An English Teen,
Circumcised in the USA

by Riley Jericho

Stitched Up?

Luke stirred and opened his eyes. Immediately, he was wide awake and was assaulted by a gnawing thirst.

And what the hell was the God-awful taste in his mouth?

Then it all came back.


He twisted and leaned over the side of his bed to quickly check on what was probably the source of the noise that had disturbed him, to see his friend lying in the gloom.

Luke turned onto his back again. It was hard to tell how long he'd been asleep, but he didn’t bother looking at his bedside clock as the darkness framing the window blinds let him know it was still the middle of the night. Good news in that at least he didn’t have to get up anytime soon.

The house was quietly peaceful and, dimly lit by the light filtering through from the bathroom, Ryan seemed the same. Sleeping soundly, his face was relaxed and his chest rose and fell steadily.

But that was not what had Luke's attention.

The room was uncommonly and uncomfortably warm that night. Unless it was especially hot, his parents usually turned off the air conditioning at night, though Luke always left the ceiling fan spinning to stir the air and keep a comfortable draft blowing

However, in the midst of everything that evening, the fan had been forgotten. As a result, like Luke himself, in the heavy stillness, Ry had pushed the light summer duvet off himself to keep cool. His bare chest lifted and fell with his breathing, and the light grey PJ shorts Luke had loaned him were all he was covered in from the waist down.

In the half-light, Luke could see that Ryan’s hand had drifted down the front of the PJs, was pushed deeply under the band of the soft cotton to where he was bare-skinned. The guy had said it was as itchy as hell from where they’d shaved him, and Luke guessed he’d probably been scratching himself. However, as a result of that rubbing—and maybe because Ryan also needed a pee—his dick had fully boned up, rising up over the top of his fingers that were buried in his shorts.

Luke groaned silently to himself as he studied the uninhibited curving arousal that was clearly visible from the dim light cast through the small opening in the bathroom doorway.

Having already seen Ryan both soft and fully erect, Luke knew intimately what he looked like under the grey cotton—in fact the memory of what that unrestrained contour represented felt even more of a tease than the real thing!

Holy Cow!

Just then, this was the last thing Luke needed to see, but mesmerized, he stared. Forget what they might do in the shower if he was allowed, and to hell with any idea that size somehow mattered. If he was down there on that mattress right then he’d end up with that beautifully formed arching shape in his mouth, and fuck the consequences!

Even if that teasing wanger had been soft, it wouldn’t have stayed that way long—not if he had his way—and he’d take it, slipping the head in and out until they were both hot, sweaty and squirming. And he’d keep going on him until Ry became desperate enough to grab his head and push it down to the very root; harder, faster and deeper until he finally cried out and exploded into his mouth. And who cared what the fuck it tasted like, he’d swallow every drop!

Luke grimaced as, stupidly, he let his imagination fly out of control and, under his sheets, his own dick shot up like some kid’s party blower.

It was a nightmare! Here he was, the only one awake in a room of boned up, circumcised dicks! He couldn’t believe how explicit his thoughts were becoming, and he felt a terrible compulsion to just reach down and touch the one that was so close...the one that wasn't his.

Just to run his fingers lightly over Ry’s shorts along the length of that beautiful shape. Just to see what it felt like. Ry was fast asleep and pissed...he would never even know!

Luke swallowed hard. The compulsion was strong and his hand was already moving past the edge of the bed before he jerked it back.

What the hell was he thinking? Was he fucking mad? What the hell kind of friend did that? How would that look if Ry woke up to find himself apparently being jerked off—and after everything he’d gone through that week already?

Luke ground his teeth and lurched onto his back to stare resolutely at the ceiling, angry at his own stupidity.

This was why having Ryan sleep over was such a FUCKING BAD idea!

He stretched and tried to get comfortable. At least the headache had gone, but he still needed a pee...big time.

So, after a few more moments, he got up and softly crossed to the bathroom to take care of business. Without disturbing Ryan, he closed the door quietly and, with the usual difficulty when you’re sticking in the air, relieved his bladder. The bathroom still carried an odor of disinfectant, but that—and Ryan’s watch, wallet and keys that were still resting by the sink—were all that remained of the earlier incident.

Back in the bedroom, he left the door ajar to let a bit more light filter in, switched on the ceiling fan and settled back onto his bed under the cooling flow of air.

The light breeze was calming.

