CHAPTER 51 — The Party

Part B — Three Monkeys

He lifted off my mask and stroked my face as we lay, legs entwined, on the floor of the dark closet. “If we had only met tonight,” Dan said softly, “I would still have fallen in love with you instantly.”

“Me too,” I said, pulling him tighter to me by his butt. We wiggled our hips gently, snuggling up cocks to hipbones. I removed his mask and smoothed back his hair with my fingers. “When I saw you in the kitchen,” I said, “you know… trying to look at you as if I were seeing you for the first time, my stomach actually fluttered.”

“Oh, sure,” Dan said, chuckling.

“No, honest,” I insisted. “You are striking, Dan. I was serious when I said you’re like a young prince. You are.”

He slid an arm under my head and pulled me closer. “And you really made me think of a young stag. You’ve never believed me when I tell you how beautiful you are. But you always have been to me.”

He rolled me to my back, cushioning the back of my head in the crook of his arm. Then he stretched out on me and kissed my eyelids. Our legs felt long, all mixed together. He kissed my cheekbone, then my cheek; beside my ear, then on my neck. I slid my hands down his side from his wide shoulders to his narrow hips and then over his firm butt.

“Ready to go home?” I asked.

After we dance,” he said, handing me my mask. “We’ve only danced once.”

As it turned out, our journey to the dance floor in the den took a while. First, our towels were gone, so we trekked to the laundry room for more. Eyes roamed our naked bodies as we walked past, and hands patted our butts.

Then after getting towels, we stopped in the kitchen for beer. Avery was still on the prowl there, and served up the beers for us. Robert was also there, sharing a joint with two other masked guys. He waved us over and Dan and I joined in, with Dan shotgunning his hits to me.

Robert talked more about California and San Francisco. It sounded cool that guys could be so openly gay there. He asked about us and we told him how we were going to try to be together more the next semester and the topic switched to our upcoming ear piercing. And before we knew it, more than one joint had been passed and we were getting a buzz on.

Next, Daniel got the munchies and so we moved on to the dining room for pizza. Robert and crew tagged along.

When we finally made it to the den, there only two other couples dancing. The music was mellow; too mellow for Dan. “Mind if we put on something else?” he called out to the dancers. One couple didn’t hear him, but I didn’t think they’d hear anybody. The other couple waved him on.

So Dan bent over a pile of cassettes while I bent over Dan, kissing the taut skin between his shoulder blades and hugging his belly.

“Hey!” he said, standing up and holding up a cassette. “Isn’t this the New Wave cassette Reggie played at the Stuebing’s?”

I looked over his shoulder and chuckled. “The throbbing meltdown one? Yeah, I think it is.”

“Cool,” Dan said, removing the cassette from its case. He popped open the deck and replaced the current cassette with the New Wave one. Soon the room filled with a deep, heavy pulse.

Dan and I faced off, inches apart, and began rocking to the beat. With a buzz on, it was warm in the room and having come twice already, my equipment hung loose and low under my towel. When I swayed to the music, everything swayed, and it felt obscenely good.

From the way he moved his hips, I could tell Dan was experiencing the same thing. “Nasty!” he said with a confirming grin.

I thrust a leg between his and held his hips to synchronize our movements. When I did, his balls, hidden by his towel, brushed the top of my thigh. “We’ve got to do this more often,” I said.

A guy drifted in, drawn by the music, and began dancing by himself, but soon he was joined by another… and then another. Ten minutes later, half a dozen had joined us, and Dan and I had begun to work up a sweat.

And not just a sweat. We were used to a lot of sex and had good recovery power. Grass tended to horny us up. And now, watching masked, hot, nearly naked guys move the way these guys moved had both of us semi-hard under our towels. The room was getting hot.

“Maybe we don’t have to go yet,” I suggested to Dan.

He grinned, turned, backed up to me, and bumped butts.

That’s when Walter, Dan’s hot redheaded ice skater, entered the room. He joined three guys dancing close together, but on their own and began wiggling his butt enticingly as he turned in place.

Dan watched him and I maneuvered us to make it easier for him to do so. Hell, I was mellow on beer and pot; we both were. And what if Walter was stuck up? He was damned cute. Even I felt a further stirring in my cock as he wiggled his ice-skater body.

Dan glanced at me and winked. “What a butt!”

