By Joel

Hi, I'm Chris Roberts and all this happened in 1990 just at the beginning of the Summer holiday when I was just over thirteen and a half.  I have two brothers, Daniel, who was a bit over seventeen and a half and Mark, who was fifteen and a half at the time.  In fact, our birthdays were all bunched within a month of each other so that probably tells you a bit about our parents' holiday habits!  

Mum and Dad are both doctors.  Dad has a clinical post at the local University and Mum is a haematology consultant at the same hospital attached to the University.  Because they are so busy we three boys have been firm friends and buddies all our lives although my elder brothers have had to look after me a lot.  Actually, we've all been looked after mainly by Dad's Mum, a doctor's widow.  Grandad died in a car crash one snowy night going out to visit a patient.  I was only two at the time so don't remember anything of him but Gran's super and came to live with us straight after the funeral and stayed.

We live in a large three storey house near enough to the campus so Mum and Dad don't have far to go when called out.  Dad had the top storey converted to make rooms for us boys.  Dan and Mark share a huge room and I have a fairly large one to myself.  The bedrooms are separated by a bathroom, which all three of us use, with connecting doors to our rooms.  It's standard, a washbasin, shower, bath and separate bog and we have worked out a rota who uses what, when, in the mornings before school.  In fact, as we all go to the same Grammar School, morning ablutions are somewhat hurried and rather hectic at times especially when dear Dan has to shave his emerging facial hair and tells Mark and me to keep still while he's wielding his razor.

We see each other every day in the nude.  As it's the top of the house and pretty warm we rarely wear pyjamas to bed and generally sleep with nothing on.  I've watched my brothers grow up from snail-cocks to thick and heavy hangers with bunches of black hair above and, being doctors' children, we have learned from the literature scattered in the study all about growing up.  However, though I knew all there was to absorb intellectually about what happens to one's body it was, at the time, all purely theoretical.  That state of semi-ignorance continued until I was just touching thirteen and I noticed I had three or four black hairs emerging at the base of my prick, just as I remembered my brothers had at the same age.  In fact I'd pointed out to Mark just a few days ago my now slightly more abundant moustache spreading out around my boyish dong and said I'd soon be like him.

He just said he'd noticed it as well but didn't remark on it any more except to knee me in the side and say I was taking up too much valuable space in front of the washbasin.  As he was near enough six foot and hefty with it to my five foot two I shifted quickly.  He, in turn, was shifted when Dan came through a few minutes later.  They jostled a bit at the sink and I thought it prudent to beware the two almost equal sized  brontosauruses and said no more but went into my bedroom to put my school uniform on.

 I'd also noticed since Easter that my cock was no longer so snail-like and was lengthening and also my balls were getting saggier.  Being an observant child I had also compared these facts with my memories of the development of my brothers and realised that I was going through puberty.  I'd also seen, when we were getting changed for swimming the week before, that my pal Kenny Price, two months older than me, had the makings of a ginger fuzz around his now lengthening whanger but I didn't have time to ask him anything although we'd shared all sorts of secrets since we'd been together in Junior School.

One other thing which I noticed during the past Summer Term was that in the mornings I generally woke up with a semi-stiff cock.  In fact, a couple of mornings in the last week it had been pretty hard and, as I didn't want snide remarks from my bothers, I stayed in bed until it had wilted a bit.  I couldn't remember seeing my brothers as stiff as I had been those mornings although, thinking about it, there were mornings when one, or both, seemed to have a bigger cock than usual.

I wondered if I should mention that to Mark as I had read about erections being necessary to pass spermatozoa from the male to the female egg in the copulatory act.  I didn't know yet about actual spermatozoa although I'd heard kids at school saying words like `hardon', `spunk' and `wank' and I'd made, in my boyish mind,  some connection between these words and the more formal scientific language we'd had in our Biology classes.  In fact, I'd noticed  `wanker' was the ultimate put-down as an insult with the Fourth-Year boys in the form above mine.

We broke up on the Thursday and that evening Gran did us a lovely meal.  Dad and Mum were there as they were flying to the States the next day to go to conferences and give papers and they always made a thing of the family being all together as much as possible.  There was even a bottle of wine to celebrate their departure but I wasn't allowed any although Mark and Dan did get one glass each.  However, Mark kept filling my glass with orange squash making remarks about his little drunkard brother.  I gave him a couple of kicks under the table in revenge and he mouthed, “You wait!”.

As youngest I always got sent to bed first.  Now I was over  thirteen I was allowed to stay up until half past nine and, glory be, with no homework, I could do as I liked in my room that evening.  However, I scuttled off as soon as supper was finished and got on with my major project of the moment, building a rather complicated model ship.  I heard Mark come up soon after and knew he would be on the computer.  I didn't have a computer at the time although Dan and Mark had a rather rudimentary one on which they produced essays for school work and played all sorts of Dungeons and Dragons games which, honestly, bored me stiff.  As I said before both were big lads and both liked Soccer.  Dan was in the First XI and Mark was in the Junior XI and both were mad on cricket as well.  Me, I liked swimming and hated cricket and spent my spare time at the University pool with my pal Kenny whose Dad was also a lecturer.

