CHAPTER 12 - Birthday Boy
I was so blown away by Roger's announcement that they were moving that I didn't notice that anything was different about Colin on Sunday night when I got home. I barely saw him on Monday. But I did notice when he crawled into my bed on Tuesday night after turning out the light.
“Hey, Bro,” he whispered.
“You're here a night or two early,” I said surprised.
“Guess what Tommy and I did this weekend.”
“We lost our cherries.”
“Oh?” I asked interested. “Both of you? Not with Susan!”
“Nah. You know Betty Lynn Thompson?”
“The fat girl?”
“She's not that fat,” Colin huffed. “Anyway, we got her into her back yard and she sucked me off, and then Tommy fucked her, and then I did.”
“Congratulations,” I said, thinking there wasn't much to congratulate. “So did you like it?”
“Hell yeah. Man, it felt soooo cool. There's nothing like a pussy,” he said, suddenly an expert.
“So you just came over here to tell me that?” I asked, putting my hands behind my head.
“Hell no. I'm hornier than ever now,” he said, rolling on to me so that his erection pressed against my hip. “And who knows when we'll get another pussy.” He reached into my briefs and grabbed my stiffening cock. “Besides, you suck better than Betty Lynn.”
“Fuck you,” I said, enjoying his hand.
“OK. Then it's my turn,” he said with a chuckle.
The following Friday night, Daniel and I were in one of our mutual butt lotioning sessions where one of us lies on top of the other in a sort of sixty-nine position. Only instead of a regular sixty-nine, we would slide down so that our cocks were on each other's chests and we could easily get to each other's butt. That made it easy to apply soothing ointment to each other's riding-sore bottoms, both at the same time. I was on top this time, gently rubbing in lotion and memorizing the landscape of Daniel's butt, one of my favorite pastimes.
We had rubbed in the lotion pretty thoroughly and Daniel and I were casually talking as we kneaded each other's bottoms. The topic had been whether to ratchet up our mileage target for each planned day of our bicycle tour. Then Daniel changed the subject.
“Didn't you tell me that you got Colin to rub ointment on your butt a couple of times.”
“Yeah,” I answered.
“Do you and Colin ever still...”
“Yeah,” I didn't wait for him to finish.
“Damn lucky guy,” he said.
I wondered whether he meant me, or Colin.
“So even though you and me are lovers, you still go Colin?”
“Well damn, Daniel,” I said in a mildly complaining voice. “It's been a little hard to stop. I mean you and I don't get to mess around together except for weekends most of the time. But during the week he gets horny, or I do.” I tried a conciliatory tone “Look, he just lost his virginity-his virginity with a girl that is-and maybe he won't be as interested before long.”
“Who did he lose it to? His girlfriend, Susan.”
“Betty Lynn Thompson,” I said with a chuckle. “What a waste of all my expert training and coaching”
“You mean by that, that you taught him how to stun with a kiss and start an orgasm with a touch?”
“Golly,” I said, trying to sound impressed. “Am I that good?”
“You've been a good pupil,” Daniel said flippantly as his finger poked my sphincter. Because of the ointment, his finger slid in. He pushed it in to the knuckle while I tensed and gasped. He began to finger fuck me.
“Oh, hell,” I gasped as my cock hardened. “I didn't need any medicated lotion in there.”
“Yet,” Daniel corrected. His finger searched inside me. I held still, letting him work.
“You know,” he said, thinking out loud as if he was just scratching my back instead of fingering my insides. “Colin's one of the hottest guys I've ever met. You both are so damn hot… I think both of you got your looks from your Mom.”
I was semi-paralyzed by his finger work and only groaned. And then I gasped and tensed when his fingertip found and pressed my prostate.
Daniel continued talking in a casual vein. “But you have more like Hollywood good looks. Colin has more like high fashion, classic good looks.”
“Thanks. I think,” I said semi-deliriously.
Daniel brushed past my thank you. “Yeah. With that deep red hair and creamy complexion, he looks sort of like a classic dessert, you know? With a cherry on top?”
“A damn boney dessert-aaagh,” I gasped as he pushed gently on my inner bud.
“The bone is probably the best tasting part,” Daniel said as he rubbed my butt soothingly with one hand and reamed me with the other.
“I'm going to get jealous in a second,” I warned just before I began chewing on the sheet.
“Ha! I'm the one who should be jealous,” Daniel warned. But he didn't sound angry. “You've been cheating on me with your own brother.”
“You might as well be jealous of my hand,” I replied with what sarcasm I could muster, “Colin and I just get each other off. And I haven't messed around with anybody else, except at the beach with your cousins.”
“Your hand, huh? I bet Colin does stuff for you your hand could never do. Does he make love as well as I do?”