A few minutes later, Walter gyrated himself out of the room and into the entrance hall. Dan’s eyes followed him.

“Oh, hell,” I said, popping his butt. “Go for it! Like you said, last fling.”

“Rescue him together?” Dan suggested.

“Nah. Not really my type. If we’re having a splurge, I’ll look for Benjamin or Nu.”

“You don’t mind?” he asked, slipping a hand behind my waist and pulling me closer so that our semis pressed against each other.

I shook my head. “Just don’t fall for him.”

Dan laughed. “He loves himself enough for two already. This is pure sex.” He gave me a kiss and headed for the entrance hall.

I looked over the other guys in the den, none of whom I knew, and then headed back into the kitchen, thinking I might try to track down Nu. Only two guys were there, both naked except for their masks. They were leaning over a side counter; one behind the other. The only thing moving was the hips of the guy in back. I rubbed myself through my towel, watching for a moment, and then ventured into the entrance hall.

Dan wasn’t there; only two guys who stood talking beside the stairs.

Hearing laughter from the dining room, I turned in there. Other guys had gotten hungry and stood about the room, eating pizza and snacks. I thought about munching some more and hanging out, but decided not to. Particularly since, if I wanted to do somebody myself before Dan got back, I needed to get on with it.

Looking around the room, there were certainly several who could interest me. A couple of them seemed interested themselves. But I really wanted to find Nu or Benjamin if I could.

I returned to the entrance hall and leaned against the doorframe, deciding which room to look in next. The couple beside the staircase had left and I stepped over to the first step as I contemplated going up to the bedroom floor.

Young, male laughter echoed from the kitchen, I turned toward the sound just as three guys came through the kitchen doorway wearing nothing but underwear. They had somehow managed to find masks, but instead of towels, the first wore loose, white briefs; the second wore red; and the third wore black, bikini briefs that hugged his adolescent hips and looked pleasantly full.

Obvious interlopers, the first pulled up short when he saw me, and the other two piled into him from behind. Despite their masks, I could tell that they were young. Maybe even as young as Trevor – the second in line reminded me of Trevor; all arms and legs. I wondered how they’d snuck past Luke, though I would have certainly let them through myself.

The first one of them reminded me of Stef at that age, short but already developing wide shoulders and a tight little body. He even had Stef’s brown hair. The second didn’t have Trevor’s hair, though. His was golden blond and down to his shoulders.

If I had to pick someone the third guy reminded me of, it would be Colin. The long, black hair was wrong, but he had the same, lithe body.

The three of them looked me over.

I smiled.

The first guy relaxed and came toward me. The other two followed.

“You need to find some towels,” I told them as they drew closer. “Otherwise, they’ll know you’re gatecrashers.”

They surrounded me, closely. “Is it true it’s a sex party?” the first asked in a whisper.

“Masked guys having sex in every room,” I told them. “Except the dining room,” I said, nodding across the hallway.

Gay sex?” the second asked, beginning to show hard in his briefs.

All kinds of gay sex,” I said, amused.

They glanced at each other, smiling, and the third rearranged himself inside his briefs.

“How do we get in on it?” the second asked.

I shrugged. “Find somebody you like, make contact and go from there. Talk if they want to talk or just start feeling each other up. Believe me, it’s that kind of party.”

“And where do you go to do it?” the third asked.

“Wherever you want,” I told him. There’re bedrooms upstairs, but you don’t have to go up there. There’s couches and chairs all over. Like I said; sex in every room.”

The second guy, the Trevor-looking one, leaned forward and gave my tummy a playful punch. “Have you had sex yet?” he asked.

“Twice,” I said, “so far.”

They exchanged delighted grins. The first guy, the Stefan-like one, looked me up and down with growing interest. I felt my cock begin to thicken again.

“Let’s do him first,” the second said to the first, nodding toward me.

I chuckled. “At some point, you’d need to ask me about that.”

The first glanced at the second conspiratorially and stepped closer to me, laying his palm on my pec. “You said when we found somebody, to feel them up?” he asked with a sly smile. The second one stepped closer as well, and looking down between our bodies, pressed the hardening bulge of his briefs against my leg. Then, like the first, he looked up into my eyes, hungrily.

“That’s sorta what I said,” I told them in a thickening voice.

The first one’s hand slipped under my towel and cupped my balls. “Nice,” he whispered.

