CHAPTER 23 - My Friends
I began writing in earnest. I wrote a short story about two guys on a bicycle tour and included some of Daniel's and my adventures, but only the ones I could show my parents. And though I was tempted to end the story with them getting hit by a car and dying in each other's arms, I instead ended it with them parting… forever.
I grew depressed and found myself listening to a lot of Rachmaninoff. The deep, moody music suited me. And I began to think about the fall, making adjustments to my plans for Trinity instead of UT, solitude instead of Daniel, and limping instead of running.
I called Ry, hoping his dad wouldn't answer. His mom did. She was friendly and wanted to know how I was doing. I told her that I was fine and had called Ry to see if he wanted my aquariums, since I'd be leaving for college.
“I'm sure he'd love to have them, Sean, but I don't think he can. I'll let him explain.”
When Ry came on the phone, he asked the same questions as his mom about how I was doing and when I told him why I had called, his answer was what she indicated.
“Man, I wish I could. I'd love to have them. But I can't; they're sending me up to that boarding school my mom told you about. The one for young musicians, especially guitarists.”
“Oh? Geez, Ry, how do you feel about that?”
“Oh,” he sighed. “It could be fun.” Then he lowered his voice. “I want to get away.”
“Your dad?” I asked.
“Where's the school?”
“Between Washington and Baltimore.”
“Sounds cool.”
“You gonna come visit?”
I chuckled. “I wish I could, but that'd be like hours of driving.”
He sighed. “Oh well, it's not like you'd be around here anyway.” Then he lowered his voice again. “Course Austin's gonna go crazy without me around when he gets horny.”
“Serve him right,” I said. “Let him earn it like the rest of us.” I meant it as a joke, partly in anger because I didn't like Austin taking advantage of Ryan. But Ry grew silent, thinking, and I thought of Colin and his struggles with how he felt. Wasn't I taking advantage of my own brother?
“It's not like I get to see you anyway,” Ryan finally said. “But it's going to be different when I'm way out there and you're up in San Antonio.”
“Yeah,” I agreed. “I'm going to miss you, Ry. Don't forget me.”
He gasped. “Are you kidding?”
I spent the next couple of weeks writing and trying to get back on my feet. My knee hurt and stabbing pains accompanied any attempt to bend it. They had given me crutches, but my ribs hurt when I tried to use them.
Daniel called several times, but the calls seemed to go nowhere. It was as though all the feelings I had for Daniel had gone numb, or died. It was obvious enough that each call ended with him sad, mad, or frustrated.
Mom and Colin took me back to the surgeon in San Antonio the last week in July. He almost decided on another surgery, but decided to give my knee more time to heal, and gave me emphatic instructions to start using it.
Colin still helped me dress, undress, and get into the shower, but he kept his clothes on. He began to take time for his friends again, and I was glad. But I also missed his companionship, and tried to make up for it by reading and working on new stories.
The last Saturday in July, Aaron and Jorge came by and kidnapped me. They had arranged it with my folks, but surprised me.
“You're coming with us,” `Aaron announced, tossing a small duffle onto my bed. “Pack for a couple of nights.”
“We want you to see our work,” Jorge told me, smiling as he sat on Colin's bed.
“So you're coming with us to the ranch,” Aaron said.
“You've actually done some work?” I asked with a grin.
“You better believe it,” Aaron said. “You'll have a roof over your head.”
“And we've got steaks to grill and corn on the cob,” Jorge added. “And a ton of food, and soda, and…” He leaned closer. “… beer.”
I cocked an eyebrow. “I know about Aaron and why he drinks beer,” I told him.
“That's right,” Aaron said, throwing the duffle back off the bed. “Maybe all you need is a toothbrush and suntan lotion.”
“And crutches,” I said, pointing to the pair that rested against the wall behind me. “I can use them now without my ribs hurting too much. I might need them getting around… the ranch.” I grinned, warming to the idea of getting out.
Aaron leaned toward Jorge. “Think he'll look cool, naked with crutches?”
Jorge rubbed his chin. “Naked, he can lean on me.” Then he winked.
