CHAPTER 10 - Moving In
Every week that Fall brought new changes to my life. No change seemed major at the time, but I entered Fall with one set of friends and interests and by Christmas, had a different set of friends… and interests.
I could sleep over at Daniel's virtually every Friday night because Rachael and I broke up. My Mom warned me it would happen.
“Rachael is a sweet girl, Sean, but she is a girl,” Mom told me. “She needs to know she's important to you and not just someone you work in seeing between bike rides, homework, and everything else you are doing.”
The breakup happened in early December. Rachael and I had just screwed in the back of my Dad's van. I thought it went pretty well. Rachael wasn't a virgin when we started going together and knew what she was doing. And she was athletic. She made love almost as well as a boy. It was hot. And each time, I tried to give her such an experience that every other boy she might ever date would be a disappointment. Yeah, I was modest.
The problem was, she sort of had that effect on me. I wondered if I would ever be happy with any other girl. I was thinking about that when Rachael started talking about wanting to do something on Saturday. I reminded her I had a ride.
I told Rachael we were planning our first century and explained excitedly what a century was and why it was special for Dan and me. “So,” I said. “We can do something afterward. What would you like to do?”
Rachael pursed her lips in a pout. A bike ride did not fit into her plans.
Rachael had never seemed to me to be as silly or mushy as most girls. She seemed more stable, less emotional, more like a guy. That was probably one reason I liked her. Well that and the long hair, pretty eyes, full lips, beautiful breasts, flat tummy, curved hips, and well, other things. But even Rachael, I guess, needed more romance.
“Sean,” she almost huffed. “You spend all your time with Daniel on those stupid bike rides. I'm tired of only hearing from you when you feel like it.”
I was lying on my side, next to her, caressing one of her breasts. She threw my hand off and turned to look right at me. “If you want us to stay together, Sean, you have got to start acting like a boyfriend.”
I put my arm around her waist. I meant to pull her closer, but the affect was to pull her hip into my semi hard cock, “Like this?” I asked with exquisitely bad timing; then compounded the problem by trying to kiss her.
Rachael exploded out from beside me and sat up. “No, you oaf!” She glared at me. “All you ever want to do is jump into the back seat of your car or the back of this van or make out somewhere. I'm a person, Sean, a real person. We need to talk more. We need to spend more time together.”
I couldn't help the frown. “A guy has only so much time, Rachael.” I sat up and tried to cuddle her, “How about if we do less making out and use the time to talk or do stuff you want?”
Her eyes filled with tears. “You don't get it, Sean. I like… this stuff, too,” she said, gesturing at the blankets on the van floor with a flip of her hand. “But I'm your girlfriend Sean. You should be over to my house more. You should call me more.” She turned away, “Maybe we shouldn't see each other until you can fit more time for me into your damn fucking busy schedule.”
It was a definite line in the sand. She was trying to force me into a commitment. But as beautiful as she was, I wasn't ready to do that for her. If anything, I wanted more time with Daniel. “If you want it that way, Rach,” I said.
She turned back to me, the hurt showing in her face, “Take me home, Sean.”
She reached for her clothes. “Now.”
And that was that. I was single again. I liked Rachael. And I liked sex with her. But girls required so much time. I wanted to spend that time with Daniel. And not just for sex. Not at all just for sex.
I was really into bicycling. We enjoyed doing other things together. And his parents had adopted me.
Dr. Roger Reese, Daniel's dad, was shorter and younger than my dad. He was slender, energetic, and serious. Daniel's Mom, Mary, was a small woman and quiet. She was always friendly, though, and had liked me from the beginning.
“I'm so glad,” she told me when Dan and I began spending more time together, “that you and Daniel are such good friends. I always wished he had a brother or sister. You two are together so much, I feel like Daniel almost has a brother now.” She smiled uncertainly at me, as if I might be offended.
I put my arm around her shoulder and looking down at her, smiled and asked, “Does that mean I have another Mom now? You know. Fix meals. Do laundry.”
She laughed. “I handle Daniel's bicycling clothes with kitchen tongs. They're so awful. Just put yours with his.”
Maybe she gave Roger the idea. But when Daniel and I talked that first Friday night about me sleeping over every Friday night for Saturday rides, Roger looked at me across the supper table. “If you guys are going to be bicycling so much on Saturdays,” he said. “And if you're going to be staying over a lot, why don't you just leave some of your things here? You know. Like an extra toothbrush, some clean clothes. You can leave them in Daniel's room.”
When we planned for me to sleep over again the next Friday night, Roger and Mary invited my family for a cookout Saturday evening. Roger was the opposite of my dad in many ways, physically, ideologically, and in personality. Our Moms were opposites as well, physically and in personality. In spite of their differences, or because of them, they got along.
And they did have a lot in common. Our dads were both brains, and they shared wide interests. That cookout, they got into a crazy discussion about cosmology (the study of the cosmos) and big bangs, background radiation, expanding universes. Our moms had a lot in common as well; they talked about Daniel and me.
