CHAPTER 16 — The Tour III
We had scheduled the longest mileage day of the tour for that day because much of the ride would be along rivers and through bottom lands. But we were making a late start. And we had not planned for rain. In the early afternoon, we saw the clouds building to the north. We picked up our pace and passed right through a couple of small towns, trying to get as far as we could as the clouds moved closer.
The sky grew dark and the next town was still several miles ahead. We picked up our pace again. Low scudding clouds began drifting across the road. There was a flash of lightning followed quickly by the clap of thunder. We could see the rain wall approaching. A cool crosswind began to buffet us. Ahead we saw a few small buildings at a highway intersection. We moved into flying gear and raced the rain for the intersection.
A few heavy drops were beginning to fall on us as we slowed at the intersection to pick a place for refuge. There was a new, slick convenience store on one corner of the intersection. But there was also an old country store on another. I always opted for country stores, with roofs sloping out over benches in front. A huge clap of thunder made us jump us as we pulled our bicycles under the roof, whooping in triumph. The rain thickened to a downpour.
The store had old-style screen doors, and even old, dark wooden floors. We bought sodas, chips, string cheese, and barbeque sandwiches; the last from a hot case. On the bench out front, we relaxed and ate while we waited for the rain to pass. It was a tin roof and the sound was deafening. The thunder sounded close over our heads. After forty-five minutes, it was still raining steadily when a pickup pulled up and a middle-aged cowgirl jumped out and dashed under the roof.
She was wearing boots, jeans, a western shirt and hat, and a friendly grin. “Hi boys. Not the best bicycling weather, huh?” She shouted, glancing at our bikes.
Daniel jerked a thumb at me and said, “I was thinking that at least it would finally get him clean.”
She had a hearty laugh. The screen door slammed loudly as she went inside.
We weren’t even half way for the day and the rain lightened slightly for a moment. “You know,” I told Daniel, “we might need to just ride on in the rain.”
“This isn’t a light rain,” Daniel answered, squinting as he looked off to the north. “We’d get really wet, and I’m not sure what kind of time we could make.”
“Well, we figured we might have to get a motel room sometime. We can wait until the rain lightens and try to find the first cheap motel we can. Then dry off the gear in the motel room.”
“Excuse me, boys,” the cowlady said, stepping out the door. “I could hear you two talkin’ over the rain just now.” The rain picked up again “Or should I say shouting,” she said louder. “This rain is supposed to last a while. And, boys, this is the hill country—flash floods, low-water-crossings.” She stood before us and put her hands on her hips, “My home is just down the road there,” she pointed with her chin down the crossroad. “I’ve got a big back yard that slopes down to the Guadalupe River. You boys can camp out there, or you can even use my spare bedroom overnight.”
Daniel and I looked at each other.
“Look boys,” she said, “I’ve got a son about your age,” then she looked at our faces more closely, “maybe a year or two older… in fact, I’ve raised three boys. If I was your mama, I wouldn’t want you boys to be out riding today. What do you say? I’ll even fix you boys a good meal.”
All along, we had intended to be flexible on this tour. Daniel and I exchanged nods. “Sure,” we both answered.
“Good,” she said. “If you boys want to put your bicycles in the back of my truck there, I’ve got a tarp behind the driver’s seat you can throw over them. I just need to run inside here for a couple of things. My names, Becky,” she said, extending her hand. Her grip was firm.
As Becky went inside, we loaded our bikes into the rear of her pickup and tucked the tarp under them. Then we climbed into the pickup cab. I sat in the middle. “We really appreciate this, Becky,” I said gratefully as she joined us.
She flashed us a smile. “How long have you boys been riding? How far are you going?”
“We’ve been riding ten days now. We were going to ride two weeks, but we want to make it to Garner State Park before we quit and have been thinking of adding a day or two,” I said. Daniel was looking out the window.