“I want my guitar, too,” I added, acting as though I hadn't heard him, but then said, “I like playing my guitar naked.”
I was impressed. Not only had they built the shed, they had also started on, and roofed a small cabin. The cabin stood on cinderblocks and had only the outside, plywood walls, but the floor was in, and the interior walls were framed. They helped me inside to see their work. Half the cabin was to be a kitchen den; the other half was to be a bathroom and bedroom.
“No plumbing yet,” Aaron told me. “We may let someone else do the plumbing.”
The only thing that remotely qualified as furniture was a double mattress in the bedroom. Bedding, including sleeping bags, was piled up in a corner of the bed.
“We normally sleep in the bed of the pickup,” Jorge said. “It's a lot cooler out there and as long as there's a breeze, we don't have to worry about dew in the morning. Besides, there's no standing water for miles so we don't have mosquitoes.”
“Yeah, it's cool,” Aaron agreed. “Sleeping under the stars.”
“Well, I'm glad you sleep,” I told them with a cocked eyebrow.
Aaron swatted my butt as he left the room. “Well, tonight you'll be with us.”
Jorge took my arm over his shoulders and pulled my hip to his, as he helped me hobble after Aaron. Then his hand dropped to my butt for a friendly pat.
“Geez,” I said. “You guys have been alone out here too long.”
They pulled off their shirts, and I marveled at how they'd tightened up over the summer. Jorge was as slender as ever, but more muscular, more defined. And Aaron was nothing short of magnificent, the long “V” of his torso flaring up to solid pecs and strong shoulders. He had let his wavy black hair grow and it was thick around his face and down the back of his neck. He was a man, and strikingly handsome. I felt an itch deep in my cock, and looked away as it began to swell. And I took off my shirt as well.
Then, since the sun was already getting low, Jorge left to feed the cattle while I sat on the tailgate of the truck and watched Aaron clean and prepare the grill, his muscles flexing.
He caught me watching and smiled. “Remember when you, me, Dan, and Stef camped at the beach?” Aaron asked as he lit the fire.
“Well, yeah. Who's going to forget that?”
“Well,” he said, unbuckling his pants. “It's been sorta like that. Outdoors, naked… or almost… most of the time; screwing whenever we feel like it.” He took his shoes off long enough to pull off his pants and underwear. His cock hung long and thick. The long muscles of his thighs flexed beneath the skin as he moved and even his butt was ripped.
“Get comfortable,” he said.
So I did, working my pants off. Aaron took my shoes and helped me off with my pants and underwear, eyeing my legs approvingly. Then he stood between my knees and rubbed my thighs. “You're almost looking normal again, Sullivan… well,” and he laughed, “I'm not sure you ever looked normal.” His eyes met mine, and his smile faded. For just a moment, I knew he was thinking the same thing as I was; remembering the time we stayed together at the ranch.
He quickly turned away and made a show of scraping the grill. I covered my lap with my hands.
Jorge came back and stripped to join us. We ate slowly and it grew dark, while Aaron and Jorge talked. They told me about looking for a place to share when they began classes at Pan Am. “I'm trying to get him to just move in with me above the garage,” Jorge said.
“And I might do it,” Aaron said, grabbing another ear of corn.
They told me what courses they had for the fall and I told them mine. They asked about Trinity and if I liked it. I shrugged.
“Do ya think there's much social life?” Jorge asked, and I wondered if he meant gay social life.
“I don't know,” I told him. “Probably as much as Pan Am. Or more, since it's in San Antonio.”
After supper, I sat on the tailgate, strumming my guitar while Aaron cleaned up from the meal and Jorge carried bedding from the bedroom and spread it in the back of the truck. I wasn't sure what they had in mind, but hid a semi-erection with my guitar while I watched their nude bodies and thought about possibilities.
But they were still in the mood to talk. I think they were happy to have a third person around; someone else to tell about the fun they had together that summer. Aaron passed out a couple of beers, and I continued to pick on the guitar. He climbed up on the tailgate with me, and Jorge stretched out behind us.
There was a half moon that night, and it climbed above the mesquite trees while I played and they asked about the details of my surgery. “Any pretty nurses?” Aaron asked.