Back then, none of our parents guessed the true depth of Daniel's and my relationship. They just knew that we were extraordinary friends. Because Daniel was my friend, my parents liked him. Because I was Daniel's, his parents liked me.
It was my dad who suggested that Daniel and I take a bike tour together when summer came. He had in mind a couple of days in the Texas Hill Country or the East Texas piney woods. However, Daniel and I quickly worked it up in our imagination into a cross-country tour for the full summer. We had to negotiate with our parents and eventually settled on a plan for two weeks in the Texas Hill Country.
I liked bicycling. I loved bicycling with Daniel. Those who've never been bicycling don't often understand the type of bonding that can occur - hours riding together outdoors, side-by-side, talking about everything from politics to the latest Aggie jokes, pushing each other to ride harder, keeping the cadence up. And at times, we drafted for each other, taking turns making it easier for the other guy.
Our bicycling quickly grew to a deeply contented passion. Our parents understood it was a passion, and encouraged it. Not just the bicycling, also the planning for a tour. There were plans to be made, prep rides to be taken, training to be done, and bicycles to be maintained. Both families accepted that I would spend Friday nights at Daniel's house. As long as I was home sometime Saturday afternoon or evening and went to church with my family Sunday, my folks were cool. Daniel's folks would have loved for me to move in.
We mailed for information from Chambers of Commerce, State Parks, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and other sources we could think of for Hill Country information. We ordered road maps from every county in the area. We looked at gear. And we started taking Bicycling magazine.
At times it seemed that our dads were as excited about our bike tour planning as Daniel and me. Roger liked for us to bring out our maps and spread them over the kitchen table. My dad even stopped by on a couple of Friday nights to look over our plans and thumb through brochures. He'd grown up in San Antonio, at the edge of the Hill Country, and had suggestions about roads and towns. Either of our dads would have loved to go with us. And they weren't the only ones.
Even the dog liked me. When Daniel's black lab, Cutter, and I met, it was love at first sight. Of course, for Cutter, it was always love at first sight. If it walked upright, could pet, had food, or threw toys, Cutter loved it.
Dogs can be smart, and I was concerned that Cutter might recognize me as a rival for his master's affection. Cutter never considered it.
My first meeting with Cutter was after a ride. Daniel and I carried ice waters onto the covered back porch to try to cool down. Cutter first pounced on Daniel. Dan shooed him off, so Cutter decided to check me out and nuzzled my groin.
Things are pretty snug in bicycle shorts and I doubled over. I shooed Cutter away and we sat down.
“Don't you wish guys greeted each other like that?” Daniel asked grinning. “Just walk up to each other and sniff between the legs.”
“He didn't just sniff,” I pointed out.
“Exactly,” Daniel replied.
In seconds, Cutter was back with a rubber ball.
“Throw it for him,” Daniel encouraged. “You'll be instant friends.”
So I threw the ball, and we were instant friends. Cutter considered that first toss of the ball a commitment to lifetime companionship and kept bringing it back for me to toss again, over, and over, and over.
Cutter was an inside dog. A dog that size often needs to be an inside dog in south Texas because of the heat and the parasites. But the Reeses had a fenced back yard and Cutter didn't need regular walking; he just needed to be let out from time to time. When we did walk him, it was more exercise than we typically wanted.
Cutter had been sleeping in Daniel's room. Later, when I began sleeping over, we had to banish Cutter a few times. He just found it hard to stay on his rug when Daniel and I were having so much fun on the bed.
His first banishment came when I had Daniel's legs up and was bent over him, pumping hard. Something cool, wet, and rough went over my balls and then the spot where my cock moved in and out of Daniel. Both our eyes went wide.
Daniel frowned. “Cutter! Go to your rug.”
Then he frowned at me. “Sean! Don't stop.”
I felt guilty about Stef. We had always been best buds, but as I spent more and more time with Daniel, there was less and less time for Stef. He seemed to resign himself to the new situation and I was glad when he began to spend time with a girl.
I tried to remain a good friend and be available. But when Stef heard about our upcoming bike tour and dropped hints he would like to go, neither Daniel nor I responded. We wanted the bike tour to be Daniel and me, only.
Aaron and I were still cool. Oh, he still tried once in a while to get me to sneak off with him for a sixty-nine. He was always horny. And I was always busy.
Aaron didn't really care. He was banging his girlfriend steadily. I hoped Stef would have that kind of success.
Austin came by the house from time to time. Each time, as soon as he could get me alone, he tried to get us naked. However, I was well satisfied with Daniel (and occasionally Colin, of course). And the dream of that doctor had made me nervous about the younger guys.
Even after their campout together, Austin had no better luck with Colin than with me, at least from what I could tell. Eventually, Austin seemed to give up on getting us to have sex and visited just because he wanted to hang out at our house or because his brother did.
At the beach, I had told Ryan about my aquariums. I had a couple of tanks with tropical fish, mainly live-bearers like swordtails and mollies. Ryan came by not long after the beach trip to see them. I watched his face in the glow from the tanks as he looked them over the first time. His wonder pleased me. I worked hard on my tanks and it was great to have someone who appreciated them.