“For sure, you boys want to go to Garner. That’s a great state park. And there are a lot of kids your age this time of year. A lot of kids go there for dances on the weekends. Just how far do you boys ride in a day?”
“Well, our shortest day so far was about sixty miles. Our longest was going to be today. We were going to go about 140,” I said.
“That’s amazing. You boys eating right for all that riding?”
Daniel spoke for the first time, “Well we’re always hungry.”
Becky gave one of her hearty laughs. “Tonight boys, I’ll fix you a good rainy day meal. Fatten you up a little for that 140 mile ride of yours.”
Even though I had just eaten not long before, my stomach growled audibly.
Becky laughed again. “I heard that. Say, you boys have any washing you need done?”
It was a short ride down the highway, and a bit longer ride down a dirt road. The house was an older, hill country limestone house, but a big, sprawling one. It had a large grassy lawn out back that sloped sharply down to a wide, deep spot in the river. At the river level was broad deck with a picnic table, benches, and a dock extending out into the river. Across the way, a couple of rope swings hung from tall cypresses.
The rain had lightened, but was still steady. We rolled our bicycles under a large covered dog run between the house and garage. Becky watched us unload and then looked up at the sky. “I think you boys just need to stay in my spare bedroom tonight.”
We didn’t argue.
The hot shower with real towels was wonderful, though we showered separately so Becky wouldn’t freak out. She fed us steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and homemade rolls. Richard, Becky’s youngest son, called while we were eating our meal.. He worked for a trail riding outfit, and wanted to let her know they were cutting the ride short because of the weather and that he would be home the next day. “Why are they cutting it short?” she asked. After his apparent answer, she simply said “Oh.”
After the call, I said accusingly, “Some mama you are Becky. It sounded like you wanted your baby boy to stay out on the trail in the rain.”
She smiled. “They do it all the time. But they pack and dress for it. This time they cut the ride short because it was a private ride for a rich client. He and his friends wanted to cut the ride short because of the rain, so they cut the ride short.”
After supper, we talked with Becky and watched TV with her. The news promised heavy rain for the next day as well. Then Becky turned in, explaining that she was a ranch girl and watching the news was the absolute latest she stayed up at night. The rain had stopped, though, and she encouraged us to stay up watching TV as late as we wanted.
Instead, we retired to the bedroom. The beds were squeaky, but comfortable, and for the first time in days, we went to sleep without making love.
In the morning we woke to rain and the smell of bacon cooking. We both had “Feed Me!” boners, but now our stomachs were calling “Feed me!” just as loudly. I jumped into Daniel’s bed and he welcomed me into his arms. But as we began to grind, the bed squeaked loudly. We moved to the floor, Daniel moving on top of me, and we began to grind together. It didn’t take long to build toward an orgasm. “This will leave a mess,” Daniel warned.
We switched to a fast sixty-nine and came seconds apart. “I think I’m going to still be hard,” I said.
“I’m starved,” Daniel answered.
Food won over more sex. We ate a breakfast of bacon, steak, eggs, biscuits, gravy, grits, and toast. I felt like a bowling ball with legs.
Becky encouraged us to relax and stay the day. “By late afternoon, the rain is supposed to clear out. Things should dry out by tomorrow morning. I can give you a tour of our ranch and you can meet Ricky when he gets home. Maybe tonight he’ll grill for us. He’s a great cook.”
The view out the kitchen window was dismal, so we agreed.
That morning, Becky did give us a tour of her ranch, most of which she rented out to a couple of other ranchers. She also showed us scenic spots in the area, mainly along the river. In the afternoon, we met Ricky, or Richard as he preferred to be called. After seeing him, we were willing to call him by whatever name he wanted.
Richard was six feet, five inches tall and was built like a pro linebacker. He wore an open, button down shirt with a tank type undershirt. He looked to be close to three hundred pounds of bone and slab muscle. When we shook hands, his hands wrapped around ours and firmly broke every bone; at least it felt that way. Richard was twenty years old.
