CHAPTER 49a And Ryan Makes Three

Dan rubbed the back of my neck. I turned from staring at the flight arrival monitors and flashed him a smile.

“You’re going to wet your pants, you’re so antsy,” he said.

My smile became apologetic. I had been so worried that we’d be late that I rushed us earlier when we checked into the hotel. We had hauled in our bags, looked the room over, and set presents out for Ry.

I’d brought Ry two gifts; a Trinity ball cap, in black (one of my class colors), and a print — more a poster actually — from a shop near Trinity. It looked as realistic as a photograph. Underwater, in the foreground, a bass was about to take a lure. In the background, a fisherman looked intently at the spot where his lure had entered the water.

Dan had brought Ry a University of Texas T-shirt, and underwear. I was anxious to see Ry in orange… just orange, well except maybe for the Trinity ball cap.

Dan had also brought something from Linda. She knew that Ry was coming and that we might wear our costumes for him — the ones she’d made for us for the costume ball. So on her own, she’d made a costume for Ry as well. Dan picked it up before stopping by Trinity for me on the way to Houston. She’d sent pictures from the ball, too, and we’d left those out in the room to show Ry.

I had rushed us, and now we waited.

Dan’s hand was still on the back of my neck, and he gave it another squeeze. “You think Ry is as excited as you are?” he asked.

“Ol’ Ry’s always excited.” I glanced at Dan. “Look, Danny,” I said. “I hope you don’t mind my being a little excited about Ry coming. I meant it last weekend when I said that when we’re together, my focus is always going to be on you. That includes tonight.”

He gave my neck a good-natured shaking. “You nut!” he said. “Ry worships the ground you walk on and he hasn’t seen you in months. He needs your focus tonight. And besides, Ry’s always been a different case. We practically promised him he could be with us forever, remember?”

I nodded and he gave my neck another squeeze.

“You know what’s funny, though?” I asked.

“No, what?”

“I’ve got a boner going right now, but not because of Ry; it’s from standing next to you.”

Dan smiled. “Really?”

I looked him in the eye. “There are times I want you and it’s all I can do to not jump your bones, even in public.”

“Oh, damn,” Daniel said. “Now you’re giving me a boner.” He wriggled his eyebrows. “Wanna hit a john and feel each other up?”

“Yeah, right. That’d sure start off the night well… getting hauled off by the airport police for lewd behavior in a john.”

“Who said it would be lewd?” Dan asked.

I cocked an eyebrow and Dan chuckled. He leaned close. “Very lewd.”

I’d make sure of that,” I said.

I glanced at my watch; ten more minutes till the plane was due at the gate. I wondered if it had already landed.

“I’ve thought a lot about Ry,” Dan said, shoving his hands into his back pockets. “You know… about how he’ll fit in. After all, you and me, Seany — we’re more in love than ever.” He smiled. “I guess that’s putting it mildly, isn’t it? We’ve gotten downright passionate.”

“That may still be putting it mildly,” I said.

Dan put his arm over my shoulders. “But we can make room for Ry,” he said. “We promised him… I promised him.” He squeezed my shoulder and leaned close. “You know the reasons that I made the promise; but I’m cool with it, Seany. He sorta fits us, you know,” he glanced toward the Jetway as if already seeing Ryan standing there. “In my mind, I’ve been making love to him. I remember what it was like when the three of us were together. And I’ve been concentrating on wanting to see him again.”

He smiled and jostled my shoulders. “I want to love him like you do, Seany. And I want him to love me, too.”

I smiled and slipped an arm behind his back. “Well in Ry’s mind, the three of us are already a lock. He’s never wanted me to tell you, but he’s a little in awe of you, Dan. Evidently you’ve been like super cousin in your family.”

“Really?” Dan asked with a surprised smile.

“Yeah, but I’ve been setting him straight,” I said.

Dan nodded thoughtfully. “You know, Seany. There are times I get urges to do things to you too… things involving my foot and your butt.”

. . . . .

Passenger after passenger came off the plane, and then finally, Ry did. He wore a worried expression as he looked around the gate area for us; as if we might not be there. His dark-blond hair was thick and fanned out over his ears. At first glance, with his small stature and that hair, he could easily be mistaken for a guy much younger than fifteen.

Ry wore a grey, long-sleeve shirt under a black sweater vest, along with black dress pants. It occurred to me that he’d dressed up for us. He carried a coat over one arm and his guitar in his other hand. And then he saw us and grinned from ear to ear.

He tried to run to us, but had to dodge other passengers. We headed his way and when we met, he almost dropped his guitar and coat, putting them down, and threw his arms around my chest. He hugged me hard and looked up at me with moist eyes. Then he smiled at Dan, and held out an arm to pull him into our hug.