“What's that gold one?” he asked.
“That's a swordtail. The one with the long fin in the back, like a sword, is a male. That one, with a regular tail is a female. See how fat she is?” I asked.
He was enthralled, his eyes darting from fish to fish. He nodded.
“She's fat,” I explained because she's a live-bearer and full of young. Live-bearers don't lay eggs. They hatch their young inside and then pop them out. I'll need to move her to another tank soon, so that when she has the babies, the other fish won't eat them before I can get them out. And I have to get her out of the birthing tank before she forgets they're hers and eats them herself.”
“Wow. How soon is she going to have them? I'd like to see that.”
“Soon. I can try to call you when she starts to give birth, but it happens quickly. Maybe, at least you can see the babies. They're perfect little fish when they're born.”
“How do you feed them?” Ryan asked, looking over at me.
“With brine shrimp. They're really, really small shrimp.”
“What are those flat, shiny fish,” he pointed.
“Angel fish. I think they got their name from their long, flowing fins.”
We went through all the fish, all the parts to the aquarium, all the food and accessories. Then we moved on to my smaller tank. Then we moved on to the little tank I used to isolate fish. Then we looked at my aquarium books and magazines. Then we talked about my dream of setting up a salt-water aquarium.
By the time we were done, I had a fellow enthusiast.
Ryan came by frequently, especially on Sunday afternoons. He became my aquarium buddy. There were things I really liked about Ryan; things none of my other friends had, like enthusiasm. Ryan lived enthusiastically. He didn't develop an interest in tropical fish and aquariums; he exploded into one.
Before long, I had helped Ryan and his dad buy Ryan a tank and fish of his own. We set it up in his bedroom.
There was almost always a sexual undertone to our being together. I figured that was mainly because the sex we had at the beach was so intense. I admit that Ryan's tight little body and his constant enthusiasm excited me. But I held back from encouraging anything sexual (other than the little sexual shocks that ran through my body each time we brushed together or he sat on my leg-I kept him off my lap). We worked at keeping things under control and quickly became very good friends.
We began to share my dream of building a salt-water tank. It was Ryan's idea to try populating it first with fish from the beach. So we began a mutual study of brackish water tanks.
When he found out that I played guitar, he became interested in that as well. Uncle James found an old guitar for him. And I began teaching him. We worked on singing, too.
Ryan pursued guitar hard. He practiced daily. It wasn't long before I suggested to Uncle James that he get Ryan professional lessons. He did, and soon Ryan was passing things on to me.
The rest of the week, I spent all the time I could with Daniel, but Sunday afternoons belonged to Ryan and me. He became my Sunday sidekick.
It was Daniel who filled my life. And that year, all the time we spent together planning our first bike tour and all the time we spent riding together was perhaps the finest period in my life.
Every day, Daniel and I were together through much of school, and we rode together after. When we rode, I watched his body. When we talked, I enjoyed his changeable voice. I memorized his face so I could remember every detail when we were apart. But the best; the very best, was when we were together on Friday nights… all night.
Daniel's house was laid out with the master suite (his parent's room and bath) on one side of the living areas and the other two bedrooms on the other side, with their own hall. It was as if Daniel had that whole side of the house to himself; his own apartment.
His folks rarely made an appearance there and we often hung out in just our briefs or the boxers we had both started wearing. Actually, I started that. Brief seams always rubbed right where I was sore from riding. Daniel liked me in boxers and I had him try mine on one night.
“Oh, damn,” I said when he pulled them on. They rode low on his hips and made his long torso look even longer. The fly was just slightly open and invited my hand to enter… After that, it was boxers for us.
The cleaning lady came on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Though she had to notice the dried cum that was constantly on the sheets, she may have just figured Daniel for jerking off in bed, or a hell of a lot of wet dreams.
His room was large. He had his own TV, a desk, a worktable, and a terrific oversized, overstuffed leather armchair with a big ottoman… Oh, and a bed; a queen sized bed. Though later, his parents tried to give me the third bedroom as my own or offered to move a twin bed into Daniel's room, I always gratefully and gracefully, declined.
I explained that I didn't want to take over their guest room just so I could sleep there one night a week and I certainly didn't want to cause extra housework. Both Daniel and I pointed out that his room was too full for another bed and we didn't want to take out a single thing that was there. I assured Roger and Mary that Dan didn't hit me too many times in his sleep and told them, truthfully, that sometimes I fell asleep in the armchair and spent much of the night there.
“Kids,” exclaimed Roger, “you guys can sleep anywhere!”
Well, it wasn't always sleeping that kept me in the armchair for much of the night. And when I was sleeping in it, I usually wasn't alone.
My first sleep over at Daniel's was something I will always remember. It was the night before our first century and just after I had broken up with Rachael. I felt liberated in a way, and free to concentrate my attention, and love, on Daniel. Quite literally, he had become the center of my life.
I was more than ready for that first night at his house. We'd been riding constantly, and hadn't stopped for love making in over two weeks. And Daniel had to be even hornier than me. After all, it had only been a few days since I banged Rachael.