He was quiet, and even seemed a little shy, but friendly. The weather was clearing, and Becky encouraged us all to get out of the house. So Richard took us down to the river. We sat at the picnic table and Daniel and I noted how much the water had risen in one day.
Richard relaxed before long and we began to make friends. He told us about his work. When he found out that both Daniel and I were comfortable with horses, he encouraged us to consider working on trail rides. The outfit he worked for needed to take on a couple of wranglers. Richard leaned close and said more quietly, “Most of these folks are rich and some of the women are really horny. Good looking guys like you could get plenty of pussy.”
Daniel and I didn’t say anything. Then Richard told us to come with him into one of the towns close by to pick up some things he needed. Actually, he invited us. But an invitation from someone that size never seems like an invitation.
While we were at a hardware store, I was in a back corner looking at fishing gear when Daniel decided to give my butt a squeeze. He did it just as Richard came around the corner. ‘Oh, shit,’ I thought, but Richard acted like he hadn’t seen it.
After Richard grilled a remarkable supper (and Daniel and I were beginning to understand how Richard had gotten so big, with so much food around) Becky chased us out of the kitchen. Richard sent us down to the river and said he would be right there. The air was warm and humid. The river had receded and slowed from earlier.
We were sitting at the picnic table when Richard showed up with a six-pack of beer.
“Between you and your mom,” I said, “Daniel and I are actually going to gain weight on a bicycle tour.”
Richard chuckled and shoved two beers at us.
“We don’t drink a whole lot, Richard,” Daniel said. “You don’t mind if we don’t drink much?”
“Naw. I can handle what you can’t.” He looked out across the water. “Want to swim later?”
“Sure,” we both said.
We sat drinking and watching the water, and the sun setting behind the remaining clouds. Richard asked questions about our ride and we asked questions about his trail riding. “We’ve got no ride tomorrow,” Richard said. “Why don’t you two boys come riding with me in the morning before you go?”
Daniel and I were anxious to get back on the road, but Richard was persistent. We finally agreed to a short ride.
Richard stood up, stretching his legs. Then he went to a side railing. Leaning back against it, he looked at us as if coming to a decision. “I’ve been watching you boys. Are you boys gay?”
Daniel and I both just sat there. What on earth do you answer a six foot five cowboy who has just asked if you are gay? I shook my head no. Daniel nodded yes. Richard smiled.
“I thought so,” he said, satisfied. “You boys look good together.”
It took a moment for that to sink in. “You’re gay?” I half exclaimed.
Richard grimaced, “Not so loud. Mom won’t be coming down here, but she can still hear if you yell.”
“How did you know we were gay?” Daniel asked, concerned.
“Oh, don’t worry. You guys aren’t that obvious. It’s just easier to spot a gay when you are one. And I’m the only one for miles.”
“Must be lonely,” I said,
Richard gave a bittersweet smile, “Until last fall, I had a good friend over on the next ranch. He’s a little younger and left for college. I see him when he comes home from holidays, but we don’t do anything.”
“That’s sad,” Daniel said. “For both of you.”
I reached out and took Daniel’s hand. “Daniel’s family is moving to Houston this summer. We’re hoping that Daniel can stay with my family until we leave for college,” I explained.
Richard nodded, looking at our joined hands. “Well, I envy you boys. It is lonely out here. I’ve been thinking of going to college myself. I love this ranch and ranching. I just never meet any other gays, except for an old guy on a trail ride every once in a while.”
“Hell,” I said, “You ought to be able to get a football scholarship at just about any college you want.”
Richard shook his head ruefully. “I’m big and strong, but I have no speed. Besides, Football’s not my sport.” He stood and stretched. “I’m going to go get a couple more beers. You boys want any?”
We both declined. When he disappeared over the slope, I gripped Daniel’s hand tighter.
“That’s sad,” I said.
“Feel like doing a Hill Country Gay Emergency Rescue?” he asked.