We stood there, embraced, holding each other as the gate area emptied.

. . . . .

Daniel carried his guitar for him and we walked Ry between us, our arms crossed over his shoulders. At first, Ryan kept looking from me to Daniel and back as if he couldn’t believe we were real. But as we followed the signs to the baggage claim, he loosened up and told us about his trip. Before long, he was into a non-stop narrative of his and Nate’s plotting, how they worked out the travel details, and how it came off without a hitch. Ry was excited. Ry was… Ry.

I watched his head turn back and forth as he talked, and felt a thrill at finally being with Ryan again. I decided that absence really could make the heart grow fonder.

At the jeep, I saw my first real opportunity to greet Ry properly and dragged him between cars. When Dan and I sandwiched him in a three-way embrace, Ry turned his happy face up to me, and I held him by the shoulders and kissed him. Dan pulled us all together with his arms around both Ryan and me.

Ry slipped his arms around my chest again and his mouth opened to mine. In seconds, I could feel his erection against my leg. Dan nuzzled into the back of Ry’s hair, pressing him from behind. I pressed Ry from the front. A small whimper escaped from Ry and he rested his forehead on my neck. “I missed you guys so much,” he whispered.

When we climbed into the jeep, Ry climbed into my lap without hesitation. He looked up at me, grinning. “Remember…” he started to ask.

“That first time you rode in my lap on the way to the beach,” I finished for him. “Sure.”

“And we played with each other under the blanket,” Ry said. He grinned and slid his arms around my neck. “You reached up my shorts leg with your fingers, and when you touched me, I thought I was going to cream.”

I smiled. “I seem to remember you doing a bit of playing of your own.”

Ry’s eyes dropped to my lips. “You owe me a lot of kisses,” he said softly, then closed his eyes and pulled my mouth down to his.

I barely noticed when Dan started the jeep.

“Hotel?” Dan asked. “Or do you want to stop for some food?”

Ry’s lips left mine, and he looked up into my eyes. “Hotel,” he said quietly.

Ry didn’t say much more on the drive there. Instead, Dan talked and filled Ry in on all that had been going on with us. I added comments, but mostly looked back into Ry’s eyes, and at his pretty, boy-lips, his thick hair, the soft skin of his cheeks, and the light blond peach fuzz that passed for sideburns.

While I ran my hands over Ry’s slender, small frame, his fingers lightly roamed my features, like a blind person does to feel a face. From time to time, his fingertips paused and he lightly touched his lips to mine.

. . . . .

Dan opened the hotel room door and Ry went in first. He set down his guitar in the middle of the room as we carried in his two bags. Ry turned slowly, taking in the bed, writing desk, chairs, TV cabinet, and bathroom.

I was shedding my coat when Ry flew into my arms. “I can’t believe it!” he said, bearhugging my chest. “This is great!”

“Thank Dan,” I said. “This was all his idea.”

Ry turned to Dan and threw his arms around him. “Thanks, Dan,” he said, “this is so incredible.”

Dan patted Ry’s back. “It’s been a long time, Ry. We needed to do something special,” Dan said. Then he slipped Ry’s coat off his shoulders, taking it and mine as well.

As Dan hung up the coats, Ry came back to me and threw his arms around my chest once more. He leaned up for a kiss and opened his mouth as soon as my lips touched his.

I wrapped his shoulders in my arms, and was only mildly surprised when Ry pulled up the back of my shirt and ran his hands up the bare skin of my back. I was ready, too.

Dan stepped beside us, and hugged Ry and me together. He kissed the side of Ry’s neck while Ry and I explored each other’s mouths, and Ry’s fingertips traced my back muscles.

We all kissed, though Ry stayed in my arms and the two of us stayed in Dan’s. Then Ry’s mouth grew hungry, covering mine, and he pulled my shirttails out, all around my waist. He pressed the palms of his hands to my taut belly, smoothing them over my bare skin.

Dan slipped to his knees beside us, and I felt his hand travel down the back of my leg. He tugged at my near foot and I lifted it. He pulled my shoe off… and my sock. Then he did the same with Ry.

Dan moved to the other side of us and removed our other shoes. The whole time, Ry and I stayed locked at the mouth while Ry’s hands roamed under my shirt, feeling my belly, sides, and back. I ran my hands into the back of Ry’s pants; kneading his little butt, pulling him to me.

We broke from the kiss, panting. Ry leaned back from the waist to pull off his sweater and remove his shirt. I removed mine.

His eyes dropped to my bare chest and he gently placed his finger on the seam between my pecs. I took the sides of his waist into my hands, admiring the slender taper of his torso and enjoying the warmth of his soft skin. Then we were back into each other’s arms, bare skin to bare skin. Ry shoved his hands into the back of my pants this time, and I held him close with a hand behind each of his angular shoulders.

