CHAPTER 13 - Houston
That weekend, Daniel's parents found a house they liked in Houston, but wanted Daniel to see it before they made the decision to buy. So the next weekend, Daniel and I rode up with them. Roger had reserved one room for them and one for us (adjacent but not adjoining) in one of those big atrium hotels.
We got there fairly late on Friday night. Roger told us to order breakfast in the morning from room service if we wanted, but to be ready to go look at the house by 10:00 AM.
There's something cool about hotels anyway, especially fancy ones. That night, Daniel and I explored the place and then swam in the hotel pool before it shut down for the night. We got onto the elevator to ride back up to the room, towels around our necks, and still in our speedos. On the second floor a family got on. From the luggage, we assumed they were checking in.
They had a girl our age. She was pretty with nice hips and perky tits. I began to get a little stiff. Then I noticed the Mom smile at me, look down at my bulge, and back up. The dad was oblivious, trying to manage the luggage and a sleepy young son.
They got off a floor before ours. As they juggled the luggage and kids around to get out, the mom backed up to me and grabbed my cock through my speedos. I nearly climbed the back elevator wall. After they got off, I said, “That was weird.”
“Yeah, what is it with you and older women anyway?”
That night, the thought of sex in a hotel stimulated our libidos. We made love in both beds and when we accidentally spilt cum on the sheets, we giggled to ourselves over the orgy we imagined that the maids would think had taken place.
The next morning, while still in bed, we ordered breakfast from room service. “Want to answer the door naked when the food comes?” Daniel asked.
“You are so crazy,” I said. “What if it's a woman who brings it?”
“Naw, it's always a guy. Just keep a towel handy to tie around you if it is a woman.”
“You're nuts,” I told him, then leaned over and laid my naked body against his bare side. In my best French accent, I said, “But you are zee love of my life. For you, Cheri, I will answer zee door nakeed.”
“And hard?” he asked, rolling me back and moving atop me. He rubbed his soft cock against mine.
“Shame on you, Cheri. Zome things I save just for you and me, eh?”
“Yeah, right. You, Me, Colin, Stefan, Aaron, Austin, Ryan.”
I dropped out of my French accent. “Damn. We have screwed around. We did all those together, didn't we? Should we start making notches on something?”
“Not on my something!” and Daniel rolled off me covering his privates in mock horror.
“Maybe we'll make notches on the bell boy.” I suggested.
“Not if he's too big. He might not like it.”
Despite all the sex during the previous night, my cock was getting semi hard. “You know, Daniel. Now that you've got me thinking about getting hard for the bell boy, it's going to be hard not to be hard when the food comes.”
“Oh, that's simple,” Daniel said, and he turned on the television.
We were both soft when the meal came. I answered, peeking around the door. It was a muscular young guy, maybe twenty, Hispanic, with unusually light eyes and remarkable good looks. Staying behind the door, I pulled it open for him to come in.
When I closed the door, Daniel threw the covers off and climbed from the bed rubbing his hands together. “Oh great! Food.”
I was standing behind the room service clerk and saw his back stiffen when he saw Daniel naked. I walked around in front of him to begin lifting lids and glanced up at the guy. A smile was spreading across his face.
“Do you have a bill for me to sign?” Daniel asked.
The guy, smiling more broadly by the moment, handed the bill across the cart to Daniel who then made a big show of walking over to the desk and bending over it to sign, his butt wagging back and forth. “Don't forget to tip, Daniel,” I reminded.
“Oh yeah, Daniel said, looking over his shoulder and butt, back toward us. What kind of tip would you like?”
The guy laughed out loud. Then he reached down and took my cock in his hands. I jumped, but then let him hold it. “The tip I would like,” he answered, “would take too long right now. But I can come back later for it.”
Then I felt sorry for teasing the guy because we would be out later and Daniel and I had had no intention of seducing anybody.
“What time?” Daniel asked, and I turned to look at him in surprise.
“Three this afternoon,” he answered.
“Naw. Can't.” Daniel said with what I hoped was mock sadness. “We won't be back till late.”
“I can come back later,” he said hopefully. “Or even early in the morning. And I can bring a friend or two. We usually charge for it, but you two are hot. We'll just have fun.”