Stupid shit! He didn't even have the guts to tell anyone he was gay, so forget sucking somebody off!

Beside him on the floor, Ryan had turned over and was faced away now. By the soft regularity of his breathing, there was no doubt he was fast asleep. Luke studied him in the gloom and sighed. At least now he didn't have to deal with a dauntingly sexy bulge!

It wasn't the first time by any means that he'd seen Ry asleep, but this was somehow different and a lot more personal than the handful of times they'd shared a room on school trips. He cut himself some slack and allowed himself to smirk—there'd never been either a bottle or a bulge on any of those occasions that he recalled!

The duvet partly covered Ryan once more, but it was still hard to forget that entrancing shape that Luke had spotted. The thought of it wasn't going away and it still teased him as he twisted and turned on his bed trying to forget it and get comfortable.

Inside his PJs, he threatened to burst something and he touched it with his fingers.

Crap! He gritted his teeth and snatched his fingers away. That wasn't helping!

He shuffled around a bit, but it was no good. The need to do something about what was down there became urgent until finally he could bear it no more, and he reached back under the covers to start something that could only have one ending.

Within moments, despite sharing a room, he found himself pushing back the covers and peeling down his own PJ shorts. Out sprang what had to be hardest thing he'd ever had! Sore or not, he just had to get some relief. It didn't even matter that Ryan was so close—in fact that, drove Luke even harder.

Just then, it was quite easy for him to believe that the terms ‘bone hard’ and ‘boner’ must have been coined by guys who were skinned back. Everyone knew there wasn't any 'skin' on bone—or if there was some thin layer of connective tissue, then it was so tightly bound onto the underlying bone that it was pretty immovable!

And hell, did he ever have one of those, just then!

Yet, as he touched his shaft, he knew something had to give. If you didn’t count an unsatisfying wet dream, it had been nearly two weeks since he'd last squirted. For a horny teenager, that was more than a lifetime!

Even though the scar line where he’d been trimmed was still red, angry and covered with a circular scab, he grabbed hold of the shaft to start pumping...and regretted it immediately as the scab shouted back at him in distress.

SHIT...that was way too sore!  

Foiled, he let go, but then changed his grip and closed it just around the glans of his dick...and grimaced in discomfort! There was sensation there all right. Far too much, and very little of it the right type!

Not wanting to be denied, however, he tried again, but this time took hold a little further down the shaft. It was less painful, but then again, the sensations were completely different to what he’d always been used too. It felt nice for a bit, but quickly began to feel dry and sore.

And so bloody tight! Literally drum tight as the skin covering his shaft had no movement in it at all anymore!

Shit! This wasn’t working. AT ALL!

He began to feel a little anxious.

Frustrated, he tried the head once more. There had been some oozing pre-cum at first, which had helped, but now, as his anxiety levels rose as fast as the tightly skinned shaft seemed to, the surface felt dry, and the texture rubbery like an eraser. Increasingly uneasy, he tried again in several different places, but each time was completely dissatisfied with how it seemed to be working.

What was he missing? It was beginning to feel all wrong, and even once the scar was gone, he knew he couldn't jerk like this.

It didn’t make sense. Why had everyone said that being circumcised was the best, and being cut high and tight like he had been was what most guys favored?  Because right then, it really didn’t feel that way! He was confused and stopped, trying to think it through, going over what he knew and what he’d been told.

This was weird!

Yet there was no doubt about what he’d read, and even Tiberius had been happy to give his approval. He remembered it distinctly.

'Most young men prefer it that way,’ Tiberius had said. ‘It's what I would have recommended.’

Staring at the ceiling as he lay on his bed, Luke kept running every conversation through his head to see if he’d forgotten something as, bit by bit, his dick began to give up any interest in being aroused. The shaft softened and the tight sensation dissipated accordingly. With his foreskin taken, the glans remained in view.

He knew his skinning was meant to be tight—that’s what he’d asked for—though discovering what ‘tight’ actually meant had him ruffled. Had it been a mistake? Was he wrong in assuming that being tightly cut was going to be better? That’s what he’d read and it had sounded great at the time...and Tiberius just gone along with it, too.

But why? Why had he gone along with it? Had it been just to get the appointment over with more quickly? To save a bit of time?

At a loss, Luke sat up, and perched on the side of the bed. Trying to think, he studied his now shrunken penis, which looked as discouraged as he felt! Still feeling a little light headed, he hugged himself to keep calm. Maybe there was some other reason than Tiberius saving a few minutes.