“Male or female?” I asked back with a smirk.
Aaron shrugged. “Both.”
Jorge sat up behind us. “I've gotta take a leak.”
“Yeah, me too,” I told him. “Can you help me on with my shoes and let me use your shoulder to hobble on?”
“Sure,” he said, slipping on his shoes.
“I gotta go, too,” Aaron said, standing. “You can use both our shoulders.”
I stood between them as the three of us pissed a flood. Their hands met on my butt and I chuckled as they surprised each other there.
We shook off and they helped me back to the truck. Then they helped me climb up into the back, and I lay back on the bedding. Overhead, far from the lights of any town, the stars were as thick as sand, and the Milky Way crossed the middle of the sky like a long, thin cloud.
Then Aaron's face appeared over me and I could make out a smile at the same time I felt his hand on my belly. Jorge came up on my other side and I felt his hand cup my balls.
“Is this a rescue?” I asked, smiling, but swallowing hard.
“Rescue?” Aaron asked.
So I told them about the “rescues” that Daniel and I made on our first bike tour, and all the while, their hands moved over my body and between my legs.
“Twins, huh?” Aaron said, when I told them about Alan and Peter. “That had to be hot.”
“No hotter than this,” I said in a thick voice.
Aaron bent down and kissed my nipple. “Yeah,” he said. “This is a rescue.”
“Yep,” agreed Jorge as he wrapped his hand around my cock. “Poor Sean. We're going to rescue you.”
And then they covered me with their bodies, kissing, sucking, licking, stroking, fondling… Aaron concentrated on my nipples and chest while Jorge worked lower down. And when his mouth closed over my cock, I sighed, and even though my eyes were open, I no longer noticed the stars.
Aaron moved down me and rolled my hip away from Jorge, so that I twisted at the waist and my bad knee lay flat on the bedding. Then he rubbed my butt and leaned up over me to kiss my lips.
Jorge continued to stroke my shaft while Aaron rubbed my butt. His fingertips pressed between the backs of my legs, pressing my perineum, tickling the back of my balls. Jorge slid his other hand under the back of my head and bent to probe my mouth with his tongue.
Vaguely, I was aware that Aaron's fingers were wet and pressing against my hole. When his cock replaced his fingers, he felt big between my butt cheeks, and I kissed Jorge harder as I felt pressure and then penetration. I gasped and arched my back as he entered and filled me. And then his face joined Jorge's over mine, and the three of us kissed while Aaron moved in me.
He gripped my shoulders and drove in deep while Jorge held firmly onto my cock, despite the press of our bodies. Jorge moved up against me, and I felt his erection against my side. With their bodies, he and Aaron wrapped me in a warm cocoon.
They pressured my ribs, and my knee was sore, but I felt good, because even though Colin had taken care of me, it wasn't the same. With Aaron and Jorge, I could relax and just enjoy them, their bodies, the sex.
Aaron moved inside me in long, firm strokes and gnawed on my shoulder while Jorge kissed over my forehead and the side of my face. I kissed back, and ran my hands over their strong shoulders and backs.
And then Aaron moved faster and clutched on me harder. He stiffened and I felt him throb inside me, and he sighed.
He kissed my shoulder again and pulled out, rolling to the side. Quickly, Jorge took his place, pushing my top leg forward, bending over me, trying to meet my lips with his. He kissed me while pushing himself firmly into me. And then he began to thrust. Already worked up, Jorge thrust rapidly.
Aaron, lying to the side, watched. He reached a hand out to Jorge's moving butt, and grasped his cock with his other hand, not letting it go soft.
I grabbed my own cock, fondling myself. I could have come. But I wanted to stretch out the pleasure, and besides, I didn't want to come jerking myself off. I wanted something better than that.
Jorge pushed in hard and gasped, tensing and then his whole body shuddered. Aaron rubbed Jorge's butt until Jorge relaxed and pulled out. And then Aaron moved up on me again, entering easily.
“Holy shit, guys,” I said, my head rolling. “This isn't exactly a rescue. Do I get a turn sometime?”