“Hell no, you shit. Nobody could.”
Daniel let out a fake sigh of relief.
“And,” I corrected. “You and I make love. Colin and I screw each other.”
“Oh, you do?”
“You know what I mean… Oh, shit. How many fingers have you pushed in back there?”
“Just one. I've got something bigger in mind though.”
I groaned, “At least it doesn't wiggle around inside like your finger. Not unless you've developed some new talent.” I felt his cock jump under my chest. “Naw. Not long enough,” I said. “By the way, if you don't want me to cum all over your belly and ruin a perfectly good after-ride butt rubbing tradition, you better stop finger fucking me.”
“What would you like in there next?” I could hear the smile in his voice. Without waiting, I pulled away from his finger, rotated over him until I was sitting on his chest looking down at his grin. I reached back and stroked his semi to get him as ready as I was.
“Let's put in something softer than your boney finger,” I said.
“If you want softer, you better quit rubbing my cock because that's what's going in there next.
I kept stroking him. I wasn't ready yet because I had thought of a question myself. “Have you screwed around with anyone? And be careful how you answer. Your cock is in my hand and will tell me if you lie.”
He laughed. “How is it going to do that?”
I squeezed it hard. “OK, I know how hard it is now. If you lie, it will get softer. If it's even the tiniest bit softer, I'll know you lied.”
He grinned broadly. “This could be fun. How many questions are you going to ask? Are you going to squeeze each time?”
I squeezed his cock hard again. “Just the one question. Your answer please.”
“Well,” he said, “I guess I better tell the truth. You have a cute little brother. I have a cute and very horny little cousin.”
The bottom started to drop out of my stomach, as the thought crossed my mind that Daniel might have gotten something on with Ryan. “Ryan?” I asked quietly.
“Austin, you ass-hole. You know him. He's always horny. Ryan's almost the opposite and besides, he thinks he belongs to you. Even Austin doesn't get much from him these days.” He cocked an eyebrow. “You could though. He thinks you're a god.”
“What, and you don't?” I asked and squeezed again.
“Uh, uh,” Daniel protested. “You said just one question.”
“One more. How often do you and Austin mess around?”
“Probably less than you and Colin.” He winced as I squeezed hard. “Once a week at the most!”
“Once a week!” I exclaimed. “What do you have left for me?” I pouted, teasingly, and squeezed his cock again.
“So! Sounds like you and Colin do it that often.” He winked. “I've got plenty left. Try me on and see,” Daniel grinned.
I winked and slid back, kneeling on either side of his hips. I felt an itching sort of hunger down at my sphincter that grew as I put the tip of his cock at my hole. I sat back. After his finger play, his thick dick felt good going in.
Daniel's eyes closed, his face screwed up in concentration. “You always feel so good and tight,” he sighed.
“Maybe,” I said, pushing back, “I should administer my lie detector exam this way.” I clamped my butt hole tight on him.
Though we had joked about it that night, in the days that followed I tried to think through just how I felt, and how Daniel must feel, about our having sex of any kind with others. On the one hand, it didn't seem to faze Daniel that Colin and I messed around. He even sounded envious. Well if he was, it wouldn't even bother me if he and Colin messed around sometime. I was sure of Daniel's feelings for me. And I didn't think it likely that increasingly straight Colin would fall for Daniel.
The key, I decided, as to whether messing around with someone else was OK, was whether the messing around was just sex or not. If it was just sex, it was OK. At least, that made sense to me. I decided I'd need to talk to Daniel about it.
In the meantime, I didn't care if Daniel fucked Austin. I didn't particularly care to myself. I found myself liking Austin less and less, and I wasn't sure why. Maybe it was because he was always trying to bed Daniel. Or Colin. Maybe it was because he was banging his little brother, Ryan.
Ryan was my sidekick and he was special to me. I didn't want Austin to mess him up.
As he usually did, Ryan came by the house that Sunday afternoon. He offered to help me clean my larger aquarium. Gratefully, I took him up on it.
“Sean,” Ryan said as we worked, “I've been saving some money and I was thinking maybe this summer, after Daniel moves to Houston, you could help me buy and set up a twenty gallon tank. I'd like to get a new one.”
“Maybe, Ry, but I'm planning on helping Daniel and his family move. In fact, your aunt and uncle have invited me to stay the rest of the summer with them. I probably won't come back until just before school starts.”
I expected Ryan to be disappointed. Instead, he almost looked relieved.
“Oh that's really, really good, Sean,” he said. “You guys will have fun.”
“Ry,” a thought occurred to me. “Were you worried about me being lonely after Daniel left? Is that why you were willing to spend money I know you've been working hard to save, on another aquarium? To get my mind off being lonely?”