The second guy quickly reached under as well and found my cock.

“Guys,” the third one said. “I wanna look around some more.

“Go for it,” the first said without taking his eyes from mine. “I’m ready now.”

“Me, too,” the second agreed.

“OK, then,” the third said. “I’ll catch you later.”

“Be sure to find a towel,” I murmured with half closed eyes.

“Here,” the first one said, pulling my towel off and handing it to the third guy. “Use this one.”

Three sets of eyes dropped to my middle, and the third guy looked up at me, swallowing. “I’ll be back later,” he said. Then he wrapped my towel around his middle, pulled off his briefs, and headed back toward the den, tossing the briefs away.

The second one laid his hand on my butt, smoothing it. “Nice ass,” he said.

“Are you good?” the first one asked, still fondling my balls.

I smiled. “Yeah, I’m good,” I answered, resting a forearm on each of their shoulders and laying my head back. I still wanted to do Nu and I was still interested in Benjamin, but when two hot young guys have their hands on your balls, well, that sorta takes precedence.

Maybe doing the first guy would be like being with Stefan again. Maybe doing the second could be like doing Trevor; without really doing Trevor.

They pressed closer, their hands fondling, caressing, exploring; their breath warm on my neck and chest. I ran my palms over their backs and shoulders; angular shoulders and backs that were only firm and not hard – more like boy’s backs than young men’s. “What are your names?” I asked breathlessly, as they began to kiss my collarbones and neck.

“I’m Kyle,” the shorter, Stefan-like one paused to say. “And he’s Jeff.”

I nodded. “I’m Sean.”

“You cornhole guys with this thing?” Kyle asked, wrapping his hand firmly around my cock.


He glanced up at me, skeptically. “They like it?”

I nodded, enjoying the feel of his hand.

“Do you like to top?” he asked, sticking my cock down under his balls and drawing my cockhead up the underside of his briefs. He was clearly toying with the idea.

I nodded. “Sure. I like to top.”

He looked up at me, his eyes serious. “Are you good at it?” he asked. “Can you be careful?”

I met his gaze. “Yes,” I told him.

“Will you let me top you?” Jeff asked in a whisper to my ear, moving his hands up my front and back.

I nodded. “I like being in the middle of a sandwich,” I answered, sliding my hands down their backs. I reached into the rear of each guy’s underwear. “Oh, damn,” I gasped, gripping their smooth, firm, little butts.

Not wanting to become the main exhibit in the entrance hall, I took each by the hand and headed for the closest place where we might find a little privacy, the library/study.

Five guys were there. Two were naked and quiet in each other’s arms on the couch. Two were in an over and under sixty-nine while the one with his butt high was being reamed by a third near the entrance hall doorway.

“Oh, shit!” Kyle gasped, staring at the threesome.

I didn’t let them stop, but dragged them by their hands around behind the large, wooden desk, pushing the desk chair out of the way.

Turning their backs to the desk and the rest of the room, I sat them beside each other on the edge. Then I knelt down in front of them and took a moment to enjoy simply looking them over; hard in their briefs. I slid my hands up the velvety skin of their slender legs and laid my palms on their full packages. I could smell their adolescent sex, and leaned closer for deep breaths of each.

I nuzzled them. I teased down their briefs. I mouthed and fondled the soft, moist skin of their scrotums and rolled their large, egg-shaped balls in my fingers. Except for thick little pubic bushes, they were absolutely hairless, and their skin had a boyish softness. As I nuzzled, they ran their fingers through my hair.

Kyle had a thicker, slightly longer cock than Stef did at this age; hell, or even now. It was beautifully shaped, curving up gracefully from his lap. Though he was circumcised, I had no trouble sliding his thick-feeling, soft skin up and down the shaft.

Jeff’s cock was of only an average thickness, but was long with a nice crown. He was cut too, and the skin over his shaft was stretched tight. I stroked them both and sucked them alternately, enjoying their tastes and smells. They reminded me of sex with Stef back at that age.

I stood and pulled them up off the desk and on to me with an arm behind each waist, a leg between each pair of theirs; and their cocks pressing my hips. They molded to me, their hands feeling me front and back, high and low. The three of us kissed back and forth, rubbing against each other and growing hotter and hotter.

“Ready for a sandwich?” I whispered.