Bit what I really needed wasn't to just get my rocks off. No, it was to hold him and be held by him. There wasn't anything else like that in my whole life, ever; nothing compared to holding Daniel.
As usual for Friday, we took a short ride and got back to Daniel's house early. We left our cleated bike shoes at the door and came in just in time for supper with Daniel's parents. Afterward, we helped clear away the table and spent enough time with Roger and Mary to not seem in a hurry.
Then Daniel told them that we needed to go shower up and explained that we would probably just watch TV in his room after that, and maybe play some cards. So we said good night to his folks and headed back.
The bathroom on Daniel's side of the house was Hollywood style. That is, it was private between the two bedrooms on that side. There was a double sink vanity on the front wall that backed onto the hallway on the other side. Side doors lead to each bedroom. Then on the back wall there was a linen cabinet, and a door to the garden bath, shower, and toilet area. The bathtub was built into a short platform against a full glass exterior wall. Outside was a fenced, private garden; inside were shutters for privacy. There was also a glass shower. The floor was tiled and had a thick area rug.
I'd never been in Daniel's bathroom. (He later confessed to me that he had been embarrassed to show it because it was so fancy.)
That night, when we walked back to his bedroom, Daniel closed the door behind us and locked it. He stiff-armed me when I stepped toward him, and took me by the hand. That's when he led me back to the garden bath area. My jaw dropped.
“This is bigger than any master bath I've ever seen!” I exclaimed.
Daniel laughed. “You should see my parent's master bath. Dad had a sauna built into it, and a huge shower. We'll use it sometime.
I walked up to the garden tub and looked out the window. “Damn, don't you ever worry about people looking in?” I asked. Then I noticed that the fence was close, tall, and brick. A side gate led to the back yard.
Daniel came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. His chin rested on my shoulder. “I spend hours every evening, standing here naked, just hoping to see your head pop over the fence.”
“What times?” I asked.
He pinched my butt.
“Damn, Daniel. If I knew you lived like this, I would have made friends ages ago.”
“Wish you had,” he said as he ran his hands up my belly, under my bike jersey. “You really do stink. I think I need to bathe you.”
He briskly rubbed his hands up and down my belly before stepping away to start water running in the tub. It was oval shaped and big enough for two. As he tested the water with his hand, he commented, “We've only lived here a couple of years. My Mom designed the house. She wanted to make my side special too.”
“No shit,” I said and pulled off my jersey, dropping it to the floor.
“Stop,” fussed Daniel, rising up and coming back to me. “I said I was going to bathe you. That means I do all the work, including undressing you. You just let me do it.”
“Can I bathe you back?” I asked.
“We'll see,” he said, doubtfully. He took my face in his hands and kissed me lightly. And then he put his forehead to mine. “I love you, Sean. You have no idea…”
He slid his arms around me, under mine, and gave me a bone-breaking hug, pressing the side of his face hard against mine. “Is it OK if I hug back?” I asked and nuzzled behind his ear.
I put my arms around his shoulders and squeezed hard, burying my lips in his neck. I licked dried sweat and ran my tongue up the hollow under his ear. “And you have no idea how much I love you, Daniel,” I said, kissing back down his neck. “You are my best friend, my bike buddy.” I licked in his ear. “My lover,” I whispered. Then I pulled my head back to look him in the eye. “I know what they mean now when someone says, `You're everything to me.'”
His eyes searched my face. “Is it possible?” he asked, his voice very serious, “That you can love me as much as I love you?”
I brushed my lips lightly over his, and then hugged him hard. We'd spent dozens, maybe hundreds of hours together that fall. We made love. I had come to love everything about him, from the way his hair fell over his eyes when he was over me, to the way he chewed his food. And whenever I thought about how he made me feel, it stretched my heart.
When true love, deep love hits, and you're only sixteen, it can hit hard. And at that age, there is a joy to being in love, a thrill to belonging to someone and having someone belong to you. And there can be an intensity to the intimacy that is acute. At sixteen, orgasms are perhaps as intense as ever in your life. They can rack your body. At sixteen, love can rack your soul.
“I don't know,” I said softly, “how you could ever measure what I feel for you. There's no word for it. The only word I know anymore to express how I feel is your name, `Daniel'. I just say it a lot, especially when I'm thinking about you. I just say, `Daniel, Daniel, Daniel.' You know; changing how I say it a little each time. And…” I put my forehead back on his, “I think about you all the time. I always want to be with you.” I squeezed him harder. “Sound's damn mushy, doesn't it?”
“No,” he said as he lowered his arms to my waist and pulled our bellies together. “I feel incredible whenever I'm with you. Every time you look at me, I feel great inside. I watch you in class when you aren't looking and I try to memorize all your features. Every night, after I clean up, I wish we had stopped to make love on the ride. Then I think what it would be like to have you in my bed every night.”
I kissed his neck. He kissed mine.
“Take off your shirt,” I said as I ran my tongue up the nape of his neck. “I want to feel your skin against mine.”