“Well, Sullivan,” Aaron said with a smile while he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto himself more snuggly, “you've got a long cock, but we'd have to bend the hell out of it to get it in back here.
“Oh, funny,” I said, rotating on him, so that I could be completely on my back, legs out to the side. My knee hurt, but not badly. I was trying to be more comfortable, but now my cock lay straight up on my belly, and Jorge took it in his hand.
“I'll give you a turn,” he said, and laid over my belly, taking my cock into his mouth.
Yeah, I thought. This is a lot better than jerking myself off. I rubbed Jorge's back while he sucked and Aaron ground into me. I wanted it to last and tried to take it slow, but the build up had been too long; too good.
Soon I came, Jorge sucking harder when I climaxed. I grabbed hold of his side as he kept sucking and Aaron pumped faster.
Jorge let my cock slip from his mouth and fondled me gently as he watched Aaron's cock pound in and out. And when Aaron finished, they moved up along either side of me and kissed me with whispered thanks. Aaron rolled to his side and backed into me, and soon he was sleeping, his back snug against my side. Jorge fell asleep with his head on my shoulder. And I fell asleep looking up at the stars and not thinking at all, but simply enjoying the warmth of their bodies in the evening breeze.
I awoke in the morning when Aaron sat up beside me. It was still early, the sun was low, and Jorge still slept half on me, his face beside mine on the pillow. It was comfortable and I could have slept longer, but I needed to piss.
So I struggled out from under Jorge and sat up beside Aaron. “I gotta take a leak. Can you give me a hand?”
Aaron, who had been looking off through the trees patted my thigh. “Sure, Sullivan. I'll hold yours and you hold mine.”
I elbowed his ribs. “That's not what I meant. Help me with my shoes.”
Aaron grinned and scooted down and off the tailgate. He found my shoes and helped me put them on. Then he helped me out of the truck and took my arm over his shoulder to help me hobble to a bush well away from the truck. And he let me lean on him while we both took a leak.
“Just like when we were kids,” he said laughing. “Peeing together.”
When we finished, we shook off, but continued to stand there, our hips together and my arm over his shoulder. It felt good just to be up in the cool morning air, and the low sun cast golden streaks across the grass in the field in front of us.
Aaron patted my butt, almost affectionately.
“How are you and Jorge doing?” I asked. “It sounds like you have become good friends.”
We looked over our shoulders, back toward the truck, where Jorge still slept in the back, out of our sight.
“I like him, Sean,” Aaron said. “He's a neat guy.” We turned back around again, looking across the field. “He's smart,” he continued. “He works hard. And he's… I guess you'd say, creative. And he knows a lot about carpentry.”
“And he's hot looking?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he nodded. “He is.”
“So you still like doing guys?” I asked.
He nodded and pulled my hip tighter against his. “Yeah,” and then he frowned. “I never said I didn't like what we did. I just like girls too… you know… I always did.”
“Did?” I asked.
“I like girls. I like tits. But I like… ” he looked down our bodies. “I like guys too. I like you, Sean. Always have.” Then he looked back toward the truck and bit his lip. “He's like a girl sometimes… Jorge… oh, not, you know… not effeminate or anything. But he's slender and sort of elegant. I like him under me and he likes me on top. He sleeps on me, like he was sleeping on you last night, and I like that. I like his body, lying on mine. I like being with him.”
I nodded, knowingly.
And he smiled. “I like you, too. I like both the guys in my harem.” He tugged my side again.
“Your harem?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.
He laughed. “Yeah, my harem,” and wrapping his arm around the small of my back, he turned to me and pulled my belly hard against his.
Our laughing eyes met, but then, so did our cocks, and a hungry look came over his face. My heart beat faster and it struck me, looking into his dark his wide-set eyes, just how perfect his eyebrows were, each hair dark hair perfectly aligned with the next. He slowly wrapped his other arm around me and pulled me into an embrace. I took his face into my hands, and kissed him.
And instantly, it was just like it had been when we were alone at the ranch that spring, just the two of us; when we had been on fire. His embrace tightened and our cocks came up hard. “I've wanted you,” he whispered. “Ever since we spent the weekend here.”
