut bellies; chest to chest.

Kipper grabbed my butt and I slipped my hands under to grab the back of his shoulders. We moved silently because Dad and Jason were fishing quietly, only occasionally saying something to each other. The evening breeze blew softly over us.

I covered Kipper’s mouth with mine and probed into his mouth with my tongue. And we ground our cocks together,

* * *

I woke when the sheet was pulled back, and I felt cool air on my back and bare butt. Jason lay down behind me.

But then I realized that Jason didn't lie down behind me; he was laid down behind me... and I was spooned all naked to Kipper's back.

I looked up. My dad was standing over us and his eyes noted how we were lying.

In his sleep, Jason rolled up, trying to snuggle onto me, and Dad's eyes noted that as well.

I couldn't read his expression; I mainly just saw his eyes staring down at me in the dark before he turned and headed back down the stairs.

Oh, shit, I thought.

I lay there for a few minutes, wondering what, if anything, I should do.

The night breeze had virtually died and the night was still and quiet. Below, I heard the whip of Dad's pole, the play of his line, and the plop of his shrimp hitting the water.

I was wide awake now and going back to sleep any time soon wasn't an option. Besides, it wouldn't be any easier to face Dad in the morning. I sat up between Kipper and Jason, smoothing my hair back out of my face. I thought about going downstairs. I thought about it because I had seen nothing in Dad's eyes to make me afraid.

When I got up from the pallet, I spread the sheet over Kipper and Jason; and Jason snuggled on to Kip instead of me. I pulled on my shorts and shirt and went down the stairs.

Dad glanced at me, but didn't say anything.

I took a seat on the dock bench and pulled up my knees, resting my chin on them.

Dad glanced at me again before making another cast. "I may take a swim," he said. "I think I'm over-tired. I got almost no sleep last night and very little the night before. At home, I'd soak in the shower to relax."

He glanced at me again. "Your mom thinks that we should get a swimming pool."

"I'd like that," I said. "That'd be cool."

He nodded again, just as a fish hit. Dad set the hook and reeled it in. I got up to net it for him. It was an average size trout. I removed the hook, releasing his line, and then I tossed the fish into the holding pen.

"Your mom also wants to build a garage apartment," Dad said while baiting a new shrimp. "She's worried about your grandmother and wants her to move in with us. But we're out of bedrooms unless I give up my study."

I resumed my seat on the bench.

"Problem is," Dad continued, casting his line again, "if we built an apartment over the garage, your grandmother could never handle the stairs. Of course, your mom would like her as close to us as possible anyway... like in your room. It's right next door."

He glanced at me again. "Would you be willing to give up your room if we let you have a room above the garage?"

"Sure," I said, nodding. Any other time, I'd be jumping up and down with thoughts of having something like that. But under the circumstances, it was almost easy to wonder if Dad wanted me out of the house.

"You wouldn't have to if you didn't want to," Dad said. "I’m just afraid that if we move Pattie out of her room while she's away at school, it could hurt her feelings. Besides, it makes more sense to give an apartment like that to a son than a daughter."

"I'd like it," I said. "I might like it even more than a pool if you're trying to decide between the two."

"We might do both," Dad said, retrieving and casting again.

"Would we need to sell this shack?" I asked.

Dad smiled, and looked over the dock and the shack. And then his eyes settled on me.

"If you had to choose, would you pick an apartment, a pool, or this shack?"

"All of them," I said. "I love this shack."

"Yeah," he said quietly, looking back out over the water. "If I was your age and had a place like this, I'd love it too."

He reeled in his line and set the pole in a holder. "Will you swim with me?"

"I don't know, Dad," I said, looking into the brightly lit water close to the dock. "We saw a good-size shark out here one night. The light draw things you know."

"Yep," Dad said, pulling off his shirt. "That's what they're supposed to do. We can turn off the lights if you want."

"Oh, geez! I'm not sure I want to swim in the dark any more than I want to in the lights."

"Suit yourself," Dad said. "But I think I will turn them off."

