Preamble:    I apologise firstly to the author of the original story which, I think, was entitled`Josh's Story'.   This was sent to me by a correspondent with whom I have lost touch and I don't know where the story came from, nor who wrote the original.  Unfortunately, only the first part of the story was transmitted and I was intrigued about what happened so my fertile (?)  imagination got to work and I completed the story in my own way as I liked and could imagine the characters so well.
So, abject apologies to the author of the original, please forgive me for taking your characters and some of your ideas.  I changed the main character's name from Josh to Jordan just in case a conflict in an archive might occur.
My second apology is that, being English, I have only a knowledge of American customs, education system, etc., culled from enquiring of others and from  novels and the stories I have read.  I know we like the older, correct (?)  spelling of certain words though I have tried to be as American as possible, but there may also be lapses in my not fully understanding the American way of life.  Please be patient even better, let me know!
So, please enjoy:


Jordan's Story

by Joel

My name is Jordan and I turned 15 in December of 1998.  I think you will like my story as it tells of my first time.  So, the story is about the weekend I lost my virginity and what happened after.

I live in a small New England town with my parents. Both are professional workers, Dad's a dentist and Mom is an optician. Compared with most in town we are doing pretty well.  My brother, Mike, who is my only sibling, went off to college when he was eighteen in September '98. His best friend Sean was to go as well but family finances have held him back a year. Sean was four months younger than Mike so wasn't eighteen until the end of  December but he's pretty bright and was ahead all through his grades. Mom and Dad do well enough to hire a maid and a yard boy to help with the chores around the house. Dad hired Sean to be our yard boy this last summer when it became apparent that he would need a job to help pay for college. The money he earns from Dad and other townspeople and the summer residents will help him save enough to go to school next year.

Sean has a great body, he was a tennis player on the high school team like me, but I was on the JV squad.  Because of the fact I was on  the JV's I only saw him naked a few times. I know I like to watch the boys in the shower rooms and I make sure to linger to get a good view of all who come in.  Some of the guys tease me cause I take so long to shower but I notice that most of the rest are checking each other out just like me!  There are a couple of good looking guys on the team and one is uncut just like Sean.  I've made it a point to have my locker between these two so I can check out their treats.  Many  a night I've tossed myself off thinking about what I've seen after gym that day.  I often wish I had a foreskin to play with 'cause I'm cut but I had got then a good five and a half inch cock which is still growing. Unlike both of these guys, my balls are large and I am proud to say I can squirt a good thick creamy load.

When I don't have tennis practice or school work I'm expected to help Sean with the yard chores.  He's very busy and most of the money that he makes comes from caretaking summer cottages on the lake on the far side of town. Yard work like Dad's keeps him in pocket money while he saves up the rest.

On a Friday afternoon last September, about three weeks after Mike had gone off to college,  I was working in the yard with Sean and I admit I had a hard time keeping my eyes off his crotch. We would goof around and such and generally talk much about nothing. Sean mentioned that he had a raft to pull in that weekend up on the lake and would I be interested in helping him. Sure I said, but Mom or Dad would have to give me permission. We spent the rest of the afternoon finishing up the chores and me checking out Sean's body 'cause we'd pulled our tshirts off as the sun was hot and strong.

Mom was the first home and asked how all was going. Sean said that we'd had a good day and we'd done all that was expected. He mentioned to Mom that there was a raft that needed pulling in and he really could use my help. Would she or Dad mind if I went with him.  Mom said yes that it would be OK, anyways his father was going fishing all day Saturday with a couple of his friends so she could use a day by herself. Sean said that we would have to be ready for a early morning start 'cause of the work involved and would she mind if we went over to the cabin tonight. Sean said he had the key and the owners trusted him with the use of the cottage. Mom said it would be OK again, she knew the Smiths and didn't think there was any kind of trouble we could get into at the lake. All I had to do was give her a call in the morning to say we'd arrived OK.

I was stunned. I never expected Sean to ask for an overnight. To be that close and yet so far away was going to be more than I could stand. Sean told me to go pack an overnight bag as we should be going now, immediately. Mom offered money for pizza, but Sean told her that the Smiths had left food for him in the freezer and his Ma had given him some extra stuff so  there was sure to be plenty for both of us.  I ran into the house and packed some clothes for the weekend, a couple of pairs of shorts and tshirts, Speedos and my secondbest sneakers.  Mom yelled up to me that she was off to run errands and that she would see me on Sunday morning. I yelled goodbye and thanks and finished packing as she was going out the drive.

I bounced down the stairs and came flying out of the house. Sean had finished putting the yard tools away and had gotten into his car.  I climbed in and started to mumble a lot about nothing. I didn't want Sean to know I had the hots for him.  Sean was wearing a loose tshirt and baggy shorts and as he was driving I kept stealing glances at him.  He had the legs of his shorts pulled right up and I could see one of his balls bulging out of the soft white fabric covering it.  All I wanted to do was reach out and hold it and the rest of him.   The ride to the cabin was about twenty minutes but it seemed to last forever.  At last we arrived and got out of the car and Sean said we should go straight into the house. For a summer cabin it was pretty nice. We lugged our bags in and dropped them inside the front door and went through the kitchen and out onto the deck.  From there we could look out over the lake and I saw the raft we needed to bring in tomorrow.   

As I turned to look at Sean he'd gone back in and  was in the process of taking his tshirt off again.  I followed him in and stood just inside the door. He caught me looking at him and explained that we were bathing in the lake tonight so as to save any extra cleaningup chores in the cabin. While I was listening to him his hands went to his shorts and he was undoing them. My eyes followed his hands as first the button at the top of the shorts was undone and then the zipper came down. He spread the top of his shorts apart and hooked his thumbs under the elastic band of his jockstrap. With a slow deliberate motion he dropped everything and gave me a view of a lifetime.  There he was, his shorts and jockstrap down to his ankles and his thick uncut cock less than a hand'sreach away from me. He kicked his trainers and everything else off and said to me last one in was a boogereating rotten egg.  Like a flash he was off to the lake. Having no choice and the beginnings of a raging hardon I followed suit and my clothes came off in record time.

Good thing I was behind him 'cause when I hit the water I was pretty stiff.  Luckily by the time I reached the raft my hardon had cooled off and wilted but on climbing up onto it there was Sean on his back with his legs spread. His ass was facing me as I climbed the ladder and I could see his puckered ring. Sean doesn't have much in the way of body hair being quite blond.  Even at my age I was pretty well covered around my cock so I noticed I almost had as much as him as my hair was quite black.  I scuttled across the raft and sat down crosslegged opposite him. It gave me a good view of him, as long as he wasn't looking while I stared at his possessions.

We talked for a while about what we had to do and while we were chatting I could see he was getting hard.  As his prick rose so his balls tightened and went up close to his body. When he was almost erect the head of his cock began to poke out from his foreskin.  I couldn't help it but started to get hard as well and now I couldn't stop staring at him.    He looked over at me while I was gaping at his penis and light brown ballsack and, when I glanced up, he was smiling at me. He spread his legs a little, giving me a much better view and commented that he'd noticed me checking him out plenty of times. I was blushing beet red and by now fully hard. It didn't help as Sean was rock hard as well by now.  What had to be nearly seven inches of thick hard cock was less than a yard from me.

          "I know you're gay," he said.

I protested or tried to and he said cut it out. He said he liked it that I was looking at him and he was just like me and hoped I would like it if we could have some fun together. I looked straight into his eyes openmouthed and saw he was serious. Sean reached out and placed a hand on my inner thigh. Slowly he rubbed my leg bringing his hand to my almost hairless balls and cupped them in his hand. He moved nearer and took my cock in his hand and started to stroke me. My legs fell apart and I lay back and let him feel my shaft. He took with his free hand one of mine and placed it on his cock. The heat coming from his body was amazing. Sean leaned all the away over and put his mouth over the head of my prick and I started to moan.  I was dazed, confused and couldn't believe what was happening. All of me I resolved was going to be his.

While he was sucking me I was stroking his penis and playing with his foreskin just pulling it down over his protruding knob and just feeling I was  in heaven.  I had never felt this way before and I was loving it. I knew I was very close to coming my load and told Sean so.  I was so fucking excited I wasn't gonna last. I was gonna shoot the load of my young life. As I got closer and closer to my climax I murmured to Sean again that I was on the verge of coming.  His response was to suck me even harder.  My hips bucked and my buttocks were clenched together as I rose up and forced my cock more into his mouth.  I was clinging on to Sean's dick for all I was worth as I shot a mind blasting, breath stealing, bodywracking load into his mouth. Every last bit of me went into that cumshot. Starting with my toes and ending with my head all of me pumped itself out of the end of my dick. I fell back like a damp rag gasping for breath.

