CHAPTER 51 — The Party

Part C — Party Animal

It took me a moment to remember that we were back in bed at Dan’s house and that it was Nu who was spooned to my back, holding me with an arm under my neck and one over my side; and that it was Dan who slept with his back to me and his butt pleasantly in my lap.

And then I remembered the previous evening… and groaned.

I leaned up to look over to Dan’s other side; no one there. Oh, good, I thought. We must have left him at Kyle’s house after all. All we’d need would be for someone to find fifteen year old Tolly in bed with us.

I looked behind Nu. Scott was asleep on his stomach. Nice ass, I thought, absently.

I laid my head back down. My cheekbone hurt. Why did my cheekbone hurt?

My head ached. I knew why my head ached.

I closed my eyes and wished I could roll back the last day. At least Dan wasn’t mad. He said he wasn’t mad. I pulled away from Nu and snuggled up behind Dan, wrapping my arms around him.

I woke next when I heard the door shut. Dan was gone. I rolled to my other side. Scott was still on his stomach and Nu lay on him with a leg over Scott's butt. Even though my head still felt thick, I thought they looked hot. At least I’m not dead, I thought.

I sat up, rubbing my forehead.

Scott lifted his head. “What time is it?” he asked, looking at his watch. “Oh shit. That can’t be right.”

I looked at my watch. One thirty in the afternoon. “Well there went another day,” I mumbled.

Scott pushed up, and Nu rolled off onto his back, slinging an arm behind my butt. “Umm,” he said, not opening his eyes. “I slept good.”

“Using Scott and me for pillows,” I said.

He smiled.

“Does your head hurt?” I asked. “Mine does.”

“I’m surprised you’re not brain dead,” Scott said. “You were so fuckin’ out of it.”

“Yeah, well,” I said, sliding to the edge of the bed and rubbing my head. “I remember the hot tub just fine.”

Scott climbed from the bed and threw me a smile. “You didn’t mind my taking advantage of you?”

I shook my head. “You didn’t take advantage.”

Scott stepped over and rubbed the back of my neck. “We need to do it again soon, when we can all enjoy it.”

“Sounds good to me,” Nu said.

“That won’t be for a while,” I said, standing up. “I didn’t think you could get this hung over from grass.”

“You said last night that the grass was laced with something,” Scott said. “It probably was. But I know what’ll help. Let’s take you back to look for your pants and we can use Robert’s steam room and sauna to sweat it out.”

“Yeah, I know your cures. I remember what you promised about the hot tub.” Then I realized what he’d said, and groaned. “My pants,” I said. “I forgot about that.”

Scott laughed. “I didn’t.”

“Yeah, well I’m already called Streak on campus. Running around naked is getting to be pretty normal for me.”

“And pissing in people’s yards,” he said, patting my butt. “Fact is, you look good that way.”

. . . . .

“Good morning!” Mary greeted, entirely too brightly as we came into the kitchen. Dan, in
T-shirt and shorts, was eating a bowl of cereal at the kitchen table and barely looked at me. I didn’t blame him.

“What happened to your face, Sean?” she asked, looking at my cheekbone. “Is that a bruise?”

“My elbow did that,” Scott said, apologetically.

And then I remembered how it happened. “He was doing a good deed,” I said. “Mary, you remember Scott?” I asked.

“Sure, I remember Scott,” she answered. “Sit down. Would you like some juice? Coffee?”

“Both,” I said, sitting down on the side of the table next to Dan. Scott took a seat opposite me and Nu sat opposite Dan.

Dan glanced at me. “I’m sorry,” he mouthed.

I nodded. “Me too,” I mouthed back. But he didn’t know yet all that I had to be sorry for. I didn’t look forward to telling him.

Then I felt his leg rub mine and he smiled. I felt better anyway.

He leaned close to me. “No more grass,” he whispered.

“Ever!” I agreed.

. . . . .

We introduced Nu to Roger as we joined him in the den to watch the football game. Roger shook Nu’s hand and then waved us toward the couch. “Sit down boys,” he said turning off the football game. His tone sounded uncharacteristically serious. “We need to have a talk.”

“I need to get going anyway,” Scott said, backing toward the door. Nu started to follow.

“You too, Scott, Nu. You need to hear what I have to say.”

Scott took an easy chair. Nu, Dan, and I took seats together on the couch with me in the middle. I laid my head back. It was starting to hurt again.

Roger scooted forward on his chair. “Look, I remember what it was like to be eighteen,” he said. “Believe it or not, I was little wild myself.” He quickly held up a hand. “I know. I know. It’s different for you, and I have no idea what types of things you face. I’m just saying that at your age, in your situation, I might have made some of the same choices.”

“I’m sorry we came home so late, Dad,” Dan said. “We didn’t intend to stay so long.”

“What kind of party was it?” Roger asked.

“A party,” Dan said. “Just a party.” He was starting to get defensive. I could hear it in his voice.

“A gay party?” Roger asked.

“Well it was all gay guys, if that’s what you’re asking,” Dan answered.

“Was there alcohol? Drugs?”

You have no idea, I thought, remembering back to when things started to take a wrong turn the night before.

. . . . .

I had washed my face with cold water before leaving the john, and I felt refreshed, but I was probably more stoned than I realized.

Placing my mask back on, I headed for the kitchen and along the way, glanced into the den. Dan was dancing with Tolly, and just like Tolly, Dan had lost his towel.

They danced naked and close together, holding each other’s narrow hips and watching each other’s heavy swinging cocks. Dan said something and Tolly smiled.

I smiled too, remembering Tolly’s expression a few minutes earlier when he met Dan. Just wait till he sees him without a mask, I thought. And then I pictured what Dan’s expression would be when he saw Tolly without his mask… they’d both be pleased.

It struck me as only mildly incongruous that Dan and I could have been so wildly romantic only a couple of hours before and now were messing around with other guys. But then I shrugged to myself — it was that kind of party, and Dan’s the one who had suggested we consider a final fling before our ceremony. He’s the one who said it was just sex when he went after Walter.

Once we had accepted the idea of a final fling — an acceptance probably made easier by the grass and beer – it was easy to want to take advantage of the opportunity.

I grabbed another longneck in the kitchen. None of the guys there were wearing a towel anymore. Several stood around talking. One couple stood in a corner by the fridge in a hot embrace. Like all guys do with other naked guys, I paused to check all the equipment.

Robert hadn’t lied. These had to be the hottest studs in Houston. All had nice bodies. All were nicely hung. They looked me over as I looked them over. One or two looked worth pursuing, but I still wanted to find Nu. I was in the mood for exotic.

And I did find him; in the dining room, eating a piece of cold pizza. However, I was disappointed because he was already talking to someone – Walter. At least Nu glanced at me when I entered the room, and he smiled.

They too were naked, except for their masks, and I paused a moment to look. Nu was hung like I expected a tall thin guy would be hung; well. His butt was a pleasant surprise though; fleshy without looking soft or the least bit fat, and with the slightest hint of an upside down heart shape… I liked it.

Walter surprised me, too. The little guy was packing. His cock looked completely limp, and yet hung straight down from his red pubic bush, well past his balls. His coloring was a lot like Colin’s, and for a moment, I had felt a pang as I missed my little brother. I couldn’t blame Nu for going after Walter.

Beer in hand, I surveyed the table and picked up a slice of pizza with mushrooms. Then, as I was debating whether to go over and talk to Nu anyway, he left Walter and came to me.

“Hi,” he said. “Having fun?”

I cocked an eye as Walter left the room. “He’s cute,” I said, nodding after Walter. “I’m surprised you didn’t go with him.”

“Walter?” Nu asked with a chuckle. He stepped closer and drew a fingertip up my belly. “I’d rather get to know you.”

I put down my pizza.

“Nah. Finish it!” he said, rubbing my back. “You might need the nourishment.”

I glanced at him, looking for a double meaning.

He winked.

“You may be right. I’m starting to come down.”