Anyway, that first night of the Summer holiday I was ready for bed by just gone ten.  I stripped off, got under the duvet and switched the light out.  I hadn't washed and I hadn't had a pee.

I woke up quite suddenly and peered at the clock by my bed.  It said twenty-five past eleven.  Two things had woken me.  The first was an urgent need to have a piss and the second was a succession of strange noises coming through the partly open door leading to the bathroom.  That was odd.  I could have sworn I'd shut the door earlier.  It was an unwritten law that the connecting doors were kept closed.  Mainly, according to Mark, to keep my stink from getting into their room after I'd had a shit even behind the other closed door of the bog.

Bursting for a slash I slid out of bed and padded as quietly as I could into the bathroom and then into the lav.  Instead of standing and letting fly I sat on the seat and directed my stream away from the water to be as quiet as possible.  It was then I realised that the strange noises were coming from my brothers' bedroom through their partly open door.  Again, peculiar, as the door was usually tightly shut.  I shook my little dick and stood up and walked silently to their door and peeked through.  A bedside light was still on beside Dan's bed and I could see that Mark's bed was empty.  The reason was that my brothers were lying diagonally head to toe facing each other on Dan's bed..

What they were doing was a mystery but from the sucking and slurping noises I realised that they had each other's cocks in their mouths.  Soon there were even louder noises as first Dan began to moan.  Mark's cock must have been released from his mouth because Dan began to make strange baying noises getting louder and ending with “Unnnnh...  unnnnh... unnnnh...  I'm cumming..., I'm cumming..., OHHHHHH!”  There were a few moments silence and then the noises started again, this time from Mark.  He was lying more on his back now and I could see Dan's head going up and down as Mark began to moan and almost sing out a series of full-throated “AAAAAAAH's”.  Then there were three short, sharp “Oh fucks” in quick succession followed by a long drawn out, higher-pitched “AAAAAAAH” again.  Then there was silence.  I crept back to my room, confused.... “What the hell was happening?” I thought to myself.  As I crawled under the duvet I realised my cock was at full stretch, hard as iron and I had a funny feeling in my balls.   Confused, I dropped off to sleep thinking all sorts of perplexing thoughts.  Were my brothers hurting each other?  Why were they both on Dan's bed?  Why were they calling out like that?  What did Dan mean when he shouted out “I'm cumming”?  My mind was in a whirl.

However, I must have fallen asleep fairly quickly and I slept like a log.  I was woken up by Mark pulling off the duvet and poking me in the side saying it was almost breakfast time.  I noticed my cock was still fairly stiff and I thought I saw Mark having a good look at it.  But, I didn't dare ask what had been going on the night before.

The day passed quickly enough.  I'd arranged to go round to Kenny's and we fooled around in his garden and when it got too hot we went up to his room and played with his model army.  His Dad was a military historian and had the biggest collection of toy soldiers anyone had ever seen.  His one claim to fame, as far as Kenny was concerned, was that he'd been on telly demonstrating some battle or other using about a couple of hundred of his meticulously painted models.  Kenny was following in father's footsteps and what he didn't know about battles was nobody's business.  His favourite game was replaying the battle of Waterloo so we killed off loads of Froggies that afternoon.  I wanted to tell Kenny about what I'd witnessed the night before but he'd got three older sisters and no brothers so I wasn't sure he would know what I was talking about.

That night I deliberately left my connecting door open and, sure enough, at about the same time I heard the moans and groans again.  I scuttled out of bed and was soon peeping through into their room again just like the night before.  This time they were both on Mark's bed, in the same position but with Dan's head nearer to me.  I could see much more clearly and watched wide-eyed as they sucked noisily on each other's hugely swollen cocks.  As Mark's shaft slid in and of Dan's mouth I had never seen anything so big!  It was thick and long and when it popped out of Dan's mouth, when he began the sequence of baying sounds like the night before, I could see a big, round, dark red knob free of the foreskin which usually hid it.  Before anything else happened I turned and rushed back to my room and hid under the duvet.  I thought they were murdering each other at least because Dan began to roar and then Mark was calling out as well.  I was so frightened I never noticed if there was any change in my prick that time.  I huddled down and shivered a bit and, at last, dropped off.

Saturday morning I was woken up again by Mark who repeated the actions of the morning before.  I had a fully-blown hardon so I grabbed the duvet back to cover it.  Mark rolled me over and slapped my backside through the duvet and told me to get up otherwise Gran would be displeased as she'd already shouted up that breakfast was ready.  Dan had already gone to his Saturday morning job on one of the tills in the local Sainsbury's.  Mum and Dad insisted we earned something towards our pocket money so Mark would be off to stack boxes in a shoe shop for the morning a bit later.  My chores were around the house clearing up after Grandma and then clearing up the piles of grass left by Dan the day before when he had mowed the lawn.  I was then free to have some lunch and spend the afternoon at the University pool with Kenny.