His hands went to the bottom of his shirt and he stepped back to pull it over his head. He stretched and every flat muscle in his belly and chest flexed. Then he rolled off his pants and took off his socks before stepping back into my arms. His eyes twinkled as he asked, “Is this better?”
Before I could answer, he kissed me. We pressed our lips and bodies together. I ran my hands down his back to his smooth butt. It was slightly gritty with dried sweat. I pushed the cheeks together and pulled them apart, and then did it again, pushing my crotch against his.
Daniel pushed his thumbs into my waistband. Then he kissed down my chest and belly as he rolled down my shorts. On his knees, he pulled my shorts on down to my ankles and then licked under my balls. I sighed and held his head. He kept licking, over my scrotum and into the seams between my legs and balls.
“Is this how you're going to bathe me?” I asked, smiling down at him. “With your tongue? Not that I mind, you know. I just wanted to warn you that I might get myself even messier real quick if you keep that up.”
Daniel looked up at me, my balls and cock laying over his face, below his laughing eyes. Then he uncovered his mouth. “I wanted to taste and smell you-the ride and sweat smell-before I wash you, Sean.” His tongue snaked under my balls. He gave me a long lick up from there, following the middle seam of my scrotum and then my shaft up to the tip of my cock. Then he took a breath. “Did I ever tell you how much I love the name, `Sean?'” he asked, and sucked in one of my balls, not waiting for an answer.
Looking down at him, I saw mainly the top of his head and marveled again at how beautiful he was from every angle. The long shape of his head, his thick shag of fine blond hair, parted down the middle. There was not a thing about Daniel less than beautiful. I ran my fingers into his hair.
His hand tugged at my right ankle. When I lifted my leg, Daniel pulled off the shorts and sock on that leg. Then he tugged the other. He smiled up past my balls at me again. Then stood and stepped to the tub to turn off the water. He grabbed a couple of washrags from the towel rack and laid them on the side of the tub.
Daniel took my hand and stepped us both into the bath. He made me remain standing as he knelt behind me. He soaped up a washrag and began working up my left leg. The water was warm. So was the rag, and it was soft. Daniel used a firm scrubbing motion as he moved up my leg, not missing a square centimeter.
As he moved higher, he rubbed his mouth over my butt, kissing and licking. He licked hard at the top of my butt crack, at the base of my spine. When the washrag reached the top of my thigh, he used it to scrub back and forth over my perineum. I spread my legs. Daniel surprised me by running his tongue up and down the crack of my butt. I jumped.
He grabbed my hips as his tongue goosed me. I shivered and bent over. He pulled my butt cheeks open wider and moaned into my butt. “This isn't bad,” he mumbled with a little surprise.
“It feels damn good on the receiving side,” I gasped.
Daniel pressed his face into my crack and shook his head from side to side. He kissed each cheek, and then worked with the washrag down my right leg. I stood back up and sighed, “You're going to have to do that again sometime.”
“Count on it,” Daniel said, scrubbing my leg harder.
“Maybe I'll have to try it then,” I said.
“When it's your turn,” he said, dipping the washrag into the water again. He re-soaped it and scrubbed my butt. “You're really red on your bottom. Does it hurt?”
“Not as much as when we first started riding together. I had to talk Colin into rubbing ointment down there a few times.”
“Hmmm,” Daniel said thoughtfully, and I wondered if I should have mentioned Colin. But then he said, “I've got some really good ointment. I'll rub it on you later.”
He stood and held my shoulder and held me still as he scrubbed my back. He kissed the back of my neck before he washed it. Then he dropped back to his knees and used his hands on my hips to swivel me to face him.
He smiled up at me while he rinsed the washrag and soaped it again. While still kneeling, he scrubbed at the top of my thighs. Then he worked the washrag over my hips and belly, up my abs and onto my chest.
Daniel stood again and held my shoulder with one hand as he scrubbed my front with the other. His hand ran the washrag in circles over my chest, gently doing my nipples, kissing each before he washed it. He kissed my neck before washing there. Then he kissed my lips and soaped the back of my neck.
“I think you missed a spot,” I whispered.
“Can't use a washrag down there,” he whispered back. “Too rough.” He laid the rag on the side of the tub, dropped to his knees, grabbed the soap bar, and began working up a lather with his hands. “Have to use hands for the tender spots,” he said seriously.
The bath had been so soothing that my cock had softened, but was still thick, as was Daniel's. He gently worked the lather onto my balls and between my legs. He scrubbed and combed with his fingernails as he lathered my pubic hair, pulling it out to points. Finally, his hands closed over my cock.
Now I was rock hard. His hands gently moved up and down the shaft with small scrubbing motions. My knees weakened. Too quickly, his hands left and he stood again. “Lie down,” he ordered.
I slid down into the tub. The water rose to my neck. Daniel knelt, straddling my waist and laved water over my neck. Then he put his hand under the back of my head and began ladling water onto my hair. When it was soaked, he took a bottle of shampoo from the head of the tub and poured it into my hair.