Jeff leaned his forehead against me and nodded. Kyle’s eyes met mine, and he nodded as well.

At one corner of the desk sat a small bottle of lube. I grabbed it, and guided Kyle gently down to the floor, laying him onto his back. Jeff knelt beside me.

Kyle’s cock lay straight up his belly, his stomach heaving. He looked a lot like Stef did a couple of years back, and it occurred to me that I’d never appreciated Stef’s body back then. I would have to call Kyle’s body lovely.

He looked ready, but nervous. His earlier boldness in front of his two buddies was now fading as an eighteen year-old man knelt between his legs, generously lubing a roaring hard-on.

I pulled off my mask and gave him what I hoped was a reassuring smile. “Hey guy,” I said. “You still up for this?”

Pulling off my mask had been the right move. Kyle smiled tentatively and pulled his off as well. He was young; as young as Trev. But he did have a lovely body and a good face. And I had a hell of a hard cock and a bit of a buzz. And I told myself that this was exactly why Kyle had come there tonight, anyway.

Kyle lifted his legs up high, as if to put them on my shoulders, but I shook my head gently and bending his knees, laid his legs out flat to either side. Sitting back on my haunches, I poured a large amount of lube onto my fingers and then handed the bottle to Jeff. I gently laid my dry hand on Kyle’s balls and cock in a gesture meant to be intimate and reassuring. Then with a wink, I slid my lubed fingers into his crack, finding his opening.

“You like bottoming?” I asked quietly.

He nodded. “But not every time.” Then he quivered as my wet fingers found the spot.

I smiled encouragingly and rubbed his balls while I probed in with lube. “I like bottoming, too,” I said. “And I like topping. You’ll like this. We’re gonna make it good, Kyle,” I said. “We’ll go slow, and I won’t go any deeper than you want.” Then I winked. “But bet I find some good spots for you.”

He smiled.

I turned toward Jeff to find him stroking and looking my body over. I cocked an eyebrow. “And you better find some good spots for me.”

He grinned and I could see his eyes twinkle behind his mask.

Taking Kyle by the hips, I scooted forward; sliding my knees under the back of his thighs and lifting his butt into my lap. I worked my crown into his crack and then paused, looking once more at his soft skin, flat belly, and small pecs. “You’re beautiful, Kyle,” I said. “Has anyone ever told you that?”

He slowly shook his head.

“You are,” I said, kneeling up, lifting him in my lap, and applying pressure at the end of my cock. He gripped my shoulders.

Jeff squeezed my bicep, tugging slightly, as if to restrain me from going too fast. He was concerned for his friend.

Kyle’s grip on my shoulders tightened. I was about to tell him to relax when my glans popped in. He was a little tight, but I was able to enter him smoothly. And I remembered how surprised Stef and I were the first time we cornholed each other, because we expected it to hurt and it didn’t. Things are sometimes easier, the younger you are; especially if you’re well lubed.

I slid in halfway and then pumped my hips gently a few times, passing his tightness up and down from just behind my crown to the midpoint of my shaft. He felt good to me, and I wanted it to feel good for him.

Kyle’s grip on my shoulders rapidly changed to an appraising caress of my shoulder muscles. I lowered myself onto him and stretched my legs out behind me, settling my weight onto him, centering it where my belly pressed the underside of his cock. I wrapped my arms under him and he wrapped his over my shoulders.

His eyes looked up into mine, still a little uncertain. I smiled and gently kissed his lips, circling my hips slowly so that my belly rubbed his cock while I moved inside him. I opened my mouth over his and he responded by opening his, yielding to my tongue.

Jeff’s hand rubbed my butt as I moved, and soon I felt him applying lube into my crack. I held Kyle in my arms, my mouth over his; and I kept moving in him as Jeff knelt behind me, between my legs. I only slowed when he bent over me and I felt him probe into my crack.

In seconds, Jeff’s weight dropped onto my back and he added his wrapped arms to ours. He began to pump, and within a few thrusts, his hips were pistoning.

No one fucks like a horny, worked-up, fourteen or fifteen year old who’s all arms and legs. Sorta like a puppy; a little ungraceful, but full of enthusiasm. And it felt good.

It felt more than good to be between the two of them in a warm, fuzzy, boyish type of sandwich. Even Jeff’s mildly awkward thrusting felt friendly and easy.