As the students had gone down on vacation and the pool was officially closed for maintenance only older, unsupervised kids were allowed to go and they had to be University Staff children.  When Kenny and I got to the pool there were only us two and two older teenagers who I recognised as being in our Fifth Year with Mark.  The pool-keeper was a bad-tempered old sod and had managed to keep out everyone else but us four on the pretext that the pool needed cleaning for a swimming match that evening which we, and he, knew wasn't true.  That meant we had to keep out of his way.

Kenny and I set off swimming our lengths.  We were both about equal having been going to the pool since we were Juniors so we'd had plenty of practice.  The two older lads were also doing lengths and were in lanes on the opposite side of the pool.  We finished first and were sitting on the steps leading into the pool when they stopped swimming and started horsing around.  It looked as if they were grabbing at each other's dicks and shouting out at the same time.  This brought the pool-keeper out of his cubby-hole and he ordered us all out of the pool and pointed to the dressing rooms.  Kenny stuck two fingers up at him when he turned and went back into his den and the other two were not too pleased either as both did a V-sign as well.  The one who had shouted out was then chased by the other into the back end of the large dressing room.  I and Kenny stripped off our trunks and went under the showers.  These were automatic wonders and sprayed you for exactly forty-five seconds - just long enough, if you were quick, to rinse off the chlorine-smelling water.

While we under the shower the two older lads reappeared, both nude, swiping at each other with their wet swimming trunks.  They took no notice of us younger kids as we stood and watched when our water turned off.  I was watching avidly as both were well-matched in all ways.  They were both quite a bit shorter than Mark but both had good-sized bushes of hair about flapping cocks and swaying balls as they swatted each other round the head, back, legs, etc. with the trunks.  In the end, by mutual consent, looking rather exhausted and puffing they stopped, looked at us, stared rather pointedly at our minuscule dicks compared with theirs, one said something sotto voce to the other, they both laughed and then disappeared again towards the back of the room.  Kenny wrinkled his nose, said nothing and we went to get dressed.  While dressing we heard the flow of water from the showers and then silence reigned.  “Bet they're having a wank,” said Kenny.

I was too flabbergasted to ask what he meant, anyway, I didn't want to show my ignorance.  I said goodbye to Kenny at the pool entrance and cycled back home.  Neither of my brothers was home so I mooched around talking to Gran until supper was ready and they had reappeared.

That night I wanted to see if Mark and Dan were going to continue their game or fight.  I wasn't sure which it was.  It could hardly be a fight as both were even more affable than usual over supper and kept playing up to Gran and teasing her.  She loved it and gave them extra helpings.  It wasn't until I held my plate out and Mark said, “Look at Oliver Twist here!” did I get my fair share.  Both complained they were tired out from working, looking at me as if spending an afternoon swimming thirty-five lengths of an Olympic-sized pool was easy, and said they were going up to bed as soon as the film on telly was over.

I was in bed long before I heard them have a piss and go into their room.  When all was quiet I opened my door a touch and saw that their door was also ajar.  I crept back to bed and waited expectantly for strange noises and I wasn't disappointed.   This time there were snatches of conversation that I couldn't quite catch.  So, to find out more, I went through and took up my station near their door again.

Tonight they were both on Mark's bed again.  But tonight Dan was lying almost on top of Mark and Mark had his knees on either side of Dan's torso with one of Dan's hands between his legs.

“Watch it, Dan,” I heard Mark whisper, “Do it slowly and I'll tell you to stop if it hurts.”

 “Never hurt you before,” I heard my other brother growl, “You love it more and more each time.”

 I heard Mark grunt assent and then he produced a low moan which was cut off as Dan moved forward and planted his mouth over Mark's.  I saw Dan bring his hand up and push himself towards Mark.  Mark lifted his legs and, with Dan's help, placed them over Dan's shoulders.  I could see now exactly what was happening.  The end of Dan's unsheathed cock was pressed against Mark's arsehole.  Both Dan's shaft and the area around Mark's pucker were glistening.  I knelt on the floor because from that position I could see Dan's rigid dick and his large ballsack hanging beneath him as he inched forward and then, with a grunt from both of them, his knob-end disappeared into Mark.

 “Oh God, that hurt a bit but it's good,” I heard Mark say.

 Then, as Dan pushed on and further in, Mark kept up a commentary of, “Slow, that hurt, Ohh..., go on, further, slower, no..., no...., go on, that's it, I want it all in, go on, go on!”

