An English Teen,
Circumcised in the USA

by Riley Jericho

Read the Small Print

The following day, the trip to the lake got canned. Simon was disappointed at first, but what could he do? In the end it didn’t turn out too badly.

First off, Luke decided he couldn't go as he needed to get on with some more studying for finals. Simon had grunted his frustration—the git could have got up a hell of a lot earlier than he did, if it were that important.

Then his dad decided he had stuff to do, too. Dinner at Longhorn got dropped as well. Luke had whined at that. Tough shit...but who cared.

Simon had got up early himself and worked a couple of hours in the morning. Maybe he would study for a couple more hours later, but it wasn't critical and he could happily sit most of the upcoming exams that week if needed. Most of that time, Luke remained stretched out on his bed saying he was thinking about starting on his books! wasn’t rocket science! Just get on with it! Not that Simon cared by that point. He had the rest of his day already re-planned, and it would be with his boyfriend!

Their mum did a light lunch on the back deck for a change. Actually, that was quite nice. Eating out all the time at the same old, same old places like Longhorn got boring. By noon, he wasn’t really hungry anyway and was planning to eat lunch at the Skerrit’s. Feet up on the long couch and playing with the mobile phone his brother had passed down, he dipped into some of the nibbles that his mum started to put out.

Thirty minutes later, he was on his bike and up the hill. The last he saw of his brother before he left for Toby's, Luke was lying out on the grass under a parasol with a bag of chips, reading up on mitosis and meiosis while he munched!

After a circumspect amount of time being sociable with Grace, she didn’t seem to mind when they made themselves scarce and disappeared up into the tree house to talk. Simon smirked to himself: there hadn’t been much talking for the first few minutes. Toby was in a cheeky mood and they were both happy to enjoy some private one-on-one time, making out!

 After they’d taken the edge off that particular need, they settled down to talk—and there was a lot to talk about!

"So what happened to going sailing?" Toby asked. "I thought you weren't coming over 'til later this afternoon?"

"We were going to the lake. But then Luke said he needed to hit the books today." Simon shrugged. "I didn't really mind. We'll have plenty of time for the boat once the exams are done."

"Bloody exams!" Toby’s face darkened. Toby hated tests. He on the other hand, quite enjoyed them!

"So how's the study going? Are you ready?"

Again, Toby glowered. "Don't ask."

"Please tell me you've done some..."

"A bit." His boyfriend looked gloomy. "You couldn't just give me a bit of help, could you?"

Simon sighed, already guessing this might be coming, and said, "Maybe we should go through some stuff this afternoon, after lunch?" He didn't mind. In fact, he reckoned that you only really knew something if you could explain it to someone else. Unlike Toby, schoolwork and studying came naturally to him. But even Toby knew it paid to put the time in; if you didn’t, and you failed stuff, then it led to a compulsory summer school and retakes before the start of the fall semester.

Nobody cared for that! Even so, if Toby managed to scrape through half their subjects, it would probably be down to his help!

Toby grimaced, but nodded. "Maybe we should. Thanks. After lunch, though," he murmured, shuffling closer as he leaned against the heavy wooden frame of the structure.

Simon smirked. After lunch? Second lunch that was...!

This is what Sundays were about, he decided, as they sat comfortably together in the doorway. The tree house was their place and it was arranged how they liked it. They even had a couple of comfortably padded deck chairs inside—ones they'd picked up at a yard sale for a buck a piece.

For once, Toby didn’t seem in any rush to get his hands inside Simon’s shorts, and there were no expectations other than just to enjoy the moment. It was a beautiful day, and Simon waved to Grace as she stepped outside onto the back deck for a few moments.

"I hope you two are hungry!" she called up, and from a distance Simon caught her smile. Maybe he should become a teacher, he mused. Like Grace. She was kind of a teacher anyway, though she mostly worked as a school counselor at Creek. He studied her and considered it as she watered a few pot plants in the shade. He'd already ended up spending a lot of time tutoring Toby anyway, and if he worked in a school like her, he would get the whole summer off every year!