Looking up into his face, I admired the fine line of his jaw, his perfect nostrils, his red lips. Daniel concentrated as he worked the shampoo into my hair with one hand and supported my neck with the other. His face looked so intelligent when he was intent.
My own hands moved up Daniel's sides and shoulders, and then slid back down to his hips, up and down. As he worked, his balls moved over my belly.
He finished, and rinsed my hair. Next, he washed my face with tender, loving caresses of his hand. I closed my eyes to his smiling face as he worked over my brow. “Gonna dunk now,” he said as he lowered my head into the water.
He quickly rinsed the soap from my face and wiped water from my eyes. He was sitting on me now, his butt coming down on my crotch. When I sat back up, he was in my lap. He dabbed my eyes dry with the second washcloth. When I opened them, his face was moving to mine. We kissed and our arms went around each other as I sat up and his weight settled more firmly into my lap.
While we kissed, I took the wet washrag, dipped it, and soaped it behind Daniel's back. His arms around me continued to hold us together. His cock rose up my body, stiffening. Mine pressed up under his butt.
While he sat in my lap, I scrubbed and washed him everywhere I could reach. And then, wrapping my arms under him, I supported Daniel while I moved to my knees and lowered him back down in the water, preparing to shampoo him.
Daniel's head was back and his eyes were closed. His soft lips beckoned, so I kissed him lightly. When I finished with the shampoo, I lowered him to rinse it out and held him there to wash his face as he had done mine. His legs were still wrapped around me and I was kneeling so that my hard cock lay pressed against the base of his. When I lowered him to rinse his face, I pressed our cocks harder together.
When I raised him back up, I slid us farther up the tub so that he could lean back against the end. Still pressed against him, I raised one of his legs up beside me and soaped it with both hands. Daniel steadied himself with his hands on the bottom of the tub. He watched me as I worked. His cock twitched against mine. I washed down the one leg, and had him lower it again into the water, where I rinsed it. Then I did the other.
Now I was ready to finish. I soaped my hands and ran them over his belly. The water took the soap quickly, so I carried the bar under the water to scrub his butt and into his crack. Then I soaped his submerged cock and balls, moving my own cock back and forth over his like a washrag. Daniel's eyes were half shut and he sighed from time to time.
I sat back long enough to clean between his legs. Then I laid myself down against him and kissed his lips again. His arms went around my neck; my hands on the end of the tub supported us. We pressed together in the water.
“We need to finish in the shower,” Daniel smiled up at me, “to rinse off all the soapy water.”
“It's a shame,” I said, standing under the shower with him. “After that fantastic bath you gave me; I'm so hot that I'm going to explode all over myself as soon as we hit your bed, and I'll need to bathe all over again.”
Daniel grinned, “I'm fit to bust too.” He took me into his arms. “I know what we can do,” Daniel said as he turned me around. I felt his cock slide up my crack. He reached around in front of me and grasped my cock. “We can make a mess here, in the shower.” As Daniel stroked me, he slid his cock up and down in my crack. I reached behind and grabbed at his butt with both hands to pull him harder against me.
Daniel humped my crack and stroked me, casually, in the warm water. But my orgasm, when it came, was hardly casual. I splattered the shower wall and threw my head back in ecstasy, just as I felt Daniel shoot up my back with force. He slowed, but kept stroking me and rubbing in my crack. We softened.
Daniel turned me around and rinsed me to make sure all his cum washed off my back. “Before we go back to my room, I need to piss,” he said.
“Yeah. I think I need to too. Let's just piss in here. I like pissing in the shower.”
Daniel laughed. “Yeah, me too,” with a mischievous grin, pulled me to him in a hug and I felt the warm stream of his piss running down my legs. I let loose too, smiling back at him.
“We're never going to get out of this shower,” I said, “if we keep messing ourselves.”
But the water turned cold, and we did.
Then we dried each other off, which turned into wrestling match and made us both horny again. As we put the towels back on the rack, I leaned close to Daniel. “I don't want you to think I'm silly, but I'd like to do something.”
“OK,” Daniel answered cautiously.
“No, really,” I said. Daniel was going to share his bed with me and, at least on Friday nights, it was like it was going to be “our” bed. Before he could back away, I swept Daniel up in my harms, carrying him like a groom carries a bride over the threshold. It seemed silly as soon as I did it, but it felt good holding Daniel like that.
Dan laughed and let his hand behind my back fall to my butt. “Darling,” he said in his best starlet voice, “is this our honeymoon?”
I shrugged, “Just felt like doing it,” and I carried him sideways through the bathroom doors into his room and laid Daniel down on the bed, with myself on top of him.
We kissed.
Our kiss was growing hot when Daniel abruptly pulled his head back on the pillow, “Hey, I forgot to put ointment on your butt.”
“I'm OK,” I said, trying to lock lips again.
His faced dodged mine. “No. I want to.”
He looked serious.
“OK,” I said slowly. “You really want to?”
“Yeah. Your butt looks like you could use it, and I want to take care of you,” then his smile grew impish. “And I want to play with your butt.”