 He then let out a series of low moans as Dan set up a slow rhythm of pushing in and then withdrawing slightly.  I could see on the down stroke that the whole of his lengthy cock disappeared into Mark.

 Mark then began to whisper, “More, Dan, I want more!”

 “It's all fucking in you silly cunt,” growled Dan, “I'm not ten inches like those fuckers in the mags!  You've got all mine in there so be satisfied.”

 I heard a throaty giggle from Mark who shut up as Dan again locked his mouth over his and began to quicken up his thrusts.  Mark also moved forwards and back slightly, matching Dan with counterthrusts.

 Dan came up for air and I could hear his breathing getting heavier and heavier until he burst out “There it is! uuuunh..., uuuunh...., uuunh!”  Nothing happened for a few moments then Dan sat back still with his prick inside Mark and panting loudly.

 I think he must have grabbed at Mark's dick which seemed to be ever so long and hard and then he rubbed up and down until Mark started to scream out, “I'm cumming..., owwwww...!!”

That “ow” went on for ages.  He was still “owing” when I went off back to my room and my bed and my very excited thoughts.  Was Dan passing spermatozoa to Mark?  If so, why?  Why were they doing it like that?  Why did Dan finish up by rubbing Mark's cock like that?  I was suffering from brain fatigue and hardly realised I had my hand on my own hard little cock.  I dropped off to sleep gripping it tightly.

Sunday morning it was Dan's turn to wake me.  “Bloody stinks in here,” he said, as he rolled me completely out of bed, hardon and all.  He was nude as usual as well and his dangling cock was inches away from my face as he hoisted me back off the floor onto the bed with me making frantic efforts to cover my embarrassment.  He apparently took no notice, just as if it was an everyday occurrence and continued, “It's pissing with rain out there, so much for summer and this holiday.  Gran was going to make us up a picnic to take out this afternoon while she's playing Bridge.  We'll have to have it indoors, Squirt.”  

I'd been called Little Squirt as a result of a pissing contest we three had had when I was about six.  We were staying in a bungalow on the coast and, as usual, left to our own devices.  After lunch one day we three had been sent off to explore the locality and ended up in a grove of trees.  Dan, at ten the cockiest, decided he wanted a piss so said to Mark he could beat him in pissing the highest up the trunk of a tree.  They drew their cocks out of the legs of their shorts and commenced to piss.  Of course, Dan being taller was squirting miles higher up the tree trunk.  Not to be outdone I yanked my little tiddler out and let fly.  What I produced and the height it went surprised both.  I hit the trunk not much below Dan's highest and was christened Little Squirt from that day.  Little did my parents know the reason!

I grabbed the duvet and pulled it over my midriff and asked if it was raining couldn't we all go to the swimming pool?  Dan said no because, dumbcluck, it was closed until Tuesday as I well knew.    He put his hands either side of my head and rubbed my ears back and forth which was a favourite game of his when we were having a friendly wrestle.

“Come on, Squirt, up, up!” he commanded, “Get your unclean body out of that pit!”

I must say I never disobeyed Dan, even when he was at his most annoying, I loved and respected him so much.  He was in the Sixth Form and a Prefect and was planning to be a medical student, so, I think, quite a few of us young'uns looked up to him.  At least he was fair and never exceeded his authority like a couple of the uglier-natured Prefects I and my pals had had dealings with.

Mark was also a great guy and he'd always been my best ally when I wanted homework done.  He was an ardent Scout and was forever testing out his badge skills on me.  The latest was First Aid and I'd been trussed up in bandages and splints, much to our Dad's amusement as he was the examiner for that badge.  

Mark was already up and eating breakfast when I appeared, looking rather dishevelled as usual.  Gran was chuntering as she wanted to get to church and Mark and Dan were instructed, with much moaning from both, to prepare the potatoes and veggies by the time she came back.  As soon as she went the two lads grabbed me and said I was going to do the potatoes and carrots on pain of sudden death, or fifty pence, whichever I preferred.  I said sudden death but I would have the fifty pence first.  They paid up and disappeared leaving me in the kitchen with all the breakfast things to clear up as well.

I was hatching dire plans for their destruction but was wrenched back to reality as the memories of what I had seen the previous night flooded back.  No way could I ask them, they'd gone off and wouldn't be back until one o'clock Sunday lunch time.  As the fifty pence was in my pocket I dutifully scraped enough potatoes to feed an army, skinned and sliced enough carrots to stuff the entire population of Papua New Guinea ( I only thought of them as I had seen an illustration of a rather well-endowed young man in a magazine article) and put a large cabbage into soak and escaped to my room to await Gran's return and the aromas of lunch cooking.