“From the grass? Want me to shotgun you again?” he asked, wrapping his arms around my waist from the side and pulling my hip sideways into his crotch.

I leaned my shoulder into his chest, and smiling, held the pizza slice to his mouth to offer a bite. “Yeah,” I said. “I’d like that.” Despite our nakedness, it was easy to be instantly comfortable with Nu; maybe because of our nakedness. I smiled, thinking how straight guys can be so uncomfortable getting too close when they’re naked, but for gay guys, it seems so natural.

Nu smiled and took a bite of the pizza I offered.

. . . . .

Dan shifted uncomfortably, avoiding Roger’s gaze. “There was beer. Sure. Why are you asking all this? We’ve been out late before.”

“I thought you two were settling down,” he answered. “Otherwise, we would have had this talk yesterday. I thought you were serious about your life commitment. Hell, just yesterday, we were making plans for your ceremony.”

“We’re serious,” Dan said.

Roger fixed us with his gaze. “At this party,” he asked, “were guys having sex?”

‘Geez, Dad!” Dan said.

“They were then,” Roger said, and his shoulders sagged. “Please tell me you didn’t have sex with any of them.”

“It’s none of your business if we did,” Dan answered.

Roger looked from Dan to me. “Yes it is,” he said. “Don’t you boys ever read the newspaper? Don’t you know what’s happening to young gay men?”

. . . . .

Perhaps I should have known that it was Robert’s bedroom; the large bedroom on the side of the house opposite the master bedroom. But it wasn’t what I’d normally think of as a guy’s room. It was almost plush in its décor.

Nu ignored the couple that was in a sixty-nine on the satin sheets. I watched them though, as Nu rummaged in a nightstand next to the bed. “Cool,” he said, pulling out a silver ampoule on a leather strand. “He’s got poppers.” Nu draped it over his head, and grabbed up a baggie of grass along with papers from inside the drawer before shoving it closed.

We retreated to the empty loft, found an ashtray to set between us, and sat on the sculpted carpeted floor facing each other. Nu rolled two joints while telling me about Rice University, where he was attending.

He lit one up, and then held my shoulder as he leaned in to shotgun the first hit.

Two hits later we were on our sides with the ashtray between us, and I was telling him about Trinity. He stroked my arm and shoulder; I ran a finger over his nipple. Our cocks lay flaccid for the moment, down onto the carpet.

Loud laughter echoed up from below.

“They’re not feeling any pain,” I said.

Nu smiled. “I’d rather be stoned than drunk.” He lifted the joint, looking it over. “Speaking of getting stoned, this is good shit.” He took another hit, held it, and then shotgunned it to me, leaving his hand on my shoulder.

“What do you like to do?” I asked. “You know… with other guys.”

“With you?” he asked, looking into my eyes. “Anything you want.”

“What if what I wanted was something you’d really like?” I asked, laying my hand on the side of his waist.

“Well,” he said, leaning close to put his forehead to mine. “You have a nice cock,”


He put his mouth to my ear. “I want,” he whispered, breathily, “to feel it inside me.”

“Oh, shit,” I whispered, squeezing his side. “I want to feel that too.”

New laughter came from the master bedroom side of the upstairs. Kyle and Jeff appeared from the hallway grinning broadly, arms over each other’s shoulders, a beer in each free hand. They stopped and Jeff stepped inward, pressing his belly to Kyle’s. Their laughter faded and they kissed.

The hands holding the beers slowly dropped to their sides as the kiss ground on. Then they broke for breath, looking over each other’s faces. Jeff saw us. “Hey!” he said, nodding our way. “There’s Sean.”

Taking Kyle by the hand, Jeff brought them over to where we lay on our sides facing each other. They were wearing towels; Jeff’s was mildly tented, Kyle’s erection was well out from under his.

“Hey, Sean!” Kyle greeted; then saw the joint. “Oh, cool… weed.” Stepping astride me, he sat down onto the side of my hip. Under his towel, his thick, warm perineum settled on my hipbone. Jeff knelt on the floor between Nu’s thighs and mine.

“Share?” Kyle asked Nu, eyeing the joint.

“Guys,” I said. “We’re busy here. We’re seducing each other.”

“We’ll watch,” Kyle said, squeezing my middle between his thighs.

Nu raised an inquiring eyebrow.

I shrugged.

Nu took a hit, handed the joint to Kyle and then holding my shoulder again, shotgunned it to me.

“What’s that? What are you doing?” Jeff asked us as Kyle took a hit and struggled to hold it without coughing.

“Shotgunning,” Nu said. “Sean doesn’t smoke so I do it for him.” He held out his hand. “I’m Nu.”

Jeff took his hand and shook. “We’re new too.”

I laughed, choking out smoke. “His name’s Nu,” I said. “Nu… this is Jeff and this is Kyle.”

Kyle passed the joint to Jeff and exhaled. I took his beer from him to cool my throat after coughing, but the beer wasn’t very cold, and it was almost full. I smiled at Kyle, remembering how I used to have to nurse a beer. Hell, I still had to nurse a beer.

He smiled back and rubbed his underside on my hipbone.

Jeff took his hit and passed the joint back to Nu who set the joint on the ashtray and held out his hand for Jeff’s beer. Jeff handed it to him, and then slid off his knees to sit in the crook of Nu’s lap. He rested his forearm on Nu’s hip in a familiar manner.

“You guys sounded like you were having fun,” I observed. “The way you were laughing when you came out of the hall over there.

“We’ve been looking around,” Kyle said. “This place is sooo hot, naked guys screwing everywhere. I can’t get my cock to go down.”

“That’s pretty obvious,” I said. And it was, because straddling my hip like he was, his cock pointed from under his towel, up to a spot over my head. It was a great looking cock I thought. And feeling the effects of the grass, I closed my hand over it and gave it a squeeze.

Kyle’s eyelids dropped and he rocked his bottom on my hip.

Nu took a hit, and I let go of Kyle’s cock to take the shotgun.

“What’s this?” I heard Dan ask, and looking up, saw him with an arm around Tolly’s waist. Tolly was hard; Dan was getting there. Dan’s eyes were on us. Tolly’s eyes were on Dan.

Tolly turned and pressed his body to Dan’s, laying his head onto Dan’s shoulder, trapping their cocks against hips. Dan tightened his arm around the back of Tolly’s waist.

I decided that Dan looked damn hot with a slender, naked guy draped on him. Of course, I needed to be the guy.

“Don’t do too much of that stuff, Sean,” he asked. “You know what it does to you.”

. . . . .

“I don’t have to tell you how much alcohol and drugs can distort your judgment, erase your inhibitions,” Roger said with a sigh. “Listen to me. From what I’ve been learning lately, your world has gotten a lot more dangerous in the last year or two and you can’t afford to be careless.”

He looked away. “I’d almost rather you speed down the highway drunk than go to a party like that drunk.”

“You don’t know what kind of party…” Dan started to say, but Roger shook his head and stood up. He paced a few feet and then turned back to us.

“Milton Rosen is a doctor on the staff of our medical school,” Roger said. “He’s also one of the country’s top diagnosticians. And… he has a gay nephew. I’d seen one or two stories in the paper, but Milton’s the one who alerted me as to how serious this new disease is among gay men. Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of reading; we both have.”

He crossed his arms and fixed us with his gaze. “I’ve never tried to pry into this side of your lives. Oh, I never thought you two were saints. Young people in general these days are much more sexually active than even a few years ago. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been surprised at what we’ve learned about how promiscuous the gay lifestyle has become.”

You,” he said, waving his hand down the length of the couch, “are all good looking young men at the height of your sexual drive. It doesn’t take much imagination to guess what can happen when a whole group of you get drunk together.”

I bit my lip. I doubted that Roger had that much imagination.

. . . . .

“It’s Robert’s stash,” I told Dan, holding the bag of grass up triumphantly. “Nu knew where he kept it.” Then, tickled by the sound of that, I repeated it. “Nu knew.” I laughed.