He grabbed me by the butt and lifted me off the ground, clutching me tightly, our cocks pressed hard together. I wrapped my legs loosely around his and kissed him hard, running the fingers of both hands into his thick, black hair.
Holding my butt, he ground his cock against me, and then, carrying me that way, walked us to the cabin. He set me down on my feet, only long enough to sweep me up in his arms, an arm under my back, and one under my knees.
I gasped in pain and he quickly got me through the door and into the bedroom. Then he set me down onto the mattress and lay down on me, his legs settling between mine. We pressed our cocks between our hard bellies, and his heavy balls settled on mine.
Our mouths met again, tongues thrusting, and I ran my fingers back into his hair. Aaron wrapped me in his arms, and I spread my legs wider, carefully. His body was hard and solid; his weight on me both comforting and incredibly exciting.
“What's happening to us, Sean,” he gasped. “No one else turns me on like this. Oh, damn,” he exclaimed and squeezed me tighter.
“Not so tight,” I gasped.
And he relaxed his hold. “But it's the same for you. You feel it too,” he said.
I clutched his hair and looked at his lips. “Oh, yeah,” I said, and pressed my mouth to his.
He did most of the thrusting, but we moved together and moaned softly into our kiss. I slid my hands down his back to his butt and grabbed it, spreading my legs wider to him; to feel his weight on the full length of my cock, and on my balls. He broke for a breath and pressed his cheek to mine. “Stay with me, Sean. Stay down here. Go to Pan Am instead of Trinity.”
“What about Jorge?”
“Stay with both of us.” He ground in a big circle and then thrust. “Oh, damn, your body's made for mine, Sullivan.”
But my heart was made for Daniel, I thought, and tried to push the thought away. But even with Aaron's body hot on mine, and my pulse racing, I knew I wanted to be back with Daniel more than anything.
“I can't,” I whispered.
Aaron buried his mouth in my neck. “What do you want, Sean,” he asked hoarsely, his hips still moving. “You want me to fall in love with you? I will. It's already worse than that. Ever since that weekend we spent here; hell, ever since I saw you in that swimsuit, I've wanted you.”
He squeezed me more tightly and I held my breath. He kissed my neck and pressed his hardness to mine. “When you're close to me, Sean,” he said softly, “I ache inside. All I have to do is think about you, about your body, and it's like my stomach gets all in a knot and I want you… like this…” and he squeezed me harder, grinding into me.
“Ahh,” I gasped. “My ribs.”
He relaxed his grip and lifted his head to look down into my eyes. “I'll love you like you've never been loved, and…” his nostrils flared and his eyes grew desperately serious, “I'll make love to you like you've never been made love to.”
My heart was torn and I had no idea what to say. Because as much as I loved Daniel, Aaron's body on mine, his strong arms around me… set me on fire.
He didn't wait for an answer, but brushed my lips with his and moved his knees up under the back of my legs, lifting them.
I did my best to get my legs out to the side without hurting my knee, and Aaron grabbed an old pillow to shove under my butt. We lubed ourselves with spit and he quickly entered me.
Wrapping my arms around his waist, I pulled us together, pressing my cock up against his hard belly as he moved inside me. Aaron shoved his hands under the back of my shoulders and grabbed on, pulling as he plunged in with his hips. He buried his mouth in the side of my neck, sucking, growling, and I rubbed my erection up against him.
We writhed together, hands moving over each other's body, hungrily, possessively. “No one,” he panted again, “turns me on like you do.”
Wrapping my arms tightly around him, I writhed under Aaron, grinding back against his thrusts, grinding my cock up against his hard belly. “No one… “ I echoed, mindlessly, and then cried out at the intensity of it all.
After we came, he kept my body enfolded in his and nuzzled my cheek.
I stroked his back. “Do you know how much of your… seed you've planted inside me in the last few hours?” I asked with a smile. “I think I'm going to have your baby.”
He hugged me tightly and pressed himself deeply into me. “Let's make sure,” he whispered. “Let's stay like this until I come a few hundred times.