He reached inside the door, and flipped off the dock lights. Then he pulled off his shorts and briefs, and stepped to the edge of the dock.

I didn't think much about him swimming naked. We'd done that before while fishing and I never thought of it as skinny-dipping; not with my dad.

He jumped in, and I felt a little guilty about not swimming with him. So I got up and pulled off my shorts and shirt, and then jumped in after him.

Dad swam out into the channel, and I followed, a little nervously. But the water was virtually still, and cool. The moon was up and almost full, and the sky was ablaze with stars. It wasn't so scary after all, and I began to relax.

"This is great," Dad said. "I think I'll be able to sleep after this." He rolled to his back and kicked some. I followed along with a sidestroke.

"When Kipper's mom brought her cookies by the office this afternoon, we had a good talk," Dad said. He sat up and treaded water. "She's a very perceptive woman," he said. "And very practical."

I treaded water with him.

Dad continued. "I told her that your mom and I were surprised that you guys had lasted as long as you had down here. She wasn't surprised though."

Dad was watching me. I leaned back, sculling, and looked up at the stars.

"She told me some things I didn't know, though I guess they didn't really surprise me," Dad said. "She told me that Kipper's had a bit of a schoolboy crush on you for some time. She thinks you've had one on him."

I frowned at the words, "schoolboy crush." Neither she nor Dad had any idea!

Dad continued. "I asked if she thought that it was a mistake to let you guys come down here like this. You know what she said?"

I shook my head and pretended to be studying the moon.

"She said that she didn't think anything happened down here that wouldn't have happened anyway."

I thought about it. The girls might not have happened anyway, but Dad clearly meant between Kipper and me.

"Was she right?" Dad asked.

I nodded. “Nothing happened down here that wouldn’t have happened anyway.”

“Does that include Jason?” Dad asked. “Is that true of him, too?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“If I had realized the situation down here, I wouldn’t have said yes to Jason staying.”

“Jason knew the ‘situation’ when he asked to stay extra days,” I said.

Dad thought that over. We slipped into a sidestroke, moving back toward the shack. “You know, Aaron,” he said, “it’s not at all unusual for guys Jason’s age and your age to experiment sexually together. Sometimes it’s just part of growing up. It doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean that you have to grow up a certain way.

“Do you like girls?” he asked. “I’m asking because there was a rumor that you had girls out here.”

“Just Colleen and Mindy,” I said. “That day when Margie and Jason were here, too.”

Dad didn’t say anything, but kept watching me.

“Yeah,” I said. “I like girls. Kipper does, too.” I said it, but I wanted to say more. I wanted to tell Dad not to count on that meaning anything.

“I’m glad you like girls,” Dad said. “Keep liking girls. They’re marvelous creatures.”

Not nearly as marvelous as Kipper, I thought.

“At your age, a boy’s sexuality is still highly malleable, Aaron,” Dad continued.

“Malleable?” I asked.

“Bendable,” Dad clarified. “Moldable — it’s not set yet.”

“Are you talking to me like you would to a patient, Dad?” I asked. “Because Kipper and I have been bent and molded for a long time… before this summer.”

Dad shook his head sadly. “I was trying to talk to you as my son. We’ve had too few of those talks while you were growing up.”

We reached the dock. Dad climbed out and I followed. Dad stepped into the fresh water shower, rinsed, and then stepped out for me to take a turn.

He went inside and brought out two of the new towels Mom had sent down. We dried off and sat down a couple of feet apart on the dock bench.

He sat bent over, forearms resting on his thighs. I realized that I was sitting exactly the same way. I waited for him to say something, but he sat, thinking. Then he sighed as if he had made up his mind about something.

“Aaron,” he said thoughtfully. “When you two come home… I don’t want you and Kipper to be caught out somewhere together like some other kids have been.” He glanced at me. “You can bring Kipper home with you.”

It took me a moment to realize what Dad had said, and then I felt my face flush because I was embarrassed. “Oh,” I said, and then added, “thank you.”

Dad simply nodded.

“Are you going to tell Mom about us?” I asked.