“Shit, Sean,” Dan said, taking a cross-legged seat beside Nu’s and my heads. “You’re already wasted.” He pulled Tolly down into his lap and wrapped his arms around his middle. Tolly leaned his head back against the side of Dan’s neck.

We all turned as three guys came past from the other bedroom side, laughing. They went down the stairs.

“Hey, Tolly,” Jeff asked with a sly smile and a nod toward Dan. “New boyfriend?”

Tolly glanced at me. “He’s Sean’s boyfriend, but I’m going to steal him,” he said, wiggling his butt back into Dan’s lap.

Jeff and Kyle glanced questioningly at me.

I nodded. “Jeff… Kyle… meet Daniel… Wonder of the Gay World… and my life-mate.”

“Your pissed life-mate if you get much more stoned.”

“Here,” Nu said, handing him the joint. “Finish it. We don’t need any more.”

“You got that right,” Dan said, accepting it. He considered it for a moment, and then took a hit.

“Us too,” Kyle said, holding out his hand.

Dan passed the joint to him, and let out his breath. “Smooth stuff,” he said, half to himself. Then, “Wow, I feel it.”

Nu shrugged. “Knowing Robert, it’s probably laced with something.”

“Or it’s just good stuff,” Dan said.

A couple came past and turned toward the master bedroom side.

Tolly got up, his hard cock bouncing as he stood and turned before sitting back down into Dan’s lap, facing him. He wrapped his legs over Dan’s and crossed his ankles behind Dan’s butt. He wiggled his butt between Dan’s thighs, snuggling their crotches together. Then he stretched up his slender torso and draped his arms over Dan’s shoulders, nuzzling into his neck, looking very much the youth, in the lap and arms of a young man.

Dan closed his hands around Tolly’s butt and pulled his bottom closer.

“Tolly’s a little cuddle-bug,” I observed.

Dan nodded. “I like it.”

“Take off his mask, Danny,” I said. “He’s pretty.”

Leaning his head back to see Tolly’s face, Dan removed the mask, and then smiled; pleased. “He is pretty,” Dan said quietly.

Tolly pulled off Dan’s mask, and though his back was to me; his thick black hair hanging down to his shoulder blades because his head was back, I could tell he was pleased with what he saw… he paused; his head turned slightly back and forth as he looked over Dan’s features; and then he leaned up for a kiss.

Jeff leaned up to pass the joint back to Dan; his cock pointing up between Nu’s face and mine. Nu grinned.

Dan’s second hit finished the joint. He shotgunned the hit to Tolly.

“Damn,” Dan said, holding up the roach. “Maybe this stuff is laced.” He leaned his head back and sighed.

“We rolled a second one,” Nu said, holding up the other joint. “Might as well finish it.

“Do it,” Dan said, wrapping his arms around Tolly’s slender waist. Tolly leaned up and they kissed again.

“Tolly’s in lu-uv,” Jeff teased.

“Hey,” I said. “I know about you two guys? When you were making love… and you were… making love — you little fuckers were really getting into each other. And I saw you kissing while ago. I know who’s in love.”

They glanced at each other and Kyle appeared to blush. Then Jeff smiled, kneeled up, and with a hand behind Kyle’s neck, pulled him close for a kiss.

“Fuckin’ stuff is love weed,” Nu said, rolling the joint in his fingers. Then he looked meaningfully up at me and I could see the twinkle in his eyes, even under his mask. He lit up, took a hit, passed the joint to Dan, and then shotgunned me.

The couple that had gone to the master bedroom side returned and went across to the other side.

After Dan took his first hit of the second joint, he shotgunned it to Tolly and handed the joint back to Nu to pass to Kyle. Then his and Tolly’s attention dropped between their bodies. They reached into their laps and Tolly rocked his hips slowly.

“That’s a hell of a way to do grass,” Nu said, watching them.

“Let’s try it,” Jeff said to Kyle, taking the joint from him.

Kyle nodded, getting up from my hip, and I immediately missed his warmth there.

Jeff took the hit and passed the joint back to Nu. Then he stood up from the crook of Nu’s lap and stepped behind Nu. He and Kyle pulled off their towels. Their hard, young erections curving up from their middles looked proud to me; not just because I’d heard the phrase somewhere – proud erections – but because they did look proud, as proud as trumpeting elephants, up for all the world to see. And I knew I was stoned because their cocks themselves seemed proud.

Jeff sat down. Kyle stepped astride Jeff’s lap and quickly sat down the same way Tolly was sitting in Dan’s lap. They pulled off their masks and kissed.

Even with his long limbs, Jeff looked young. So did Kyle. They almost looked like two young boys embracing, legs extending out behind each other. But they didn’t kiss like young boys.

I had grown hard and Nu closed his hand over my cock.

Three guys came from the master bedroom side, arms around waists and over shoulders. They descended the stairs.

“Come on, Seany,” Dan said, leaning forward to tap my head. “We’re gonna look for some place a little more private – maybe look for a free bed.”

Nu squeezed my cock and looked into my eyes. Even though he was still masked, I could tell he wanted me to stay. And I wanted to.

“Would you mind if don’t go with you for now?” I asked.

Dan glanced down to where Nu held my cock. “Don’t fall in love again, Seany,” he said.

“Don’t you either,” I said.

Tolly turned to me and frowned slightly.

“Well you can just a little,” I said, and I reached up to pat Tolly’s behind.

When I reached, it stretched me and that felt good. So I held it a moment, and Nu bent to kiss one of my nipples, tugging on my cock.

Dan and Tolly stood, both hard, and facing one another, they kissed. Then Dan took Tolly’s hand and left for the master bedroom side.

Kyle and Jeff took a hit, passed the joint back, and then stood up and followed after Dan and Tolly, thick cocks wagging and small butts flexing as they walked.

“We can go with them,” I said.

Nu leaned forward and kissed me. Then he wrapped his arm behind my back and really kissed me.

. . . . .

Roger rubbed his forehead. “In my generation,” he said, “We had to grow up fast when the war came. We didn’t have much choice.” He looked up, right into my eyes. “You may not have much choice either.”

Why had he looked directly at me? Did he guess about my night before?

. . . . .

Smiling, Nu pushed me back onto the cool leather of the overstuffed loft couch. He gave me the ashtray to hold, along with the remainder of the joint, and then he grabbed a container of lube and climbed up astride my waist.

Still smiling, he reached behind his back and lubed my cock and his crack. Then grabbing my cock at the base, he backed up onto it, and I watched it disappear up behind his balls as they lowered to settle above my shaved pubes, and I felt his warmth descend my shaft.

Setting the ashtray, with the joint, onto my stomach, I clasped his butt in both hands and gave it a squeeze. “You feel good,” I said. “Inside and out.” I liked the feel of his ass in my hands; full and fleshy, but not fat.

Taking the joint, Nu set the ashtray onto the floor, took a drag, and bent over me, his black hair falling around our faces. Squeezing my ribs with his knees, and laying his hand alongside my face, he shotgunned into my mouth, his lips lightly brushing mine.

Nu settled back into my lap and all the way onto my cock, and smiling, slid his butt forward and back.

I moaned appreciatively, because what he did felt good. Rubbing the long muscles of his thigh with one hand, I reached up with the other and pulled off his mask. He wasn’t at all what I expected. I expected exotic and wide set Asian eyes. His eyes were rounder and narrower. But he had a good face; a very good face. His eyes were sensitive and warm.

He smiled, looking more than a little stoned, and I laughed. “I like the way you look, Nu” I said, laying my hand alongside his face. “You look like… a friend.”

His smile softened, and he leaned over me again, his dark hair falling forward as he pulled my cock upward with his insides. He lifted off my mask and his smile warmed as he took in my features. He traced a finger over my lips. “You do, too,” he said, softly.

Nu smoothed his hair behind his ears and leaned farther forward until his nose touched mine and his eyes peered down into mine. He stroked back my hair, and then his smile slid a little sideways.