My tight balls slowly relaxed and gradually my cock went soft in Sean's mouth.  I could feel one of Sean's hands begin to rub my chest and then finger my right nipple.  My chest was heaving and Sean's thick cock  was still in my hand.  I lay back with my mouth half open, panting. He looked me in the eyes and grinned and said it was his turn now as soon as I had recovered. He leaned his head over my face and kissed me full on the lips. His tongue parted my lips and sought the inside of my mouth and I could taste the spunk which was still on his tongue.  I didn't gag and knew I wanted him to let me share his load as well.

As I lay back he moved up over me, his knees on either side of my chest.  His hot throbbing cock and heavy balls were now above me and all I could think of doing was sucking him like he had sucked me.  I leaned up and pressed my lips against his foreskin covered knob.  He pressed his prick against my lips and as the end entered his foreskin was pushed down and I started to massage his rotund knob end with my tongue. He began to press a bit harder but I pulled my mouth away and I could see he was a bit startled at my response.  I told him in a husky voice that it was OK and he was to come in my mouth as well.  He smiled and put both his arms round my shoulders.  He whispered that I should lay over him like he had done to me.  He rolled onto his side a bit so he could straighten and spread his legs and then pulled me down by my shoulders so I was positioned over the thick meat resting up his belly.

He asked if I was ready and I knew I couldn't wait to get started. I reached over and with one hand brought his cock to my mouth. Licking my lips, I let his cock in, my tongue finding the rim running around under his now bare knob.  I licked the head of his cock for a while and he moaned as his leg muscles tightened against me.   I slowly and very gradually went down on him and soon he was deep in my mouth almost into my throat.  I started to move my head up and down and within a few moments I had  his cock quickly thrusting in and out.  I tightened my lips round his hefty shaft so his foreskin was now stretched right back but I was aware this moved up and down with my motion. He moaned again softly and murmured he was close to coming. I took my cue from what he had down to me and sucked even more as he lifted his hips and exploded in me.

His seven thick inches of uncut cock spewed a river of come. Much more than I had ever produced.  Some of it ran out of my mouth as I gasped for breath but I was able to swallow most of it. I loved the taste, sweet and salty. I licked what I couldn't swallow off his rod which was still very hard. He told me to kiss him so I moved over to his side and slid up until our lips met and we shared the spunk still on my tongue.  I moved down again and lay beside him with my head  resting against his chest and cupped his now loose balls with my left hand.   I knew that his orgasm had been very powerful as his chest was still moving strongly against my face but, slowly, his breathing began to return to a normal state at the same time as his cock was getting softer.  What had been almost seven inches of  rigid meat began to return to its flaccid state.  As his dick shrank  I could see that his foreskin was still below the rim of his knob.  He must have sensed that because he carefully ringed his cock with his thumb and first finger and eased the slack skin over his knob end.  His tool was now quite soft and the wrinkled end of his foreskin covered his knob completely, but, I could see the last drop of his spunk just forming at the opening of his foreskin. Looking up into Sean's eyes I smiled and said that it must be good to the last drop.  I turned my head and caught the end of his cock in my mouth and licked that last vestige of his cum and his now limp prick stirred under my tongue.  I shifted up and stuck out my tongue and pressed it against his lips and we shared that last drop.  

I moved to his side again and we lay there with me, at least, feeling very contented.  After several minutes of silence he told me he had wanted to do this for a while, in fact for a long time ever since he'd been in tenth grade and started to come over to see my brother.  I didn't ask him then if they'd done the same thing but I got the feeling they had.  I would ask him later.  I told him how I felt, it was so good and asked if we could do this again. He grinned and said just wait till we swim back to the house.  I leaned down and kissed the end of his prick.  I moved to take it into my mouth again and Sean moaned and shifted his hips but as he started to harden he told me in a husky voice to relax or there would be nothing left for tonight. It was as if firecrackers went off inside me....there was to be more, lots more I hoped. I had been wanting to explore sex with someone for over a year now, but most importantly I had wanted to explore sex with Sean all this summer while he'd been around the house.  Oh God!  What he'd said was music to my ears. Not only had I had just gotten it on with a guy who had fuelled many a night of solitary pleasure, he wanted to have me as well, not just this once but more.

I hauled myself up his side and looked into his eyes and asked what was next. He smiled at me and ran his fingers through my hair and said to me that after we ate he was going to show me how to make real love. To make the point, he told me the blow job was fine, but there were other ways to bring a partner to a height of pleasure. Ways that led to even better orgasms. I told him that if this was so, I was all his and a willing victim.  He ran his hands over my stomach and belly and caressed my balls and prick and said I was no victim and it was time to go back to the cabin.

He stood up on the edge of the raft and stretched. My eyes caught all of him. Not an ounce of fat or a misplaced muscle. Curves where they should be and more as the hard ridges on his stomach stood out.  His body was quite suntanned, like most blonds he was golden brown, not the deeper colour I went.  I couldn't help but notice there was hardly any difference between the tan on his back and his buttocks.  In fact, there was hardly any tan line at all.  I supposed he must have spent time over at these cabins sunning himself all over.  As he stood on the edge of  the raft he lifted his prick.  He drew back his foreskin in one swift movement and started to pee. The sound of his piss hitting the water was explosive. He knew I was watching him and when he'd finished and shook the last drips off he turned to me and said as before ...last one in was... I got up and jumped in immediately.  It was no good even if I had a head start he was the more powerful swimmer.

By the time I reached shore Sean was standing holding a towel for me. I hadn't noticed any sooner, but we'd been out a long time and it was just getting dark although it was still very warm.  Before I could take the towel from him Sean put it round me and began to dry me off.  His head was in the space between my neck and shoulders as he wiped me down. This foreplay of his was going to kill me... ...I wasn't hard but I wasn't soft either, I felt my dick twitching and familiar feelings in the depths under my saggy balls. He rapidly dried me all over and flicked the towel playfully against my butt then proceeded to towel himself down as I watched.  My dick didn't know whether to be down or up and he was eyeing me quizzically as his head emerged from the towel,

     " Keep that till later," he said, nodding towards my unruly member.  "It's pizza tonight," he told me, "But we'd better have a shower first as we both smell like the lake."

He flicked the towel at me again and I hopped nimbly out of the way.  So the plan was to put the pizza in the oven and shower while it got warm.  I was getting so excited inside I followed him blindly into the kitchen.  But I also wanted a piss so I slipped off to the bathroom and tried to make as much noise as Sean thinking how I wanted to be just like him.

When I got back Sean had already got some salad ready and he said I should lay the table.  By now I was just going through the motions.  I was getting knives and plates and condiments and cans of Coke out of the cupboards, drawers and fridge while my thoughts were rampaging around in my brain.  Then, all was ready in the kitchen and we padded to the bathroom.  Sean had turned the water heating on as soon as we had arrived so before I knew it I was under a steaming hot shower with him. We soaped each other up and twisted and turned with the water sluicing over us.  By now  I was so fucking randy all I could think of was being so close to Sean.

     The shower ended much too soon and after drying ourselves off once again Sean said we needn't get dressed as it was a very warm evening and there wasn't another soul for miles and he'd drawn all the curtains while I was having a piss.  I felt a bit odd wandering back to the kitchen without anything on as at home I was only ever in the nude in my bedroom or in the bathroom and here we both were with no cares and starkers.  The pizza was ready.  So, we sat barearsed in the kitchen and had our first course. When it was done I cleared the table and went back to my seat while Sean sat with a slight smile playing around his lips.

Sean looked at me and said it was time for dessert.  More to the point he told me to get up on to the table and prepare to be his dessert.  I wondered what he meant but climbed up and as directed lay down on my back. Sean brought my legs up and spread them. My ass was right in his face. He began to lick me and fondle my balls.  My breathing began to get more rapid and my thoughts raced but at the same time I was really relaxed.  Then bringing my ankles back towards my hips he exposed my pucker fully. His eyes met mine and he asked me if I was ready for some real lovemaking. Coming out of my stupor I said ready, willing and able. He proceeded to move down on my cock and balls which he tongued for quite a while, slurping warm saliva over them. He moved even farther down and I felt him licking the space between the underside of my balls and my asshole.