“I suppose that I’ll have to… if you’re to be free to bring Kipper home with you.”

“I can bring Kipper home for sleepovers? Or just for like the afternoon or evening?” I asked, clarifying.

Dad looked out over the channel. His face looked all rugged in the moonlight; but it was a face I had grown up loving. He glanced at me. “As often as Kipper’s folks will let him, he is free to sleep over at our house. But be careful, Aaron. People will talk.”

I shrugged. “If they talk, they talk.”

Dad frowned. “That could be hard on you two, Aaron,” he said. “And not just you two. It could be hard on your friends, and on Ben, too. And Kipper’s parents.”

“And you and Mom?” I asked.

“And Pattie.”

I leaned back and looked up at the sky. “It’s so perfect down here,” I said. “I wish we could just stay down here.”

“But you can’t,” Dad said.

I nodded. “We’ll try to be careful.”

Dad stifled a yawn. “After you’re home, the two of you should stop by the office so that I can give you checkups and then I really will talk to you like your doctor.” He glanced at me. “There are some special… considerations… that you need to keep in mind; doing what you’re doing.”

I nodded. “OK.”

Dad stood up and stretched. I wondered if my body would still look as good as Dad’s did at his age. “Did you have sex with those girls?” he asked, not looking at me, but out over the water.

“Yes,” I said quietly, “When Margie and Jason weren’t around.”

Dad shook his head. “I guess kids really are having sex at younger ages these days. I’m a bit jaded, I suppose. A small town GP sees a lot of things and I’ve never been convinced that people have changed that much from what they’ve always been. But maybe they are. At least at your age… did you use condoms?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good,” he said. “When you and Kipper come for your checkups, we may talk about that too.” He started to head inside, but stopped. “About Jason,” he began.

I was looking down at the dock and didn’t life my eyes. “Yes, sir?”

“It’s not actually a part of the Hippocratic oath,” Dad said, “but it’s a rule that all physicians try to follow — first do no harm.”

I nodded.

“There’s another rule that I try to follow,” Dad said. “One my dad taught me – whenever you have the opportunity to do good, do good, son.”

I knew what he was trying to say, but there wasn’t much I could do now to change things with Jason. What was done was done.

“And,” Dad added. “I have one last rule of my own that I learned on my own – it’s never too late to try.”

“Try to do good?” I asked.

He nodded. Then he stepped toward me and laid a hand on my shoulder. “Aaron. I’ve always been proud of you. I still am. But you have a lot to work through yet in your life. You’ve made mistakes and you will make mistakes; we all do. Just keep trying to do your best, always.”

At the top of the stairs, I found Kipper asleep on his back. Jason was sleeping all curled up with his head on Kipper’s stomach and his arm across Kipper’s hips. I crawled in behind Jason and wrapped his body in mine, laying my head on Kipper’s shoulder. I liked Jason, and even if I missed opportunities to do good with him before, I resolved to not miss any more.

As I lay there, it finally sunk in; I was out to my dad! And it sounded like we were out to Kipper’s mom. Maybe his dad too — if the reason his mom brought the whole thing up with my dad was because Kipper’s dad suspected something on Tuesday morning.

We were out, and we weren’t kicked out of our homes. Dad may not be thrilled with us. Kipper’s parents might not be either. But Dad said I could have Kipper sleep over with me, and that changed everything about what I had been thinking we’d face that fall.

And then I remembered what Dad said about a garage apartment, and it seemed to me that the fall could actually turn out… good.

* * *

I woke to Kipper’s kiss. He was kneeling beside me. The sun was well up and the morning breeze had picked up. Jason was asleep in my arms, his face buried in my chest.

Kipper smiled. “Your dad heated up the left-over steaks from last night, and he’s fried up eggs and made toast. He said to wake you because the food’s ready and he needs to head back soon.” He bent to kiss me again. “Your dad told me about your talk last night.”

“Crazy, huh?” I said.

“Yeah. Crazy.”

* * *

“Remember to stay here at the shack,” Dad reminded us at breakfast. “That rule hasn’t changed.”