Ryan flushed. “Well maybe, sorta.”
I lifted him off the ground in a big bear hug. “You… you… ,” I couldn't think what to call him. “Thanks!” I squeezed him, kissed his cheek, set him down, and then messed his hair. “I'll take you up on that another time… maybe this fall, OK.”
But a frown had crossed Ryan's brow. “Sean, you said that you wouldn't be back until just before school started. What about football?”
“I'm not going to play football this year.”
“What! You're kidding, right?”
“Come on Ry. There are more important things than football.”
“For you? In your last year of high school? You can't do that, Sean,” he said, looking up at me steadily.
“I can,” I said, reaching for the aquarium vacuum. “And I will.”
“Does Daniel know you're planning to skip football?”
I set the vacuum down and took Ryan's shoulders in my hands. “Ryan, don't say anything to Daniel yet. That will be for him and me to work out.” I turned back to the aquarium. “You sound just like your uncle Roger. When he asked me to stay until the end of the summer, he joked that he meant next summer. When I told him I would stay until it was time for school, he said the exact same thing about football as you did.”
“Did you make him promise not to tell Daniel?”
“Yeah, I did. I told him Daniel would try to talk me out of it, and I said I didn't want to be talked out of it.”
“Daniel should know what you're planning,” Ryan said.
“Not yet.”
Once Dr. Reese accepted the Deanship, things began to move quickly. Preparations for the move began to dwarf preparations for our bicycle tour. Finding a new home in Houston became a high priority for Roger and Mary. They immediately started spending weekends in Houston, house hunting. They wanted Daniel to help them look. In fact, they wanted me to help look, as well.
But Roger and Mary knew that we were training hard for the tour and agreed to let us stay and “watch Cutter and the house.”
We were glad to do just that. Daniel and I looked forward to finally getting the whole house to ourselves.
We had used his parent's sauna, but never messed around in there. His parents were always around. Daniel was anxious to try.
What I wanted to try was making love with Daniel on the huge dark leather couch in the living room. And what we both wanted to try was Roger and Mary's shower. It was big enough for two. In fact it was planned for two, with twin, detachable showerheads.
The first Friday Roger and Mary left for Houston, Daniel and I had stripped by the time their car left the drive. We planned a naked night. We skipped our usual Friday ride and fired up the sauna. While we waited for it to heat up, I “accidentally” popped Daniel with a towel. That was a mistake.
As anyone who has ever had a towel fight in a locker room knows, towel fighting naked is an extreme sport. Daniel and I had a towel-fight swashbuckler as we fought through every room of the house, enjoying the freedom of being cock-swinging naked in each. Cutter followed, barking and prancing.
“He's cheering for me,” I said.
“Like hell, he is,” Daniel replied, flicking at my butt. I'm the one who feeds him.
I snapped one at his thigh. “I brought him a bone, right Cutter?” And then I dodged into the next room.
I finally surrendered in the kitchen when Daniel caught the shaft of my cock with a sharp little pop that turned it instantly red. “Stop! Stop!” I shouted. “I give up. We're going to spoil the whole weekend if you get my cock all swollen.”
Daniel stepped forward and gingerly lifted my cock. “Of course,” he said, examining it carefully, “getting your cock all swollen was exactly what I had planned for this weekend.”
“Yeah, but not broken and swollen with a big bulge in the middle,” I protested as we both looked down at my wounded member.
“That might feel interesting if you shoved it in the right place.”
“You're going to find out,” I warned. “In the meantime you have to kiss it and make it all well.”
Daniel smiled, but instead of “kissing it,” he walked to the freezer and retrieved an ice cube, which he held against my injury. I jumped and he backed me into the sink counter with it. “Kissy cock later. First we're gonna freeze it.”
“Well you're doing a damn fine job of that!” I said loudly, standing on my toes as he numbed my cock and balls with ice. “Then what? We gonna thaw it in the sauna?” I asked.
“There, or in a little oven I have.”
I shuddered. It really was cold. “Isn't your hand freezing?” I asked.
Daniel tossed the ice in the sink. “Wimp,” he said as he again took my cock in his hand. “We may have to spend some time working on this tonight.”
“Hope I can ride tomorrow.” I said.
“Hope I can ride tonight,” Daniel answered with a grin. And then he frowned, placing his hands on his hips, his own semi hard cock jutting out beautifully. “Wait a minute. Just how have you been using `that' in your bicycle riding?”
“It keeps my center of gravity low.” I answered.
“Good! If it's swollen, your center will be just that much lower.”
“Your lack of sympathy appalls me,” I declared dramatically. “I will retire to the sauna.”
“As your attending physician, I insist that I accompany you there.”
“Excellent, doctor. I think I will need your attention.”