Beside us, Dan undressed completely, and then stepped behind me, pressing his bare chest against my back. His hands ran over my shoulders and I felt his lips on the back of my neck.

Dan slid his hands down along my sides and reached between my belly and Ry’s to unfasten my buckle and loosen my pants. His palms slid down inside the front of my briefs, pushing them down in front. Ry slid his palms down my butt, pushing my pants down from behind.

My pants fell to my ankles and Dan dropped to his knees to pull my pants and briefs off over my feet. When he did, Ry planted his mouth on the side of my neck and reached between us to grasp my cock. I murmured my appreciation, rocking my hips to move my erection in Ry’s firm hand.

When Dan rubbed up the inside of my bare legs, I spread my feet, and he rubbed up between my legs, jiggling my balls from behind.

Then with a parting kiss to my butt, Dan moved behind Ry and repeated the pants lowering process on him. Ry and I pressed our naked cocks together. I grabbed Ry under his butt, pulling him up onto me. He wrapped his legs around my hips and his arms around my neck, and pressed his mouth to mine.

I carried Ry to the king-sized bed and crawled up onto it on my knees. I got a pillow for Ry’s butt and fell forward with him onto it while he clung to me. I settled on him and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders tighter. We kissed, and Ry moved under me, rubbing up against my erection with his, spreading his legs out wide.

We ground, kissing. And then I felt Dan’s fingers, damp with lube, lift my balls out of the way so he could reach Ry’s bottom. After that, he lifted me down there with a hand under my crotch so he could lube my cock. Then Dan took me by the cock and pointed me in. While Ry and I held each other and kept our mouths open to one another, Dan rubbed my crown up and down inside Ry’s crack, closing in on the right spot. And when I pressed against Ry’s entrance, his tongue froze in my mouth.

I pressed, and stopped when my crown popped in. Ry tensed briefly, then sighed like someone whose itch had finally been scratched. He was tight and warm on my shaft as I eased in. We still fit; we still fitted together perfectly.

I went flat with him, smothering his body with mine, keeping my mouth on his in a never-ending kiss. I double wrapped my arms under his small frame, holding him tightly as I ground my hips deeper and deeper until we were snug.

It was as if we’d never been apart, and as if we’d been apart forever. He was my Ry; and his small body was so familiar, so intimately familiar.

I remembered the first time we made love, at the beach; and how blown away I’d been at the sexual fire we sparked – me only sixteen and him barely thirteen. But we’d made fire; hot fire.

I remembered all the Sunday afternoons we spent together and how I’d always looked forward to his company and his constant smile and energy, even though I’d spend the entire afternoon wanting to have him and not letting myself.

I remembered our times behind the storage shed at my house, and the night Dan and I spent with Ry in his den; quiet while his family slept. I remembered all those times in an instant and my heart surged with feeling for Ry. And with the surge in my heart, my cock swelled, growing as rigid as steel.

I held my cheek to Ry’s, and our breath came hard and ragged. I kept pumping and he moved with me; loving, making love to each other. Dan lay down beside us and gently ran his hand over the length of my back. Keeping my cheek against Ry’s, I glanced at Dan from the corner of my eye. “I love him, Dan,” I whispered. “I really love him.”

Dan smiled. “You always have… I guess we’ll have to keep him,” he said.

Ry’s head turned toward Dan and I lifted my head so he could see him. “Funny,” Ry said, breathless between my thrusts. “You’re… stuck… with me… anyway.”

Dan grinned and leaned in to kiss him. Ry reached out an arm and drew Dan closer.

But Ry’s legs were out to the side, and Dan could only lean in from the waist. He lay with his hard cock resting across Ry’s knee, and he stroked my back and butt while I returned my attention to Ry. I’d owe Dan after this, for letting me be with Ry first.

Ry’s hands roamed my shoulders and arms, squeezing, appreciating my muscles and making me feel strong. Dan’s hand slid between the back of my legs to rub, and I found myself pumping faster. As I was about to come, Ry took my face into his hands and held my mouth tightly to his so that I came, crying softly into his mouth.

It was a long orgasm, and I didn’t rush it, savoring every last thrust, and then grinding slowly until I had more than emptied myself; and still I had that deep itch down under the root of my cock that meant I could come again.

But reluctantly, I pulled out, rolling off to the side to let Dan roll on. It was his time. Ry was more than ready to take him in, and they quickly hit a rhythm. I watched them, stroking myself to stay hard. I always loved watching Dan’s butt when he was making love, and I couldn’t keep my hand off it, caressing his soft, hairless skin; squeezing to feel his firm muscles.