“Margie said it was OK to go across to the flats,” I told him. “We run passing patterns for practice and we’ve been teaching Jase how to pass and catch a football.”

“And snorkeling,” Kipper said. “We can snorkel around the shack. We just haven’t because the water’s not real clear here unless it’s early morning and we move away from the channel. But we might try that with Jase.”

“Cool,” Jason said, enthusiastically. “I want to try that.”

“We haven’t been seeing many fish when we snorkel,” I said. “They keep shying away. The only ones that seem to let us get close are dog fish and stingrays.”

“Stingrays?” Jason asked with a frown.

“Feed them,” Dad said. “Feed the fish.”

All three of us glanced at him.

“Seriously,” he said. “Take one of those cans of tuna with the pop open top out with you. Open it up and I bet you draw fish.”

We bought several cans of tuna at the marina when we took Dad back.

* * *

I’m not sure how it started. After we came back from dropping my dad off, we stripped, cleaned up from breakfast, and then decided to take it easy; we were all a little tired. I was stretched out on the bed reading when I heard them grunting and laughing.

I glanced up from my book to see the two of them in a shoving contest. Jason had his shoulder buried in Kipper’s chest and each of them was trying to back the other up. Jason’s thick cock was almost fully erect and I remembered that he wasn’t in on our love making the night before; he was probably horny.

Kipper suddenly backed off, trying to get away, but Jason came stumbling forward into him, pushing Kipper back onto one of the old armchairs, and Jason fell onto him. Kipper struggled to sit up, but Jason quickly moved astride his lap, burying a knee into the back of the seat cushion on either side of Kipper’s hips. I could see Jason’s cock lying straight up Kipper’s belly.

They laughed, trying to tickle each other’s ribs.

“Get him, Jase,” I called. “Kip’s really ticklish.”

They swatted away each other’s hands and tried to reach in between the swats to dig into ribs. From the way Jason was bouncing and wiggling his hips, I imagined that Kipper was coming up hard too.

The swatting slowed, though their grins remained. And then Kipper reached a hand behind Jason’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. Jason murmured pleasantly, moving forward and back with his hips as he wrapped his arms around Kippers shoulders.

If it hadn’t been for that summer, how would it have gone for Jase? I don’t know. But watching them, it was clear to me that the genie was out of the bottle for Jason.

Jason rose up on his knees and Kipper pointed his cock straight up from his lap. As loose as we had all become and the way our bottoms felt well oiled all the time, I thought it might work for them without lube. Jason tried to sit back down onto Kipper’s cock, but he was too tight. I reached for the oil and tossed it as soon as Kipper held up a hand for it.

I thought about getting up and joining them, but held back. Kipper was right; Jason liked both of us, just differently. And I had no doubts about where I stood with Kipper. I could stay out of it and let them be buddies together. I could let them enjoy things at least once on their own.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t get hard myself. And it didn’t mean that I didn’t feel a little left out. They would have let me join them, of course. But it was so obviously a moment for the two of them, and Dad’s talk had me thinking about being unselfish.

They started slowly, finding the right fit, the right moves. Then Jason began rocking his hips, rubbing his cock up Kip’s belly as he moved up and down on Kipper’s shaft. Kipper held Jason by the hips and Jason held Kipper by the shoulders. Their movements slowed when they paused for a long kiss, and then Jason started a gentle bouncing.

The bouncing grew harder with Jason rising on his knees and then dropping back down.

Kipper came first, but Jason kept going until he came as well, and then he collapsed onto Kipper. After a few minutes, they came to the bed, crawling in together. “You OK, Sticks?” Kipper asked. “Do we need to take care of you?”

I shook my head. “Nah, rest. You can take care of me later.” And then I returned to my book to take my mind off my erection. When I grew soft, I set the book down and backed my butt to Kipper’s for a nap.

* * *

That night we did the fish dance, and Jason grew flushed watching Kipper dance. His nostrils flared, and his neck looked thick. He didn’t look so much like a kid then; he looked… male.