I was surprised. I really hadn’t thought of that. “The guy is huge,” I protested.
“The guy is lonely,” Daniel answered.
I nodded. “Yeah. I guess we could help. Are you wanting to?” I asked.
“Yes,” Daniel answered, looking up the hill, waiting for Richard to return. “We can give him the full treatment, like we did Peter at Inks Lake. Only this time, it’s my turn for the soft tush.”
“Soft tush! He looks as soft as a granite mountainside. And if he’s hung like the rest of him...well damn, have you ever been fucked by a horse?”
“Sssssh. He’s coming back.”
The sun had gone down. It was getting dark. “You guys want to go for a swim?” Richard asked.
“Sounds good.” We both agreed. “We’ll go get our suits.”
“Hell, we don’t need suits. Nobody is going to come by on the river this late, and Mom’s certainly not coming down. If you boys want some privacy, I can go back to the house.”
“No,” we both said quickly.
“Fine,” Richard said, and began to peel off his clothes, as did we.
His body was magnificent. It wasn’t just that he was so tall and was absolutely ripped, but he had huge muscles. He looked like one of those Mr. Universe models. At least, I thought gratefully, his endowment looked about average.
Richard looked us over, too, especially our closely shaved pubes. “Boys, somebody has plucked your chickens.”
“Daniel was playing cowboys and Indians and scalped me,” I said. “So I scalped him back.”
“Well I’d sure be careful playing with knives down there. A guy could get hurt real bad.” He turned toward the water. “It’s shallow here,” Richard cautioned. “Don’t dive. It’s better to jump.”
We all jumped in. Despite the rain, the current wasn’t strong and we managed to swim easily. Daniel started it. He got us into a splashing contest with Richard. Richard came at me. Diving under, he grabbed me by my thigh, and with a hand on my chest, he rose up, tossing me into the air. I hadn’t been tossed like that since I was a little kid.
He went for Daniel, throwing him easily. And so we let Richard toss us until we were all out of breath. As we were standing around, recovering. I caught Daniel’s eye and he nodded.
So I stepped up in front of Richard. We were in water only a little over waist deep. Looking up into his eyes, I said, “Richard, Daniel and I want to give you a night to remember.” Then I boldly reached out and stroked his balls. And he didn’t stop me.
On the contrary, he sagged into my hand and his cock began to grow, and grow. It occurred to me that his endowment only looked average because of his size. Richard was hung like a horse. “Damn, Richard. This thing gets really big when you give it a little heat.”
He gave me a broad grin and I began to wonder just how wise this had been. Richard grabbed me by the butt and pulled me up off the bottom to rub his cock against mine.
I was still a little soft. I guess Richard wanted me hard. He squatted down in the water, and moved between my legs, taking my cock into his mouth. He ran his shoulders under my thighs and stood up so that my legs were hanging over his shoulders and down his back. He sucked me, and I bent over his head trying to hang on. He grabbed my hips and began pushing me in and out of his mouth. Despite the strain, my cock was responding.
“Where the hell is Daniel?” I wondered, and then realized he was standing almost under me, stroking Richard’s cock.
Once I was hard, Richard lowered me back down to where he was again holding me up by my butt, my cock against his. Daniel had stepped back. I tried wrapping my legs over Richard’s hips, which only encouraged him. He carried me up the bank and back over onto the deck where he laid me down on the table, my butt against his loins at the table end. As he placed his cock at my hole, I said, “Richard, what about a little lubri...OH SHHHHHHHHHHI...” His huge hand clamped over my mouth as he buried himself into me, lubricated only by any remaining river water. I was so glad I was not a virgin.
Daniel said, “Be careful with him Richard. That butt has to last me for the rest of this trip.”