The sauna had heated well. It was a small one, specifically designed for installation inside houses. The construction was of kiln-dried wood with two benches just long enough to stretch out on, lava rocks over the heating element, and a wooden bucket with a ladle to water the rocks. We quickly discovered that the higher bench was way too hot for cuddling and the lower bench wasn't much better.
We sat on the lower bench, backs to opposite walls, simply using our toes to play with each other's balls, and still, we were soon drenched in perspiration and our cocks were wilted. Not at all what we had in mind.
We stepped out into the spacious master bath and sat on the edge of the large tub, dripping sweat. “Technically,” Daniel said, “If you do what the instructions said the Scandinavians do with their saunas, we're supposed to stay out now for as long as we were in. Then we go back in and throw water on the rocks. Then we come out again for as long as we were in. Then we go in a third time and throw water on the rocks and beat our backs with hyssop.”
“Do you have hyssop?” I asked.
“Can we beat our backs with something else?”
“I don't want any heavy bruising.”
“I had a soft instrument in mind.”
“I know.”
“You know,” I said, “If we do all that cooking and sweating and steaming and beating, you're going to have to carry me to the bedroom.”
“No I don't. I'll just lay your limp body out on the floor and ravish you.”
“With a wet noodle? You're going to be too limp. You'll have to stuff it in with a screw driver.”
“Ouch! I didn't know you were kinky.”
“I'm not. I'm going to be passed out. Remember?”
“And that's not kinky?” Daniel nudged my leg. “Want to just hit the shower?”
“Yeah, I do.”
The shower was a large, square stall with terrazzo tile walls on three sides, and a glass wall and door on the front. The two opposing tiled walls had faucets with detachable showerheads; one high for Roger, one lower for Mary. The back tile wall had a built-in bench.
Daniel and I each fired up a showerhead. The water was ice cold. Personally, I find cold water and a detachable showerhead inspirational. I got inspired. Daniel got inspired back. Neighbors closer than a half mile should have been able to hear us.
As the water got warmer, so did we. Daniel showed me how to adjust the settings on the showerheads to get a fine, stimulating spray. We began working each other over. When Daniel passed the spray over my balls, I grabbed his arm with my free hand and held it there.
“You like that?” he grinned.
“Oh, yeah. Here,” I released his arm and pulled up my ball sack. “Squirt underneath. Oh, yeah. Like that.”
I leaned back against the wall, my own showerhead aimed in the general direction of Daniel's side. “I think I'll just stay like this.” I said.
“Oh? How about this?” Daniel lifted my cock and squirted the underside.
“Oh, yeah. That works to.” I stirred off the wall and pushed Daniel back against his. “Let me show you.”
The look of pleasure on Daniel's face as I worked over his sensitive areas would have made me hard, even if I wasn't already getting there. While still leaning back, he aimed his showerhead back into my crotch and we sprayed each other at the same time. Our cocks rose as we moved the spray up the shafts and over the sensitive heads.
As if choreographed, we lowered our showerheads and stepped forward to press our bodies together at exactly the same time. With one arm around each other, we sprayed our butts and backs and kissed. When Daniel's spray shot trough my legs from behind, hitting the back of my balls, it was stimulating and I tried to aim my spray to do the same for him.
“Do you think we can pack these shower heads with us on the tour?” I asked licking his wet shoulder.
“Turn around,” Daniel said. “Let me show you the massage spray.”
I turned and put my hands up on the wall over the bench. Daniel changed the settings of his spray and aimed the pulsing jets of warm water at my back. He worked up and down my back and butt and then behind my legs. It felt good.
“OK,” I said. “My turn.” I hung my showerhead back up and took Daniel's. He took my place at the wall. As Daniel spread his legs and put his hands up on the wall, I rotated the showerhead to see what the different settings produced. As I hit a spot between two of the settings, the spray shifted almost entirely to one of the thicker holes and the water came out in one powerful stream. It really doesn't take much to inspire me, perversely.
Looking at Daniel in “the position,” butt back and ready, and looking at that single strong jet of spray coming from the showerhead, I was simply too tempted. I pointed the showerhead at the floor while I located my target and made sure of the aim and angle I would need. Then in one swift movement, I brought the showerhead up to Daniel's butt, spreading his cheeks with my free hand, and aimed the jet solidly at his sphincter. And, I followed the target as he rose up on his toes.
“Oh wow!” he gasped, and looked back over his shoulder. “That shot water up inside me. What did you do?”
I held the showerhead up for him to see. His eyes widened a little. “I didn't know it would do that. That felt weird. Do it again.”
I did. Daniel jumped again and I followed him up the wall.
“Man that feels weird. Here, let me show you.”