Maybe it was left over feelings from my earlier lovemaking with Daniel. Maybe it was because they reminded me of Stef and Trev. Maybe it was because they were young, and awkward, and inexperienced. Almost certainly it was at least partly because of the pot and the beer. But for whatever the reasons, I felt an instant, deep affection for these guys. I wanted to make this good for them. I especially wanted to make it good for Kyle.

They’d probably only ever had gawky, puppy-like sex. I doubted that anyone had ever made real love to them. And as I moved my hips forward into Kyle and back in to Jeff’s thrusts, I decided to make love to Kyle.

I began slowly by kissing over Kyle’s cheek and tonguing in his ear. I moved gently inside him, protecting him from the storm at my rear while still enjoying the storm myself.

Jeff moaned and whimpered, and I figured he wouldn’t last long, but while he did, the weight of his body, the pull of his arms, and the probing of his long cock felt awfully good. I wanted him to bring me along, while at the same time, I tried to keep things moving more slowly for Kyle. I wanted to be ready to give Kyle my full attention as soon as Jeff was done.

I gazed down into Kyle’s eyes. He looked dreamy; totally lost. I kissed him again and eased myself in a little deeper. Jeff clung more tightly and started pounding fast and hard. Then he stiffened and whimpered, and I could feel him pulsing inside; he shot hard.

Jeff relaxed and pulled out, rolling onto his side beside us. But he had left me more than ready to work on Kyle.

Covering Kyle’s mouth once more with mine, I wrapped a forearm behind his waist and pulled his belly tightly to mine. I slid the palm of my other hand under the back of his head, cradling it while I kissed him. And then I moved a little farther up over him so that when I thrust, my pubic bone would hit his perineum.

I tried it; I thrust, and his mouth opened wider under mine. He wrapped his arms tightly over my back, like a rider grabbing on to the saddle before a gallop.

I circled my hips, rubbing the underside of his cock firmly with my belly; while pulling his belly even more firmly to mine with the arm I had behind his waist. I spread my knees slightly so that when I drove forward, I lifted, lifting the hardness of my cock against places inside him.

I lifted and he broke the kiss, gasping beside my ear.

I ground and lifted and thrust. Kyle’s whimpers grew. And then the whimpers blended into one long, high whine that pulsed each time I thrust deep enough to jar his perineum. I clutched him to me and whispered in his ear; things like how beautiful he was, how exciting he was to hold, and how incredible he felt inside.

And then he was arching back in my arms; his legs thrashing, his hands gripping my shoulders tightly. A high, guttural, cry rose up from his throat. And I started pounding in earnest, swaying my back before each thrust to press his cock between our bellies. Press, pound, press, pound… banging into his perineum each time.

His cry rose higher, louder. He went rigid and his cry went silent; his mouth wide in what almost looked like agony.

And I pounded, driving his orgasm on for him; brining me closer. And suddenly, my scrotum tightened to a knot and the bottom dropped from inside my pelvic floor like it does just before the hardest of orgasms. A shot of intense pleasure, almost pain, shot up the length of my cock. My gut wrenched and in reflex, I drove hard and deep, going rigid over him, holding his body to mine with all my strength while pressing deep.

He cried out at the same time I did. My orgasm hit hard; after two recent orgasms, it had to claw its way out, and it came dragging my balls and insides.

It was a long orgasm; and I had made his last long for him. When we were done, we slowly relaxed together, and my mouth found his once more. We kissed tenderly now, and his fingertips roamed my back as if just now discovering skin and muscle.

I lifted my head and looked down into his dreamy eyes. “Was it OK?” I whispered.

In answer, he wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me.

I laughed and kissed his cheek, and then our lips met again and our mouths opened to each other. I kept the weight of my belly on his cock, keeping him hard; I was still hard inside him.

Jeff stirred beside us, and I realized that he, too, was either still hard, or had hardened again while watching us. He was stroking.

“Was it good, Wheezer?” he asked, quietly.

Wheezer? I wondered. A nickname?

I lifted my mouth from Kyle’s, and Kyle rolled his head toward Jeff, nodding with a still dreamy smile.

“Can I try you, Wheez?” Jeff whispered.

Kyle nodded, his eyes becoming less dreamy as they met Jeff’s.

It amused me as I rolled off Kyle to think that Jeff probably had no idea what a fine sexual being his buddy was until having watched a master, me, play Kyle like an instrument — I was buzzed, and that was what I immodestly thought at that moment.