My eyes lingered on his strong back as it flexed with his movements; and on his long, smooth legs, slightly spread as they stretched back down the bed. I wondered if I looked as good as Dan when I was making love, and I decided to talk Michael into letting us use his bed sometime so I could watch Dan and me make love in the mirrors.

Dan had planted his elbows on either side of Ry’s neck and his arms were wrapped over the top of Ry’s head. He thrust and ground alternately, and covered Ry’s face with kisses. I could see the family resemblance; the same high forehead, straight nose, and fine features.

Dan turned his head toward me, and smiled, heavy lidded. I smiled back, and wondered how, if Ryan did come to live with us someday, it would all work out. Because lying beside the two of them, I knew I loved them both, but I loved Dan far more. So much had passed between Dan and me lately that the things that bound us together had drawn us closer than we could have ever imagined. Would that ever happen between the two of us and Ry?

I leaned over and kissed Dan’s shoulder. I slid my hand under his butt and between the back of his legs, rubbing him as he had me. Leaning over them, I kissed down Dan’s spine to the hard, inverted triangle at the base of his spine; the one at the top of his butt crack. I rubbed my lips there, giving him the gentlest of massages and breathing deeply of his scent.

Ry’s legs thrashed more and more as Dan’s hips circled, and Ry’s fingers clutched at Dan’s back. Dan buried his mouth in the nape of Ry’s neck and he drove in harder, deeper. Ry dug into the sheets with his heels and he arched back, tensing. I could see his fingers dig into Dan’s back muscles, and he cried out as he shot his cum up between their bodies. Dan pounded in, driving Ry’s orgasm; stretching it out like he so often did mine. Ry gasped and arched up even more.

And then muffling a cry in the nape of Ry’s neck, Dan tensed. His gut clenched and clenched and clenched, and all the muscles of his back, butt, and legs tightened hard. I kept my fingers pressed in behind his balls and could feel him pulsing.

Dan slowed, but my blood had begun to race, and I was fully hard again. I kept rubbing between Dan’s legs, but gently now… lightly, and I tickled behind his balls with my fingertips, hoping to keep him hard.

I kissed up the muscles of Dan’s back. And when I reached his neck, I stretched against him, pressing my cock against the side of his butt.

Dan turned his face toward me and we kissed. With a smile, he reached down between us to grab my cock. Under him, Ry’s eyes were closed and a smile was on his lips.

I wrapped an arm under Dan’s waist from behind and pulled him off Ry, rolling him with me onto our sides. He came with me, leaning back against me. I molded my body to the back of Dan’s and ran my palms over his belly and sides; feeling his leanness, his firm muscles. I wrapped my arms around him and held his back tightly to my chest. Then, chewing on the side of his neck, I pleased myself with the feel of my cock in his crack, the warmth of his body, and scent of him.

Ry rolled up to face us and watched as I lubed Dan and myself with one hand while holding him close with the other. Then when I held Dan by the hip and pressed in, feeling his tightness slide down my length, Ry leaned forward to kiss Dan. They reached for each other’s cocks, and Ry moved closer.

Dan threw his upper leg back over mine, giving Ry better access. Ry was close enough that I could reach them both and added my hand to theirs. I pressed the length of my body to the back of Dan’s so that his firm butt was snuggly in my lap, and then I fondled the balls of both my lovers.

Starting with his shoulders, Dan slowly twisted onto his back between Ry and me until both Dan’s legs lay over my hips, and Ry and I each had a hand between Dan’s legs. The three of us kissed, and Dan moved his hips, enjoying the work of our hands, and in the process, butted back against me.

Even though it was my second orgasm, it didn’t take long to get there. When it came, I grabbed Dan tightly with an arm around his waist and pumped fast. Dan moaned and Ry reached over to hold my butt, feeling my muscles work under the palm of his hand.

He kept rubbing my butt, even after my hips stopped moving. Then when I pulled out of Dan, Ry slipped his hips under Dan’s legs and moved in to replace me from the other side.

I slid up alongside Dan, covering his mouth with mine and reaching for his cock as Ryan turned his attention to lining up with Dan’s bottom. He held Dan’s leg up and in one movement, plunged in.

I watched Ry find his rhythm, and then I rolled away from them and backed my butt up to Dan. I handed him the lube, and he accepted the invitation. The two of them maneuvered so that Dan could pull me back by my hips. When I felt him pop in, I wiggled back into him, and the three of us made a slow-moving, pleasurable, sandwich.

They came at the same time; rocking the bed faster, moaning louder and louder. Dan wrapped his arms tightly around my middle and thrust himself all the way up into me, holding himself there as Ry pounded for them both. Ry cried out, and I felt Dan’s teeth on the side of my neck.

They slowed and relaxed. “Well,” I said, taking a deep breath, “is everybody happy?”