Dead on one I descended the stairs to find my two smug brothers seated at the dining room table with the whole roast dinner arrayed on the table.  They, of course, were getting the praise for preparing everything so nicely and I was seething within as Mark shut me up with one of his looks.  I was determined to get my own back sometime.  I must say the lunch was superb and three very replete young lads helped their marvellous Gran clear up and wash up and then trooped up to their respective rooms leaving Gran to depart for her Bridge afternoon

I was so hot and full-up I stripped off and put on just a pair of old running shorts and settled down to continue with my model.  It was still pissing down outside but it was pretty hot and very humid.  I'd worked away for about half an hour when I was aware that Mark had come through and was standing behind me watching me glue down a strut on the forecastle.

“What you doing, Squirt?” he asked very amiably.

I was still a bit pissed off because of Grandma's praise he and Dan had received over my efforts and I told him so.
“Always the same, Squirt,” he said, “You get paid to do the work and we'd take the blame if it wasn't done properly, eh?”

I had to agree and put a dab of glue on the final strut.  I leaned back to survey my handiwork.

“I'm talking to you, Squirt,” said Mark, “Come on, admit it.”

“OK,” I said, “But you've got to tell her sometimes it's me who does the work.”

“I always did it for Dan,” he said, “It's your turn now.”

I looked at him and realised he was dressed identically to me.  Just a pair of running shorts with the outline of his dick running down his leg.

I leaned back a bit further, which I realised from past experience with that particular chair was a bit dangerous.  As I did so Mark ran his thumb up my spine which caused me to over-balance.  The chair tipped back and I almost landed on the floor.  Mark caught me as I fell and this was the signal for him to do what I dreaded, but loved, most.  He started to tickle me.  I was so ticklish.  It was almost a ritual with my brothers.  One way to subdue me was to hold me down and tickle me.  Of course I squawked and wriggled as he knelt over me and began a relentless gentle fingering of my over-sensitive ribs.  Next thing I knew was that Dan had come through to my room as well.

“What's all this noise, eh?” he demanded, “I was just having a nice post-prandial nap and the little bastard starts yelling.”

“If I'm a little bastard you're a big one,” I retorted between my squirms and laughter.

“Cheeky with it, too,” he said kneeling with my head held between his knees.  His fingers began a relentless tattoo on my upper half while Mark concentrated lower down.  

I bucked my hips to try to free myself but I was trapped.

“Pull the little bastard's shorts off,” said Dan and as my hips bucked again my shorts were down my legs and pulled completely off.

“Christ, look at the size of the little bastard's tool,” said Mark.

The tickling had somehow roused my young dick and it was rigid along my belly.

“He's bigger than you were, Marky boy, at his age,” said Dan “Get a ruler to it.”

I wasn't left alone because Mark just reached up to my desk and picked up my ruler.  With deft fingers he then picked up my stiff length and laid the ruler by the side of it.

“Little bugger's twelve centimetres,” he said, “That's two centimetres longer than I was at thirteen and a half!  What will he be like at our age?”
“I wonder if he's got any juice in those neat little balls of his?” enquired Dan.

“We'd better see,” said Mark, gripping my tool between two fingers and thumb and tugging down.  “He's still a bit tight,” he said as the end of my knob peeped through my partially drawn-down foreskin.

The feelings were indescribable.  I squirmed even more.

“Give him the works,” instructed Dan and Mark began the relentless up and down movement I'd seen Dan giving him the previous night.

I was almost delirious with the feelings coursing through my nether regions.  It wasn't pain, but then it was, it was wonderful pain, a subterranean pain, a thumping, throbbing, pounding, pain.  The pain turned to exquisite feelings and I found I was panting and my buttocks were trembling and clenching and the feelings in my balls were.... and then, whoosh, I shot.  My first cum!  Dollops of white fluid erupted from my piss-slit and gathered on my chest.

“Christ Almighty!” murmured Dan, “The little bastard's a real squirter!”

 I'd had my eyes closed tight while the feelings were building up so I missed the spurting but when I opened them I saw the droplets on my chest.

“What's that?” I gasped, goggle-eyed and open-mouthed.

“Is that your first time?” asked Dan, letting my head go from between his knees
“Um,” I said indistinctly and nodded.  I was still almost speechless with the feelings.

“Bloody hell,” said Mark unbelievingly, “You must have been wanking for ages to produce that amount.  I certainly didn't make that much my first time, eh Dan?”

“Nor did I,” said Dan, “Are you telling us the truth?”

I was almost in tears, my brothers didn't believe me.

I sobbed.  “I haven't, honest, I didn't know anything like that 'til you just did it to me.”

Mark leant over me and kissed me on the lips, something he'd never done before.  A peck on the cheek when tucking me in bed when I was younger, perhaps, but this was a full face smacker.

“I believe you, Chris,” he said with feeling, “ I'm glad I did it to you first.  Now it's your turn to do it to us.”

Both of them stood up, lifted me to my feet and then both whipped off their shorts to reveal the biggest hardons imaginable, at least to my eyes.  I looked from one to the other.  Dan was perhaps a centimetre or so longer than Mark and was definitely thicker but Mark seemed to have more of a bush.