I realized that my cock was still in his hand as it started to grow. He felt it and smiled at me.
“What kind of friends?” I asked.
“What kind do you like?”
“The kind like you,” Daniel answered for me. Things were definitely getting out of hand. We hadn't intended this. I sure hadn't. But my cock was growing. Was Daniel getting a little excited like me? Would either of us; could either of us put the brakes on this thing?
“I've got two just like me. My little brothers, one's about your age. The other might be a little younger.”
There was a moment's pause. Then Daniel said, “No, we better not. My folks are next door. They'd hear us and make a stink.”
“No, man,” the guy said, “we can be quiet.”
“Quiet,” Daniel shook his head. “You haven't been fucked by that,” he said, pointing to my now hard cock in the guy's hand. The guy stroked me.
“I can handle it. So can my brothers.”
“No,” Daniel insisted.
“OK, man. But look, my name is Frank. I'll write down my number in case you change your minds.”
Daniel picked up the pad and pen off the desk to bring over. Instead of taking it, Frank continued to hold my cock in his hand, and then dropped to his knees. Before I could react, his hand grabbed my cock more firmly and he began licking my cock head like a big ice cream cone. My knees almost buckled at the sudden, intense sensation. He took me into his mouth.
As Frank grabbed my butt with both hands and deep throated me, I turned to Daniel, my eyes asking, “What do I do?”
Daniel's mouth hung open and he actually looked shocked. Guess our answering the door naked was backfiring big time. Frank had backed me to the bed and I fell back on it.
I looked again over at Daniel. His mouth was still open, but his cock was sticking straight out. “No help there,” I thought, just before Frank's mouth pressed into my pubes. Shit the guy was good.
I was aware of Daniel coming over. He knelt by Frank and started to undo his pants. That's when Frank jumped up and started to back away. “No, man. I really don't have time right now. Here,” he found the pad and pen and wrote down a number. “Call me here if you want to get together later.”
“Wait,” Daniel said, and then hesitated. For once, he really seemed at a loss for words. He certainly wasn't accustomed to things stopping once they began. I was still reeling from the sudden cessation of incredible feelings, but was conscious enough to get a kick out of seeing Daniel flustered.
“Wait,” he said again. “The bill.” He retrieved it from the desk, but didn't hand it yet to Frank. He was not giving up without a fight, “First show us what you've got.”
Frank grinned and opened his pants. He pulled them down to reveal a cock at least a long as mine, and much, much thicker. “Oh, shit,” Daniel gasped.
Frank smiled and zipped back up. He held out his hand and Daniel handed over the bill in a bit of a daze. “I'll be at that number from when I get off until about six or seven, OK?”
We nodded, and Frank left the room. Then we turned to each other with blank stares. “What,” I asked, “am I supposed to do about this now?” and I pointed at my hard, teased, and disappointed cock.
Daniel was hard too.
“Wash it off,” he said, “and I'll finish.”
I jumped up and ran into the bathroom. When I came back out, we moved into a sixty-nine position. Before I began licking him, I said, “You and your crazy ideas! I'm not sure it's going to be safe to leave you in this town.”
At 10:00 AM Roger knocked on the door and we drove out to a new and really nice neighborhood on the north side of town. Roger and Mary had refused to tell us anything about the house. They wanted Daniel to make his own decision and implied that it would be their decision as well.
The subdivision was set in tall pine trees and the houses were built on large lots. The home we pulled up to was about the same size as the one they were leaving. From the outside, it looked quite different, but on the inside there were remarkable similarities. I guess Mary liked her floor plan.
Inside, the houses were almost identical except for the addition of an office/study in the front of this one. Unfortunately, this house lacked some of the more lavish details of their old home. Daniel's bath was really plain.
It was when we looked through the windows to the back yard that we saw the biggest difference. The yard was beautifully landscaped with a sweeping terrace and a large swimming pool.
“Oh, Dan,” I said, looking out the family room window, “I don't care about the rest of the house. Look at that backyard. You gotta take it.”
But Daniel maintained a serious and critical expression as he went through every room. Finally, after he had been over everything thoroughly and we were standing in the backyard, Mary could stand it no longer. “Well?” she asked.