He stepped behind Kipper, grabbing him by the hips to hold Kipper’s butt tightly to his front as they danced; and their bodies moved together.

As I danced to the side, it seemed to me that the genie wasn’t just out of the bottle — Jason’s sexuality had come in like a freight train; an unstoppable freight train. Then Kipper said something to him, and the two of them came to me, pressing me from the sides, and Kipper slipped his hand into the front of my breechcloth.

* * *

Early the next morning, before the wind came up, we showed Jason the basics of snorkeling; how to clear the snorkel of water when you come up – that sort of thing. And then the three of us, each holding a can of tuna, swam away from the murky channel and toward the clearer water of the bay proper.

Naked guys under water always look all cool and floppy. Jason was definitely no exception to that; his large cock continuing forward on its own every time Jason pulled up for any reason. He seemed to get a kick out of seeing us underwater too; pointing at our middles, his eyes smiling.

Everything looks closer and bigger under water – not like in underwater photos, though. When you’re actually underwater, looking through goggles is when everything looks so big.

I was used to seeing Kipper, but had to adjust to Jason; he looked huge; huge and beautiful, as refracted light from waves traveled down his body in little golden stripes. I wasn’t sure how I looked to him, but as he swam alongside me, his hand traveled over the back of my leg and my butt.

We left the dark, murky water of the channel well behind. Not only were we looking for clearer water, but I also wanted to be sure not to draw anything big from the channel with our little “tuna invitation.”

About two hundred yards back from the Inter-coastal was a cluster of pilings. What they had been for, we never figured out. But since fish gravitate to underwater objects, we swam toward them.

The water was calm, and surprising clear for being so close to the channel. We could see at least thirty feet in all directions, which in six to eight feet of water seemed pretty good; but always, just out of visibility, we saw the glinting of fish turning away from us.

There were crabs at the pilings and we stayed back from them. I opened my can of tuna, and we waited… and waited.

And then I noticed that we had attracted fish – little bitty ones. They were clustering around my can and I pointed them out to Kipper and Jason.

A crab headed our way and I backed up.

Then the first little piggy perch showed up, and that’s when Jason and Kipper opened their cans of tuna as well.

More piggy perch came and began to fight over the tuna, chasing away some of the little bitty fish. A couple of baby sheephead showed up, all toothy, and I pointed them out to Jason whose eyes went a little wider. The fish looked so damn big underwater. But I knew they were still small.

A dogfish joined us as an even more unwelcome guest – dogfish look like puffer fish and are particularly ugly underwater.

I felt a nip on my thigh and looked down to see a little piggy perch peck at my leg. Unsatisfied with or unable to get to the tuna, it had decided to check me out. I brushed it away.

More and more piggy perch were showing up. Piggy perch were definitely not what I had in mind. I wanted to see trout, reds, drums, maybe even a tarpon. But we were quickly being enveloped in a cloud of piggy perch, sheephead, and other little fish; none of which was over three or four inches long.

There were two quick pecks at my butt, and I swatted behind me. Kipper brushed at his leg, and Jason suddenly jerked his butt back and swatted a piggy perch away from his dick. I could hear his howl through the water.

Our brushing and swatting increased. Jason was the first to let his can go, swimming back from it as it sunk to the bottom. Three of the smaller piggy perch followed him, wanting more food… of any kind.

Kipper and I let our cans go and followed Jason. Kipper spit out his snorkel and roared with laughter. “They like that big dick of yours, Jase,” he said. “That was so damned funny.”

“It was a feeding frenzy,” I said. “And we were next on the menu.”

“They were like piranhas!” Jason complained, and then he frowned at me. “Did your dad know they would do that?”

I laughed. “I don’t think so. He doesn’t have much sense of humor.”

“His is like yours,” Kipper said, accusingly. “You might have set us up just like that. I bet he did.”

“Whether he did or not,” I said, “next time Ben and Tom come down, I’m going to suggest they try feeding the fish.”

Kipper laughed out loud and Jason joined him, though he had no idea who we were talking about.