I flashed my watering eyes at Daniel who gave me a ‘What can I do?’ shrug. I was about to reach for Daniel’s balls to let him know how I really felt when Richard’s arms ran under my back and he lifted me up off the table. My own weight carried me the rest of the way down Richard’s shaft to his balls. As he supported my back with his arms, he began to pump into me. I locked my legs over his hips and tried to grip his muscular shoulders.
He bucked up into me hard. I felt like I was on a run away rodeo ride. Richard pumped up into me as he walked around the deck and eventually propped me partly on a side rail by the water. Daniel was hopelessly trying to follow Richard around, rubbing his ass or back. When we stopped, Daniel stepped up behind Richard. If he was going to try to screw him, it would be like a terrier trying to fuck a Dane. Meanwhile I wondered about an escape back flip into the water when Richard moved a hand behind my head and pulled me close and kissed me.
In his powerful arms, completely at his mercy, and being kissed in an absolutely ‘Richard in charge,’ kind of way, I thought I might understand how a woman might feel getting fucked. It wasn’t all bad. With my weight partly on the rail, Richard enveloped me in his arms and squeezed me to him. His chest and belly were incredibly muscled and my dick flattened between us.
Richard turned and looked over his shoulder saying, “I’m not really into that,” which made me think Daniel had tried to make a sandwich. Richard began pounding me again as he held me tightly to him. I was able to relax a little and started to get into it. Then Richard, still buried deep in me, carried me back to the table and laid me down with my butt over the end. He grabbed my legs and pulled me hard back against him. Then he began making long slow plunges into me.
My cock was hard and I started to stroke. I felt one of Richard’s huge hands cup my balls, and then rub them with surprising gentleness as well as the base of my cock. Daniel came around and placed his cock at my lips. I took it into my mouth thinking I could have used a little more help with Richard.
Richard was completely into himself, or rather, me. I don’t think he even noticed Daniel at my face because soon he turned me to my side and fucked me for a while that way. Daniel had to walk around the end of the table to find my mouth again.
Then Richard turned me onto my stomach, my butt hanging over the end of the table, legs spread. And he fucked me for a while that way, slapping my butt. I expected a ‘Giddy up,’ at any time. I don’t know where Daniel went.
Richard locked his arms under my waist and pulled me up and off the table, still pumping. I tried to straighten up in his arms, and reached a hand back on either side to grab onto his arms. That made the angle of his cock hard against my prostate as he pumped. I locked my legs behind his. Things were beginning to feel good. Mercifully, Daniel appeared and began trying to stroke and lick my cock without getting impaled each time Richard thrust into me.
I wondered how long this, or more accurately, my butt, was going to last when Richard began making his strokes longer and pounded harder. For my part, I was trying to escape up his pole using only my sphincter to climb with.
His arms tightened hard around my gut, which I tightened in self-protection. Richard must have been a dribbler rather than a shooter. I felt his cock spasming, but no splashing inside. Instead, I was suddenly well lubricated and felt cum running out of my hole.
Richard dropped me off at the rail, and ran his cock up and down my backside as he came down from his orgasm. But he remained hard. “Oh good,” I thought. “He’s got some left to go after Daniel,” and I leaned over the rail to relax.
Instead of going after Daniel, Richard re-entered me. Then he pulled out. The he re-entered. It was definitely a new and not entirely pleasurable sensation as Richard kept entering and pulling out. Each time, he entered more deeply. Before long, he was completely buried in me and pumping as I lay bent over the railing.
We stayed that way for a long time, at least a long time for me. Then Richard wrapped his arms under my waist again and lifted me up. I was hanging limply from his cock as he used it to reshape my insides. He knelt us down and then onto our stomachs on the deck. ‘I better not get splinters from this,’ I thought as Richard pounded me down the length of one of the planks, ‘or Daniel gets to pick out each one.’ Richard pounded powerfully. ‘Pick them out with his teeth,’ I thought. ‘Then I’ll screw him with a board.’
Daniel sat close by on a bench, stroking and watching. Richard screwed and screwed.
