Scarred by a disastrous early sexual experience in Arizona, Dylan Callahan, now 17, has created a new life in Southern California far from his painful past. As the rising star of his high school football team, Dylan appears on the surface to have a perfect life: a wealthy family, a luxurious car, a beautiful girlfriend, and endless parties with his jock football buddies. But his idyllic world turns upside down when a mysterious teenager moves into the neighborhood. Dylan finds himself helpless to resist this dazzling 14-year-old boy, and before long, the star High School player and the all-too-willing young Angel Thompkins are stealing clandestine sexual encounters.

Dylan believes he can keep his surreptitious affair hidden, until a mysterious blackmailer begins sending a series of tormenting messages, threatening to expose his secret to the world. Now everyone in his life, every trusted companion, could be a possible suspect: his best friend Kyle, his former girlfriend Tracy, rival teammates, and even Angel himself. The tension increases as family pressure from his wealthy father and clashes with his coach push Dylan almost to the breaking point, until a shocking and fatal incident puts him at the center of a far more threatening situation. Soon Dylan begins to realize that no one may be who they seem.

Murder, money, sex, drugs and violence all figure prominently, and the tension builds to a climax as Dylan must face the consequences of accepting who he is, or seeing innocent fellow students slaughtered around him.

Set against the backdrop of the contemporary American high school scene, Jagged Angel could perhaps be described as "Fatal Attraction comes to The O.C.," with realistic, heartfelt characters played against a backdrop of dynamic action and suspense.