His hair had the scent of morning, of mesquite and ebony. I nuzzled the back of his head and squeezed his muscled chest and back in my arms. “Damn, Aaron. What is happening to us?”
He sighed and took his turn nuzzling me, behind my ear. “Can you believe,” he whispered, “that we were football buddies?” He kissed my cheek and was quiet.
I felt him softening and slipping from me and I stroked his back as we straightened our legs.
“What am I going to do?” he asked softly.
“You worried about being gay?” I asked.
He shrugged. “That's not what I meant. I was worried about someone.”
He nodded and slid off to my side, leaving an arm and leg over me. “It's different with Jorge. I like being with him. When we make love, it's… comfortable.” He planted a long kiss on the side of my face. “I want both of you. You don't mind being in a harem, do you?”
I didn't' answer.
“Daniel, still?” he asked.
I nodded. “I hope so; I hope we can be together again.”
“He doesn't deserve you, Sean.”
I squeezed his hand on my chest. “And you deserve better.”
He chuckled. “I deserve two.”
I slapped his back.
Jorge lay sleeping on his stomach a pillow over his head, when we returned to the truck. “He is beautiful, isn't he?” Aaron said.
“Definitely a fine butt,” I agreed.
Jorge stirred and looked out from under the pillow. Then he squinted at my belly. “You still have cum on your stomach.”
“Shit,” I said, looking down. He was right.
None of us said much after that. We ate fruit for breakfast and then put the bedding back in the cabin. They each worked independently on projects while I sat in the shade of the mesquite tree and wrote. Toward noon, Aaron started dressing. “I gotta run in to town for a couple of things.”
I glanced at Jorge. We both knew; Aaron wasn't always good in awkward situations; he wanted to get away.
We stood a few feet apart, naked except for shoes, under the big mesquite tree, and watched Aaron drive off. “You pissed about this morning?” I asked Jorge.
“No,” he shook his head. “Not really. I always knew he liked you.” He came over to me. “You need help?”
“It's OK with the crutches,” I told him. “Do you need any help? Are you going to work on anything?”
He shrugged. “I thought I might take it easy.”
I followed him over to a couple of chairs close to the trunk of the tree and we sat down. “He likes you, too,” I told Jorge.
He nodded with a small smile. “That's why I'm not pissed. I know he does.” Then he looked away, across the clearing. “Was it good?”
I shrugged. “Yeah.”
“Well,” I smiled. “He is very good.”
Jorge glanced at me and smiled.
It was a good smile. I hoped it really did mean he wasn't mad. He couldn't know how easy it would be for Aaron and me to let desire take us, to let me take him from Jorge.
It's as if he read my mind. “You make him horny as hell. I know from just hearing him talk about you. But,” he said with a sad smile. “I make him happy.”
I leaned back to one side, studying Jorge. And it seemed to me that he really was remarkable. I admired him in a way. And though we had been friends and lovers, I felt a new comradeship with him; we shared Aaron, in a way.
“I think he's worried that you're pissed,” I told Jorge. “You might want to tell him you aren't.”
“Maybe. I'll let him make it up to me.”
I leaned toward his chair and rubbed his forearm. “You doing, OK?” I asked quietly. “You, personally? I mean, we haven't really talked, just you and me.”
“Yeah,” he laughed. “I'm having a damn good summer.”
I smiled. “With a hunk like Aaron, I can imagine.”
“I love him,” he said quietly. Then gave me a sideways glance. “I never let myself fall in love with you, Sean, because of you and Daniel. And I know that Aaron's probably going to have girlfriends again, but… it's like we've become best friends… and lovers.”
I sat back up in my chair and following Jorge's gaze across the clearing. I smiled to myself. “You and me,” I said, “we became good friends… and lovers. It must be more than that with Aaron, huh?”
Jorge pulled his feet up onto his chair. “We're still good friends, Sean… you and me, at least as far as I'm concerned. And as far as lovers…” he threw a smile in my direction, “before we take you back, I want time alone with you like Aaron had; just you and me, like last spring.”
A puff of warm breeze blew past, the first hint of the afternoon sea breeze. “Last spring was good,” I agreed.
“You want a soda?” Jorge asked.