We quickly switched places. I pushed my butt back and felt a surge of warm water shoot up inside me before my sphincter reflexively closed. I relaxed it and more water shot in. It did feel strange, but not at all unpleasant.
Suddenly, Daniel stuffed the showerhead back in its holder and broke from the shower for the toilet saying, “Oh wow, oh wow.”
As he sat down, I could hear a whoosh of water hitting the toilet just as my own insides convulsed. I dashed out to the toilet. There was only one. “Oh, damn, man. You've got to let me take a turn.”
“I'm not done.”
“There's going to be a hell of a mess in here in about two seconds.”
“Ok, but hurry.” Daniel rose off the toilet without wiping (which he probably didn't need to do anyway, it being all water) and stepped to the side.
I dropped to the toilet and added my own swoosh. Daniel was almost doubled over. “I need back,” he told me. But I wasn't done either.
It was one of those elongated toilets and out of desperation, I slid back as far as I could. Keeping my butt hole aimed into the toilet as best I could, I spread my legs wide. “Can you fit in here?” I asked, pointing to the small open space in front of me.
Daniel didn't bother to answer. He simply plopped in front of me, almost pushing me back off the seat. I put my arms around his waist to pull us both together over the hole and I heard another little swoosh from him. Followed by one of my own.
As our insides quieted, I laid my forehead on Daniel's back and groaned, “You have popped my cock with a towel, frozen it with ice, cooked me like a vegetable, hosed me with cold water, and flushed out my entire lower intestines. I'm not sure I'm up to much more this weekend.”
“Hey,” Daniel grunted in return, “that flushing part was not my idea.”
“Maybe not, but I think you shot more water up me than I did you.”
“No way. My insides are still rumbling.”
“If you're getting ready to dump again, be careful. That last blast of yours got some on me; you know where.”
“Guess we'll have to scrub in the shower again.”
“If we ever get off this toilet.”
“And if there is any hot water left in the shower when we do.” It was still running.
The hot water was pretty well gone when we finally limped back into the shower, but we managed to get clean. And no, we didn't try that shower setting again.
After we dried, we sat naked in the living room. Then we decided to sit naked on every chair in the living room. Then we sat naked on every chair in the dining room and breakfast room. Then we got hungry.
We chowed down sandwiches, standing in the kitchen, and then took a couple of sodas into the living room. The curtains were drawn and the room was dark. Daniel turned on the TV and found HBO. I lay back on the couch, my head propped on the stuffed arm at the far end. Daniel grabbed a throw pillow, put it on my chest, and sitting down between my open legs, laid back on me. I put my arms over his shoulders and played with his nipples.
The movie on HBO was “The Window Washer.” It was about a kid hired out as a window washer, screwing every broad whose window he washed. It was a comedy, but really sexy. The kid was good looking, as were the women.
My cock hardened under Daniel's back. His rose too. After one wild scene with lots of fucking in soapsuds on a slippery floor, we both were rock hard. Daniel pulled the pillow from behind his head and rolled over. Crawling up my body, his lips found mine and I slid my arms around under his. I spread my legs and his hips settled between them. For a long time, we simply kissed and humped.
I expected him to lift my legs when he was ready, and until he was, I enjoyed the feel of his weight on me and the press of his loins to mine.
“I could come this way,” I whispered.
“Me too,” he whispered back. And then he pressed his lips to mine and we picked up our pace.
The following Tuesday was Daniel's seventeenth birthday. Mine wouldn't be until July.
Daniel's parents had planned a party to give Daniel an opportunity to see a lot of people (and see how much he was loved) before they moved.
I wore a smirk all night. I couldn't help it, as I looked around at all the crowd sitting on the couch where Daniel and I made love, and all the chairs where we had sat naked.
I gave Daniel a card and wished him a happy birthday, but told him I was saving his present for the weekend.
Daniel had given me my idea for the gift and I had thought it through. It was a little kinky, and I felt perverse at times as I planned it, but the perversity stirred me.
I had to work on Colin. It took creativity, ingenuity, and outright bribery. It also took seduction. I worked on Colin's mind as we lay in bed that next night.
Colin was, after all, a horny, fourteen year old boy. And Daniel was, after all, damned good looking. I knew I'd won over Colin when he asked how big Daniel's cock was. That's not to say that Colin didn't use some leverage. Especially since he would be giving up a Friday night date with Susan, I had to agree to mow the lawn for two of Colin's turns.
I had my own key to the Reese's house. Sneaking in that Friday ahead of Daniel just took a little conniving and maneuvering. Even so, we didn't have much time to get ready.