By now I was so fucking hard, harder than ever before, my cock ached as it pressed against my belly.  His tongue went even further south. The wetness of his tongue found my tight-closed pucker. I was beside myself with excitement. The more he licked my hole the more I tried to shove it right into his face.  I could feel it twitching and my buttocks kept clenching of their own accord.  Just as I was feeling I didn't know what was going to happen next he got up and told me with a great grin that one good turn deserved another. It was my turn to eat him out. I got up and he led me into the living room.  As I stood and watched he lay on the floor on the sheepskin rug in front of the unlit fire and placed a pillow which he picked off the sofa under his butt.  He told me to start on him anything I liked.  I copied what he'd done to me and started with his cock in my mouth.  I was soon working his foreskin back and forth over the head of his dick and  he was good and hard almost immediately. I next went to work on his balls licking and sucking them while he moaned softly.  I  soon found myself working down towards his asshole.  Knowing I had to do to him as was done to me I lapped the outer rim of his hole. He loved it, putting a hand down to rumple my hair and begging for more. This turned me on even more and as I was flat on my belly on another sheepskin rug the friction was absolutely glorious. His hands slipped to the sides of his buttcheeks and pulled them even further apart.

The smell and taste of him drove me to places I never thought I would go to.  I pressed my tongue into his tight pucker which yielded a bit and with Sean's begging that I continue I pressed even harder and the lips of his hole parted just a little more and I slid the tip of my tongue in as far as it would go.

     "No more!" Sean cried out.... "...I want you to fuck me properly."

He drew his knees up and spitting onto his fingers he rubbed the saliva round his hole and then pushed his index finger in easily up to his second knuckle.  I watched in amazement but then he told me to moisten my dick.  I leaned up and dribbled spit without trouble right on the knob end of my rampant tool. Soon my whole dick was wet with my saliva and he told me to move towards him and I was then within a few inches of his glory hole.  His hands found the cheeks of my butt and pulled me closer. In no time my cockhead was at the gate. It drove Sean wild. Under no terms or circumstances was I now not to finish the job he said. My cock was to fill his hole. Adjusting my hips to the angle of his asshole I put my weight behind the head of my dick and pushed into him.

I got my knob end in about an inch when I came upon some resistance. He arched up and put his legs over my shoulders which pulled me even more towards him.  He then grabbed my buttocks even harder and hauled me towards him.  That did it, his puckered hole opened up, the tightness of the entrance disappeared and my cock went in further and further.  What inner resistance had been there was no more and the whole length of my shaft was well and truly in Sean. I could feel my balls banging against the base of his ass as he wriggled against me whimpering  and moaning producing incredible pressure and feelings in me.

After a minute or two Sean told me to slowly pull out and sink back in. I did so and never before did I feel like coming as I did now. I told Sean I was going to erupt. He murmured not yet... ...just rest a while... ...get used to being in him. Shit, as good as his mouth felt, it was nothing  compared with what was happening now. This was so new and I was so inexperienced I just couldn't be sure how long I could last. Every fibre of my being was in the length of my cock. It was the heat, the friction, the absolute stretching of my hardon which had never before been so massive... ...all of me was focussed on being inside him.  From deep within me came feelings I never knew were possible. I began to thrust into him and pull out only to sink back in so easily to begin with. It was now... balls were tight... skin stretched to the limit... cock was never harder nor felt so long.... ...feelings unthought were possible... ...a gasp for breath.... ....then another.... ....and one more on the downstroke..... eyes crossed..... brow furrowed..... .....toes digging into the carpet..... .....fists clenched...... .....beads of sweat forming...... ......and one last gasp for air.......  ......sinking, sinking down into Sean's asshole as suddenly he gripped my cock from inside and I came... ...spurted and spurted and pumped the last living parts of me into him... ...I collapsed onto Sean.... body convulsing.... ....jerking.... .....still emptying into him.....    ....I was done.... ....finished.... more strength.... ....just completely spent..... ...I felt his hands at my sides... ...rubbing up and down the length of me... ...there was no today... tomorrow... ...just now and its finality... ...all that was me had poured out from the end of my cock... ...I couldn't move... ...take in air... ...I was as weak as a baby... ....My body was shuddering .... ....trembling at his touch..... ...I lay on Sean for quite a while...   ...Slowly, very slowly the engulfing excitement began to diminish and my inmost soul seemed to return to me.  I looked into his eyes and saw love returned. I was so spent and my senses were slow in coming back.  I couldn't move for the longest time. There was such a sweet smile on his face... it captivated me... ...I was his and he was mine... ...nothing I would not do and be for him........  

Two great tears welled up in my eyes... ...I was so happy.  Two great tears dropped onto Sean's chest.  He put his finger in the pool made by one and then licked his finger.

      "Tastes a bit like your cum," he said, "But more salty.  You're happy though?"

All I could do was nod as more tears dripped onto him.  I was never happier.  He pulled my head down and, nuzzling my ear and caressing my neck with his tongue, he gently suggested it was his turn.  I was his I told him anything he wanted was his. Using his hands and sliding them up my chest he pulled me off him. My flaccid cock slipped out of him and hung over my balls.  Sean got up and ran to the bathroom.  When he came back I could see he was carrying a tube of something.  Then he grabbed some more pillows off the couch and sat in front of me and placed them behind his back. Soon he was in an upright sitting position. He pulled me towards him and guided me so my legs wrapped around his sides. Our lips met and we kissed.

My ass was now above his waist and he slowly lowered me down till I felt the head of  his seven incher pressing against my ring.  His hands were at my sides and taking my weight, I was kissing him for all I was worth. I could feel the wet end of his cock against me... ...and then his finger, warm but with something cool on the tip rubbed gently round my rim spreading a slight stickiness... ...then his cock pressed..  I tried to relax... ...a slight parting of my ring and I felt he was partly inside me.  It hurt.  His hands moved down to the cheeks of my ass spreading me apart. My weight was sinking me down on his cock and it hurt even more but I wasn't going to give in. Gradually, I could feel the resistance of my inner asshole giving way and more and more of Sean entering me. It still hurt but at the same time didn't hurt. I wanted him in me and all the way in. Soon I could feel his pubic hair against the skin around my asshole.

Thrusting with his hips Sean was pumping my ass, lifting me up and down on his hardon. His breath was growing faster and shallower... ...and then, within a minute or so, with a mighty grunt he thrust deep inside me and came.  I could feel the spasms of his cock, his warm spunk surging into me.  It seemed to me that I felt his cock shrivel as it was over so quickly... ...I hung on for dear life and did not want to let go.

     "Jesus, Mary and Joseph," he swore quietly, "I came too fast, I wanted it to be more."

I put my arms round his shoulders and held him tight.  What had I done wrong to make him come so rapidly.  His arms were round me as well and we moved sideways until we were laying face to face on the sheepskin rug.  I wanted you so bad he murmured I couldn't stop it coming.  I wanted him so bad again I clasped him even tighter.

     "Come on," he said, "let's just wash ourselves up and go to bed."

In the bathroom again we carefully washed our cocks and, as I stood back over the basin he soaped and washed my ring and swilled away the cum which had poured out and was sticky on my legs.  When I did the same to him I was surprised at the amount of my spunk which had oozed out.  I must have really emptied my balls for him.

     In the bedroom was a good double bed but no sheets.  He opened a cupboard and spread out the sleeping bag he found there and laid a couple of towels over it.  Just in case he said and winked.  He pulled up a blanket over the top and motioned that I should get under it.  He switched off the light and we lay silently in each other's arms while my thoughts raced about the happenings of  the day and, also, what about Sean and my brother.  I plucked up courage.  I nuzzled his ear.

     "Have you done this with Mike?"

     He snorted quietly and said, "What do you think?"

     I nodded.

     "Yeah, we did it first when I wasn't quite fourteen and Mike was just past and he'd stayed over at our house for a Junior Cup match.   So, you see, we've been fucking and sucking for three years quite regularly."   He licked my top lip.  "You're brother asked me to take care of you 'cause he was sure you would want it just like we did and if you like you've got me the whole year."

I was rather startled, my brother wanted Sean and me to get together!  I never knew he and Sean were that friendly but Mike did stay over at Sean's quite a bit as he lived much nearer the High School.  Sean explained that as he had three sisters Mike and he always had to sleep together and it all started that first time with them just jerking each other off.  He felt down to my dick.

     "We were younger than you that time as I said I was not quite turned fourteen but his dick was as big as yours and mine was a poor little thing.  I was very envious 'cause he shot more stuff than me too."

     "Gosh," I whispered, "But yours is huge now."

     "Yeah, it's grown a bit and so will yours to match your brother's.  What's it now?" he asked, "Have you put a ruler to it?"

 Put a ruler to it!!  I'd done that every week since I was aware of my unruly erections at thirteen and it was only three inches then.

     "Yeah, it was five and a half last week and it's grown an inch and half since New Year."