“Used to long tail rides?” Daniel quipped.
I reached a hand for Daniel’s foot close by. He sensed my criminal intent and pulled it back quickly.
And Richard went on. I thought the sun would rise before he was done. But he did finally finish, plunging deep to deposit his load. He relaxed on me and squashed my breath out. Richard kissed the side of my face and my neck and ran a hand over my shoulders. “Thanks, Sean. You really are good.”
“Oh, it was nothing,” I wheezed, “You did all the work.”
“Well you’ve got a great tight body. Really beautiful. And you sure know how to work your butt.”
“Defensive reflexes,” I mumbled.
“Huh?” he asked.
“That’s what sex is,” I said more loudly.
Richard kissed me a final time and climbed off. “Think I’ll rinse.”
And he jumped in the river.
“How you feeling?” Daniel asked from the bench.
“Squashed, reamed, and ravished. If he wants any more ‘night to remember,’ you’ve got to do it. It’s a matter of life and death.”
Daniel came over and helped me to my feet. He rubbed my butt. “Don’t even think about it,” I warned.
“Hey, man. I was just trying to make it feel better.”
“Later you can kiss it and make it well.” As I straightened, I said, “Well now I know why cowboys walk bow-legged. And I think I know why his friend really left for college.”
Richard climbed from the water and shook himself like a dog does to throw off water. “Well guys,” he said, “I know you want to give me a night to remember, but you’ve already taken good care of me. And I’m an early riser. If you two don’t mind, I’m going to head off to bed.”
We both shook our heads dumbly. Daniel’s arm was around my waist and mine was over his shoulder. I felt like a football casualty being helped off the field. Richard walked up and took my chin in his huge hand. He gave me a sweet kiss and rubbed his cheek against mine. I absently wondered if he did that with his horse. “Thanks, Sean.” He kissed Daniel. “Thanks, Daniel. You boys sleep well. We’ll do that little ride in the morning.”
My eyes shot open. I watched him walk up the hill to his house and shuddered.
“Looking forward to tomorrow?” Daniel asked.
“Your turn tomorrow,” I said, “You owe me. You owe me big time.”
“Did you ever cum?” Daniel asked.
“No, did you.”
“Want to meet in the river?” I asked looking at him.
Daniel took me in his arms and kissed me long and lovingly. “What would you like to do?” he whispered in my ear.
I whispered back, “I want to rinse in the river and then do to you everything that Richard did to me. Everything.”
Daniel laughed and hugged me.
We took our ride the next morning. It was fun to be in the saddle again, and it was a pretty ride. When we passed an old barn and Richard suggested a toss in the hay, “There are a few rats and snakes in the hay, but they won’t bother us.”
We declined because of time, though Daniel volunteered to give him a good, farewell suck. It looked way too easy to me, as I watched.
That night we both called our parents to ask for a few extra days for our tour. We wanted to make it to Garner with a couple of days to spare. I didn’t ask my Dad if he had made a decision about Daniel staying with us. I wanted nothing to spoil the last of our tour.
We were given an extra week.
The last couple of days before Garner saw some of our best riding. The first day, we came up on a long, slow descent. We had no way to measure, but decided later that we covered almost twelve miles in just over twenty minutes.
We also bicycled over what the locals called ‘Devil’s backbone’ and topped the high ridge without once getting off our bikes to push.
And one afternoon when we needed to take a break, we spotted an open, grassy meadow just off the road. We pushed our bicycles on in, and rested shirtless in shade at the edge of the meadow, out of sight of the road. After resting and snacking, we rose to leave. But Daniel’s hair was hanging partly over his face and his chest glistened with sweat and I wanted to hold him. I pulled him to me and we kissed.
Our kissing became more passionate, and our hands slid over the sweat of our backs and sides. I turned Daniel around and pulled his pants down past his butt. The black lycra pants lifted and highlighted Daniel’s ass. As I ran my hands over it, I had an overwhelming desire to lick it and lick his crack.