Then, as we started swimming back toward the shack, Kipper snuck a hand behind Jason’s leg and pinched.

Jason almost shot out of the water.

* * *

I took a nap that afternoon. When I woke, Kipper was sitting across one of the old easy chairs, reading a book. Jason was in the kitchen watching me, and drinking a glass of ice water. I flashed him a smile and then rising from the bed, I stretched like I often did.

Jason, his eyes still on me, put down his water and came over to me. His cock was on the rise and swayed in front of him as he came. He was looking at me, a little like he had looked at Kipper the night before. But I wasn’t dancing.

Jason’s eyes were on my body.

With a fingertip, he traced down my midseam, following the little trough that ran from my sternum to my navel. He ran a hand appraisingly over my pecs and then my biceps. He ran his hands up over my shoulders and neck. He made me feel strong. And then his eyes met mine.

I pulled him into my arms, and pressed my mouth to his. Jason melted into me.

Most guys at some time want to be held in stronger arms than their own; to be pulled to a taller, stronger body. Jason wanted that. And I wanted to hold him.

He continued to run his hands over my shoulders and arms as we kissed, squeezing my muscles the way Kipper liked to do. I felt my way down his back, and clasped his butt in both hands. Jason’s mouth grew hungry, and sliding his fingers into the back of my hair, he held our mouths together. Grabbing him up by the butt, I lifted him and carried him to the bed.

Laying him down on it, I lay down on him, moving over him, pressing my hardness to his. We kissed and moved together. Jason’s legs were still around my waist; I lifted them higher. He pulled his knees up, and as Kipper had tried the previous day, I tried to enter Jason without stopping for lube. But in my case, it worked. I had enough precum to make it.

I eased into him. Jason laid his hands on my shoulders once more, squeezing my muscles tightly as I started to push slowly in. I cradled the back of his head in my right palm and lifted his face toward mine. With my other hand, I held onto the back of his slender shoulder. I pressed myself more deeply inside him… all the way until I felt his bottom bones on either side of my shaft. Then I slowly laid my body down on his smaller one; first our bellies, and then our chests touching. I settled my weight onto him and pressed myself far into him, stretching the skin back on my cock. And there was something incredibly satisfying about the moment, about folding ourselves into one. I went flat on him and the way our bodies fit, I looked directly down into his eyes.

Jason’s sexuality isn’t all that had come on fast that week. His feeling for us had grown strong. He loved Kip one way, and he loved me another; maybe adoring me a little like Kipper had said. I saw it when I looked down into his eyes. And when I moved my hips, I also saw a flush of sexual pleasure – he liked our joining.

I lowered my mouth to his and our mouths opened. We kissed like maybe an older brother would kiss a younger brother whom he loved. And like a younger brother might kiss his older brother whom he thought hung the moon – that is, if brothers ever did what we were doing.

I pumped slowly and he circled his hips to meet me, and to feel his cock between our bellies. I held the back of his head in my palm and probed his mouth with my tongue, tasting Jason and finding love in a boy’s mouth. Kipper stretched himself out beside us, wrapping an arm and a leg over my back and pressing himself against our sides, and we found a rhythm for the three of us.

And the bonding that had been happening all week between us sealed itself.

* * *

The last night of Jason’s stay, with my dad downstairs, hopefully sleeping, we made love to Jason as quietly as we could. We laid him on his back and moved over him with tongues, kisses, and skin on skin. We lifted his legs and I moved over him first. Jase and I made ourselves into a tight ball and I held him tightly until I came, pressed deeply inside him. Kipper moved over him then, and the two of them kissed almost the whole time; until both had come.

They stayed together, kissing, and I moved alongside to join in. We cleaned Jason with our tongues and made him hard again. Kipper climbed astride Jason’s hips, intending to ride Jase’s thick cock for him. But when Jason grabbed Kipper’s sides, it tickled and Kipper laughed. We shushed him, and all giggled. The mood lightened, and it became a rolling frolic, with us stifling laughs and giggles… late into the night.

