Michael Arram








  It was three days before Justin was paired up again with Nathan.  In the meantime, he worked patiently and obediently with the other men, if still a little slowly.  Mr Anderson was delighted, as was Tanya the case officer, who put it down to the drug.


  It was a Friday when the van arrived with a beaming Nathan in the front seat.  Justin’s heart leaped.  The most unaccustomed broad smile appeared on his face, startling Anderson until he noticed it mirrored Nathan’s.  Ah … that’s it, he thought.  The boys have made friends.  That’s good.  Nathan’s a fine lad and a great role model.


  The van took them south to Highgate to drop them off at the same big house where Justin had fatefully met Andrew Peacher.  They unloaded their tools and transferred the grobags and bark chippings up the drive to the back of the house.


  Anderson smiled at Justin.  ‘Now be good.’


  And Justin smiled back.  ‘I will, I promise.’


  As the van disappeared, the two boys looked at each other, wondering how to take up where they had left off.  They had matching erections.


  ‘Just, we gotta do the work,’ Nathan insisted.


  ‘I guess.’


 ‘But I have to admit I’ve not thought of anything but you since Tuesday.’


  ‘Me too.  Can we, y’know …?’


  ‘Oh yeah, we certainly can, if we can find somewhere.  And I gotta have your number and stuff.  But Just, I don’t even know your surname.’


  ‘It’s Macavoy.’


  ‘Hi.’  He grinned, holding out his hand.  ‘I’m Nathan Underwood.’


  Justin grinned back.  ‘Pleased to meetchya.  Say, didn’t I have your cock in my mouth a few days ago?’


  ‘D’you know, I believe you did.’


  They laughed, moved hesitantly towards each other, then hugged hard.  They quickly broke apart, taking the tools and gardening materials out on to the big patio.  It was a glorious, pollution-free day and they could see the panorama of the Thames basin blue in the morning light over the fence.


  ‘D’you think that Peacher bloke is still here?’


  ‘Embarrassed now, are you?’


  ‘Er … not really; they call me Animal for a reason.  I don’t have much of a conscience.’








  They worked hard all morning, sweating in the heat.  Nathan glanced over at Justin from time to time.  The boy was looking fitter and a lot less pale.  He had adopted Nathan’s gardening uniform of boots and cut-offs.  Nathan wondered if he had done it deliberately as a sign of trust and affection.  Justin’s thick dark hair was growing out too, and he was looking less lean and wolfish.


  As Nathan freely admitted to himself, he was besotted with the boy.  What worried him was that he knew so little about Justin, and what little he did know was alarming.  The boy had been sexually abused, was a petty criminal, had a stack of ASBOs against him, and was controlled by drugs.  If a relationship ever had total disaster written all over it, this was it.  Despite his misgivings, however, his heart beat hard when he was close to Justin.  It seemed that in some way he loved the boy, he really did, although what it was he loved he could not have said.  Justin was all he could think about, and sex with him had been magnificent beyond anything else he had ever experienced.


  About ten-thirty, Little Guy from the garage office came out with bottles of water and a flask of coffee.  After introducing himself as Dave, he told them they could go in and use the loos in the big house, providing they entered through the kitchen door and kept off the carpets.  They smiled and thanked him.  As he disappeared, Justin leaned up against Nathan and related what he had seen Dave and his boyfriend up to the previous week.  Nathan’s cut-offs bulged at the graphic description.


  ‘Wanna try that?’


  ‘What, anal?’


  ‘Take it from me – and I should know – it’s worth a go.  And … I’d like you up me, Nate.  You’re cool and nice and … loving.  It’d be good with you.  I really want it, I do.  More than anything.’


  ‘I dunno, Just.  I’m not sure I’m up for that yet.  Then there’s issues about protection and stuff.  I got no condoms or lubricants, and the idea of going into a chemist to buy them gives me the chills.’


  Justin shrugged.  ‘Well, some other time maybe.  The offer’s always there.  I even had a big shit and washed my arse out for you this morning.’


  Nathan laughed.  ‘That’s so touching, Just.  And I’m not saying no, only that it’s a big step for me.  So keep washing your arse out.’


  At lunchtime they were working side by side bedding plants in a border.  Justin nudged Nathan and suggested that it was ‘time for a wazz, know what I mean?’  They got up and went in through the kitchen, which was large and looked like something out of a Sunday colour supplement.  ‘Wow.  This Peacher bloke’s certainly got cash, ain’t he?’


  Nathan shook his head.  ‘No, he doesn’t own it.  It belongs to an English guy called White.  Peacher is gay and White’s his boyfriend.  Mostly they’re in the States, but White runs a media firm here in London.’


  Justin took it all in.  ‘Well, that would explain Dave the bottom boy in the garage then.  Maybe White screws him when Peacher's away.’


  ‘Bottom boy?’


  ‘A gay who prefers it up his arse.  I think I may be one.’




  ‘Well yeah, that too, but also a bottom … seriously, I’d like you inside me, Nate.’


  ‘I know.  But we gotta be careful.’


  ‘You don’t trust me, do ya.’