He wondered if she knew that the two of them did a little bit more than smooching up here and suspected she probably did. She wasn’t stupid and didn’t pull any punches. She’d been pretty outspoken when she’d told them ‘no sex’, but other than that hadn’t drawn any other line in the sand. That was enough for him, and he’d even brought over a change of boxers if he ended up making a bit of a mess!

Parking his musings on a back burner, he asked, "So what did you think?"

"About what?" replied Toby, chewing on the end of one of his nails as his mom went back indoors.

"Yesterday." His eyes strayed to a place that had him intrigued and he smirked. "You know...scraped."

Scraped because we give a shit!

"Well look at you!” Toby leered, pouncing on it. “Sitting there like you didn't care!" He crossed his arms. "You're telling me now you want to see?"

Simon smirked. "Go on then."

"Go on what?" Toby remained teasing.

"Show me, you dickhead!" Simon sniggered and pointed. "What did you go and do?"

Even though Grace had disappeared back indoors, Toby tactfully shuffled back from the door, out of sight of the house to show off his handiwork! He sat up on his knees and dropped his shorts and boxers. “This you mean?” He grinned and pulled up his tee.

"Oh my God..." Simon pulled a face and studied the bare skin partly hidden by a rampant boner.

"So what do you think?"

Other than you look like a bald eagle?

"It's definitely all gone," Si sniggered. Moving closer, he studied Toby critically and ran his fingers over the bare flesh. "And it's smooth." If he'd had his eyes closed he might easily have been running his fingers across the palm of Toby's hand.

"Of course it's smooth!" Toby rolled his eyes. "That's the whole point. I shaved again this morning! So come on, what do you think?"

“What do I think?” A smile stole across his face. "Other than it makes you look like some freaking huge kid from fifth grade you mean?" His hand didn't shrink from enclosing the tight shaft and he played with it mischievously. "What's it like soft?"

Toby's forehead creased as he frowned. Then he shrugged and giggled, "Fuck—I've actually no idea!" They both burst out laughing.

"You're such a wacko!" Simon sniggered again and settled himself cross-legged in front of Toby’s bare groin. If Toby insisted on putting it on show like that, then he might as well give it his best attention!

His hands wandered. It was a piece of his boyfriend he was getting quite used to! “Well, if you're asking me what I think, then I think it feels pretty good to me.” He knew what Toby wanted and began to work his grip under the head in what he knew was a sure-fire way of getting him to spurt. Within moments, Toby leaned closer, and gripped Simon’s shoulders with his hands.

"Do you want me to stop?" Simon teased. Hardly likely as the head of his boyfriend’s dick became slick. He was thoroughly enjoying getting Toby off, knowing that his turn would come after. The wait just added to the anticipation.

"Shit," grunted Toby. His tone was getting as tight as the grip of his hands.

“Thought not.”

It didn't take long to get to the edge, and then, “Oh my God…that’s really good!” Toby was beginning to sound husky and he leaned more heavily against him.

"You think that's good," Simon murmured. "Try this…" He tightened his grip and picked up the speed. It was more than enough for the unusually short fuse his boyfriend seemed to have that afternoon. Leaning over his shoulder, Toby appeared to be hanging on for dear life as he squirmed and bucked in the persuasive grip. Normally he had plenty of staying power, but Simon felt the sudden tightening in his grip, and all at once the sounds Toby was making became a lot more urgent.

It was over pretty quickly.

Holy shit, look at that! With enormous satisfaction, Simon studied him as carefully as he would a science experiment. With no hairs to cloak the physical signs, he observed the tangible indications of an ejaculation: contractions that were followed by several rapid fire spurts. The demonstration was surprisingly sensual and he doubted they would cover it in any biology lesson!

Toby shook and breathed heavily as it came to an end. A little teasingly, Simon patted him on the backside. "Yo, bud...that was quick!" Then he noticed where it had all gone. “Eewwww...!” He wiped at a creamy trail that had hit his shorts.

 “Oh my God! That was fucking intense!” Toby eased away, the flush of his face reflecting how intense. His eyes were bright, and his forehead damp. “That’s the best you ever did!”

“Really?"  Simon grinned, pleased to have made him happy. "My turn then?” He began to shuffle out of his shorts and boxers.

They were at his knees when Toby sat back and said, “Not yet. You gotta be shaved first.” There was a determined glint in his eye.