There were two appreciative moans from behind me. Dan kissed the back of my neck. Ry crawled up and over between Dan and me, separating us.

“Next time,” Ry said, settling between our bodies, “I get to be in the middle.”

I twisted back from the waist to look at him, trying to think of something clever to say.

He grinned. “Are you guys hungry?”

I rolled to face him, cocked an eyebrow, and dug my fingers into Ry’s ribs. Dan quickly did the same from the other side. Ry cried out, which was exactly what we wanted.

We tickled him until he was breathless, and then leaned our heads together above his chest.

“What do you think?” I asked Dan. “Shower to wash off cocks?”

Sitting up quickly, Ry pushed us apart. “I get to wash you both,” he said enthusiastically.

. . . . .

We dried each other off and didn’t bother to dress. No one wanted to leave the room for food, so we looked over the room service menu and ordered sandwiches.

Dan and I gave Ry his gifts while we waited for the food to arrive. And we showed Ry our pictures, including those from the ball. His eyes lit up when he saw the photos of Dan and me in our Greek slave boy costumes.

“You’re going to really like the surprise we brought,” Dan told him.

There was a knock at the door and Dan pulled on shorts to answer it while Ry and I dodged into the bathroom. Ry closed the door behind us, and his eyes rose to mine. His smile faded then, and suddenly he looked small and lonely and like he really, really needed me. He stepped into my arms and buried his face into my chest.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed the top of his head. I rocked him, and then I felt dampness on my chest. Ry was crying.

Dan opened the door to tell us the food had arrived, but said nothing when he saw Ry. He stepped into the bathroom and laid a hand on Ry’s back. He kissed the back of Ry’s head and then stepped back into the room, leaving us.

I didn’t try saying anything, but held Ry close. And I thought it was good that we were naked, intimate. I pulled him tighter.

Ry kissed my chest, gently dabbing with his lips the dampness left by his tears. I lifted his chin, and did the same for him, dabbing dampness from his face with my lips. He closed his eyes and I kissed each eye, gingerly. I lifted him, with an arm under his legs and one behind his back, and I carried him back into the room.

I laid him down onto the bed and then lay down beside him, my face close to his. His eyes dropped to my cheek, and he traced a fingertip down the line of my jaw. I laid my hand on his stomach and gave a friendly, little rub. Ry drew his fingertip onto my lips and his own lips parted. So I slid an arm under the back of his head and slowly leaned over him until our lips touched.

It was a gentle kiss, jostled slightly as Dan sat down onto the bed behind me. He sat with his side against the small of my back and rested his forearm on my side.

I lifted my lips from Ry’s to find him looking up at me with eyes that were once again moist. “I wish I could stay with you,” he said, glancing from me to Dan. “I wish I didn’t have to go home or back to school.”

“Someday, Ry,” I promised, patting his tummy. “It’ll all work out.”

Dan leaned forward, over my side. “And we’re together now, right?”

Ry laid his hand on the forearm Dan had resting on my side and squeezed, earnestly. “I belong with you guys,” he said.

Dan placed his other hand over Ry’s hand. “You do,” he said quietly. “When the time comes, we’ll be together.”

Ry closed his eyes and rolled his head back and forth on my arm. “That won’t be till forever.”

Dan leaned over my side and dried the corners of Ry’s eyes with his fingertips. “You’re tired, Ry. And you’re probably hungry. The food’s here. Let’s eat, OK?”

Ry nodded, but didn’t move to get up. Instead, he rolled into me, nuzzling into my neck. I held him and Dan rubbed his side.

“It’s not so bad at your school, is it?” I asked. “You’ve got Nate and other friends.”

“It’s not the same,” he said. “You two don’t like being apart, and you see each other all the time. I never get to see you.”

Ry had a point, but he was being maudlin. “Come on, Ry,” I said. “Let’s eat. And while we eat, we’ll tell you about the Elephant men.”

Ry chuckled and his warm breath trickled over my chest. “When you guys did the landscaping work?”

“Yeah,” Dan said, popping Ry’s butt. “Come on. Let’s eat.”

. . . . .

We sat in a circle of three on the bed, passing the sandwiches and chips around. And whether it was the food or our stories from the Elephant Men weekend, Ry started smiling again.

We finished eating and made Ry try on his orange, University of Texas T-shirt and briefs along with his black Trinity ball cap. I started to grow hard as I watched Ry tuck his equipment into the pouch of the briefs, filling them. The shirt was slightly large and hung so that the hem just covered Ry’s package, and the black cap over his dark blond hair was damned sexy, especially when he tugged the bill down low over his eyes.

“Well, at least you’re ready for Halloween,” Dan said, remarking on the color combination.

“Hell,” I said, “I’m ready for Halloween!”

Ry grinned and circled doing a butt wiggle for us. My cock grew even thicker.