“Come on Squirt,” said Mark, “If Dan doesn't mind I can't wait much longer or I'll shoot on automatic pilot.”

Dan grunted and reached out and drew back Mark's foreskin fully.  “Come on, True Squirt, do unto him that which hath been done unto you.”

I went onto automatic pilot myself then, standing in front of Mark.  It must be inborn because I gripped Mark's tool with my right hand and began to wank him as if I'd been doing it for ages.  In what seemed to be less than a minute  he leaned back, eyes tightly shut, mouth open, and sprayed an enormous amount of warm, sticky spunk all over my chest and neck which joined the droplets I had produced.  He grabbed my hand to stop my strokes and stood panting.

“Oh, God,” he murmured, “He's even better than you, Dan!”

I turned to my elder brother and gripped his hefty tool and gave him the same treatment.  Soon, another stream of cum joined the others and the three lots mingled and coalesced.  The two lads put out fingers and stirred the three lots even more.  Two fingers were placed on my lips and I licked the warm cream onto my tongue.  They each scooped up more off my chest and put their fingers to each other's lips and we all tasted the three lots of combined come.  My taller brothers put their arms round me and we stood in a little huddle and Dan said “We are truly brothers now!”

Of course, after washing me down in the bathroom, they then told me they knew I'd been spying on them.  In fact, they'd set it up so I would and I'd missed the first instalment on Wednesday evening when they'd just wanked each other off to the accompaniment of much moaning and groaning.  They'd come through to my room after they'd shot their loads and found me dead asleep so it was Dan's idea that Mark should fill me with liquid the next night.  I wanted to know what they were doing the next and following nights and they said they intended to initiate me gradually.  Oh God, by that time I was rigid again and so were they, so it was Dan's turn to toss me off.  Not so much this time and then I wanked both of them again.

I had so many questions to ask and so much to find out but they just told me to hold my horses and all would be revealed to me in all good time.  Anyway, that night I said I was going to sleep in their room and got in with Mark as soon as they came up to bed.  Early for them!  Within five minutes they had initiated me into three-way cocksucking which blew my mind.  Three times on my first day; two wanks and then getting sucked by Dan.  I managed to get most of Mark's cock in my mouth and copied everything Dan did to me.  It was the best night of my short life so far.

I woke up in the morning with the biggest hardon I'd ever experienced and, with Dan watching and wanking himself, Mark and I sucked each other off being liberally sprayed with Dan's spunk soon after we'd both climaxed.  I wanted Dan and Mark all day Monday and as it was still raining and Grandma wanted to go on one of her shopping sprees we were left alone all day.  I and my brothers came five times each between waking and six o'clock and even Gran at supper wanted to know why we were so silent and tired looking.  Dan made some lame excuse that I'd been obstreperous and had kept disturbing them all day so I made him come a sixth time that night - in fact, both Mark and I did as well to keep him company.

Tuesday the weather was better and Dan had to go off to work early to cover for someone on holiday.  I spent the day with Mark and in between kicking a football around the garden and lying sunbathing in just our shorts he answered all my teeming questions, like, How long was his cock?  (Sixteen centimetres and still growing), How big was Dan's (Seventeen and a half centimetres), How many times a day did he and Dan do it?  (Generally two or three), Always together?  (No), - But sometimes together?  (Yes, several times a week), Had they done it with anyone else?  (Yes, lots!), Who?  (Tell you sometime!),  Do all boys do it?  (As far as he knew), What were they doing Saturday night?  (We'll show you tonight!), Was that wanking using our hands at lunch-time?  (Yes!), Was that spermatozoa or spunk we produced?  (Both, it's the same), Could we do it again at tea-time?  (No, wait until tonight).   And so on and so on.  I think he was jolly glad when Dan came home and started moaning about the Sainsbury's supervisor and her whining and whingeing.  Gran was glad I was out and about and not stuck in my room so I was allowed to choose a pudding from the freezer!

Feeling plump from helpings of good food and more knowledgeable than ever before I went willingly up the stairs at the appointed time.  I even had a shower and cleaned my teeth very carefully feeling on top of the world.  I slipped under my duvet and read until I heard Dan and Mark come up the stairs arguing about some finer point of the movie they'd been watching on telly.  As soon as they were out of the bathroom I went through to their room and this time got in with Dan.

“You're going to show me what you were doing Saturday night,” I said decisively, showing off my hardon which mysteriously, but inevitably, had developed while I was waiting for them to appear..

Dan grinned at me and hugged me tight.  “OK, we'll show you, but you've got to join in when you're told..”

With that he rolled on top of me and pressed his lips against mine.  My dick went even harder within seconds and rested alongside his mighty tool which was very, very hard.  Mark came across and slid into the bed alongside us.

“It's my turn first,” said Mark, “We'll show you and then it'll be your turn.”