There might actually have been an element of truth to that.

Jeff pulled off his mask and his eyes met Kyle’s. He rolled on to Kyle, all gentle now. Gone was the puppy awkwardness from earlier. He moved over Kyle carefully, their eyes remained locked as they reached between their bodies and found each other. Kyle guided Jeff in. And then Jeff lowered himself onto Kyle much like I had.

It occurred to me that something special might be happening as I watched them. It was in their eyes — the questioning looks; then the understanding; the suddenly open looks of affection; the recognition of something new between them; and finally the hunger of love.

I didn’t know how long they had been best friends; maybe all their lives. But I knew this was the moment they realized they were in love. Hell, maybe it was even the moment that they fell in love.

Maybe I had been a catalyst. I mean… adolescent fucking like puppies can be fun, but it’s mainly about getting your rocks off. Maybe by introducing these guys to the melding of two people and two spirits that characterizes true love making, I had provided the spark for something that was ready to ignite between them.

Jeff slowly lowered his lips to Kyle’s. Their eyes closed. Their lips met. First kiss? I wondered.

Then Jeff began to move his hips and Kyle wrapped his arms over his lover’s shoulders. I moved close, too. Laying my hand on Jeff’s back, I leaned in and told them in whispers a few things about how to move, where to fit, what to do to please each other.

At first, I didn’t know if they were listening because they were so focused on each other, but they responded and soon were into a tender, slow-moving, rhythm. They’re bonding as lovers, I thought. What was happening between them now was sealing this new thing.

I sat up, thinking to leave them alone. And then I saw the third kid who’d been with them; the one with long, black hair who reminded me a little of Colin. He stood at their feet, looking down at them and stroking, as if considering climbing onto Jeff’s butt.

That would spoil everything! I quickly got to my feet.

I was still thick and semi-hard myself and moved close enough to him that my cock pointed at the base of his. I knew how the proximity of a hard cock could affect a guy.

He glanced at me. “Damn this place is hot!” he said. “But everybody’s already doing somebody… and… I wasn’t sure what to do.” He glanced down at my cock. “Did they do you?” he asked.

I nodded, and placed a hand on his shoulder. “But I’m still hard.”

I’d just come so I wasn’t that horny. But I didn’t want him interrupting Kyle and Jeff; not now. Besides, the kid was cute. I wouldn’t mind getting him off.

“Can I do you?” he asked, breathlessly.

I smiled and pulled him to me with an arm behind his waist. He was only a couple of inches shorter than me, so our cocks were close to being level as they pressed out sideways between us. Covering his mouth with mine, I closed my other hand around his shaft and gripped it while kissing him deeply.

And suddenly he shot off like a rocket, going weak in the knees. I held him to me and stroked him as best as I could between our two bellies.

He broke the kiss and gasped, “Oh, shit!” and clung to me until he was finished.

The study had a thick shag carpet. His cum shot across three feet of it.

I’d do what I could later to clean it up with his towel, but I wouldn’t worry with it now. Hell, by now, there probably wasn’t a non-spermy carpet in the house.

“Oh, shit, Dude,” he said quietly again. “That’s not what I meant to do.”

Chuckling, I let go of his cock and wrapped both arms around his waist, holding his belly to mine. He smiled and laid his hands on my shoulders.

“Got too worked up walking around this house, didn’t you?” I teased. “Don’t sweat it; you’ll be up again in two secs.”

He relaxed, smiling, and we rocked a little back and forth. “What’s your name?” I asked.

He grimaced. “Tolly.”

“Tolly?” I asked

“Yeah, Tolly like Molly. Short for Bartholomew,” he said. “Don’t ask.”

I laughed.

“You look good without your mask,” he said, his eyes looking over my face. “You’ve got a nice smile.”

Keeping his belly snug to mine, I carefully pulled off his mask.

He too, looked young; probably as young as Kyle and Jeff, but less a kid. And he was far better looking. He had a creamy-white complexion to go with his jet-black hair and pink lips. He had a broad brow and broad cheekbones. The top of his straight nose arched perfectly into long, narrow eyebrows as black as his hair. The irises of his dark eyes were large, and his lashes long. And he had a penetrating gaze.

“Wow!” I said softly. “You’re a stunner, Tolly.”