Simon frowned and paused. His full-on wanger pointed skyward, unabashed and ready to deliver. “Shaved? Now?” It went without saying that hair on his upper lip wasn't what Toby had in mind! 

He grimaced. It wasn’t like he was against the ‘Scraped’ thing, but if he decided to face the blade—and it was still an ‘if’—he’d rather do it at home in the bath.


“Of course now!” Toby turned and reached into one of the corners behind him. He came back with a bottle of water and a bowl in one hand, and a can of shaving cream in the other. "You said yesterday you would, remember?"

Simon scrunched up his face. This was way too pre-planned! “I never said that. You did! And anyway, I’m not sure I want to do it. Not here anyway. What if your mum comes up?”

“Don’t be stupid! She’s not coming up here!” Toby rolled his eyes and pressed on with his preparations, ignoring Simon’s excuses. Out came a pair of scissors and a disposable razor. “And anyway, when else are you going to do it?" He gave him a hard look.  "I mean, you think it's a good thing don't you? Being scraped? Everyone's doing it.”

Simon doubted everyone was, but that wasn't the point. “Of course I do!" he retorted. And he did, but he still eyed the razor with distrust. "I just planned to do it later sometime…”

It was as if Toby wasn’t really listening. “Is she there now?”

"Your mum?" Simon came up onto his knees, and carefully peered through the doorway, scanning the back deck. “No.”

“Then I tell you what,” Toby’s words suggested, though his tone made it sound like this was decided! “You keep watching the back door and I’ll just trim you a bit.” Kneeling in front of him, and before Simon could stop him, Toby started snipping. By the time Toby’s head moved out of the way, most of Simon’s pubes were gone.

Oh crap. He definitely looked a little buzzed! He sighed. Toby was right, it had sounded like everyone else was going under the chop, too. Luke had, and even Gabe had sounded like he expected to. Trimming was a start, and he could still finish it properly later at home.

"Now, where were we?" Toby sounded satisfied and had one of those glints in his eye that meant trouble—usually of a nice kind, but trouble all the same—as he got down to business. "Take them off then." He pointed to the shorts that remained at Simon’s knees.


"Cos your gonna make a mess!" Toby sniggered. "Boxers too..."

Resigned, Simon did as he was told and settled on his knees. His dick throbbed, anticipating being milked dry.

"What was it you said?" smirked Toby, examining his dick, flicking it teasingly with his fingers. “'Yo, bud, that was quick'? And anyway, when did you start saying 'bud'?"

He giggled as he waited. "I dunno. Everyone says it!"

"Five bucks!" said Toby and his grip closed around him.

"For what?" Simon was confused. Despite being on his knees, there was a delicious pinging as Toby began to move his shaft skin around. He was as horny as hell, but was Toby trying to charge him for it?

"I bet five bucks says you can't make it past one minute." Toby's tone was goading. "Let's see who's quick!"

It made a bit more sense, and he studied himself and tried to weigh it up. He was pretty aroused, but even with Toby at his worst, surely he could hang on that long. "Five bucks?" He checked the second hand on his watch. Easy money! He needed a SIM card anyway! "Okay. Go."

"Hang on a minute," Toby interrupted. "There are rules."

"Rules?" His eyes narrowed. "What rules?"

"You can't touch it, and I get to do what I like. And if you can make it to two minutes, I'll double it to ten."

For the moment, he ignored the question of where Toby was going to get ten bucks. "So let me get this straight. I owe you five if I don't make it to one minute...stop it." He swatted away the hand that had started slowly jerking him. "That's not fair. We haven't started yet!"

Toby smirked, but let him be.

He continued, laying out the logic in his head. "But if I make it past a minute, you pay me. And if I can make it past two, I get ten bucks?"

"I changed my mind. Three minutes."

 "Three minutes now?" He pulled a face. "You can't do that!"

"Take it or leave it. And if you don't make it to three, then all bets are off."

He shook his head in bemusement. The logic was pretty crap, but his dick was horny and he wanted to jizz, even if he had to hang on a couple of minutes. It might even be fun! "Okay..." He checked his watch. "Three, two, one....go!"

