St. Mark's


A Sequel

by Joel


This  is a sequel to the story of Mystery and Mayhem told  in the previous 34 Chapters.  I am more than grateful to Mike Arram [stories on crvboy] who, having sparked off the original tale, in this one has kept me on the straight and narrow regarding the wonderful country of Rothenia by taking the time and effort to read and comment.  As before, although much takes place in Cambridge and its University, none of the characters should be equated with anyone living or dead even if the knowing among you see parallels!  So, events described should not be taken other than with the customary pinch of salt. As is usual, if any of the customs, words, etc. need any explication just drop me an e-mail. There is also the customary warning that anyone who is not of an age, or in the wrong State/Country, or of any persuasion which makes their mental processes such that rational discourse of a sexual nature is anathema to them, should desist from reading any further. To all other readers - greetings. My e-mail - coded to prevent spam! - is joad130 (at)