I watched him move to the ice chest and retrieve two red pops. “You're looking good, Jorge. Damn good.”
“So are you,” Jorge said, handing me the soda and sitting back down. “Even if you were beaten up.”
We sipped our sodas and Jorge leaned back in his chair, throwing a leg out over each of the chair arms. “Aaron probably won't tell me he loves me; he's not that kind of guy. But when we're together, he's happy. He does love me.” Then his head rolled my way and he smiled. “He's still a horn dog, and you've got a hot butt. He's always had a thing for you.”
I smiled. “He joked about you and me being his harem.”
“Hmmph,” Jorge snickered. “Wouldn't that make him happy.” He took a sip of his soda and looked thoughtful. “Maybe you two are my harem.”
“Or,” I said, “maybe you two are my harem.”
Jorge closed his eyes and sighed. “Could be fun.”
“Well,” I said, sliding my butt forward in the seat to get more comfortable. “I vote for the harem to attack Aaron later.”
Jorge laughed. “Cool.”
When Aaron returned, Jorge met him at the truck and the two of them walked away from where I sat writing under the tree. I kept an eye on them as they walked side by side down the dirt road that led to the back pasture. Jorge took Aaron's hand, and they walked hand-in-hand. Then in the distance, they embraced and kissed.
I envied Jorge, having Aaron. I could have him, I told myself. I could have Aaron, and I wondered idly, what it would be like to be in their harem; the three of us, living together.
They turned and headed back in my direction. For better or worse, I was now bound for Trinity. I was glad for them, but felt a sudden tightening in my throat. I missed Daniel. Could we ever be like we were? If there was even a chance, I wanted it.
I tried to help them as they worked together that afternoon, starting to add a porch to the front of the cabin. I hobbled to fetch tools, or to bring them water to drink, or sodas. And I stood to coach, making wise cracks about their carpentry whenever I could; like, “it's only a porch, it doesn't matter if the roof's crooked.”
And when they acted like they'd come after me, I'd hold up my hands. “Cripple! Don't pick on a cripple!”
It was hot, and I sweated, even standing naked in the shade. They each wore a carpenter's belt; in fact only a carpenter's belt and shoes, and an attractive sheen of sweat; and I liked watching them as they worked.
Late in the afternoon as Aaron put away their tools, Jorge pulled my arm over his shoulder. “Want to go cool off in the cattle tank?” he asked.
As slow as I moved, we still made it to the tank while Aaron was still working. Jorge helped me get my butt up on the side, and then climbed in to help me swing my legs over and stand, and when I did, we were face to face.
It seemed only natural, after all the love we had made that spring, for me to take him in my arms, and for us to kiss. It was just as natural that our erections would rise between our bodies as our kissed deepened.
Reviving in the cool, thigh-high water, we rubbed our sweaty torsos together, and felt each other up, as our tongues probed familiar mouths.
Aaron climbed in over the side. “You guys go for it,” he said, squatting down in the water. “I'm tired.”
I leaned back in Jorge's arms. “Harem attack?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he agreed with a smile.
We waded to Aaron and pulled him up between us. I pressed in from behind while Jorge molded his body, and erection, to Aaron's front. “Your harem demands your presence, Oh Sultan,” I whispered over his shoulder, and then grabbed his butt. “And your ass,” I added.
Aaron good naturedly let us maneuver him to the side of the concrete tank, and bend him over, his hands on the side. “Fine piece of ass,” I said, rubbing over Aaron's muscular butt with my palms as Jorge joined me. “I give it a Grade A Choice.”
“You sure?” Jorge asked, giving Aaron's butt a swat. “Is it firm enough?”
“Sure, give it a feel,” I said, and Jorge's hands joined mine. “See,” I said. “Good confirmation, firm muscles…” I reached between Aaron's legs and lifted his balls on my open palm. “Maybe better than Choice; maybe Prime.”
Jorge ran his hands up Aaron's sides, and pressed his cock against Aaron's hips. “Only one way to be sure,” he said.
“Me first or you?” I asked.
“Go for it,” he said.