 He squeezed his eyes shut and prepared for the worst. What he didn't expect was the feeling of water running around his pubes and nuts, and he opened his eyes quickly and demanded, "What the hell are you doing?"

Toby smirked as he continued to splash water from the bottle. The rest he dumped into the bowl. "You said I could do anything I wanted and you wouldn't touch! So, I'm going to tie you up, then completely shave every last hair off your junk!"

Simon’s mouth dropped open. Oh fucking crap! "Yeah, but..."

"No agreed! So no buts! Other than this one of course..." Toby made a show of patting his backside in the same teasing way Simon had, "... bud!" He reached for a piece or rope that was unsurprisingly close by and looped it around his wrists.

“Aww, shit. Toby! Now what are you doing?" He tried to pull his hands away.

“Stop moaning." Toby held them tight. "I get to do what I like, remember! Anyway, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“What if you’re mum comes up?" He tried to slip out of the rope, but Toby didn’t let go.

“Don’t be stupid. It takes her ages to get up the ladder.” He tied his wrists together and his tone became whiney. “Come on. I went to baseball with you, didn't I? It’s only to stop you from wimping out and changing your mind! Tell you what...lie on the table." He shifted the old, long kindergarten school table nearer to the door. "You can keep an eye on the house then!"

He did his best to avoid swearing as he lay back on the table. What a sucker he'd been! Note to self - read the small print next time!

It was on the edge of being weird, even for Toby, but he decided to go with it as he lay back on the low table. His legs dangled either side, but at least he could just see the porch. Toby plopped the shaving cream and bowl of water between his legs, filled his hand full of thick shaving cream and began to lather it up. It went everywhere, splashing onto the old table, and he used the slick soap to continue jerking him.

"Okay, I'm timing," Simon muttered, making sure Toby knew the clock was running. It was incredibly hot and he couldn't help watching as he checked his watch. Just past forty-five seconds. He was sure he could make it.

His groin was a mass of thick soapiness, and Toby began to use both hands, constantly kneading and jerking him. "How long?" Toby demanded.

He checked his watch again and said, "Coming up on a minute." The battle was on, but he was sure he could hold out enough to save five bucks!

"Mmmm...plenty of time!" Toby giggled and splashed him with more water and then pasted more shaving cream around his groin. It was then that the psychological warfare began. "You know you already want to shoot, don't you," Toby murmured, sounding terribly sincere. "And we've hardly got started..."

He tried to tune both Toby, and some rather awkward feelings, out. The whole thing felt a bit peculiar, but he couldn’t help being turned on by it.

"It starts under here, doesn't it?"

A finger slipped past his nuts edging towards his butt-hole, making Simon squirm. “Stop that!” he muttered. He squeezed his thighs together, though part of him wanted that finger to go just a little further. He twisted his bound wrists to check his watch as it started getting serious.

Smirking, Toby withdrew his probing finger. "Damn, that didn't take long!" He chuckled sensing the mood. "So what do you think it's going to be like?"

"What?" Simon grunted, realizing he was beginning to sound a bit tight.

"When you lie on your bed and slip down your boxers and start jerking something that's completely smooth? Do you watch yourself?"

Oh shit!

"Nothing to say?" Toby brandished the razor and laid it against his skin. "'Cos I think you're about to find out!"

Frankly, he almost lost it right then. It was only because Toby stopped jerking him, to concentrate on the shave that he kept it together. In unnerved fascination he felt the first stroke, just down one side. It left behind a trail of bare skin. He’d passed the minute mark some time back, but that hardly seemed to matter anymore. He would never make it to three.

"Ooops....look at that!" Looking wide-eyed and innocent, Toby touched the smooth skin before rubbing more soap onto it. Taking his time as though he no longer cared about any deadline, he washed the blade in the bowl of water and stroked again, repeating it again and again as the hairs disappeared. The blade went down his shaft and across his nuts and Simon squirmed as he was shaved off.

Well there it was. He'd just joined 'Scraped because we give a shit!'

There was only one thing left to do, and Toby didn't disappoint as his boyfriend shrugged off his own shorts and boxers again. Taking off his tee too, Toby stripped and straddled the table in front of him. Simon didn’t have time to start wondering why Toby felt he had to get naked too, but there was a glint—heavy with lust—in his eyes.