If it wasn’t that, then what else?

Maybe it was the operation itself? Was there something that Tiberius had failed to mention or was hiding?

In his mind’s eye Luke saw all the loose skin being pulled up through the tube of the SmarKlamp prior to it being snapped closed. The man seemed to know what he was doing, but had Tiberius made some mistake in the way that he'd done the surgery? Could that be it?

Nothing made sense, yet even the pamphlet had agreed with what Luke had in front of him now. 'It was good to have the skin off the glans at all times, as it was much cleaner'. He tried not to get angry, but it was hard not to when fucking nobody had said a word about not being able to jerk anymore!

Luke tried to clear his head of all the contradicting thoughts. He even considered shaking Ryan awake and asking him!  Why was it that other guys who were circumcised could do it easily enough? In his mind’s eye he saw Ryan hanging upside down in the school restroom. He'd clearly had no problem at all in unloading! Or Kieran!

So what the fuck was wrong with him?

He struggled to make any sense of it and his thoughts were becoming increasingly disjointed. Confused, he replayed the key moments of the surgery that had brought him to this terrible place. In his head, he began to flail around trying to latch on to anything that might make sense—and abruptly landed on a terrible conclusion.

NO! OH GOD...was that it?

The terrible realization of it was so momentous, that it caught in the back of his throat and he froze. Quickly he stood and quietly paced up and down the opposite side of the bed from where Ryan was sleeping. Then he sat again, breathing hard.

Surely not?

Not all circumcisions are the same.’ Tiberius had warned him. Suddenly it sounded ominous. Was he being forewarned? Had something been concealed from him? It sounded chilling, but was it possible that, once the surgery had been completed, they’d known he would come to this point and suddenly realize something was wrong? Something cleverly obscured that they didn’t want him to know about until it was too late?

To late to do anything about the fact that he’d been really been secretly circumcised in such a way that would ensure he’d never be able to masturbate again?

It sounded way too unbelievable, but the more he thought about it, the more the pieces seemed to drop into place. Hadn’t Tiberius even said it? ‘Point of no return Luke!’ Had he actually meant that more jerking from now, little boy!

Once more, Luke stood and swallowed, desperate not to believe it. Surely his mum would have said something to warn him? She must have known—

Suddenly, the terrible truth of it came crashing down on him like a pounding wave, turning him in the rough swell and throwing him up on the beach.

He felt sick. SHE DID KNOW! She had to!

His head was spinning.

Fuck—she'd known all along that he liked to jerk!

And it was because she’d known about his masturbation habit that she’d finally agreed to let him have the operation! All that time he’d fought to get it done, and they'd only finally agreed to it because they saw it as the only way to curb his jerking habit!

In a vivid Technicolor, it was almost as if Tiberius was right in front of him as he recalled one of the last things the doctor had said. What had previously sounded informative now became ambiguous. ‘After a circumcision like this, Luke, you’re going to find that things may well be a little different for you now, but you’ll get used to it—and it’s going to be the best in the long run, as I’m sure your mom will agree.’

Luke's stomach lurched.

He’d been misled. It was all there...there was not doubt about it in his mind now. He’d been well and truly stitched up! It seemed SO OBVIOUS. That was what the SmartKlamp really was! A ‘special circumcision tool’ he recalled Tiberius calling it. And in fact, Tiberius hadn’t wanted to do the surgery in the normal way like Luke had read about online. Tiberius wanted to use something special, he’d said. His exact words had been, ‘This is something we often use for boys of your age!

Why for Luke's age?

Before, he hadn’t even given it second thought, but now it seemed clear that the only reason that it might be described as ‘a special circumcision tool’ was that it had a rather special purpose.

And that purpose? To be used with boys to make them like he was now—and to literally clamp down on any further masturbation. And all the time, his daughter Ella had held Luke's hand comfortingly as she looked on. She was probably laughing her face off, knowing full well Luke was being fucked big time!

Luke had read about boys being circumcised as a way to stop them masturbating, but that had sounded like some ruthless remedy that belonged to another century. But that’s what they’d done to him! It was clear now!

His mum must have phoned Tiberius before they went for the appointment and they’d already arranged it all behind Luke's back. And what was it she’d said on the drive back to school that day? ‘Now, if we can only get Simon put right, we'll have both of you properly sorted.’