  ‘It’s not that, but I don’t know if I want to, and yeah … tell me with a straight face that your dick hasn’t been in some strange places!’


  ‘Fair enough.’


  They took off their boots and left them in the kitchen.  Padding barefoot past the downstairs loo they climbed the wide stairs, lit by a dramatic stained-glass window, and found the magnificent upstairs bathroom, a dream in white tiles, ceramic and stainless steel.  Their cut-offs were soon on the floor, their erections proudly on display.  Justin knelt and worshipped Nathan’s, licking and sucking his testicles, then pushing behind them to the hot and hairy place between Nathan’s sturdy thighs.


  ‘Can you get on your back, Nate?’


  Nathan did what he was asked, and Justin pushed his legs back on his chest, exposing his anus.  ‘God, I really, really wanted to do this,’ he murmured to himself.  He began licking and sucking on Nathan’s hole, swirling his insistent tongue round the puckered crater, savouring the musky odour of the boy and the taste of his sweat.


  ‘Oh man, this is incredible!’ Nathan breathed, his hand on his own curving erection, stroking it gently.


  Justin, ever patient, enjoyed the groaning and squirming he was producing in Nathan.  He finally broke off and pushed a finger gently inside, soon followed by another, twisting and stroking.


  ‘Aw yeah, aw God!’ was Nathan’s response.


  ‘You want it too, dunya?’ Justin whispered.


  ‘God, yeah.’


  ‘Come on Nate, do it to me now.’


  Nathan struggled up and copied Justin’s moves.  He noticed how this time the boy was clean between his legs, his crack smelling still of its morning wash.  He put two fingers in Justin, who soon showed he could take three with ease and enthusiasm.  As Nathan continued his probing and twisting, he happened to glance up and caught sight of a box on the bathroom shelf.  He pulled his fingers out, stood and took a condom.  ‘You really want me to?’


  Justin looked seriously up at him.  ‘Please … please, Nate.  Fill me up.’


  Nathan rolled the sheath down on himself and leaned back over Justin.  He caught the boy’s splayed legs under the knees, pushing them back over his shoulders to get him ready to receive the plunge.


  ‘Hang on,’ cautioned Justin.  He gobbed on his fingers and rubbed the copious spit in and around his hole.  ‘Okay.  Fuck me.’


  Nathan positioned his cock and thrust.  There was little resistance.  He slid home in the boy in almost one go, eliciting a brief, muffled yelp, then a slow escape of breath, and finally a deep moan of lust.  Gazing down at Justin’s face, he found it transformed.  Gone was the spoiled, aggressive brat, replaced by an exalted and ecstatic lover.  It was a moving sight.  The youthful good looks had been liberated of the egotism that had possessed them for so long, turning Justin into a boy to be desired.  An expression both touching and beautiful glowed in his eyes.  This was why Nathan had fallen for him.  Well versed in realising the beauty of a planted garden, Nathan had seen this boy’s human beauty waiting to escape its winter blight.  Buried deep inside Justin and looking longingly into his face, he could do nothing other than say, ‘I love you, Just.’


  Writhing and gasping, Justin arched his body and bit his lips, his eyes pleading for more.  ‘Me too … love you, Nate.  Oh God, do me!  Now!’


   Nathan fell into an insistent rhythm.  Taking his time, he became more and more excited as Justin’s moans moved from lustful to ecstatic and beyond.  He was fucking another boy’s brains out.


  At some point Justin completely lost it and started burbling a mindless stream of profanities.  Then he bucked Nate upwards with his heaving groin as he orgasmed, his dick spraying semen over both their chests.


  That was it.  Nathan began screwing in earnest and his own ejaculation stopped time for him for a good thirty seconds.  They collapsed together in a tight embrace, their mouths sucking on each other’s.


  ‘Oh God, God, God,’ gasped Justin.  ‘That was sex the way it was meant to be.  No girl did that for me.  I really, really love you, Nate.’


  They lay there on the bathroom floor for a while until Nathan sniffed Justin’s armpit.  ‘We smell like a rugby player’s jockstrap, Justy babe.’


  ‘Justy babe!’


  ‘Stay with me.  I’m experimenting here.’


  Justin laughed.  ‘Natty babe.’


  ‘Don’t be mean.  You said you loved me.’


  Justin looked earnestly into his eyes.  ‘And I do.  It’s a new thing for me.  I’d never have guessed my first would be a gardener’s apprentice.  But I’ve been ploughed by a professional, thass for sure.


  ‘Let’s sneak a shower, huh?’  Nathan flushed away the used condom.


  The shower was brilliant, needle sharp and hot.  They kissed and soaped one another under the thunder of water, to emerge clean and relaxed.  The bathroom clock said it was one-thirty.  Nathan sighed.  ‘Back to work, mate.’  They tidied up and resumed their shorts.


  Clasping hands, they walked out laughing on to the landing and straight into the path of a very beautiful man who had just come softly up the stairs.  He gave them a quick onceover as they stood rigid before him, mouths agape.


  ‘So who’s been soaping in my shower, the Two Bares?’