I chuckled. “Do I look as stoned as you do?” I asked.

He nodded, grinning. “You look stoned.” Then his smile faded and he kissed me lightly.

Nu took the joint, and sitting up, rocked gently in my lap, his weight stretching my cock up into him, while taking the next hit. Then he bent over me, covering my mouth with his, and he filled my lungs with smoke. I flung my arms over him and held him tightly to me while I fought the initial urge to cough. And then the kiss turned in to a major rush.

The room spun and Nu’s eyes swam before mine. “Oh,” I gasped, breaking the kiss. “Oh, wow!”

Nu rested his forehead on the side of mine. “Whoa! This is good stuff.”

With his hand on my shoulder, he pushed up and wiped his brow with his forearm. Setting the joint down onto the ashtray, he laid down on me, wrapping his arms under me and burying his mouth in my neck. “I like you,” he whispered.

I pulled my knees up, cupping his butt with my lap, pressing myself up into him, and I wrapped my arms around his waist.

He moaned softly and rubbed his cock on my belly. “Does this feel good to you?” he asked.

“Amazing,” I mumbled.

“There’s something in the grass,” he said.

“Whatever it is… I like it.”

He lifted his head and smiled down at me and the movement of his head seemed in slow motion. And in slow motion, he lowered his lips to mine. When they met it tickled nerves up under my tongue, all the way back under my ears.

Nu took the last hit and dropped the roach into the ashtray. Then holding my face in both hands, he shotgunned me one last time.

I felt another rush, only this one kept coming and coming. And suddenly I was warm and there was fire in my loins. I pulled Nu down hard, and his mouth closed hungrily over mine. Our hands clutched at sides and shoulders and backs. Our bodies began an undulation against each other that grew wilder and wilder. “Oh shit,” I gasped. “What’s in that stuff? I’ve never felt like this.”

Nu covered my mouth with his, almost desperately, and we sucked the breath from each other. I felt like I had a fever; a sexual fever. My skin was hot. Nu’s body was hot. We glistened with sweat. Every nerve I had was alive to the feel of Nu’s body, weight, and skin on mine. My cock felt hard as steel inside him.

We went crazy.

We writhed with guts reflexively clenching, and smothered each other with feverish kisses. Our hands were everywhere. And it wasn’t that we were moving in slow motion – we weren’t moving slowly at all. But it was like time had slowed and filled every instant with sensations. Colors were brighter. My skin was alive to Nu’s every touch, brush, breath.

Nu cried out, grinding back hard with his butt against my thrusts. He threw his head back and his sleek hair fell back like a slow-falling, black waterfall. Then I cried out, grabbing his shoulders, pulling my legs up, pressing the tops of my thighs up against the taut skin of his back.

We rolled off the couch onto the floor, barely missing the ashtray and somehow staying together. I was on top now, pressing my cock down into him, and his body sucked me up like dry sucks water.

We wrapped each other up tightly, belly to belly, pumping. We rolled on the floor and he was on top. We rolled again, hitting the coffee table and I was on top, his hands pulling my butt cheeks apart as I drove hard into him and he held his butt up hard to take me.

We rolled back, onto our sides, and threw our heads back, gasping and clutching. His hands found my nipples and he pinched.

I howled and drove my cock hard into his butt, pushing him along the carpet with my thrust. I pinched his nipples and he cried out, rolling up onto me, grabbing my biceps, bouncing in my lap.

Though we were both tall, we had narrow and compact hips; we were flexible; and the length of my cock allowed us a range of easy positions — easy to stay connected.

I sat up and we pulled each other tight. He rocked in my lap and I chewed on his collarbone.

I held his butt and pushed him back; onto his back, staying with him; moving over him. Then I held myself up on my hands over him and he held the sides of my waist as we pumped our hips to meet each other, over and over.

He lifted a leg to my shoulder and rolled to his side. I knelt astride his other leg, rubbing my balls inside his thigh as I thrust. I grabbed his curved, thick cock in my hand, pumping it as I drove into him; feeling his foreskin in my palm as it slid back and forth over his hard shaft in time with my pulse, with my thrusts; and I felt ecstatic because of it.

Sweat dripped from our bodies, from our foreheads, and slicked where our skin pressed.

I was vaguely aware of guys at the edge of the loft, watching, but that only added to the heat.

Nu reached up and pulled me down onto him, spreading his legs out to the sides. As my body settled on his, he pulled the amyl nitrate ampoule from between our chests, opened it, and holding it to his nostril, inhaled deeply. Then he held it to mine, and I took a hit.

In seconds, my pulse was slamming. We went flat and tight, moving only at the middle, moving only in one place. But moving hard.

My orgasm was probably dry, but I couldn’t tell because it felt like golf balls were shooting up through my cock and Nu was yelling and I was yelling and we kept pounding and pounding and pounding until I collapsed onto him, shuddering and whimpering. And Nu kept clutching at my butt and rubbing his cock up on my belly, all slick with cum and sweat.

And then we were kissing again and my arms were wrapped over his head and his hands were sliding up and down my back.

Slowly our breathing began to slow.

I pressed my cheek to his, and our bellies heaved together, and it was like we were best buddies and had just done something great for best buddies to do. And we lay there, pressing our bellies with each heaving breath.

“Wow,” he said softly.

I nodded, and tongued in his ear, loving my buddy Nu, loving the whole world, and feeling utterly blown away.

“Was it the grass?” I asked, moving inside him, finding that I was still hard. “Or the poppers?”

He wrapped his arms tightly around my shoulders. “Who cares? That was un-bee-leev-u-ble.”

I stretched out on him, relaxing, slipping out from inside him, my hips slipping off to the side.

Our eyes met and we laughed at the same instant. We laughed with exhilaration. And in the next instant, we locked legs and mouths together.

There were voices around us in the loft. “Hot as hell,” somebody was saying. “Shoulda seen ‘em Robert,” somebody else said.

. . . . .

Roger sighed heavily. “Have you heard of Kaposi's Sarcoma?

We shook our heads.


“That’s the new disease,” I said. “The one you’re talking about.”

“You’ve known about it?” Roger said, shaking his head. “And you haven’t taken it seriously? Well I have.” He looked away and sighed. “Maybe you need to see some of the literature that Milton’s shown me.” He leaned on his hand against the wall and rubbed his eyes with his other hand. When he turned back to us, his eyes were red and watery. He looked angry and frustrated.

“You boys scare me to death,” he said. Then under his breath, he mumbled, “Why do you have to be so stupid?”

We sat silently, not knowing what to say.

Roger rubbed his eyes and collapsed back into his chair. “Kaposi’s Sarcoma is an ugly, debilitating disease. In the past, it took years to run its course. But now…” He glanced up at us. “Now, in gay men, it develops incredibly fast. Milton says there’s something else at work here. Maybe a virus. Whatever it is, it strips young men of their natural immunity to diseases, and leaves them open to every opportunistic disease.”

“There’s no cure yet. Hell, they don’t even know what it is. All they really know is that it kills… every time.” His eyes bore in to Dan’s. “Every time.”

“We’re talking about horrible deaths,” he said looking at each of us in turn. “And it’s lurking out there where gay men meet.”

. . . . .

“Is that Sean?” I heard a voice ask. I recognized it as Robert’s and looked back over my shoulder to see him, still in his short, black robe, standing with three other guys, in addition to the couple of guys who had watched us.

“Hey!” Robert said. “Where’s your mask? You too, Nu. Put your masks back on.” Then his eyes settled approvingly onto Nu’s and my stretched-out, nude bodies.

“Great party!” I said.

Robert nodded, his eyes still on our bodies. “Great butt, Sean. “

I sat up beside Nu, pushing my hair back, and looked for my mask. The room spun.

“So you guys put on a show, huh?” Robert asked. “You’re like the main attraction, Sean. That’s two floorshows in one night.”