He shrugged. “I need some meat on me.”

I bit my tongue as several quips came to mind.

He saw it in my eyes. “I meant muscle,” he said with a playful frown.

“I think you have a gorgeous body. You remind me of my little brother, and his body’s about perfect.”

There was a sudden twinkle in Tolly’s eyes.

“Don’t ask,” I quickly added, with a playful frown of my own.

He laughed.

He still had his hands on my shoulders and mine were still behind his waist. Our still thick cocks and balls hung together, and it was an altogether comfortable way to get to know each other.

His eyes dropped down to his friends behind the desk. I glanced back over my shoulder. Jeff was still on top. His arms were wrapped under Kyle’s shoulders, and he was alternately dimpling butt cheeks as he slowly circled his hips between Kyle’s splayed legs. Kyle had hooked his heels over the back of Jeff’s long thighs, and he was combing his fingers through both sides of Jeff’s shoulder-length, golden hair as they kissed and Jeff moved inside him.

Tolly cocked his head, studying them. I imagined he’d never seen them intimate quite like this before.

“Have they been friends long?” I asked.

“We all have,” he said, watching them. “Since scouts… like The Three Musketeers.” He glanced at me and smiled. “My older brother calls us the Three Stooges, and my mom calls us ‘The Three Monkeys… you know… from The Three Wise Monkeys — hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.”

I studied his face, wondering how much he understood of what might be happening between his two friends. I wondered how he would handle it if he was suddenly the odd-man-out. He struck me as being able to take something like that in his stride. I hoped he could. I could certainly take his mind off it for now.

It wasn’t a matter of me being horny, though my libido always seemed to fire up with a little grass. But he was awfully cute. And I was still high and feeling expansively generous to the whole world. And besides, if I was claiming any credit for sparking romance between Jeff and Kyle, I should take responsibility for helping Tolly deal with it, right? And did I mention that he was awfully cute? And that we were naked? Belly to belly? And that we still had thick cocks?

I slid a hand up into the back of his long black hair and gave the back of his neck a friendly squeeze. At the same time, I rubbed my stomach back and forth across his; just enough to brush our cocks across each other.

He smiled and leaned forward for a kiss. Our lips met and he slid his arms around my shoulders.

I may not have demonstrated ‘lovemaking’ to Tolly in the same sense that I did with Kyle. But I did a hell of a job demonstrating great sex. First, I laid him back on the thickly carpeted floor and gave him a full-body ‘treatment’ with my mouth and hands. By the time I took his cock into my mouth, his legs were thrashing and I had him moaning loudly.

But I didn’t let him come that way. Instead, I knelt astride his waist and watched his eyes as I backed my already lubed butt back on to him. And I kept my eyes on his face as I eased into a full-fledged, Sean Sullivan lap dance with all the bounces, swivels, wiggles, rocks, and sideways body ‘S’s. And then, when he was close to coming, I pulled up my knees, settling more weight onto my bottom bones; burrowing them into either side of his pubes, driving his cock as far up into me as it would go.

And then I milked his orgasm for every last pulse and cry.

When it was finished, I simply sat there; bent over him, hands on his shoulders, his on my thighs. We dripped with sweat and were breathing hard.

His eyes refocused on mine. He didn’t say anything. Neither did I. We simply watched each other slowly return to normal.

I rose up on my knees, pulling off his softening cock, and lay down on my back beside him. “Well?” I asked. “How was that?”

“OK,” he said, simply.

“OK?” I repeated in surprise, sitting up over him. “Just OK?”

He shrugged. “You move a lot.”

My eyes widened in amazement. “One of the best sexual performances of my young life,” I protested. “And I move a lot!

He laughed, and sitting up quickly, pushed me onto my back and straddled my belly. “Relax, dude,” he said. “It was great. I was just giving you shit because,” he said, poking my chest, “you already knew that and just wanted me to tell you how great you are.”

I frowned at him “Precocious bastard. How old are you?”

His eyes twinkled. “Fifteen,” he said. “And my mom taught me to spot bullshit a mile away.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Now I know how far to stay back.”

He laughed and backed his bottom onto my lap. “Do I need to get you off, dude?”

I put my hand to my head and rubbed. “Nah. I think I’m starting to come down.”

“Come down?” he asked, his eyes lighting up. “Grass?”