Kneeling behind him, I ran my mouth and tongue all over his butt, and then I licked up his crack. He rose on his toes each time. But then something happened I had not planned on. All our love making over the previous days had loosened Daniel’s outer sphincter. As I was licking up his crack, my tongue plunged in. Daniel jumped and let out a pleasured grunt. I was surprised that it didn’t taste gross, and pushed my tongue in again. Again Daniel grunted. I moved my tongue in and out and he moaned. It heated him; it heated me.
I was hard now, very hard. I rose to stand behind him and pulled down my shorts. He braced himself with his hands on his knees. I held his hips and pushed in. He was hot inside. I guess from the ride and the heat. And more than normal, his insides caressed me. I bent over him and hugged his body to mine as I cradled his butt in my crotch and thrust long and deep into him. There were times when Daniel’s butt brought me to orgasm faster than just about anything else I could do.
I stood up and held him by the shoulders as I pounded my last strokes in and came.
As I relaxed and softened, I felt the vibrations of Daniel’s stroking. Still bent over him, I said, “Your turn lover.” I pulled out and turned around, putting my hands on my knees just as he had done.
As his long shaft entered me and I felt the pleasure of his loose, sweaty balls against my butt, I realized that somewhere on the trip, I had lost virtually all discomfort at being fucked. I wondered if Richard had given me the final cure. In fact, far from being uncomfortable, my butt, with Daniel in it, was becoming a great source of pleasure for me.
We were making love once or twice every evening, and once or twice in the morning, and sometimes on the road. And the more we made love, the hornier I was becoming. Daniel seemed to be going through the same thing. I wondered how we would do when we got back home.
Garner State Park has been called the queen of the Texas state parks. The Frio River runs along the hills there. The water is cool. There are huge ancient cypress trees along the riverbank. The air is rich with cedar. And in the summer, the park is packed. We did have reservations, but had to cancel when we were going to be there too late. Fortunately, a friendly ranger found a site for two guys on bicycles.
There were a lot of families, and a lot of teenage girls and boys. We wore Daniel’s speedos, and the girls flirted with us, as did a couple of boys. On weekends at Garner, there were always country and western dances at the pavilion. We went by one night, but didn’t stay. Swim shorts, tank tops, and sandals didn’t fit in.
At the downriver end of the park, tall cliffs rose from the Frio to the top of a ridge of hills. The cliffs were close to vertical, but deeply weathered. They looked pretty climbable, even in sandals. Thursday afternoon, Daniel and I climbed them to the top. The bicycling had conditioned us well. The climb was easy, though it took a little time. At the top, we sat on a rock and looked out over the park below.
“Only today and tomorrow, now, I guess,” I said sadly. My dad would be picking us up in his van in Uvalde mid-day, Saturday.
Daniel ran an arm around my waist and we kissed. “Let’s climb up here tonight,” he suggested, “and make love on the top of the world.”
“There’s a road over there,” I pointed out. “I wonder if lovers come up here.”
“So what? They’d be too busy to care about us.”
We were just in shorts and sandals. The bright sun was directly overhead. Sweat glistened off Daniel’s smiling face and body. I kissed his neck. “We could do it right now,” I suggested.
“No,” Daniel said. “It would be all wrong. I want to do it at the edge of the cliff, looking out over all that,” Daniel said, sweeping his hand out across the Frio bottom lands and the hills beyond. “And I want to do it in the moonlight,” he turned to me, “in the moonlight, like we did on the beach last summer.” He ran a hand up into my hair. His eyes traveled over my face and my hair, “and like we have done on this trip. We belong in the moonlight.” He lightly kissed my lips, “You are beautiful in the daylight. In the moonlight, you are a god.”
I smiled in surprise, and wrapped my arms around him as best as I could, sitting side by side, and I kissed him. “Tonight then,” I said, “we will be two gods on Olympus, making love at the top of the world.” I nuzzled his neck. “Shall we make thunder, lightning, and storm?”