Our turn now,” Dan said. “We’ve got a surprise for you, Ry. You sit here on the edge of the bed, and when I say to close your eyes, you gotta close ‘em.”

Ry complied, and Dan and I disappeared with Dan’s bag into the bathroom. We quickly dressed in the house slave costumes that Linda had made for us – with one omission. We wore no briefs under our loincloths.

“He’s got it bad for you,” Dan whispered.

I nodded. “For both of us; poor little guy. It can’t help that things stink at home with his dad.”

“I know,” Dan agreed. “And it has to be a lonely off at school, a thousand miles from everybody.”

Setting the wreath on Dan’s head, my lips were close to his and it was natural to kiss him. “Dan,” I whispered, “thank you for this; for letting us do this.”

Dan smiled and pulled my belly to his. “It looks like we really could end up being be a lifetime threesome.”

I nodded, laying my hands on his shoulders. “I feel a little guilty though. You and me will always be so much closer.”

Dan smiled. “It’ll work,” he said, and then his eyes traveled down my body. “Damn we look hot in these things. Ry’s gonna cream.”

“Don’t go getting hard already,” I cautioned. “It’ll spoil the effect.”

Dan nodded and stepped back, tugging down his narrow loincloth in an attempt to hide his lengthening member. The effect was only to make the low-riding white loincloth even sexier.

“Close your eyes,” Dan called out through the bathroom door.

“OK,” Ry called back.

We came from the bathroom and stood in front of him in our best casual, Greek athlete poses. “You can open your eyes… master,” Dan said.

Ry did open his eyes, and they lit up; a smile spread from ear to ear.

“How may we serve you?” I asked with a grin.

Ry threw off his ball cap, got up, and circled us; surveying. “Wow! Oh, wow!” he kept saying. He lifted the back of my loincloth. “Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” His cock was rapidly making a bulge under the orange T-shirt.

“Calm that dick of yours down,” Dan said. “We’ve got to get one of these on you. Linda made one for you too.”

“Really?” Ry asked, his eyes going wide.

“Yep,” I said. “Linda’s a sweetheart.”

“We’re going to all marry her and she’s going to make our babies,” Dan said.

Ry’s mouth dropped.

“He’s kidding,” I said, eyeing Dan. “Though he’s been saying that a lot lately.”

“I’m kidding,” he confirmed as he retrieved his bag from the bathroom, pulling out Ry’s loincloth. “But hey, maybe we can get her to make a man out of Ry.”

“What do you mean?” Ry asked with a small frown as he pulled off the shirt and stepped out of the underwear.

“He means,” I said, “that maybe she’d let you do her so you can see what it’s like to do a girl.”

Ry’s frown deepened and he bit his lip as he watched Dan drop the elements of his costume onto the bed. “I already know what that’s like,” Ry said. “Guys are tons better.”

Dan and I exchanged glances. “When did you do a girl?” I asked, curious.

Ry shrugged. “At school.” Then he grinned. “Melody… her name’s Melody. Funny name for a music schoolgirl – everybody kids her.”

“What’s she like?” Dan asked, setting the wreath on Ry’s head.

Ry shrugged, sliding a knuckle down Dan’s bare belly. “I guess she’s cute.”

“Is she your girlfriend?” I asked.

“No!” Ry said, scrunching up his face. “She’s just a girl. She’s done Nate and me… she’s more like Nate’s girlfriend.”

“How many times?” Dan asked, slipping on Ry’s armband.

“Twice,” Ry said quietly.

“Woo hoo,” I said. “No one needs to make a man out of you, Ry.”

Ry’s eyes traveled up and down my Greek boy body and he grinned. “You can try.”

He barely kept still as we wrapped his loincloth around him and put on his leggings and a couple of strands of leather for a necklace.

“Ry,” I said as he studied himself in the mirror. “That hard-on spoils the look.”

He ignored me. “This is perfect,” he said, arranging the leather strands at his neck. “You know… with the ear piercings and the ‘slaves to each other for life’ thing… slaves… you know? We have to wear these costumes a lot.”

I stepped up behind him, slightly to his left, my hand on his shoulder; and I studied our refection in the mirror. Ry came only to my shoulder, but I could see that he was maturing. His body was developing some youthful definition; I could see the seams of his muscles. If he had been standing by himself, it would be easy to think from his balanced proportions that he was taller. For his size, his legs and arms looked long and slender.

But I was standing behind him. It always surprised me to see how tall I was whenever I stood next to anyone else in a mirror. I didn’t exactly dwarf Ry; I looked almost as narrow at the waist as he did. The lack of running and all my swimming had softened my muscles just a bit. They didn’t look as hard, and I no longer looked as if I had no body fat. Even though I could still see every muscle, I was losing my runner’s look; that almost too-skinny look.