“Well what?” asked Daniel innocently.
“Daniel! What about the house?”
“Oh, that,” he shrugged. “Sean answered that a while ago. We'll take it.”
Then he smiled and hugged her. “Good job, Mom. This house is fantastic!”
“You like it?”
“Mom! I love it!”
“Well we can fix up your room some. We can redo your bath and make it more like home. We were thinking about building a games room over the detached garage.”
“It's fine with me as is, Mom. I think it's great.”
Roger turned to me, “You really like it too, Sean?”
“What kind of games room?” I asked, grinning.
Roger laughed. “Oh, a pool table, card table, maybe ping pong or foosball.”
“I'll be here every weekend,” I told him, enthusiastically.
Roger put his arm over my shoulder and gave it a hug. “You know you'd be welcome. I like having two sons. And there is a third bedroom.”
“You know I've enjoyed having two families,” I replied with a grin. “Especially if one of them is adding pools and pool tables.”
“What?” Daniel protested. “You only love us for our house.”
“Don't be dense!” I exclaimed. “You know damn well it's mainly your mom's cooking. Well, that and the fact that I'm a better bridge player than you.”
That afternoon, Roger and Mary took us to the Galleria, a large mall. They went looking for things for their new home. Daniel and I cruised. Houston had a lot of fine looking guys, way too many for my taste.
We stopped at a very large sporting goods store and looked for things that would be good to take on the bike tour-that is good, as in ultra light. When we hit the clothing area Daniel suggested we try on some things.
“I know your mind, Daniel. It's against state law to try on underwear.”
“Ah, but not swim suits.” We had come up on a rack of Speedos.
“We don't need swimsuits.”
“Sure we do. You can never have too many speedos.” He was grabbing up several that were our size. (I was slightly slimmer in the waist but made up for it in the butt. Both of us tended to prefer looser clothes because of the crotch.) Daniel made me follow him back to the dressing rooms. There was no attendant, and Daniel led the way to the back changing room.
Preparing to take the next booth, I held out my hand for a couple of suits, “Which ones do you want me to try on?”
“All of them,” and he dragged me by the hand into a booth. There was ample room, but I protested. “Daniel! You can only have one person in a changing room. Didn't you see the sign?”
“What sign? Strip.”
So we did. We got naked and began modeling suits for each other. I knew Daniel liked me in black but was surprised when he got excited about a white suit, one with a really short side seam. I felt like it was a g-string. “Shit, why bother with a suit at all,” I complained. My balls and cock stretched the pouch obscenely and a couple of pubic hairs peeked over the waistband.
“I wonder what that thing would look like wet?” he mused. “Turn around.” When I did, he ran his hand over the suit as I turned. “You've lost too much of your tan. But when you get it back, you'll look terrific in that.”
“Yeah, right before they arrest me.”
“Ninny,” Daniel said, as he pulled on a deep green suit, not much larger than the one I had on. The suit really went well with Daniel's coloring. There was a mirror in the booth, and he admired his reflection. Spreading his legs, he pushed up and down on his pouch, letting it drop to see the affect. He reached in and ran his cock out to the side to see what that looked like. A couple of pubic hairs showed over his waistband too.
“If we're going to wear these, ever, we would need to trim our pubic hairs,” I hissed.
I pulled on a bright red version of the same suit as the white one. It was less likely to be see-through, and the color made my skin look brighter.
Daniel was still at the mirror. He began to move his hips in a gyrating rhythm, watching his reflection. “We could shave them,” he said absently.
“Shave what,” I asked, mildly confused, as I tried to adjust myself in the red suit.
“Our pubic hairs. You said trim them. I said shave them.”
That caught me by surprise. Kinky. “Well, that would keep them out of my teeth for a change.”
Daniel smiled at me in the mirror. “I'll shave yours if you shave mine.”
I came up behind him, and began matching the movement of his hips with mine, putting my arms around him. We danced together in front of the mirror. I chewed his neck. He did look wonderfully young and male, and athletic and sexy in that suit. We both were much leaner and more ripped than the first time we had made love last summer. The bicycling was stripping away what little body fat we had.
Daniel's muscles rippled under his skin as he moved. He wrapped his arms over mine and began grinding his butt back into me.