     "Mine's not quite seven,"  he said, "And I don't think it'll get any longer but it's got thicker the last few months.”  He paused.  “Have you seen your brother's?" he asked.

      I nodded.  "Only down," I said, "So I don't know what it's like when it's up and stiff."

     "Just on seven, like mine...  but thicker," he added.  "Mike said you and he hadn't had it on, is that true?

 I nodded.  Many times I'd wanted to ask my brother things, like what was happening to me `cause we always use to shower together until he was twelve and he stopped me going in with him then saying I was a nuisance and kept splashing water about.  I'd noticed a few wispy black hairs at the base of his cock on that last occasion we showered  together and wanted to ask him why was he growing hair there.  After that I'd spied on him many times undressing so I'd seen his lengthening dick and  blossoming bush as he got older but I certainly didn't know if he jerked off 'cause I found when I started I couldn't stop and I wanted to ask him about that as well.  I knew from listening to other boys that two or three times a day was quite regular with some of them so if I did it more than once a day was my brother doing it too and was it OK?

Over the next quarter of an hour or so I poured all this out to an attentive Sean who listened silently and didn't interrupt until I'd finished.

     "You're not too much of a mixedup kid," he said.  "I've got three sisters so all I learned was what happened to girls.  I think I was more mixed up than you when I was your age but it was finding out things with Mike that we learned together and I think that helped both of us."

I asked him how many times he did it by himself.

     "Oh, a coupla times a day usually, unless I feel real horny seeing someone's nice cock or neat ass and then it may be three or four."

 I thought of him pumping that massive rod by himself and thought of the many wanks I'd had in my lonely bed.

He prodded me in the ribs.

      "Kept a diary last year from my sixteenth birthday.  I came nine hundred and ten times that year.  Are you beating that?"

 I said I was beating off regularly once, mostly twice a day, sometimes three, but I hadn't kept a count although I had a secret chart marking off the length of my cock.

     "Your brother likes to come a lot," he said.  "Remember that time a coupla years back you and your folks had to go to that funeral and Mike had the big State Junior match and stayed home and I came and kept him company 'cause your Mom and Dad didn't want the house left empty.  Well, on Saturday after that Friday match I made him come seven times and he was raring for more Sunday morning.  We were only jerking and sucking then, fucking came later."

I was learning a lot about my brother I never imagined.

     "Why didn't he try it with me?" I asked feeling a bit miffed.

     "He likes you a lot,"  Sean said.

Huh! that was news to me, Mike always seemed to be having a grunt at me about something, like borrowing his clothes or a racket or wanting him to mend my bike.

     "He often said he wouldn't mind teaching you a thing or two but I'm glad he's left it to me.  He knew you were like him and liked boys and he wanted you to find someone you could do it with safely 'cause he knew you were jerking off regular by yourself.  So, the night before he went off  to College he said I was to look after you and see you came to no harm."  He dug me in the ribs again.  "You thought he was at the last night Prom all the time but he told them he felt sick 'cause he'd drunk too much of Miss Hine's punch and I volunteered to take him home in the car.  It wasn't true of course, just an excuse, so we drove to the woods and we had a final fuck until he comes home at Christmas."

How the hell did he know I jerked off regular.  I'd never seen him even when I'd tried to look through the keyhole when he was in the bathroom where I often did it.  I'd only seen his cock hanging down and never in his hand.  All he ever seemed to do there was muss with his hair.  Sean must have read my mind.

     "He knew you were beating your meat 'cause he saw you in the bathroom one day and he used to find spunk stains on your sheets and as he only looked every now and again and they were always there so he knew you were regular."  He nudged me.  "Didn't you ever think to look at his?"

If  Mike had found spunk stains so must have Mom or the maid.  Did they know about me and tossing off?  Mary had grown up boys, three of them, big black boys who used to come and tend the yard in turn when I was a little kid.  They must have jerked off as well so she must know what's on my sheets.  My thoughts were in a whirlwind again.  Mike'd seen me in the bathroom.  I asked Sean when that was.  He laughed and said it was one afternoon early last year when Mike had hurt his ankle in gym and had gone home early.  He heard you come in so he hid behind his door and you peeked into his room and didn't see him.  He guessed what you would do next so when you went to the bathroom he crept along and you'd left the door open a bit so he looked through the crack and he said you were spanking your monkey like a mad thing and you shot plenty grunting like a young pig!  Then you went off out and he had one himself.  The bastard, telling Sean I was grunting like a young pig!  Wait until Christmas when he was home again!

So Sean was mixed up and so was Mike and they'd worked it out together.  I asked him if he'd done it with any other boys.
     "Not really since I've got older, but when I was ten we had a priest who told us about the sins of the flesh and one of the other boys told me afterwards about what his older brothers did in bed and we had a look at each other and tried jerking each other off like he said they did but nothing happened except a nice feeling in our cocks so we never tried again.  Not quite true," he added, "'cause when we were thirteen he said he could make stuff but I was too afraid to do it with him again.  He called me a fucking straight ass and my balls could rot in hell."  Sean giggled and reached down and held my balls gently.  "I certainly wouldn't want your young balls to rot in hell, would you?"

I pecked him on the cheek feeling a slight rasping from the hair which had grown that day.

     "Do you shave every day?"

     "No, a coupla times a week, but your brother does every day.  He's got a strong black beard hasn't he?"

Yeah, I had noticed that and wondered when I would really have to start.  Sean took his hand off my balls and ran the tips of his fingers round my chin and top lip.

     "Bit rough on there,"  he said running his fingers again above my lips.  "Won't be long now till your Dad'll leave a razor on your flannel in the bathroom."

     Of course, I thought, I remembered the day Mike had found his and the grin on his face when he appeared at breakfast

I told Sean who laughed.

     "I know, he told me, but I had to buy my own after one of my sisters found me using the one she used to shave her legs."   "Want to know about girls?" he asked.

I said I didn't but I would like to know a lot more about boys.

     "Show you tomorrow," he said mysteriously, "But I think we could do with a bit more practice now.  Just once now or you won't be fit for work in the morning."

With that he pushed the blankets off us and moved down the bed head first.

     "We'll do it together this way," he said, "It's called a sixtynine."

I knew exactly what to do even though I hadn't done it before and straight away we were lapping and licking each others already rigid dicks.  We moved a bit until we were comfortable diagonally across the bed and sucked gently and steadily for ages and ages until Mike let my cock slip from his mouth and implored me to slow down.  I held his shaft between my lips without doing anything to it for several minutes just feeling it throbbing against my tongue.  He was doing the same to me and then I felt I was very near my climax.  I pushed my cock a bit against his steadying lips and he responded immediately by sucking really hard and massaging my length with his tongue.  I did the same to him and soon there was an almost simultaneous explosion of two orgasms which both of us struggled to contain in our mouths.

I came first and was gasping for breath because of the strength of mine and lost hold of Sean's rod as he started to come and he finished up by spraying the rest of his spunk all over my face and neck.  He was in the same pickle as he had dropped mine as well and we both ended up gasping and laughing at the same time. Sean quickly moved up and we held each other tightly, mouth to mouth, transferring and tasting each others wonderful spunk.  We then licked each others faces and necks until every drop of come was cleaned up.  Sean clutched me to him and we slowly relaxed and I fell into a deep sleep.  

Next thing I knew was a finger lightly stroking my right nipple.  It was morning and as I came to wondering where I was there was Sean standing by the bed still in the nude holding a hot cup of coffee.

      "D'you want it shaken or stirred?" he said, moving the mug towards his dangling cock. "Sean Bond at your service, sir."

I giggled and sat up.

     "If you stir it with that," I said, "You'll scald your end and I'll have to kiss it better."  I leaned my head forward and planted a kiss on his limp shaft.  "Anytime," I said.

     "Watch it!" he said, "We haven't time just now.  It's a fine morning and the sooner we get out the earlier we'll finish and then we can have more fun."

 I moved the covering blankets off me and swung my legs out.  

     "Oh, Christ!" he said, "You're fucking horny already!"

True, I had a healthy stand which was my usual wakingup present which I generally concealed in my pajamas before relieving it in the bathroom most mornings.  He handed me the mug.

     "You can just let it lie down like a good dog," he said.  "Put your Speedos on and come and have breakfast."

He held out my Speedos and then grubbed in his bag and brought out his.

     "There's sure to be someone on the lake as it's Saturday so we don't want to exhibit ourselves too much."

He held up the matching black Speedos then dropped mine on the bed beside me.

     "We needn't wash as we'll be in the lake and then we can shower afterwards."