I wondered what he meant but things started to happen rapidly.  Dan rolled off me and I was placed on the edge of the bed.  Dan then lay on his back and Mark knelt between his thighs.  He leaned over Dan and they kissed and I could see that their tongues were darting in and out of each other's mouths.  Mark then licked down Dan's chin and into the side of his neck.  Dan was moaning slightly and I could see his chest moving up and down slightly faster as his breathing rate changed.  Mark licked down his chest and started to ring Dan's left nipple with his tongue.  Dan began to squirm as I had done while they were tickling me, but this was a different type of squirm.  Mark's tongue moved further down and after flicking into his belly button he began to lick the tip of Dan's knob which was just showing through the end of his foreskin.  He stopped that very soon and the procedure was reversed.  He gradually licked back up, but this time concentrated on Dan's right nipple.  After another mutual tonguing with mouths wide open Mark leaned back up.  His prick was solid.  He reached under the pillow at the top of the bed and brought out a blue tube and gave it to me.

“Undo it, Squirt,” he said, “And put some on my tool and then I want some on my fingers.”  

I did as I was told.  In the subdued light I saw it was labelled K-Y Jelly.  I knew where they'd got it.   From Mum's cabinet in the study where she sometimes saw patients.  I knew it was very slippery as I'd investigated it before so I knew that putting some on my hand and rubbing it up and down Mark's shaft would make it super slick.

Mark whispered “Not too much,” as I fisted his rod.  I then squeezed a dollop onto his outstretched fingers.  He put his fingers down and rubbed the jelly round Dan's pucker.  Dan gave out more low moans and his dick twitched as he clenched the muscles of his buttocks a bit.  Mark pressed the finger with the jelly on it into Dan's hole and then, quickly, a second finger joined it and I saw him work his fingers in and out for a few moments.  Seeing the shiny jelly I now knew what the glistening was on Saturday night.

By now Dan was moaning even louder and then whispered throatily, “I want it!”

Mark lifted up Dan's muscly legs and put them over his shoulders.  He whispered to me “Watch!”and positioned himself so the tip of his cock was right on Dan's hole.  He pushed hard and his knob end disappeared into Dan and his foreskin was rolled back in one go.  Dan grunted and then Mark pushed twice more and the whole of his cock disappeared into Dan who let out even more grunts, I assumed of delight.

“Get in between his legs and suck his cock,” Mark ordered me.

I insinuated myself between Dan's muscular thighs and Mark's torso and managed to get the first couple of inches of Dan's thick cock in my mouth.  Then I felt Mark's hand on my bum and instinctively clenched my buttocks.

“Move your knees apart,” I was commanded.

I did so and Mark's sticky fingers began to explore my rosebud.  I felt relaxed and this must have been what Mark was waiting for.  A  finger went in and I felt him exploring me.  Just as with Dan a second finger was inserted and I was finger-fucked at the same time as Mark pressed back and forth in and almost out of Dan and while I sucked Dan's cock.

Mark was leaning right over me so I was sandwiched and had to keep breathing deep to concentrate on sucking and keep from calling out with joy as those probing fingers did things to me I never knew could happen.

Mark was now pounding in and out of Dan at quite a rate and on every inward stroke Dan would give a low moan which gradually got louder.  I was almost crushed by the legs and body pressing on me but also kept up my relentless sucking.  Then there was an even louder “Ohhhhhh” from Dan and spurts of hot cum hit the roof of my mouth and I could do nothing but swallow hastily.  I felt Dan's cream slide down my throat and tasted that strange salty, sweetness again, but now in greater concentration.  There was a loud bellow from Mark who flopped on top of me crushing me even more as he obviously shot his load deep inside Dan who was still moaning and writhing beneath us.  

Slowly we disentangled ourselves and my two brothers hugged and kissed me.  Their tongues pressed into my mouth and tasted the remnants of Dan's spunk.  Mark, by then, had removed his fingers from my hole but I felt I wanted to experience what Dan had just received.

As we hugged Dan said, “It's Chris's turn now.”

Dan then moved off the bed and gave Mark a bunch of tissues which he used to wipe down his cock.  Mark then disappeared off to the bathroom and returned a few moments later.  In that time Dan had squeezed some of the K-Y jelly onto his hand and had anointed my erect cock with it.  I was elated.  I was going to fuck Marky!  Mark got onto the bed and laid on his back.  Dan then positioned me between Mark's knees and moved me forward so my cock was close to his cleft.  Gently Dan lifted Mark's legs and put them carefully over my shoulders so my cock was then directly by his pucker.  As I watched, Dan put some jelly around Mark's hole and did what had happened to me.  He pressed his first finger and I saw it go in immediately up to his first knuckle.  A second finger followed and then a third.  I was amazed at how easily Marky was opened up.

“Right then, Chris,” said Dan, “Push!”