Floor show,” Nu said, laughing and slapping the floor.

“Yeah, well,” I said. “There’s no privacy around here.”

Nu sat up beside me. “Whoa!” he whispered.

“I’m tellin’ you, Robert,” one of the guys who had watched us said. “These guys are like… like… sex-u-al black belts.”

“Ha!” another guy said. “You shoulda had belts for this party, Robert. You know… like in Karate. You coulda awarded belts to guys for… you know… how good they are at fuckin’.”

“Next party,” Robert said dismissively. “Oh wait… I know.” He started for the master bedroom side, stopped, turned back. “Don’t go anywhere.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” I told Nu. “But the room sure is.”

Robert was back in moments, holding long, silken scarves; the kind that women accessorize their clothing with. “Stand up,” he said.

Nu and I stood, wobbly, hanging on to each other. “Whoa,” Nu said. “Wow,” I said.

“You guys are zonked,” Robert observed, laughing as he tied one of the long, dark scarves low around my hips. “It’s not a black belt, but hell, we’re gay,” he said. He tied it on the side and pushed it low over my pubes in front and butt in back. Then he did Nu, chuckling the whole time. “I brought me one too,” he said. “Shit! I’m a third degree black belt master.”

Then he noticed the ampoule hanging from Nu’s neck. His brow furrowed, and then his eyes dropped to the baggie of grass on the floor. “Nu, you asshole! Is that my grass?”

He picked the bag up off the floor and held it up, looking it over. “You have no idea what I went through to get this here from California.”

Nu slung his arm over my shoulder. “To share it with us,” he said, happily.

Robert glanced up from the bag to me, and then smiled ruefully. “I had planned to share it with a few guys.” He examined the bag again. “At least you didn’t use much.”

“Hell, you don’t need much,” I said.

He smiled. “It’s great shit, isn’t it?”

“What’s in it?” Nu asked.

Robert laid a finger alongside his nose and shook his head. “Secret ingredient,” he said. “Fuck, as long as you got it out, let’s do some.”

“Oh, no,” Nu said. “We’re tooo wasted.”

“Go get us some beers then,” Robert said grabbing the ampoule from Nu’s neck. “You guys owe me.”

Nu glanced down at our waists. “Can we wear the scarves?”

“Sure,” Robert said. “Just get back here with the beers.”

. . . . .

“Isn’t that stuff… that Sarcoma stuff, all on the West Coast?” I asked Roger.

“No one knows where it started,” Roger said. Most of the cases have been on the West coast, but it’s begun to spread. I called Milton this morning because I thought I’d heard of a case in Dallas and I wanted to be sure that was right before I talked to you.” Roger frowned. “He thinks we may have our first case here in Houston.”

He looked steadily into our eyes. “It’s here.”

. . . . .

I have no idea how long it took Nu and me to get the beers. It took a while to simply get down the stairs; we danced on the way for each other, wiggling hips made sexier with the scarves.

I put my arm over Nu’s shoulders when we reached the bottom of the staircase. “I gotta wash my cock,” I said.

He grinned. “I gotta wash my butt.”

“I’ll wash your butt if you wash my cock,” I said.

“Let’s do it,” he said. “Gotta find a bathroom.”

We started down the hall that led back to the game room and stopped at the john. The door was closed, so I knocked. When there was no answer, I cracked the door. It was dark inside so I reached in for the light switch.

“I can’t find the light,” I said, running my hand up and down the inside wall. “There’s no switch.”

“It’s here,” Nu said, flipping the switch outside the door just as I pushed the door open farther to look for the switch.

The light came on; it was a small closet.

Nu and I looked at each other in surprise, and then burst out laughing.

“It’s a closet, you freshman,” Nu said.

“Hey, I’m a closet gay, you sophomore,” I said, and we laughed again, stumbling down the hall, looking for where they’d moved the bathroom.

. . . . .

Roger took a deep breath. “It was only a matter of time. People get around. There could have been somebody at your party who’s been to the West Coast recently.” He looked almost pleadingly into our eyes. “Can you see why I’m concerned?”

“Oh, shit! Robert,” Scott whispered.

Dan and I glanced at each other.

“How contagious is it?” Scott asked.

. . . . .

Standing on my toes and leaning forward, I hung my cock and balls over the sink, and as Nu leaned over to wash them, I rested my arm over his back and studied the soft looking skin and fine hairs on the back of his neck. It struck me that there was a whole, wonderful terrain right there in a few square inches. I blew on the hairs like wind through a thin forest.

“Your cock,” he said, evaluating it in his head, “feels really light… like it’s empty.”

“Well hell,” I said. “We used it all up.”

“It’s still a nice cock,” he said “It’s all pink and pretty.”

We switched, and Nu sat up onto the counter, backing his butt over the sink. He’d gotten the water warm, and so it was still warm as I lathed it into his butt crack.

Nu leaned forward and laid his head on my shoulder, wrapping my other arm in his two.

“Are you sleepy?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “Not sleepy. Just spacey.”

In the mirror, his slender back formed a long, sensuous crescent from his bottom over the sink to where the back of his head rested against my neck. Gathering the warm water with my fingers, I let it trickle down the little valley formed by the long muscles on either side of his spine.

“Is Daniel really your boyfriend?” he asked.

“More than that,” I said happily, smoothing my hand down the path of the water. “We’ve promised our lives to each other. We’re having a ceremony at Christmas.”

“Ceremony?” Nu asked… then, “like a wedding thing?”

“Yeah, like a wedding thing,” I answered.

Nu considered. “That’s weird,” he said. “That you guys are doing other guys.”

“Tonight’s kinda a last fling,” I said.

“Oh,” Nu said. “Like a bachelor party.”

I thought about it. “Yeah, maybe so… you wanna find a cake to jump out of?”

He laughed and sat up, pushing off my shoulders, laying his forearms on my collarbones. Our eyes met.

There’s an easy familiarity with someone you’ve just made love to; an easy intimacy – at least it was always that way for me. We slowly surveyed each other’s masked faces; there seemed to be so much to notice about the face of my friend.

“Before you leave,” Nu said quietly. “I want to do you.”

I smiled. “I don’t know if I can get it up again. I’ve cum…” I counted, “four times already tonight.”

Nu smiled. “I came twice with Scott.”

“You like Scott?” I asked. “Because I really like him.”

Nu nodded. “Yeah, we…”

A big, beefy guy threw open the door, stepped past us at the sink and over to the toilet. Nu and I watched as he unleashed a heavy stream from his fat cock.

The guy looked at us – at Nu’s butt over the sink — and cocked his head uncertainly. “What are you doing?”

“Washing up,” I said.

“You’re washing his butt in the sink? Fuckin’ next time, use the shower.” He indicated back over his shoulder with a nod of his head.

Nu and I looked at the shower curtain behind him, at each other, and then burst out laughing.

There were several guys in the kitchen. When we reached the door, they glanced at us and one said, “Nice sashes,” indicating the scarves. So Nu and I danced our sashes to the ice chests, and a couple of guys ran hands over our butts and between our legs as we passed. Then, clutching armfuls of longneck beer bottles, we made our way back up the stairs.

“Shit, it’s about time,” Robert said, looking like the last thing he needed was another beer.

He was holding court, sitting on the floor with five buddies, passing two joints. I recognized Walter who was stroking cocks with a guy I remembered meeting the year before. Two more guys sat on chairs. Some already had beers. We passed out what we brought, saving one for Nu and me. Then I sat down in an easy chair and Nu sat down in my lap.

Robert fixed me with one eye, through the smoke, and exhaled. “We’ve been talking about asses. If I was to choose, Sean, I’d say you have the best ass here. And hell, since it’s my house; I’ll make it official. You’ve got the best ass here.”

“Like hell he does,” a tall, ruddy looking guy said from Robert’s other side. “Walter does.”

Walter blew a kiss to the guy.

“Walter’s got a big butt,” Robert said, waving him off. “Nu here’s got a hotter butt than Walter.”