For someone who had an aversion to the football field, Toby was surprisingly strong. Arms that felt powerful reached down for him, and Simon found himself being eased up to straddle Toby’s knees. His hands were still bound and he was already shivering with anticipation as their bare skins made contact. He found himself being pressed into something that proved that Toby was as aroused as he was himself.

“You know I’m going to make you cum now, don’t you,” Toby murmured as he pulled them together. “Tell me you don’t like it like this!” Gliding on a bed of soapy water, they slid against each other, and Toby began rocking him again and again to bring him to a climax.

“Oooohhh…” Simon’s mouth dropped as he felt every movement against his now smooth skin. With his legs splayed over Toby’s thighs, they dangled off the floor, and he was unable to find traction. He looped his bound hands over Toby's head and their mouths sucked at each other greedily. He had no control over the speed as Toby humped him against his own dick. All he could do was submit. He was hot and flushed, and it was unbelievably exciting.

But it wasn’t enough.

Faster. Oh God…faster…

Maybe Toby heard his silent desperation as, all at once, he tightened his grip, pulling him even closer, rocking him hard against his belly.

Simon lurched as powerful sensations washed across him. He began to moan, quiet at first but getting louder with every thrust. Pulling away from Toby’s mouth the moan burst out. “Oh…fuck…Nnngg…” Even to himself he was sounding delirious. If his hands hadn’t been tied, he would have clawed the skin of Toby’s back as he willed himself to spurt.

“Oh…shit…” Toby began grunting himself as his thrusting became even more frantic. Between them Simon could feel everything as he was brought to the brink. Hands still tied and wrapped around Toby’s back, his clawing movements became urgent. Suddenly it felt like every muscle went into a spasm and his face became a grimace as he leaned heavily into Toby. Within moments, he was spurting everywhere!

As he came, the pressure from the arms that gripped around the small of his back tightened, almost to the point of pain. With an almost vicious desperation, Toby began to jerk Simon’s frame hard against his own slippery arousal. His tone twisted into a grimace. “Oh fuck,” he groaned. “I’m gonna cum again…” The muscles of Toby’s neck became taut with tension. Then, almost immediately, another climax crashed over him, and he began to shudder. The groan became a series of uncontrolled grunts. “NNNNGGGG....NNnnnnggg…Nnnnnnggg…” It didn’t seem either of them were giving that much thought to keeping the volume down.

They stayed together like that for a while, rocking gently back and forth as the soap and semen mingled and they began to recover. Overwhelmingly satisfied, Simon sighed as they nibbled at each other. He’d not made any money and had lost his every scrap of his pubes to Toby’s unusual games, but it had been so worth it! Closing his eyes, he opened his mouth to give himself up to another deep lingering kiss. 

He craved this as much as he craved getting milked dry. The latter he could take care of in his own bed if needed, but this...? No, this was about being tangled up with someone with the perfect honesty that only came without a shred of clothing, able to feel everything, free to talk and kiss with no hurry to be anywhere else.

After a few more moments, Toby eased away and Simon slipped back onto the table. He lay back and giggled as he felt the breeze caressing his bare skin. Studying the mess on his belly, he grinned at his raunchy boyfriend. “Twice?”

Toby grinned back. “It was so fucking good!”  He took hold of Simon’s still hard shaft and studied it. “So when’s the operation?” he asked. Gently, he pulled down on his foreskin until it jammed in the usual place.

“When will you get it into your head," Simon grunted as the smile left his face. He knocked the hand away and sat up. "I’m not having an operation.” On the tail end of feeling so great, he tried to avoid getting into a slow burn as Toby returned again to a subject that he'd become far too interested in of late.

"But you should!" Toby pulled a face. "I keep telling you that the sooner you go get yourself properly trimmed, the better. Luke did, didn’t he?"

Who the hell cared what Luke did?

He tuned Toby out. He was in too good a mood to get drawn into it again. Hadn't they just proved that his dick worked perfectly well as it was? He scrunched up his nose defiantly. "Come on,” he said. “Undo this rope and let’s get cleaned up. Lunch must be nearly ready, and I'm starving!"