I covered Daniel's bed with a couple of large beach towels. On them, I arranged Colin naked, on his back, head propped up on a pillow. His legs were spread wide and aimed at the bedroom door. Over each nipple and over Colin's crotch I mounded piles of Readi-whip and atop each, I put a bright red maraschino cherry. Then I stood beside the bed and chased Cutter away from licking off my handiwork.
At least Cutter let me know when Daniel was home, by barking and prancing around.
When Daniel came through his door I yelled, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!”
His jaw dropped and his schoolbooks fell from his hands. I was deeply gratified.
I was even more gratified by the hungry look that came over his face next as he stepped closer to the bed.
He looked at me and raised his eyebrows questioningly. I grinned and nodded. Daniel gave Colin the same raised eyebrow inquiry. Colin spread his legs a little wider and said, “Happy Birthday, Daniel.”
Daniel began to slowly remove his clothes and glanced up at me, “Am I supposed to lick all of it off?”
“Well,” I answered, “you can share your birthday dessert with your best buddy.”
“But you're the one who is supposed to take my cherry-uh, cherries,” Colin clarified.
“And in case you can't handle all the whipped cream, here's a bowl you can scrape the extra into.” I picked up a large flat bowl from where I'd placed it on the floor. “But I'd leave some on to cut the strong taste.”
Colin flashed me the finger.
Quickly, Daniel stripped down to his boxers, his cock jutting thick and pink from the slot in front. Standing by the bed, he put his fore finger in the middle of Colin's chest and drug it lightly down his front to the whipped cream at his crotch. Then he tasted his finger.
Colin's cock rose out of the cream.
“Oh,” I said, “here comes the birthday candle,” and pointed at Colin's rising member.
“Looks like a damn big candle,” Daniel observed. “Takes after another dessert I know.” He winked at me.
Daniel pulled off his boxers. His cock was so hard it rose almost to his belly. Colin's eyes fixed on it and he squirmed a little on the bed. Stepping up to the bed, Daniel bent over each of Colin's nipples and picked up the cherries in his mouth. He held each cherry in his teeth and pulled off the stem. There was cream on his lips.
Then Daniel bent and took the cherry from Colin's midsection and came up with a face full of cream. As he bit down on the cherry, red juice ran out of his mouth and onto the cream on his face. Colin's cock throbbed as it rose hard up against his own belly.
Without scraping off any of the whipped cream, Daniel knelt between Colin's legs and laid down on him, cock to creamy cock. Daniel's cream covered face came nose to nose with Colin's. They looked at each other a moment, then Colin's tongue snaked out and licked cream from Daniel's face. Both of them chuckled, and then kissed. Their arms entwined.
As they kissed, Daniel rubbed whipped cream from his face onto Colin's and they started licking cream from around each other's mouths. I was still standing beside the bed, adjusting my own erection inside my pants.
Their bodies began to grind, spreading whipped cream onto and over each other. Some oozed out between their chests. Some oozed from between the tight junction of their loins.
Daniel pushed up onto his hands and knees and licked the flattened cream from Colin's nipples, rubbing each one hard with his tongue and gently pinching them with his teeth. Colin clutched Daniel's head and squirmed under him.
I was struggling between the temptation to get naked and jump in on the action, or continue to watch Daniel “unwrap” his birthday present. Daniel had reached Colin's crotch where Colin's cock had shed most of its cream and was lying naked in a bed of white.
Daniel scraped extra cream from Colin's pubic area and shook it off his hand into the bowl, which was still on the bed. Then he licked some of the remaining layer of cream from Colin's balls and off his cock. Colin sighed and Daniel moaned, appreciatively.
“How does it taste?” I had to ask.
Daniel took a big lick up Colin's balls from down at his perineum and held the cream he had scraped out on his tongue, turning to me. I knelt onto the bed. Closing my mouth over Daniel's tongue, I scraped the cream off it and rolled it around in my mouth. It tasted mainly like whipped cream. But then I detected Colin's taste and once I recognized it, I tasted it more. Colin tasted musky rich with a little cream.
Daniel returned to Colin and closed his mouth over Colin's cock. His head slowly moved up and down the shaft. I knew how he worked. I knew Daniel's tongue was working the underside of Colin's cock as Daniel took him in and out of his throat, and I could see the movement in Daniel's mouth, throat, and neck.
When Daniel's hand caressed Colin's balls, Colin spread his legs wider and bent his knees. Daniel smoothed cream into Colin's crack. Using it as a lubricant, he worked a finger into Colin's hole. Colin, whose hands were caressing his own nipples, grunted and lifted his legs higher.
Daniel knelt up and spread the cream liberally up and down his cock. Then he lowered himself to place the head of his cock at Colin's waiting hole. Daniel appeared to slide in easily. As he sunk in, he lowered his body onto Colin. When their bodies pressed together, Colin wrapped his arms and legs over Daniel, their lips met, and Daniel began to pump into Colin. He ended each thrust with long deep grind. And each time, Colin groaned.