Walter shot a finger at Robert.

“They’re all here,” the ruddy guy said. “Stand them all together. We’ll vote.”

“Bullshit,” Robert said, “as if you have any taste.” And suddenly, they were all talking; the five guys on the floor and the two in chairs; arguing loudly about who had the best butt. When one of the guys offered a joint to us, Nu took it.

“Whoa! We gonna do more of that?” I asked.

Nu grinned and put his forehead against mine. “Hey man, it was great sex, right?”

I nodded. “Yeah, but like I said; I don’t know if I can get it up again.”

“Oh sure you can,” Nu said, taking a hit. He shotgunned me.

We ignored the butt discussion and kissed while Nu ran his hands over my shoulders and snuggled his butt in my lap. The room began to tilt, and I held on to Nu like I’d hold on to a raft in rapids.

“There’s really only one way to judge a butt,” I remember Robert declaring loudly. “You gotta try it out. And since it’s my house; I’ll be the judge. Bring me all the best butts,” he said, sweeping his hand in a grand, magisterial gesture, “and I’ll try ‘em out and tell you who’s best.”

“Yeah, right,” the ruddy guy said, exhaling a hit. “I think I should judge.”

“What with?” Robert howled. “That little thing you call a cock? You couldn’t judge an ant’s butt.”

Guys hooted, and the ruddy guy looked abashed.

“C’mon,” Robert said, getting to his feet and glancing around. “There,” he said, pointing to the couch. “Sean, kneel up there. Who else claims to have a pretty butt?”

I shook my head. “No way.” There was no way I would make my butt a target for that roomful. I wasn’t that stoned.

But Robert wasn’t dissuaded. The idea of lining up a few butts to “judge” had fired his imagination, and his cock had risen well above horizontal through the open front of his robe.

He coaxed, ordered, and cajoled until he had three “volunteer” butt contestants kneeling in a row on the couch facing over the back.

“Come on, Sean,” Robert said huskily, stroking his thick erection. “There’s room for one more and you’re a shoe in… well not a shoe.” He said with an inebriated leer.

I shook my head again and waved him off. Nu backed his butt onto my thigh and opening his legs, reached between them to fondle me. “Who do you pick,” Nu asked, rolling my balls.

“I like the first guy,” I said. “The one on the right.”

The guy was average height with golden skin that the absence of a tan line indicated was his natural color. He was lean, with a muscular butt, and he had an interesting face of broad, flat cheekbones and narrow-slitted eyes. But what really turned me on to him was his long, brown hair. It hung all the way down to the small of his back, and on his body, I thought it looked sexy as hell.

“Tall guy on the other end’s nice,” Nu said. That guy was thin, but not skinny, and pale with short, curly, black hair. His almost-hard cock was thick and long. And he did have a nice butt. It was a high butt that sat atop long legs.

“Middle guy’s OK, too,” I said. The middle guy was tan, but with a white bubble butt. His cock was thick and hard, with a hard curve to the right.

All of the three had great bodies; and butt high, their knees slightly spread, and balls hanging, they looked hot and ready from our angle.

Robert walked down the line, running his hands appraisingly over each butt. He reached between their legs to fondle their balls and pull their cocks back.

My cock began to stiffen up between Nu’s legs. I dropped a hand into Nu’s lap and closed it around his growing erection.

Nu grinned. “I told you you’d get it up again.”

“And it’s making me dizzy,” I said, because I was dizzy. “All the blood’s leaving my head for my cock.”

Robert caught my eye again and waved me toward the end of the couch where there was room for one more. “Come on, Sean. Get up here.”

I shook my head once more, though I wondered if I could win… as if it were a real contest.

The two guys kneeling on the right end of the couch laughed about something and spread their knees wider, circling their butts, swinging their balls. Robert turned back to me. “You sure you won’t go for best butt?”

“Uh, uh,” I said, though if he had pressed just a little longer…

He started to turn away, but then turned back. “Shit then, help me judge; you got a big cock," he said, his speech slurring. "You too, Nu. Us sux-ual… us sexual black belts will do the judging. Come on,” he said, waving us over. “Help me fuck these guys and we’ll vote for which one we think is best… and hell, you guys can keep which ever ones you want.” He glanced around the loft. A few more guys had gathered. “But we need one more guy on the couch. Walter, you still here?”

“Fuck you!” Walter called out from another chair.

“Come on,” Robert said. “You think you got the best butt. You’re always admiring that thing in the mirror.”

A guy laughed.

“Yeah, Walter!” two other guys called out. “Get up there!”

Walter shot them the finger.

Guys were beginning to gather between the couch and us. Nu and I stood up to better see. We were both hard, and I grabbed Nu’s cock. “Let me hang on,” I said. “The room’s spinning.”

“Oh, man,” he said, leaning against me. “I need to too.” He grabbed mine. Leaning on each other, and stroking each other, we looked over to the couch. The three guys who were kneeling over it were circling their butts and reaching between their legs to fondle their balls and push their cocks back toward us. The whole room felt nasty, and stoned as I was, I wanted to see Robert do those guys. Hell, I wanted to do them.

Avery stepped up cock in hand, to run his hand over the tall guy’s bottom.

“Back off, Avery,” Robert said, pushing him away with a straight-arm. “You’re gonna hurt somebody with that thing.”

My eyes dropped to Avery’s cock. It was only average in length, but Nu had been right. It was obscenely thick. Avery stood back, reluctantly, stroking himself. That’s when I noticed that Avery had a fine butt; two shiny-skinned, firm, black orbs.

“Get Avery on the couch,” I called out. “He’s got a great butt.”

Avery looked over to see who had said that. Everyone else looked at Avery’s ass.

I smiled, and Avery looked Nu and me up and down, his eyes pausing at where we were stroking each other.

Robert stepped behind Avery, running an appraising hand over his butt. Then he wrapped an arm around Avery’s waist from behind and pressed his mouth behind Avery’s ear. The whole time, Avery watched Nu and me.

Robert whispered something and Avery shook his head. Robert whispered something else and Avery nodded. Then, surprisingly he climbed up to kneel in the last space on the couch. Everyone cheered.

. . . . .

I felt the blood drain from my face and hoped Roger wouldn’t notice. What if Robert had the disease? What if he gave it to Avery? It’d be my fault. It’d be all my fault.

. . . . .

Robert patted Avery’s butt and the next guy’s. “Come on, black belts,” he said again, waving Nu and me over.

I tried to stand upright and steadied myself on Nu. “Hold still,” I told him.

“I am,” he said.

“No you aren’t.”

We slipped against each other and caught ourselves. “Hell,” I said. “We’re too stoned to do any judging. How are we going to find the hole?”

Nu tugged on my cock. “I’ll guide you in,” he said, weaving. “You can guide me.” He smiled as if that was a brilliant plan.

Suddenly Scott’s face was between ours. I recoiled and he caught me. “Whoa, Scott,” I said. “Don’t do that!”

“Scott,” Nu greeted happily, falling onto Scott’s other shoulder.

Scott shook his head. “You two are soooo wasted.” He pulled me to him. “Come on. Let’s get you outta here.”

“We can’t leave,” I said. “We’ve gotta judge butts.”

“Yeah,” Nu said. “We’re black belts.”

“Oh, no!” I said, looking down at my cock, which was growing flaccid awfully quickly. “I think I wore out my thingy.”

Nu giggled. “I wore out my thingy too.”

Suddenly, there was the sound of someone heaving.

“Oh, shit!” somebody yelled.

We turned to see the guy with the bubble butt who was kneeling on the couch, second from right, retch once more, vomiting a gross, chunky mix of pizza and beer onto the couch as guys scrambled to get away.

“Fuckin’ asshole!” Robert roared from where he’d begun ‘judging’ Avery.

Then the smell hit us.

“I don’t feel so good,” Nu mumbled.

“Me either,” I agreed.