I laughed. “Can I do yours? At the same time?”
“Cool,” Daniel said, pushing me off of himself. He climbed off the bed, went into the bathroom, and returned with medicated lotion. “How do you want to do this?” he asked.
I was lying on my back, so I pulled up my knees. “Sixty-nine me?”
He grinned and opened the top of the lotion as he came to the bed. Daniel squeezed some into my hand, and then crawled over me so that his cock was on my chest and his chest pressed my cock. With an elbow behind each of my knees, Daniel pushed my legs back, raising my bottom. The stretch felt good. So did the lotion as I felt Daniel spread it, cool and soothing over my bottom.
I also enjoyed the view. I'd never seen Daniel quite this way. His knees were way down my sides, which tightened and spread his well-muscled butt. His balls were a light red where they spread between his legs and over my chest. His perineum was surprisingly thick with the base of his hard cock. The skin looked tight and shiny. His pink anus peeked out from between his hairless butt cheeks. Fine golden leg hairs climbed halfway up the back of his thighs. And the strong muscles of his legs and ass showed themselves clearly under his skin.
With loving, admiring hands, I smoothed the lotion onto his butt. His taut muscles were hard under my hands, but his skin was smooth and soft. I probed his perineum curiously, my fingers testing the feel of it.
“You're beautiful,” Daniel said.
“No fair!” I protested. “I was about to say the same thing.”
“You're really nice down here.”
“So are you,” I returned.
“It's making me really hot.”
“Me too. You move your chest much and you're going to have me coming again soon.”
“No, not yet,” Daniel said.
We rubbed each other, spreading ointment onto our bottoms and backs of our thighs, gently, with the flat of our hands. And we quickly discovered that it was too stimulating to rub each other's perineum very long or hard. As we worked, we drifted into conversation.
It was comfortable while stimulating, and it was friendly, intimate. This mutual application of lotion was to become a favorite thing of ours, especially after long rides; especially on tour. Beginning that night, we had some great conversations in that position.
Eventually, Daniel climbed up beside me on his side, his cock lying over my hip. He idly plucked at my pubic hair with one hand after sliding his other arm under my neck. Then he smiled beside me on the pillow.
“Yeah?” I answered dreamily, and looked over at him.
He had a serious expression. “I want you to cum inside me tonight and I want to cum inside you.”
“Sure.” I said with a grin. “Are you thinking something like a `blood brother' kind of thing?”
Daniel smiled. “Cum brothers?” He looked off and said, half to himself, “maybe something like that.”
“What are you thinking?” I asked.
His brow furrowed. “I'm not sure I can really say it, and if I could, I'm not sure you would want to hear it.”
Well I was never anxious to hear something when someone told me I probably wouldn't want to. But this night was special to me, too. I rolled up to face him, “Tell me. Please.”
He took a deep breath. “It's a lot of things. Like, well, you know you aren't the first guy I messed around with, but...ah, shit. It's stupid.”
I stroked my hand down his side and up, trying to sooth him, trying to reassure him, trying to stay connected. “C'mon, tell me, Dan. Maybe I'm feeling stupid too.”
He took another deep breath and rolled onto his back, his eyes on the ceiling. “OK. Well, I was thinking about what you did… you know, carrying me `across the threshold.' And well... you know you aren't the first guy I've messed around with, Sean. But you are the only one I will have ever shared my bed with, in my own room, in my own house. Somehow, messing around outside was different. Bringing that part of us into my own home and room...well it's special. It's special and it's sort of final. No turning back.” He turned to look at me, “I'm gay, Sean. I'm gay and I love you. There's no sense fooling myself. You're all I think about. I love every little part of you, every one of your little ways of doing and saying things. I love every hair on your head. Hell, I love every hair in your pubes.” He smiled at the ceiling. “I haven't thought about sex with a girl since last summer.”
It was my turn to roll onto my back. What to say? What to say? What came out was, “I'm sorry. You probably know that Stef was the one who got my own `bed' gift.” I reached down beside me and found Daniel's hand. “I am really sorry that I can't give that to you, Daniel. Like you're giving me.”
His hand squeezed mine back.
Man, I had just broken up with Rachael. I wasn't ready yet to decide I was gay. “I'm still not sure, Dan… you know… maybe I'm bi. But,” I squeezed his hand in mine, “You are the only one I have ever loved like this… hell you're the only one I've ever loved. I can't imagine loving anyone else this way. The only one I think about all the time now is you.”
Now I took a deep breath. “I love you, Dan. If you want, I'll be gay. I can't give you what you are giving me tonight-you know, the way you said it, about your own home and bedroom-I can't give you that, but I have already given you my… well, my heart. And you own it more and more every day.”
Daniel rolled toward me. He kissed my cheek as his arm went over my chest and he laid his leg over my now soft cock. I felt his soft cock and balls press into my side. We lay there, quietly. My cock hardened under the weight of Daniel's leg. His cock began to harden in response. He ground himself into my side, and then climbed on top of me.