He slipped his Speedos on and I watched as he tucked his length carefully in.  They were a tight fit and as he turned away his butt cheeks were noticeably very prominent and tensed in them.    I looked at my watch.  It was just seven o'clock.  I put my Speedos on and shoved in a still rather firm rod and thought to myself that it didn't disgrace me by its size.  Breakfast was already laid and from somewhere Sean produced a complete meal.  I asked where it all came from.  He explained that the Smiths had been down the last weekend before they were going off to Florida for a couple of months.   They'd said because he was going to get the raft in plus all the extra chores he'd done for them over the last couple of months he was welcome to use the place over the whole weekend and he should finish up the food and he could come down to the cabin anytime while they were away.

     "They could see I would jump at it,"  he said.  He grinned.  "They probably thought I would bring some girl to shag the ass off but I decided to ask you instead."

     "So you've shagged my ass off instead," I said through a mouthful of bread and jelly.

     "Yeah," he said, grinning,  "And more, and more to come!"

We cleared up after breakfast and he said if we got working we could have the raft up on the bank in no time.  We swam out to the raft and Sean told me to climb up onto it.  He then went round untying the mooring ropes which he handed up to me and then when it was completely loose I jumped in and helped him push the unwieldy contraption toward the shore.  The worst bit was pulling it up and a couple of struts broke off.  Sean explained that the Smiths had given him some money to buy anything for repairs so he would slip into town and get some wood and finish off the job before lunch.

He said he would call in at my house and say all was well but also that we would be busy until late so could we spend Sunday at the cabin and return that evening.  He would say we could explore the woods as he knew my parents wouldn't like me working on Sunday and then said with a twinkle in his eye that I could take a sack of pinecones home to Mom 'cause he'd collected a big heap of them but he didn't think we would want to spend time in the woods picking up things like that.  I wondered what he had in mind for the woods!  Anyway, he said, you can get those off and sun yourself all over if you climb up on the flat roof at the back of the cabin.  Take the binoculars up and you can keep an eye on all the lake.

He went indoors and came back out in tshirt and shorts and his wellworn sneakers.  I went round the back and found it quite easy to get up on the flat roof and it was very private so I slipped my Speedos off and lay on my front and scanned the lake side.  I heard him drive off and after a few minutes dozed off.

     It must have been at least half an hour later at about nine o'clock when I was awakened suddenly by the sound of splashing oars.  I peered cautiously over the parapet and saw a small rowing boat approaching with two figures in it I recognised.  I ducked down quickly so they wouldn't see me as they were the Corcoran twins, one grade higher than me, and a couple of real thugs.  They were so alike I couldn't usually tell them apart and today it was even more difficult as all they were wearing were identical black shorts.  One was swearing mightily at the other who was rowing,  telling him to hurry up.  The other responded in kind telling him for fuck's sake shut your fucking mouth or I'll ram the oar up your fucking asshole.  I peeped over the parapet again just as the one not rowing reached over and grabbed the front of his brother's shorts and told him to shut his hole and row faster or he'd squeeze his bollocks until the juice ran.  I had never before heard such a stream of oaths that the clutched brother then produced.  The other let go and leaned back and roared with laughter.

     "Got you, you fuckpig, get those oars going you randy cocksucker, or I'll grab you again."

He then shoved his hand down the front of his own shorts and waggled his prick at his brother.

     "You won't be getting a taste of this tonight you thieving bastard unless we get back ....."

By this time they'd got too far past me for me to make out  where they were going and what they were thieving .  One thing I had found out was how they probably spent the first minutes in bed at night!

The sun had been pretty hot on my back so I turned over and toasted my front.  I dozed off again and this time must have slept soundly for well over an hour.  I was wakened this time by the sound of Sean's car.  I looked at my watch which I'd laid carefully by my head.  It was getting on for midday.  I peeked down at my belly and tops of my legs and saw I'd gone quite red from the sun on the bits where I hadn't got tanned before.  I also had a hardon.  I sat up as I heard Sean quietly whistling to himself and looked back over the parapet and saw  him lugging some bits of wood from the trunk of his car.  He also got some parcels off the back seat and went into the cabin with them.  Next thing I knew he vaulted over the parapet and flopped down beside me.  He took in the sight of my erection in one glance.

     "You horny little sod!" he said.  "I leave you alone for five minutes and all you do is masturbate!"

I'd never heard anyone use that word before although I knew it and what it meant.

     "I haven't!" I said, "I fell asleep and it just happened.  You woke me up."

He grinned and reached out and gripped my shaft.

     "Keep it until later, eh?"

I then told him about the Corcoran twins and their conversation.  He also described them as a couple of thugs and said they were best left alone as they were definite future jailbirds.  He laughed when I described the dick waggling and what one of them had said.  He said that as nobody liked them probably the only way they had of getting their rocks off  was by sucking each other off.  He said, in any case, neither's got much to suck 'cause he'd seen them in the showers after football.  They were all mouth and no cock.... ...Not like you, my boy...!

He said he'd called in to see Mom on the way in and confirmed I was OK and Mom said to call in again on his way back.  Two of the parcels were sandwiches for lunch and some cold things to eat that evening.  Mom had agreed about staying over all day Sunday and said if we were back before six she would keep the pot roast until then and Sean could stay as well and have it with us.  Dad had gone off fishing with a couple of friends and wouldn't be back until Monday morning anyway.

Sean told me to put my Speedos on as we had to mend the raft before lunch then we could have some fun.  I had to be quite firm with my unmanageable cock and bent it sideways to fit into them.  As soon as we hit the ground Sean flipped off his tshirt and kicked off his shorts and we set to work putting the new struts on the underside of the raft.  It didn't take very long and we stood back and admired our handiwork.

Sean then nodded to me and we went into the cabin.  He carefully locked the doors and we sat down to eat.  As soon as we'd finished and cleared up.  Sean said he had something to show me but I wasn't to say anything 'bout it.  I followed him and we went along to the second, smaller, bedroom.  He explained this was Ray Smith's room.  He was the Smith's only son and had recently graduated majoring in Economics from some posh outofstate college.  Sean said he remembered him at High School but I didn't know him.

Sean went over to a builtin cupboard on the other side of the room and opened the door.  I looked in and saw shelves with clothes on them, looked like shorts and shirts and things.  Sean reached down and slid out a piece of wood at the bottom of the cupboard.  I peeked over his shoulder and saw there were a whole load of magazines inside.  Sean picked up a couple and winked at me.

     "These are Ray's wankmags.  Have a look," he said conspiratorially.

I took the two from his hands and opened the first.  It was full of nude young men with stories and adverts on other pages.  Sean pulled out  a few more and chucked them on the bed.  I was still holding mine as he slipped his hands into either side of my Speedos and lowered them.  I kicked them off and he did the same with his.

     “We can have  a look at  a few  here,” he said indicating the bed.

I sat on the edge and started to look at some of the pictures.  Christ, most of these lads had very long dicks hanging down.  Sean sat by my side and put his arm round me and looked at the pages with me.  My cock soon rose and I could see that Sean had also gone hard.

     "What do you think of that one?"

He pointed to a lad who looked no older than him, blond like him, with a monster hanging dick.

     " I like yours better," I said.

     "Huhn," he said, "I quite agree, fancy having to carry that around with you all the time.  I've never seen anyone at School with anything like that, ...I don't know where they find them."

He picked out another mag near the bottom of the pile he'd selected and handed it to me.

     "This one's German so you won't understand the writing, but it's a bit more than that one."

It was, too.  There were plenty of pictures in this mag of lads about Sean's age, sucking, fucking and jerking off.  By this time I was ready for action .  I put my mags on the sidetable and turned to Sean who had picked up another one and was looking at it avidly, his dick twitching as he turned the pages.  I ducked my head under the magazine and clamped my mouth round the top of his foreskin covered knob.  He dropped the magazine immediately and fell back on the bed.  We manoeuvred ourselves until I was sucking on him and his mouth was over mine.  We lay side by side for ages gently sucking each other, touching each other's balls and gently feeling between our legs until our fingers where probing at each other's tight puckers.

     I pushed  a tentative finger against Sean's ring and it went in quite easily.  I then tried my index finger as well against it and that was a bit more difficult.  Sean squirmed  a bit but then I had two fingers in.  I put my index finger over my first finger and positioned my third finger.  Suddenly I had three fingers in him and pushed in right up to my fist.  I felt pressure on my ring and I knew I was very relaxed.  His first finger went in followed by his second.  However, he couldn't quite get his third to go in as I couldn't help clenching my ring tightly round the two fingers already there.  No matter, we fingerfucked each other as we sucked and we both knew that we would come together.  We did within seconds of each other.  I shot my load first and I heard Sean gulping it down.  I was so preoccupied with my own spurting his came as a big surprise.  His load was huge.  I couldn't swallow it all and I had difficulty in keeping it all in my mouth.  Our dicks didn't shrivel but remained quite hard as we sucked and licked the cum off each other's pricks.