Their bodies entwined, mouths pressed together, Daniel pressing his loins hard to Colin's butt, was all very hot, and looked intimate. Daniel and Colin were completely focused on each other and their bodies. I realized they were oblivious to me. I was external to their intimacy, almost intruding. I wondered just how good an idea this had been.
Daniel was making love to Colin. He wasn't just fucking him. He wasn't just getting his rocks off. They were locked together from their mouths to where Colin's ass squeezed tightly against Daniel's moving cock. I begrudgingly admitted to myself that it was not only hot, but also erotically lovely.
Sadly, I rose from where I was kneeling on the bed and stole quietly toward the door.
As I moved past the bottom of the bed, Daniel's ass that I loved so much and had memorized every inch of, was clinching beautifully each time he hit bottom and ground in. Colin's already creamy skin was even whiter with remnants of whipped cream. It contrasted with the bright red of Daniel's balls as they pressed against Colin's butt; the skin stretching tight over the testicles as Daniel buried deep.
As quietly as I could, I stepped through the door and pulled it shut behind me. I couldn't help the sigh that rose with a shudder from my chest, or the sudden emptiness in my gut.
I turned my back to the door, preparing to go sit in the living room and try to keep my mind off my lover and my brother in the bedroom. But before I had gone a step, Daniel called out my name from within the room. He sounded angry. What went wrong? I opened the door and leaned in.
Daniel, still buried in Colin's butt, had pushed up onto his hands and was looking back at me over his shoulder. “Just where the HELL do you think you are going? Are you trying to sneak out of my party? Get back in here.”
“Well,” I said sheepishly, “you guys looked busy.”
“We are. It's a damn fine present that you,” and then he looked down at Colin, “and Colin are giving me.” And then he looked back at me. “But just because we're starting with the dessert doesn't mean that I'm not looking forward to the main course. Strip and get over here and help me enjoy this. I saved a seat for you.” With that, he swatted his own ass and smiled invitingly at me.
My smile was a grateful one. I stripped and they returned to their tight embrace and rocking movement.
I climbed onto the bed behind Daniel and reached past him into the bowl. Taking cream, I worked it into Daniel's moving butt. His ass was hard. It was very hard. The muscles not only were clearly defined under his skin, but they felt rock hard to the touch. The long muscles of his back rose up along his spine like steel. The affects of the bicycling were showing. They were definitely showing. Daniel's back and butt were ripped and magnificent.
I spread cream over my cock and moved closer. When Daniel made his next pull back, I placed my cock at his hole and followed him down on his thrust. When he hit bottom and ground in, I pushed in with the tip of my cock. When Daniel pulled back again, he pulled back onto me and I pushed all the way in.
Instantly, we had a rhythm. I let Daniel thrust down into Colin, which pulled my cock down each time against the front side of Daniel's insides. I could swear I felt the hardness of his prostate against the underside of my cock. When Daniel pulled back, I pushed in and up, grinding hard up into him as he paused at the top of his stroke. My hands on his hips helped control our movements.
They left off kissing. Daniel slid his cheek alongside Colin's and I could see Colin's eyes closed in pleasure. As I was appreciating my brother's beautiful face, he opened his eyes and gave me a dreamy, heavy-lidded smile.
For my part, I concentrated hard on giving pleasure to Daniel as well as to my own cock. My look was one of intense concentration and not dreamy at all.
Every time Daniel thrust forward, his butt pulled down my cock so that the underside was massaged hard. Each time he pulled back out of Colin, Daniel came back down my shaft as I ground up into him. I wanted to wrap my arms around Daniel and join their embrace, but it didn't work. It messed up the angles. I liked the angles. My cock had never been worked this way in a butt before.
Judging by the moans and sighs and “Oh yeahs”, the others were enjoying this as much as me.
Daniel's orgasm was building. I could tell because he began to pick up speed, working us faster and faster. When his climax came, Daniel plunged hard into Colin and held himself deep, grinding and clinching his ass in the process. As he made that final plunge, his ass pulled down hard on my cock, almost bending it and forcing the underside against his prostate. I could feel the pumping of his muscles as he squirted into Colin and his sphincter clinched hard and repeatedly around my cock.
The affect on me was instantaneous. As Daniel held the front half of my cock, clinched bent and tight inside him, it triggered my own orgasm. But my cock was constricted and my cum built up in it like water behind a dam. I plunged all the way into Daniel to release it. As I lowered my weight down on his own, I shot with exquisite relief over and over into his warmth.
We all held there for a moment as a few aftershocks hit and the last sensations finally rolled away. “That,” I sighed, “was incredible.”