“You're about to hear a ripping sound behind you,” I whispered in his ear as we danced. “It will be quickly followed by a second ripping sound and you will notice an unusual stretching sensation in your behind.”
Daniel chuckled and turned to face me. He put his forearms loosely over my shoulders. My hands grasped his waist. We danced, now grinding our suits together. He leaned back, holding onto my neck, and looked at where we were joined at the pouch. “I wonder how much they will stretch.”
“They wouldn't tear,” I predicted, “But a couple of hard-ons and I doubt they will ever be the same.”
My cock had already climbed past the waistband and his was pushing out the side of his suit. We rocked to the rhythm of the store's background music.
“Let's buy them,” he said.
“Where would we wear them?” I protested. Your Mom would faint if we wore them at your new pool. There's probably some ordinance against it anyway. Besides, I'm about out of savings. I've been so busy bicycling with you that I haven't had a chance to earn any money.”
“We can take them on the tour. Nobody's going to know us. And I'll pay for the suits.”
“They'd sure as hell be light enough for the trip,” I thought aloud, “But they probably have decency rules in the parks.”
“Not for Greek gods. I'm going to get them so shut up.”
“Well OK, if your going to get nasty about it,” I smiled at him. “But we better quit doing this dry hump dance if we want the suits dry when we pay for them.”
“Sort of late for that,” Daniel observed. Both of us had leaked a little precum and the suits had damp spots. “We'll just have to wave them around as we walk through the store so they'll air out.” Daniel observed.
I sighed, “You're not going to be safe on your own in Houston. Maybe I better move up here after all.”
“That'd be great,” Daniel said as we pulled off the suits. “Then you could earn some money working again. You could work for Frank.”
“Frank. At the hotel.”
I tried to slap his bare ass. We chased around the dressing room trying to swat each other's behinds, but quieted down when we heard a door close on one of the other booths. So we dressed, and left.
Daniel bought the suits. He also bought two swim chamois to use as towels. Previously, we had debated even taking any towels at all. We had about decided it would be better to air dry our bodies than try to carry the weight. Neither of us had ever seen swim chamois before but recognized an excellent solution when we saw one.
Roger took us by a huge bicycling store later that afternoon. There, he bought Daniel a two-man tent. We hadn't planned on taking a tent, but this one was nylon and shock corded to fold up small. I started to protest because of the weight, but Daniel kicked my leg under the display table so I hushed.
Later he told me he thought the tent would be great for privacy, “Because,” he said, “the parks and the state actually do have rules against what I intended to do to you on this trip.”
We returned to the hotel late after supper. After we had settled in the room, there was a light knock at the door. Daniel and I both looked at each other in alarm and mouthed, “Frank”, at the same time.
“Do we answer it?” I whispered.
“No,” Daniel shook his head.
“He may know we're here. He might have heard us or seen us come back.”
“Doesn't matter,” Daniel said. “Let him think you and I are already going at it.”
The knock came again, a little louder.
“What if he brought his brothers all the way down here? Shouldn't we at least say thanks, but no thanks.”
“No,” Daniel whispered back. “You saw the size of his cock. I'm not taking that thing in me. And,” he hissed, “his brothers are probably just as big.”
I have to admit, as good-looking as Frank was, I wondered what younger versions must look like. But I had no real desire to open the door either. “If we want him to think we're already going at it, why don't we?” I asked, sliding over beside Daniel and planting a kiss on his lips. There were no more knocks; at least none we heard.
The next morning I woke to find Daniel lying with his head on my chest. He was facing away, down my body, and his fingers were lightly combing my pubic hair. Something wet ran down my belly from my chest. A tear?
I stroked Daniel's hair. “Are you OK, guy?” I asked.
“Sean,” he said, still facing away. “I don't want to live in Houston. I don't want to move. I want my own house; the one back home. I want my senior year with my friends. I want to stay home.”
My mind began working. What could we do? Maybe we could have Daniel stay at our house after all. There really wasn't room, but maybe we could find an old travel trailer to put out back.
“I know what you're thinking, Sean,” he said. “But it won't work.”
“What won't work?” I challenged.
“Me staying with your family.”
“Why not? Exchange students do it all the time.”