Sean let my dick go and took his fingers from out of my hole.  I opened my mouth and his fat prick slid out.  My fingers were still in his hole as he turned over on the bed until he was on his back with his knees in the air.  I knew what he wanted so put myself between his legs and moved forward until my almost hard prick was against my hand.  As I withdrew my fingers I pressed my now rapidly hardening cock against his entrance.  As it was still slimy with saliva and cum it glided in easily until my young hairs were brushing the skin beneath his balls.  He arched his back and put his hands under his butt to steady himself.

      "Fuck me quick and hard!" he said urgently, "I need it".

As soon as my dick had touched the side of his tunnel it had gone rockhard.  I needed no second bidding and rocked to and fro between his legs to the accompaniment of urges and moans from a quite delirious Sean.  I felt his muscles tighten round my prick as I drove it in as deep as I could then, without any warning, I shot another enormous load of cum and collapsed over him.

Next thing I knew my legs were parted and Sean was behind me and a hefty knobend was pushing against my ring.  I was so relaxed he got in very easily.  His prick was also still greasy and wet because I had felt it against my belly when I lay on him after I had finished fucking him.  I was still panting with my own exertions and these were soon redoubled as the whole of  Sean's shaft went straight up inside me and an insistent rhythm began.  But, I don't think he managed more than twenty thrusts before he collapsed over my back and I felt a warm trickle run down my legs.

     “Jesus!” he breathed, “that was fucking good....”
He turned my face to his and he smothered my lips with kisses, I opened my mouth and we tonguefucked for ages.  In the end we both got onto the bed and entwined arms and legs and fell asleep, utterly exhausted.

I was woken up his time by Sean probing my lips with his tongue.

     "Time to get up, young man, it's nearly two o'clock.  Let's go and sun ourselves."

We were both very sweaty and I think we both smelled of cum but Sean took a couple of pairs of elastic topped shorts from Ray's cupboard and we put them on.  Mine were  a bit big for me but he looked pretty good in his.

We went back up on the flat roof and lay down on a couple of towels after slipping our shorts off.

     "Your butt is quite red he said.  Must'a caught the sun this morning.  What about your front? Watch your pecker don't get burnt."

     "You'll have to rub it with oil," I said, "To make it better."

     "Don't need no oil on that!"

I then asked him about Ray Smith.  Why did he have all those mags?

     "'Cause he's like us." He grinned broadly.  "He likes the best things in life I guess."

I grinned and said if it was always like just now  it was the best thing.  Sean said I wasn't to say I'd seen the mags and then he said he'd found an old diary of Ray's and Ray'd had the hots for quite  a lot of his High School pals and had fooled around with quite a few of them.  Sean winked and said he knew them all including a couple who left school last year he had thought were straight peckers.  They'd obviously had their assholes reamed by Ray when they were my age.   I wanted to read the diary as well but I heard something in the distance.  I put my finger to my lips and whispered I could hear oars splashing.  Sean motioned me to keep down and he peeked over the edge.

     "It's the Corcorans," he whispered, "Slimy bastards.  Oh, Christ they've got a boatload!"

I took a surreptitious look over the top.  The boat had several packages stowed and the nonrowing Corcoran had a large flat package across his knees.  Sean dropped down.

     "Wait here, don't look, I'm going to call the sheriff's office.  I'll run down to the box on the tree.  I know where they've been and they're heading for the other side."

With that he scurried across the roof pulling on his shorts and scrambled down and was gone.  I lay still and heard an urgent hiss from the nonrower that his brother should put his fucking back in it.  The splashing of oars receded and I took another peek.  They were well over half way across the lake.  Sean was back within five minutes and flopped down beside me, panting.

     " Told the deputy there.  Didn't say who I was but they should see what two boys had in their boat."  He grinned.  "They're a couple of real turds and it'll get them back for beating up that young kid."

I asked him what was that and he said he'd seen them behind the gym laying into some boy but he couldn't do anything as he was too far away.

He shucked off his shorts and lay down beside me.
     "Get a bit more sun before we eat."

In the far distance we heard the wail of a cruiser.  He nudged me.

     "Got the bastards!"

We dozed through the afternoon and at six a cooler breeze started up.

     "Come on, we'd better go down and see what your Mom fixed for us."

     " I need a shower first,"  I said slipping on Ray's shorts, "And I want to see Ray's diary."

Sean was a bit reluctant but in the end nodded and said I could as long as I kept it a secret.  We went down into the cabin and soon were under a hot shower.  We both had boners after we'd soaped each other then I said I wondered if he would do something for me.  When he asked what it was I said I had never seen another boy jerk off so could I watch him.  He grinned and said why not as long as I watch you as well.  We dried off and took our hardons and towels into the main bedroom.

     "Tell you what, young Jordan, I like to look at myself when I do it.  In a mirror,"  he added.

I said I did too but it was a bit awkward as the only one I had was in the bathroom and I had to stand on tiptoe.  He pointed to the builtin wardrobe which had a fulllength mirror on the door.

     "Perfect," he said and chucked his towel on the floor about six or so feet away from it.  "I'll do it nice and slow," he said ringing his meat with his thumb and first finger.

He drew his foreskin down carefully over his dark red knob and stretched his skin down as the angry looking head jutted out proudly from his fist which now curled about his shaft.  He pulled up and down steadily, leaning back slightly and staring at his reflection in the mirror.  I watched absolutely fascinated as the muscles in his legs became taut and his sixpack became more prominent.  His knobend glistened as a drop of precum spread over it.  His mouth was open and his breathing was becoming very deep and regular and then faster and faster as the beat on his shaft quickened too.  With a mighty gasp he pulled his skin right back and a jet of cum flew from his slit and dropped near the further edge of the towel.  Several spurts followed as he held his prick tightly and then he breathed deeply and sighed.

     "Get's better every time!" he whispered, "Did you like that?"

I was transfixed.  Would I have a prick as big as that and be able to squirt as far as I got older?  He stepped to the side of the towel.

     "Your turn now."

I was ready for it.  I took his place and stood exactly on the spot he had planted his feet.

As I fisted my dick I felt even more the hardness and the slight ribbing of the shaft.  My balls ached and I peeked down and saw they were tight up against the base of my prick.  Would I have any come left after shooting twice already today?  Sean had but he was bigger than me and older than me.  Trying to concentrate I looked at the mirror and was rewarded with the sight of a darkhaired tanned young boy with almost no tanline as his belly was now quite red.  The boy was gripping a goodsized young prick with a dark pink knob pressing forward.  Almost as if in a trance the boy in the reflection started to work his hand up and down.  The boy in the room began to breath deeper and opened his mouth to gasp, the boy in the mirror copied him.  As the deep pulses started at the base of his prick he stared at the reflection and saw the boy beating his meat with increasing force and vigour.  He felt a pounding now within his cock and with a long low uuuuuugh.... shot a stream of creamy spunk up and over the towel hitting the floor beyond it.  Four other less powerful spurts followed it dropping squarely on the towel.

     Sean gave a long low whistle.  "You beat me, young Jordan."

 I stood gazing at the cum drops on the floor.  Had I done that or was it the boy in the mirror?  Was it my third of the day or his first? He grinned back at me as a seraphic smile spread over my face as I realised it was all me.  I turned to Sean and put my arms round him, my sticky stillerect cock meeting his.  I clung to him as he patted me on the back.

     "You're a champion." he whispered over the top of my head as he put his arms round me as well.  "You shoot even further than your brother."

 We walked over to the bed and lay down and held each other tightly.  Once I'd got my breath back I asked if that meant he'd seen my brother Mike jerk off.

     "Yep, a good few times."

     "What about anyone else?" I asked.

     "A few, like I said earlier.  You remember your brother and I went to that Easter tennis camp about three years ago when we were fifteen.  There were six of us in our tent and we had a circle jerk every night."

     "What's a circle jerk?" I asked.

     "Dummy, where you all stand round and see who comes first, squirts the most or shoots the furthest.  I usually produced the most and your brother shot the furthest and that little guy Ted Miller always came first."