Fueled by her apparent belief that he stole from her, his anger multiplied. Stealing? THIS was stealing! And now they planned to ruin Simon too?


He was tempted to storm across the landing and scream at them, but what would that achieve? They would just deny it, and then Ryan would know about it all, and it would get all around school that he’d been ‘treated’! His eyes flicked around the room. He could rage all he liked, but it was already too late. What could he do? Nothing. Was he ever going to be able to cum again? Could he even have sex?

Maybe they even guessed he was gay, and had done this to make sure he could never shame them by having a relationship with another guy?

His mother had completely manipulated him, and the stuff she’d put in his drawer was probably some tablets that would help cut down on the erections until he stopped bothering about it anymore—until he even stopped caring about sex altogether.


Angrily he pulled open the drawer to see what the tablets were. What he found was a long blue box that looked like something that might come from a pharmacy.

Taped to the side, was a note.

* * *

Extract from Luke's notes:

Okay, I admit it, I’d pretty much lost the plot at that point, and my head was so full of shit that I just wasn't even making sense!

What a stupid bloody bozo!

And you’re going to say I was pretty naïve—and maybe you’re right—but in the gloom, as I examined that blue box that had a big K and a big Y followed by the word Jelly, I really had NO IDEA what it was!

All I can tell you was that it was probably all down to the Ttequila!

* * *

Confused, Luke held up his mum’s note into the dim light filtering from the bathroom to read it. It wasn’t long, but it was a bit of a surprise.

It said, ‘Doctor Tiberius suggested to get you this, as you might need it after your surgery. He said you’d need time to heal up properly and this stuff would help. I’m sure you can figure it out. If you need more, just say. Love, Mum

What the hell was she talking about?

None the wiser, he lifted up the package into soft light to better see what the unexpected item was.

He peered at the side of the box to read, 'K-Y Brand Jelly is the #1 doctor recommended (in USA) and most trusted personal lubricant. K-Y Brand Jelly safely replaces personal moisture in a way that feels natural and helps enhance sexual pleasure.’

* * *

Extract from Luke's notes:

Okay...I have to add something else here.

On reading the words 'sexual pleasure', I'm happy to admit that the number of seconds it took even a dickhead like me to figure out I'd been thinking and acting like a total prick for the last few minutes was quite small!

I know...I’m a complete pinhead!

* * *

“Fucking hell!” His expletive was a little too loud and Luke peered over the edge of his bed to make sure he hadn’t disturbed Ryan.

She’s bought me lube!

Even he’d heard of THAT stuff, though it was the first time he’d ever had any in his sweaty paws! He turned the box over to find some instructions. 'Directions: To open, flip up cap. Squeeze tube to obtain desired amount of lubricant. Reapply as needed. Snap cap closed after use.'

It didn’t sound particularly raunchy.

However, it wasn't until he’d flipped the cap and squeezed a tiny amount of the remarkably slippery goo onto the end of one of his fingers that he realized he was wrong! Swirling it around to see what it was actually like, he suddenly got it.

Then, it really dawned on him. Reading between the lines of his mum's note, not only had she bought him lube to use when jerking, but it was pretty clear that they both knew what he was expected to do with it: drop his pants, lie on his bed, and masturbate himself silly until he squirted!


Thankfully, nobody was there to see him turn bright red!

He went hot and cold thinking about it. What the hell had gone on between her and Tiberius after he’d left to go wait in the reception, and what could the guy have said to his mother that had sent her to the lube aisle at the store?

But that wasn't even the worst.

The hairs stood up on the back of his neck as he thought how close he’d been to opening the drawer in front of her earlier that evening.

‘Oh...look Mum. It’s lube for wanking!’ God, no wonder she'd looked so sheepish!

* * *

Extract from Luke's notes:

You’ll be glad to know that I didn’t spend too much longer reading between any more lines, as by now, my dick was creeping back up again.

For the time being, I put out of my mind the awkwardness that would come if I actually needed to ask her for a refill… try out the stuff? Well, there was no time like the present! I lay back on the sheets with the idea of waiting five minutes or so until I was sure Ryan remained out like a light.

Five minutes lasted about 20 seconds before I was already squeezing more of the stuff onto the ends of my fingers!

Really, I had no idea what the ‘desired amount’ was expected to be, so I was pretty generous! Carefully I began to smear the goo lightly onto the top half of my dick and onto my tight foreskin at the place I normally gripped to jerk, just up from the scar.