* * *

“Breakfast is almost ready,” Dad called up to us in the morning. I could smell bacon cooking, but I was tired and it was comfortable, spooned onto Jason with Kipper behind me.

But then Kipper pulled away. “I’m hungry,” he said, getting up to put on his shorts.

“Come get us when it’s completely ready,” I mumbled as Kipper headed down the stairs.

Jason rolled back toward me and I rolled onto my back. He rested his head on my shoulder, with an arm over my chest and a leg over my middle. I stroked his back and tried to think of some last-chanced opportunity to do some redeeming good for him. What I came up with was probably not what Dad had in mind.

“Jase,” I whispered. “I had sex with Colleen last week. It was her first time… and it will be over a week since we did it when you get back. She might be in the mood.”

“Colleen?” he said, thoughtfully. “She’d never look at me. She’s Mindy’s age.”

“So are Kipper and me,” I said. “And we definitely looked – I know, I know; not the same – just let her see you in a speedo, Jase. Trust me. She’ll look.”

* * *

Dad watched Jason closely at breakfast, and I imagined that he was worried about what we had done with Jase, and what Jase might tell his mom.

Jason was a sharp kid though, and managed to not talk about the sex we had while still talking about everything else we did.

“So you had a good time?” Dad asked, finally smiling.

Jason looked from me to Kipper and smiled at my dad. “This week… it’s like we were brothers; Kipper, Stick and me. It’s like I had two brothers.”

“And you liked that?” Dad asked, with a grin. “Did you fight like brothers?”

“Oh, no,” Jason said, surprised. “We didn’t fight at all.”

“You never talked about fighting with your brothers,” I pointed out to Dad.

He shrugged. “We never fought much.”

“We didn’t come close to fighting,” Kipper said. “We all hit it right off.”

He was right, of course. There was a chemistry between us from the start.

“I would have liked having a brother,” Jason said, thoughtfully. “I really had fun this week.”

* * *

When we dropped them off at the marina, Dad paid for us to gas up. Jason visited the marina store and returned with four small bags. He handed one each to Kipper and me and kept the other two. “I had plenty of spending money left,” he said. “So I got you these to say thanks.”

We looked inside our bags. They held shark tooth necklaces. “I got me one too,” Jase said, and then he leaned close with a grin. “For fish dancing.”

“This other one,” he said, holding up the fourth bag, “is for your dad. It’s a new kind of plastic shrimp. I got him some hooks and different color shrimp.”

I thought he would cry when he left, but Jason at the end of the week was not the same Jason who started it. He hugged us tightly, and then shook our hands because Dad was there. His eyes were moist, but he kept his cool.

“Can I come back sometime?” he asked.

I glanced at Dad. “Anytime, Jase,” I said. “Anytime you can come.”

Dad’s look was inscrutable, but at least he didn’t say no.

“You guys won’t forget me?” he asked with a nervous smile.

“Hey Jase,” Kipper said, throwing an arm across Jason’s shoulders. “We’re brothers, right dude? And once you’re brothers, you’re always brothers. Just don’t you forget us! I’ll send your copies of the pictures we took of you and your fish, and all of us. And you’ve gotta put ‘em up on your bulletin board or something, OK?”

“Hell yes!” Jason agreed with a grin, and I was afraid he was going to kiss Kipper right in front of my dad; but they just kept grinning at each other.

“Biggest fish all week,” I said, hoping to break the grin lock.

“Maybe all summer,” Jason said, turning to me. “You said that my fish might have been the biggest you guys caught all summer, right?”

* * *

We parted with final hugs, and then waved goodbye as they drove off; Jason watching us out his window as long as he could.

“Dad’s probably going to have some kind of talk with Jason on the way to the airport,” I said. “You know, about being malleable and all.”

Kipper shrugged, and laid a hand on my back as we turned to walk toward the boat. “He’ll be Ok,” he said.

“He could still get turned on to girls,” I pointed out.

“Maybe,” Kipper agreed. “But he’s still going to come back to see us.”

“You think?” I asked.

Kipper laughed. “Of course.”

“We’re going to miss him,” I said.




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