As he said this he removed his fingers and grabbed my shaft and I pushed and, lo and behold, my whole length went straight in.  Oh God, I couldn't help it but I started the same in and out movement I'd seen straight away and was soon picking up speed to the accompaniment of Marky's yelps as I pressed on some internal bit of him.  The warmth and tightness soon got me to the edge and then I tumbled into ecstasy.  I felt myself spurt and spurt and spurt.  It was me this time baying at the moon!  Dan was laughing out loud and shushed me and said I'd wake Gran if I made that much noise.  As soon as I had come I fell onto Mark's chest and he hugged me tight and kissed me full on the lips.

“That was a marvellous fuck!” he said with feeling as our lips unlocked, “You can do that whenever you want, Chris my lovely young brother.”

I needed to rest, that climax was the most intense so far, but it wasn't to be.  I was sent to the bathroom to wash my cock of any spunk and other debris.  When I returned I realised it was my turn to be fucked and by none other than my huge-cocked elder brother.  My two brothers laid me on the bed and Dan said that if I felt I was being hurt I was to say so and everything would stop.  I was determined to experience everything and said so.  They started by raising me to such heights of pleasure by kissing and licking me from head to toe so I couldn't have cared less whether I was going to experience pain or paradise.   My legs were lifted up and Dan got between them and started to lubricate my pucker as he showered my lips and chin and neck with kisses and licks.  Mark was licking and sucking on my nipples in turn and then I felt Dan's fingers inside me.  A moment later and I thought I would be wrenched in two.  A sudden burst of pain hit me but it quickly subsided and I knew I had my big brother's cock safely inside me.  At least it was the fat knob end which had entered safely.  Dan pushed again and I felt I was being almost split apart but the pain was dulled by the exquisite feelings I was getting from Mark's ministrations to my nipples and chest and the licks across my throat delivered by Dan.  Two more pushes and I felt the dense bush of hair round Dan's cock tickling my bollocks so I knew he was well in.  We set up a rhythm between us.  I pushed up as he pushed down and I found I could squeeze his cock when it was right in by clenching my buttock muscles.  Dan was moaning now as well as me and then I felt Marky fisting my cock at the same time.  I think Dan and I came together.  I felt my own spray of warm droplets right up on my throat as Dan gave four or five almighty pushes at the same time accompanied by almighty grunts.  I put my arms up and hugged him as he flopped onto me.  He licked my chin and mopped up my spunk with his tongue.  We kissed for ages as his cock went limp and he took it out.  I felt empty and I wanted more.

“Marky, fuck me now!”  I was in command.  

Dan rolled off me and, miracles of miracles, Mark had, of course, an enormous hardon.  He grabbed the jelly and slathered it over his cock and knelt between my legs.  Dan lifted my legs and with three well-aimed thrusts Mark was in and his hair was now tickling my balls.  I was wide open and ready.  We set up a tremendous rhythm speeding up and up and up until with a cry of triumph I knew Marky had shot his load inside me.  I kept bucking my hips even after he'd finished and this set him moaning again and I think he then shot another load, I know I did.

“Christ Almighty!” was Dan's response to all this.  “You two are the horniest bastards I've ever met.”

We three then collapsed in a heap and giggled and cuddled and nuzzled each other until Dan and Mark went off to the bathroom to clean themselves up.  While they were in there I felt down to my hole and it was still a bit open and there was masses of cum oozing out.  I told them this when they came back so they lifted me up, took me to the bathroom and, as I straddled the washbasin, they very tenderly washed me and dried me.

That night we all slept in Dan's bed, me sandwiched between my two wonderful brothers.

Next morning after breakfast I was in my room going over the events of the night before when Mark came in.  

“Squirt,” he said, very gently, “All that last night and before and what else we might do is just between us, you know.”

I nodded and said it was all ours and I wouldn't do anything or say anything which they wouldn't want me to.

“I knew you'd say that, Squirt, I love you very much and so does Dan and we don't want you to come to any harm.  So we wouldn't want to place any restrictions on you but, remember, we're always here for you.  We've both got other friends and we've done all those things with others but just be careful who you choose or say anything to.”

I nodded and he came over and ruffled my hair.  “Be good, at least until tonight.” He flashed me a grin.  “And, by the way, I don't think we can keep up the six times a day like on Monday!”  He went.

I'd arranged to meet Kenny at the now officially open pool that afternoon and we did our usual lengths.  We saw the two older teenagers who'd been mucking about last time but they were much quieter as there were some mums and younger children there as well.  After we'd showered Kenny said why didn't I go back with him as there was no one at home and he had some new soldiers which his Dad had given him.  I assented and we cycled off to his house.

As we got to his room and he closed the door I thought `fuck this for a game of soldiers'.  I turned to him, undoing the fly of my shorts at the same time and said, “D'you want a wank?”

His face lit up with a great cheesy grin.  “Wow, Chris, I thought you'd never ask!”