I could hardly believe it!  With the lubricant it was completely different.

Chalk from cheese; night from day; gay from straight and, within moments, I totally threw out all the rest of those ridiculously stupid thoughts I’d been entertaining, that I’d been secretly treated with a SmartKlamp to stop me from masturbating! I almost felt like running into Mum and Dad’s room and giving her a hug! Right, you can imagine how THAT would look with my unhooded wanger sticking into their faces!

I admit it still took me quite a few more weeks of experimenting to get my head around it all. Or maybe it was more to do with knowing how to get my hand around my head?!

The issue was this: with an erection, I was literally bone-hard—recently made that way by a remarkably tight circumcision that had left me with no free-moving skin on my shaft. But here’s the didn’t mean that all the sensitivity had now totally gone. It just meant I had to access it in a different way. Precum is great stuff, but often guys like me need a bit extra. And that meant having to use some kind of lube to learn a different kind of masturbation.

I don’t think there are a lot of people like me—people who can actually tell you the difference, I mean.

You see, most in this world only know what it means to be either cut or uncut. There’s not that many of us who've known both, and at an age where we’ve been old enough to experience masturbation both ways. But if you’re one of those, you know what I’m talking about. And you know that there are a lot of things that change...but not necessarily in a bad way.

Just different.

I’ve grown to like it, despite the rocky start. Sure, I know there are also some cool things that come with having a foreskin. I’m not denying it. But as mine never worked fully anyway, I can’t comment.

But I can tell you this: that massaging deeply and slowly over and around your glans for an extended time is something that only those of us whose foreskin has been permanently retracted can survive. If you have it normally covered, then you’re likely to be so trigger-sensitive, you won't last anywhere near to the point where it starts to get down deep into the root of your dick and back into your groin.

When you eventually cum from that, it’s completely mind blowing!

So, although it was a bit of a shock at first, I learned to appreciate those differences, including the early discovery that I would last a lot longer than I used to, and could often keep myself on the edge for ten or fifteen minutes if I wanted.

Just not today!

Almost with a mind of its own, my grip eased the viscous liquid up and over my glans. There was a brief moment when the sensitivity squealed at me...and then, as the jelly coated and embedded onto me, I squealed back as the dry rubbery head became incredibly tactile and responsive.

OH MY GOD! I could have screamed with delight!

The hell to Ryan being so nearby. I knew I couldn’t be doing with anything being in the way, and I pushed off my PJ shorts and tore off the top.

Completely naked, the glow of the bathroom light flooded over me and I drew my legs up and wide, just how I liked it. I think that if Ryan had woken up right then, I would have told him to shut the fuck up and close his eyes!

God, I needed this SO badly!

Whereas before it had been chafing and uncomfortable, now it was sensationally slick! Rubbing just around and under the head, I squeezed deeply for what must only have been ten short, but incredibly intense seconds.

Knowing that my climax was imminent, the emotions that came with it were acute! With the deep sense that I'd finally 'made it', I almost felt like laughing…or crying. I could have done either, except it was all washed away in the intense pleasure of finally spurting.

It was like a fountain, or better still, a hosepipe!

It boiled over, burning its way up through my dick, and happened so quickly that I felt out of control. Part of me tried to rein it in and I contracted the muscles deep in my groin to hold it back, fearing that the eruption was going to hurt. Clenching anything that would clench, I struggled against it for a couple of seconds before it swept past all that and I ejaculated.

I know I made quite a bit of noise, so thank God Ryan was out cold!

I’d always believed that those who claimed that spunk hit their chest were assholes. Mine had always caught in a flap of foreskin and then kind of splooged out onto my belly, at best.

But as my fist vainly tried to control an extremely slippery and sensitive glans, it ignored my efforts completely and swelled and shot and I felt the first, most powerful one, strike across the side of my face near my ear! I could almost have been peeing, as three or four fountains followed.

I thought I’d died!

* * *

Luke groaned at the intense pleasure, his stomach and chest dripping with jizz.

For a minute he didn’t move, bathing in the afterglow of Armageddon, and then he glanced down to the nearby floor, relieved that there was no pair of eyes watching him curiously.

Totally wiped, he used his tee to clean the worst off his face, chest and stomach, dropped it on the floor on the other side of the beds, and pulled the sheet over himself. Somewhere down the line he’d get his shorts back on and tidy up, he decided…and then promptly fell asleep.