Dan stepped up behind Ry on his right, his pale-blond hair contrasting with Ry’s dark-blond, and my reddish-brown hair. Dan was close enough to my height to call us even. His shoulders were wider than mine, and his body a little flatter. His arms and legs were no longer than mine, yet they were elegant in a way mine never would be.

I envied both their faces, with their finely sculpted features. I wished that I could be as good looking. But I did like my eyes. I had large eyes, long lashes, and finely feathered eyebrows. I hoped my eyes would stay like that, but older guys never seemed to have long lashes.

“We need a picture of this,” Dan said. “We really do.”

“We don’t have a camera,” I pointed out.

“In the morning, we can go out and get one of those new, disposable kind,” Dan suggested. Then he cocked his head with an idea. “Hey, Ry… Sean and I were going to pick out our ear studs this weekend. Wanna go with us in the morning? You can help us look.”

Ry caught his breath and turned toward Dan. When he did, his little butt turned my way. “Oh, wow!” I heard Ry say softly, as my eyes dropped to his cloth-draped ass. I slid my hand under the back of his loincloth to caress the bare flesh of his bottom.

Ry glanced back at me with a surprised smile as Dan said, “We’ll go out for breakfast and then go shopping.”

I dropped to my knees behind Ry and lifted the loincloth up over his ass. We’d only come twice and it’d been a couple of hours since then. As I ran my hands over Ry’s smooth little buns, I decided I could be ready again, right now.

Ry spread his feet a little for me as I ran my hands over his thighs and up between the backs of his legs, giving a little rub behind his balls. Then taking him by the hips, I turned him around to face me. His cock, which hadn’t gone completely soft since we put the loincloth on him, was now completely lifting the front of his loincloth.

I slid the loincloth back off Ry’s shaft. “There’s little Ry,” I said. “Peek-a-boo.”

“Little Ry?” Ry asked laughing.

“Sure,” I said, and holding Ry’s loincloth back with one hand, I reached past Ry to grab the back of Dan’s thigh and pull him forward. The end of Dan’s cock was out and lifting the front of his white loincloth as well. I lifted the loincloth up.

“Little Ry,” I said. “Meet Little Danny.”

Ry chuckled as I turned them to face each other.

“Give Little Danny a kiss, Little Ry.” I said, letting go of their loincloths, now that their cocks were well clear. With a hand behind each of their butts, I pushed them together. “Kiss Little Danny,” I said.

They pressed together, cock on cock. “Little Ry,” I said. “You’re supposed to love Little Danny and always give him lots of hugs and kisses.”

Ry placed his hands at Dan’s waist. Dan placed his on Ry’s shoulders. And I reached between them to fondle two sets of balls.

I never grew tired of Dan’s cock. I quite honestly thought it was one of the most beautiful things in the universe… seriously. Cocks are cool; fat ones, thin ones, curved ones, straight ones, long ones, and even short ones could be cool. Some cocks are thicker at the bottom, and some are even thicker at the end; most are pretty straight. Dan’s was perfect.

At the base, Dan’s cock was thicker on the underside, giving its upward curve extra strength. From there it had an even circumference all the way up to a slightly larger crown. His crown always showed when he was hard because his foreskin pulled far back when his cock grew long.

Ry’s cock was almost as thick, though not nearly as long as Dan’s, and it showed a definite, family resemblance; except that Ry was circumcised. The two pressed together as they kissed and I noticed that Ry’s loose-hanging balls were as big as Dan’s. I smiled to myself, thinking, I always knew that the little guy had balls.

I slid my hands up under the backs of their loincloths and ran my palms over the smooth, soft skin of their firm, rounded butts. And I nuzzled in between them.

I’m not sure that all gay guys go as crazy over cocks as I do, though I really considered myself a “whole body” kind of guy. I liked everything about a male body. And I could easily lose myself in a pretty, male face. But I did like cocks – especially Little Danny, and Little Ry.

Closing a hand around each, I pulled them my way, and holding then tightly, I began to work on them like two popsicles. Though Little Ry was almost as thick as Little Dan, it was easy to deep throat Ry; taking him in until my nose was in his pubes. I did so now and his knees started to buckle.

It was always more of a challenge to deep throat Dan, even in a sixty-nine, and I didn’t try this time, contenting myself with a deep mouthful and with his scent and the feel of his balls in my hand.

They ran their fingers through my hair and I heard the sound of their kissing. Then, when I was sucking on Little Ry, Dan dropped to his knees on the floor beside me and took the underside of my cock into the palm of his hand, and closing his fingers around my shaft, moved it forward and back.

I murmured my pleasure to Little Ry.