So I ladled water up into Aaron's crack with my hand while squatting in the water to get my cock good and wet. And then I moved up to him, pressing my erection up and over his crack; gripping his hips to pull him tight against me. I rocked my hips a couple of times, enjoying the feel, watching my cock shoot up and over his but. And then I positioned myself, pushing my cockhead between his cheeks.
“Well,” I told Jorge, “let's see if it's prime.”
“Shut up and just do it,” Aaron groused, and wiggled his butt back on me.
Aaron was tight, resisting my cockhead. And when he gave, the tightness passed in a rush over my crown and then down my shaft as I pressed into his warmth. When his firm butt was snug against my loins, I leaned forward and grabbed his shoulders, pushing in even harder with my hips. “Oh, hell yes,” I said, throatily. “Prime for sure.”
Aaron grunted as Jorge took Aaron's cock with one hand and rubbed my butt with his other. And I rocked with my hips, pulling almost out, then using my grip on Aaron's shoulders for leverage, slowly pushing all the way back in until the front of my thighs pressed the back of his, my balls pressed against his butt, and his butt filled my lap.
I took my time, enjoying the sensations, admiring Aaron's body. Jorge added to my pleasure by rubbing my butt and between my legs. And it felt great, there in the water, under the warm sun. Even my knee felt good.
When I came, I bent over him, pressing my belly and chest to his back, and pushed in deep, holding him tightly by the shoulders as I pumped my semen deep into him.
Jorge was ready when I pulled out, and he entered Aaron as I sat back on the side of the tank to watch.
Aaron's arm and shoulder muscles flexed as he rocked with Jorge's motion, and his long, thick erection jutted out over the water. Jorge moved as elegantly as he always did. He held Aaron by the hips and his body undulated gracefully behind Aaron, much like a vertical swimmer doing the butterfly.
“Sullivan,” Aaron said, glancing at me, his voice thick. “I still say you're the best cock sucker around.”
“Is that a request?” I asked. “Because I'm enjoying the view too much to move.”
“Come on,” he pleaded.
His cock did look awfully good. “Just don't drown me,” I told him as I slid off the side of the tank and moved in front of him.
I was exhausted that night. Life had been pretty sedentary that summer, and the day had been the most active I'd had in a long time. And so I fell asleep in the back of the truck while Aaron and Jorge cleaned up after supper.
It was late in the night when I woke to find Aaron asleep to my left and Jorge asleep, half lying on my right side. A light blanket covered us waist high, and under it, Jorge's leg lay against my hard cock.
He was sleeping, his warm breath tickling my neck. He felt good against me. His body felt good. I stroked the soft skin of his back with my left hand, and softly kissed his cheek. I pressed my cock against his leg, and sliding my right arm under his belly, I pulled him to me.
I'm not sure at what point he awoke, but soon he was returning my kisses, and I moved over him, rolling him to his back. Laying on him, our cocks pressed together, I wrapped him in my arms, and he wrapped his over my back. “You said you wanted just you and me to make love before you took me back,” I whispered in his ear. And he lifted his knees to either side.
They took me home that next afternoon with an invitation to join them again the next weekend. But I was glad to be home. I was exhausted, and I slept hard the next couple of days. But by Thursday, I was well rested and horny after so much sex the weekend before, and I considered their invitation for that weekend.
But Dad asked me to stay around. “It's only a few weeks before you're off to school,” he pointed out. “Stick around this weekend and maybe we can look for that used car I promised you.”
So I agreed, reluctantly. I didn't know that Dad had another reason for keeping me home.
On Friday afternoon, while I was sitting on my bed to write, I heard the doorbell ring. Moments later, I looked up to see Daniel standing in my doorway.
He smiled, tentatively. “Your dad phoned me the other day,” he said, hands in his pocket. “He said that when he took you up to join us for the bike tour, and saw Jimmy, he told you that you should come back home. Do you remember what you told him?”
I thought a moment, and then nodded. “I said I wouldn't give you up without a fight.” Then I smiled sadly. “Guess I got it, huh?”
Daniel came into the room and sat at the other end of my bed. He took a deep breath and looked me in the eye. “I'm not giving you up without a fight,” he said.