I knew Ted Miller.  A rather swarthy seemingly happygolucky young guy with very hairy legs who lived fairly near us and had left school with Mike.  I heard he'd gone on to do Law like his dad.  I said I knew him and remarked on the hairiness of his legs.  Sean sniggered and said I was very observant but Ted was the hairiest bastard in their class and had the biggest pair of swingers he'd ever seen but he never shot much at a time.  He said Ted had done it more often than any of them though 'cause he was always going to the bathroom at school and would come back grinning.  They knew what he did 'cause it rained one day at the camp and they'd stayed in the tent and he jacked himself off four times between lunch and four o'clock and he said he had to do it as often when at home.  And he joined in the circle that night, Sean added.   

Christ, I thought, my brother doing it seven times and this guy Ted Miller whacking off so much my two or three times a day didn't seem too gross.  I told Sean all this and wanted to know if any boys never jacked off.

     "Dunno," he said, "I guess not they certainly all did in our class 'cause they were always talking about it."

I said I hadn't heard much from my lot.

     "Bit young and probably too scared to let on," said Sean, "But rely on me every one of them's beating his meat something regular, even those Baptist boys."

 I asked what he meant and he said they were told they'd go to Hell if  they jerked off but he knew for certain that Georgie Reynolds the pastor's son did it 'cause he'd heard him in a stall going at it when he was taking a dump in the next one keeping quiet and listening hard. He said I bet his brother does too and he's in your class.  I knew Georgie Reynolds and his brother Clay, who was a fat sweatylooking lad and a star in our football  squad.  I'd seen his dick which was short and stubby under his tub of a belly which he had even at his age.  Sean laughed when I told him what I'd seen and he said Georgie was just the same, fatter than a yearling hog with a short fat dick to match.  I asked him about dicks and how big they got.

     "Certainly not usually as big in Ray's mags," he said.  "Your brother and I had the biggest in our grade. Usual size is about six inches with some over that to about seven.  Lots of kids are only five to five and a half fully grown so you're in with a chance."  He reached over and gave my prick a friendly pat.   "Thinking about it," he said, "I did see one about eight inches on some lad from another school when we played them at baseball last year.  His mates were boasting he'd got the biggest dick going and he got it up and waved it around.  They said it was eight and it looked huge.  He was huge too and a right dumb ass.  I didn't let them see mine although Ted Miller pushed me and said I should show off mine."   

My dick was stirring again after Sean's touch just now.  I reached down and fingered it.  I asked Sean if tossing off wore it out and could people tell if one beat your meat often.

     He laughed.  "No, it's more likely to make it grow 'cause of the exercise and even if you did it ten times a day you won't get hair on your palms!"

I'd heard that some time ago I said and snuggled up to him.  I confessed I had a look the night that one of boys had told me it happened if you wanked.

     "I did the same when I heard it too," he sniggered, "I had a very good look, but I made use of that tale to avenge a bit of nastiness."

     "What was that?" I asked.

     "You know that foul piece of work Jake Binns?  He'll be in twelfth grade now."

I knew him.  A worse piece of shit than the Corcorans, a big rangy farmer's son, a real thicko who'd only gone up grades 'cause his Dad gave money to the school for things so the rumours went.   Jake was always swearing and clouting smaller boys who got in his way.  I'd had to move swiftly one day to prevent my butt coming in contact with his boot.  I didn't dare to tell my brother 'cause Jake Binns had belted some of the Seniors I'd heard.   I told Sean all this and he said he was quite evil and he'd kept out of his way too.  But then he said he'd seen Jake shove a smaller boy in the pool when Jake was in tenth grade and Sean was in eleventh so he thought he'd try something out on the bully.  Sean sniggered again and said so I put a piece of paper through the gap in Jake's locker with the message that his hairy palms had been spotted even though he shaved them.  He said Jake had been very quiet for a while after that and seemed to act as if everyone was watching him.

     "He's a big thick bastard," said Sean, "So I don't suppose he realised it was all a fairy tale."

     "He's probably got a big thick fairy's wand," I said.

     Sean giggled, "He's got nothing between his legs worth grabbing at.  He's got more wrinkles than inches even on a warm day.  I think that's probably what he gets mad at.  See's the younger kids in the showers with real swingers and gets a fit of jealousy."

I said I'd never seen Jake's thing as I always kept out of his way.

     "Yeah," said Sean, "I've seen it plenty of times but no one's ever dared say why doesn't he grow a prick.  And I don't know anyone who's got friendly enough to toss him off."

He giggled again and said he remembered one day Coach Thomas caught Jake beginning to dress without going in the shower after football.  Coach told him he knew the rules and stood while he undressed again and watched him in the shower.

     "We all stood at a distance and gawped and Jake's little dong began to rise a bit.  Coach said something to him and he went beet red and came from out the shower fast.  We scattered and Coach had a smirk on his face as he waddled off.  Never found out what Coach said but Jake was like a mad thing for a while after that."
     I was glad we didn't have anyone really disagreeable in my grade and I hoped that all the other lads  were  having such a pleasant time as I was, even if they were alone in their bedrooms.  I shifted my position.

     "Can I see Ray's diary?"

Sean said I could after we'd eaten as it was close on seven o'clock and he was starving.  He prodded me in the stomach and said all this activity needs feeding.

     "Come on get dressed and we'll get down to it."

     "Eating, I assume," I said.

He grabbed my balls and said we'll keep that getting down to for later.  Good job we got dressed even just in tshirt and shorts as we suddenly heard a car engine noise.   Sean went out to investigate and I peered out of the window.  It was a deputy in a cruiser.   Sean obviously knew him and they chatted for a while and then the deputy got back in and drove off.  Sean came in with the news.  The Corcorans had broken into two cabins at the further end of the lake and all the stolen goods were in the boat when they were picked up.  They were locked up for the night as their father had said the bastards could rot in jail for a while and whatever the courts did with them he would whop the pair of them when he saw them next.  Sean had told the deputy he had 'phoned and the deputy said not to worry it was logged as a concerned member of the public.  He had also said they'd wanted to nail the bastards for a while and they were crying and confessing everything, blaming the other for each and every sin they'd committed.   I must say we did laugh and say serve them right as nobody had dared confront them as they always went around together and Sean thought that some of the teachers were even scared of them.

Anyway, Mom had done us grand.  We unpacked the food she'd sent and there was plenty to eat and we felt quite full afterwards.  Sean had lit the fire in the main room so we settled down after the meal on the sofa and held each other and chatted about anything and everything.  I don't think I'd ever been happier.  In a lull in the conversation Sean went and fetched Ray's diary and it was fascinating reading.   If it was all true he'd sucked, fucked and mutually wanked his way through the last couple of years at High School with quite a variety of his classmates and sundry others in town.  I was rather surprised when I saw a couple of names of shopkeepers mentioned but Sean said they were wellknown as providing goods or money for services rendered.  I asked him what he meant and he told me to avoid certain areas of town.  I wanted to know how he knew and he put a finger to the side of nose and said things like that were what boys learned from their elders.  I said I didn't need to explore certain areas of town if he was around and I started to explore him.

It was so warm and cosy by the fire as we gradually undressed each other and Sean lay on his back.  I kissed his cock and licked his balls and then he said he wanted me inside him.  He had been very crafty and the tube of lubricating jelly was by the fireplace.  He smeared some on my hardon and I slowly pressed my knob end against his hole.  I slid in quite easily and very gently fucked him and he told me to come lots.  I think I did as I felt the storm raging at the base of my prick and then a rush of spunk as I came.  As I pulled out I took his shaft in my mouth and sucked him until he shot his load into my throat.  After I'd been to the bathroom to wash my prick we lay and cuddled each other, just feeling each other's bodies all over.  In the end he whispered `My turn' and I lay back as he felt my ring and put the jelly on me and over his dick.  His long thick pole pushed its way into my willing tunnel.  I must have become more use to its size as it didn't seem to hurt as much.  This time he took much longer to come and  I felt his shaft spasm inside me as he grunted and groaned and fired his spunk into me.

We lay for quite a while as his prick remained rigid in me, then he withdrew and sucked me to a climax.  He did this slowly and I kept getting near and he would slow down further or even stop while I moaned and implored him to get me over the edge.  In the end I came as he couldn't make me hold it any longer.  I must have made a lot of spunk as when he withdrew he kissed me full on the lips and I opened my mouth against his and pushed my tongue into a whole mass of my spunk all over his tongue.  Again we lay and cuddled each other and I fell asleep in his arms.  At eleven o'clock the fire had almost died out so we got ready and went to bed and curled up together and we both fell asleep his time.