“You guys don't have the room.”
“We can make room. I was thinking we could get a travel trailer for our back yard or something.”
We lay there thinking. “Maybe you could be an exchange student up here with me,” Daniel speculated.
There was certainly enough time to arrange something like that. I started to get excited.
“I know what you're thinking Sean. Don't get too excited yet.”
“Will you quit with all this mind reading stuff! We could work it out. It could happen.”
“Even if we could, I'm not sure our parents would go for it. Oh, I know my folks would be fine with you staying up here. They might even be fine with my staying down there for a year. I don't think your dad and mom would like you to be up here, though. And you'll really want your senior year back home.”
“I want my senior year with you,” I grabbed his hair and gave a gentle shake. “I think you're right though. Our best chance would be to arrange for you to stay with us. Do you mind if I work on it?” I asked.
“No. I don't mind. I just don't think it will happen.”
We returned home well equipped for the tour. It was almost on us. But now I had something else consuming my imagination. I wanted Daniel to live with us. I waited for the right time to ask. It was the next Sunday afternoon. Dad, Colin, and I were in the back yard, tossing a baseball.
“Dad,” I asked, “have you ever considered hosting an exchange student.”
But Dad was way ahead of me. “I've thought about hosting Daniel, for his senior year.”
Colin's next toss to me hit my side, because I was standing there stunned.
“But,” Dad quickly added, “I don't think it would be wise.”
“Why not?” This was turning very bad, very fast.
Dad walked over to me. He lowered his voice a little. “I'm concerned for your Mom. She does a lot you know, especially for you kids. And she's reaching an age where women go through some changes. I'm not sure how well she's handling it. I really am worried, Sean, about what adding another teenage child, a long-term houseguest actually - I'm worried about the load on your mom. What it would do to her.”
“I can do the work, Dad. I can do laundry, cook, and stuff. And I even thought that maybe we could find a cheap travel trailer to stick out back for Daniel to stay in. He and I would take care of it.”
“And your school and sports?”
“I'll do OK, Dad.”
“Sean, you stand a good chance of getting scholarship help. Even though your granddad will pay for some of your college, your mom and I can't help you very much. You really need to do well this year in school.”
“I will dad. I was already thinking about not playing football.”
Dad smiled at me and put a hand on my shoulder, “So you could spend the last of the summer up at Daniel's?”
I looked down at the ground.
“I understand, Sean. And though I really think you could get a football scholarship, I would never force you to play.” He walked back away and held up his glove for Colin to toss him the ball. “Let your Mom and me talk it over, Sean,” he said, as he tossed me the ball.
“You and Daniel are going to be spending a couple of weeks together on your bike tour, and then a couple of weeks helping them to move. If you two guys can stand each other after all that time together, you really will be more like brothers than friends. Why don't we see how you feel after the tour?”
“I know how we're going to feel, Dad.”
“OK. Then let your Mom and me see how we are going to feel after your tour.”
We worked the ball around a few times in silence. Then Dad said, “Did you know your Mom has been against the idea of your bicycle tour from the beginning?”
“Yep. You're too young. You're not even out of high school yet. You could get hit by a car and be lying on the side of the road in the middle of the hill country and we'd never know.”
“You guys can't cancel the tour now,” I protested.
“No, son,” he laughed. “Part of a dad's job is to restrain moms and let boys grow up. She hasn't liked it, but she's going along with it.” He threw me a hot one. “Part of a Dad's job, too,” he added, “is to protect his wife from taking on too much. Just like it's my job to help you grow up, it's also my job to look after your mom. You understand?”
“Yeah, dad,” I said sadly. “I understand.”
“Oh, and on this bicycle tour…”
“Just remember that even brothers have arguments. Just don't hold grudges and be sure to apologize to each other when you need to-even if it isn't your fault.”
Colin piped up for the first time, “Yeah, Sean's always making me do that. You know. Apologize when it's not my fault.”
“It's always your fault,” I corrected. And then I thought how seldom it was that Colin and I had ever argued. We certainly had never thrown a punch at each other, at least since we were toddlers. I couldn't imagine getting angry enough at Daniel to hold a grudge.