“Fresh air,” Scott said. “Let’s get you fresh air.” He guided us out the back door from the loft, onto a wooden balcony.

I shivered. “It’s cold out here.” I pressed to Scott’s warmth. “But it’s a hell of a lot better than inside,” I added.

“The hot tub’s down there,” Scott pointed out.

“Umm,” Nu said. “I’d like that.”

“I’ll fall asleep for sure,” I mumbled as Scott removed the scarves from our waists, tossed them back inside the door, and then edged us toward the outside stairs down from the balcony.

. . . . .

“They don’t know how contagious it is,” Roger said. “It looks like it could be very contagious.”

“Are you sure it’s that serious,” Nu asked. “Like… I never heard about it. How many guys have had this stuff anyway?”

“The important question,” Roger said, “is how many have it now. If this thing has any incubation period at all, far more guys could have it and be contagious than just the ones showing symptoms.”

“Do they think that’s the case?” I asked. “Does Dr. Rosen think so?”

Roger shrugged. “No one really knows. Milt thinks it could be a virus. Some viruses, like flu viruses can work quickly. Others like the rabies virus can be dormant for up to a year.”

“But would someone be contagious if the virus is dormant?” I asked.

“No one knows,” Roger said. “No one knows anything. They don’t even know how it’s passed on. They don’t know how it works. Milt thinks it’s transmitted sexually.”

“That’s why,” he said turning to Nu and Scott. “You’re only really safe if you stay completely away from gay sex. And if you can’t do that, then find one partner; one person you can trust to be faithful and stick to that one person only.”

“But if you don’t have a boyfriend,” Nu said, “I mean… how can you not have sex?”

Roger started to say something, stopped, then shook his head. “Once you’re active, I guess it’s hard to consider stopping. So find somebody; somebody you trust completely to stay faithful to you. And look,” he said, talking directly to Nu. “If it is sexually transmitted, wearing condoms might help. If it’s a virus, maybe not. But Milt told me that if it is sexually transmitted, the germ, bacteria, virus, whatever… might be in body fluids. A condom might help.”

Roger looked at each of us again. “I guess there’s no way to avoid being a bit graphic… The type of sex you have can be important. Mutual masturbation, non-invasive sex, manual stimulation… are all probably safer than anal or oral intercourse.”

“Dan and I,” I said, looking uncertainly at Dan, but he nodded, knowing where I was going. “Dan and I,” I said, “like frottage. You know, rubbing on each other.”

Roger looked surprised, and nodded with something close to a pleased look. “That would be safer.”

I only meant to see how safe he thought frottage was, not that it was all we did. I didn’t have the heart to tell him we also liked everything else.

. . . . .

I remember a lot of giggling as Scott somehow got us down the stairs without breaking our necks. Then with an arm around each of our waists, he guided us toward the hot tub and pool.

When we came alongside the pool, he shoved Nu in.

I leaned back in surprise. “You pushed Nu…” I started to say, but suddenly the world turned upside down and full of water; icy cold water.

My mask washed over my face and I struggled to pull it off while I also struggled to find the way up. When I broke the surface, Nu was already filling the night with screams. Mine joined his.

We made out way quickly to the bank and pulled ourselves out; shivering, standing unsteadily.

“Did that sober you up?” Scott asked with a wicked grin.

Nu pulled off his mask and looked down at his cold-shriveled privates. “You made my thingy go away,” he said accusingly.

“Scott, you fuckin’…” I started to say, but he shoved me back in, and Nu along with me.

We howled even louder this time. And this time when we got out, I didn’t stop moving until I was safely in the hot tub. Nu jumped in after me. And then Scott joined us.

I tried to glare at him, but had trouble keeping both eyes on him at the same time. “I think you made it worse,” I accused.

“How could I do that?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know,” I said, laying my head back on the hot tub coping. “But everything’s still spinning.”

“We borrowed some of Robert’s grass,” Nu said. “It was laced.”

“With rat poison, if I know Robert,” Scott said.

“Whatever it was,” I said, “made us horny as hell.”

“I saw,” Scott said. “I need to find out where Robert got it.”

“Well keep it away from me,” I said, waving my hand and then staring at it because it didn’t exactly feel attached.

“Oh, man,” Nu said, laying back. “I’ve never had sex like that before.”

“And when I came, it felt like I was shooting golf balls,” I said.

“I thought I was shooting my balls out,” Nu said. “One after another; right out my cock, lots and lots of balls… I didn’t know I had so many.”

“I’m sorry I missed it,” Scott said, pulling me into his lap. His erection poked behind my balls and then up between my legs as he settled me down sideways onto him.

I put an arm over his shoulder and smiled when I felt his hand on my balls. “I’m sorry you missed it too,” I said.

“Are you sure you wore out your thingy,” he asked as his hand closed over my cock.

“Which thingy?” I asked. “Back thingy or front thingy?”

Scott chuckled. “Both.” He squeezed my cock and butt at the same time.

“Hey, Nu,” I said. “He’s got my thingies.”

Nu waved weakly.

“Sean,” Scott said quietly.

I looked into his eyes.

He lifted my hips and positioned me over his cock. “Kiss me,” he said.

Sitting sideways in his lap, my arm behind his neck, I kissed him as he pulled me down onto his cock and filled me.

I laid my forehead against the side of his, and held on to him with my arms loosely around his neck while he held me firmly in his lap and used his hand between my legs to fondle and stroke me while he moved languidly inside me.

. . . . .

“We have a friend,” Scott told Roger. “Robert… you know him?”

Roger nodded.

“Well,” Scott said. “He goes to Stanford, in California, and he’s, uh… he’s been to gay bath houses and all out there. Do you think he might have it?”

Roger nodded. “He could.”

Scott grew pale.

“But you haven’t done anything with him, have you?” I asked. “You two don’t even get along.”

Scott looked at me and swallowed hard. “We’ve been friends a long time; we just give each other a hard time.” He glanced nervously at Roger, and then leaned closer to the couch. “I did him yesterday afternoon.”

“Oh, shit!” I said.

Roger glanced at me, and frowned. “Sean… have you and Scott…”

Hell, Roger was a psychiatrist. Might as well be honest… I nodded.

“Me too,” Nu said, holding his hand up. “Me and Scott that is.”

Roger’s frown deepened. “Is Robert in good health? Does he look sick at all?”

“He looks fine,” Scott said. “He acts fine.”

Roger nodded, and then gathered his breath. “You are all probably fine,” he said, and then turned to me. “But perhaps you and Daniel need to consider holding off on relations for a while until you’re sure.”

Daniel’s head fell back on the couch. “Why?” he asked. “Last night, I had sex with a blond guy whose name I didn’t even know.” Then his breath caught and his head jerked up. “Tolly! And his friends.”

And his friends?” I asked.

Dan shrugged. “Yeah.”

Normally, the thought of being in bed with three fifteen year-olds would have made me envious… but not if it meant giving them a dread disease. I took Dan’s hand.

Roger’s eyes met mine and they were watering. “That was a hell of a party,” he said, his voice catching. “The two of you have to refrain from relations for a while.”

“How long?” I asked.

. . . . .

The moon had risen. I lay back in the warm water and the comfort of Scott’s arms.

“Sean,” he said softly as his softening cock slipped from inside me.

I clamped my sphincter hard to keep from letting water in. “I’m gonna be loose for a week,” I mumbled.

“You came, right?” he asked.

I nodded my head against his. “Thanks.”

He kissed the side of my face and held me close. “Daniel is awfully lucky to have you.”

“I’m lucky to have him,” I said. Then I thought of Dan, upstairs with Tolly. He’d been all gentle with Tolly. Just what the kid needed. Maybe Dan needed it, too. Guys always thought he was hot, but they didn’t usually fall in love with him. It had to make him feel good. I knew how it felt to have some kid fall in love with you. And it dawned on me… I left Dan with a beautiful, hot, fifteen-year old who said he was going to try to steal Dan from me. I tried to stand up from Scott’s lap and fell back. “I’ve gotta find Dan.” I stood up again and steadied myself, my upper half above the water in the cold air.