“Maybe,” he said, kissing my ear, “but maybe we will simply make the stars grow brighter and scent the breeze with love.”
I pulled back and looked at him. “Daniel, you’re getting downright poetic.”
“I’ve been hanging around you, haven’t I?”
That night, we returned to the top of the cliff. There were no cars with lovers. Just us. The black sky blazed with stars and the moon was almost full.
We found a large flat rock close to the edge of the cliff and sat and talked and wove together our dreams for the days to come. We laid back and marked constellations, stars, and the Milky Way. I turned onto my side and rubbed Daniel’s belly. Then kissed him, and ran my hand into his shorts. His scrotum was damp from the climb, and loose. His egg shaped balls rolled easily in their silky pouch. His cock began to stiffen. I stroked it. And the stars began to burn more brightly.
I kissed my way down him, and pulled off his shorts and sandals. I spread his legs and the breeze carried the scent of his love. I kissed up his legs and licked between them. I licked his ballsack and his thick shaft. After I pulled off my own shorts and sandals, I rolled Daniel onto all-fours so that he looked out over the cliff to all that was spread in the moonlight below, and I marveled at how lovely Daniel shone beside me, like a god of youth looking down on the world.
I kissed over his back and over his butt. My hands explored his legs, his balls, his cock, his belly and chest, his back, his butt. I licked up his crack, tongued his hole, and spread his legs. Then knelt between them. I laid my cock down on him, then my belly and chest on his back. I wrapped my arms under him and kissed behind his ear. He raised his head to rub against mine. We both sighed.
“So,” I asked, “how does Daniel, boy god of love like the view from Olympus?”
I could feel him smile. “Daniel likes the view from Olympus, and likes the view on Olympus.” He turned his head to kiss the side of my face.
The KY was in the pocket of my shorts. I took it out and spread it up Daniel’s crack, then over my cock. His butt was lovely in the moonlight, as I just rubbed it a moment. Then kneeling between his legs, I entered him and slid my body up over his. He rocked back and our bodies came together.
We began rocking. Me into him. Daniel back into me. There was no rush. There was no urgency. We were joined together as naturally as the stars shone and the moon stood in the sky. A breeze whipped past in benediction and I kissed the back of Daniel’s neck.
We rocked back so that I was pleasantly buried in him, and he was sitting in my lap. “Sing my song to me, Sean,” he said rocking. “And sing in your full voice.”
And so I sang Daniel’s song. My voice carried out over the wind and the park below. My voice was strong, the timbre as good as I would ever sing. I was singing for Daniel. And there on top of the cliff, he danced to my song. He danced in my lap. My arms went around him and we danced together as I sang past his ear. The wind blew through the trees and they swayed with us. Then the wind blew past us and carried my song away.
The sky grew wide and the horizon receded. And all that was or would ever be, balanced the universe on that moment. Daniel was in my arms and in my lap. I sang to him with all my heart, and with my body.
When the last echoes of my voice died away below, I rearranged us so that Daniel was on his side, looking over the cliff, and I spooned behind him, laying my lower arm under his head for a pillow and with my other, I encircled his waist. I kissed his neck and shoulder, and moved in pleasure inside him, his body wrapped in mine. I buried my nose in the hair at the back of his head and filled my nostrils with his smell. And all these things I tried hard to anchor in my memory. For certainly life could get no better than this.
We took turns making love. We laid and talked and moved together. A coyote passed along the cliff edge and jumped in surprise when we moved. He disappeared like a ghost. An owl flew past, out on the wind. Somewere below, there was distant laughter and a splash; someone skinny dipping in the moonlight.
It was late when we climbed back down.
We returned to Olympus the next night, to finish our last night of our tour on top of the cliffs. We banished thoughts of the next day and of days to come from our minds. We enjoyed the night and allowed ourselves no distractions.