But what I found interesting is that what my dad had just told me, was exactly the same advice I had heard him give to young married couples on more than one occasion. I wondered how much he and mom might know, or have guessed, about Daniel and me. And I wondered if it would effect their decision about whether to let him stay with us.
Dad took me to buy traveler's checks. He knew I didn't have any money, but he paid for two hundred dollars in checks himself.
As we were riding back home and I was thanking him profusely, he said, “I've got to be honest with you, Son. I really envy your being able to take this tour. I want you to have a good time.”
“Thanks, Dad. I sort of guessed that you wished you could go yourself.”
“Yeah. I do,” he laughed.
We were silent a moment. Then he said, “It's hard for a parent to let their children out on their own sometimes. I guess I'm a little worried too. You and Daniel be really careful, OK?”
“We will,” I promised.
“I don't mean just on the road. There are people out there who would take advantage of young people like you. Be careful. And be careful for each other, OK? Daniel has a bit of an adventurous spirit. And you don't always think before you do things. Just be careful.” He turned to me. “I love you very much, Sean.”
“I know, Dad. I love you, too.”
He smiled. “I want you to remember something. I will always love you and you will always be my son no matter what. You understand?”
I nodded.
“No matter what,” he repeated. He turned back to the road and we were silent the rest of the way.
Daniel and I had read that some bicyclists shaved their legs - as if that would help with wind resistance. Nevertheless, the idea was intriguing and it gave us an excuse to do something new and kinky. Two nights before we left, we sat on the floor in Daniel's bathroom and carefully shaved up each other's legs.
Daniel was intent on doing our pubes too. So after our legs, he changed blades and came back to where I was lying on my back on the floor.
“You're taking my life in your hands,” I warned.
“Oh, I'm way too fond of your things down there to let anything happen.”
I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of Daniel working shave cream into my bush. The blade made me nervous, but Daniel was gentle. He surprised me when he lifted my cock and shaved under it and down onto my balls. “What are you doing?” I asked. “That's sensitive equipment down there.”
“Quiet,” Daniel told me. “This is a delicate operation. You have some hair here. I want it out of the way when I lick your balls. That's one of my responsibilities, you know; licking your balls. Not that I don't enjoy my work. Licking your balls is one of the things I really like about my job. In fact, I've come to consider your balls as much mine as yours.”
“Just don't try to run off with them,” I cautioned.
The shaving felt weird. What was weirder was how I looked when I washed the shave cream off in the shower.
“Damn, Sean. You look like an eight year old… well an eight year old with one hell of a huge cock.”
“I feel naked.”
“You are naked.”
“I feel nakeder. I feel like I did in third grade when I got my first burr haircut.”
“You look really cool, and real lickable.” Daniel said.
I looked startlingly different than I had imagined. “Yeah, I just have to stay out of those state park showers when those hill country cowboys are using them.”
“Tell them you're a competitive swimmer. They shave.”
“They shave down there?”
“Hell, I don't know. But they won't either. Or tell them you had an operation.”
“We can't both tell them we had an operation,” I pointed out.
“Oh, yeah. Well standing here looking at you, I'm thinking it might be best if only one of us is shaved like that.”
“Like hell you say! Give me that razor.”
“No Sean. You're getting angry. I'm not sure you should attempt anything this delicate in your current state.”
“Give me the razor and get on the floor. And you better plan on lying very, very still or I'll shave more than what you shaved off me.” I held out my hand demandingly.
“Here doctor,” he said, handing me the razor with mock solemnity. “No slip ups, please.”
“Relax,” I told him, “I could accidentally cut off something down there and nobody would notice.”
The plan was for my Dad to drive Daniel and me up to my grandparents house in San Antonio, spend the night, and then drop us off on the north side of town early the next morning.
We were packed, ready, and restless our last night before the trip. Fortunately, we spent it at Daniel's house and were able to fuck enough to eventually relax into a short sleep.
The morning came. Dad came by with his van. We packed, said goodbye to Roger and Mary, then swung back by my house to say goodbye to my family. I gave Colin a gift that I had for his fifteenth birthday, which would fall while we were gone.
Colin pulled me aside and whispered, “I know what kind of birthday gifts you give you know. I expect something more when you get back.” I gave him a mock punch to the jaw.
Then we were on the road.