“I better help you,” Scott said, standing up with me, holding me up. “I’m not sure you’ll make it alive.”

“Me either,” I agreed.

“Come on, Nu,” Scott said, grabbing him by the arm. “We don’t want you slipping under and drowning out here.”

“Yes we do,” he mumbled.

“Don’t let him drown,” I told Scott. “I like Nu.”

“So do I,” Scott said, looking down benevolently on him.

. . . . .

Roger stood up and wiped his eyes. “Maybe,” he said, “As bad as this disease is, it could have some benefit after all.”

He paced again, and I imagined him in front of one of his classes. “Behaviorists like B. F. Skinner taught that if we could simply shed the inhibitions and negative conditioning that society beats into us from childhood, sex would be free, guiltless, and enjoyable. If we could only get rid of all society’s senseless rules about sex and marriage, then lovemaking could be shared between anybody and everybody; and what a wonderful world that would be.”

Roger shook his head. “It’s just not that simple. Sex has never been that simple.”

“I’m a behaviorist, but I’ve seen too much of the power of sex. Sex can heal and strengthen a loving relationship; or it can destroy one.”

He glanced at Dan. “Daniel, your professor, Dr. Armstrong, makes a good case for why evolution has made sex as powerful as it is and why the human is such a sexual animal. Sex was meant to be strong; strong enough to bind parenting couples together for the years it takes to raise a human child.”

He looked off, out a window. “Of all the wonders of creation,” he said thoughtfully, “we have underestimated and underappreciated sex the most. We have misused it, abused it, cheapened it. Perhaps,” he said, glancing back at us, “the mature society isn’t one where sex is free, but where sex and love are kept together.”

. . . . .

Scott dried us off and somehow got us back up the inside stairs. The loft was almost empty and still smelled of vomit, but someone had made an effort at cleaning the couch; though I didn’t look too closely.

Nu had his arms around my waist and his head rested on the back of my neck as he stumbled along behind me, and I followed Scott to the first bedroom. Five guys slept on the bed and one was sleeping on the floor.

Dan was in the second room. He was sleeping on his back, almost in the middle of the bed, with Tolly sleeping on his right shoulder and Jeff sleeping on his left; their naked forms stretched out over Dan’s sides. Kyle slept spooned to Jeff’s back. I had a pang of regret, wishing I had been with these guys, but then realized that someone else was in the room.

One of the big, beefy weightlifter types was bent over Kyle, rubbing Kyle’s butt with one hand and lubing his cock with his other.

“Get away from him, you jerk!” I cried out. I tried to step forward to challenge the guy but Nu’s arms around my waist restrained me and Scott stepped in front of me.

“We gotta stop him,” I desperately told Scott. “That’s Kyle. He’s just a kid and that’s his lover, Jeff.”

Nu stirred behind me. “Wha?” he started to ask.

Scott turned to face the beefy guy and I tried to follow. There was a confusing scuffle and I saw stars when Scott’s elbow caught me on the cheekbone. But the big guy left.

“Oh, shit,” I heard Kyle mumble as he sat up. “What time is it?”

“Four thirty,” Scott told him.

“Oh, shit,” Kyle said again, shaking Jeff awake. “We gotta get home.”

“Now?” Scott asked.

“Yeah. If my mom walks in and finds us gone in the morning, my ass is grass. Oh man…” He caught my eye. “Can you drive us home, Sean? We caught a ride here and it’ll take forever to walk back.”

I glanced at Dan who was still sleeping. I was ready to leave. Now that I thought about it, I wanted to leave. “Dan drove,” I said, stepping over to him to wake him.

“I can drive you,” Scott offered.

I wouldn’t even consider leaving Dan there. I pointed at Tolly. “He’s with them anyway,” I said.

Reaching over Tolly, I patted Dan’s tummy.

Jeff sat up from Dan’s side, and Dan stirred. He opened his eyes, and then they focused on me.

“We gotta get these guys home,” I said.

He glanced over at Kyle and Jeff who were climbing from bed. Scott stood at the foot of the bed and Nu had latched on to him just like he had me; clinging from behind.

Tolly continued sleeping heavily, draped over Dan’s side.

Dan’s head rolled and he held his hand to his forehead. “Man, I don’t know if I can drive.”

“I’ll drive you,” Scott said.

Dan nodded and rubbed Tolly’s back. “Time to go, Chief,” he said.

Tolly frowned in his sleep and clung to Dan.

“Come on,” I said, patting Tolly’s bare ass. “We gotta get you guys home.”

Tolly sat up suddenly. “What time is it?” he asked.

“Four thirty,” Kyle said.

Tolly nodded and swung his feet to the floor.

In a stumbling, sleepy line, we filed out of the room, down the hall, and down the stairs; Nu still clinging to Scott’s back.

Kyle, Jeff, and Tolly had left their clothes in the laundry room, and changed back into them in there; while Scott, Nu, Dan, and I searched for our clothes in the piles stacked in the maid’s room.

I found my coat and my shirt, but not where I left them. My shoes were still on the floor with my socks in them, but my pants were nowhere to be found.

The Three Monkeys stood at the door, dressed and trying to stay awake. Dan and Scott were dressed, waiting. And Nu was dressed after a fashion. They all watched while I searched.

“You aren’t driving, Nu,” Scott said, eyeing Nu’s disheveled clothes. “We’re taking you.”

Nu nodded sleepily, walked over to Scott and leaned on his shoulder.

“My pants aren’t anywhere!” I complained.

“Take somebody else’s” Jeff said, yawning.

“I can’t do that,” I said.

“Come on then,” Scott said. “It’s dark. Nobody’s going to see you.”

I was stoned, but crashing fast. “Sure,” I said. “Let’s do it.”

Scott had driven his mom’s old Impala. He loaded us into it; Dan in front on the passenger side, Tolly in his lap. Kyle, Jeff, and Nu all into the back. I sat in the back on their laps, my head on Nu’s shoulder. He cupped my naked balls in his hand, keeping them warm for me while we dozed of.

I woke when we stopped on the street close to Kyle’s house, and Kyle and Jeff slid out from under my legs. I remember that Tolly didn’t want to get out. He wanted to go home with us.

“Nu next, or you guys?” Scott asked.

“Our place,” Dan said. “You guys can sleep over.

I woke the next time when we got to Dan’s house. Dan helped me out and Scott helped Nu. Dan then pulled my arm over his shoulder to help me toward the house. “Once we’re living together,” he said, “I’m gonna make you go without pants all the time.”

“You aren’t mad at me?” I asked.

“No, Seany,” he said, nuzzling the side of my hair. “Are you mad at me?”

“No,” I said. “I missed you… “I gotta piss,” I said, stopping on the lawn.

Dan pulled out his cock too and laid his hand on my butt while we both pissed. Scott and Nu joined us for a four-way sword fight.

Dan laid me on the bed and pulled off my shoes and socks. Scott undressed Nu. My shirt felt like a straight jacket, and I pulled it off. They laid Nu next to me and he snuggled on. Dan and Scott undressed and climbed in on either side of us, and I fell asleep as Dan kissed my cheek and laid his head on the pillow next to mine.

. . . . .

Roger surprised me. He knelt beside Dan and me and took our hands and placed them together in his. “Take sex for what nature meant it to be. Make it something special between the two of you alone.”

“Wait long enough to be sure neither of you has caught the thing we’ve been talking about. Then use your lovemaking to strengthen your relationship. Use its intimacy to knit your hearts together. Keep its beauty and mystery between yourselves.”

“Don’t do it just to be safer,” Roger said, squeezing our hands tightly in his. “It is safer. But do it because you’re in love and you want to stay in love all your lives. Make it,” his voice softened to a whisper, “a private treasure.”

I glanced at Dan and I was so sorry; so very sorry.

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