His legs lay inside mine. His belly and chest were on mine, and Daniel looked down into my face. There was tenderness in his eyes, but also hunger and desire, and it stirred me. My cock jumped between us. One end of his mouth twisted up in a smile. He kissed me and wrapped his arms under my neck. I slid my hands down his back, enjoying the feel of his long muscles all the way down to his butt. He pushed his hips forward and his balls pressed on mine. As if on queue, we moaned at exactly the same time. Twin smiles broke our kiss.
I wrapped him in a bear hug and rolled us back and forth on the bed; me on top, Daniel on top, me on top. I was suddenly, incredibly happy and not completely sure why. Whatever steps in our lives and relationship this night might represent, we were doing it together.
We both laughed and ground our hips together. As I rolled to the top, Daniel grabbed my butt and he said, “You go first, Sean.” Then his lips brushed my ear. “Fuck me as deep as you can.”
“Oh, damn,” I gasped, throatily, and pressed my cock hard against his. “I'm ready. Do you have some lotion or something?”
“Look in the drawer there,” Dan answered, pointing to his nightstand.
I reached over and pulled open the drawer. Feeling around inside, I found a tube and pulled it out. It was KY. “Do you want the lights out?” I asked.
“No. The door's locked. I want us to see each other.”
I knelt up between his legs. My cock pointed up hard and ready. Daniel's eyes fixed on it and he watched expectantly as I stroked on KY. I made a show of it for Daniel. His cock twitched. He pulled his legs up, holding his knees with his hands; ready for me. I placed the tip of my cock at his hole and moved my weight forward.
We both watched our joining as I moved in slowly, as much to savor the sensations as to be easy on Daniel. Once I was all the way in, I spread my legs to help hold Daniel's up and out and lowered my belly and chest onto him. We wrapped our arms around each other, our lips met, our eyes closed, and our mouths opened. We did it together. I rocked in and out of Daniel; Daniel's butt rose each time to take me in. We pressed hard at the end of each thrust. He wanted me deep inside him. I wanted to be deep inside him.
In no hurry, we kissed over each other's face, chewed ears, licked necks, sucked on tongues, and held each other very, very close.
Then Daniel started to milk my cock by tightening his asshole each time I withdrew. I pumped from the hip so that I could keep my gut pressed onto his shaft. He gripped my shoulders and each time I pressed my pubes hard against his perineum, his grip tightened. I began to slam him there, hoping to send shockwaves up his body. His head rolled back and he groaned.
My balls churned; my scrotum tightened. I felt an orgasm begin to stir deep down in them and whimpered. The base of my shaft felt thick and I moaned. I moaned again and my moans blended into one, long, low, wail of rising ecstasy. Daniel dug his heels into the back of my legs as he pushed his butt up hard to meet me. I plunged in the full length of my cock, locking my abs, holding my hips forward, pressed hard against him, and. I cried out into the hair behind his ear.
I held there, throbbing, pulsing, until I was dry. And still I stayed in him. When my mind began to clear, I kissed him and squeezed my butt cheeks together several times to force out my last drops and to enjoy the last sensations of my climax.
Relaxing my arms around him, I sighed. “Oh man. I hope your turn is as good for you, Daniel. That was amazing.”
His hands continued to grasp my shoulders, almost painfully. “Get up slow,” he said between clenched teeth. “It was amazing for me too. I'm almost ready to shoot.”
“No,” I said quickly. “Save it for inside me.” I pushed myself up off him slowly and slowly withdrew my cock until I was completely out of him and hovering over his body. He relaxed and lowered his legs. “You OK?” I asked.
He nodded.
“You don't have to move,” I said. “I can just take you this way and let you shoot into me...”
He frowned. “Quit talking about it. I'm trying to calm down.”
I waited until the frown faded, and then lay down on my side, my back to Daniel, and drew my legs up. “I want to spoon,” I said. “I want you to be in me and stay in me after you're done and I want you to hold me in your arms as long as you can.”
Daniel groaned softly and his hand stroked lightly down my side.
I didn't know where the lube was. I didn't care. “Don't even bother lubing up, man. We've been doing this enough. Just get in as fast as you can. I don't want you to cum before you're in,” I urged.
His body slid up behind mine. As soon as the tip of his cock touched my hole, I pushed back hard and he popped in. I couldn't help letting out a gasp, but continued to push, all the way back. If he was going to come, I wanted him inside me. When I felt his pubic hair against my butt, we held still. His arms slowly moved around me. As his embrace closed, he moved into me. He moved slowly, and my pain passed. I was glad he hadn't shot right away.
But he was close. Daniel moved faster and soon began pistoning hard and deep while his arms dropped to around my waist and pulled me back to him. He tensed, and I felt him shoot inside me. He throbbed for some time. I clenched my butt several times and forced his orgasm to last longer.
When he was done, he slid his arms up my body to encircle my chest. “Thank you,” he said into the back of my neck.
I wrapped my arms over his and slid my legs back until our bodies spooned all the way down. “I could die happy like this,” I breathed.
“I could live like this,” Daniel answered.