Dan lay down on his side, and still holding my shaft, licked over my crown. I paused, taking my mouth from Little Ry to gasp; I was still sensitive after our earlier lovemaking.

I know that uncircumcised guys are supposed to have more sensitive glans, but mine had always seemed more sensitive than Dan’s. Even with lube, I rarely masturbated over my crown; it was usually too sensitive. But Dan did, even when his foreskin was back.

Dan knew how sensitive I was. He knew how to blow me away with his tongue swirling my crown. A shudder ran through my body, and while I paused, Ry dropped to the floor as well. We arranged into a daisy chain of three; me enjoying Little Ry, Dan enjoying me, and Ry enjoying Little Danny.

We twisted at hips and spread legs. We used our hands to caress and fondle, and we passed little techniques around our circle like waves in the stands of a football game.

When our slurpings and moans became noisy, Dan started laughing, which felt really weird on my cock and started me laughing too.

“Don’t stop,” Ry pleaded, and with a smile, I returned to work. Smiling while blowing, I thought. Weird.

. . . . .

We were sleepy after that, and took off our costumes in readiness for bed. Since we were twelve stories up, I left the curtains open and light from the city kept the room from being dark. Ry slept on his back between us, after pulling Dan and me onto him like two ends of a blanket.

I woke in the night to the feel of Ry’s lips on my nipple. He rolled me to my back and wrapped himself onto me. And then he just sucked. I combed my fingers through his hair, feeling my nipple tighten. He laid his hand on my cock and balls, and gently caressed. Ry was hard and pressed his erection against the side of my leg.

When my nipple had become oversensitive and I began to squirm, he moved to my other nipple, and sucked there. Ry had learned new things at school. By the time he drew his tongue slowly down the mid-seam of my belly, my whole body had become sensitized. And by the time he finished licking and nuzzling between my legs, I was rock hard.

Then he slid up beside me, his belly warm against my side. “The way we like to do it,” he whispered in my ear. “Please?”

I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and Ry grabbed a pillow for his butt. He rolled to his back and spread his legs wide enough to poke Dan’s butt with his knee. I knelt at Ry’s bottom and lubed us both. Then I guided myself into his crack and probed for his opening. I found it. In the light from the window, our eyes met, and I pushed in.

I settled onto him, nose to nose, and we went flat together. I covered his mouth with mine and wrapped him up in my arms. His fingers explored my shoulders and neck, and I rubbed his cock with my belly, circling.

Dan rolled toward us, and I saw him sleepily stroke the inside of Ry’s thigh before he dozed off again.

Ry and I had almost always made love in stolen moments and hidden places. To be in a bed, not worrying about being discovered and not feeling rushed, was something to make the most of.

I kissed him, I pressed my cheek to his, I paused for moments at a time to simply look down into his eyes. We tested minor adjustments to our favorite fit, exploring what felt good for each of us.

I ground against his bottom bones, pressing in so that the skin stretched back pleasantly on my cock, making me feel long inside him. With a good angle, I rubbed the hardness of my pubic bone on his perineum until he moaned, rubbing back. Then I shifted to rub the underside of his cock with my hard belly.

We did a lot of kissing, a lot of feeling of muscles and stroking of butts. I nibbled his nose and lips and eyes, treasuring every little bit of him. He stroked back my hair from time to time, his eyes roaming my features, an occasional fond smile on his lips.

But mostly his eyes held a hunger; not so much a sexual hunger, as a hunger for love, a hunger for me… to be with me; just like we were.

When Dan rolled to his other side and backed up his butt to Ry’s knee, Ry reached out and laid his hand on Dan’s bare side.

“He loves you, too, Ry,” I said gently. “He wants you to love him like you love me, and he’s been thinking about you.” I smiled. “He’s been imagining the two of you making love so that he thinks of you that way.”

Ry smiled. “I’ll do that to.’

I adjusted my knees and it changed my angle inside him. Ry’s eyes rolled back and he gripped my shoulders. “I like that,” he whispered.

It was the longest I ever went before coming – joined, hard, simply moving together; tender, intimate, loving. You can lose track of time doing that, but I know that we went for at least an hour before Ry started getting close.

I made smaller, faster circles with my hips, driving in deep each time, rubbing Ry with my belly, bumping his perineum with my pubes. And when he was about to come, I thrust hard from my hips, banging into his pelvic floor.

He arched under me, whimpering. I wrapped my arms under the small of his back, pulled his lower belly hard to mine, and pistoned mindlessly all the way through his orgasm and into mine.

He snuggled into me after that, his forehead in the nape of my neck, his breath on my chest as I covered his body protectively with mine and drew him close with an arm around his waist. I thought about how I liked to sleep nuzzled under Dan’s cheek with him on his back and me lying half on him. And I wondered how the three of us would sleep when Ry did come to live with us.

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