I woke up some while later and saw by my watch that it was nearly three o'clock.  I felt down between us and we both had hardons.  I slid down under the covers and took his prick in my mouth again.  I turned myself round until my cock was against his mouth.  His mouth was slightly open as he slept.  I held my cock to his lips and as he breathed in I eased my knobend between his lips.  I think he was still asleep but he automatically began to suck on my cock.  As I sucked on his he began to wake up and we continued giving each other great pleasure for at least twenty minutes until, with a sudden rush, he emptied his balls into my mouth.  He quickened his pace on my cock and I fired my wad within the next minute.  I moved up the bed and we pressed our lips together and mingled our combined spunk and drank it all down.  We fell asleep again immediately.

A nude Sean woke me with a mug of hot coffee just after seven.  He was all bright and cheerful.  I was still rather dozy after I'd drunk it and felt rather unsteady on my legs when I retreated to the bathroom for a much needed pee.   Sean followed me into the bathroom and stood by me and pissed into the bowl at the same time.  He nudged me.

     "Can't stand the pace," he said, "You young'uns haven't got the stamina.  Six times yesterday and you're all weakkneed."  He flourished a rapidly hardening shaft at me.  "Race you into the shower."

We got into the shower together and  it wasn't long before I was on my knees sucking Sean as hard as I could.  He certainly had stamina because a very large and very hot squirt of spunk hit the back of my mouth within five minutes.  He turned off the water and carried me out of the shower, dripping wet, into Ray's room and beat my rampant meat so vigorously I shot a steaming load all over the wardrobe mirror.  We collapsed on the floor laughing.  Of course, we then had to go back and finish our shower.

After breakfast Sean said we were going to explore the woods behind the cabin.  We set off and wandered along a wellworn path up the hill and finally reached a picnic area.  We didn't stop there as Sean led us off onto a smaller track until we reached a rocky area hidden by small trees but with a good view of the lake.  Sean bent down and took his shoes and socks off and then stripped off his tshirt and shorts.  I followed and did the same and we lay soaking up the wonderful sun.  He'd brought a snack and some cans in a small bag and we just lazed there, turning every so often to brown another bit of ourselves.  I was in my seventh heaven.  And I couldn't resist in the end, as Sean was lying on his back with his eyes shut, reaching out and quietly catching hold of his length and slowly squeezing it and pulling his foreskin back and forth.  He lay back, eyes still shut, but his mouth now quite widely open.  I wanked him so gently for nearly half an hour before he erupted with streams of spunk up his chest with the first spurt actually going into his open mouth.  He lay panting for some time as I clutched his throbbing tool.

I counted up.  In twentyfour hours he'd come eight times.  I was still musing on that when Sean slid down beside me and began to suck my rather limp cock.  It didn't stay limp long and he steadily sucked away for what seemed like ages.  I wasn't interested in time, just in the wonderful feelings within my cock and under my balls.  I groaned and moaned as I felt the subterranean rumblings and then I shot.  Spunk seemed to shoot from my knobend for ages.  When it finished Sean leaned up over me, his lips tightly pressed together but with a dribble of my boycum at each outer edge of his mouth.  I watched as he swallowed and his Adam's apple bobbed up and down.  Then he smiled sweetly and we kissed each other on the lips and with open mouths for ages and ages.

I had also come eight times in the past twentyfour hours and eleven times since Friday evening.  I had certainly beaten my brother's record!  And so had Sean!!  I told him all this as we lay back again in the sunshine.  He laughed and said if I was that good as a beginner what would I be like in a few week's or even a few  month's time and not only would he have to practice more but he'd have plenty to tell my brother when he wrote to him. We then had our food and decided to explore a bit more of the hill.  We didn't get very far.  We were both very tired.  But tired in a wonderful, relaxed way.  At three o'clock we made our way back down to the cabin.  Sean found a couple of paper sacks and we filled them with pine cones and put them on the back seat of the car.  We then had to clean up the evidence of our stay.  As Sean stashed away Ray's mags and diary I cleaned and polished the floor and the mirror so no signs of any spunk stains remained.  We cleaned the shower and basin in the bathroom and while Sean cleared up the ashes of the fire I did a cleaning circuit of the kitchen.  Even to my eyes it all looked very spotless.

At five o'clock we locked up and set off back to my house where, I knew a lovely pot roast would be cooking.  Mom was very pleased with the cones and thanked us for collecting them.  Sean didn't let on our subterfuge and we had a good meal and Mom said Sean could stay over if he liked in Mike's room then he could do his Monday chores straight off.  Sean thanked Mom and said he would stay but would bunk down on the floor in my room so as not to muss up Mike's bedroom.  He didn't bunk down on the floor but got in with me and we sucked each other off silently one last time that most memorable weekend.  I bet none of my school friends, or even Ted Miller, had  cum twelve times as Sean and I had over one glorious weekend.  I certainly will never forget how I lost my virginity!

I lost my virginity that weekend and gained a loving and most generous friend.  I had better tell you of the rest of my year.

Sean and I sucked and fucked whenever we could or just jacked each other off when time or circumstances pressed.  As the Smiths decided to stay in Florida until after Christmas Sean was asked by them to caretake the cabin and give bits of it a coat of paint.  We stayed two more weekends there, but by that time we didn't need to break my brother's record although the second weekend we both came plenty of times.   The Corcoran twins got three years in Juvenile Correction.  Sean told me he'd met one of Mary's boys in town who was a warden at the centre.  Apparently the Corcorans had been surly to two black kids during their first week there.  That same night the two black studs and half a dozen of their mates had got hold of the Corcorans and fucked them rigid.  They spent the next three weeks in the hospital and now were in a secluded wing as they fear they'll be fucked again.  Jake Binns got kicked by some animal on his Daddy's farm and was on crutches and spitting fire at anyone who got in his way.  'Cause he couldn't move much without them two of the Seniors took his crutches away and then a group of them got his jeans and briefs down and painted his dick with red paint from the Art Room.  It was all round school that he was only four and a half erect.  He left school at Christmas to work on his Daddy's farm.  

Me?  By Christmas I had grown another three inches in height and my cock had increased by nearly an inch.  Sean had written to my brother to tell him all the news and when he returned at Christmas he hugged me so effusively I think Dad and Mom thought he'd missed home so much.  He crept into my room the first night he was back and stayed all night in my bed.  I told him how grateful I was for him to let me be friends with Sean.  We jacked each other off and I was very pleased when he commented on the size of my tool.  He said it was just like his at my age.  I told him about my measurement list and he laughed and said he'd done the same and would show me his chart in the morning.  Before he went back to his room at six in the morning we jacked each other off again.   I celebrated my fifteenth birthday night in his bed when we sucked each other off for the first time.

That set a pattern until the day after Christmas when Mom and Dad decided to go off until after the New Year.  Sean came to stay and our threesomes were awesome sex orgies.  Sean and Mike were obviously deeply in love with each other but I was included as an equal partner.  Sean and I were both very sad to see him go off back to College.

Sean and I continued our pairings right through to Spring.  Sean got a parttime job coaching the JV tennis squad and at Easter I went with five of the squad, including the two goodlooking lads I was interested in, to the Easter coaching camp.  There I experienced my first circle jerk and found that both the lads were also interested in me, not only 'cause I shot the furthest.

Last summer I don't know what exhausted me most, the intensive tennis coaching and games, or the intensive sex I was now having with Sean and the two lads.  Still we all survived and my stamina for all things increased.  During the Summer break Mike was home and so was hairy Ted Miller.  We all played tennis together and I got to see Ted's mighty swingers and, although my legs were getting hairier weekly, I didn't match him at all on either attribute.   In September I said a very tearful goodbye to Sean and my brother as they went off together to  the same College.  They are an item now.

My two new friends and I make a wonderful threesome.  Steve and I really hit it off but Mac is a very good friend too.  We both envy him his foreskin.  The Smiths asked me if I would like to caretake the cabin for them while they were away in Florida again.  I jumped at the chance and we three have spent two weekends there since Mike and Sean went off.  The second time we went we opened the secret cache again in the wardrobe and there were some more mags added to the pile which delighted us.  When we opened the first one there was a note from Ray saying he and Tom hoped we liked the new ones and would I get the sheets washed as his mom would go apeshit if she found them.  There were also three $10 bills but no diary.  The sheets were really mussed up and mucky but I put them with our laundry for Mary and she never raised an eyebrow.  Ray's got clean sheets now and we three lads had a good laugh about the note and several intense wanks looking at the mags and glorious sucks copying what we saw.

Steve stayed over with me the next weekend and we had our first fuck together on the Saturday evening after Mom and Dad went out.  It's Mac's turn very soon as we both are determined to make him lose his virgin ass at the first opportunity and so we are arranging that for Thanksgiving weekend at the cabin.  So, as of this November I have now gained new friends and adventures, another five inches in height since the Spring and my cock is a good six and a half inches and I think it's still growing and I won't be 16 for another month!