“Forget it,” I said. “You don’t wanna dull that fifteen year-old, smartass brain.”

He grinned. “Sure I do.”

I was starting to come down. And my butt felt gross; Dan, Jeff, and Tolly had all deposited loads inside me. “I need a john,” I said.

Tolly helped me up, and even put my mask back on for me. “Honestly,” he said with a smile, “that was the most incredible sex I’ve ever had.”

“As if a fifteen year-old shit-spotter would have much to compare to,” I playfully grumbled, putting his mask back on him.

He grinned.

“I know, I know,” I said. “You’re spotting shit again.”

Placing his hands on my shoulders, he looked into my eyes, serious. “No guy will ever be able to satisfy me again,” he said.

I laughed. “I can spot shit, too, you little asshole.”

He grinned. And then kissed me. And it was a warm, friendly, thanks-for-a-good-lay kiss. “You sure you’re just fifteen?” I asked.

. . . . .

We hadn’t bothered to find towels, and since he seemed to want to hang with me, I took him by the hand as we left the study. We left Kyle and Jeff napping in each other’s arms, behind the desk.

For all his bravado and obviously quick mind, I decided that Tolly really was fifteen as he hung close to me, pressing our clasped hands between the front of his thigh and the back of mine as we ventured into the game room. Oh, he acted casual, but hung close.

Like us, no one in the room had towels on, but all still wore masks. Four guys were playing spades at the card table. Two beefy, weight-lifter type guys were going at it doggie style on top of the billiard table. Tolly’s eyes locked on them.

“Robert’s going to be pissed as hell if they get cum on the felt,” I whispered to him.

He pressed his front to my back, and I let him watch them for a moment. But I really wanted a john. There was one outside the game room in the short hallway to the media room and workout areas, but one guy sat on the counter while another knelt between his legs, eating him out. I groaned. I wanted a little privacy.

“There you are,” I heard Dan say.

We turned to find him coming from the media room, in towel and mask. “I’ve been looking for you,” he said. He had glanced at Tolly, and he glanced again, his eyes roaming appreciatively up and down Tolly’s nude body. “Whoa! Who’s this?”

“Tolly,” I said. “Meet Dan. Dan, meet Tolly. But be careful. He’s a smartass.”

Dan laughed and I glanced at Tolly to see his reaction to Dan. It was priceless. His mouth was slightly open and he appeared to have gone all stupid.

I suppressed a smile and winked at Dan. “So how was Walter?” I asked.

“Missed him,” Dan said, wrapping an arm behind my waist from the non-Tolly side and in the process, pulling the three of us closer. “He got away somehow. But then I ran in to this tall blond I met earlier…”

“The muscular one in the kitchen?” I asked.

Dan smiled. “Yeah, sorta muscular.”

Tolly’s mouth had closed, but he still stared at Dan, all moonstruck.

I made a decision – I still needed a john. I wanted something to drink. I was still a little randy from the grass and horny from taking care of Tolly. And I still half-hoped to run into Nu. And since Dan and I were obviously sampling…

“Here,” I said, taking Tolly’s hand and putting it into Dan’s. “I’ve gotta hit a john. Why don’t you show Tolly around?” Then I put my mouth to Dan’s ear on the side opposite from Tolly. “And if you want… really show him around. But treat him good, Dan. His two best friends just fell in love with each other.”

Dan leaned back and gave me a slightly puzzled look. Then he put his mouth to my ear on the side opposite from Tolly. “Rescue him together?” he whispered.

I shook my head and switched sides, moving my mouth to Dan’s other ear. “Already did. Sorry.”

Dan leaned back and cocked an eye.

I pulled his ear back to my mouth. “Of course now that I’ve been with him, you probably won’t be able to satisfy him.”

Dan whacked my bare ass. Then he pulled Tolly by the hand to his side, and leaned forward to whisper again before leaving. “So we are having a final fling tonight?” he asked.

I nodded. “Maybe one more round before we go,” I whispered back. I rubbed his arm. “Unless you’d rather not.”

He glanced back at Tolly, and then put his mouth to my ear again. “You gotta be kidding.”

As I headed for the john, I realized that I’d completely forgotten my promise to Dan that he’d always be the center of my attention wherever we were. I started to turn back, but they’d already left the hallway.

Oh well, I shrugged to myself. It was that kind of party.

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