“You have no idea,” panted Daniel. “Colin fucks like you, all hot and athletic; he wraps you all up in his arms and legs. And he milks your cock with his ass just like you do.” He turned to Colin, “No matter how many girls you fuck, don't ever stop doing this, Colin. Talent like yours should never go to waste.”
“I taught him,” I grinned at Colin, who was staring at the ceiling.
“No shit,” Daniel answered. “And just now… what were you doing to my insides? I've never felt things like you were doing. Oh man, make notes, Sean. We need to figure out how to do that again.
I was concerned about Colin. He wasn't saying a word. Were we talking too “gay”? Colin continued to just stare at the ceiling. Then it dawned on me, “Colin, have you cum yet?”
“No,” he answered, a little strain in his voice, “and I am damn close.”
“Not to worry, little birthday dessert,” Daniel said. “I'm not done with you yet.”
I pulled out of Daniel. He pulled out of Colin and then moved up to kneel astride him. Scraping the bowl for more cream, Daniel greased Colin's cock and his own, already loosened hole. Then he slid back and guided Colin in.
Once Colin was buried in him, Daniel slid back and forth over Colin's middle. I wondered what that was doing to Daniel's insides.
Colin's hands ran up and down Daniel's hard thighs before grabbing his waist. He began pumping up into Daniel's movements. Their bodies writhed sensuously as only the thin and athletic can. I stroked my re-hardening cock.
“Sometime,” Colin said distractedly, “I want to try what Daniel did-Oh, yeah, Oh, that's good, Yeah-you know, where I'd be in the middle?”
“Right now,” I volunteered, “If you want Colin. We can do that right now.”
It was my cock talking.
Colin looked at me, biting his lip at the sensations Daniel was giving him. I could tell he was thinking about it. “Come around to the other side of the bed,” he ordered.
When I rose from where I had been lying, Colin pulled Daniel down to him and held him in order to roll to where Colin was on top, still pumping. His softer, creamier butt was clinching provocatively as he moved in and out of Daniel.
I scraped the last of the cream from the bowl and lowered it to the floor. And then I spread the cream over the end of my cock and crawled up behind Colin. As I did with Daniel, I put the tip of my cock into Colin's crack when he pulled out on a stroke, I followed him in on his thrust. When he hit bottom, I kept going until all the way in. Colin's ass was hot inside. Hotter than Daniel's.
I pulled back to let Colin do the moving. And Colin moved.
I tried to find the same angle I had had with Daniel, but Colin was moving differently. And yet, I was partly successful. Colin's down thrusts began to bend my cock and force its underside hard over the area of his prostate. Colin groaned. “Oh, that's good. Oh, that's real good.” Success. It was good for me too.
It definitely was good. Colin didn't even have to clinch his sphincter to milk me as we rocked. For my part I used the muscles of my pelvic floor to jump my cock within him each time Colin slid back.
Colin made a lot of noise, evidently enjoying the position he had wanted to try. Daniel's eyes were closed. His hands were sliding up and down Colin's sides.
Colin adjusted position, arching back upright and holding up Daniels legs with outstretched arms. When he did this, his entire long, muscled back pressed to me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and spread my knees wider in order to get under him better. Colin laid his head back on my shoulder and relaxed as I began doing more of the movement, raising us both up into Daniel with firm thrusts from my hips.
This new angle wasn't bending my cock down onto Colin's prostate the same way, but it was keeping me buried deep, the skin of my cock stretched back by the pressure and tightness of Colin's sphincter, tight against the base of my cock.
Colin began to make whimpering noises and was writhing on my cock as I propelled us into Daniel and back. His butt, wriggling in my lap and his smooth back moving against my gut and chest caused a stirring in my own, already drained balls. I could feel them straining to make a new donation.
I came first, gasping my pleasure in Colin's ear. As I emptied, I pushed forward, thrusting Colin hard into Daniel, I pinned him there, hard and deep inside Daniel's butt. Daniel tensed, squeezing Colin's cock. Between us, we brought Colin “over the top.” His sphincter spasmed around my cock as he pumped out his load.
It took several moments before we began to relax and catch our breath. “Well, did you like that?” I asked softly in his ear.
“Oh, shit. Yeah I liked it. Would you mind coming along and doing that for me the next time I screw Betty Lynn?”
“Oh sure. For my little brother, nothing is too much trouble.”
“I don't know about you guys,” Colin said as he pulled out of Daniel, “but I can see how guys go queer, at least as far as the sex is concerned. This is hot stuff”
Daniel raised an eyebrow at me.
“Speaking of hot stuff,” I said, “Colin, you need to see the master bathroom. You'll love the shower heads.” I winked down at Daniel, who grinned.